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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Wils Painful Accident

Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2013 11:03:01 +0200 (CEST)
From: Patrick Summers <>
Subject: Wil's Painful Accident

Wil was bored. He'd played all his new games and had cleaned his rabbit's
cage as his father had told him before going off to an important business
meet. In his immense boredom, he'd even put all his dirty laundry in the
hamper and had read a bit, a book even, something he rarely ever did.

The 9 year-old looked at the big clock in his wall and groaned. Not even
noon yet, and already he was out of things to do. His Dad was only supposed
to be gone for a few hours, which was the only reason that he'd left Wil
alone at home. He wasn't even gone an hour and already he was contemplating
calling him.

He stared out the window, sighing miserably. Too bad it was raining, he
thought morosely, contemplating going outside anyway. But the rain still
fell in torrents and he'd be soaked in seconds. No fun prowling the woods
when you were shivering.

Deciding on getting a glass of milk and some cookies to lighten up this far
from enjoyable Sunday, Wil hopped along the corridor. As he walked by his
Dad's bedroom, he stopped short.

There it was, in plain sight, right on top of the bed. The Box. The special
box that Wil wasn't allowed to touch, ever.

Biting his lip, Wil thought hard. His Dad was going to be away for at least
an hour more and when he was careful and put everything back in its place,
then he'd never know that Wil had broken the rules.

Grinning as finally something grabbed his full attention, Wil creeped into
his father's room. He walked as silently as he could, feeling like James
Bond. Listening for any sounds that would indicate his father's premature
return he slowly opened the lid.

Peering inside, Wil's lips formed a 'oh' of surprise. He'd once heard his
father tell his uncle that there were toys in the special box, but these
weren't any kind of toys he'd ever seen before.

There were tubes filled with a clear liquid and large, plastic things in
all kinds of shapes and colors. They kind of looked like his thingie, but
muuuuuuch bigger. Wil also noticed something that looked like the pearl
necklace his aunt sometimes wore and a strange contraption with lots of
wires that reminded him of the spare car battery that sat on the top shelf
in the garage.

Frowning, Wil reached inside the box and pulled one of the plastic rods
out. It was flesh- colored and had ridges all over. He stroked over it,
giggling a bit at the feel, even as he had no idea what it could be that he
was touching.

Getting something else from the box, he sat on the carpet and opened the
colorful magazine. It was filled with naked men. Just men, doing strange
things to each other. They all had huge thingies that seemed to be the
same shape as the plastic one.

One picture series in particular captured the boy's attention. It showed
one of the men on his knees, with the same thing underneath him that Wil
held in his hands. He seemed to concentrate hard and then, in the next

Wil was stunned. He frowned at the picture, trying to figure out if there
was some trick to it, but it sure looked like it was real. The man looked
extremely happy and his huge thingie bounced up and down, clearly visible
in the pictures.

"Hm," Wil mumbled to himself as he contemplated the toy in his hand. Maybe
this was a game his Dad liked to play as well.

Feeling very grown up all of a sudden, Wil grinned. He'd show his Dad that
he wasn't a kid anymore. He was going to play the game!

Reading the capture underneath the first picture: "Our hunk John pleasuring
himself with a large dildo", he mouthed the unfamiliar word. Dildo. Sounded
strange, but then, he'd named his rabbit 'Mouse', so he wasn't one to

Deftly pulling down his pants and little white briefs, the boy shivered a
bit as his small genitals were exposed to the air. Holding the dildo in one
hand, barely able to wrap his small fingers around it, he was just about it
to place it behind him, but at the last moment, he noticed an ad at the
other side of the page and finally understood what the clear liquid was
for. Lube, it was called apparently.

"Neat," he murmured as he slathered a big glop over the dildo, he giggled
at how strange it felt. Frowning a little as a thought came to him, he
brought his slimy hand to his behind and pressed a finger against his hole.

He gasped at the feeling, strange as it was. Pressing harder, he managed to
slip one finger in. It felt good, better than he would have expected. He
looked at the man with the dildo again. He seemed to have a lot of fun, and
if a finger felt good, something bigger would feel even better, right?

Placing the dildo on the ground, it stuck to the wooden floor with a
sucking noise. "Cool!" Wil exclaimed, playing with the bouncing dildo a
little. Finally though, curiosity again overcame him and with a little
giggle, he squatted over the huge thing.

