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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Yes Sir To Daddy

Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008 07:50:09 -0700 (PDT)
From: D One <>
Subject: Yes Sir to Daddy

It began, as I can best remember, when Dad told me to stop taking baths
like a baby and take a shower. I guess the blank look on my face showed I
didn't know how to do it.

I had seen him and my older brother take showers when I was little
sitting on the toilet. That was when I thought it was funny to flush the
toilet so the shower water became cold and they yelled at me.

One of those times I ran through the house with my pants half off while
my naked brother chased me. Our mother yelled at us, but I remember her
laughing too. And there's a framed photo of us running on the wall in our
parents bedroom.

By the time Dad gave me the shower edict, our Mother had left. Dad was in
charge of us totally after that. He checked everything Todd and I did from
the way we dressed in the morning for school to our completed homework at

We went allot more places with him after she left too. Weekend camping
trips, water world days, visits to Grandpa, Todd's swim meets, and other
events. Even on weekdays when we had a school holiday, Dad was there.

Summers were fun too. Mornings we had chores which Dad would inspect when
he came home. Afternoons we could play. Todd and I both went to camps
too. One summer I was gone for 2 months and Todd and Dad went on a trip. I
was jealous I admit.

When Todd got back I asked him about the trip but he said he'd tell me
some other time.

That was the summer when Dad decided I was old enough to stand up in the
tub rather then sit in the water like a baby.

So anyway, he took my hand and led me upstairs. He told me that he would
show me how to take a shower like a man and I had to strip. I had been
naked in front of Dad before so I wasn't shy about stripping naked.

What surprised me is that Dad stripped too. He adjusted the water and we
both stood in the tub while he instructed me how to soap, rinse, wash my
own hair. He didn't do any of the washing. He just inspected me and swatted
me on the butt when I was through.

My boy penis got hard and he laughed saying it was proof I was a man
now. As I dried myself, Dad told me about how my body would change, hair
would grow and my penis would get hard allot.

He dried my back, hugged me and said I did well. I felt both like a
loved little boy and a man at the same time.

So I showered after that amazed that my penis got harder and larger as I
soaped it each time.

It wasn't long thereafter when little hairs appeared around my penis. I
couldn't wait to show Dad. He smiled and said when my penis started to get
wet after I rubbed it, let him know. I guess I looked blank again so he
told me to ask Todd.

Todd laughed at me at first. He asked if I hadn't seen him do it late at
night. Of course I had heard strange noises from him at night. I think I
even asked him if he was ok sometimes and Todd told me to "go to sleep".

He showed me his hard penis. It was much larger then mine and I reached
out to touch it. He said that guys don't touch other guys.

"But you're my brother" I countered and he relented letting me feel his
long dick, his ballsac, run my fingers through his hair and even take some
of the wetness from it's tip and put it on my tongue.

He jacked, giving me instructions. I could feel my own penis hard in my
shorts watching him. Then he told me to try it. I reached over again and
tried to wrap my boy hand around my big brother's erection.

"Just do the head" he said and I found my fingers could encircle the tip
and eventually he gasped and moaned. I thought I was hurting him but he
told me to keep doing it.

When stuff spurt out of it's tip I was delighted I had caused that to
happen. Some of it landed on my own face as well as everywhere else. I
tasted it. "YUK" I said it was salty.

"It's like beer, you'll learn to like it" he laughed "but don't tell
anyone we did this"

"Not even Dad?" I asked.

And Todd said the words that told me it was really ok "He knows already"

After that I saw Todd jack off all the time. He would do it after school,
late at night, in the shower, on his bed, even when he and I went on a hike

I kept trying but nothing happened. I began to think something was wrong
and talked to my friends about it. I learned they had the same problem.

"Don't worry son, your body is still changing. When it happens let me
know" Dad said as he held my hard penis after inspecting it at my request.

It was sometime in the winter that I was sitting by the fireplace naked
wrapped in a comforter with Todd. We had spent the day playing in the snow
and got totally wet. Dad told us to take off our wet clothes and warm up.

"So what's happening to your penis, does it shoot yet?" Dad asked.

I was ashamed to admit it didn't.

He crouched in front of me and pulled my comforter open. After spitting
on his hand he began to rub me. I felt funny in my stomach as he did it.

"Just clothes your eyes and enjoy it" Dad said. Todd had his penis in his
hand and was rubbing it too.

I did as Dad said, as always, closing my eyes. Weird images appeared in
my head as Daddy rubbed me. I saw some of my friends when we went skinny
dipping in camp the previous summer, I saw Sean Young diving on TV, I
remembered Todd dancing around the room naked the other day and I saw one
of my teachers at school, Mr. Morgan.

He was my math teacher. Mr. Morgan always worked with his sleeves rolled
up. I was amazed how muscular his forearms were. When we had the class
carnival one weekend, he was there wearing one of those white tank top wife
beater shirts. Something in my stomach ached when I saw his big arms, his
hair above the shirt.

"I'm gonna pee" I said but Dad kept rubbing and I felt some kind of weird
thing happening in my lower gut.

"Good boy" Dad said. I opened my eyes to see my white stuff all over his
hand and my belly.

"Like it off" Todd said but Dad said "no it's ok I'll wipe it off".

For the first time I ignored Dad and bent forward licking his hand
tasting my first orgasm fluid.

"There, you're a man now" He said.

I looked at Todd who had stopped rubbing his dick but still held it.

"Now help your brother" Dad said

I knelt in front of Todd and took his dick in my hands rubbing it while
Dad watched.

