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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Tied By My Little Brother

Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 18:39:52 +1000
From: connor shen <>
Subject: Tied By My Little Brother


                      Tied by My Little Brother

       My names Sam and I'm 14 years old. I live with my widow mother and
my younger brother. My father was a partner in a high profile law firm,
when the heart attack took him my family was pretty well looked after, my
mother still works, she doesn't need to, but she enjoys it and it keeps her
       Ok, so I'm lying on my bed, spread eagle, stripped naked, my hands
handcuffed to the bedposts and my feet tied securely to the opposing posts,
my own cum splattered around me, and how did it all happen....
       It was the middle of summer and my mum had just left for a few days
on one of her business trips. Me and my brother were left alone, it's not
an uncommon thing for us, we get along pretty well, so my mother hasn't
really been too worried with leaving us alone together.
       My brother, Billy, is twelve years old, he's about 150cm tall (4
foot 11) skinny, light brown hair, slight tan and to say he's a bit of a
lady killer would be an understatement, but to be honest he doesn't seem to
be interested in them, I guess it's just his age, all in all he's a great
looking kid.
       It had only been 6 hours since my mum pulled out of the driveway
and Billy and me were already bored, it was 3 o'clock, and we were bored.
Did I mention we were both housebound; part of the rules of not needing a
babysitter meant that we couldn't leave our property, we thought that was
fine because we have a fairly large block of land, a pool, tennis court
that sort of thing, but after just a mere 6 hours we couldn't find anything
to do, the x-box was boring, there was nothing on TV.

"Blake might be coming over soon," Billy said to me as we bounced each
other on the trampoline, sending each other flying as high as possible, "I
hope you don't mind, please don't tell mum."

"Blake's the blonde one isn't he?"

"Yea, you won't tell mum will you? I know we're not supposed to have
friends over when she goes away, but I was sure you wouldn't mind."

"Ok I won't tell her," I said as I bounced him so high he collapsed when he
hit the mat again.

       He got up and ran at me straight away grabbing my waist and
attempting to tackle me to the ground, now I'm not that much bigger than my
brother, but I am stronger than him, he has never won a wrestling match
between us, don't get me wrong, he's still a bit of a challenge, but he's
not quite strong enough yet.
       As he ran at me I grabbed him and threw both of us to the ground,
grabbing his wrists and pinning him against the mat, I started tickling
him, pinching lightly at his sides, Billy barely able to breathe he was
laughing that hard. After a few minutes I stood up waiting for him come at
me again, each time having a bit of a struggle but in the end he was pinned
and being tickled.

"I'm gonna get you at least once," he said, I have to say his determination
was admirable

       We were both rolling around on the mat when he got on top of me,
his knee pinning one of my arms, both his hands wrestling with my one,
suddenly he reached behind himself and grabbed my dick quickly before
pinning my second hand, he got off me straight after, a big grin on his
       As we kept wrestling he kept making grabs at my groin, each time
holding on that millisecond longer, it felt great, now I'm not gay, but
having someone else feeling your dick is amazing, but it still made me
squirm each time, put me into a state of hysterical laughter.
        There was one point where he had me laying on my stomach, my hands
covering my nuts, Billy laying on top of me, his hands digging under my
sides trying to grab my cock and then:

"Hey guys" Blake had come into the backyard and seen the two of us laying
on top of each other, Four hands all fighting over the same thing, "what
are you doing?"

"Hey Blake, I'm beating Sam up," Billy said, a big smile on his face, his
hands still trying to get at my nuts.

"Yea, you wish, I could beat the both of you no worries," I said, in half
an attempt to make sure that the two of them weren't going to just leave me
to twiddle my thumbs till mum comes home.

"Yea alright, we'll see," said Blake as he approached the trampoline and
began taking off his shoes, Billy getting off me at the same time.

       As soon as Blake got up on the trampoline they both ran at me
knocking me over, my back pressed against the mat as I struggled against
the two of them, it only took a little while before both my arms were
pinned, one boy kneeling on each arm, their hands tormenting me, slapping
my face, I can remember my laughter as my head slapped back and forward
trying to stop them tickling my neck.
       After a minute or so Billy stopped tickling me, slowly I started to
catch my breathe when I felt a hand land on my dick, the noise would have
drowned out a full stadium I was laughing that loud, my legs flailing
everywhere as he gripped my dick, rubbing it through my pants, my dick
slowly getting harder and harder, as his grip got firmer and firmer.

