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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Tucking In My Son

Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2010 09:36:13 -0700
From: Xavier Lancaster <>
Subject: Tucking in My Son

Tucking in My Son
by Xavier L

This is a fictional story containing sex between a father and his young,
preteen son. If you have a hard time separating fantasy from reality, or if
this theme turns you off, you shouldn't continue reading.

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My son Scott is 9 years old. It's been just him and me for a long time.
We're pretty comfortable around each other. My wife was a major prude, and
I didn't want my kid growing up thinking the body was some naughty thing.
Because of that it isn't uncommon to find one or both of us sitting around
the house naked. Usually it's him, though. At least now that he's a bit
older. One time I fell asleep on the couch and had wood. I don't think he
really saw it, but now that he's older, more verbal, and more inclined to
ask a ton of questions, I just don't lounge around nude.

I've also noticed as he's gotten older he seems more curious about what's
between my legs, why it looks different, why I have hair and he's smooth as
silk, and so on. When he's in my room while I change, he watches. I don't
try to hide anything. Like I said, I don't want him to think there's
anything wrong with the body.

One night after taking my shower, it was pretty warm in the house, so I
decided what the hell and didn't get clothed. When it was Scott's bedtime,
I went in to tuck him in. He sleeps on the bottom of a bunk bed, and so
when I hug him I have to lean down and under the top. We've done this
thousands of times, but not usually when I'm naked. Still when I leaned in
and felt something on my dick, I was surprised. I looked down to see his
hand between my legs, his fingers moving against the head of my soft cock.
Immediately my dick began to stir. "What are you doing, Scott?"

"I wanted to see what it felt like."

My meat was swelling rapidly under his touch. "Well, now you know."

"But it's growing, Daddy!"

"Yes, it gets hard when it's messed with." I felt his fingers wrap around
the thickening shaft. I would be lying if I said it didn't feel good, even
though I knew this was totally wrong.

"It's getting so big, Daddy!"

I moved my head and stood up. He moved along with me. Still sitting on
his bed, his hand continued stroking my dick. I rested my forehead against
the wood of the top bunk. In spite of myself, I said "That feels good,

I felt his other hand move to my balls, and he gently explored their weight
and the fuzzy hairs covering my sac. I gripped the wood tightly. I could
feel his breath as his face moved closer to examine my jewels more closely.
My dick twitched, and he giggled, making his hot breath beat against my
throbbing meat. I couldn't help it. "You know, Scott. Mommy used to like
putting it in her mouth and sucking on it."

"Putting what in her mouth? Your penis?"

"Yes. . . yes, she would suck on my . . . my penis." He continued
exploring with his fingers, and I gave up hope when I felt his lips sliding
over the head of my cock. "Oh gawd!" I breathed. He slowly moved his mouth
back and forth on my dick, and I thought my knees would buckle.
"Scott. . . oh gawd. Keep sucking, son! Feels so good!" This was all too
much. I couldn't believe he was sucking on my dick, and the idea of him
swallowing my jizz was, I'm embarrassed to say, incredibly hot.

As he continued sucking, I could feel my lust steadily rising. "Put your
hands on my butt, son." He moved, and I felt his legs go on either side of
mine, and then his tiny hands rested on my butt cheeks. As he worked my
dick, I slid a hand down and put it on the back of his head and pulled him
closer to me so that my dick went into his mouth more. "Keep doing it,
buddy. Feels so good!"

He kept blowing me, and I couldn't stand much longer. This felt way too
damn good. "Lay down, son," I finally said. As he moved away and his body
disappeared beneath the cover of the bunk, I slid onto his bed. He moved
over as I joined him on the bed. "You like sucking Daddy's dick?" I asked,
my fingers playing with his brown hair and looking into his hazel eyes.

"Yes, Daddy!"

"Good," I said smiling as his head lowered back to my groin. I lay down as
he went back to work on my meat. I ran my hand over his bare leg and
traced it up to his small butt. I rubbed his bare cheeks as he sucked on
me. My dick seemed to get harder, and he began sucking me faster. I moved
my hand over his hip. I took hold of his erection and rubbed it between my
fingers. He started sucking me faster. I rubbed his small balls. They
were pulled up tight against his body.

