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Nifty - Gay - Interracial - Lonely Boy

Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2013 08:57:05 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Lonely Boy

Lonely Boy
By Mike Loggerman
_Chatterman36@aol.com_ (

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I grew up as an only child. My mom was a single mother, and she worked two
jobs so was never around. When I was 14, I really started noticing guys.
We had a dark skinned Mexican neighbor named Julio that I liked to watch.
He was in his 30s, and had very hairy legs. I loved sitting on our porch
watching him when he worked in his yard. His chest was smooth but he had
really hairy armpits and sometimes when he was working, his thick bush
stuck out the top of his waistband. He was the subject of many of my jerk
off fantasies.

One afternoon I saw him sitting on his porch so I went over to say hi. As
we chatted, I noticed I could see up his shorts and he wasn't wearing any
underwear. He must have noticed me looking, because he spread his legs
wider which gave me a better view. My cock started to get hard, and he asked
if I like looking at his cock. I blushed and was about to leave, and he
stopped me, saying he liked me looking at his cock and he'd let me see more
and slid down his shorts. His cock was big and hairy. My cock was rock
hard and there was a wet spot in my shorts. He said if I wanted to come
inside, he'd let me play with it, so I followed him inside.
I sat on his couch and he stood naked in front of me. I felt his hairy
thighs and his big heavy balls, and stroked his long thick cock. He told me
he loved the way I stroked his cock, and said he'd love me to play with his
cock anytime. He said he wanted to feel my cock, so I stood closer to him,
and he slid down my shorts and briefs while he played with my teen cock
and balls. He said I had a really nice cock for my age and asked how many
times a day I jerked off. I told him 4. He told me he did too. He asked if
I ever tasted my cum but I said I hadn't. He said he loved the taste of
cum, and asked if he could taste mine. I was getting close to cumming and
said he could. He put his mouth over my cock and started sucking me. I
had a really intense orgasm, and shot my load in his mouth. I watched him
swallow my load. He said it tasted really good, that he'd like to suck me
and have more of my loads. I got on my knees and started stroking his cock.
He said he was getting close to cumming and I wanted to see what his cum
tasted like, so I put my mouth over his cock and sucked him the way he sucked
me. It was hard and warm, and I liked the taste of his cock. I felt it
throb on my tongue and my mouth was flooded with his thick load. It tasted
good and I swallowed it.
I told him I liked sucking his cock. We spent the rest of the afternoon
sucking each other and eating cum. He slid his finger up my ass as he sucked
me and it made me cum harder. He told me to knock on his door anytime I
wanted his cock.
I went home and jerked off thinking about him. I smelled like his sweat so
I took a shower before my mom got home.
The next day, when I got home from school, I knocked on Julio's door. He
seemed really happy to see me and invited me in. We started feeling each
other as soon as he closed the door. I loved how it felt to feel his hands
all over me. I felt his hairy pits and told him I hoped to be as hairy as
him someday. I buried my face in his pits and breathed in his manly
scent. He asked me to lick them, and I climbed on top of him and licked his
pits while he massaged my chest and ass. He told me to squat over his face
and he sucked my balls, which felt incredible, then parted my cheeks and
licked my asshole. I never imagined my ass could give me pleasure. I started
to suck his cock but he asked me to lick his ass the way he licked mine.
He got on all fours and I parted his hairy cheeks. I licked up and down
his crack, and hesitatingly pressed my tongue against his hole. It was warm
and clean. I buried my face in his cheeks and slid my tongue in and out of
his hole while he moaned. We got into a 69 position and sucked each other'
s cocks. It didn't take long for us to shoot.
As we lay in bed, I told Julio how hot it was to be with him. He said
there was a lot more we could do that would give us both a lot of pleasure, if
I wanted to try. I told him I wanted to try everything with him that was
possible. He smiled and said that everything is possible. All I knew was
that I loved his hairy body, and loved cuming with him.
I spent the rest of the week at Julio's, licking his pits and ass and
sucking his cock and getting my cock sucked. It was really nice having a friend
who let me play with his cock and eat his cum, and who sucked three or
four loads out of me each day.
