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Nifty - Gay - Incest - The Bigger Brother - The Bigger Brother 1

Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2013 14:40:52 -0700
From: Alex Irons <>
Subject: The Bigger Brother - Chapter 1

This story contains strong incest and muscle growth themes between
adolescents. It is purely a work of fiction. All comments or ideas are
greatly appreciated -

Chapter 1

I always knew my little brother would be bigger than me.

He's always been bigger by comparison, ever since the day he was born.
Seeing him now though sit across the table, stuffing down his fourth
serving of mom's meat loaf, I couldn't help but feel smaller than
ever. I was full, hell we were all full off one serving. Jack though
just sat there, his nicely thick young arms bulging against his
sleeves with each movement of the large fork. Even his pecs heaved
against the bright red shirt like a grown man's would, defined and
strong. He looked almost buff, if that was even possible for a boy his

Jack was barely the age of 10 years old, 2 years behind myself, yet he
stood only 2 inches shorter then me, and looked a hell of a lot
bigger. I'm scrawny and awkward by definition, wearing glasses and
mostly baggy clothes. Jack however was blond and beautiful, playing in
every sport he could ever since he could walk. I know he's stronger
than me, and I think he knows it to. He's already starting to flex his
arms for his own amusement, just like the jocks would at my school. I
dare not weigh him in fear of the truth, the truth I'm having to
accept right now..


Jack was the bigger brother..

"Jack!" My dad snapped

"What!? It's not my fault I'm so hungry" Jack giggled

"Yes, you are eating quite a lot of food lately"

"It's because I'm growing!" Jack smiled at me across the table

"Haha, your just getting older. If anyone's going to be growing around
here it'll be your brother Nathan. The big 13 is coming up close!"

Dad looked over at me, making me blush a little. My birthday was only
a couple of week's away, and hopefully puberty. My dad was a handsome
man, fairly muscular and lightly dusted in manly dark hair. I had
always admired his body, and knowing that I had his genes, his body
was currently the apple of my eye.

"Nathan!? I'm stronger then he is. Nathan's weak"

"Now Jack. Nathan's going to go through puberty soon" Dad spoke up for me

"What's puberty?"

"It's when you become a man"

"I'm already a man. I'm a big strong muscle man!"

Jack stood up and suddenly flexed his arms. I dropped my fork to the
plate and nearly choked on my meat loaf, shocked to see two peaks of
muscle squeeze against my brother's sleeves. Mom and dad's mouth's
just dropped wide open, making me want to sink in my chair as he
grinned wildly at me. How could a boy this age become so muscular, how
could he have gotten so big!? I watched him giggle and pump his arms
even bigger, feeling humiliated by his incredible display of boy
strength. I got up from the table and quickly walked upstairs to my
bedroom, slamming the door shut in anger.

I know I should have been used to this by now. As I started earlier,
Jack's always been bigger by comparison. He practically showed off his
young muscle chest all summer. Flexing for all the girls by the
community pool, letting them fondle his 9 year old body like he was
some high school jock. To think he was even bigger now, stronger now.
Ever since his 10th birthday in October, he's been growing like a
weed. His shirts and pants are getting so tight against his body, god
it's almost unbearable to watch..

Knock Knock

"Hey Nathan" it was my dad "Jack has something to say to you.."

"I'm sorry.." Jack had his beefy arms folded against his chest.

"Good boy" Dad patted Jack on his thick shoulders "You two stay nice"

Jack marched into the room as dad left, glaring at me from the obvious
punishment he received. This is one of those many time's I hated
sharing a room with my brother. Although the bed's are on the opposite
sides, it wasn't even close to being far enough for the current
growing problem. Jack looked so filled with anger, I thought his chest
would burst from that red t-shirt any moment. He definitely must have
gotten a good pump flexing his arms downstairs, I swear they looked
twice as big as mine ever have, a scary thought to say the least. An
immature boy like Jack packing all that power..

We must have stared for a good few minutes before Jack suddenly got
up, planting his hands and feet to the floor in the push up position.
I first rolled my eye's, then watched in pathetic awe as he started
cranking out the most eye popping push-ups. Every muscle seemed to
bulge impossibly bigger across his body, making the flexes he did
earlier look child's-play. Soon his already massive arms seemed to
swell even larger against his tight sleeves. I dropped my mouth and
felt my heart begin to panic. The striation of muscles were up to
bodybuilding standards, looking so rigid and cut that almost looked
like steel. I watched the rest of his body, taking notice to his huge
clenching ass, his powerful back, even his huge bulging pecs that
touched the ground with each rep.

"31, 32, 33, 34, 35.."

This was more than I could ever do. More than most of the guys at my
school could even attempt. I watched in horror as he passed 50, than
70, working all the way up past the 90's. By the time he reached 100,
his body was so pumped, so insanely ripped, his sleeves suddenly burst
at the seems, shredding all the way up to his big round shoulders.


