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Nifty - Gay - Interracial - Bali Boys

Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2012 10:46:46 -0700
From: Michael Kroll <>
Subject: Bali Boys

Chapter One

       God, I was so young when I arrived in Bali for the first time. I
was 17, and the only thing I knew about the world was that I wanted to see
more of it.
       I didn't even have a hotel reservation when the bus pulled into
dusty Denpasar. But you know kids -- I was sure I'd find some place to stay
that night.
       More than "some place," I found a whole world I never dreamed
existed, before.
       As I stepped down into the dust, a stranger grabbed hold of my
hand. I pulled away. I had heard what happens to unsuspecting tourists, and
although I didn't have much money, I certainly didn't want to lose what
little I had. But when I looked up to see who was attached to that hand,
not only did all my fears vanish, but so did the world I had known.
       I found myself staring into the face of the most beautiful boy I
had ever seen. In fact, until that moment, I had never thought of boys as
beautiful, at all. That was fag stuff, and I wasn't into it.
       But the boy who now stood before me was as beautiful as a bronzed
statue of Michelangelo's David, sculpted with Gauguin's eye fore the exotic
beauty of the South Seas. His skin was the color of dark tanned leather,
smooth and taut, and though slightly shorter than my six feet, he was built
like Adonis. His naked shoulders were strong, well-muscled and glistening
in the morning sun. His large, smooth chest tapered down to a rippling flat
stomach, and I found myself wanting to put my open palm down between the
deep, dark-chocolate nipples and let it slowly slide down to his perfect
       I didn't know how he had found me -- or why he had picked my hand
from all the possible hands -- but I was glad that he had. Just below his
navel began the only hair I could see on his extraordinary body. Soft black
wisps of hair gathered until they formed the ebony silken bush, which rose
out of a simple white loincloth he wore.
       As my gaze unconsciously came to rest on the clear outlines bulging
from under his loincloth, I couldn't help but marvel at the size of his
penis. I had always wondered why women and gay men were so obsessed by the
size of a man's dick. I guess, because I was so large, I couldn't
understand the fascination.
       But that was before. Now, I couldn't take my eyes off the huge
organ rising under that cloth, not even to note the strong thighs and
powerful brown legs and bare feet.
       I had forgotten the rest of the world even existed, when he reached
out and took my hand, again. It was as if a powerful charge of life coursed
through my body. As his fingers closed around my own large hand, my cock
strained to break out of the tight jeans I had worn on the bus. It was too
late to hide it, even from myself. A man was holding my hand, and I
couldn't think, at all. It was as if my thick, hard dick -- boned more than
it had ever been -- was doing the thinking for me.
       I stood staring for a moment longer, and then, slowly, used my eyes
to caress that flat stomach and broad, muscled chest, until I was looking
into the huge, black deer-eyes of this magnificently beautiful man-child.
He couldn't' have been more than 16, yet his smile was calm, reassuring,
experienced. His features were the stuff that the greatest artists spend
their lives trying to capture, but never do. His face, his dazzling white
smile of almost immoral beauty, his nearly black eyes that danced with
intelligence and openness struck me dumb. There I was, in the middle of a
dirt road, in a strange country, holding hands with a complete stranger --
a boy -- and feeling more love than I thought possible.
       "My name Batu," he said. "It mean Gentle Fire." His gentle eyes
blazed into mine.
       "You too beautiful," he said. "I call you Green Eyes." Maybe you
gentle fire, too?"
       I wanted to speak, but all I could manage was, "Allen. My name's
       "Ah Len," he said, as if it were two words. He squeezed my hand and
smiled again, that deliriously beautiful smile. "Ah Len mean love in my
language. You mean Love. Come."
       It was like being in a dream. I had no will of my own, and I didn't
want to wake up. I followed him.

Chapter Two

       Batu led me down a path until we came to a stream. We walked along
the bank until we could see a clearing on the other side, amid orchids and
ginger flowers. We crossed the stream which came up to our knees. As we
reached the far bank, he reached down and expertly released the loincloth.
       Suddenly, I knew that I wanted this boy more than I'd wanted
anything -- or anyone -- in my life. The vision of his back had the same
effect on me as when he had taken my hand. I could not control the
throbbing in my own wet jeans as I gazed at the musculature of his bronze
back. He had the body of a great swimmer, and the slight sweat he had
worked up on the walk only added to my dizziness. I watched as beads of
perspiration gathered, and ran down that incredible torso until coming to
the rounded curves of his ass.
       Without thinking, I reached out. My hand touched the small of his
back, and slowly felt the firm globes of his buttocks. My fingers gently
probed between the crack, and I fell to my knees and pressed my face deep,
deep inside him.
       Batu made a sound deep in his throat as my arms reached up to
encircle his waist, and my eager hands almost fearfully touched him.
       For one split second, I wondered what I was doing here, whether I
should stop and be "normal" again, but the moment passed as quickly as it
had come. My mouth pressed hard into the warmth of the silken hair in his
ass, just as my fingers pressed down on that wonderful navel, and slid down
through the soft bush of his pubic hair.
       At last, I touched that great, thick brown cock that stood out
nearly twelve inches from its silken nest. My fingers tenderly explored the
rounded head, feeling the drop of dew at its very tip, touching the folds
of skin that had mercifully never been cut, and encircling the huge, warm
       Down, down slid my right hand, as my left hand rubbed the damp
drops of Batu's pre-ejaculation around and around that throbbing, perfect
dick. At the exact moment that I felt those huge, heavy balls hanging
between the smooth thighs, my tongue had its first taste of this
indescribably delicious boy.
       At first it was slow and gentle. But as I found myself stroking his
cock rhythmically back and forth, my tongue imitated my hand, thrusting
deep inside, withdrawing, and thrusting again.
       And then, suddenly, Batu groaned very deeply and long, and I felt
the great load of his manhood as it began in those heavy, smooth balls and
pulsated up, and up, and up. I opened my mouth wide and pushed my tongue as
deep as it would go into his tight, yet open ass, and felt the great
streams of jism shoot through my fingers, thick and warm. At the same
moment, my own hot cum coursed through me and I shot more than I ever had
before, leaving a large wet stain on my jeans.
       I fell back, exhausted, and lay amid the blossoms, aware only of
the sound of the stream and my heavy breathing. As I opened my eyes, Batu
stood looking down at me. His body reassured me. His wonderful dick was
still more than half erect.
       "You my beautiful Love," he said. He knelt down beside me and
unfastened my jeans. Lovingly, he untied my shoes and removed
them. Carefully, he pulled my jeans off.
       Instead of the usual modesty I felt about my body, I wanted Batu to
see all of me. I hoped my body would give him the intensity of pleasure his
gave to me.
       For some time, he just knelt there, gazing into my eyes. Then he
pulled my shirt over my head and looked for a long time at my body. I could
feel the wetness in my underwear as my cock began to strain upwards.
       "You very beautiful," he finally said, again, as his hands reached
under the elastic of my briefs and felt my excitement.
       I lay still and allowed him to slowly remove my underwear. It was
like Eden -- he, kneeling naked beside me, his great cock rising again to
its full eleven plus inches, thick and smooth, and me, lying naked on my
back, my own dick, which is maybe half an inch shorter than his, but about
that much thicker, growing to its full manhood, despite having just
deposited the greatest load of cum in its life.
       Slowly, slowly he lowered his beautiful face down, gently touched
the tip of my dick with his tongue, and allowed his lips to push down,
further and further, until I was entirely inside him.
       I had never felt anything like it. As his head moved slowly up and
down, his tongue licked, exploring the head of my dick so that it knew
every curve. Slowly, he licked my pee hole, while his hands felt between my
legs, rubbing my balls and gently stroking deep inside my thighs.
       Then his mouth glided up over the head of my cock and down the
outside, as his hand took over, rubbing up and down. He took both my balls
into his mouth and sucked.
       I could feel the great surge of creamy cum before I shot, and I
grabbed his shoulders, pulling him up on top of me. The feel of his dick
against mine, still slippery from being sucked, was the most powerful
sensation I had ever known. My right hand pressed down into his hot ass,
and my loins pushed up to crush his. Our balls and cocks became like one,
and I pulled his face to mine with my left hand.
       Our lips touched, a gentle brush at first, and then hotly,
passionately, devouring each other's mouths, tongues, lips. It was as if I
had never kissed before.
       With arms encircling each other, our mouths pressed passionately
together, we both shot at the same moment. I could feel the warm jets of
cum streaming from his balls and cock, and mixing with my own. We seemed to
cum forever.
       "Oh, feel," I said, "feel, feel."
       "Yes, yes," he whispered somewhere deep in his throat, "You Gentle
Fire, too."
       With the stream gurgling next to us, and the fragrant smell of
ginger blossoms in the air, mixed with the powerful smell of sex, my
beauty, my gentle fire, my love and I fell asleep, lying in each other's

Chapter Three

       As I began to wake up, the memory of our love-making rushed back
into my consciousness. I couldn't believe it had really happened -- not to
me, anyway. I thought I must have dreamed it, but I knew I felt better than
I ever had before.
       I opened my eyes. It was not a dream. There was Batu gazing down at
me with glittering eyes, a contented smile of dazzling beauty on his
lips. He sat cross-legged, one hand resting warmly on my belly. To me, he
looked like a golden god.
       I reached up and touched his face. I cupped the back of his head in
my large hand, feeling the thick, straight black hair that hung almost to
his powerful shoulders, and slowly pulled him towards me. We kissed a long
but gentle kiss, as if we were the first two lovers on earth.
       Batu stood and pulled me to my feet. Our kiss had made my cock
stand erect, and I looked down to see that his was already hard, and
growing into its huge fullness. He pulled me towards him and kissed me
hard, passionately on the lips, putting both his hands on my virginal ass
and kneading my cheeks. My arms pressed his body tightly to mine as I felt
a sensuousness I could not have imagined only hours before, spreading from
deep within me.
       I realized I wanted all of him, deep inside me. I was afraid of
pain, but could think only of intense pleasure to imagine him slowly
parting the cheeks of my ass with his beautiful fingers, and pushing his
throbbing dick into my anus, sliding it deeper and deeper until we were
like one person, moving in perfect harmony -- slipping in and out like a
well-fitted, well oiled piston and cylinder.

       I had never even sucked a cock, but I knew I wanted to be fucked by
my golden boy more than anything in the word.
       "We wash," Batu said, pulling me with him into the stream . He
laughed and splashed me with water. His laugh was big, deep and
untroubled. He pushed me down into the water, and we played together like
loving porpoises.
       Just seeing him made me want him. I couldn't help myself. I just
wanted him to take my cherry, even hurt me if he wanted to.
       "Fuck me," I whispered in his ear, as we frolicked in the stream.
       Batu looked curious. "What mean `fuck me'," he asked.
       My face turned red, and he laughed his wonderful laugh; his
innocence infected me, and I laughed with him.
       "Fuck," I said. "You know." I made a circle with the thumb and
forefinger of my left hand, inserted the middle finger of my right hand,
and moved it back and forth.
       "Ah," he shouted, triumphantly, understanding the universal
gesture. Nodding his wondrous head, and spreading a great smile, he
repeated, "Ah," `Fuck me.' That be puki. It too good. But I never puki
before. I waiting for you. In my country, it is the custom I bring to you
my father, first. He puki first, if he like you. Then he puki me. Then we
       "What!" I wasn't sure I even understood what he was trying to tell
me. Was I going to be fucking an old man? And suddenly I got it. "You mean
I have to get fucked by your old man and so do you, before we can do it?"
       Batu laughed again. "Quick. We go," he said.
       He had washed my jeans while I slept, and they were drying on the
trunk of a palm tree. I slipped them on, quickly, while trying to make
sense out of what I'd just heard. Batu tied his cloth low around his hips,
kissed me, and started off down the path to town.

Chapter Four
There are only three kinds of transportation in Bali: taxi, bicycle,
and on foot. We took a taxi. But, like everything else in this magical
place, it was different from anything I had seen.
The front was a very small cab -- large enough for two small people --
powered by a motorcycle engine. The back part, where the passengers rode,
was like the flatbed of a tiny pick-up. A bench ran along either side, and
passengers took their places wherever they could.
The one Batu picked out for us was nearly full. But we managed to
squeeze together in the middle of one bench. There were only men and boys
in the taxi, as it chug-chugged its way down the dirt highway.
I wasn't paying much attention to the other passengers. Instead, I was
thinking about what Batu had told me. It was the custom here for a father
to teach his son how to fuck by the direct method, by fucking both the
intended lover and his own son. I sure didn't want some old fart's cock up
my ass, but I wanted Batu so bad, I was willing to do anything.
       As I thought again of Batu's thick, long meat penetrating my warm
ass, my cock pushed up against my jeans. Just then, Batu, who was pushed
tight enough against me to feel my pulse, threw one of his bare legs over
my leg. If his purpose was to hide my erection, it was backfiring. The feel
of his warm thigh against my crotch, even through my blue jeans, made me
push closer. For a moment, I forgot anyone was with us, and I was about to
put my hands around Batu's waist and pull him towards me even more, when I
felt the warmth of the boy sitting on the other side of me.
I looked up quickly, flustered at being "caught." What I saw made me
think I had died and gone to heaven.
In my preoccupation with Batu's hot buns, I hadn't noticed that every
one of the remaining ten passengers was slowly messaging his dick. Some had
removed their loincloths, and spread their legs as much as space would
allow. Others sported huge bulges through their loincloths, and had one
hand on their own cocks, and another on their neighbor's.
All were looking at me, the only green-eyed white man there. Batu
smiled his dazzling white smile, and announced, "He my love. Soon we go
puki," adding to me, as if to show what a good student he was, "we go
The oldest passenger, who looked no more than 25 himself, looked at me
and said, "You, child of god. Batu be best love in Bali. All love him. I,
Kaar, speak for all. All honor you."
       Then he turned to the boy sitting next to him, another
magnificently beautiful boy of, perhaps 14, bent down, and took the boy's
dick, which had been visibly throbbing, into his mouth.
As if that were the signal, the boy who was now getting sucked, leaned
over and began sucking the dick of the next man down, and so on, like
dominoes. Now, except for Batu and I, everybody had somebody's dick or
balls in his mouth -- and everyone's dick or balls was in someone else's
Batu nestled down in my lap and smiled at his friends. By now, my
hands were rubbing his balls and dick, my fingers stroking the hidden silk
of hair under his balls.
With fumbling fingers, I undid the knot on his loincloth and gently
sat him down on the bench where I had been, while I crouched down before
him, pulling my jeans off as I did. I looked at his cock, bigger than all
the others, his heavy balls, and with the sound of ten cocks being sucked
on all sides of us, I slowly put my fingers around the base of his shaft,
and pulled it towards my lips.
Just before putting my tongue to the drop that oozed through his pee
hole, I glanced up to look at his incredible beauty. His bronze arms lay
loosely on the backs of the two boys on either side, as they rhythmically
sucked the boys on the other side of them. His huge eyes looked down at me,
and tears of love made them shine like tropical pools.
I let my eyes fall slowly down his body, filling myself again with the
sight of his stunning beauty, busting with love for this boy and his
magnificent cock, the first cock I would ever suck. Eagerly, I took him
into my open mouth. With deliberate restraint, I slowly explored every inch
of his thick manhood with my tongue, while my hands felt his balls, his
soft pubic hair, the darkness of his anus which, I could feel, was opening
and closing as if in invitation.
He was so large, I didn't think I could take all of him. But the
bodies moving all around me, and the continuous sucking sounds, had made my
nuts nearly burst and, not even knowing how I did it, I realized that the
head of Batu's fantastically hard, thick cock was deep in my throat as I
cupped his balls up to my lips and suckled.
Again, I forgot anyone else but Batu. I felt like worshipping him with
my mind, my mouth and lips, my fingers and tongue and ass. The world could
disappear. I didn't care. I only wanted to feel and taste him.
But although I had forgotten the others, they had not forgotten
me. The beautiful man, Kaar, who had initiated the frenzy of sucking, had
let the warm cum of the boy's dick fill his mouth, before he slowly slipped
his lips gently from its head, licking the last drops from the tip.
While my senses were filled, like my mouth and throat, with the love
of my man-child's cock, Kaar crawled behind me and began to lick my
ass. The boy whom Kaar had sucked off, unwilling to be left behind, had
made his way to our side, too, and as I felt Kaar's tongue glide deep into
my anus, I also felt the warm moist lips of the fourteen-year-old child
wrap around my pulsing cock.
I moaned in unbelievable pleasure. The feel of Kaar's tongue thrusting
deeper and deeper inside me, made me writhe in anticipation. The feel of
the boy's mouth desperately suckling my meat brought me to the point of
cumming. I moved my hips forward. I felt the moisture of his mouth waiting
for me to cum. As I pushed back, I felt Kaar's tongue licking from the
But it was Batu's taste in my mouth that caused the greatest
pleasure. I heard him groan that deep, manly sound in his throat, and felt
the great, gathering jet of creamy white sperm. His big smooth balls
tightened in my hand, and I felt the first gush move up along that great
At the same moment, the dam holding back my own thick cum burst, and I
felt great currents, beginning deep in my balls and coursing up in huge
As the nameless boy took the first spurt of my sticky seed into his
mouth, my beautiful Batu shot, and shot again into my mouth. Although I had
never tasted anyone's cum before, I had no doubt that I had started with
the best. It was warm and sweet, and came in thick bursts.
I could still feel the aftershocks of his essence spurt into my mouth,
as the boy sucked the last drop from my cock. I wanted to stay like this
forever, letting Batu's creamy cum touch every part of my lips, mouth, my
tongue and throat, as Kaar slowly withdrew his tongue from inside my ass.
Slowly, slowly I slid my mouth up along the magnificent meat, not as
hard as it had just been, but far from limp, and used my tongue to lick it
clean, finally tasting the last after-drop of cum. I looked up, and was
reassured again by the look of love in that perfect, beautiful face.
Batu pulled me up alongside him. Without shame, the passengers slowly
rearranged their loincloths. Batu helped me zip up my jeans, and kissed my
crotch when he was done.
The taxi clattered to a stop, and everybody piled out, including
us. As I watched the brown beauties disappear in different directions, Batu
took my hand, smiled, and said, "Come. Now we go to Father. Soon we fuck."

Chapter Five
My heart was pounding when Batu led me into the large, wooden
house. It was built as a series of small rooms around an open courtyard,
with a water well in the center.
The first person I saw was a large man, quite handsome for his
age. But his age appeared to be more than fifty years! If Batu had not held
firmly to my hand, I might have run away.
They exchanged some words in a language I couldn't understand. Then
the old man looked at me and put his hand on my arm.
"I can't do it," I said to Batu. "I can't let your father fuck me!
He's too old... He's..."
Before I could finish, Batu was laughing his infectious laugh which,
after he said a few words in his language, the old man joined him in.
"He not Father," laughed Batu. "He father father."
"Oh, your grandfather. But where's your father?"
"There," he pointed.
I turned around to see a much younger man, perhaps thirty, standing
very nearly up against me. He had the same brilliant white smile of his
son, and his body was nearly as strong and beautiful. He wore a
loose-fitting sarong that covered his lower body, from below his belly
button. Though not hard, the clear outlines of a very large organ could be
seen under the sarong.
He extended his hand, which I took in mine. I felt myself growing
excited by the warmth in his powerful hand. He continued to smile at me,
not taking his deep black eyes from my face. I was relieved about that,
because my jeans were bulging again.
Batu put his hand on my ass and began speaking to his father, who
never let go of my hand. Except for one word which I heard several times --
puki -- I could understand nothing. But as he spoke, the father tightened
his grip and gazed deeply into my eyes. Without warning, he bent forward
slightly and brushed my lips with his. I couldn't believe I had these two
magnificently beautiful men -- father and son -- talking about making love
to me. Me!
Then Father said something to Son, released his grip, turned and
walked out of the room. The sarong clung to his firm, full rounded cheeks,
and his brown back and shoulders revealed great strength as he strode from
the room.