One afternoon, Julio was laying in bed while I sucked him. The phone
rang, and I heard him tell the guy on the other end that a neighbor boy was
sucking his cock. I was surprised, but he went on to say that the boy does a
great job. He said that he sucks my cock too. He said, "not yet," and
he would let him know. A moment later, Julio shot a thick load of cum in
my mouth and I swallowed it.
As I lay next to him in bed, I asked him about the call. He told me it was
a friend of his who would like to join us sometime. Julio told him he'd
ask if I wanted anyone to join us. He said the guy was his age, not as
hairy, but had a bigger cock. I told him I'd love him to join us. Julio said
I wasn't ready yet because if this guy joins us, he's going to want to
fuck me. I never thought about it, but I liked how it felt when he put his
finger in my ass, so I told him I'd like to try it. Julio warned me that it
would probably hurt the first time, but then I'd like it. I asked if he
wanted to fuck me, and he said he really would. I asked him to do it.
Julio got some lube and gently fingered my ass. He worked a second finger
inside me and said I was going to love feeling his thick hard cock inside
me. As he fingered me, I started to relax. He slid a third finger inside
me and stretched the sides of my hole. As I got used to it, he lubed his
cock and got between my legs and rubbed his cock against my hole. He started
to press his cock against my ass and told me to push out like I was taking
a crap. As I pushed out, I felt his cock head slide inside me. It hurt,
and he held his cock there, until the pain passed. I told him to keep
going, and felt him sliding in and out, working his long cock inside me. When
he was all the way inside me, he held his cock buried in me so I'd get used
to it. He told me it felt really good and asked if I liked having his
cock inside me. I told him it still hurt, but I liked it. He started
sliding his cock in and out of me, and as the pain went away, I started to enjoy
it, especially the feeling of his big balls banging against mine. He
fucked me very slowly, and said now we were as one. As I started to moan, he
thrust harder and faster. I wrapped my legs around him, enjoying the
closeness of another guy being inside me. He tongue kissed me as he pounded my
ass. I started stroking my cock as he thrust his cock deep in me. He said
I was hot, and pounded me hard and deep. I felt like I was going to cum
and shot my load on my stomach while he shot his load deep in my ass. When
he pulled his cock out of me, he had me suck it clean and asked if I liked
having his cock inside me. I told him I liked it a lot. He said he'd
wanted to fuck me since we started playing.
He said he would need to be fucking me every day to get my ass used to
having a cock inside it. He fucked me several times in the next few days, and
each time I liked it more. I found myself craving his cock in me, and
once, when home, slid a banana up my ass while I jerked off.
A week later, I went to Julio's to have sex, and he told me had a surprise
for me. He told me he invited a friend over to join us, and if I liked
it, he had a couple of other guys I might like too. I asked what the guy
was like, and he told me the guy was hairy and had a big cock, and loved
younger guys. A half hour later, his friend came by. He looked to be in his
late 30's, and was quite hairy. His name was Carlos, and he wore a wedding
ring. He was friendly, and said he heard I liked hairy guys. I said I
did, and he smiled and said he liked young smooth guys. He and Julio took off
their clothes, and let Carlos undress me. As I felt his hairy body
against mine, I got rock hard. We felt each other all over, and he sucked my
cock while Julio licked my hole.
Carlos had a thick, dark uncut cock. It was as long as Julio's but a
little thicker. I pulled back his foreskin and ran my tongue around the head,
enjoying his scent and taste. He said he wanted to fuck me and lay me on
my back and slid his cock inside me. As he slid his cock in and out of me,
I felt his hairy chest and pits. Julio straddled my head and fed his cock
into my mouth. I started to stroke my cock, but Carlos stopped me, saying
he wanted to suck me when he was done. We both moaned as he made love to
my hole, and soon he announced he was going to cum. He thrust hard inside
me and I felt his cum shooting hard into me.
Carlos pulled his cock out of me and had me suck him clean while Julio
slid his cock in my cum filled ass and continued pounding me. Carlos took my
cock in his mouth and sucked me while Julio continued fucking me. The
constant pounding was sending me over the edge, and I thrust my cock up into
Carlos' mouth. My cock erupted in his mouth and I watched him swallow my cum.
A moment later, Julio shot his load inside me. As their mixed cum
dripped out of me, Julio tasted it, then gave me some. We lay in bed together
with me between them.