"Wow, it's huge, Blake you gotta feel this, it's massive."

       All I could do was lay there, my feet kicking wildly but ultimately
helpless as Billy let go and Blakes hand took it's place, feeling my hard
shaft through my thin nylon shorts, his fingers tracing the length of my
cock, silhouetting the outline with his fingertips, me still in hysterics,
thrusting my entire body in every direction.

"Stop, please stop," I barely managed to say between hurried breaths.

I lay there mustering all my strength to pry my arms from under the two of
them, but to no avail, soon Billys hand rejoined Blakes, squeezing my nuts,
rolling my balls around in their tender sac.
       Finally my arm came loose and I pushed them both off me, my hands
going straight to comfort my solid dick, the two of them just laughing as I
regained my normal breathing. They knew I wasn't angry or anything, I don't
know how, but they knew they hadn't done anything wrong in my books.

"You guys wanna go for a swim?" Billy said, still very proud of himself for
having tormented me so much.

"Yea alright," Blake said, jumping off the trampoline and following Billy
into the house to get changed.

       I went back up to my room and started to get changed, I stripped
naked, my dick still throbbing from it's recent attention, attention I was
eager to get again. I gripped my dick firmly but stopped myself from giving
into the urge to masturbate right there and then.
       Soon my hard on was covered by my tight speedos and board shorts. I
walked back down the stairs grabbing myself a towel from the closet and
walking outside.

"GET IN," I heard Billy yell as I walked out the back door, Blake was
standing by the pool not yet wet, Billy yelling at him from the water.

       "It's freezing, I'm not getting in," Blake said, both of them
joking around with each other, Billy attempting to splash Blake, who just
took a few steps back.

       Slowly I walked up behind Blake, placing my towel on one of the
chairs as I went by. Once I got right up behind him, in one swift motion I
reached my arm around his chest, hugging his bare skin at the same time
reaching my right arm between his slightly spread legs and grabbing his
dick with my entire hand, lifting him off the ground, feeling his little 12
year old boy cock getting harder in my fingers as he laughed furiously, I
just held him there squeezing his dick, feeling his balls, playing with the
squishy little package I had at my mercy.
       A minute went by before I finally walked up to the pool and threw
him in. When he came back up he was still trying to catch his breath,
laughing from the recent attention to his groin.

"You threw me in the pool by my willy," Blake said once he got his breathe
back, he had a big smirk on his face, "I'll get you back."

"Get me back... That was revenge from the trampoline, we're even."

       I dove in the pool gracefully and as soon as I emerged I was
attacked by both Blake and my brother, this is when it all started, we kept
fooling around making quick grabs at each others crotches, I don't know why
I did it, I'm not gay, I am attracted to girls, but something about all
this excited me, I wanted to feel their dicks as much as I'm guessing they
did mine.
       For about an hour we played around in the pool, wrestling, jumping
in and racing each other, making quick grabs at each others cocks at the
same time.

       "Hey Sam, can you throw me in the pool again? Like before?" Blake
said, blushing but still displaying those cute sort of puppy dog eyes all
kids have mastered.

       I was a bit shocked by the question but the thought of having
another good feel of this young boys cock, a chance to play with his little
hard on, was one I couldn't pass up.

       "Yea alright, why not," I said, moving towards the edge of the

       We both got out of the water, Billy just watching us from the other
end of the pool. He followed me to the deep end and we stopped by the
waters edge.

"Ok, turn away from me, put your hands on your head and spread your legs,"
I said, my dick already standing at attention but covered by my restrictive

       He did all of it straight away, no questions asked, the sight of
this young boy standing in front of me, the water holding his white board
shorts tight against his cute little ass, I still didn't understand my new
feelings towards both of these boys, the feelings I normally get when I see
Kate at school.
       I reached around his left side and placed my hand flat on his wet
chest, feeling his young skin, all the blood in my body rushing to my
penis. Blake was already laughing hard.
       I savoured the moment slowly bending down and reaching my right arm
between his legs, lifting my forearm high up his thighs, pulling the crotch
of his shorts hard up against his taint, laying my hand flat over his dick
and lightly squeezing the little hard on, feeling the soft little package
under his shorts and fondling his little balls. Taking my time as I walked
up to the edge of the pool and threw him in, water flying in all directions
as he collided with the surface.