Chapter Six
"What did he say? What did he say?" I demanded, as soon as Father was
out of earshot.
"He say you too beautiful," Batu laughed, pulling me towards him. "He
say he wait for Green Eyes to be first puki for Batu. He give his
blessing. He tell us go in room and enjoy last love before puki."
With that, Batu dropped his loincloth and undid the snaps and zipper
of my jeans at the same time. Arm in arm, we walked into a small room with
two beds and a desk. He sat me down on one bed, and pulled my jeans
off. Lying face to face, we watched each other's erections grow, until both
our dicks lay against our stomachs, pointing up towards our mouths.
"You are so beautiful," I said. "I want to feel you between my legs."
"Yes," he said, "we too beautiful. We feel each one in our legs."
He turned me over on my stomach and spread the cheeks of my white ass
with his brown fingers. He learned over and kissed me, and began sucking on
my balls from behind. My body began to move, like I was fucking the bed,
but his powerful hands held me still as his tongue licked up between my
legs and deep into the crevice of my ass.
Turning me on my side, he reached around to touch the tip of my cock
which was wet with pre-cum. Then he did something totally unexpected. He
turned on his side, too, putting his broad, muscled back up against
mine. Pulling apart the cheeks of his own ass, he rubbed his anus against
the firmness of my butt. Automatically, I pulled my cheeks apart, too, and
we pressed our anuses together.
I could feel his hole as if opening and closing, and pressed
tighter. Then I felt my own ass wanting to open, and the dampness of both
of us made us slip and slide together, butt to butt. All my senses were
engaged. The feel of his slick asshole; the sound of the sucking noise our
asses made as they opened and closed around each other; the pungent smell
of his body and mine, mingled together; the taste I had when I brought my
fingers from our co-mingled asses to my lips; all these things acted like a
powerful aphrodisiac. Only my sight was not engaged in my orgy of
sensation. Since we faced away from each other, nothing stimulated our
vision, except our imaginations.
Just then, only seconds before our cum exploded, the door opened and
two boys came in. My heart leapt into my throat. I pulled away quickly,
guilt spreading across my red face.
Batu laughed, of course, and introduced his brother.
"This be little brother Taba," he said, "and friend."
Little brother Taba was far from little. Though only 14, or so, I
guessed, he already showed the muscular physique of both is older brother
and his father. His eyes twinkled mischievously, and he said something to
Batu that included the word "puki."
"He say he help Father puki. He say his friend speak our language and
your language, too. He help, too..."
His friend was the first white man I had seen since I got off the bus.
He had the bluest eyes and the body of a young surfer. The blond ringlets
of his hair framed a face of exquisite beauty. A slight smile played at the
corners of his wide mouth.
"Hi, he said, coming over and sitting on the edge of the bed. "I'm
His eyes looked down at my prick, which had begun to shrink in my
first panic, but was still stiff enough to be bigger than most men's.
"You have a great cock," he said matter-of-factly, putting his hand on
his crotch.
"Thanks," I said, slightly embarrassed. "What's this all about?"
"Well, I've lived here a few years," he told me. "I came with my
mother and just never went home. She wanted me to leave with her, but how
could I leave this? Taba and I have been lovers since he was thirteen, so
his father asked us to help with the puki ceremony. You're lucky because
everybody has been trying to puki -- sorry, I mean to fuck -- Batu here."
He turned to Batu and put a hand on the cock that rested limply, but
hugely, between his legs. "But he has refused, saying he is waiting for his
special love. That must be you."
"But what's the ceremony like? And why did the father walk away from
"I can't describe the ceremony except to say it's worth waiting for,"
David said, putting an arm over my hips. "And that's nothing compared to
the fertility ceremony. I haven't actually been allowed to go to that one
yet, but I'm hoping to this year. It's next week."
"When does the puki take place?" I asked, feeling a little silly using
the strange word. By now, my cock was soft.
"As soon as we warm up. We all have to cum once before it begins. Some
people just jerk off to prepare, but Father likes his boys as hot as they
can get before he puts that horse's dong of his into them."
"You mean you're going to cum, too?" I asked, and felt myself
"You bet," he said. "Come on, Taba."
With that, Taba let fall the deep purple sarong he was wearing and
stood naked in the middle of the room. He cock was like Batu's -- large,
thick, uncircumcised and straining upwards. He had less pubic hair than his
brother, and his golden balls were not quite as large.
David stood and took off his shorts. The whiteness of his groin and
ass contrasted beautifully with the deep, golden tan that only blonds can
achieve. His cock was perhaps nine inches long, but very thick. Like me, he
was circumcised, and his gold blond bush of soft pubic curls made me want
to run my hands through it.
Batu and Taba said something to each other, and David said, "OK." I
wished I could understand them. But I soon realized that even if I couldn't
decipher their words, I could understand their meaning.
David and Taba, each with his arm wrapped around his lover's waist,
came over to the bed. Batu, who was still the most beautiful of the four of
us, turned me around to face him. His eyes glistened, and he pulled my face
to his, lovingly. The smell of the ginger blossom behind his left ear made
it feel like we were in a garden.
David said, "We are going to play sandwich. Taba and I are the bread,
and you and Batu are the meat, you lucky devil..."
I didn't know what was in store, but the sight of Batu had caused my
erection to grow to its full size, and the feel of his loins moving
rhythmically against mine confirmed that he, too, was fully excited. I
didn't care what happened. I wouldn't have minded dying at that moment; I
had no idea anything could feel so good.
Then David lay down sideways behind Batu, and Taba lay down behind
me. I could see David pulling apart Batu's gorgeous ass, and I could feel
my own cheeks being spread by baby brother, the deliciously beautiful Taba.
I thought, "They are going to fuck us before daddy does. I
don't'care. I'm ready..."
But they didn't push their huge dicks into our asses. Instead, they
pressed hard up against us, while spreading our cheeks with their hands,
and their balls slipped into our anuses. Taba's balls were smooth and the
feel of them in my asshole made it wide, hoping for more. I could feel
Batu, also, rotating his hips in gentle, circular motions to get the full
effect of David's large balls, covered in their downy blond curls, in his
hole. I wondered if his incredibly thick meat felt better to Batu than his
brother's fat cock felt to me, thrusting up and down in the crack of my
ass. I didn't think so.
Batu's and my cock lay pressed together, our balls touching. I could
feel his huge, hot dick clear up above my navel, rubbing against my
stomach. And I could feel the roundness of his perfect belly button as it
moved against my stiff prick. Our tongues explored each other's mouths
eagerly, and now every sense was in use, and every sensation was of intense
David's arms reached around Batu's waist to my ass, and he massaged my
cheeks with his hands while keeping them spread for Taba's wet, sliding
dick. Taba reached around my waist to his brother's, and let his strong
hands rub Batu's wonderful buns, and keep them open for David's thick, hard
Our own arms and hands -- Batu's and mine -- rested on each other's
shoulders as we kissed passionately, and moved our dicks against each
other's stomachs while their dicks moved against the cleavages in our
The four of us moved as one. Our bodies, now slick with sweat, made
sucking sounds, and we all groaned deep in our throats.
"Oh, yes," I could hear David whimper. "Yes, yes. Squeeze my balls
with that ass. Let me wet your asshole with my load."
Taba was also speaking into my ear, though I couldn't understand his
words. They were said low, and I could feel the heaviness of his balls and
cock in my ass, as the sticky drops of fluid from his pee hole lubricated
both his shaft and my ass.
"Ah Len," Batu whispered, his lips against my own. "Ah
Len. Love. Love."
None of us heard Father enter the room or saw him sit on the bed. His
eyes glistened and his huge cock lifted up his sarong as if a fist were
pushing up from between his legs.
The four of us were moving in a hot frenzy. "I'm cumming, I'm
cumming," I heard David whimper, as I felt my own hot sperm ready to
shoot. Taba put his mouth to my ear and said something in his language, and
Batu said, "Oh, love, love, you cum on me, wet me with your cum, your
For a moment, time stood still. And then, all of us shuddered, and our
hot cum spurted out. Batu's sticky hot cream flowed into mine, and we could
feel it beat up, up onto our chests and cheeks, onto our shoulders. At the
same time, I could feel the bursts of cum shoot into my crack from little
brother's big dick, throbbing in harmony with my throbbing, waiting
I could feel Batu squeeze his cheeks together as David shot his cum
between them.
Cum was everywhere, sticky, warm, thick, and suddenly we were aware of
a new sensation. Father was licking as much cum as he could get. His tongue
moved expertly up along the inside of his son's thighs, pushing deep into
Batu's crack, and letting David's thick cock drip onto his lips. Then he
gently pulled my crotch from Batu's, and put the heads of our dicks in his
large mouth at the same time, taking in the jets of jism that were still
pouring out of us, making delicious gulping sounds. Finally, he rolled me
over on my stomach and put his tongue into my ass, licking all of Taba's
cum from inside me, and then taking his own young son's still hard cock
down into his throat for the last drops of sweet cum.
The five of us lay together, our arms and legs entwined like snakes.
Swallowing the last of our cum, and rhythmically stroking his huge,
dark phallus, Father felt his sons put their lips to his balls.
"Sekarang kami puki," Father said, stroking his sons' full, round ass
"Now, we fuck," Batu translated, lifting his head, glowing with

Chapter Seven

No one moved for a long time. I didn't want to break the waves of
pleasure that still swept over me. I imagined that I was very rich, that
everything about my life was luxurious and comfortable, that I'd never
experience pain or discomfort, again.
I was lying on my stomach, and my head rested on Batu's bronze chest,
between the dark nipples that moved up and down with his breathing. I could
feel the pleasurable weight of other bodies on mine -- legs, arms, loins --
but I couldn't tell how many or whose they were. I didn't care.
No one spoke. Except for the sound of a few starlings in the late
afternoon sun, and our own breathing, it was very quiet.
Batu put his hand on my head, and, spreading his fingers, pressed me
tight to his chest. I could hear his heart beating, even and regular, and
feel his pulse against my face. I thought about my childish fantasies -- a
wife and kids, a split-level house with a white picket fence -- and
couldn't attach them to myself. Someone else had wished for those things,
not I.
I said the word "fantasy" aloud, and sighed.
"What?" Batu asked, stroking my face.
"Fantasy," I said.
"Fantasy," he repeated. "What mean fantasy?"
"It means a dream you hope comes true."
"Fantasy," he said, again. "You my fantasy."
"Thank you, little love. You're my fantasy, too."
In fact, since I'd first let my mind wander back to my earlier
fantasies, since the "fantasy" had come to my mind, I could think only of
Batu lying on top of me, plugging my asshole with that wondrous, brown dick
of his. I wanted to feel him push past my anal sphincter, once locked even
to the thought of penetration, and slide deeper and deeper inside me. I
wanted to feel the softness of his silky black pubic hair as it caressed
the inside of my thighs. I imagined the ecstasy of is thick shaft pumping,
pumping, as my very being fused with his, becoming a vessel for his love.
Again, I felt the tumescence of my cock, as my thoughts filled me up,
as I imagined Batu's body soon would. I moved my crotch imperceptibly
against the bed.
As if that was the signal, Father stood up and looked down at the four
young men and boys who lay wrapped in each other's thoughts.
"Datang!" he commanded, and walked purposefully out of the room.
"We go," Batu said.
David said, "He likes to do it outside. We'd better follow him."
When I stood, my dick stuck out like a baseball bat at the ready. If
it hadn't been for little brother, Taba, I might have been embarrassed by
my erection, which I couldn't seem to lose.
When David stood, the beauty of his tanned body struck me, again, but
his thick cock was less than half erect. (I confess that in that semi-rigid
state, it had the most unexpected effect on me -- I wanted to take it all
into my mouth and feel its softness as it grew hard!)
Batu, too, was no longer fully erect, but the sight of his half-hard
cock had the opposite effect on me from David's. I wanted to let it
continue to fall, so that I could savor the exquisite perfection of his
beautiful body. "Like a bronze statue of Adonis," I said to myself, not for
the first time. Even when his dick was finally hanging limp between his
thighs, he filled me with incomparable awe. His dick, at rest, was bigger
than most men's peters at full tilt! His broad shoulders and pectorals, his
rippling torso all seemed sculpted by a master sculptor, and his strong
legs were made to support that body. Atop it all... that face! He was a
masterpiece of human creation.
But it was Taba who made it unnecessary for me to blush at my
throbbing cock. There he stood, little brother, his hard, thick dick raised
at a steep angle. Through the sparse nest of jet black hairs at the base of
the shaft, his balls appeared to be pulsating, contracting and expanding. A
drop of moisture glistened at the tip, as if asking to be sucked off.
"You like Taba?" Batu asked.
"Well, I, uh, er..." I stammered.
"Taba good love, too," Batu assured me without the slightest trace of
"Sure," David said. "He's a great fucker. I didn't know what fucking
was `til I met Taba. You'll get your chance with him. In fact, we'll all
get our chance with each other, as soon as Dad is through..."
Taba said something in his language.
"What?" I asked.
"Oh, he understands everything," David said. "I even suspect he can
say some things in English, but he never does. He just said you had the
most beautiful eyes he'd ever seen. He wants to go out to see what his
father's up to, so the two of you can get it on."
I looked over to Batu, quickly, but he just smiled his smile, his
brilliant white teeth shining through his parted dark, full lips.
"Come," he said. "We go Father."

Chapter Eight
Taba led the way. With his eyes on his lover's hunky brown ass, David
followed. I was just behind Batu's naked body, and it reminded me of that
first vision of him next to the stream. It took all my strength to resist
reaching out, again, to trace the curve of those firm hemispheres, to
spread those cheeks with my fingers just to feel the inside warmth of my
newfound lover.
But I did resist. I forced myself to think of the events that were
about to unfold -- though, I had no idea just how they would unfold. I knew
only that I was about to lose my precious cherry, and there was nothing I
ever wanted more.
I followed the boys through the house and out to the central courtyard
where Father was standing by the well. His face was expressionless, and a
slight shiver of fear caused me to shudder involuntarily. Perhaps he
noticed this, because he said something, and nodded in my direction. Batu
immediately turned his attention to me, putting a comforting arm around my
naked waist, and pulling me close to him.
If a stranger had walked into that courtyard at that moment, he would
have marveled at the sight of five male bodies, all nude, standing around a
well: two white boys, two brown boys, and one man standing like a king
among them. Whatever strange goings on the newcomer might have imagined,
they could not have been stranger than the reality of what was happening.
First, Batu approached his father, kissed him on the forehead, then
knelt and pressed his face deep into his crotch. Taking his son's head with
both his hands, the father pulled the boy tight against him, and then
dropped his hands to his side.
Batu stood and, to my amazement, neither he nor his father had an
erection. Batu's cock hung beautifully between his smooth inner thighs,
large and round, but not hard. His father, whose phallus, though not erect,
was huge, maintained the same passive expression on his face.
As soon as Batu stood up, Taba took his place. He knelt and repeated
the ritual in reverse, pressing his face into his father's beautiful loins,
then standing and kissing him on the forehead. He stepped aside, and David
took his place. When he had finished, the boys all looked at me.
I stood in front of the grown man and leaned forward to kiss his
forehead. Instead, he took my bare shoulders in his powerful hands, and
kissed me on the lips. Then he knelt before me, and pressed his mouth up
under my balls, and moved his head upward, slowly.
Unlike the others, I was unable to keep my cock from growing. I tried
to think of all the things that I had relied on in school to soften the
embarrassing bulge that always seemed to be trying to break out of my
jeans, but nothing worked. I had started to get hard the moment Batu had
put his closed mouth to his father's balls, and I had grown steadily
harder. Now, my stiff prick was spreading such a delicious feeling through
my body, any embarrassment I felt at having the only erection was quickly
Delicately, Father put his tongue to the very tip of my cock, and the
moisture of his tongue met the moisture of my hole. He kept his tongue
there for several minutes, never losing contact, as my manhood throbbed up
and up.
Then he stood. He said something to Taba, who disappeared into the
house. Moments later, he reemerged, followed by his grandfather.
The resemblance between them was startling. Even for a man of fifty,
he was extraordinarily handsome. He was wearing a sarong which could not
hide his own, half-erect phallus. He carried a large urn and a beautifully
carved wooden scoop. He set them down before his son, the father of Batu
and Taba.
Then, he carefully removed his sarong, dipped his hand into the urn,
and stepped several feet from us. From his hand dripped a clear oil whose
fragrance was like wild flowers on a spring evening. He spread the oil
first on his balls, and then on his dick, which now was incredibly huge --
like his son's and his grandson's -- and began masturbating, very slowly.
The boys' father then dipped the ornate scoop into the urn of
sweet-smelling oil, and signaled for Taba and David to approach him. When
they were both standing before him, he poured the oil over David's head,
dipped the scoop into the oil again, and poured the next scoop over Taba.
As the oil poured over their necks and shoulders, the sun glittered
off them like darkling mirrors. They turned toward each other and began
spreading the oil with their hands. Lovingly, they rubbed oil on each
other's nipples which immediately stiffened.
Father poured more oil over both of them, and they continued to spread
it all over each other's bodies. By now, their arms, chests and torsos
glistened in the sun.
Then, they put their oily hands on each other's navels, and began
working downwards, until each had the other's cock in his slippery hands. I
watched, as if hypnotized, as they both grew to their full erections. They
were standing close enough so that David's throbbing dick, glistening with
oil, rubbed up against Taba's thick, smooth dick.
Then David crouched, and carefully oiled Taba's balls, his inner
thighs, and both his legs and feet. When he stood, Taba crouched and
massaged David with his oily hands in just the same way.
Then David turned around, facing the grandfather whose soft groaning
sounds revealed how much he was enjoying both the hard, young bodies before
him, and his own steady masturbation.
Even dry, David's back was beautiful. The golden tan of his shoulders
and back were like Batu's dazzling smile. It was the contrast that did
it. For Batu, it was the sparkling whiteness of his teeth, set in the deep
bronze beauty of his face. For David, it was that golden tan, set off by
the smooth whiteness of his young ass. Silky blond hair curled up from
between his legs, and Taba rubbed the oil evenly, spreading his cheeks with
oily fingers, and reaching deep within him.
Finally, he had oiled the backs of his legs, and he stood up, and
turned around, to be oiled in return.
I was facing them, now, and the glory of their shining nakedness was
almost more than I could bear. There was no fear in me now, only eagerness.
When David had finished oiling Taba completely, they both took their
places alongside Father, one on one side, and one on the other. His cock
remained hanging, huge but soft, between his legs. He motioned for Batu and
me to come before him.
Batu took my hand and we both stood in front of this strange, powerful
figure. He dipped the scoop into the urn, and poured oil over both of
us. We faced each other and repeated exactly the ritual that Taba and David
had just completed.
When Batu turned for me to grease his back, I let my slippery dick rub
between his buns. He seemed to encourage me; he moved back slightly, until
the tip of my cock rubbed up against his anus. I wanted to keep pushing,
and would have, except Batu, after squeezing my dick with the muscles of
his hot, tight ass, stepped forward.
I finished oiling his legs, and stood up.
He turned to face me, and with his huge hands, he gently turned me
All I could see was the "old" man, handsome and large, silently
jacking off in front of me. Behind me stood David, Taba, Batu and
Father. Then I felt hands -- hands on the back of my neck and shoulders
and, at the same time, on my calves and upper legs. With great strength, my
back was oiled thoroughly, and I imagined myself glistening in the sunshine
as I had seen the three boys before me.
       And then I felt all their hands on my ass. They spread oil on both
cheeks, and pulled them far apart. Each one gently stroked my asshole. Batu
said, "Kiku dewi," and David translated, "Beautiful flower."
       Then I felt Batu standing close behind me. I cannot tell you how I
knew it was Batu, but I did know. With trembling hands, he guided the head
of his dick along the inside cheeks of my ass, and stopped just at the
hole. I wanted more, and pressed slightly, but he held me back with his
powerful hands.
       David told me to step back, up onto Batu's bare feet. I did as I
was told, and as if joined front to back at the hips, Batu began to
walk. He took several steps into the courtyard -- with me riding on his
feet -- and stopped.
       Then David and Taba stepped up alongside of us, and Father took his
place at the front of the incredible procession. He was facing away from
us, and I could see, just below his sexy, firm round ass that gave no hint
of his age, that his huge cock still hung limply against his balls.
       I didn't know how he did it. I was so hard I didn't think anything
could put my dick back down against my balls. It was obvious that both
David and Taba were equally boned. Taba's cock, especially, undulated in
the open air, shimmering with oil.
       And the old man, who had been pulling at his oiled, deeply brown
shaft since we began, showed no sign of fatigue. He continued to groan as
his right hand moved back and forth along his ample dick, and his left hand
played with his balls.
       Yet Father apparently remained calm. He walked forward, and we all
followed, with grandfather -- never letting go of his meat -- in the rear.
       We walked into a rectangular, cement room on the other side of the
courtyard. It had no windows, but it also had no roof, and sunlight
streamed in from above us. Along one wall was a cistern filled with
water. A simple clay aqueduct connected it to the well outside. It was the
bathroom. Hanging on the wall above the cistern were several wooden ladles,
which were used in bathing. A small hole in the sloping floor was for
       Here, you poured water over yourself, soaped yourself down, then
rinsed off, letting the sun dry you.
       But we were not there to bathe. Not yet. We were there to puki.
       When we were all inside, the grandfather pulled the wooden door
shut behind him. Despite the sun's warming rays, it was cool in the room.
       I could still feel Batu inside me, though I wished he would go
further so that I could take him deep into my body, feel him spurt his cum
in me.
       But I knew that Batu couldn't fuck me, as much as I wanted him to,
until his father had fucked both of us.
       Suddenly, Batu stepped back. I felt that wonderful cock of his as
it slid from my slippery ass. He said, "Turn."
       I turned around and faced the five of them -- Father in the middle,
his dick hanging against large, smooth balls, the three boys, each with
huge throbbing erections around him, and the handsome "old" man standing by
the closed door with his hand still working his delicious looking tool.
       Father said something, and all three of the boys took a step
towards him, until each was touching his body with his own body. And then
they began to rotate their bodies. They revolved around him like a
pornographic demonstration of planets revolving around the sun.
       They continued to circle him, their bodies touching his all the
time, until he, too, began to glisten with the oil that was rubbing off of
them. And slowly, majestically, his great cock began to rise.
       Finally, he stood there, completely erect. His cock must have been
thirteen inches long, but it was not just the length that took my breath
away. It was its thickness. His cock was longer than Batu's and thicker
than mine. It was gigantic.
       It was also a masterpiece -- a true master piece. His huge balls
contracted visibly under his straining dick, its dark folds of foreskin
pulled back to reveal the perfect, round head. His pee hole was large, too,
in perfect proportion to the rest of his cock. I could not take my eyes off
       I watched as he put his hands on David's shoulders, turned him
toward me, and pulled him back against him. He spread that white ass open,
and slowly, but deliberately, pushed his cock into David's ass.
       For one second, David's face revealed pain. But it was immediately
clear that the pain of that incredible penetration was worth it to
David. He hunched his shoulders forward, pressing back with his hips as he
did so. Yet, the movement was slow, a glide into a perfect union of cock
and ass.
       David wanted every inch. He reached around behind him pressing his
fingers into the round globes of Father's ass, and pulling him even tighter
against him. There was something deliciously sensual to the observers in
the small room -- the contrast of David's white hands against Father's dark
ass which, when spread, revealed an even darker asshole; the youthful brown
loins of the grown man tight against the soft white ass of the boy he was
fucking; the smell of sweat and butt, the pearly drop of sticky fluid which
squeezed out of David's throbbing dick -- all these things seemed to put
the rest of us into a state of suspended reality.
       I watched Batu's face, an ecstasy of pleasure. He cupped his balls
in his hand, and his hips writhed. Like me, he wanted his turn.
       We had to wait -- but not for long. Though David wanted more,
Father was saving his cum. For Batu? For me? I didn't know. As smoothly as
he had entered the blond boy's anus, he withdrew his giant cock. David
walked over to where the old man rested against the far wall, still jerking
off slowly. Without a word being spoken, the two reached across each other,
each taking the other's hot staff in his hand, and began masturbating each
       Before I could begin to appreciate the unexpected beauty of this
scene, my attention shifted again.
       "Taba," Father said softly, but firmly. With an expression of
sublime anticipation, Taba dipped the wooden ladle into the cistern and,
with his hands, began to wash the great cock. Lovingly, he pulled the folds
of skin back from the huge head, and cleaned his father. When that was
done, he dipped his right hand into the vessel of oil and, beginning from
below the heavy balls, he began to massage upwards. I thought his father
would cum from the look on his face. His eyes were closed and a deep sound
came from his throat.
       But he did not cum. Instead, he took his youngest son by the
shoulders, as he had done David, and turned him around to face us. Again,
that fat cock was being inserted gently into warm, soft flesh. This time,
we could hear the sucking sound as Taba's asshole, already accustomed to
David's regular fucking, took his father's meat with no visible sign of
discomfort. The father put his huge hands around his boy's slim waist, and
pulled him smoothly back, back, until it was impossible to tell where the
brown loins of the father ended, and the brown buns of the son began.
       Again, I was sure that Father could not postpone cumming. His balls
moved up into his sack, and fell again as his seed gathered. But again, he
withdrew before cumming. Taba, unwilling to lose the sensation, made a
single digit out of the index and middle fingers of his left hand, and
pushed them into his asshole, which continued making the sucking sound. He
then walked over and stood on the other side of the old man, his
grandfather, who seemed to grow more and more handsome the closer he came
to ejaculation. The boy's grandfather immediately took his hand from
David's dick, which he had gently been massaging, and put it around Taba's
oiled dick, further lubricating it with the drops of pre-cum that were
visible. At the same time, he removed David's hand from his own cock and
replaced it with his grandson's eager hand.
       For a fleeting moment, watching the two older men preventing
themselves from that ultimate burst of pleasure, I wondered if the boys'
father could cum. But I had not time to wonder for long. Now it was Batu's
turn -- the first in his young life.
       He was ready. He repeated the cleansing ceremony, carefully and
lovingly washing his father's bulging manhood. When he reached the balls,
Father groaned, said one word, and Batu stopped. In a moment, he finished
cleaning his father. But before oiling him, he knelt before the older man
and put warm, wet lips to his cock. The muscles in his back and shoulders
stood out like a prize fighter's, and soon he had the entire thirteen
inches of his father's dick, and smooth, silky balls, deep in his
throat. With hands of love, Father took his son's face, and lifted him to
his eye level. There they stood, the man and the near-man, throbbing cock
to throbbing cock. Without a word, Batu slowly turned.
       With eyes like huge ebony almonds, he gazed at me, and my heart
melted in his warmth.
       He called me. "Ah Len. Love," and I approached without thinking. I
saw the pain in those eyes, as the great head of his father's cock pushed
past the gate of his anus – a gate that had been locked until that
moment. A tear splashed onto his baby smooth cheek, and ran down my own
face as I pressed it tightly against his.
       "Green Eyes," he murmured. "Gentle fire," I whispered, and our lips
touched. I felt the warm hands of his father reaching around his son to
pull me tightly against him, spreading my hot asshole as he
pulled. Eagerly, Batu and I kissed, our tongues entwined and our lips
suckling like babies. Instinctively, my arms reached around to embrace my
love, to feel the strength of his back as our hard cocks rubbed easily
against the firmness of our stomachs, slippery with oil. Instead, I found
myself feeling the extraordinary muscles in Father's ass. As he pressed
himself deep into his number one son, as I was pressing my fingers deep
into him.
       I felt the power of the older man, who was now deeply into his
son's rectum. My hands traced a path down his powerful back, feeling it
taper to the trim waist, and then curve into the fullness of his
ass. Again, I pulled his cheeks apart, as he pressed all of his huge dick
and balls deeper and deeper into his son. I felt the damp opening that
seemed to be begging to be fucked. It opened and closed around my
fingers. In a husky voice, I heard Father say, "Puki. Puki. Saya mau puki."
       It was what the old man, Father's father -- who had placed his hand
on top of Taba's hand to slow the boy's rhythmic beating, and to keep
himself from shooting his load -- had been waiting to hear. He took his
hand from his grandson's cock, and David and Taba immediately put their
hands on each other's straining, slippery cocks and continued beating.
       The old man, if anything, harder than before, came up behind his
son and, letting me spread those cheeks, he pushed his dick in and began
fucking. In perfect unison, the old man fucked his son who in turn was
fucking his son.
       I heard Batu groan, and our eyes opened for a moment -- just long
enough to see in each other's eyes the infinite love we were feeling at
that moment.
       And then it came. It was as if a flood gate had opened, and
everywhere hot loads of cum coursed up, up and out.
       Instantly, I could feel both the old man shooting his wad into
Batu's father, and the father unloading into Batu's perfect body. At the
same time, I felt Batu's seed rushing up to mingle with my own, as we both
spurted onto each other's bellies, chests, shoulders and faces. I moved my
stomach against his, letting our warm, wet cum bathe us, wishing I had had
a dick -- his dick -- up my own ass.
       It if had not been for the unbelievable power of their ejaculation,
we would not even have been aware of David and Taba. But they, too, had
gushed up thick, milky cum in such huge spurts that it reached across the
room and ran down our backs and legs.
       No one moved. I held tightly to Batu's father so as to bring Batu
closer to me. Then, slowly, the old man withdrew from Father's firm ass,
followed by Father's slow withdrawal from Batu's fantastic asshole -- no
longer virginal. We pulled apart, and I gazed into the face of my fiery
love. I was suffused with love, and bathed in the warmth of his smile.
       "You," he said, as he rubbed the mixture of our cum around my erect
nipples and down my hard stomach to my navel.
       "You," he repeated.
       "I want you, Batu. Please. Fuck. Fuck me now."
       "Soon I fuck you," he said lovingly. "Now, we all fuck.
       I had a sudden vision of being gang-banged and a shudder ran up my
spine involuntarily. I couldn't tell if it was a shudder of anxiety, or one
of anticipation. If that was the only way to feel that smooth, round, dark
shaft of Batu's cock deep in my ass, I was ready.