I continued rubbing his dick and stroked it between two fingers and my
thumb. He moaned, and I could feel my balls beginning to tingle. I moved
my free hand to his head and started pushing it down further. I heard him
gag lightly, but I kept bobbing his head up and down. "Yes, Scotty! Suck
Daddy's dick! Try and get more in your mouth. It feels so good!" I could
feel my orgasm beginning to build. I looked at his dick and couldn't help
myself. With his mouth flying up and down my rod, I inched forward, and
then I did something I had never done before: I took a dick into my mouth.
As soon as my mouth closed, he started sucking even faster.

I ran my tongue all over the small head of his cock while my other hand
guided him on deeper and faster. As the tingling increased in my balls, my
hips began moving upward as well. I slid my hand between his legs, and my
finger slid into his crack. I began fingering his hole while we blew each
other. My dick swelled more, and I held his head firmly while my hips
moved up and down until I felt my cock blasting his throat with my cum. He
coughed and tried to move his head away. "Swallow it, son! It feels so
good!" He tried again to get his mouth off my cock. I could feel my jizz
sliding down my cock as his mouth opened with his coughing, and then his
lips closed around the shaft as he finally started swallowing.

I froze as his mouth worked my milk from my hard flesh. When the flow
slowed down, I said: "Lick Daddy's dick clean." He moved his mouth over
the shaft, and I felt my toes curl as he licked my cum from my hard meat.

When he was done, I got off the bed. "That was so good, Scotty! Now, you
need to get to sleep. You have school tomorrow."

"Okay, Daddy!"

He got under the blankets, and I hugged him and gave him a kiss on the lips
before leaving his room and turning out the light. My head was spinning by
the time I got to my room. I took a hot shower, turned out all the lights
in the house and then lay down on my bed. I berated myself while
remembering how incredibly good those tiny lips felt on my cock. I could
still smell the scent of soap on his freshly washed skin. It was a while
before I could finally get my brain to stop and fall asleep.

In the morning I got up and started his breakfast. He came in, dressed for
school, and gave me a big hug. I kissed him good morning and then sat down
and joined him for breakfast. After we were done eating, I sat down on the
couch and pulled him onto my lap. "Hey, we need to talk about last night."

"It was fun!"

"Yes . . . well, we have to keep it just between us, sport. We can't
mention ANYTHING that happened last night to anyone, OK?"

"Mmhmm, Daddy," he said nodding his head.


"Of course, Daddy!" "Good," I said and kissed him on his lips. My dick
was beginning to react, and so I pushed him off and said it was time to go.

I thought about him off and on all day long at work. It drove me wild. I
picked him up from daycare, and then when we got home, I changed into my
shorts like I usually do. We had dinner, and then we cuddled on the couch
while watching TV. As we snuggled, I felt his hand slide into the
waistband of my shorts. His fingers found my cock easily since I wasn't
wearing underwear. I never do at home. As he worked my dick, he looked up
at me and smiled.

"Come here, Scott. I want to kiss you like I used to kiss Mommy." He
moved onto his knees beside me. I kissed him on his lips and then sucked
on his lower lip for a bit. "Now open your mouth," I said. He opened his
mouth wide. I pushed his chin so that his mouth closed almost all the way.
Then I covered his mouth with mine, and I slid my tongue into his mouth.
He pulled back instinctively, but I pulled his head toward me so I could
continue frenching him.

After a while I stopped kissing him and said "Let's get naked!" I pulled
off my shorts as he stripped out of all his clothes. I kissed him again
and then asked "You ready to suck Daddy's cock?" He nodded his briskly,
and then he quickly lowered his head. I spread my legs and then laid my
head against the couch as his mouth closed on my rod. I relaxed and rubbed
his back and butt as he blew me. "Oh gawd yes! Suck that dick, Scotty!"
I alternated between rubbing his ass cheeks and massaging them.

As he continued blowing me, I had visions of him between my legs on his
knees. I fucking loved when a bitch was on her knees sucking on my rod, so
I had him get into the same position. I rubbed his hair and watched him
eagerly as he slobbered on my hard flesh. "There's only one way this could
get any better," I said.

"How, Daddy?"

"If I could fuck you," I replied spreading my legs wider.

"What is that?"

"Well, I would . . . don't worry about it. You're doing great, son."

He continued sucking me while I enjoyed it and imagined what it would be
like to have his small body beneath me as my cock plowed his hole. The
more I thought of it, the quicker my orgasm built, and then sooner than I
had anticipated he was swallowing my load.

When he was done milking my cock, we kissed again. We cuddled until it was
time for him to go to bed. I tucked him in as usual and then grabbed a
beer. I went into my den and spent some time googling pictures and
information about ass fucking.