Jack chuckled and then got up, grinning at my horrified face. He
ripped off the remaining loose fabric around his arms, then
confidentially lifted up his shirt, revealing to me his sweaty ripped
abs. His show of domination was so overwhelming, I felt as if I was
shrinking into oblivion. He rubbed each ridge with a smile, then
persisted to lift his shirt even higher, showing me his thick round

"Bet your chest doesn't look like this!"

I couldn't even speak.

"Dad say's I'm growing really big, bigger than you ever were at my age"

Jack continued to boast, boast the truth of his superiority. He
squeezed his thick pecs and made me drool with envy and lust. Even his
nipples were rock hard perfection, not to big or small. His chest
looked so manly, yet there was his blond boyish face on top of it all,
smirking at me.

"I bet I'm going to grow bigger then both you. You can't even probably
do 100 push-ups like I can. Even Jeremy's older brother can't do 100

Jeremy, I recognized his friend's name. His older brother was Kyle,
the all-star football player at my school, an 8th grader like me. Kyle
had a chest that people would kill for, almost working out daily. That
must be how Jack's been working out. All those times he comes home
from school late, sweating like a pig against his shirt and looking
totally pumped. Him and Jeremy must have been using Kyle's weights
while he's out at football practice, pumping themselves into total
muscle boys!

Jack just continued to laugh as I realized it all, letting his shirt
fall back down to his tiny tight waist. I needed to make my escape
once again, this was all just too much. I quickly made my way to the
bathroom across the hall and locked the door. I turned on the bath,
the one place I have some peace and quiet. Stripping off my clothes, I
looked at my body in the mirror with disgust. Jack's was thick and
muscular, tan and strong. Mine was white, thin, and frail. I couldn't
help but wonder now too, taking off my briefs, if Jack's penis was
bigger as well. His jean's always looked so tight around his crotch
area, like dad's sometimes would after kissing mom.

Either way, I got into the bath, sinking into the warm water. My cock
didn't even last a few minutes before wanting a good stroke. Like it
had been trained to get hard when I took a bath, the one place I could
actually jerk off. I still hadn't produced sperm yet, but I knew I was
getting close. Even though my dick may have been small, it felt bigger
than it did before, and so did my balls. I closed my eyes and began
fantasizing, hoping this would be the night I would finally blow real
a load.

Like always I tried thinking about some jock from school, or growing
upper class-men. Those were always my favorite to get off too. Tonight
though the more I fantasized, the more I shamefully kept thinking
about Jack. I had jerked to him once before, the day I found a
collection of shirtless pictures dad had taken of him over the summer.
Now he was even bigger, even more muscular. The way his pecs looked
tonight against his shirt was so sexy, and those big arms of his. I
wanted to stop myself, but I was just so gay for muscle. I whimpered
as I came right there in the tub, trying to hold back my moans,
thrusting my ass into the air. It really felt like I blew this time, I
could feel my dick pump and pump.

I opened my eyes though and saw nothing, nothing but my pale white
body and stiff throbbing dick. Another dry orgasm..

I know I'll cum someday, they talked about it in health last year, and
I saw my dad do it once. It was an accident catching him, but I walked
in right as a nice big stream of cum blew out of his big cock, right
onto his face and chest. It was the only time I've ever seen my dad
with an erection too, an image I'll never forget..

I drained the tub and got on my clothes, happily covering up my body
for the rest of the night. Jack's body crossed my mind one more time,
before I finally took a big long breath, and opened the bathroom door.



I bounced off my little brother's solid chest, stammering back as he
just stood there with giant grin, like he almost knew what I had done.
I quickly glanced down at his bulging boy-body, gulping at how big it
seemed now standing this close to him. He actually almost looked

"What were you doing in there?" Jack continued to look up at me with his grin

"..Nothing.. just taking a bath.."

He just stood there, seeming to feel bigger with each passing second.
I was beginning to think I had been to loud during my orgasm, but even
if I was, how would he know what I was doing. Jack was after all still
only 10 years old.

"I'm going to take a shower. Those push-ups made me sweaty"

I turned sideways as he walked towards me, not even hesitating to get
out of the way. His big chest grazed my own, letting me officially
know that he knew he was the stronger one. I moved out into the
hallway, hearing him already unzip his jeans. To say I felt
emasculated would be an understatement. I slowly walked across the
hall to our bedroom in a sense of retreat, hearing the door close
behind me. I was about to just go lay down, read one of my many books,
escape the world. Instead I noticed there was still a huge gaping
crack of light, streaming from behind me.

Jack had left the door cracked open..