Chapter Nine
       "What happens now" I asked David.
       "The grand finale," he said, smiling. "Daddy has to have first
crack at you, if you'll excuse the pun," he laughed, "but we'll all clean
up first."
       I thought he meant that we should clean ourselves up, and I walked
over to the cistern. Reaching up to take down one of the wooden ladles, I
felt a large hand on my wrist, and my reach was stopped in mid-air.
       "Tidak!" the heavy voice of Father said, still breathing hard after
shooting his huge load into his son -- and after briefly fucking David and
Taba. "Tidak! Saya belaja kau."
       "What? What's he saying?"
       David laughed, again. "He says you're not to wash yourself. He
wants to wash you."
       "He's gonna wash me?" I asked in disbelief.
       "He wash you," Batu said, taking my hand. "You wash me." He lifted
my hand to his lips and kissed my fingers, then directed them down the
front of his sculpted body clear down to his dick, which was not yet
soft. My fingers traced a pattern through the sticky cum that was already
drying on Batu's magnificent chest and stomach.
       Batu continued, "I wash Taba. He wash David. David wash Kuba --
Father's father. Kuba wash Father. We make ball."
       David laughed. "He means we'll make a circle," he said. "But if Dad
is in charge, I'll wager that the circle will certainly turn into a ball."
       "Circle. Circle," Batu repeated. "Circle? Ball?" His intelligent
mind was considering it.
       "This is a circle," I said, tracing the design around his belly
button. And this is a ball." I cupped my hands in the air, as if holding a
       "This is also a ball," I added, lifting one of his heavy testicles
into my palm and relishing the weight of it. "And there's another meaning,
too," I told him, lowering my voice. "Some people say `ball' when they
mean fuck. Puki."
       Now it was Batu's turn to laugh. It was such a full, deep laugh, it
made David's laugh seem like a chuckle. It came from somewhere deep inside
him and surged up and out, just like the copious quantities of semen and
sperm that he produced. Perhaps his laughter and his cum came from the same
magical source.
       Batu spoke excitedly to his family, punctuating his story telling
with bursts of laughter, and using his hands freely to describe the words
and phrases whose meanings I could only guess at. Soon, they were all
laughing and looking at me.
       Taba came up to me, lifted my balls into his hand, and said,
       "Ball," I said, joining in his laughter. As he slowly let my balls
return to their place hanging between my legs, he deliberately touched my
dick, which had almost returned to its normal at-rest position. Almost at
once, I was growing hard again. Taba looked intently at my bulging cock,
laughed again, and said, "We ball."
       "I'll be damned," David said. "Those are the first English words
I've ever heard him utter. I don't now what you've got, but whatever it is,
this family has clearly flipped over you."
       I couldn't help but be flattered by the attention. I had never paid
that much attention to my own looks, and when girls had called me
good-looking or handsome, I had just never paid it any mind. That's just
the way girls are, I thought. It wasn't just that these men and boys --
themselves as beautiful as Greek gods -- found me attractive. It was that
they seemed to find something special in me. Even David, who was as
handsome a blond surfer as I'd ever seen. No accounting for some tastes, I
       My thoughts were interrupted by Father's stern command, "Belaja!"
       It was time to wash. The fragrance of the oil now carried a thick
overlay of funky cum smell. The smell of sweat was one I had always
liked. It always seemed strange that people called it body odor, and spent
fortunes trying to cover it up. To me, body odor was nothing more than the
natural smell of the human animal, and the animal in me loved it. Now, our
sweat kept the cum from drying completely on our bodies, and the various
scents mingled together to create their own, new scent -- the delicious
smell of men.
       The boys' father spoke in his language, again. At once, Batu and
Taba became serious. They went to the cistern and took six of the wooden
ladles from their hooks on the wall, two at a time. Each of us was given
one to hold.
       Then Father arranged us in a line, facing the water cistern. The
pecking order was clear -- Grandpa was first and David was last. Between
them stood the rest of us -- Father, me, Batu and Taba. I got a mental
picture of what it would look like to walk in right then, to see the backs
of six naked men in a line. Brown, brown, white; brown, brown, white. It
sounded like the cry of an exotic bird.
       At another command, everybody dipped his ladle into the cistern and
withdrew a dripping cup of water. I did what everyone else did. Like
Rockettes, everyone turned in unison, so that -- except for David --
everybody was facing the back of someone else. Again, I experienced the
incomparable thrill of the sight of Batu's bare back in front of me. My
dick grew firmer.
       Again, like a Broadway chorus line, Grandpa poured his cup of water
over Father's head, who poured his over mine, and so on, until it reached
David who apparently had no one to pour his water over. But David was
familiar with the ritual. He turned back toward us and walked the line,
finally taking his place behind the "old" man. Then he poured his water
over him.
       David had moved the farthest, then Taba, Batu, Batu, me and Father
had each moved a little less, until we had formed a tight little
circle. Following the leader, we each dipped our scoops again into the
cistern, and poured their contents over the body in front of us.
       I watched the clear, cool water as it ran off Batu's raven black
hair, form rivulets along the muscles in his broad neck and shoulders, and
race down that muscled back, streaming over the hump of his ass and into
his crack. What was it that made his back so sexy? His great athlete's
muscles? The tapered waist? The rounded curve of his inviting buns? The
strong legs? The deep, healthy glow of his brown skin? No doubt it was all
these things as they arranged themselves in the beautiful body before
me. No mater how often I saw it, though, it had the same effect. My cock
had grown so full that it brushed against the full, warm cheeks of my
god-like golden boy's bottom. No matter that I had shot great bursts of cum
less than half an hour before. It was clear that I was willing, able and
ready for more.
       We dipped our ladles into the water several times more, and
completely wetted each other. With our hands, we washed each other's
backs. When I got to the small of Batu's back, I pressed down on each cheek
with my hands, washing the crack, letting my fingers dwell in the silken
hairs that grew close to where his scrotum began. I reached in between his
legs and rubbed his balls, pulling them back and pressing them into his
crack, rubbing them against his asshole.
       I could see that he was engaged in the same activity on his younger
brother's warm ass. And then I felt his father's hands on my own
backside. It began with gentle caressing, and soon became a vigorous
rub-down. Unconsciously, my hips responded to his probing fingers. His
moist hands slipped in and out of the crack in my ass until his fingers
found the very center -- my kiku dewi, my beautiful flower, my anus. With
one hand washing the crack of my butt, the other reached down to massage
between my legs. My cock couldn't grow any more, yet it seemed to strain
upwards, the feel of Batu's ass in my hands and his father's hands in my
       Though our backs were completely washed by now, still we rubbed. I
hoped that this was the moment that I would enter the world of the
initiated, that I would give up my damned cherry. My ass wanted that huge
cock behind me, and my cock wanted those beautiful buns before me.
       But it was not to be -- yet. I felt Father's huge palms cupping the
cheeks of my ass, then move slowly up to grasp me by the waist. Quickly, he
turned me towards him. At the same time, the old man turned David towards
him, and Batu maneuvered his brother to face him.
       From the appearance of this man before me, I could only guess that
there were six pulsing cocks in the small room. Father's was huge, and
throbbing. Mine, too, was pushed upwards, touching his. It was hot to the
       He dipped his ladle into the pool of water, and I followed. So did
everybody else, and we poured our water over each other. Again and again,
he wetted my hair with his ladles full of water, and I did as he did. I
could hear the others doing the same thing.
       Carefully, he cleansed my face with the tips of his fingers. I
closed my eyes as he used his fingertips to massage my eyelids gently. Then
he let his big hands spread the water around my neck and over my shoulders,
which trembled slightly in anticipation.
       With deliberate movements, he used both hands to clean the drying
cum from my nipples, and then he bent and took first my left, then my right
nipple in his mouth, using his tongue and lips to suck my tits eagerly. I
felt my dick strain even more. I wondered if I could -- or would -- cum
from being suckled, without ever touching my dick.
       I didn't cum -- and I did get my dick touched. As Father continued
to suck, his hands moved lower and lower, washing my chest and rubbing the
stickiness from my stomach, using his fingers to encircle my navel, and
then to rub it inside.
       He let his mouth slide slowly down my front, tonguing the inside of
my belly button, and beginning to clean my cock with his hands at the same
       Delicately, he let his fingers encircle my large cock -- which
probably did not seem so large to him. He seemed to explore with especial
care the two inches of cock just below the rim of its head, the part where
he and his sons were covered with foreskin.
       His fingers moved down my hot shaft, taking time to wash my big
bush of pubic hair, and then lifting my balls. As he did this, his lips
moved slowly from my navel, down my hard, trim stomach, until his mouth
took in the hair that sprouted above my dick. While his hands washed the
front of my legs and feet, he began to lick my balls. He used his tongue
expertly to arouse me further, licking up from the balls, wrapping around
the base of me, and moving up. Finally, he reached the head of my
dick. Again, he spent more time on that area just below the head -- and
again I felt I was at the point of cumming.
       He reached up along the backs of my legs with his hands until they
began to knead my ass. At the same time, he touched the droplet of pearly
liquid that oozed from my dick with his tongue, and, with delicious
slowness, he let my throbbing cock glide into his mouth and down his
throat. He used his hands to pull me towards him, and push me away. I was
fucking him in the mouth.
       Only moments before my great load of cum would have shot into his
mouth, he pulled away, alerted by the sounds in my throat. I was vaguely
aware of similar groans coming from Taba and David as they, too, were being
       Though he kept his face close to the end of my cock, he waited a
very long time motionless. At last, when he could see the straining cock
begin to relax, he stood up. It was my turn to wash him down.

Chapter Ten
       I did just as he had done to me, using my fingertips to massage his
eyelids and manly face. As my hands rubbed the water along his thick neck
and felt the biceps and triceps in his arms and shoulders, I felt the
excitement begin to rise in me again.
       His huge chest heaved as my lips touched the dark discs surrounding
his nipples. He reached up and pressed my face hard against him, then
guided me to his other tit. My hands worked his rippling stomach and
wonderful navel, as my mouth worked his nipples.
       I lowered myself to a crouch, my dick boned hard between my legs,
and explored his hard stomach with my mouth. My tongue slipped over the
flatness below his belly, until the silk of his soft, long hairs were in my
mouth. Slowly, I licked, moving my tongue around the top of his shaft until
I could taste his balls. They were large, and smooth as glass. I sucked
one, then the other, and then both together.
       My hands found the firm contours of his ass, and my fingers spread
and pushed, as my tongue began moving up along that huge phallus. It seemed
to grow even as I licked, bulging, straining, gorged with blood. It was the
very symbol of manhood.
       When I reached that part of his shaft that had so intrigued him on
mine -- the part that would have been covered by my foreskin if I had one,
and would have been covered by his foreskin if it was not pulled so far
back by my mouth -- I, too, lingered. I licked all around, feeling that
skin with the tip of my tongue, loving all of it.
       Then it was my turn to taste his essence, which oozed in sticky
drops from his huge hole. Against his deep brown cock, the creamy liquid
looked as good as it tasted. With an effort, my lips completely surrounded
the huge head of his cock, and, inch by incredible inch, it slipped deeper
inside my throat.
       At one point, I gagged and was about to pull back, when suddenly,
mysteriously, something in my throat opened, and the entire thirteen inches
of fat, hot cock, slid easily down my throat.
       I pressed on his ass, and then pulled; I sucked his dick and he
fucked my mouth.
       Hard against my back, I could feel Batu's warm butt moving
rhythmically as his handsome little brother sucked his great cock. The
"old" man could be heard moaning as David's beautiful blond face pressed
tight against the smooth black hair of his crotch. The sounds of pleasure
coming from his throat soon mingled with similar sounds coming from his
son, whose unbelievable cock was deep in my own throat, and from his
magnificent grandson, my own love, Batu.
       Three generations of Balinese beauties -- they looked like great
warrior chieftains -- were on the verge of spurting their cum into the
hungry mouths that enveloped their manhood.
       But, again, Father stopped the action before the creamy white stuff
could fill my mouth -- before I could taste the essence of man that I was
so eager to gulp down. At some unspoken signal, his father and his son
followed his lead in gently pushing the boys before them from their bulging
cocks, and lifting them from the floor by their armpits to a standing
       The more we prolonged the seemingly infinite variety of love-making
-- which was new to me, alone -- the hotter we all got! Though the sun's
rays no longer poured through the hole in the ceiling, passion kept us
warm. But there was a point, I knew, when it could be prolonged no longer,
when one more touch, one more mental picture of cock and ass, one more feel
of exquisite pleasure, would cause us all to shoot our heavy loads. And the
point was fast approaching.

Chapter Eleven
       "Minyak," Father said.
       David left the circle for a moment, the blond curls falling over
his forehead matching the blond curls that bushed from around his stiff,
gorgeous cock. He bent over to retrieve the urn of fragrant oil, and I
caught sight of the only dark spot on his smooth, hard surfer's body --
that beautiful dark hole in the center of those soft, white buns. I could
feel my throbbing, pulsing cock, but resisted the temptation to move up
quickly behind him and force myself inside.
       He returned with the oil and went from one to the other of us,
stopping long enough for us to dip both our hands into the urn. After
returning the urn to the corner, he rejoined the circle, his own hands also
dripping oil.
       As he rejoined the circle, Taba turned his well-muscled back to his
older brother, and faced the back of David's lithe body. Immediately, his
grandfather followed suit, turning his back to David so that his own son's
back was before him.
       Taba had turned, but David had not. The old man had turned, but
Father had not. Every other one. That meant that I was also expected to
turn, but Batu was not. I did as I was expected to do, and the vision of
Batu's incredible physique again filled my eyes. If there was a sexier back
anywhere, I would have been surprised.
       Batu took a step backwards until those firm brown buns were right
up against my hairy balls, my thick hot cock pushed up against my own navel
and resting firmly within the warming blanket of his crack.
       Taba also stepped back until his boyish body was tight against his
brother's front. I could see David reach back with both his oily hands as
he stepped back. With his right, he rubbed oil all over Taba's bulging
dick, spreading it over the smooth balls and caressing the silken black
hair. With his left, he oiled his own ass, beginning at his rectum and
generously greasing both cheeks.
       Then, with both hands on Taba's huge cock, he moved closer to the
boy, and began guiding him along the slippery passageway into his inner
sanctum. I felt a twinge of jealousy pass through me -- I was jealous of
       At the same time, the "old" man, looking as strong and handsome as
a male model, reached back with his right hand to oil David's ample dick
and balls, slicking the blond curls of his pubic hair, and spreading his
ass for fucking. He, too, stepped back, and guided David to the hidden
entrance, and beyond, sliding back until none of that white cock could be
       Behind, I sensed more than saw Father stepping back to oil his
father's large, pulsing shaft and push himself up around it, after taking
care to oil his own ass well.
       The circle was nearly complete. From where I stood, I could see
Batu's beautiful ass tighten and relax as he pushed his great dick in and
out, in and out, of his brother's rectum. I could see Taba, the rounded
cheeks of his ass accepting all his older brother's meat inside him, while
he fucked the soft blond buns of David. I could almost see the expression
of unbelievable pleasure on David's face as he fucked deep into the
fifty-year-old grandfather, while his own ass was being fucked by his young
lover. And, though I could not see them, I could hear the deep moan
emanating from Father's throat, as he guided his father's cock and balls
into the slippery crack of his warm ass, farther and farther, until father
and son were one.
       All that remained to make the circle whole was for me to step back
into that huge, warm dick that had been used, years before, to father the
two beautiful brothers. That, and to enter the fantastic ass of the older
of those brothers with my own loving cock.
       I stepped back, reaching behind me for Father's cock. It was
gigantic in my hands. The balls were huge and heavy, and the feel of them
turned me on more than I thought possible. I rubbed the balls and dick all
over with my oily hands, until they were slippery all over, and I used the
huge shaft to oil my cheeks, my crack, my anus.
       I wanted to be fucked, that was clear. But I didn't think I could
get that thick, thirteen inches past my tight asshole that had never been
penetrated. I spread my cheeks and brought his balls into them, right up to
my asshole, squeezing them with my cheeks. I heard him sigh out loud.
       Then I took hold of his hot shaft, and began pushing it into my
buns. I could feel the heat of his wonderful, smooth cock as it inched into
me. When the great head reached my rectum, I tensed slightly.
       "There's no way," I thought. "I want him so bad, but I just can't
take that monster dick. Not the first time, anyway."
       But I had forgotten that it was not only the first time to get
fucked for me, it was also the first time I was to fuck -- truly fuck
another man.
       Just when I thought I would have to cry out in pain -- to stay the
penetration of my virgin asshole, to save my cherry for one more day -- I
felt Batu's long fingers on my cock.
       While he rubbed oil into his ass with one hand, he massaged my
balls and cock with the other. I felt his hand go down between my legs and
felt the tip of his father's dick on my own moist anus. Like magic, I felt
myself opening to receive him. Even so, I could still feel the resistance
against the pain I knew would sear my insides as that cock of his father
entered me.
       Batu took my dick in his hand and brought it into his butt, up to
the hole. I had been there before, but had gone no further. But that was
earlier, when, like me, Batu was also a virgin. Since then, he had
surrendered his flower to his powerful father who even now was about to
take mine.
       Batu continued pushing back with his hips while his hand guided my
dick and massaged my nuts. I felt him open; I felt my dick begin its first
penetration; I felt myself pushing deeper and deeper into him, until I
could feel the warmth of his buns right up against my nest of pubic hair.
       Without knowing how, my own once-barred entrance opened, and I felt
the hugeness of his father's manhood enter me, slowly, pushing, pushing,
all the way. All the way.
       "Oh, feel," I breathed the words heavily into Batu's ear. "Feel...
Fuck... Ohhhh..."
       He craned his neck, and our lips met in a passionate kiss. "Fuck,
fuck," he said, and I said again, "Fuck," without taking my mouth from
his. His fingers pulled his ass open even wider, and I moved further inside
him. My hands eagerly felt the balls and shaft of the older man's cock as
he fucked me, back and forth.
       The sun was gone now, and the small outside bathroom was nearly
dark. We did not need to see. Feeling was all we needed. And smell -- the
smell of hot, male flesh, sweaty and funky. The smell of cock and balls and
       And sound. The sound of six men and boys fucking and being fucked
cannot be described accurately. It sounded the way a wet bathing suit
sounds when you peel it off your dripping, naked body. Or the sound of a
dog licking his red dick when he's excited. It is a slippery, slurping
sound that only added to the powerful sensation of pure sex.
       Christ in heaven, it felt good. So fucking good.
       In and out we fucked. As I pushed deep into Batu's ass, as deep as
I could go, I could feel that huge hot cock inside me slipping back, back
until only its great head remained completely surrounded. Then, as I pulled
back, I could feel all of him going deep, deep into me, while my own cock
slid back, almost to emerge from Batu's brown, perfect ass.
       As I pushed myself into my love, he pulled nearly out of his
brother, who thrust deep into David, who pulled nearly out of the "old"
man, who gave his son all his meat while his son pulled nearly out of
me. And then our bodies moved in reverse. Six men fucking each other's
assholes: push, push, withdraw, withdraw; fuck, fuck, fuck!
       I wanted it to last forever. I was fucking and being fucked, both
for the first time in my life. The man who was fucking me had the biggest,
thickest cock I had ever seen, and he looked like a god. He was fucking me
good. And I was fucking the most beautiful person I had ever laid eyes
on. As muscular as an Olympic swimmer, as brown and beautiful as a smooth,
carved sculpted masterpiece, as gentle as a lamb and as hot as fire. And,
most incredible of all, he loved me. My gentle fire, my love, my Batu.
       "Oh, fuck. Fuck... I'm cumming. I'm cumming," I heard my own husky
voice saying.
       "Fuck it," David said. "Fuck it, fuck it! Oh, shit, fucking shit...
I'm cumming..."
       "Ikud," Father's deep voice whispered in my ear. "Ikud... Puki...
Puki... Ahhhhh..."
       We all pressed together into a very tight circle -- almost a ball
-- as our reservoirs of spermy cum began to course up. My asshole opened
and contracted and opened again, anticipating the great gushing load that
it was about to receive, and an intense pleasure I had never even imagined
began spreading from my asshole, spreading out from within me until my
entire body was completely enveloped.
       My balls, pulled up into their sack, felt hot. They throbbed as
they rubbed the outside warmth of Batu's ass.
       I felt the great surge of cum move up along the huge cock inside
me, and then a second great spurt, and a third. At almost the same moment,
my own seed spilled over the flood gate of my nuts, and began rushing up
and out in gulping bursts of amazing quantity and power.
       I could not tell whether the groan of pleasure I heard came from
Father's mouth, pressed up against my ear, or my own lips which sucked
Batu's beautiful mouth and lips. And I could hear the others sighing
audibly, too, as Taba shot into David and David into the "old" man, and he
into his son.
       I was pushed so deep into Batu, my loins could feel him unload his
surging, sticky cum into his brother's hot ass, in irregular bursts, as my
own essence continued shooting into him.
       We seemed to cum for many minutes, though I'm sure it was only
seconds. I wished it were hours. I had never experienced anything so
indescribably sensual, so incredibly sexy, so good.
       And now it was over. Slowly, Father withdrew his still-hard cock
from my wet, warm ass. He felt my cheeks with his hands, and gave them an
affectionate squeeze.
       It was dark in the room now, but I could hear the sucking sound as
everyone took his dick from the butt he had just fucked.
       I felt Batu remove his cock from his brother before we separated. I
was the last to come out of the warm, tight butt hole that my cock fit so
perfectly. As I withdrew completely, Batu turned and pressed his body to
mine. We kissed again, there in the dark.
       "You my Green Eyes," he whispered. "You my love. I your
love. Forever."'
       The thought of spending the rest of my life with this child of love
was overwhelming. I could not imagine any other course for my life to
take. Yet, I knew I was scheduled to leave in just a few days. There were
people back there, back where I came from, who expected me. Of course I
would have to go home, I thought. But how? How could I leave this?
       "Forever," Batu repeated.

