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Nifty - Gay - Interracial - The Boy Who Loved Black Cum

Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2012 17:37:43 -0800 (PST)
Subject: the boy who loved black cum

This is a direct sequel to my previous story "cum eating boy." Please refer
to that story to learn how I first started sucking off our school janitor,
Mr. Phelps, and became addicted to black cum.

I was only 12 years old and in the seventh grade when I first started
servicing Mr Phelp's big black dick at my Jr. high school in Florida. Over
the summer between seventh and eighth grade I turned thirteen. I was still
a small skinny little white boy with bushy brown hair and blue eyes. I had
spent a good part of the summer in the restroom of the local mall trying to
pick up men and suck as many cocks as possible. Most of the men were white
and not particularly well hung and their loads tasted bland compared to the
hot spicy nut that Mr. Phelps had given me.

So I was glad to be back in school and even more excited the first time I
saw that Mr. Phelps was still working there. He was a large middle aged
black man, about 45-50 years old, with a big beer belly and a large thick
black dick with a mushroom head. When he passed me in the hallway between
classes he smiled, stopped and lightly ran his big black hand across my
cheek. He leaned forward and whispered "glad to see you back baby" and "why
don't you meet me in the utilty room at lunch--I've got something you'll
like a lot better than the shit they have in the lunchroom!"

When my lunch period arrived, I walked as fast as I could to the utility
room and lightly knocked on the door. Mr. Phelps cracked it open and let me
in. He led me to the back of the room behind some equipment and he sat on a
stool, which brought him down to my level since he was over 6 feet tall and
I was only about 5'3". He put both his big black hands on either side of my
face and kissed me right on the mouth. As we french kissed I could taste
the cigar smoke flavor in his mouth--it made me hard immediately! He
unbuttoned his workshirt and pressed my face against one of his thick sexy
nipples. He said "suck on my titties you little white slut boy" and I
did. He then pulled my face away from his chest and told me to strip naked
for him. I stripped as fast as I could while he lowered his pants and boxer
shorts, freeing up his rock hard 8 inch cut cock, which was already leaking
precum from its bulbous black head.

Once I was naked, Mr. Phelps ran his big hands over my smooth slim pussyboy
body and cupped my balls and dick (which was by now a rock hard 5 inches)
in one hand. He ran his other hand over my baby smooth butt and as he
pressed his index finger right up against my butthole, I let out a slutty
moan. He said "do you like that baby?" as I nodded yes. He said that would
have to wait as we did'nt have much time and he needed me to suck the nut
out of his daddy dick before my lunch period was up. I dropped to my knees
and wrapped my left hand around his extra thck black dick and began to pump
it up and down. I placed my tongue right underneath his thick purple and
black cockhead and let the precum drip right onto it. As usual, I was
overwhelmed by the flavor of his nut and vacuum sucked as much as I could
out of his piss slit. It was just so spicy and pungent and nasty--I loved
it and moaned as I savored it. He said "yeah, suck my dick you little queer
boy--you're gonna get the biggest load of black nut ya ever had!"

After hearing that. I pressed his huge cock up against his belly and went
to work sucking on his cum-filled balls. They were musky and manly and I
sucked them for all I was worth. Then I slid my tongue up the underside of
his thick black shaft and took as much of his cock into my mouth as I
could. As I massaged his balls sucked he grabbed me by the hair and pumped
my head up and down on his shaft. He said "take it you little white
pussyboy cocksucker-I have'nt cum for three days and you're gonna drink it
all!" When he released my head for minute, I looked up into his eyes and
said "I want it Daddy, please-I've been waiting all summer to eat some more
of your black nut!" and then went back to work on his dick.

After several minutes of serious cocksucking, I sensed he was tensing up,
almost ready to cum. I pulled off his cock except for the head, and began
pumping his dick with one hand while I squeezed his big black hairy balls
with other. He said "yeah babyboy, the harder you work for that nut, the
better it'll taste!" and then he told me to open my mouth so he could see
the sperm shoot into it. I moaned like a whore as he filled my mouth with
8-10 spurts of tasty black daddy cream. He placed one of his big black
hands under my chin and held my face up and told me to show him how much I
liked his black nut. I swished the hot sperm around my mouth for him to see
and began to furiously beat myself off.

I was already late for my next class, but I did'nt care. I wanted to let
that hot black load of cum soak into my tastebuds. It was so nasty and
spicy. It felt and tasted like I had three raw scrambled eggs in my mouth
that had been spiked with hot sauce! After a minute or so, my mouth began
to go numb, so I gulped down all the cum and shot off onto the floor.
Mr. Phelps smiled at me and said "you're such a good little white pussyboy
cumsucker!" I stood up and hugged and kissed him on the mouth. He squeezed
my naked butt and told me I needed to get back to class, but to come back
for more tomorrow.

After that, I saw Mr. Phelps almost every day during lunch and sometimes
after school when we would have more time to play. Eventually, we settled
into a routine where I would suck him off everyday at lunch and then he
would fuck me after school let out. But no matter what we did, I never got
tired of eating his black cum, and have never tasted any cumloads as fine
as his!

As always, I welcome any comments on this story and encourage you to
contribute to this site.

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Nifty - Gay - Interracial - The Boy Who Loved Black Cum