"My turn," Billy said as Blake re-emerged laughing and gasping for air all
at the same time.

       Billy scrambled out of the pool and took the same stance that I had
Blake take only moments before. I hadn't actually felt my brother's cock
before, there had been a few snaps over the last couple of hours but I
couldn't really feel anything, and I haven't seen him naked since we were
both really young.
       I did the same thing as I had with Blake, slowly feeling up his
chest, slowly reaching my hand between his skinny little hairless legs,
grasping his dick and balls at the same time, feeling his hard little three
and a half inches throbbing between my fingers, my hand groping at it again
and again. Billy was laughing furiously, I could tell he was enjoying it.
       I walked as slowly as I could to the edge of the pool before I
launched him by the gooch as far as I could into the water.

"Do you want a turn?" Billy said, once he had calmed down enough to talk.

"If your strong enough to lift me," I said doubtfully.

"Come on, you're only like 3 inches taller than me, and you barely weigh
much more, I bet I can lift you as easily as you do me."

"Alright than, go on." My heart started beating a little bit faster from my

       Again he scrambled from the pool and walked up to me.

"Turn around, hands on your head, spread your legs."

       I did it, anxiously awaiting my brother to play with my dick again,
what was it, why was I feeling this way, why was I so anxious to have my
brother feel me up?
       I looked down and saw Billys left arm come around my chest, holding
me tightly, followed by his right arm reaching between my spread legs, his
little hand landing lightly on my cock. Slowly he clenched my entire
package firmly, his forearm beginning to apply more and more pressure to my
gooch as he lifted me off the ground.
       It felt amazing, the pressure of his arm between my legs along with
his hand playing with my hard cock, squeezing than loosening a bit before
squeezing hard again, it was blowing me away, I had never felt anything
like this before.
       He walked closer to the edge and threw me in, he didn't get me as
far as I had him or Blake, but I reckon it would have felt the same for the
both of them. Something about being thrown into the pool, that grip, having
no control at all, amazing.

"Hey you threw me in, I wanna throw you in," Blake said, when I came up
again, my dick happier than it has ever been.

       I was pretty sure he didn't really care about throwing me in the
pool but I wasn't gonna say no. I got back out of the pool and did
everything the same as before, standing in that vulnerable position, my
hands together on my head, my legs spread wide allowing a child's arm easy
access, all the same as before except the hand that was groping me, the
hand that was feeling my package, holding me off the ground, the fingers
that were wrapped around my hard shaft rubbing me subtly.
       We kept doing this for a bit, all of us throwing each other in the
pool, except they never did it to each other, before we just sat in the
small bit of sunlight we had left, slowly drying off. Once it got dark we
got up and headed inside, heating up some dinner for the three of us.

"Will my willy get as big as yours when I'm 14?" Blake said from across the
table, a slice of left over pizza in his hand.

"Yea maybe, it depends on how your body develops, your penis will grow, but
don't get me wrong, from what I felt, you don't have anything to worry

"But yours is huge," Billy said, "Can we see it?"

"Ah probably not the best idea," I said, half of me dying to whip it out
right here and now, the other half too scared.

       They pestered me for a while but eventually gave up, the both of
them running upstairs and into Billys room, closing the door behind them.
       After I cleaned up I went up to my bedroom and lay on my bed
watching tele, unable to concentrate, my mind replaying the earlier
events. My dick still hadn't gone down.
       I laid there for about half an hour, and I still couldn't tell you
what show was playing, my hand playing with my raging hard on through my
board shorts, I removed my hand when I heard I light knock on my bedroom
door. Both boys coming into my room, mischievous grins on their faces.

"What are you two up too?" I said curiously, as they approached the bed.

"We want to wrestle again, we liked it."

"And we think us two vs. you is a fair match up," Blake said.

       I didn't even have a chance to respond, I was going to agree but
before I could get a word out they were both on top of me trying to pin me
down, I struggled a little bit and managed to get my hand down to the front
of Blakes shorts and grasped his cock, the surprise causing him to let go
of my legs and defend his dick, I pushed him off the bed, falling to the
floor with a thud as he comforted his cock, I than shifted my efforts to my
brother he was on top of me fighting with both of my arms, when I felt a
bit of metal wrap around one of my wrists, my right hand was attached to
the bed post.
       With both boys fighting against my one arm it was mere seconds
before my other hand was attached to the other post. The handcuffs holding
my wrists securely above my head.