I couldn't believe I was even thinking it, in fact I couldn't
understand why the subject was even up for debate in my mind. Still I
stood there, hearing the shower run, seeing his shadowy figure cast
against the bedroom wall. I gave in and slowly turned around, seeing
the sliding bathroom door had been left open a good inch for my
perverted eyes to peek in. I quickly made sure the parents weren't
around, taking a nervous gulp as I got down on one knee and peeped
through the open crack.

I felt my eye practically bulge out of my socket, using all my might
to contain the whimper that was trying to escape my mouth. Jack's
naked backside was standing above the bathtub, pumped with more muscle
than I ever thought possible! My cock grew instantly hard in my jeans
as I shook over the site of his painfully hot body. Jack had succeeded
any fantasy I had about him. He wasn't just big or buff like the jocks
at my school, but chiseled to total muscle perfection.

His buzzed blond head started it all, sitting atop his thick traps and
wide powerful shoulders like some total military stud. His lats below
bulged immensely like a bodybuilders, creating a canyon of muscle down
his spine that anyone would be lucky to call there "back". All of it,
all of his smooth muscle perfection, tapered down to the most jaw
dropping boy-bubble and rigid gladiator legs.

I felt my cock jerk itself against my pants. My brother really was a
total fucking boy-god, an alpha male in the making.

He dipped one of his legs under the running water, giving me a
shocking glimpse of an adult sized nut sack hanging between his
monster sized legs. I felt my cock throb even more out of control,
knowing it was about to happen. I bit down on my lip and grabbed onto
the wall as my dick pathetically lost control, dry cumming for second
time. The whole time I watched my brother's hairless ass spread apart
as he guided the other leg into the shower, looking like some total
muscle porn star. I should have left right then and there, knowing
this was beyond wrong. I could have been caught by Jack at any moment,
or even worse my parents!

I couldn't help myself though. I pathetically knelt there trying to
catch a glimpse of his front side, catch a glimpse of his probably
huge boy-dick. My breath was held as I watched him slowly turn to
close the door, seeing a glimpse of what looked to be a mound of
manhood. The door's towel-rack slid closed, blocking the rest of my
view, leaving only the top part. Jack now stood there with the water
running down his blond hair and tight muscular body. I watched his
biceps bulge again as he rinsed the sweat off his face and chest, his
thick boy-pecs practically heaving with every breath.

The steam slowly started fogging up the bottom of the glass as Jack
bent over, grabbing what looked like my body-wash. He squeezed a good
amount into his hands with an odd grin, lathering it up on his entire
body and making his muscles shine like an oiled muscle stud. Jack
flexed his chest a few times before focusing on something further down
below. At first I thought he was looking at his legs or feet, but as I
saw his arms slowly extend down below his abs, below the fogged glass,
my thoughts went somewhere else. I knew it couldn't have been
possible, but the growing grin on Jack's face said otherwise. I kept
on watching, seeing his mouth began to hang open, his neck began draw
back. It wasn't until he closed his eye's and started to pant like a
dog I knew..

My little 10 year old brother was jerking off..

I felt my cock get hard again, slowly opening the door a little more.
I could hear his breaths, his little boy-moans. It was like I had been
thrown in the midst of some kiddie porn muscle show, and my brother
was the big star. I watched his big arms flex and bulge while gripping
onto something huge, inches from the rest of his body. The steam was
really working on the glass, I could barley see his abs now. That's
when Jack took both his hands and started squeezing his pecs like he
did in the bedroom, rubbing his nipples in a circular motion. He
really moaned this time, rubbing his nipples faster and faster. The
steam finally grew across the whole door, as he pleasured his underage
body. All I could hear were his boyish moans from behind the fogged
glass. I crouched there and waited, waiting for him to orgasm. I
yelped as Jack's hand suddenly gripped the top of the door, hearing
the metal strain under his amazing strength.

I watched in absolute horror as my brother practically squealed,
watching an explosion of white stuff splatter against the shower door.
My mouth just dropped as my stomach sank, it couldn't have been what I
thought it was, not at 10 years old. Just like dad's did though I
watched rope after rope of thick white semen blow onto the shower
door, hearing Jack's panting breaths.

I had never felt so unbelievably pathetic. In the two year's I've been
masturbating my dick has never once pumped out a drop of sperm. Yet
here was my 10 year old brother, splurging out the biggest show of cum
I had ever seen! I wanted to whimper at my misfortune, watching
helplessly as the shower door became covered in my brother's thick
boy-juice. His orgasm seemed to go on for minutes, making my dad's
once epic orgasm look amateur. I heard Jack make a small final groan,
knowing he would be done at any moment. I quickly got up and turned
around, face planting right into my dad's chest..


I was so busted..
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Nifty - Gay - Incest - The Bigger Brother - The Bigger Brother 1