Chapter Twelve
       "Come on," David called. "It's time to get ready for the fertility
       Batu and I were in the bedroom with Taba. We were naked. Since
getting fucked, none of us had worn a stitch of clothing at home. When we
went out walking, we'd all put on free-flowing sarongs that people there
wore, allowing our balls and pricks to swing naturally against our legs. I
had never known such freedom.
       In fact, since my delicious deflowering at the hands -- or, more
accurately, at the cock -- of Batu's father, my existence had been closer
to Paradise than anyone has a right to expect in this life.
       The two older men, having lost interest in the cavorting of four
adolescents -- except for an occasional nocturnal visit where we would be
expected to suck them off (I'm embarrassed to say we used to argue over who
would have the pleasure; we couldn't get enough) -- the four of us were
left to our own devices.
       And our devices were limited only by our imaginations, which, at
that age, are as fertile as topsoil. And in that setting of tropical
lushness, our ordinarily active imaginations took wing, and we often soared
to unexpected and heady heights.
       Sometimes, we would take turns being passive. I always liked it
best when David allowed himself to be fawned over by the three of us. He
was such a gorgeous hunk of blond surfer, the beauty of the bronze-colored
brothers and my own olive complexion made for beautiful contrast.
       Generally, he would stand wherever we happened to be at the moment
-- back in the room where Batu and I had first been fucked, out in the open
courtyard next to the well, in the small bedroom, and even once right in
the living room -- and, while Batu and I kissed him, licked his hard
stomach, and sucked his fat dick and blond balls, Taba would fuck him.
Sometimes, while Taba fucked him and Batu sucked him, I would get to fuck
Taba. He had such a young, warm asshole, it always seemed untouched. He
seemed to love getting fucked by me. He'd sometimes crawl into bed with
Batu and me at night (he and David slept only a few feet from our bed, and
we would often push the beds together to make one large bed out of them)
and rub up against me with those warm buns until I would shove my cock in
him up to the hilt while he sucked his brother's dick.
       I had lost all sense of jealousy (not to mention modesty). Although
I loved Batu in a very special way that was for him, alone, I also loved to
make love to David and Taba, and to have them make love to me. And when one
of them fucked Batu, or let him shoot his thick, sweet cum in their mouth,
I felt only pleasure at his pleasure.
       It was interesting, but there were some things that we would do to
some, but not to others, or allow one to perform on us, but not another. I
can't account for this, except to say that it was a matter of personal
       For example, while I could fuck Taba or Batu all night long (I
often fell asleep with my stiff cock up the ass of one of them) -- or all
day, for that matter -- I couldn't get off fucking David. I tried it once,
but it seemed ordinary to me. After feeling that hot, brown butt of either
brother, white ass -- even as well turned as David's soft buns -- just
didn't turn me on in the same way.
       Another example was in sucking each other. I loved sucking all
three of those boys. They were all different. David's cum filled my mouth
almost all at once, and I could feel his balls pull up just as his wad was
unloaded. It was more than just viscous liquid, it had small bits of stuff
I got off on chewing before swallowing. Taba's cum came in short bursts,
like his brother's, but unlike his brother's -- or his father's,
grandfather's, lover's, or my own cum -- his was cool to the taste. Batu
had the sweetest cum of all, and by far the most. I don't know if he came
the same for everybody, but when I had the huge tool in my mouth, I was
assured of huge mouthfuls of cum that I would swallow as fast as he could
pump it into me.
       David liked licking Taba's nuts, but he'd never touch Batu's or
mine, and Taba loved fucking me or David, but never fucked his brother.
       I was like that about sucking ass. Despite Taba's youthful beauty,
and David's surfer's body, I never had the desire to put my mouth in their
assholes. But Batu was different. I felt almost hypnotized when I would
gaze at that back, and sooner or later, my face would find its way deep
into the warming comfort of his hot, brown butt. I could spend the entire
afternoon pushing my mouth into his ass and alternately licking in and
around his hole, and pushing my tongue as deep inside him as it would
go. Sometimes, I would jack off while tongue-fucking him, and we would both
writhe in delirious pleasure. Other times, Taba would suck my ass while I
sucked Batu's, and Batu would let David such his stiff cock.
       The variations were endless.
       Yet, there were two things that kept my Paradise on earth from
perfection, from being truly Paradise.
       First was Batu's unwillingness to fuck me unless we were alone. In
itself, that doesn't sound so serious, until you realize that we were never
alone. Not since the orgy of fucking in the bath house had one of us found
himself in the company of the other, only. Which meant that I had never
been fucked by my own lover, and each day I craved it more.
       It had nearly happened one afternoon when David and Taba had gone
off to the beach, and I spun mental fantasies all morning about what we
would do when they were gone. But within minutes after their departure,
Father had come into our room, the folds of his sarong looking like he had
a hot poker between his legs. And he did. (He fucked Batu who lay on top of
me, face to face, hot cock to hot cock, balls to balls, loving each other
and cumming together all over again -- and all over each other's balls,
cocks, bellies.)
       At night, as we lay wrapped in each other's arms, gazing silently
into each other's eyes, or maneuvering ourselves into a thousand different
Kama Sutra positions, I would beg, "Fuck me, Batu. Fuck me with that cock
of yours. Let me feel your thick cock all the way in me; let me feel your
cum explode inside me. Love me. Fuck me," I pleaded.
       He would always say, "No. I want fuck you so much, fuck you too
beautiful. We be together, alone, I fuck you. You never forget Batu."
       And a stab of resentment would pass through me for the two boys
sharing the bed next to us, though they were often completely unaware of
our presence, so busy they were in their own love-making.
       But about this desire for complete solitude, I could never budge
Batu. He was insistent, and try as I did -- and I did, often -- I could
never manage to get us off, alone somewhere. Anywhere.
       And I didn't have much time left to do it, and that was the second
thing that marred the perfection of my Paradise.
       The time ticked away like the finest grains of sand in an
hourglass. My flight back to the States was only days away, and I didn't
have enough money to postpone it. Not only that, but I really had to get
back. It wasn't just my mother and friends (whom I missed less and less
each day), but the things I had to do. I was about to enter college, and
had to get back in time for pre-registration activities. Plus, there were
all the social events that college lays on for its incoming freshmen. I was
rushing three fraternities, and I had to do it on their schedules, not
mine. And there were just a thousand little obligations like that that I
had to get back to take care of.
       Time hung over my head like an executioner's sword. I had to do all
those things, I knew. My place was back with my mother and friends. I had
to go to college. I knew all those things, and yet, as the day of my
departure drew ever nearer, a dread fear of leaving this place began to
take hold of me. I knew, somewhere below the surface of my conscious
knowledge, that I had found Paradise, that I would never again be as happy
as I was here, and that I would always look back on these few weeks as the
best of my life. At seventeen, it was a fearful idea to come to grips with,
so I pushed it away from conscious thought, and uncomfortably thought of
the airline ticket in my bag.
       "Time to go," David said again, as if tuning in directly on my
mental wavelength.

Chapter Thirteen
       I was in a quandary about this fertility ceremony thing since I had
first heard about it. It sounded like a real honor to be able to attend --
David had been here for years and was just now going to his first -- but
time was so precious to me, that I had to weigh carefully whether it was
worth it. It took a full day to walk to the ceremonial site, at the top of
Mt. Kinaba on the other side of the island, and a full day back. The
ceremony, itself, lasted anywhere from hours to days, depending on the whim
of the gods, apparently. Which meant, even assuming a relatively short time
at the mountaintop, I would get back just hours before my departure.
       It seemed like such a cruel choice, and, if truth be told, I would
much rather have remained home, alone with Batu, while the rest of the
village went off to worship the fertility god. But the choice wasn't mine
to make, and so I would be part of the long walk. If it had been hard to be
alone with Batu up to now, it would be impossible from this moment on.
       Batu loaned me one of his white loincloths, and taught me how to
wrap the thing around my middle, bringing up the flap between my legs to
make a cozy nest for my balls and dick. It served the same function as a
leather cod-piece, but it was much softer and more comfortable.
So, dressed like a native, my green eyes flashing, we set
off. Although Father and Father's father started out with us, we soon left
them far behind. Though their bodies were hard and strong, and the rounded
curves of their buns had not yet begun the middle-aged sagging that seemed
to plague American men of their age -- or, at least, grandpa's age -- they
didn't have our teenage stamina.
But, although we left them in our wake, we certainly did not leave
everybody behind. There were hundreds and hundreds of men and boys walking
the long, winding way up the mountainside. I did not ask where the women
were who you would expect to find at a fertility ceremony, nor did anyone
volunteer to tell me.
In general, people seemed to clump together by age group. At the front
of the procession of bronzed males in their loincloths and sarongs were the
youngest -- those who were already beginning their puberty, but
barely. None seemed younger than twelve or thirteen, and they walked
briskly in the morning sun, while the rest of us straggled behind.
The next recognizable group was our age group, the teenagers who had
already enjoyed a number of summers of puberty's pleasures.
Further behind were the young men, those in their twenties and
thirties, and behind them the next generation, and so forth. Father had
outdistanced grandfather by this time, and both were walking with men of
roughly their own ages.
Along the edges of this unconventional army, men with long staffs and
flowing saffron robes walked at irregular intervals. These men I took to be
the priests who would conduct the ceremony.
One walked alongside us for some miles. Though covered up to his neck
in his graceful gown, I could still make out the contour of his very firm,
round mounds of his ass whose sloping curves added to his graceful
beauty. His face was beautifully serene, and I stole occasional glances at
him. Once, when I thought I was sneaking a look, I found myself looking
deep into his ebony eyes, which burned into me. I felt guilty because I
recognized my motives. As I stared into his eyes and face, I felt warm
sensual pleasure of arousal in that place between my legs, just between my
rectum and my nuts. My cock thickened. I glanced down quickly, and imagined
I saw his own tumescent excitement bulging through his flowing robes.
Wishful thinking, I thought, as I concentrated on keeping my dick from
undoing my carefully tied loincloth.
"You're incorrigible," David said, as he kept pace with me.
"What?" Oh, is it noticeable?" I asked.
"If you like dick as much as I do," he laughed, "you notice things
like that. Not bad, either. That priest has the hots for you."
"David! Don't say things like that. Have some respect for their
"That is their religion," he said. "Didn't you notice his piece? In a
fertility ceremony, the stiff prick is what you're shooting for -- if
you'll pardon the expression."
"I think you're letting your imagination run wild," I said. "After
all, you told me you'd never been to one of these things before."
"Well, that's true. But I've lived here long enough to know what's
important to these people. And thick, hot cock runs a close second behind
thick, hot cum. Which is why I've never left the place. We've got the same
I laughed, but I felt a stab of pain in my soul. "Never left the
place," I heard echoing in my ears. I saw myself boarding my Cathay Pacific
747 three days from now, and felt the tears rush to my eyes.
"Yeah, well this is different. This is a religious ceremony, and I aim
to treat it respectfully."
"Have it your own way," he said. "But just take one more look at that
priest before you become a celibate monk."
I shot a quick look in his direction and, to my utter amazement, saw
that his eyes were glued to my crotch while his hand rested on the clear
outline of his growing prong. So much for my respectful awe. My dick bulged
through my loincloth, trying to expand in its confined, but somewhat loose
quarters. The priest's robes immediately stood in front of him, and he
looked like he was in a trance as his delicate fingers grasped his big
peter right through the robes.
Apparently, no one paid any attention to him, or to me. It was clear
that he was looking at my poorly hidden cock and getting off on what he
saw. I had never been what you could call a religious person, but I was
about to become a devout convert.
"Want to get out of the procession for a while?" David asked,
suddenly. "We can go down that trail there and play around. It'll be a long
time before they reach the top, and now we're guaranteed a spot."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean that that priest is not going to let you get away so
easily. He'll see us leave the group and know that we're dawdling for a
while. When he reaches the huts at the top, he'll make sure there's a mat
for you and your friends. You'll see."
"OK. If you want to."
He turned to Taba and said, "Kami dudok lagi. Pergi terema laki laki."
"What did you say?" I asked him.
"Oh, nothing. I just told him to go up and get a few of the other boys
so we could go off on that path and rest a while."
Batu had told the three of us to go on ahead some time back, because
he had found an old friend who couldn't keep up with us younger people. I
didn't know how far back he was, but I didn't mind stopping a while so that
he could catch up.

Chapter Fourteen
Taba ran on ahead, and spoke with two broad-shouldered boys of about
sixteen, or so, walking side by side. He gestured back in our direction,
and the three of them stepped to the side of the processional and made
their way back to where David and I were standing.
As they passed the priest, he put a hand on Taba's shoulder and they
exchanged some words. From where I stood, I couldn't tell if his robes were
still in a state of protruding disarray in front, but I could see and
appreciate the dark curve of his ass, and I thought I could just make out
the inviting crack through the translucent material covering him.
When the boys rejoined us, Taba introduced his two friends to David
who then introduced them to me. One, named Ngyoman, despite his muscular
shoulders, had a delicate, slight build. He was very good looking though,
and his slim, lithe boy's body had a sexy allure. His friend, Suwawtha, had
those huge black eyes and long, curving lashes that I was such a sucker
for. He was short, but his body was strong and well proportioned. As David
introduced us, Suwatha reached out and touched my face with his
fingertips. My cock, which had just returned to its relaxed softness,
jerked up. I saw his loincloth bulge, too, and I was eager to get to know
him better.
"What did the priest say?" I asked.
David translated the question to Taba and his friends, who answered in
their language.
"He just said to be careful. There are bandits from the island of
Timor who prowl these hills, and they like young boys. He just told us to
be careful, and to be sure to be at the summit before nightfall."
With that warning, we started off down the narrow trail. It wandered
down rather steeply, and doubled back on itself several times, until the
main processional was completely out of sight. Though we knew better, it
appeared the five of us were utterly alone on the mountain. In a hundred
yards, or so, the trail widened and opened out onto a small, but beautiful
little meadow. A gurgling brook meandered through it, and birds twittered
in the trees that surrounded it.
"Might as well stop here," David suggested. "We don't want to lose
sight of the trail, and this little open space is a good spot for
"Cavorting? Just what did you have in mind... as if I didn't know."
"You know me," he said, and in a flash he was standing naked in the
middle of the grassy field. The sun shone off his golden shoulders, and his
blond curls seemed particularly beautiful as they glinted in the sunlight.
His dick hung between his strong legs, and his bush, blond pubic hairs
were almost invisible in the brightness of the morning.
"Very subtle," I said.
"You don't like it?" he asked in mock innocence.
"That's just the trouble," I said. "I like it so much I hardly even
know what I am any more. I guess I'm nothing but a goddamn, cock-sucking,
ass-licking faggot!"
"Yeah. Isn't it great!"
Taba, who had seen the beautiful body of David so often he took it in
stride, hardly paid him any attention. But the delicate boy who had come
with us, Ngyoman, obviously was very taken with his blond good looks. He
walked over to where David stood and tentatively put a hand on the thick
bush of hair which curled up to his navel. Immediately, David's fat cock
thickened, and began to rise.
"I love the thin ones," David said, putting both his hands on the
boy's loincloth, which seemed to conceal the fattest thing on his body.
"Wow!" said David. "You've got a big piece of meat under that skimpy
little cloth," he said to the uncomprehending boy. With one quick movement
of his hands, the boy's cloth fell in a heap at his feet, and he was
revealed in all his glory.
And he was glorious. Didn't anyone on this island have a small dick, I
wondered. Though small boned, his body was a beautiful miniature version of
Taba -- and was he well-hung! David, too, admired the graceful way his flat
stomach rippled down to his long dick which was getting longer second by
second. It was neither skinny nor fat, but well rounded and full.
By now, David's cock had reached the stage of erection where it could
really grow no more, though it pushed higher, fell back, pushed higher, and
fell back again. Even when it fell back, though, it was a thick rod that
stood at a 90? angle to his flat belly.
"God, you've got a beautiful fucking cock," I said.
"You're no slouch, yourself," he replied. "And I'm not the only one
who thinks so."
It was then that I realized that the shorter boy, Suwatha, with his
extraordinarily muscular body, was staring at the bulge in my
loincloth. The sight of David and Ngyoman had excited me, predictably, but
my dick could not rise to its full proportions, restrained as it was by the
cloth. Still, it was pushing mightily against its confines, and my new
friend seemed unable to take his eyes off.
"Kami hisap dahula. Kamudian saya hisap kau," he said hoarsely.
"OK, David. I need your services.
"Wait. I'm gonna service Ngyoman first."
"Don't be disgusting. I'm not talking about that kind of servicing. I
need you to translate for me. What did he say?"
"Oh. He said he wants us all to smoke first, and then he wants to
smoke you."
"Smoke what?" I asked. "I don't smoke."
"You'll smoke this," David said. "This place has the best weed in the
world. A couple of tokes on these joints, and you'll be on your ass. Or on
"I knew this place was heaven. If I'm sleeping," I said, "don't wake
me up. Tell him OK."
"Kami hisap," David said to the shorter boy. He broke into a wide
grin, which lit up his face like a string of lights. "Kau sedap, betol."
"What's that mean, David?"
"What am I, your UN interpreter? It means he thinks you're
beautiful. Literally, he says you're very delicious."
"Wait `til he tastes me."
"Kami hisap, kamudian saya mau kau terima satu ganjah ka Batu."
"Batu," I said quickly. "Does he know Batu?"
"Of course he does. Everybody knows Batu. He says he wants to smoke
with you, and then give you a joint to enjoy with Batu when the two of you
are alone."
"Hah!" Batu and I will never be alone," I said, with a trace of
"Well, don't blame me for that. Taba and I left you alone one
"Yeah. I know. Father took that as a cue to have a go at Batu. I
wonder if he is keeping us from being alone on purpose."
"Naw. The old guy is just horny, that's all, and you've got to admit,
Batu's got one hell of a fuckable ass."
The thought of Batu's fuckable ass made my prick as hard and stiff as
it could get in its cramped quarters, and Suwatha saw it.
He put a thick, strong arm around my waist and, with restrained power,
pulled the two of us down together into the grass. Then he reached into the
folds of his loincloth, and pulled out two thick joints and an
old-fashioned kitchen match.
"Those are real bombers," I said, and he smiled.
"Sila dating," he said to David and Ngyoman, who walked over to us,
following their great erect cocks as if they were divining rods. They sat
on the grass, too, and looked hilarious with their pricks sticking straight
Suwatha handed me one of the ganjah sticks, and I put it in my
mouth. He struck the match on a stone several times `til it finally
caught, and held the flame to the joint. I took a deep drag and could
immediately feel the kick of the smoke as it left my lungs and filled my
blood and brain.
"Ever felt anything like that?" David asked.
I tried not to exhale as I emitted a high-pitched, "Never!" I passed
the potent pot to David, who inhaled long and deeply, filling his tanned
chest with air and smoke. He passed it to his new-found friend, who also
took a puff, and passed it to my good-looking companion.
Suwatha inhaled deeply, and his chest, which was already remarkably
powerful looking, expanded to awe-inspiring proportions. I put a hand on
his huge, smooth chest, and he pressed it to himself with his own large
"You're very pretty," I said, taking the stick of marijuana from him.
"Chakup apa?" he asked David.
"Chakup kau banyak sedop," David said to him, and then turned to me
and said, "He asked what you had said, and I told him you thought he was
very handsome."
Again, Suwatha reached out and stroked my face.
"By the way," I said just before taking my second hit. "What happened
to Taba?"
"Oh, he wandered off somewhere," David said. "It's not unusual. He
loves to follow the stream, pretending he's a butterfly, or
something. Sometimes, I think he is a butterfly." He laughed as he accepted
the joint, and again took a deep drag.
For a while, it passed silently among us. David and Ngyoman no longer
had perpendicular pricks, but the size of their joints -- and I don't mean
the one we were smoking -- was still respectable. Suwatha had stretched his
legs out in the grass, and nestled the back of his head against my crotch,
looking up into my face. The birds chirped away incessantly.
The dope was spreading deliciously through our bodies. It was strange,
though, because I didn't have an erection, and I was sure Suwatha didn't
either. But there was something about the atmosphere that made it one of
those powerfully sexy moments -- the kind you think back to when you're
standing alone in the shower with your stiff prick in your hand.
Suwatha took the last bit of roach, and managed to get a lung full of
magic smoke before it went out. Reaching up, he put his two hands around my
neck and, slowly, pulled my face down to his. Pressing his mouth against
mine, he exhaled. The combination of dope and his lips completely
intoxicated me. I was ready for anything, and hoping I wouldn't have too
long to wait for it.
As it turned out, I didn't have to wait any time at all. I also
discovered that being ready for anything is just a figure of speech. What
actually happened next, I wasn't ready for at all.

Chapter Fifteen
I have often wondered, since the terrifying episode that was even then
beginning, just how those good Christians you see on television every
Sunday can distinguish among sin.
I mean, to them, the four of us, lying there in the morning sunshine,
were engaging in sinful behavior. Two of us were completely naked, and the
other two might as well have been. All of us were feeling the lazy, but
sensuous tactile pleasures brought about by marijuana. We were also high on
the idyllic setting, the wonderful warmth of the morning sun on our bare
Most sinful of all, in their eyes, was the pleasure we were taking in
each other's bodies. The sight of the blond and bronzed teenagers lying
there, thigh to thigh, was either the picture of youthful innocence, or of
sinful lust. The marijuana had made all our sensations that much more
acute, and it felt like an electric heat was being generated from David to
me and back again where my feet casually touched his side.
Ngyoman had one hand draped loosely on David's belly, which moved up
and down with his breathing, and the other idly fingered his own smooth
nuts. Neither had full erections, yet their joy was clear on their
beautiful faces.
Suwatha had turned on his side so that his left cheek rested in my
lap, and my right arm lay across his bare back, which looked like the back
of a body-builder. My hand had insinuated itself under the loincloth, and,
almost unconsciously, I was caressing his buns and crack, which were warm
and firm and full.
There are no words to describe the wondrous moment. Our bodies, made
in God's image, were experiencing such sensations of pleasure, such intense
communal love for one another, for our surroundings and our youth, and the
world in general, that if this were sin, I wanted to spend my life a
But sin is like art. I may not know how to define it, but I sure as
hell know it when I see it. And I was about to see it.
Suwatha had his hand under my loincloth. He had just secreted the
second marijuana stick in one of the inside folds of the simple garment I
wore, and his fingers were exploring the tip of my nearly hard cock. While
he spread the drop of wetness that had come from my dick at the feel of his
hand, an incredible feeling of warm pleasure, the kind that makes you sigh
out loud, spread through me, as if carried in my blood.
It is the moment that I have frozen in my memory forever. It is one of
the moments I allow to make up my fantasies, even now, spinning out the
rest of that morning's pleasures -- that never came.
"Jangan pergi!" a voice shouted from very nearby. "Kalau mau sedong,
jangan pergi."
The warmth in my blood turned to ice. Adrenalin coursed through me and
my friends, and we were alert to every sound. My cock, a moment before hard
and warm, turned to mush. My mind, a moment before a blur of competing
sensations, turned sharp and clear.
"Don't move," David whispered. "Don't move or they'll kill us."
I had no intention of moving, even without the stark warning. But with
it, came a terrible fear. Oh God, I didn't want to die. Not now. Not
yet. Not in this Paradise that had just become Hell.
Like the blood in our veins, our bodies froze. No one moved. It was as
if someone had turned off the motion picture projector in mid-show, and the
frame on the screen at the time became a still-shot, frozen in time and
We were frozen, but not lifeless. I felt Suwatha's wonderful warm ass
tighten and turn cold in my hand, which remained still under the
loincloth. I was sure he could feel the heat pass out of me where his
fingers touched my cock. That electric spark that passed between David and
me where our bodies intersected became icy, and let each of us feel the
fear of the other. Ngyoman's hand lay limp on that surfer's belly whose
golden tan no longer exuded the warm, healthy glow it always did, and which
heaved up and down in terrified, shallow breaths.
And then the stranger spoke again.