       Blake went to the side of the bed, grabbed my board shorts and
pulled them down, exposing my tight speedos and a very obvious bulge from
my raging hard on. Without hesitating he reached out and started playing
with it, twisting my bonor around in his fingers, playing with every part,
my testicles being squeezed between his fingers and his palm, the thin
fabric of my speedos being the only thing between his hand and the skin of
my cock.

"Now can we see it," Billy said, smiling from ear to ear, knowing that I
didn't have a choice.

"NO, Guys, STOP, please don't strip me," I pleaded.

       Billy grabbed my speedos and slowly pulled them down, exposing the
small amount of dark pubic hair I had growing there, followed by my hard
shaft and finally my tight wrinkled balls sac, before pulling my speedos
right off and throwing them down with my shorts.

"Wow, it's even bigger than it felt,' Blake said staring at it in

       Billy extended his hand and lightly ran the tips of his fingers up
the underside of my shaft, Automatically I started thrusting my legs in all
directions, he withdrew his hand and him and Blake walked out of the room
for a moment, returning with some rope, together they bound my legs to each
post, holding me secure, spread eagle and fully exposed.
       Again Billy reached out and started playing with my penis, gently
touching it with his fingertips, before finally wrapping his fingers around
it, feeling my shaft, his other hand grabbing my sac and squeezing my

"It's so soft," Billy said to Blake.

       Billy let go and Blakes hands took his place, I lay there in
complete ecstasy, I had never felt anything so good, I was in heaven and I
wanted to stay there.
       Blake wrapped his hand around my dick and slowly started stroking
me up and down, up and down, my hips thrusting up as high as my bindings
would let me into his welcoming grip, attempting to get him to speed up,
slowly he rubbed up and down, slowly bringing me to a climax, a bit of pre
cum oozing out of the slit in my cock, my balls tightening up. Just as I
got close to cumming, Blake stopped and let go for a minute, watching me
try and fuck mid air.
       The immense torture he was causing me. The need to blow but the
inability to do it. I pulled on my restraints harder and harder but the
would not budge, my penis throbbing and the two of them just sitting there
laughing at me, watching my cock pulse with each heart beat.

"Are you enjoying this Sammy?" Billy said, as he grabbed hold of my cock

       Like Blake he started stroking me, jacking me off, bringing me
close to an orgasm but stopping before it would happen.

"Guys, please let me cum, please I'll do anything."

"Anything, alright we'll hold you too that."

       Blake grabbed hold of my dick again and started stroking me harder
and faster, harder and faster.

"OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH MY GOD," I screamed.

       Blakes grip getting a little bit tighter with each stroke.


       My back arched up as the biggest orgasm of my life erupted,
shooting small shots of cum in all directions, 5 hot blasts streaming from
the end of my cock and landing in random on me and my bed, cum covering the
end of my cock.

"Fuck, that was amazing, holy fuck, fuck, that felt soooooo good," I said,
the adrenaline pumping through my body.

       Billy and Blake just sat there laughing at me, watching in awe as
my dick slowly became limp.

"Dude that was awesome," Blake said, still watching me calm down.

"That was so cool," Billy said.

"Come on guys, let me go now?" I begged, the handcuffs already leaving an
imprint in my skinny wrists.

"Hang on, what about that 'anything' you said you would do, what should
that be?"

"Look, just let me loose, I'll do anything, I'll jack you both off if you
want, I promise, just please untie me."

"Hmm, we'll think about it," Blake said as he placed a bit of tape over my
mouth, got off the bed and walked out of the room.

       The door shutting behind the both of them as they left me lying
there completely bound covered in my own cum.

       Ok, so I'm lying on my bed, spread eagle, stripped naked, my hands
handcuffed to the bedposts and my feet tied securely to the opposing posts,
my own cum splattered around me.
       But it was what they did to me next that I will never forget, the
things that imprinted into my mind forever, the things that changed my
relationship with my brother forever.....

       I hoped you liked my story it has been more than a year since I
wrote one, and I'm not too sure wether I'm going to write the next bit, I'm
still deciding wether or not to continue.
       Please if you have any suggestions for the next part, or any
comments at all, please e-mail me
       I'd love to hear what you were doing and thinking while reading the



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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Tied By My Little Brother