For the next few months, Julio arranged for me to get fucked by a steady
stream of Hispanic and black men. I loved being naked with hairy strangers,
and sucking their cocks before feeling their bare cocks slide deep inside
me. It got so I didn't even have to touch myself to cum. Just feeling a
stranger's cock pulsing inside me was enough to make me shoot my load. Most
of them didn't speak English, but I didn't care, as long as their cocks
were inside me. One of the guys asked me to come to his house and he would
share me with his friends. I went with him, and I had six guys fuck me one
after the other. Cum was dripping out of me, and cock after cock pounded
me. When they were done, my ass was so sore, I could barely walk. My host,
who I didn't even know his name, ran a warm bath and I soaked my ass.
When I was done, I got dressed and he thanked me.
I started walking home, and wanted to jerk off. I passed a few run down
stores, and went behind them and saw a dumpster. I went behind the dumpster
and started stroking my cock. I closed my eyes while I jerked off, and
was startled when I heard a noise. A middle aged Asian guy was standing at
the back door of the store I was behind, and watching me stroke. I quickly
fumbled to put my cock away, but he told me not to stop, because he liked
watching me. He invited me to the back room of his store and no one else
could watch him. I didn't know what to say. He said he'd really like to
stroke my cock for me. I said I'd go with him if he let me suck his cock.
He agreed and I went inside with him. I took off my clothes and let him
feel me all over and stroke me. It felt really good. I reminded him that he
said I could suck his cock, so he got undressed. His body was smooth, but
he had a seven inch cock that was fairly thick, and very hairy. We lay on
the floor in a 69 position and I sucked him while he jerked me off. I
told him to stop because I was going to cum. He stopped while I sucked his
cock. I really liked it, and he said he was going to cum. I said I wanted
to eat his cum, and kept sucking. He started stroking my cock, and I felt
him shooting his load in my mouth. After I swallowed his load, he started
sucking me and I started face fucking him. I shot my load in his mouth and
watched him swallow. He tongue kissed me and said I was very sexy. I
told him if we got together again, Id enjoy him fucking me. He said he'd
really like to fuck me, and asked if he could do it now. My ass was still
sore, but I said ok.
He opened a cabinet and took out some soothing lotion and gently massaged
my ass as well as his cock. He got on top of me and tongue kissed me as he
gently slid his cock inside me. I groaned deeply as he slowly pounded me.
I told him he was the first Asian guy to fuck me. He asked how I liked
his Asian cock, and I told him I loved it. He told me he loved having a
young guy to fuck before he went home to his wife. He said if I really liked
his cock, he would be willing to fuck me most evenings when the store
closed. I wrapped my legs around him and he pounded me harder. As he thrust
his cock deep in me, I felt him shooting his load. When he pulled his cock
out of me, I sucked him clean, and he ate his cum out of me, and kissed me,
passing it to me. I got dressed and said I'd be back tomorrow. He gave
me a ride to my street, and I thanked him again.
I was deeply hooked on cock. All I could think about was getting into
another guy's pants. When I got home, I sent out for a pizza. I took a
shower, and put on a long tee shirt that hung down below my cock. When the pizza
came, I noticed the delivery guy checking me out, like he was trying to
figure out if I had anything on under the tee shirt. I stretched so that
the shirt rode up on me, exposing my cock. The guy smiled and said I had a
nice cock. I said I liked when guys show me their cocks, so I don't mind
showing mine and letting guys play with it. He reached under my shirt and
felt my balls and started stroking my now hard cock. I took off my tee shirt,
and let him feel me all over. I started to feel the bulge in his jeans
and he let me pull down his pants.
He had cum stained white briefs, and pulled them down, causing his hard
cock to spring out. It was thick, cut and sweaty. I bent over and started
sucking him. He moaned as I deep throated him, burying my face in his
sweaty pubes. I felt him reach around and finger my ass. I asked him to fuck
me. I bent over the sofa and fel him spit on my ass and rub it in. A
moment later, I felt his hard cock sliding into my ass. It only took three
minutes. His cock exploded inside me, and he pulled out of me. I sucked him
clean, and he zipped up his pants. When I paid him for the Pizza, he told
me to keep the tip. After he left I jerked off.
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Nifty - Gay - Interracial - Lonely Boy