I went to bed having decided there was no way I was going to try that. It
was bad enough my kid was sucking my dick! Our morning routine was the
usual one, although I'll admit I felt a lot closer to Scott. We touched
and hugged more. He wanted me to kiss him "like Mommy" again. I explained
we could only do that in private, and we tongue kissed for a while.

Work was difficult again. I couldn't get the image of guys fucking out of
my head. I could see his small body, on his knees, while my fingers held
onto his hips, my cock ramming into him while he begged for more. It was
too much. I had to sneak away to one of the bathrooms to jack off.

I left work a little early and picked him up. We went out for pizza since
it was Friday night. We stopped at the video store and rented a couple of
DVDs and went home. I changed like usual and sat down on the couch as he
made popcorn. He got onto the couch, and lay his head on my leg. He
looked up and smiled at me, and I brushed his hair out of his face.

"Daddy? What is fucking?"

Shit! I thought. I had hoped he would forget. "Well, when it's a man and
a woman, the man puts his dick in her vagina."

"And when it's two boys?"

I slid my hand under his shirt and started rubbing his nipples. "Well, one
guy would put his dick in the other guy's . . . butt," I said, clearing my
throat before pronouncing the last word.


I nodded my head. "Yup."

He thought about it for a bit, unbuttoned his pants, and then I saw his
body curl as he brought his legs up. He grabbed his pants and pulled them
off. Then he yanked his briefs off, too. He turned on his side so he was
facing me, and then he pulled my shorts down revealing my cock and my black
patch of pubes, and he started sucking on my half-swollen dick. I played
with his hair while he coaxed my cock to life. He moved so I could remove
my shorts. While he was on his knees, he straddled my legs, and kissed me.
I rubbed the backs of his legs as we kissed.

"So how do we do it?" he asked suddenly.

"Do what?" I asked honestly confused.


I looked at him surprised. "You. . . Are you serious?"

"You said it would be the only thing better, right?"

"Well, yeah. . . "

"Then yes."

He started kissing me again, and I rubbed his ass cheeks. I lost any
desire to fight against this. I grabbed him and stood up. I carried him
to my room. I lay him on his back and then thrust his legs apart. I saw
his hard cock, and I immediately went down on him. I sucked on his cock
and licked his sac as he writhed.

Then I moved over him, covering his small body with mine. I kissed him as
I rubbed my cock against him. "You sure you're ready for this?" I looked
into his eyes and watched him nod his head.

I got off the bed and grabbed some lube. I had him roll over onto his
stomach. I spread his legs again and then spread his cheeks apart. I
stared at the puckered hole and rubbed it with my finger. I couldn't
believe I was going to get my cock inside that tight hole soon! I felt
drawn to it, and so I leaned in and began licking it. He moaned and I
started tonguing his ass more eagerly.

I finally moved away from his hole and lay next to him. I coated my
fingers with lube, and then remembering what I had seen last night, I
slowly worked a finger into his butt. When his hole relaxed enough, I
inserted another. He turned his head so he could look at me, and I watched
his face as I widened his hole. It was fucking torture! We kissed as I
got the third finger inside him. "I can't wait to get inside you, Scott!"

I pulled my fingers out and had him get on his side. I put more lube on my
cock and inside his hole, and then I moved against him. I held onto my rod
and pushed the tip against his hole until it entered him. "Ohmigawd!" I
said as his ass closed around my shaft as it began sliding into him.

"Did you and Mommy do this?" he asked almost breathlessly as my dick
continued moving into his virgin ass.

"No, baby. She'd never let me do this to her."

I kept slowly feeding my cock into his incredibly tight hole. "Is it
better like you said it would be?"

"Fuck, Scott!" I began kissing his neck. "So much better than I thought.
I've never felt something so good!"

"Even better than Mommy?" he asked surprised.

"Oh yes!" I said pushing my dick into him more. I started moving my hips
back and forth a little.

"Are you fucking me now, Daddy?"

I kissed his shoulder. "Yes, almost." I pushed more of my meat inside his
ass. His butt gripped my dick, and I waited for him to relax. "I want you
so bad, Scott!" I said and started humping him a little more briskly. I
felt my cock slide into him more. "You feel so damn good!" I kept feeding
my dick into him until it finally slid in more easily. When he moaned, I
asked "How's that feel, Scotty?"

"Good, Daddy!"