"Oh," he breathed as the flesh-colored head touched his hole for the first
time. It felt weird and slightly wrong, and Wil loved it already. Holding
the toy in place and taking a deep breath, Wil slowly lowered himself onto
it. The large flared head pressed hard against his poop-hole now and he
couldn't hold back a moan as the pressure grew distinctly more

Maybe this wasn't such a great idea after all, he thought, of half a mind
to pull away. Just as he was about to do so, Wil suddenly slipped on the
sleek wooden floor, losing his balance in the process. He flailed wildly,
and before he could catch himself, his whole body weight was pulling him
down towards doom, shoving the dildo through the clenched ring into him,
all of it in one go.

For the first second, Wil couldn't even scream. He was frozen as a burning
pain shot through him, half of the dildo burying itself into his poop-hole,
shoving deep inside.

Body rigid and with every muscle straining against the white-hot pain, Wil
opened his mouth wide and let out a wailing scream. "Oooooooowwwwwww!" He
howled, panicking instantly, shuddering hard around the thing inside him.

Tears shot into his eyes as he was opened wide by the big plastic thing
that now rested deep within him, sending helpless shivers through him. His
howls finally tempered off into loud whining whimpers as he just sat there,
unable to move.

"Ow, oow, uhhh," Wil could barely catch his breath as he whined in
pain. "Oww, uh, uhhh, owhnh."

His small hands were balled into fists as he sat on his haunches, unable to
move from the pain and sobs shook his body, inflaming the burn inside of
him even more.

He was shivering, making the dildo move inside him and Wil panted at every
involuntary shudder.

"Ooow," he sobbed, quivering. "Owwww, uuhh."

He was so far gone that he didn't even notice the heavy steps coming up the

"Wil! My god, what happened?"

Startled at his father's deep voice, Wil jerked back a bit, accidentally
making the dildo move inside him. "Uhhh!" the boy yowled in renewed pain.

Mindlessly moving to get away from the sting, Wil only succeeded in making
it even worse. Suddenly, he was grabbed and pulled up, right into his
father's strong arms.

Clutching at the only person in the world who could make this better, Wil
whimpered. "Out, Daddy, get it out. P-please, hurts!"

"I know, baby," his father crooned and Wil felt his hands wander over his
ass, checking the situation. "But I can't just pull it out. That'll hurt
even worse and it could damage you real bad inside."

Wil didn't even listen. "Out, out, out!" he desperately chanted,
hiccoughing between words.

"Oh, baby," he heard his father softly say. "I can't. Not when you're so
tightly clenched around it. How did you even get it inside you so deep,
huh, baby? I know it's difficult, but you gotta relax. Can you do that?
Relax for Daddy?"

Wil automatically nodded, so used was he to adhere to his father's
wishes. But not even a moment later, he shook his head adamantly. "I-it
h-hurts so b-bad, Daddy," he whimpered out between sobs. "I-I slipped and
i-it g-got sh-shoved in. H-hurts, bad."

He burrowed his face in his father's neck, tears soaking the soft material
of his plaid jacket. "Wil, I'm gonna try something. It'll probably hurt at
first, but then it will get better, I promise."

Wil nodded frantically, willing to try anything to make the pain stop. He
tried to control the force of his sobs, as now that his weight was off it,
his ass actually hurt a little less.

Wil relaxed a bit. He trusted his dad to make it better; he always made
everything better. He felt his Dad put something wet and cool on his ass,
spreading it around his widened hole. It soothed the pain a little and Wil
relaxed another tiny fraction.

Then, his Dad took hold of the dildo that was buried so deep inside him,
and he twisted it a little bit. Wil's half-closed eyes shot open at the
sharp sting and his hands scrabbled at his father in immediate protest.

"No," he whimpered, as he didn't have enough breath for a full
scream. "D-dad, noo, hurts!"

"Shhh, baby, I'm sorry," his father said softly, stopping
immediately. "Gotta get you to relax, though. It won't come out if you're
holding on to it, Wil."

Making an apologetic noise that Wil barely noticed, Daddy began to move the
dildo again, changing the angle of his ministrations. Crying softly, too
overwhelmed and exhausted by everything, Wil lay lax against the broad
chest and let it happen.

"Still not lose enough," Daddy murmured after a moment. "Can't get it out
yet, baby."

