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Nifty - Gay - Interracial - Cum Eating Boy

Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2012 11:41:43 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: cum eating boy

Back in the 1970's when I was 12 years old I started Junior High in Florida
at a brand new Jr/Sr high school. So almost every one there was older and
bigger than me. I was a skinny small white boy with a mop of bushy brown
hair. A lot of the older kids liked to pick on me.

One day we were all standing around in the hallway and this kid named
Yates, who had long blond hippy-like hair, grabbed my pencil and wouldn't
give it back. Eventually, he held next to his crotch like it was a dick and
said, "if you want it take it."

So I casually grabbed it and all the other boys laughed and called me
queer, but I didn't care. Later that day, I was by myself in the bathroom
when Yates came up to me at the urinal. He pulled out his dick and pointed
it at me and said, "why don't you grab the real thing, queer boy." So I did
and it started to get hard right away. He said "damn, I bet you'd like to
suck it wouldn't you queer."

Now I'd just recently started fantasizing about sucking cock in the past
few months, so I said "sure if you want." He pushed me into a stall and
onto a toilet, and started rubbing his now rock hard cock across my lips. I
opened my mouth and started my new life as a cocksucker.

He could tell I was a natural at it, and he started moaning and started
saying things like "suck it good faggot" and then "do you wanna drink my
cum queer?"

At that point we heard the bathroom door open and the school janitor, Mr
Phelps came in and saw what was going on. He told Yates to get the fuck out
and then he locked the door. I was scared as shit. Mr Phelps was a big
black man about 45 years old. He had a scruffy beard and a beer belly. He
was at least 6 feet 2 and probably weighed 250 pounds.

He asked me if the other guy had forced me to suck his dick. When I
stammered that he had not, Mr Phelps got a little grin on his face and
started to rub his crotch. He asked if I had ever sucked any black dick and
I told I had never sucked any one before today, but had been wanting to for
a long time. He said "really" and stepped into the stall where I was
sitting. He started to rub his big black hands through my hair and rubbed
his black thumb back and forth across my lips. I opened my mouth instantly
and started sucking on his big black thumb.

He said "man, your a hot little white queer boy" and "you're gonna love
this baby." He unzipped and pulled out his dick. It was cut, with a big
mushroom head and about 7-8 inches long. He jerked it a couple of times and
brought it up to my lips. I could see a wet spot right at the opening at
the head, and I stuck my tongue out and licked it off. I was overwhelmed by
the tangy taste and knew that I loved it instantly. I opened up wide and
took his big black cock as deep into my mouth as I could.

Mr Phelps groaned and said "oh, baby boy, you're a natural born
dicksucker!" He told me to rub his balls while I sucked and he continued
groaning and grunting while he pumped he huge black tool in and out of my
mouth. Eventually, he pulled the cock out of my mouth except for the huge
mushroom head. He started beating off the shaft furiously. I could feel his
hand brushing my lips as I licked lots of leaking precum off his cock head.

He said "baby boy, I'm gonna fill your little white boy mouth up with black
nut." I felt his dick start to pulse against my tongue as shot after shot
of his hot black cum filled my mouth. When he finally finished shooting, he
pulled out and said "now baby, hold that nut in your mouth and show it to
me!' So I opened my mouth wide and started to swish my tongue around my
mouth so he could see. I felt like an absolute whore and I loved it.
Finally, he told me to swallow it and I did in three big gulps.

Over the next couple of years, I sucked off Mr Phelps just about every
day. I also started cruising the malls and rest stops in my area looking
for black cock to suck and black nut to drink. I've sucked some white guys
off as well, but I've never liked their cum as much. It may be my
imagination, but I swear black cum is more tangy and spicy. I always savor
a man's cum before I swallow it. I love to let the flavor soak onto my
tongue. Sometimes, when I let a really big black load soak in, it will
actually make my mouth numb for a while! I love that.

I welcome feedback about this story and would love to hear from any other
black cum lovers out there.
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Nifty - Gay - Interracial - Cum Eating Boy