"Yeah? You like it?" I started moving faster feeling suddenly even more

"Yes, Daddy! I do!"

I pushed him forward moving him onto his stomach. "I can't believe how
good it feels to fuck you, son." And then I pushed my cock deeper and felt
it slide the rest of the way in.

His head snapped up, and he yelled "Daddy!"

I kissed his face as I pulled my dick backward slowly and then pushed it
back in steadily. I was supporting my weight on my hands, but as my
swollen meat slid into his hot hole, I had to switch to my forearms. When
I had completely buried it in his ass, I did this again. With every plunge
forward, I felt my passion increase. My pace increased with each movement,
and Scott's moans got louder as I started to fuck him harder. His
"unnnhhhhh!" each time I rammed my cock into his hole only spurred me on.
The incredible grip his ass had on my dick was too much for me to be able
to hold out much longer, so I just let my body move as the pressure from my
impending climax grew until I finally exploded in his ass.

My dick kept twitching so much I wasn't sure it would ever stop. As the
sensations from my orgasm ebbed, and I could feel my strength returning, I
grabbed onto him and moved back onto my side, keeping his hole plugged with
my meat. As I rubbed his chest and belly, my cock continued to unload.
Every so often he would flex his ass muscles, and my dick would twitch
again sending another volley of my jizz into his insides. As we lay in
silence, he asked me: "Was that better, Daddy?"

I pulled out of him and moved back so that he was laying flat. I covered
his body with mine and kissed him deeply. "Oh. My. Fucking. Gawd! Scott,
that was the fucking best thing EVER!" I tongue kissed him again. "Let's
take a bath," I suggested, and I got up from the bed. I started the water
in the jetted tub, and he joined me. I put the toilet lid down and sat on
it and pulled him to me. He stood between my legs, and I kissed him. My
hands moved up and down the silky skin of his smooth, lean back.

When the tub was full enough, we got into it. I stretched out first, and
then I guided him into the tub. He sat on my lap, and he rested his back
against my chest. I don't think I've ever felt closer to him. I rubbed
his thighs and just enjoyed the feel of his bare skin against me.

I'm pretty sure I nodded off for a bit. When I came to, I said "Okay,
buddy. Time for bed."

"Do I hafta?" "Yep. Come on, sport." I nudged him so that he stood up
and got out of the tub. He began drying off, and I got out and joined him.
We walked back into my room. I found I couldn't keep my hands off him! I
grabbed him and tossed him onto the bed. He laughed as he landed on the
mattress and then flipped onto his back. His knees were at the edge of the
bed so that his legs draped downward. I pulled his legs apart and moved
between them as he continued giggling. I kissed his belly button and then
slowly moved my lips upward to his nipples. I sucked the pink flesh before
moving to his neck and then finally his mouth.

After we kissed for a bit, I stopped and looked into his hazel eyes. They
were green and brown right now. "You like me!" he said.

"Of course I like you! I fucking love you!"

"I know that, Daddy. I'm your son!"

I smiled. "Well, I like and love you more than just that, buddy."

"Like Mommy?"

I kissed him on the lips as I thought about his question. "No. More than
that, buddy. I haven't wanted anyone like I do you. I touch your skin,
see your body . . . " I put my tongue in his mouth again. When I stopped
kissing him, I continued looking into his eyes as his small fingers played
with the hairs of my arms. "Why don't you sleep in here tonight, son."

"Really? I get to sleep here?"

"You bet!" and then I moved off him. We climbed into bed, and I turned out
the lights. He moved on top of me, and we kissed. He lay his head next to
mine as I continued running my hands over his body.

After a bit he started moving his groin against mine. A few moments later
he asked: "Daddy? Can I suck on it again?"

I had been drifting off to sleep, but that had my full attention. "You
want to suck my cock again?" I felt his head nod up and down. "Of course,
you can!"

I felt him slide down my body, and I watched the lump under the blanket
move in the dim light of the room. I spread my legs as I felt him get
closer to my growing meat. I felt his lips close around the head, and I
threw the sheets off me. I rubbed his hair as his mouth got my cock good
and hard. I reached over and turned on the light.

"Why did you turn the light on?" he asked, squinting against the sudden

"I love watching your lips move on my dick." It was so hot watching his
red lips moving up and down on my hard cock. Every so often his eyes would
look up at me as his mouth worked my hard meat. I forced myself to just
relax and enjoy this slow blowjob. I was so looking forward to a
sex-filled weekend with my little boy.

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Tucking In My Son