Chapter Sixteen
"Chakup Bahasy-nya? A voice asked in a honeyed tone laced with poison.
"Saya boleh, tapi dia tidak," David said. "I told them you couldn't
speak their language," he said to me. His voice was more a croak than a
human voice.
A sudden rage overpowered me, sweeping away my fear with it. Not only
had they aborted what had promised to be a memorable orgy of love-making,
they had humiliated me and my beautiful friends. I hated them. And, at
seventeen, your heart often outpaces your head. My head told me to keep
still. But my heart, that muscle which beat so mightily now in my breast,
my heart -- and the effects of that fantastic ganjah -- caused me to blurt
out, "Fuck you! You slimy scum bags. Get out of here. Leave us alone. We
have nothing for you to take."
"Apa dia chkup?" demanded one of the tree men who stood over us.
"Nothing," David said, quickly. "Tidak apa apa. Dia tidak tahu..."
"Shut up!" spit the youngest of the tree, in perfect
English. "Surprised? You needn't be. My father is a diplomat. He has taken
me many times to your country. It is where I have had my only schooling."
He stared at David, and dropping his voice into a taunt, said, "So,
your friend said nothing, eh"?
He looked directly at me. "You think we want your money? If that were
true, then we would do what you ask. We would leave, for we can see you
have no money. But it not money we want. It is the youth that you hide
under your loincloth, the warmth that your young ass can provide. And your
spirit! You have such a spirit! If your dick is an equal to your mouth, we
have found the treasure we seek."
He put a thick, stubby hand to my loincloth and ripped it roughly from
me. The joint that Suwatha had just placed there fell unnoticed into the
I was as far from sexual arousal as I could get, yet a passion as
strong as lust was in control of me. My heart pounded in my ears, and I
stared at these coarse and vulgar barbarians -- most of all, the diplomat's
son -- who held us captive.
Though younger than the other two, the man who spoke was no
youngster. He appeared to be in his late forties. His teeth were stained
yellow and black, and he smiled malevolently through a sparse stubble of
The two older men wore dirty pantaloons, like him, and all three held
sharp, curving daggers. One of them spoke in a language that neither David
nor Ngyoman nor Suwatha could understand, and wiped at the greenish spittle
that drooled down from the corner of his mouth.
"Ha, ha," said the son of the diplomat, after addressing his
companions sharply, in response to the drooling idiot's question. "Ha,
ha. My old friend has expressed a strong preference for you, Green Eyes,"
he said. "He says he wants to fuck the shit out your tight butt hole. But
jangan bimbang," he said, slipping back into a language my friends
understood. "Don't worry. I won't let him touch you. I told him to look
elsewhere. Your ass is mine."
"My ass is mine!" I shouted. "If you touch me..." the threat went
"If I touch you? If I touch you?" He punctuated his words with
humorless laughter. "My English is not so good, but I believe you mean
`when' I touch you."
"Please, Allen," David said. "Please do what they ask. Don't make it
worse than it is."
"Yes," hissed the evil, dirty man. "Yes! Listen to your friend. He has
sense. And beauty. Stand!" he said to David, with the edge of violence that
never left him.
David stood. His knees trembled, and his body, which was such a marvel
of color and shape, seemed to pale and shrink. "Please," he begged.
"Please?" the ugly little man smiled. "Please? Yes, of course we will
He turned to the older men whose rank bodies befouled the pristine
setting with their stink, and spoke to them, while occasionally motioning
in David's direction.
As the two brutes approached, David looked at me imploringly. His eyes
were pleading. "Help me. Help me!" I made a move as if to spring to his
aid, and immediately felt the cold steel blade against my throat.

Chapter Seventeen
"It's as sharp as a razor," the leader rasped directly into my
face. "Make a single move, and I will happily free you from the burdens of
this world. Your blood will add to our pleasure. We will smear it on the
trembling white ass of your young friend, and get your Balinese boyfriends
to lick it away. Yes," he hissed again, dragging out the sibilant
word. "Please move so I can kill you."
I thought my ears would burst with my pulse. His rancid breath in my
face almost caused me to vomit, but I choked it back. I knew that he was
willing to carry out his threat given the slightest provocation. In fact, I
was sure he needed no provocation at all, and would have killed me on the
spot, but for his weakness for boys. The vision of the priest came suddenly
to mind, and I could hear him saying, "Be careful. They like young boys."
My ass was my ticket to survival. I had to make him want it alive more
than he wanted it dead.
"It's all right, David. You'll be all right," I soothed. Even as I
said it, I felt the blade slice, ever so gently, into my neck. I could feel
the warm blood trickle from the wound.
"That is a taste. Your blood is very bright," the putrid breath
whispered again. "Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to watch it
spill. Speak, again. Ah," he moaned, sickeningly, "speak again."
The sight of my blood had aroused him like a piranha. He undid a
string on his baggy, smelly pajama-bottom trousers, and clumsily pulled
them off.
Like his breath, the smell of his cock was rotten. Filthy shit and cum
were dried on it. I doubted he had ever washed under his stinking
foreskin. I didn't know whether he had smeared his own excrement on his
dick in some macho ceremony, fucked one of his companions whose dirty ass
had never been wiped, or fucked pigs and chickens. Whatever, the sight was
disgusting and the stench overpowering.
He rubbed his right hand in my blood, which was beginning to slow, but
still oozed from the superficial wound. With that hand, sticky with my
blood, he began to rub his stubby, corrupted cock. It stood stiff and
stinking -- all three or four inches of it!
I knew that when my blood coagulated, as it was fast doing, he would
need more to satisfy his sadistic perversion. Somehow, I had to try to make
him want me more alive than dead. I had to act quickly. But, with the
razor's edge at my throat, I had few options.
What could I do to make my body more desirable than my spilled blood?
With his rotting teeth only inches from my face, and his dirty cock
practically on mine, I concentrated fiercely. I had to make myself sexy
while feeling something baser than disgust and hate.
"Oh, God, let me do this now," I prayed silently.
What senses could I rely on?
Touch? No -- I could feel the deadly knife ready to render me nothing
more than my life's blood for his pleasure.
Sight? With my eyes open, his yellow and black teeth were the most
attractive part of him.
Sound? No -- I could hear his stentorian breathing as he excited
himself with my blood.
Smell? I wanted to retch from the decaying, rotting smell of him.
Taste? The taste in my mouth was dry, like death. There was
nothing. Nothing except memory. Memory and imagination.
I remembered the serene face of the priest, and fixed my mind's eye on
his priestly robes, lifted by the sheer size of what promised to be a huge
and magnificent cock. I concentrated on the memory of him, walking away
from me, unspoken promise of fulfillment between us.
And as I thought of his be-robed figure receding from my vision, his
back merged into the image of Batu's back.
There he was, through the force of my mind, standing before me,
looking off into the distance, contemplating the universe. His shoulders
were those of an undisputed monarch, my king. There was such strength in
that back, and such power. And the strongest thing about it was its
gentleness -- there was nothing it needed to prove. He had not striven to
become Charles Atlas, king of the body-builders. He had not struggled to
make his body so incredibly beautiful. It simply was beautiful. The sight
-- and it seemed to me a true vision -- of the narrow waist, poised there
between the rippling muscles of his back and the firm rounded globes of his
ass, affected me as it always did.
Mentally, I reached out to press my large hand to the small of his
back. While my hands remained motionless in fact, in spirit they felt the
rounded cheeks of that ass from which the human mold should have been
shaped. The warmth of his buns ignited my finger tips which, in turn,
warmed his butt. I pulled the cheeks apart, far apart, and gazed at the
chrysanthemum flower of his asshole -- perfection -- inviting me to enter
the gate and wander in his Garden of Eden with the great tool of my

Chapter Eighteen
"Ah, but you are magnificent," the ugly voice of reality interrupted
my reverie. "You are a man! This I must have. You will put all of this
inside me."
It was an order I knew I could never obey. I could not even allow
myself to think about the filthy insides of his fat, sagging ass, lest I
lose the one thing that kept me alive -- my throbbing, erect cock. "Oh,
Batu," I forced myself to think, "I love you."
Still pulling at his stunted meat, he turned and spoke to his friends
who, along with my three friends, had watched in amazement as my dick,
shriveled by fear, had slowly grown to its full, fat twelve inches, and
I could only imagine what David was thinking, much less Suwatha and
Ngyoman, and yet, I could not imagine. I must not imagine. I must imagine
only my lover's smile, as it dazzles my eyes, only his hands as they pull
me to him, only his thighs as they rub against mine. Oh, Batu, where are
While I drifted in and out of reality, the two older men put their
hands on David's shoulders and forced him to his knees. Vaguely, I was
aware of tears that stained his golden face. I suppressed the fury that
again rose in my breast -- for as it rose, I knew my cock would fall, and
that I could not let happen.
The two men stood in front of David and grinned, revealing gaping
holes among the few blackened teeth they still possessed. The slimy drool
flowed from the mouth of one of them, as he wiped it away with a greasy,
wretched hand. An anthropologist could have learned all there was to know
about his existence by merely examining the decaying refuse that gathered
under the fingernails of that hand.
They spoke to my tormentor, who forgot about me long enough to laugh a
forced belly laugh at whatever it was they said. "Yes," he said to them in
English. "Yes, piss on him. I am sure our pretty white friend will like
that." The ugly laughter tumbled out in stinking bursts.
They must have dropped their pants, too, because I could hear the
sound of their piss streaming out of them onto David.
Oh, God, help us. What was I going to do? Batu! Batu! Let me think of
the purity of your beauty. Let me die with the vision of you in my head and
David whimpered as they turned and said something in Timorese. I felt
the swish of air as Suwatha stood and moved away from me.
"Open your eyes," the foul-smelling breath came at me, again. "Open
those green eyes and look at your friends."
With one, last desperate attempt to call up the vision of Batu and
imprint it indelibly on my brain, I did as I was told. Dropping his sticky,
stinking dick, he reached behind my head and pulled me up sharply so I
could see what was happening, though his eyes staid fixed on me so as to
take care not to cut my neck any deeper with the knife that never left it.
What I saw were two, separate visions.
The first was straight out of hell. There on the ground, not more than
five feet from me, David lay on his back, sobbing quietly. His face and
shoulders still dripped their foul piss. But soon, it would be gone. For
there, lying on their stomachs were Ngyoman and Suwatha, those two
children, the embodiment of innocence, licking the rotten piss of the ugly,
evil old men from David's his fantastic torso.
While they licked, the two slimy men crawled on top of them and, with
short, fat fingers smeared with filth, they prided open the dark hued
cracks of the boys' asses, and shoved their dirty pricks into them. Both
cried out in pain at the bestiality, and tears poured down their faces, as
well as David's, making it look cleansed, again, and beautiful.
And beautiful it was. In fact, beauty was our salvation. For the
second vision that met my gaze was straight out of heaven. It was nothing
less than a miracle.
Stealthily creeping up behind our attackers -- preoccupied as they
were -- were four angels. Three were nearly upon the two who were savagely
fucking Suwatha and Ngyoman as they lay on top of the weeping David. They
were Taba, his father and his grandfather.
The fourth was already standing over my prone body, and that of the
animal who had put his blade to my neck and drawn blood. A power I had
never seen before seemed to emanate from the magnificent body that towered
like an avenging god above me.
You have come to me, I thought. You have heard my desperate prayers
and you are here.
Oh, Batu. My love. My life.

Chapter Nineteen
Of the four victims, I alone knew that our deliverance was at hand.
David had shut his eyes tight against the degrading posture he had
been forced to assume. Even if he had kept them open, it is unlikely he
could have seen anything through the bitter tears that continued to wash
down his cheeks and neck.
Ngyoman and Suwatha, too, had their eyes closed and were, in any
event, facing away from the rescuers. I saw how tightly they pressed their
faces to David's broad shoulders, as if to draw strength from him by which
to endure, and to give him the strength of their solace. The filthy brutes
gave no hint of recognition that the game was almost up, and pumped the
boys' asses brutally, while grunting like pigs in mud.
"Now, I want that big, fat cock of yours right up my ass," said the
pig-people's leader, close to my ear. He had gone back to rubbing his tiny
prick with his dirty hand, while I kept my head up and looked at my
friends' humiliation.
Batu, poised to attack, kept still, as the glint of steel against my
throat reflected in his eyes.
"You can fill my butt hole with that huge piece of meat sticking up
between your legs. You can fuck me, pretty little green-eyed baby. You can
fuck the shit right out of me."
He smiled at the language. Like most sadists, he loved to be
out-macho'd. He was ready to be dominated, and the size of my cock was
authority enough for him.
"Shove it up me, baby," he whimpered, as he put the knife down in the
grass next to us. "Shove it in my asshole right up into my belly."
It was the moment Batu had waited for. Like a mongoose attacking a
cobra, he moved with lightning speed. He moved faster than my eye could
altogether comprehend.
With the heel of his left foot, Batu found the place just below the
putrid rectum that had craved to be fucked, and flipped the evil-smelling
bully over my head and onto his back. At precisely the same moment, Batu's
father and grandfather also struck.
Grabbing the two fucking pigs from around their fat bellies, they
pulled the men to their feet and tightened their grips, like pythons at the
kill. The fat old men were no match for the Balinese, whose fury was
unleashed. Both men's huge biceps bulged like weight lifters' as they
squeezed tighter their grip.
The pigs choked and coughed, but still Father and grandfather held on.
In the meantime, Batu had lost no time in subduing the master pig, who
had no idea what had hit him. He delivered himself of a sharp karate chop
to the man's middle, doubling him up in pain. In a flash, Batu grabbed the
encrusted pajama bottoms the barbarian had shed, and tied them tightly
around his neck, securing the ends to nearby bushes. Then he put a heel to
his corrupted balls, and said, in English, "Good, now move. Move!"
The man whispered, "Don't hurt me. I only wanted some pleasure. You
understand that, don't you. I would not have hurt your boyfriend. Not
Batu's heel jabbed quickly, eliciting a scream of pain and a prolonged
"Pleasure?" Batu pretended to ask. "You want pleasure? Good. We want
give you pleasure. We give pleasure too good."
Without taking his foot from the man's nuts, he turned and spoke to
his father and grandfather. "Sekarang," he said. "Kaseh tuan tuan di-sini."
By now, I was standing, pressing myself as close to Batu as I
could. My bravado of a moment before had given way to the luxury of nervous
shakes, which I could now afford to indulge.
Batu wrapped a comforting arm around my waist, which I felt had been
permanently fouled by the stink of the pig's touch. He felt me tremble.
"Do not shake, my only love," he said. "Batu with you now. Batu never
leave you."
The tears I had suppressed up to now stung my eyes and wetted my
cheeks. "Shit," I thought. "I can't break down now. There will be time
enough for that later. Now I must remain strong."
"What did you tell your father," I asked Batu.
He looked at me for a moment, and reached up to brush a tear from my
cheek. "You so true beautiful," he said. "Batu so sorry for pain you
feel. Batu love you too much. Do not cry."
"But what did you tell them?" I pressed.
He smiled at me. How utterly magnificent he looked, my conquering
"I say: Bring the gentlemen here. We want give them pleasure."

Chapter Twenty
With their prisoners still lifted off the ground, Batu's father and
grandfather did as he had asked. The weight of the repulsive creatures
seemed to have no effect on the two who still had the physiques of men in
their twenties -- but they turned their heads away because of the smell.
"Di-sini, Bapa-nya," Batu said, still smiling.
"Tell me what you're saying, Batu," I begged, finally beginning to
calm down. "I want to understand just how you plan to please these fine
"Yes. You help me," Batu smiled encouragement. "I have idea for
pleasure them. After, David tell his idea, then David' two friends, then
you. We give them much pleasure."
I was warming to the possibilities. David had recovered sufficiently
to show some interest. He translated Batu's sarcastic and menacing promise
to Suwatha and Ngyoman. The three of them were being comforted by Taba, who
had wiped David's tears with his loincloth and stood now exposing his
starkly beautiful body.
As David translated, they became engrossed in the unfolding
spectacle. It was clear that each had his own special notion of sweet
revenge, and was eager to see it carried out. Taba sat his magnificent nude
body down among them, and they all smiled. For a moment, one could imagine
the unspoiled setting prior to the violent intrusion -- the wind rustled
the leaves unthreateningly, the birds resumed their song. "Perhaps," I
thought, "the world will be a beautiful place for me again."
Batu spoke. "Bring the fat man," he paused, and pointed. "That fat man
here," he said. "Hold him above this man face," he gestured towards the
body of the leader, and pushed softly on his balls with his foot.
"Agghhh," came the instant response. "Don't hurt me!"
"No. I not hurt you. I hurt you friend." Batu said something to his
father, who now held his prisoner in mid-air, directly over the sniveling
leader's face. Immediately, he tightened his already vice-like grip even
"Shit!" he commanded. I couldn't believe this was the same gentle Batu
whom I loved so passionately. I was seeing the fire, first-hand.
"Shit!" he yelled again, more insistently. And then, to the stinking
body of the man lying under his heel, he said, "You, tell you friend my
word. Explain."
"No, I can't. I -- agghhh!" he screamed, as Batu squashed down on his
filthy nuts.
He said something to his companion suspended from Father's powerful
arms, and the man began grunting in his pig-like way. Father squeezed
harder, and soon, loose black slimy shit began dripping out of his asshole,
already encrusted with his dried excrement. It dropped in sickening paddies
on the leader's face. "Splat, splat," you could hear, as it soiled his
lips. "Schlurpichh," it sounded, as he breathed the maggoty shit into his
"Stop," he begged, and more shit dribbled into his mouth.
"Yes. I stop," said Batu. "Good. You shit too good," he said, smiling
at the terrified older man. "Now, my beautiful David. You, too, give
pleasure to them. What you want to do?"
David stood. The frightened little boy who had been humiliated, cowed
and frightened, had disappeared. "My turn?" he asked, as if he were playing
Monopoly. "Yes, I know what will give my friends pleasure," he enthused.
"Put these two down... on their backs," he said to Father and
grandfather, which they did as soon as he translated for them. Both kept a
foot on the rancid, rank-smelling balls of the quivering, grotesque pig-men
now lying side-by-side in the grass.
David walked deliberately up to them. He kept his head up, his
shoulders back as he approached. He was recapturing his dignity. Straddling
the two men with his outstretched and beautiful legs, he said, "Now, allow
me to give you as much pleasure as you gave me."
He lifted his cock in both hands, aimed it expertly, and delivered a
powerful stream of piss down on the victimizers turned victims. He must
have been holding it for a long time, because his jet stream of steamy piss
seemed to pour out of his pee hole forever. He restricted its trajectory so
that it inundated their faces. Back and forth he aimed his big, blond dick,
pissing in their eyes and nostrils, and on their tightly closed lips.
"Open your mouths," he told the uncomprehending men, while he
continued pissing. He said one word in Balinese to Father and grandfather,
who immediately stepped hard on the filthy nuts.
"Agghhh," both yelled in unison, allowing David to aim the last of his
hot piss directly into their open mouths. They made choking sounds, amid
the groans of pain that having one's testicles stepped on like grapes in a
winery is likely to produce.
"Thank you," said David, shaking the last drops of pee from his
dick. "Terimah kaseh," he repeated, making sure they understood. He turned
and walked slowly away.
"You piss good," said Batu, laughing. "I think you horse." Everybody
laughed then -- everybody but the three on the ground covered in shit and

Chapter Twenty-One
David walked back to where Taba and the two Balinese boys were
sitting, and spoke to them. Smiling broadly, they stood.
Once again, I was able to look at them and see two, separate and
distinctly beautiful young men. Ngyoman had such a delicate gracefulness,
it infuriated me anew that he had been debased and abused. There were some
things that people like him -- sensitive, artistic, and just plain good --
should not have to even know about.
He and Suwatha almost swaggered as they approached their monstrous
tormentors. I wondered what Suwatha did to produce the impressive, bulging
muscles of his short, but amazingly fine body. I looked, again, at his
pendulous cock, and cursed again at what might have been. Whatever these
two beauties did would be too good for the shit holes who lay whimpering in
the grass.
"You fucking turds," I blurted out, as my thoughts went to them.
Batu put a restraining hand to my arm, and defused me with his
smile. "Not your turn," he said, as if it was the most natural thing in the
world. "You wait, my Ah Len. Your turn next."
Suwatha and Ngyoman were talking quietly between themselves, their
arms around each other's bare, broad shoulders. Suddenly, they both grinned
mischievously, and Suwatha stood on his tip-toes and whispered something in
Batu's ear.
A dazzling smile spread across his face, as Batu said,
"Good. Good. You choose good pleasure for them. Now, you tell friends what
the pleasure be."
They spoke but two words, but the three men instantly grimaced.
"What? What?" I demanded, excitedly.
David was fully in control of himself, now, and answered my question
with studied nonchalance, as if he didn't have the slightest interest in
the goings on.
"Not much," said David. "Ngyoman and Suwatha are just romantics, at
heart. They want to see these three friends French kiss each other. They
should enjoy that, don't you think?"
It was deliciously perverse. Two had piss running out of the corners
of their mouths, and the third dribbled yellow-black shit down his chin.
"You hear them" Batu said, the fiery menace once more in his
voice. "Kiss with your tongue." He reached down and freed the leader from
the restraint of his own pants around his neck.
"No. No. This I cannot do," the leader yelled. But his friends were
unwilling to serve as walnuts for Father and grandfather's nutcracker
heels, and they immediately turned on their stomachs and began tongue
kissing their former leader, whose mouth, even in ordinary times, smelled
like shit.
"Stop," he screamed, and their piss-soaked tongues darted into the
slimy hole of his mouth.
"Enough, enough," he yelled again, but Batu would not hear of it.
"I say enough when enough. Now you kiss," he commanded in two
languages, and his foot came down hard on their target.
"Argghh," he screeched, and the plugs of shit in his mouth turned to
slime as they mixed with the piss in their mouths.
"If Ah Len want you stop kiss, then you stop. If he want you kiss, you
kiss. If he want you die, you die. What Ah Len want, you do, or you not
live no more." The icy quality of his voice left no doubt that Batu was
deadly serious.
"Now," he said softly to me. "They be for you to please. For me, I
kill them for hurt my love, for make my Green Eyes cry. If you say kill, I
kill," and his foot pressed down another inch. "What you say, my only love,
they do. I make you promise."
"I also felt like killing them, Batu. I wanted that more than
anything. I wanted them dead because I thought I would never see you
again. I thought they had taken you from me forever, and that would be the
worst punishment on earth. But you are here, so they may live. You are my
life, and so I will spare them."
"Your heart more good than Batu," my love said to me, pulling me near
him. "If me, I kill them. But you speak no, so no. What you want?"
"Well, I'll tell you," I said, savoring the moment. "Since everybody's
having such a good time, and since these freaks look so much more
attractive with shit and piss smeared on their faces, I want them to show
me just how much they're enjoying themselves. So come on, feces faces,
let's see those puny little pricks of yours grow. Let's see your big,
throbbing cocks stand up. I want to see the nine inches the three of you
have together. Let's see some stiff cock. And I mean now!"
With brownish spittle dripping down his chin and onto his chest, the
pig who had wanted me to cum inside of him, translated as I spoke.
"Get those pee-pees hard," I ordered, "and shoot your stinking cum
into each other's mouths! Then you can swallow all that shit and piss and
cum, and make yourselves very happy."
Their grimy hands went to their dicks, and grasped nervously.
"No! Not with your hands!" I said, my voice rising. "Suck!"
They fell on each other like vultures. As each took the pitiful, mushy
dick of another into his mouth, it became slimy with urine mixed excrement
that they had passed on their tongues. We could see the tobacco-green and
brown stain dripping down their tiny dicks as they moved their heads up and
"You're not getting hard," I yelled, "and you can't cum if you're not
hard. I don't care how in fuck you do it, but you better shoot your thin
little cummy squirts within one minute, or you're finished. I want to see
you eat that black shit you all got in your mouths, or your fucking little
cocks are dead dogs!"