He wiggled the dildo slightly, trying to get his poop-hole to release
it. Wil flinched with every tiny movement, but it was only when his Daddy
made the dildo move in a specific way, that the young boy suddenly jerked
in a non pain-induced way.

"Unh," Wil moaned softly, more than a little surprised that through all the
pain, he actually felt a small sizzle of warmth spread from one point in
his ass down to his thingie. "Unh, Daddy."

"Yes, baby?"

Wil frowned. His Dad sounded slightly breathless, but then another
miniscule shove against that spot made him see stars. "Uh. Uh! Hunh," he
gasped as the feeling intensified.

Daddy continued to move the dildo in that one special way and it began to
feel really good. The pain was receding and even though a dull ache still
throbbed through him in time with his heartbeat, that strange warm feeling
made Wil actually wish for more.

"Yeah, that's it, baby," he heard his Dad say, sounding so gentle. "Feels
good now, huh? Told you it would."

"Yes," Wil moaned, still clutching at his father, but for a different
reason now. "Uh. Good. Unh, ah. T-there. Unh. What?"

He didn't seem to be able to form whole sentences. He was shivering as
waves of *something* raced through him. Everything tingled down there, from
his spine to his thingie, which felt different than it had ever before. He
felt down with one hand, fingers ghosting over it.

Startled as he felt the difference, Wil tried to move back enough to have a
look. "Daddy! My thingie!"

"Yeah, baby," his Daddy said softly. "That's your penis. It's hard
now. That's `cause it likes what I'm doing. Is I hurting bad still? I think
we can try to pull it out now."

"Yes, please," he murmured, the good-feeling not enough to make up for the
pain that still radiated from his poop-hole.

"Okay, baby," his Dad whispered and began to pull the dildo out in small
increments. Holding on to his Daddy with all his might, Wil moaned with
every jolt inside him. It took awhile but finally, his Dad had pulled the
dildo back almost all the way.

Wil's eyes were closed, as he was too exhausted to hold them open any
longer, but despite being only semi-awake, he still flinched violently as
at last, the large dildo plopped out of his now unresisting body.

For a moment, he just breathed, pure relief flooding him. He still hurt
back there, a dull ache spreading out, but in a weird way he felt good,
too. Even better was the way his Dad held him so gently, murmuring soft
words to him as he was lifted and carried into the bathroom.

He must have fallen asleep, cause the next thing he knew was being lowered
to a soft, warm bed. He could feel his Daddy's warmth leave him, and
blindly Wil reached out to him. "Stay. Please?" he mumbled.

"Baby. Do you really want me to?" His father's soft voice sounded strange,
guilty somehow, and Wil couldn't figure out why.

So he murmured a barely-there "yes" and held on to whatever part of him
he'd grabbed. Only a moment later he was gently wrapped into strong arms
again, surrounded by the familiar smell of his father.

He moved slightly to find a comfortable position, burrowing into his dad
and wriggling a leg between his Dads.

It only took him a moment to notice that something was different. Something
hard was pressing into his hip that he'd never felt before. As he moved
against it, he heard his father's gasp and felt a renewed tingle in his own

In an almost dream-like haze, he slowly began to move, almost
involuntarily, as a new warmth flooded him there. He heard his Dad breath
in sharply and thought that he probably wanted to feel good too, so he
moved against the hardness, pressing his leg into it.

His thingie was throbbing now as he shoved it mindlessly into his Dad's
belly and it felt so nice, a good sort of burn that tingled through him and
it almost felt like when he had to pee real bad, but better.

By then he was mewling softly as the feelings ever grew and for a moment,
he was sure that it would never stop. But then he moved again a few times
and shakes overcame him. He grabbed a tight hold of his Dad in sudden fear
and then his hips slammed forward twice and he froze.

His thingie throbbed hard and three waves of pure, unadulterated pleasure
raced through it, making Wil squeal with the intensity as he shook through
them. He was barely conscious by the time it finally ended and was left
slumped against the strong chest of his Dad.

He dimly felt his Dad straining against him, huffing out tortured sounding
breaths and then something at his hip pulsed hard, hot wetness spreading

"Love you," Wil breathed, as sleep finally claimed him. His last conscious
thought was for the achy tingle in his ass, and how it didn't feel so bad
now. He hoped that he'd soon be able to play with his Dad's toy-box
again. But only if Dad was there, too.

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Wils Painful Accident