"Remember to always help your brother boys, you never tell anyone. It's a
family thing.

What happened next was fantastic. The longer I rubbed Todd, the more
excited he got. Dad's hands moved all over my back and his finger touched
my butthole which excited me. My penis got hard again.

He laughed and kept rubbing me until Todd's penis spurted all over me.

"Looks like you need it again, go ahead and take care of yourself now">
Dad said.

"Do you want me to do it?" Todd asked. I felt good that my brother was
willing to help me as Dad said he should.

"Not yet, let him do it himself"

I imitated Todd as I had tried to do many times before. Dad rubbed my
little butt hole as I did it.

Todd watched at first then played with my boy nipples. It all felt good.

When I orgasm'd this time it was like an explosion. I couldn't believe
how hard it was as my muscles got hard and hurt. I couldn't stop for some
reason. It was like my hand was acting on it's own. My arm hurt like hell.

I felt Daddy's finger inside me and saw Todd rubbing his own penis
again. As I got close to the explosion, Todd's penis spit all over me too
but that didn't distract me.

My body exploded and I yelled. It was a strange feeling. There was what I
thought was pain and fantastic sensations as my penis spit out..even better
then when Dad rubbed me just before.

I lay there s if I had been hit by a truck, although I had never been hit
by a truck. It was like the times when I was totally exhausted from
swimming laps in a race.

"Nice boy, you are indeed a man. You two go shower and get ready for bed"
Dad said removing his finger from inside me and standing.

"Come back down for some pizza"

Todd and I went upstairs. We shared a shower for the first time, soaping,
rinsing and towel drying each other. We didn't talk about doing it we just
did. We didn't talk about what happened downstairs either. We talked about
the usual things, school, friends, sports.

"What do you think about Mr. Morgan?" I suddenly asked as I pulled on my
sleeping shorts.

"Biceps?" he asked. I guessed that was Mr. Morgan's nickname given him by
the older boys.

"Yea, he's kind of like Dad" I said.

"Well watch out for him. I used to cut his grass and he got me to do
stuff" Todd said.

"What stuff?" I asked but Todd's answer was interrupted by Dad calling us
down for dinner.

Todd and I jacked off together all the time after that. Sometimes he told
me to do him and other times he did me. Now and then some of his friends
would be there and they all would do it and sometimes they let me play too.

On my 13th birthday, Todd said he had a present for me. Several of his
friends came over for a sleepover and I lay naked on the floor while they
stood around me spraying me with their cum. They kept doing it again and

Dollar, one of his friends came into the bathroom while I was cleaning
myself off for the third time. He told me he had a gift for me too and
knelt taking my hard penis in his mouth.

It was fantastic. I couldn't stop cumming into his mouth as he sucked
me. He told me not to tell the others but he would suck me anytime I

Todd turned 16 and I crawled on his bed saying I didn't have money to buy
him a gift so I'd give him something else. He grinned "do it slow" he said
expecting me to jack him off again.

Instead I licked, kissed and sucked his cock. At first he asked "what the
fuck are you doing?"

"Giving you a present, don't tell anyone" I said and returned to his

He watched for awhile and then lay back as I gave him my first blowjob.

"Dad Jimmy sucked my cock" Todd said at dinner shortly after that.

"He did?" Dad looked at me. I began to blush figuring I did something
very wrong.

"Was he any good at it?" he asked surprising me.

"Yea felt fantastic" Todd said smiling at me.

"Well, boy, just be careful. Take care of your brother but don't do
anyone else"

Father's Dad I disobeyed him as I crawled on his bed. I was naked and
hard. I had decided I didn't care if he got mad at me. I touched and
sucked. Dad lay there telling me I was a good boy.

Todd was seventeen and I turned fourteen when he gave me my best birthday
present ever. He touched me like Dad did that night when I learned to jack

Then he told me "this may hurt a little bit at first but relax it'll get

His cock hurt as he pushed it inside me. I wanted him to stop and to pull
out. But he kept saying "relax, breathe deep, feel it".

He fucked me until he shot his stuff inside me.

"Dad, Todd cornholed me" I said at dinner remembering what Todd had said
at dinner the time I sucked his dick.

"Really? Did it hurt?" he asked.

Todd was as red faced as I think I was the time before.

"Yea but not later" I admitted.

"Do you still feel like he's inside your butt?" Dad asked.

It was true. There was a strange feeling as if he was still there.

"Come and show me how you did it son" He said to Todd

I was on my hands and knees on tope of the dinner table with Todd showing
Dad how he stuck his penis inside me.

It hurt again s he entered me but that didn't last. Dad kept giving him
instructions and Todd screwed me slow at first ten faster, then slower.

"Now each time he pulls out squeeze your butt" Dad told me and I obeyed
amazing I could feel Todd's dick with my ass. I heard Todd groan each time
too and liked making him react like that.

We fucked until Todd seemed to loose control.

Then Dad told me to do the same thing to Todd. My older brother seemed to
begin to object but he knew better then to disobey Dad.

He lay flat on the table and I stuck myself into him and followed Dad's
instructions. I felt Todd squeeze my dick as I had done him.

It didn't take me long to explode. I liked it but liked what Todd did to
me more.

"Now be careful Jimmy. Many guys will want to do what Todd did to that
cute bubble butt of yours. But don't let them. Your brother will help you
and you'll help your brother understand?"

Todd and I both said "yes Sir" as always.

And come seem me on fathers day, both of you.

"Yes Sir" we said even more enthusiastically.

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Nifty - Gay - Incest - Yes Sir To Daddy