Chapter Twenty-Two
I began to count. "One one-thousand, two one-thousand," as the three
furiously sucked each other's shit-laden dicks. By the time I got to
thirty, all three had hard-ons. The English-speaking pig had forgotten
about us -- he was in his element. While holding tight around the neck of
the fat old man who was sucking his pud, his filthy lips gobbled at the
other man's squat, fat little toadstool of a dick. He licked hungrily under
the foreskin, bringing out flecks of dried cum that had been there for God
knows how long, to be mixed with the shit and piss and spit that colored
their mouths and dicks.
"Forty-nine one-thousand, fifty one-thousand," I continued. They were
near cumming. We could tell by the sounds they were making in their
throats, sounds that blended disgustingly with the slurping sounds they
made with their mouths and tongues as they sucked and licked each other's
"Let's see that cum, you shit-eating pig-fuckers," I said, just before
they popped their putrid nuts. "Let's see you shoot your corrupted jizz and
eat it. Eat every drop of that delicious crap concoction... Fifty-six
one-thousand, fifty-seven one-thousand..."
"Ahhhh," the diplomat's pig son moaned, and shoved his slimy prick as
deep into the throat of his old companion as it would go, while holding
tight around the gagging man's neck to make sure his lips would not slide
off the dirty dick until every drop was spilled.
"Ahhhhh," moaned the second and third of the sub-human shit eaters, as
they too began to spurt their probably diseased cum into the gooey fecal
"Gulp that down," I commanded. "Taste yourselves. Don't you pig-shits
taste good? I know you love that taste, don't you? And remember, in English
we have a saying... You are what you eat."
Batu laughed uproariously at this. "You are what you eat," he
repeated, flawlessly, first in English, then in Balinese for their benefit.
The three men were lying, exhausted, in the grass. Their already
softening erections were still smeared, like their lips and chins, with a
foul-smelling thin, black gruel. They were the most disgusting human beings
I had ever seen.
Batu removed his foot from the leader's nuts -- which he had held
there during the entire performance of wild sucking -- and asked his
grandfather and father to do the same with their two wards.
"Clean your mouth," he said. The leader put a hand to his lips, which
Batu immediately kicked away. "No! Not hand. Tongue. Clean yourself with
He repeated the order in his language, and they all began to lick
their lips, until they had made a clearing in their shit-stained faces.
"Now, tongue-clean each other!" Batu ordered.
While the diplomat's son kept saying, "Shit! Pig! Shit! Pig!," as if
to describe the creature he was, one by one, they licked each other clean
standing on all fours, like dogs.
"Swallow," Batu commanded. They did. They all retched, immediately,
but Batu would not let them spit.
"Swallow," he said again, in a soft voice. "You swallow until all
gone. Then I free you."
They did as they were told, swallowing hard and retching, and
swallowing again. I was glad when the last slimy, turdy, cummy mixture slid
down their throats. I was getting sick to my stomach.
"Now," Batu said, standing there majestically. His fury had calmed,
but it was the calm of a volcano between eruptions.
"You very lucky. Ah Len say no kill... you live. I send you away
now. But you know this: If Batu see you one time, any time, any place, Batu
not ask Ah Len. Batu not too good, like Ah Len. Batu kill you."
"Don't worry, my fiery Gentle Fire," I said, as I pulled my lover
closer to me with a hand on his back that was sculpted of bronze -- the
back whose mental image had kept me alive.
"Don't worry. If I ever see any of these shit-filled scum again, it
will not be necessary for you to kill them. I will exterminate them
"You understand, scum?" I asked, turning my attention away from Batu.
Batu translated what I had said, and my question. They all nodded
their understanding.
Batu retrieved their pantaloons, and ordered them to put them on
upside down. The part that should have covered their hips and tied at their
waist was now around their feet. Father, grandfather, and Batu cinched the
waistband tight around their ankles, and tied it into a knot.
With a flourish, this magnificent trio, three generations of beautiful
Balinese, slipped their loincloths from their bodies, and stood straight
and tall. Yes, magnificent.
My God, what extraordinary bodies they all had. It took my breath
away. It was as if the creepy little men in bondage before them were of a
different species of animal, altogether. Even grandfather was beautiful, in
an absolute way. Powerful, hard, strong, his handsome, rugged beauty was
startling. Father, too, was incredible with his astonishingly huge cock,
even in the state of pendulous relaxation it now was in. His huge, brown
balls, aglow with a slight film of perspiration, glinted in the sunshine
against the powerful muscles of his inner thighs. And Batu, the most
beautiful of the three, had such majesty and splendor about him, especially
for one so young.
How could these men be related to the three squat, ugly toads, with
their tiny, mushy little dicks, which were still covered in drying slime?
If God had made us in His image, these pigs must be of a different order of
Batu said something else in Balinese, and the three men rolled over on
their stomachs. With their loincloths, the three generations of beautiful
men quickly bound the hands of their captives tightly behind their backs.
"Now you free," Batu said. "You tie up like pigs because you pigs. You
go now. Go fast!"
The men scrambled as best they could, bound hand and foot. Their bound
bodies looked gross and repulsive as their hairy, sagging bare butts poked
into the air. At last, they disappeared into the jungle, out of sight

Chapter Twenty-Three
"How did you know we were here?" David and I asked at the same time.
"Taba know," Batu explained. "He return from following bird through
woods. He expect to find love-making. He want to watch David puki with that
handsome boy, and Ah Len puki with other beautiful friend. But he see bad
men, instead."
David spoke to Taba excitedly, and Taba responded in the same tone.
"He says he came back just as that fucker cut your throat," David
explained to me. "He thought you were a gonner, and raced up the hill to
get Batu. Luckily, when he got to the place where the path meets the road,
he found all three of them waiting for us. The priest had sent word back to
them that we were playing here. By the way," he said as an afterthought,
"how is your throat?"
"Hardly feel a thing," I lied. "He barely nicked me. But if I hadn't
been able to get that hard-on, he would have slit my throat from ear to
"Yeah, David marveled. "How the fuck did you manage to sprout that
fat, fucking huge cock of yours with that animal on you?"
"Oh, that," I said. I let my hand slide down Batu's back until it
reached the crack of his ass, and my fingers inserted themselves gently
into his warm buns. "That is my secret."
"Some secret," David said, and Batu laughed, infecting all of
us. Soon, we were all holding our sides, laughing uncontrollably, a clear
release for the terrible strain and tension we had all been under.
"Soon, we return to others," Batu said, when our guffaws had subsided
to intermittent chuckles. "First, we wash. We rest."
Taba put an arm around David, Father around Ngyoman, grandfather
around Suwatha, and Batu around me. Firmly, they guided the four of us to
the stream and made us lie in it. With gentle, loving hands, they washed us
from head to toe. Then they told us to close our eyes, which we did.
I could feel Batu carefully pressing my eyelids with his fingertips,
once, twice, three times. I did not understand the ritual, but I was sure
that that is what it was, and that the other three were also having their
eyelids massaged. Then, with my eyes still closed, I felt Batu lift my
heavy balls into his great hands.
"You must cum," he said, having learned the word from me. "You must
cum now, and then you free of bad man's poison. All... You must cum."
He lowered his face onto my crotch, and, with such tender gentleness,
he began licking my balls. His fingers remained pressed to my eyelids.
Slowly, he cleansed my balls and cock -- which he had already washed
carefully in the stream. His tongue was warm, and he licked in a
deliberately slow tempo. With none of the effort I had needed to summon to
achieve my last erection, I felt my cock rising. I was filled with the love
of this man who now took my full erection -- as if resurrected from the
dead -- into his mouth. I wanted to cry with the love of him that swept
over and through me, now. The stream water eddied around my shoulders, and
slowly he sucked my cock, my full, throbbing, living re-erect and
resurrected manhood. Hot tears sprung to my eyes and spilled out the
corners of my closed lids. Gently, he wiped them away as they came, never
ceasing to suck me.
"Ohhhh, Batu," I choked back a sob. "There can never be another love
for me. I can never feel for another what I feel for you . I am cumming...
Take me into you... Let me become part of you... Let us become
one. Oh. Ohhhhh, oh my love, ahhhhhhhh..."
The cum poured out of me, thick and rich, filling my lover's mouth. He
swallowed and sucked some more, bringing forth, unbelievably, much more of
the hot, sticky cream that made its way along the path from deep inside my
balls, up the pulsing staff, and into his mouth and throat.
"Yes, yes," I moaned, "take every bit of me. Take my life into you,
deep, deep inside. I love you so much."
"Shhh. Shhh, my Ah Len. My love and life," he said, reassuringly, when
I had spent myself of the last drop of cum. "You part of Batu, forever.
Nothing bad ever happen to you again." I sighed, and lifted myself into the
security of his embrace. I held onto him, as he held onto me, for a very
long time.
Nestled there in the cleft of Batu's great chest, I heard the almost
simultaneous ejaculations of David, Ngyoman and Suwatha. They, too, had had
their cocks sucked lovingly, and had creamed their pent-up loads into the
soft, warm mouths of Taba, his father, and his grandfather. Except for the
sound of our heavy, but contented breathing, and the gurgling of the brook,
all was quiet.
Then Batu stood, and led us back to the grassy spot where we had
almost lost our lives.
"We sit here and rest," he said. "No more evil in this spot."
He pulled me down next to him, and the others sat, too. As I put my
hands into the cool grass, I felt something.
"Look here," I said, "the joint Suwatha gave me." Triumphantly, I
displayed the fat stick of marijuana that had fallen from my loincloth so
long ago -- or, so it seemed.
"Apa chakup hisap?" Batu asked David.
"Hisap? Oh, that means `smoke'," David answered.
"Ah, smoke," Batu repeated, fixing the word in his keen mind. "We
smoke?" he asked me.
"No. not now," I replied. "Suwatha gave this to you and me for when we
are alone. I will keep it until then."
Batu smiled. "Good," he said. "That be best day in my life. No smoke
until all alone with my Green Eyes. That time come soon."
It was a promise I desperately hoped would come true.

Chapter Twenty-Four

When the eight of us climbed back up the winding trail to the main
road, the large column of men and boys was still walking. There was an air
of eager expectancy in the atmosphere -- the din of animated conversation
punctuated by bright laughter. It was a totally restorative scene, so that
the demeaning experience we had so recently suffered did not really attach
itself to us, directly. Like the memory of intense pain, we knew it had
happened to us, but the terrible emotions it stirred up no longer afflicted
We joined the procession near the end. Ahead of us stretched
apparently endless numbers of males of various ages, shapes and hues. I had
thought that our rejoining the group would cause a commotion. Not only did
David and I stand out like proverbial sore thumbs in that sea of naked and
near-naked bodies that ranged in color from tan to polished mahogany, but,
except for Suwatha and Ngoyman, the Balinese in our group were bare-assed
Taba's loincloth, which he had used to dry David's tears and clean his
upper torso, hung loosely around his neck, where he had put it after
washing it in the stream. The three others had been used to tie up the
Timorese bandits.
Yet, nobody paid us the least bit of attention as we again became part
of the group. The reason for this was immediately obvious. By now, large
numbers of the men had removed their garments.
From where I stood, looking up that line of men stretching off into
the distance was a rare treat for an ass-man like me. By now, the sun had
already dipped low in the horizon behind us, and it reflected off the
glistening backs. Many men walked arm in arm. Often, whole groups walked
along with their arms around the naked waists of their friends.
With few exceptions, their bodies were powerful and inspiring. My eyes
came to rest on six strollers who were just ahead of us. As they walked
along, they talked and laughed. They all touched -- some had their arms
draped over their neighbor's shoulders, others around their waists.
As with the other Balinese men I knew, it was impossible to tell the
ages of these men from their backs. Don't get me wrong -- it's not that the
backs were all the same. Far from it, each was a kind of perfect creation,
a vision of sex in its own way. But for all their variations, they looked
like the backs -- and, in particular, the buns -- of nineteen or
The third and fourth men from the left were beginning to excite
me. Although the third man had his left arm tight around the shoulders of
the guy to his left, his right hand was resting on the round slope where
the fourth man's back turned into his butt, his last two fingers
unselfconsciously stroking the beginning of his crack.
The man whose crack was being stroked was slightly taller and leaner
than the man stroking him. He was also a shade lighter. If I had seen him
by himself, I would have remarked to myself what a fine figure he had from
the rear -- broad shoulders, tapered waist, well-muscled ass cheeks, long
legs with thick, strong thighs.
But I did not see him by himself, and that fine-figured rear went
unremarked. I couldn't take my eyes off the other man.
Slowly, the two fingers he was rubbing the man's crack with became
three fingers and then four. Soon, he was giving the man a complete ass and
rectum massage. As you can imagine, that was stimulating enough. I was
already feeling the familiar stirring in my loincloth, and, from a quick
look along our own line, with Father at one end and Taba at the other, I
wasn't the only one.
It was amazing to see such a display of virility both so soon after
our ordeal, and so soon after we had cum in such huge amounts. But there we
were, all eight of us, in various stages of erection.
Grandpa was the worst -- or best, depending on who's making the
judgment. The old man was incorrigible. I had no way of knowing if he had
jerked himself off at the same time he had sucked off Suwatha's huge, hot
brown cock, but I can't imagine him missing an opportunity. Each time a
long, slender finger touched the puckered asshole, grandfather's very big
and very hard dick stood a little stiffer.
Taba and David were doing all right, too, at the other end. Both were
only semi-hard, but that passed for all the way in their cases. Judging
from where their own hands were, I'm not convinced that their excitement
was due entirely to the finger-fucking ahead. Taba had his arm down around
the bottom of David's soft, white ass, and had reached up between his legs
and taken David's testicles in his hand. He was running is fingers through
the fine, curly blond pubic hairs on David's balls.
David was also pre-occupied with pubic hairs, but they were Taba's,
and they were the sparse black strands that streaked the flat of his
stomach, below his navel. As he stroked his lover's stomach, both their
cocks strained upwards, towards their full, huge proportions.
Father and Batu seemed as intent on the scene ahead as I was, except
they seemed completely absorbed in the beautiful butt that was being
spread, and felt, and rubbed, and kneaded.
I, on the other hand, found it hard to take my eyes off the ass of the
man with the fingers. His buns were almost fat, they were so full and
round, yet there was not a trace of flab or sag in them. The firm globes of
his ass were as distinctly rounded at the bottom where they turned to his
upper thighs, as they were at the top, just past the small of his back.
He heightened the effect of rounded firmness by being slightly
bow-legged, and I could see his great balls hanging on the other side of
the crack in his thighs.
His color was exquisite. It was a deep, shiny brown, as if he had been
stained and lacquered. The crack of his ass was black, outlined with a
fine, downy fuzz. It stood out clearly from the sheen of his skin. As he
walked, his ass jiggled slightly.
My dick was rising fast. Batu and Father already had sizeable
hard-ons, but neither of them was wearing anything. And if my cock grew any
more, I wouldn't be wearing anything, either.
"Fuck it," I said, gaining Batu's momentary attention, and I undid the
knot in my loincloth and slipped it off. I caught the glitter of my lover's
smile, as he turned back to the naked men in front.
I looked to see if anyone else had taken notice, but no one had. In
fact, not many of us were left. If Grandpa had not satisfied himself with
Suwatha the first time around, he was making up for it now. Just off the
pathway, the two of them, joined by Ngyoman, had abandoned themselves
completely to the pleasures of the flesh.
They quickly fell from my view, as we walked on, but my last sight of
them was of grandfather, flat on his back, with Ngyoman sucking his great,
fat cock, and Suwatha, sitting on his chest, his perfect, throbbing thick
dick slipping in and out of the older man's mouth.
Taba and David had gotten so hard by feeling each other's pubic hairs,
they too had once again abandoned the procession. They were on the other
side of the path. They were doing a perfect sixty-nine on their sides. Not
only did each have his mouth pressed tight against the other's crotch, but
each was also spreading apart the other's ass, and rubbing his asshole.
And they weren't the only ones enjoying a sex break. All the way up
and down both sides of the path, there were groups of men fucking and
sucking wildly. Many were in couples, like David and Taba, but large
numbers were grouped in threes, fours, fives and even more. Yet, the
majority of men continued walking up the pathway, paying no attention to
the revelry that was going on all around them.
Our "family" line of men parading naked up the hill had been reduced
to three -- Father, Batu and I. All of us had taken hold of our stiff
pricks as we walked. We weren't masturbating, exactly, we were just holding
ourselves. But each step we took, increased the friction on our dicks, and
we could feel as they grew hotter. Even if we hadn't had our own hands to
stimulate us, we still had those six brown butts, and especially the two in
the middle, to look at.
I was on the verge of asking Batu to join me in asking if we could
examine their buns and sweaty assholes further, when the incline of the
path leveled out, and a large encampment lay before us.
With our hard cocks in our hands, we had arrived at the summit.

Chapter Twenty-Five
We had arrived at a great plateau near the top of the mountain. Though
it was already dusk in the valleys below, this expanse of nearly flat
meadows at the top was still bathed in the sun's last rays of the day.
Men were everywhere. Some had been here for hours, and looked
refreshed and rested. Others, like us, still glistened in a body film of
sweat that had cooled us up the sometimes steep climb. The newcomers were
being greeted by the warm embrace of nearly everyone they passed.
Passing from the strong, bare arms of man after man, I felt like a New
Year's Eve celebrant at the stroke of twelve -- with some significant
For one thing, no one wore silly hats. In fact, no one wore anything
at all. The few men who had not shed their sarongs or loincloths on the way
up, did so as they reached the plateau. As far as you could see were
completely naked men and boys -- except for the occasional priest whose
golden yellow robes only made our nakedness more dramatic.
The fact that we were naked was also responsible for a few other
differences from any New Year's kiss I had ever received. There was no way
I could feel neutral about being hugged and kissed by a succession of
beautiful men, whose warmth I could feel against my thighs and groin, my
stomach and chest, and whose muscular arms pulled my own naked body tightly
to theirs. Oh, I have had a few New Year's kisses that went way beyond the
ordinary peck, and many that caused a bulge in my jeans. But I had more
than a bulge now, and I wasn't wearing any jeans.
If anyone there had a soft cock, I didn't see him. Each time someone
reached to embrace me, he would lift my dick up against his stomach. More
than once I could feel the hot shaft of my partner expand as blood coursed
through it. Sometimes, a pair of strong, brown arms would reach down my
back to my buns and feel my cheeks, usually resulting in a frenzy of
motion, as I rubbed my thick cock against his cock and stomach, and he let
his hands open and close around my hot ass.
In no time, I was as much embracer as embraced. There were times when
I thought I would cum. It's hard not to cum when your big, fat dick is as
hard as it gets and it's rubbing up against some other big, fat, hard dick
-- especially when someone is playing with your buns at the same time. But
I wanted to prolong this sensation as long as possible, and each time I
felt the first thick drop of pre-cum wet the tip of my cock, I would pull
away and look for someone else to welcome.
It was clear that many of my fellow men did not share my outlook about
postponing ejaculation. Whenever I felt myself just ready to shoot my cum
load, I would stop for a few moments before taking another naked body in my
arms. During these very brief moments, I saw men making love in every way
imaginable -- and some in ways I had never imagined.
One beautiful man was intent on rimming ass. He sat, Japanese style on
his knees, and obliged everyone who came along with his remarkable
tongue. Though Father was no longer in sight, I saw Batu turn his exquisite
ass to this man who spread his cheeks like the others, and began licking
that wonderful asshole with great, sweeping motions of his head.
Another man was lying on his back while other men stood above him
beating themselves off. His huge dick stood nearly straight up from his
balls, and though he held it, he did no more until the first man to cum
shot his creamy stuff all over his belly. The prone man pulled his dick
down against the sticky cum on his belly, and rubbed it around until it was
slick with cum. Then he began slowly pumping it, his hand moving easily
along that huge, slippery shaft. Periodically, another great load of hot
cum would spurt onto his balls and dick, and he would smear his cock with
warm jizz and continue beating. I never saw him cum.
Some of the more mundane scenes were also some of the most
stimulating. For example, I felt a hand around my ankles and looked down to
see a man lying on his stomach, clutching at my leg with one and another's
leg with the other. Letting himself down on top of this man was a
magnificent youngster, perhaps thirteen years old. His dick, even at that
age, was easily ten inches long and nearly an inch around. He was spreading
the brown cheeks of ass apart beneath him, and pushing his cock, inch by
hot, thick inch, deep into the other man. He pressed his face down against
the curve of neck and shoulder, and moved his graceful boy's hips up and
down, as he fucked for all he was worth.
Two men with extraordinary physiques alternated sucking balls and
cock. One would lick and suckle the heavy nuts of whoever walked up, while
the other would perform fellatio until the balls would pull up, and the hot
cum would shoot into the willing mouth. Then they would reverse roles. In
the meantime, both were having their asses eaten out by two other beautiful
I looked around for Batu, but he had been swallowed up in the crowd. I
didn't mind. There were too many hot cocks and bronze athletes' bodies to
worry about who wasn't there, or what he might be doing. I assumed he was
doing the same things I was -- sucking dick, getting blown, feeling ass,
and just generally having a gay old time.
As my eyes took in the scene in my immediate vicinity, I realized I
was staring straight at the back of the man who had been walking in front
of us up the hill -- the one with the probing fingers and full, round,
perfect ass; the one with the bow-legs. He was embracing a fifteen-year-old
boy when my eyes came to rest on his hot ass. My cock wanted those buns,
and it seemed to grow with the thought of them. I decided I would wait for
him. At least I could find out how old he was.

Chapter Twenty-Six
I didn't have to wait long. Whether he was tired of the boy, or felt
my eyes burning into his back, I don't know. Whatever the reason, he
released the pretty young thing, who was quite well-hung, and turned
around. He looked about twenty-five, and he was startlingly beautiful and
singularly different.
His almond-shaped eyes were dark, piercing orbs that acted like
magnets. It took me a moment to adjust to the dazzling beauty of those huge
eyes, and even look at the rest of his face.
It, too, was darkly beautiful. More angular than the Buddha-faced
Balinese, his face was the color of bitter-sweet chocolate. A thick, black
and very handsome mustache grew below his straight, classically chiseled
nose, down past the corners of his wide mouth. His full lips accentuated
the slight smile that played at the corners of his mouth.
Unlike any other man I had so far met in this magical place, a
luxuriant crop of silky black hair covered his huge chest. Not as thick as
that on his chest, wisps of hair only slightly darker than his smooth skin
appeared on his rippling, incredibly well-muscled stomach. Just above his
slightly protruding, sexy navel, the black silk gathered again, running in
an ever-thicker line down to his ramrod straight cock.
Like his eyes, his dick was huge and magnetic. Covered in a foreskin
that seemed polished in iridescence, almost blue-black, the contours of its
huge head seemed to expand as I stared. The very tip of his straining cock
could be seen pushing through his foreskin, and it was a full shade
lighter. From his pee hole, a glistening drop of moisture gathered.
His legs were somewhat like Suwatha's, as finely muscled as a ballet
dancer's. His upper thighs, surprisingly, were smooth and hairless, and
against the hung the deep brown scrotum and large, heavy balls. From under
his balls and from between his legs, curly black hairs bushed up.
I lifted my eyes again to the masculine face, and found his huge eyes
cast down in the direction of my cock, which throbbed noticeably.
"You are absolutely beautiful," I said. "I was walking just behind you
up the hill, and I wanted to reach out and feel you. May I?" I asked,
While I was talking, he slowly lifted his eyes, clearly deriving
pleasure from what he saw. Yet, he made no reply when I had finished.
"Can we make love?" I tried again, cutting through the usual games we
all seem to play, gay or straight, getting right to the point. "Puki?" I
asked, inwardly cursing myself for not having taken the time to learn some
of the language.
He lifted his hands -- strong, beautiful, creased and calloused hands
that were no stranger to hard work. They were the hands of a man. Then he
held them up to his ears, and stared into my eyes.
"You're deaf!" I exclaimed. I put my hands over his, and returned his
burning gaze.
Taking his hands from his own face, he put them to mine. With the long
fingers of one hand, he traced a sensuous path along my eye lid, down my
nose, and around my lips. With his other hand, he reached behind me, let
his fingers find their way into the deep crack of my ass, and pulled me
closer to him. I wanted him in any manner or way that he chose, though it
was that great ass of his that had first attracted me. The thought of
fucking him had my cock about to shoot its load of creamy cum.
But, at the same time, the feel of his fingers inside me stirred me
deep down, and I felt my butt hole opening wide, as if ready to take that
huge, black cock into my belly and suck it with my ass. The thought of that
shiny black foreskin pulled back as it entered me was as exciting as the
thought of penetrating his fantastically firm, round ass with my own hot,
pulsing cock.
It was a question of having my cock, and eating it too. I wanted it

Chapter Twenty-Seven
If ever there was a time when words were unnecessary, this was it. Our
eyes and hands and cocks communicated eloquently.
Without ever taking my eyes from his, I was vaguely aware of the crowd
that was gathering around us, completely encircling us, getting off on our
bodies. I ran my hand up through his thick mat above his cock, along his
hard, flat stomach, up through the thick, ebony black bush on his chest.
With his hand still feeling the inside of my ass, he reached behind my
head with the other, and pulled my lips to his. Using his tongue and lips,
he chewed on my lower lip, and I felt his big cock lift into my balls.
His mouth was warm and sweet-tasting, and I could completely cover it
with my own mouth. I might have cum with the taste of him, if he had let
me. Instead, he began kissing my eyes and nose.
Slowly, he lowered himself to his knees, licking my neck and chest,
sucking at my nipples, tonguing the inside of my navel, and kissing the
flat of my stomach and the moist tip of my cock.
Then he turned me around, ever taking his tongue from my body as I
slowly revolved in his great hands. He pushed his face deep into my ass,
and I felt the warmth of his tongue as it first touched the warmth of my
insides. At the same time, I became aware of the dozens of men who stood in
a circle around us jerking themselves, or their neighbors, into a
frenzy. Not a few big dicks were also getting sucked.
His hands were on my cock as it strained even more, while his tongue
explored deeply. I was ready to explode. I could feel my balls tighten as
my sperm sought to race its way along my thick rod, and I could feel my
asshole opening wider and wider to his warm, wet tongue.
In another second, I would have shot my wad. But, just as the sticky
drops of liquid that precede cumming began to oil the tip of my dick, he
let go of it and put his hands to my sides. The huge palms of his hands
held me firmly around the hips, and his extraordinary fingers held tightly
to my loins.
Slowly, he pulled me down, letting his tongue slide along the crack of
my butt, and up the middle of my back.
With little effort, I realized my anus was open wide enough to take
him deep inside me. He was no longer on his knees, but in a sitting
position on the ground, his muscular legs stretched in front. While he
pulled me to him with both his hands, I spread my ass far apart with my own
hands, and slowly glided into his hot, wet cock.
Lower and lower I went, feeling every inch of him slide slowly into
me, deeper and deeper. At last, I was sitting all the way down on him. If
there was some pain in getting to this point, it seemed like it had
happened to someone else, someone who wasn't experiencing what I was at
that moment -- a sense of such complete sexual and emotional satisfaction
that I could have died at that moment without regret. My naturally dark
complexion had deepened in the sun. Even so, the tan of my ass contrasted
sharply and beautifully with the shiny blackness of his smooth legs.
Using his powerful hands, he turned me slightly around, so that it was
as if I was sitting sideways in his naked lap. Then he leaned over and took
my throbbing cock into his mouth. He bent all the way down, until the thick
black hairs of his mustache were indistinguishable from the thick black
hairs of my groin.
Using his fingers on my buns, he pushed me up and down, sliding his
warm mouth along my huge shaft, fucking me in the ass at the same
time. Sublime!
The sound he made as his cum surged out of him into me was almost
drowned out by my own deep moans of pleasure as I felt the thick, hot cream
burst into his mouth. Both of us continued to cum into each other, and I
held his beautiful head in my hands as the last spurts of liquid left our
bodies and entered the other's.
Slowly, he took his lips from around my still hot manhood, while I
reluctantly pulled myself from him, feeling the slick suction as his great
cock slid out of me.
"Batu," I said, knowing that neither he nor my new friend could hear
me. "If you don't fuck me soon, I'll have to keep this beauty forever."

Chapter Twenty-Eight
I stood and helped him to his feet. He held my hand, as we stood in
the middle of the unconventional daisy chain. At irregular intervals, the
spectators of our Kama Sutra manipulations (and the participants of their
own) reached their own tumultuous climaxes.
One man with his huge hot dick in his hands, suddenly leaned back as
great surges of cum spurted out of him, like waves on the beach.
One beautiful boy stood between the older men on their knees, and
while the man in back rimmed his hot, young asshole passionately, the man
in front was sucking the boy's big, smooth cock. Sometimes, the cock-sucker
would pull his mouth back to the tip of the beautiful shaft, and gently
lick around the head. Then he would take the whole of the boy's cock in
his mouth, and thrust himself all the way down. Both men on their knees had
their own fat cocks in their hands, and were beating themselves off.
Somehow, they all managed to cum together. With one hand, the boy
pressed the man in front hard against his smooth crotch, not yet covered
with the hair of manhood that would come, and with the other, he reached
around behind him and pressed the other man deep into his crack. At the
same time, while he shot his young, fresh load of cum, the two men spurted
their thick white cum all over his legs, and their own bellies and
thighs. A fourth man who was near spilling his own seed, knelt and licked
them clean, as great shooting jets of cum leapt out from his full cock onto
the ground.
All around us, boys were jerking off into the open mouths of older
men, and men were pushing huge, brown dicks into the firm, hot buns of the
very young. Loners stood among them, here and there, stroking their own fat
cocks, occasionally reaching out to grasp a neighbor's balls or butt, or to
rub his back.
My deaf friend and I, still holding hands, turned around and watched
them all. The moaning blended together as first this one, then those two,
then another, unloaded their damned up sperm and semen, and we saw great,
gushing jets of jism everywhere.
"Is this the fertility ceremony?" I asked, incredulously, forgetting
that my new friend could not hear.
He looked at me blankly. I put my hand on my chest, and said my name,
articulating each syllable clearly, in case he could read lips.
"My name is Ah Len." I pronounced it the way Batu did. "Ah Len," I
repeated, tapping my chest with my fingers.
"Ah Len," he said in the guttural voice of the deaf. I put my hand on
the thick hair of his chest and waited for him to tell me his name. Then I
pointed, unable to resist touching his belly button with my finger tip, and
said, "You?"
I was startled by a familiar voice behind me. "You meet Ah Suk," it
"Batu!" I exclaimed, as I turned. He was standing just behind me,
lighting up the area with his smile. It was a relief to see him, and be
reminded of his incomparable beauty. There was no doubt that I was very
taken with my deaf friend, Ah Suk. He, too, was magnificent and
overwhelmingly manly. But there was that special quality about Batu that I
felt only in his presence. Perhaps that is what is meant by love.
He put both his hands to my face, drew it to him, and kissed me on the
lips. Then he drew Ah Suk to us, and embraced us both. Our erections had
subsided, somewhat, though we were both harder than Batu. He was not hard
at all, yet his cock was so beautiful hanging against his leg, it was more
exciting than the full erections other men displayed.
"Ah Suk not hear," Batu explained, unnecessarily. "He be Batu good
friend." Sure enough, Ah Suk's huge, beautiful eyes were brimming with
happiness at the sight of my lover.
Batu continued, "Ah Suk different man. Father Chinese. Mother half
Dutch, half Balinese. It all mix together. Too beautiful. Ah Len think so?"
he asked in his imperfect English that always melted my heart.
"Ah Len think so," I said, with a mischievous twinkle in my eye that
was not lost on Batu. "Ah Len think so too much."
Batu laughed his glorious, infectious laugh, and turned to Ah
Suk. With his fingers, hands and eyes, he spoke to Ah Suk. Then it was the
turn of the magnificent half-breed to laugh out loud. His laugh was
different, though, coming from lower inside of him. But his amusement was
obvious, and he reached up and pressed a warm hand to my face.
"He think you finest man he see. He say you make love with heart, not
cock, alone." Now it was my turn to laugh.
"Why you laugh?" asked Batu.
"Oh, not at what Ah Suk said," I told him. "That is a beautiful thing
to say, and I thank him. Next to you, he has the warmest soul I've found."
Batu translated with his magnificent body language, then turned back
to me and repeated his question.
"But why you laugh?"
"It's you, my Gentle Fire. When I hear you speak English, I realize
just what words you have learned from
me. Cock. Fuck. Suck. Dick. Ass. Cum. I'm one hell of a fantastic English
Batu and I laughed together and, after a few movements of Batu's eyes
and hands, Ah Suk joined in. "You best teacher Batu ever have," he said,
putting one hand on my warm buns and the other on Ah Suk's. "But you teach
me most important thing. That not English. That love."
"Ah, my beauty," I said. "You are more than a body has a right to
expect in this life. Can't we go off and be alone for a while?" I asked,
knowing that Ah Suck could not understand.
"Ah, my beauty," Batu playfully mocked. We be alone soon. But not
now. Now, I must take you to Ram."
"Ram? Who's Ram?"
"He high priest of village. He see you walk up the hill with me. He
ask me take you to him."

Chapter Twenty-Nine
With Batu and Ah Suk walking beside me, each holding a hand, we made
our way through the throng of men. By now, the sun had set and small bon
fires lit up the night sky. Clusters of men and boys huddled around the
fires light and warmth. They had put their sarongs or loincloths back on,
and there was no evidence of the wild orgy that had consumed everyone not
much earlier.
I felt warm and safe in the presence of Batu, and having been fucked
and sucked by Ah Suk, I felt contentedly spent, satisfied. I didn't think
much about where I was being led, or about meeting the high priest. I
figured it was some part of the ritual, and I felt honored to be included.
We passed several make-shift shelters from which the light of small
fires glowed. After about ten minutes, we came to a larger tent-like
shelter. It had four "walls" made of the same translucent yellow-orange
material that the priests' robes were made of. It had no roof, but the
saffron sheets were high enough to screen out the outside world -- or, at
least, filter it out. From the outside, we could see the silhouette of a
figure seated by the fire.
We stood by the entrance, the point where two wall-flaps joined, and
Batu announced our presence.
"Sila dating," came the sonorous voice from inside. We entered.
The priest was sitting cross-legged by the fire in his beautiful
robes. He stood as we entered. Though his robes completely covered him from
his neck down, the material was too thin to hide the size and shape of his
penis. Unlike earlier in the afternoon when I had seen it lift the robe
nearly a foot away from his body, it now hung slightly to the right, very
long and very thick -- but not very hard.
The priest, Ram, reached out with both his hands and grasped those of
Ah Suk and Batu, which they had held forward for him to grasp. He spoke in
hushed tones for some time. At last, Batu spoke to me.
"Ram say he choose you for fertility ceremony. He say this most
important night for power of man. He say he feel strong power when he look
at Green Eyes. Tonight he need all power for tomorrow ceremony. Ah Len give
him power."
"But how?" I asked, flattered to have such a special place in the
ancient customs. "I can't speak the language; I'm not even of your
Batu translated my words to the priest who had, so far, avoided
looking at me. He replied, though he continued to avert his serene, deep
eyes from mine.
"He say you not speak language not important. Batu be with you. He say
you part of our religion, but you not know you are. Ram say Batu stay here
with Ah Len because Batu love Ah Len and power of love needed. Ram say Ah
Suk stay here with Ah Len because Ah Suk special boy, touched by spirit of
gods. That why he cannot hear."
"You mean the three of us are going to sleep here, tonight?"
"Not three," Batu smiled. "Four. Tonight, Ah Suk and Batu give power
of bodies to Ah Len. Ah Len give power of body to Ram. Four men."
I didn't know quite what was in store, but the thought of it was
already having its predictable results. My loincloth stirred noticeably, as
a surge of erotic energy moved up from my balls along my dick.
At last, Ram turned to face me. As his gaze met mine, the effect on
him was immediate. His big cock began filling and rising. Slowly but
steadily, the great shaft grew, lifting his priestly robes higher and
higher, until his bare feet and ankles could be seen below.
He spoke, and Batu said, "Take off clothes." I hesitated for a moment,
but Batu and Ah Suk immediately dropped their loincloths, and stood nude
beside me. Following their lead, I also let my loincloth fall to my feet,
and felt the burning gaze of Ram on my naked body.
Out of the corners of my eyes, I could see both Batu and Ah Suk
getting hard. I'm not sure if it was the sight of them -- Ah Suk, with his
manliness, the hair that covered his great chest and rippling stomach, his
beautiful Oriental face, and Batu who radiated a warmth that was as
intoxicating as his huge, smooth cock that even now pulsed and throbbed
upward -- or the sight of the priest's manhood that strained to remove the
vestments of priesthood from his body. Whatever, I found myself gripped by
an unexpected thrilling excitement, and my own cock suddenly felt as hot as
the fire that flickered in our eyes.
I felt my erection pushing up, fast, and very soon I was as stiff and
hard and big as ever. There we were, three naked men whose dicks rose up,
and down a little, up and down a little, standing side by side before
another man whose own huge erection was covered by his priest's robe.
"Tolong saya," said Ram, and Ah Suk and Batu stepped up to him, their
great erections disturbing the saffron gown. They each unfastened a hook or
button at the back of the gown, and it slipped from his shoulders. It did
not fall to the ground at once, though. Instead, the folds of the falling
garment got caught in those three huge cocks that stood straight out, and
it hung there, suspended from the hot poles.
The priest's naked torso was beauty personified. There was not an
ounce of fat on him, and his long, fine neck broadened into the smooth
muscles of his shoulders and chest. There was not one hair on the upper
part of his body, or his arms. The only variation in the teak-wood finish
of his skin were the nearly black nipples that stood erect, and the dark
hole of his navel.
The low flames of the fire cast shadows here and there in the tent,
and I felt Ram watching their reflection in my green eyes, as I watched
them on his smooth skin.
With a hand movement as graceful as a hula dancer's, he flicked the
robe off his cock and ours, and it fell in a heap around his feet.,
Like his chest and stomach, his legs were young and smooth and
strong. And yet, a thick luxuriant growth of black pubic hair formed a
triangle starting an inch or so below his navel, and completely encircling
his incredibly hard cock. Though his huge balls, themselves, were shiny
smooth and hairless, they rested against the thick nest of curly black hair
of his groin.

Chapter Thirty
"Can I touch him?" I asked, my voice coming out in a hoarse whisper.
Batu translated my question. By way of an answer, Ram took my hands in
his and placed one on his cock and the other on his balls. Both were hot to
the touch.
It was the hardest, smoothest dick I had ever felt -- and in the last
few days, I had felt a lot of hard, smooth dicks. The sheath of foreskin
glistened in the flames' flickering light, and I felt it between my thumb
and forefinger. I let my hand slowly glide up the huge shaft, until my
fingers touched the very tip. It, too, was covered by the end of his
foreskin. While still holding his heavy balls in the palm of my hand, I
used my fingers to pull back the foreskin, and reveal the thick, round,
smooth head of his now unsheathed sword. A drop of sticky dew squeezed out
the hole, and let me lubricate the tip of his cock, that surged up as my
fingers massaged.
Grasping the smooth cock in my hand, I bent low and slowly encircled
it with my lips. I let myself down to a kneeling position, and touched the
wet drop of pearly liquid with the tip of my tongue. Taking my hands from
the huge balls and thick hot cock, I reached up and took hold of Batu's
magnificent manhood with my right hand, and Ah Suk's with my left.
As my mouth slid down the length of the priest's hard, round rod, my
right and left hands moved in rhythmic harmony back and forth on the huge
cocks next to me. My own cock strained upward with the feel of the three
men in my mouth and hands.
For a split second, I wondered just how much of this scene was
discernible from the outside, through the fine, translucent saffron walls.
I felt Batu's balls tighten against my hand, and Ah Suk moved his hips
back and forth in time to the motion. I knew they were about to cum, and it
excited me even more. I wanted the priest to shoot his hot load into my
mouth at the same time, so my hands could feel the life coursing through
those huge cocks I was holding, while my mouth could taste the warm,
life-giving sperm of Ram.
Instead, he put a restraining hand on my head to stop its movements,
and both Batu and Ah Suk took a step backwards. Their cocks slipped from my
For a moment, we were still, except for our heaving chests. The sound
of our heavy breathing was muffled by the crackle of the fire. And then Ram
spoke. Again, his voice was deep and low.
"Sekarang kami panas. Kau kau itu-la saya chakup."
Batu put a warm hand on my shoulder and translated. "He say now we are
hot. Now we must do what he tell us."

Chapter Thirty-One
While Ram gave quiet instructions, my two companions obeyed. First,
each grasped me under one arm and lifted me gently to my feet. Then they
went to one corner of the tent, and brought back an urn of water and an urn
of minyak -- oil -- which they placed on the ground between us and Ram.
The beautiful, naked priest squatted down on his haunches. His still
stiff dick stuck up from between his legs. Reaching into the urn of water
with both hands, he placed several drops on both his closed eyes, and
chanted something.
Batu and Ah Suk each put an arm around my shoulders, and brought me
down with them to the same squatting position before Ram. He reached into
his urn again, and anointed Batu's eyes first, then Ah Suk's. Once more, he
chanted the mysterious words, closing his eyes as he did.
Finally, he wetted his fingers and placed them on my eyelids. He kept
them there, as he repeated the words of the religious rites.
Like Ram, not one of us had softened. I could feel my dick sticking
straight out from my balls, and when I opened my eyes, I could also see the
huge erections of Ah Suk and Batu. What a strange and wonderful religion, I
thought. Batu and Ah Suk stood. First one, then the other, dipped his hands
into the other urn containing the oil, and each began to oil the other. I
noticed that they did not oil everything, but only the middle portions of
their bodies.
Starting at their navels, and working down, each took the huge cock of
the other in his slippery hands, and generously applied the fragrant
oil. Batu took time making sure the incredible lushness of Ah Suk's pubic
hairs were fully oiled, and now they glistened like black gold in the dying
flames of the fire.
When they had completely oiled each other's groins, Batu turned and
let Ah Suk oil his warm, firm cheeks. Spreading them apart with his own
hands, he enabled Ah Suk to use the fingers of both hands to place the oil
as deeply into Batu's ass as possible. Even the view of his back from the
corner of my eye was enough to keep my dick hard and pulsing.
After Batu was completely oiled, Ah Suk turned his fantastic full,
round ass, and Batu oiled it as thoroughly as his had been oiled. The fine,
downy hairs that grew out of his dark crack appeared slick in the
Then Ram took his hands and placed them into the oil. Without rising,
he took my hot cock into his oily hands and rubbed it until oil dripped
down onto my balls. Carefully, he massaged them and my whole crotch, until
I was ready to shoot off, again.
Without rising, he managed to turn 1800. Now facing away from me, I
could just make out the fine contours of his hips and ass, sleek and
smooth. Again he spoke.
Nearly whispering, Batu told me to oil his back and ass the way I had
seen Batu and Ah Suk do it. I had been itching to touch that beautiful ass,
and I did not need a second invitation.
I dipped my hands in the oil and placed them in the middle of his
back. While my dick inched upward, I rubbed the oil on his muscular back,
and then down along his hips, until I had each globe of his fine, hard ass
in my hands. As I was about to insert my fingers into the crack, he
surprised me by reaching up from under him, and spreading his cheeks far
apart with his own hands, just as Batu and Ah Suk had done.
I put my oily fingers into him, and when I reached his hot anus, it
seemed to open for my fingers, allowing me to grease the insides of him.
He pressed his hands to mine, making sure that I could not remove them
from his asshole. Then he stood up slowly, without releasing my hand,
forcing me to stand with him.
The four of us were now sanding straight up, as were our throbbing
cocks. My fingers were still deep inside his butt hole, held there by his
own hand.
Then Batu walked up to Ram, kissed him gently on the forehead, and
turned his back to him. Ram spread that asshole that I loved to suck and
slowly Batu backed up onto the slick cock. I could see it pushing into him,
smooth and hard, until the thick black bush of Ram's pubic hair was pressed
flat against Batu's buns. I could see his buns tighten around the shaft,
and Ram made a deep groaning sound.
Immediately, Batu stepped forward, and the huge cock slid out of
him. A drop of cum fell from its tip.
"My God," I thought. "He's cum already. It's all over."
But I had forgotten that I was in fantasy-land. He had certainly cum
already, but it was far from over.
Batu stepped to one side, and Ah Suk took his place in front of
Ram. He, too, kissed him once on the forehead, then turned. Again, Ram
spread the hot, hairy round ass with his fingertips, and Ah Suk backed
slowly onto him. Again, I watched as the tip of Ram's dick penetrated Ah
Suk's gorgeous asshole and, with a sucking sound, thrust deeply into
him. At last, the cheeks were tight against the smooth loins, and the
cheeks of that fantastic ass tightened like Batu's had.
"Ahhhh," came the groan from Ram's throat, and Ah Suk stepped
forward. Again, the thick cock dripped creamy cum as it slipped from the
hot buns of Ah Suk.
"He just came twice in the time it takes most people to cum once," I
couldn't help myself from saying.
Batu said, "He fill me with life. My body give power. He fill Ah Suk
with life. His body give power. Now he must cum one more time, but it
happen slow. Ah Len fill Ram with his life, now"

Chapter Thirty-Two
With Ram standing before me, his hands still holding mine in his ass,
he stepped back towards me, as Batu and Ah Suk had done to him.
I felt my dick sliding into his butt. He took his hands away from
mine, allowing me to remove my own hands and replace them with my stiff,
hard cock. As the tip of my cock reached his asshole, it felt like I was
entering a moist, warm mouth that pulled me in, deeper and deeper. He was
able to suck my head from the inside, and I could feel the muscles in his
cheeks tighten as he did it. He reached around behind him and me, and put
his hands on my own hot ass, and pulled me tight against him.
I knew I was cumming almost the instant I felt that internal suction
on the head of my fat cock. As my hard flat belly pressed up against his
butt, my seed began to spill, then gush out of me and into him.
"Ahhhh," I groaned, as he had. Wave after wave of hot cum surged out
of me and into his tight ass, until I lay exhausted against his back, my
arms wrapped around his smooth, hairless chest.
But he did not step forward as the two others had done. Instead, he
kept his hands on my ass, pressing me into him.
"Rest," Batu said. "You soon cum again."
He was right. After a short rest, Ram began moving his hips back and
forth, as if he was fucking my cock with his ass, which he was. Even though
I had just cum, I knew I could again. I loved butt-fucking, and the priest
had one of the nicest butts I had ever fucked, and that inside-action was
something I had never experienced before.
While he thrust his hips back and forth, he took hold of his slippery
cock with one hand, and let it move through his fingers. Batu and Ah Suk
also began jerking themselves off.
But before any of them could cum, I was again at the point of shooting
my gathering load of cum.
"Wait, wait," I panted. "I'm cumming... I'm cumming... I'm
Another hot load of cum came surging up out of my nuts, gushing into
Ram's warm body. He relaxed his inside grip, but his fingers remained
pushed up against my ass, and I remained deep inside him.
"I can't do it again," I protested. "I can't..."
"You can," said Batu. "It is one more only. You cum three times, Ram
cum three times. Batu and Ah Suk cum one time. First rest. Then we help Ah
Len cum. You too strong. You cum three times. You see."
"OK," I agreed, "if you insist. But don't forget. I've already cum
twice today, before I even got here."
Again, I lay spent on the priest's back. This time, I could feel the
hardness going out of my cock. It was far from limp, but it was moving in
that direction.
Ram spoke. At the same time, he used his fingers to massage the walls
of my ass, and my rectum. Batu lay on his back with his head directly under
me, and lifted himself up, taking my balls in his mouth. Ah Suk lay on his
back, his feet in the opposite direction and lifted himself to take Ram's
balls in his mouth. While they slowly moved their hands up and down the
huge shafts of their own cocks, they licked and sucked our balls.
My cock stiffened immediately, and filled Ram's ass as a piston in a
cylinder. He let go of my buns, and put his slippery hands on his own, huge
dick. I didn't need him to move me in and out of his ass now; I did it on
my own.
Batu and Ah Suk beat their thick cocks more rapidly, as they sucked
our balls hungrily. Ram was jerking his meat faster and faster, as I fucked
that asshole and fucked it good. My hips moved back and forth, and my hot
cock slipped easily into Ram's blessed ass, deeper and deeper, then slid
almost out before thrusting deep, again.
Then I could feel the muscles of his incredible ass squeeze my cock
from inside. It was like getting a blow-job from within the warmth of his
asshole. I was about to cum, again.
I moaned. "I can't hold it back. Batu... I'm cumming."
Ram moaned, as did Batu and Ah Suk. Then I saw the great torrents of
cream streaming out of the priest's huge cock, falling on Ah Suk's belly
and dick and balls. At the same instant, Ah Suk shot upwards. Spurting high
into the air, his repeated shots of cum fell back on his own, beautiful,
virile body, mixing with the priest's cum.
Then Batu shot his load. He spurted powerful jets of cum out of his
great cock onto my back and ass. I felt its thick warmth as it collected at
the top of my ass, and wetted my crack with its warmth.
And then I came for the third time. I had the smell of their hot cum
in my nostrils as I filled Ram's butt with my semen, as satisfying as the
sudden burst from a water fountain that fills your mouth on a hot, summer's
day. An unbelievable amount of creamy cum poured, rather than shot, out of
me, and Ram took every drop of it. Three times I had unloaded myself into
the priest's hot ass, filling him with me. Three times he had taken
everything I had to give.
I started to pull my tired prick out of the priest's ass, but again he
would not allow it.
"Oh, Batu," I said. "I can't possibly fuck again."
"No," Batu laughed, as he and Ah Suk stood, cum dripping from their
muscled torsos and legs. "No more fuck tonight. You sleep now. But you
sleep inside Ram."
With that, the powerful arms of Batu and Ah Suk simply lifted Ram and
me, my dick still deeply inside him, up off the ground, and gently laid us
face down on a straw mat in the corner.
I was tired. My arms were down along Ram's sides, pressing against his
smooth skin. My face lay against the crook of his neck. He settled himself
comfortably, moving his hips slightly to make sure I was still inside him.
Batu and Ah Suk washed themselves clean. Then Batu washed my back and
ass., and dried me with my loincloth. He lay on top of me, put his cock,
still nearly hard, into the crack of my ass -- a thick, foot-long dog in my
Ah Suk lay on top of Batu, and Batu said something in Balinese.
"What?" I asked.
"I say his big hair make Batu feel good."
I smiled as I drifted off to sleep, loving the weight of the two
beautiful men on top of me, and the feel of the beautiful priest's back and
ass beneath me.
I dreamt Batu came to me that night in flowing, saffron robes. We made
love three times. We were alone.

Chapter Thirty-Three
As my mind stirred into morning wakefulness, I momentarily forgot
where I was. "This isn't my room," I thought. "Where am I?"
It didn't last for more than a second, this feeling of being lost. As
my mind focused, I realized where I was and what was happening. Apparently,
the three others had roused themselves before I had -- even managing to
remove my morning erection from the warm blanket of Ram's buns without
waking me.
I shook the sleep out of my head and opened my eyes wide. Ram was
standing in the center of the tent, naked and serene, while Batu and Ah Suk
carefully washed his body. Then they picked the robe up from where it had
fallen the night before, and draped it over the priest's close-cropped head
and smooth, firm shoulders. It straightened out, and again covered his
otherwise naked body.
Then, the two beautiful friends turned their attention to me.
"Berdiri," Batu commanded, using one of the few Balinese words I had
managed to keep in my head. I stood.
"Datang," he said, and I came over to where they were standing.
"Today ceremony," Batu said. "We wash you. Then we go."
They spoke between themselves, silently, then Ah Suk poured some of
the water across the top of my shoulders, letting it run down my back and
into my butt. Batu stood in front of me, first washing my face with gentle,
loving hands, then my chest and stomach.
When he got to my cock, he looked up and smiled.
"You too strong,": he said, "You can hold cock up for too long time."
"No," I protested. "You know me. I always catch a bone before I pee in
the morning."
"Today, you keep bone after pee in morning."
"What do you mean?"
"That why Ram choose you. You too strong. Soon you understand. Batu
tell Ah Len to think how you hold cock too big, like now."
"Hold it big? You mean keep my erection? For how long?"
I wasn't just concerned about my ability to keep a hard-on for a long
time -- though I confess the thought of failure did trouble me.
What really upset me was my confusion on waking. I had thought about
my room, and that had got me thinking about going home.
My plane was due to fly me out of here at seven the next morning. That
meant I had one day left in Paradise. One full day! Could I "think how to
hold cock too big," in Batu's charming words, when the thought of my
imminent departure hung over my mind like smog on a summer's day in Los
"Batu," I said, "we must get back tonight. I... I... ah... I leave
in the morning." The very sound of the words filled me with gloom.
But Batu refused to encourage this mood. He said, "We be at airport in
morning. Forget that now. Now think good thing. Think happy thing. What
make Ah Len keep this?" he asked, and gently squeezed my fat cock in both
his large hands.
"OK," I smiled, in spite of myself. "Just keep your hands there, and I
won't have any problem staying hard."
"Batu want to keep hand there. Ah Len cock warm Batu hands. But cannot
keep hands there. Ah Len must keep cock too big with mind, only. What can
Ah Len think about?"
"That's easy," I said. "I'll just think about the beautiful cock of my
love pushing into my butt and filling me with his life -- while nobody
looks!" As I said the words, my erection grew firmer, fatter, and Batu
squeezed it harder.
"Good," Batu said. "That true thought. That will happen. Good. Do not

Chapter Thirty-Four
With Ram leading the way, we emerged from the tent into the bright
morning sunshine. The sun on my bare ass felt good, adding its own sensuous
power to my thoughts. I walked only a foot or two behind the regal Ram, and
my cock seemed to be reaching out to touch the curves of his ass, clearly
visible through the thin material of his robes.
Behind me walked Batu and Ah Suk, side by side. They had their arms
around each other's waists, and I could feel the strength of their sex as
it strained toward my naked back.
As my eyes adjusted to the brightness of the morning, I realized that
there were hundreds of men and boys behind us, and to both sides. None was
wearing any clothes, and a quick, sidelong glance, persuaded me that every
single one of them had an erection of substantial proportions. Since I saw
no one put a hand to his stiff, hot cock, I presumed they were all keeping
themselves hard purely through the power of thought -- and the sight of
five hundred brown, naked men and boys with throbbing, erect cocks.
Ram led us towards a wide path that had been long-since cleared of
vegetation by the repeated trodding of thousands of pairs of bare feet. The
path descended gently into a huge field. Something had been erected in the
middle of the field, but from this distance, I couldn't make out quite what
it was.
It took us only a few minutes more of walking for me to recognize what
it was we were approaching.
There, astonishingly, in the middle of a field on the top of a
mountain, was a huge, marble phallus. It looked about seven feet high, and
nearly two feet in diameter. At the tip, its huge head retained its
original pink tinge, but along the great marble shaft, the oil from
thousands of hands rubbing it had darkened into a deep brown. Whether by
design or accident, it looked like the great cock was sheathed in foreskin.
At its base were two, huge, nearly round balls. They, too, had been
stained by the frenzied hands and lips of lord knows how many worshippers
over lord knows how many years.
As Ram approached the gigantic stone cock, he knelt and put his lips
to the marble ball on the left, then the one on the right. Unlike the cold
touch of marble that we hide away in dark museums, the great balls had been
warmed by the sun. Soon, there would be a lot of warm balls.
I stood where I was, not daring to move. But Ah Suk and Batu moved
past me to the kneeling priest. Lifting him to his feet, they removed his
robe. The sight of his naked back reminded me of my night of pleasure
inside him, and my cock strained upwards.
Then, taking him under the arms, they turned him towards me and the
crowd. His dick hung huge, but soft, between his legs -- until his eyes
locked on mine. Then, slowly, his incredible dick began to rise, pulsing up
and up, until it stood straight out.
The boys then lifted him up onto the huge balls, his back against the
base of the great cock. With his hands, he spread his cheeks and pressed
his open ass as tight against the warm marble as it would go.
His bearing was more than regal now. Standing there, against the
marble phallus, his own cock huge and throbbing, there was something of the
divine about him. A kind of prolonged communal moan began to emanate from
the assembled multitudes of aroused men, charging the air with a powerful
sexual energy.
Batu said, "Ah Len must take Ram deep into throat one time. No
more. Then kiss balls. Then turn. Now!"
Standing with my feet planted squarely between the giant balls, my
face came up just to Ram's crotch. With my hands at my sides, I used my
lips to guide the hard, smooth dick into my mouth, and slowly my head went
down. Further and further I went, inch by inch, until the thick mat of his
pubic hair lay soft against my lips.
Then I pulled back, as slowly as I had gone down, savoring the taste
of the priest's brown cock. When the round head slipped from my lips, I
bent slightly to press my face into his smooth scrotum. I kissed one ball,
then the other, just as I had been told.
"Turn," Batu commanded in a low voice. When I did, I was ready for
more. My fat cock was visibly throbbing. They say anticipation is always
better than the real thing. But "they" have never attended a fertility
ceremony in Bali.

Chapter Thirty-Five
I stood now, facing forward. I could feel Rams great dick on my neck,
and it excited me even more.
Then my beautiful Batu fell to his knees before me. For a moment, I
wanted to go to my knees, too -- to take his face in my hands and caress it
with my mouth. But the thought fled, as Batu took the head of my cock in
his lips, as I had done to Ram, and went all the way down on me. A
delicious warmth spread through me at the feel of my lover's mouth, and I
wanted to remain there forever, warm and safe.
But as soon as every inch of me was inside him, he drew back slowly,
letting his tongue linger for a moment on that especially erogenous zone
just below the head. The feel of his tongue, which he held there just long
enough that only the two of us knew the difference, made my hot cock throb
even more.
When his wonderful full lips slipped over the head of my cock and off,
he immediately pressed his face into my nuts, kissing one, then the
other. Then he stood and took his place next to one of the marble
No sooner had he stood, then Ah Suk took his place on his knees before
me. I looked down into his beautiful face, catching a glint of the sun on
those huge, ebony eyes. Like Batu, he slowly took my manhood into his wide
mouth and slid down its thick shaft, until the thick, drooping mustache was
against my skin.
Again, the delicious warmth filled me, and I could feel the throb in
my cock spreading into my ass and legs, my stomach and heart.
I didn't want Ah Suk to pull himself away, but he did. He, too,
pressed his mouth to my scrotum, but then he altered the pattern. He kissed
only one of my big nuts, the left one. Then he stood, took a step to his
left, knelt before Batu, and kissed one of his balls, the one on the right.
Standing again, he crossed in front of me and stood next to the other
marble testicle.
Ram stood behind me, his huge erection undiminished, pressing himself
against the marble cock. Directly below and in front I stood, like a human
phallic symbol, hot and hard. The human symbols of the life-giving
testicles -- Batu and Ah Suk -- stood next to their marble counterparts, in
a line with me.
It was time for the villagers to express their burning adoration for
the object of their worship.
I suddenly realized that I was to be the principal subject of their
religious fervor -- the human embodiment of fertility.

Chapter Thirty-Six
One by one, the worshippers approached. It began with the older men,
though nearly all of them appeared much younger than their years.
The first to step forward had the body of a gymnast. His bulging
pectoral muscles were matched by his muscular thighs. His skin was very
dark, and brilliant flecks of silver in his thick hair gave him an air of
distinguished dignity. He held himself in a way which commanded respect.
Yet, he fell on his knees before me. He, who looked deserving of
honor, was honoring me.
My cock was still pushing up. He took its hot tip in his lips, and
allowed it to slide, in one continuous motion, deep into his throat; and he
withdrew just as smoothly. Then, he knelt before Batu, carefully taking one
of his heavy balls in his mouth. Standing and moving again, he knelt in
front of Ah Suk and, just as carefully, took one of his hot nuts from its
luxuriant nest of hair, and suckled it for a moment. Then he stood, turned,
and walked back through the field towards the path.
This simple ritual was repeated countless times. With each stroke of
my cock -- with each worshipful suck -- I came closer to revealing the
tangible evidence of my fertility. I could feel my hot seed gathering, and
I knew I could not restrain it until all had had their turns.
A few men I recognized from the village. Grandfather stood before me
and he, too, knelt and stroked my full cock once with his mouth. As he
pulled away, he gave the tip of my dick a special lick of personal
affection. If I hadn't been so close to cumming, I might have appreciated
it more. It brought me to the very edge.
And then the next man took me into him. He was slim and tall, but his
dick was fat, neither long nor short. As he pulled slowly off me, I felt
the hot surge of cum move along my thick cock faster than he was sliding
away. Before his lips left my cock, it began spurting pre-cum. He got the
first few drops that warned of the deluge to follow.
Immediately, the next man in line, beautiful and strong, took his
place. He got the first hot load of cum deep down his throat, and the
second spurting shot, too, just before withdrawing. The look on his face
was indescribable, as if he had been especially singled out, touched by an
The next man stood before me, waiting for the cream to stop spilling
out of my hole -- waiting to start again. Incredibly, I suddenly felt the
weight of Ram's heavy rod behind me as his sperm shot out of him, splashing
on the face of the man before me, and dripping down my own bare shoulders.
Then Batu and Ah Suk creamed, almost simultaneously, shooting their
hot cum on the faces of the two men who had taken my seed in their
mouths. Now, each had a heavy, smooth testicle in his mouth.
How the three of them had cum together was a complete mystery to
me. None of them had put a hand to his cock while I was getting serially
sucked off, man by man, suck by suck. Yet, they came together, and while my
own cum was still pouring out of me.
More mysterious yet, each time I shot a load of cum, so did they. All
morning and afternoon I stood there, like some Greek god of antiquity. Man
after man made his offering to the idol of my manhood -- not gold or
sacrificial lamb, but their own mouths and tongues.
When Father's turn came, he was one of the "blessed" ones. He got a
mouthful of my thick cum, followed by a faceful of his son's. Again, Ram
spurted his seed, and again it wetted my shoulders. The continuous
background moan of the crowd grew, as if recognizing the special status of
one fortunate enough to have fertile seed shot into his mouth or face or
It went on like this most of the day. Occasionally, I would feel my
strength flag, but I would remember Batu's promise at such times, and my
cock would throb to life, hotly.
David winked as he dropped to his knees almost causing me to
laugh. But that blond surfer knew how to suck cock -- even if allowed only
one stroke. Semen gushed into his warm, young mouth, and he withdrew with a
smile on his face, which was immediately spattered with Ram's sticky
cum. Happily, he knelt and took Batu's ball in his cummy mouth, knowing
that Batu would complete the picture by shooting just then, too. And he
When Taba pushed his lips over the head of my tired dick, I knew the
end was near. He missed, by one, being among the chosen. The boy who
followed got what Taba just missed. He was as starkly handsome as anyone I
had seen that day. I caught sight of the cleft in the chin on his smooth,
beautiful boy's face, just as he took me slowly into his mouth and was
immediately filled with my seed.
It was at least the sixth time I had spilled my semen into someone's
warm mouth. Yet, I still felt excited. I felt Ram's warm cum on my
shoulders, and wanted to fuck him. I saw Batu spurting his seed onto the
handsome boy's face, and wanted him to fuck me.
And then it was over. The last boy had sucked the last suck, and was
walking away. Batu and Ah Suk each stepped towards me and took me in their
arms. For a long time, we stood there with me safely in the middle of their
powerful, sensual embrace.
Then we broke apart. Without a word or sign between them, the two
magnificent bodies and souls -- the Balinese and the half-breed -- lifted
Ram down from his phallic perch, and draped his saffron gown over him,
carefully lifting his balls and still-hard dick so the robe could fall into
With the last man-boy just disappearing up the hill, the three of us
set off, arm-in-arm, in the same direction. Ram remained to pray.
The great marble phallus grew smaller as we drew farther from it. I
looked over my shoulder before it disappeared from view completely, finding
it hard to believe the day's events had actually occurred.
Dusk had settle over the mountain as we began our descent. For the
first time since morning, we did not have erections. Our large cocks swung
loose and free against our legs as we walked. For the first time since
morning, I thought about what the morrow would bring. A tear spilled down
my cheek, unnoticed in the deepening darkness.

Chapter Thirty-Seven
We had made it home with just enough time to bathe and change before
we had to leave for the airport. My good-byes had been mercifully brief,
though filled with emotion, sadness and tears.
Now Batu and I waited for them to call my flight to Honolulu. He had
put on his most formal sarong. I was wearing the same jeans I had arrived
in. The thought of reproaching Batu for having promised what he could not
deliver was completely overshadowed by the immense sadness of leaving him.
"Perempuan perempuan. Laki laki," the public address system
blared. "Ladies and gentlemen. We are experiencing a slight delay in the
departure of Cathay Pacific flight 409 bound for Hong Kong and
Honolulu. Your patience is appreciated."
"Now come," Batu said excitedly. "The airplane late. Batu know special
place. Come!" He took my hand urgently, and pulled me out the door of the
We ran around the side of the building where heavy tropical plants
grew. Towards the back, a huge overhanging fern cascaded down from the
eaves. It was too thick to see through. Batu pulled back some of the lush
foliage and revealed a space that would have made a perfect fort for a
kid. It was about six feet long, and the clean, dry space between the fern
and wall was at least three feet wide. It was perfect.
We stepped into the hidden clearing. For the first time in our
intensely passionate, but tragically brief relationship, we were alone.
Batu fumbled with the buttons on my jeans, as I pulled off his
sarong. In a moment, we were standing next to each other totally naked,
just outside the International Airport. We pressed our bodies against one
another and kissed, hard.
While I rediscovered the sweet-tasting warmth of his mouth with my
tongue, he rubbed my hot buns with his hands, finally reaching into the
very center -- that hungry butt hole that had been asking for his huge cock
for too long.
He turned me around in his wonderful hands, and I felt his powerful
legs against the backs of mine, and trembled with the touch.
And then it happened. Who could believe that having your ass fucked by
one man could feel so different from any other -- so right, so
indescribably... I don't know a word. It has to be experienced to be
believed. The feeling defies description. My warm ass was made for his
huge, round cock. It was a perfect fit.
With no time to waste, Batu used his fingers to spread my cheeks, and
guide his hot cock along the walls of my hungry ass. At the gate, he pushed
the tip of his dick around the hole, letting it linger, then slowly probing
deeper, but never too fast, never selfishly. Deep and deeper he plunged his
manhood. I felt him in my middle, in my belly and loins and ass. I felt him
in my heart, and I was overcome.
I reached behind him with my hands so I could feel his butt as it
moved in and out, his great cock fucking me and fucking me and fucking
me. With his strong right arm, he reached around my middle and pulled me
tighter to him. With his left, he turned my head back over my left
shoulder, and our lips touched. Desperately, our tongues explored each
other's lips and tongues. I explored his strong, white teeth with my tongue
-- anything to hold his memory in me a little longer, to hold him forever.
"Ahhhh," he moaned, without taking his mouth from mine. "Ikud...
Ikud..." he groaned, low, low in his chest.
"Shoot! Shoot!" I begged him, as my own sperm began its powerful surge
up from my balls into the cock he loved so much.
"Ikud," he said, again. "I cum. I cum. Batu, Ah Len cum... We
And with his words came his seed. Thickly, it coursed its way into me,
spurting like life-giving heartbeats into my center. I felt it filling me
with his life, suffusing me with his love.
As the delirious pleasure of his orgasm filled me, I could feel the
short after-bursts of his love, even as my own cock spurted huge globs of
sticky cum onto the outside wall of the terminal, and continued to spill
warm liquid for several moments.
Our senses were returning to us slowly. We heard it at the same time.
The Cathay Pacific 747 lumbered down the runway on the other side of the
wire fence. We both caught a glimpse of it as it lifted impossibly off the
ground and ascended like an airborne leviathan.
"That Ah Len airplane," said Batu, with a mischievous twinkle in his
eye. "No stop now. Airplane no stop. We no stop. Green Eyes wait for
tomorrow airplane. We fuck again."
And so we did. We fucked again, right there, under the overhanging
ferns. And we fucked again, and again. In fact, not a day has gone by since
then when we have not fucked, and usually four or five times.
David and Taba still share the bed next to ours, and we still play
together when we have a mind. Grandfather passed on a couple of years ago,
but Father still gets it on with one or more of us, from time to time.
And every morning, Batu and I walk down to town and take a taxi ride
to the airport. There, in our very special secret hiding place under the
ferns, we wait for my airplane to depart.
So far, I've missed it every time.

The End

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