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Nifty - Gay - Military - Army Rip N Strip - Army Rip N Strip 2

Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2007 00:26:53 -0400
From: Wakka 2620 <>
Subject: Army Rip 'n Strip 2

This story involves sexual encounters between males. If this topic offends
you, do not read any further. Please follow all applicable laws and
regulations. This story does not imply anything about the fictional
characters and may be loosely based on real events.

Straffi continued harassing Smith since the gym incident trying to provoke
the soldier into harsher punishments. Knox, Riley, and even Schwarz were
mostly ignored. Smith never reacted though and did everything Straffi asked
so Straffi had to be creative and bend rules for his punishments. As
punishment Smith was naked now pretty much 24/7. Straffi still wanted to
get Smith good and then move on to harass the other soldiers. A few weeks
after the gym incident, Straffi saw the perfect opportunity.

In the pitch darkness just before sun up Straffi burst into the Squad's
barracks screaming. "ATTENTION! GET THE FUCK UP!" The squad jumped to
attention some in their underwear but a few like Smith completely naked.
The squad groaned. Straffi sneered. "NO CLOTHES!" Straffi screamed with an
evil grin.

"Huh." Wha-" "I-" some of the squad muttered in shock and disbelief.

"I don't think so Straffi." the LT said entering the barracks his black
frame striking against the rising sun. "These men are not ready for such
harsh conditional training yet."
"Of course Sir!" Straffi responded sycophantly, but not missing a beat "This
one," Straffi pointed with his chin walking over to Smith "is on discipline
duty. He's to be naked all day today."

The LT walked over slowly looking Smith up and down. As the LT made eye
contact Smith felt his cock jump and get a little hard as he stared straight
back at the LT's dark face. "Looks tough." the LT pursed his lips nodding
at Smith "Naked's OK."

As the LT turned to leave, Straffi had a big evil grin on his face. "GRAB
soldier's scrambled.

The squad loaded into the back of a truck transport stowing their packs. As
Smith climbed into the truck he noticed a team of soldiers without packs
loading into a jeep next to the truck. The truck was covered so only a
little sunlight made it through the darkness. They drove nearly all
morning. Only when the sun was at its highest did (recently promoted)
Sergeant Straffi order a halt. The squad sat in the oppressive darkness
their clothes soaked in sweat. Then the back flap was removed blinding

TITS!" The squad rushed to strip off their shirts. "GRAB YOUR PACKS AND
REWARD CUZ YOUR OFF FIRST YOU NAKED FUCK!" As the squad scrambled off the
truck Sergeant Straffi screamed "LEAVE THE SHIRT SASQUATCH! IT BELONGS TO
ME NOW!" Schwartz dropped the shirt he was stuffing in his pack and
scrambled out.

"ATTENTION!" Straffi yelled. The squad stood at attention in a circle
behind the truck with Sergeant Straffi in the middle. "SQUAD! TODAY'S
sneered as the mystery soldiers from the Jeep moved behind the Squad tying
blindfolds around the soldier's eyes. Sergeant Straffi paced around staring
into the blindfolds. "YOU WILL BE SEPERATED! RESTRAINTS!" Sergeant
Straffi laughed as the soldiers arms were tied with rope behind their lower
backs with the exception of Smith and the soldier to his right. Their arms
went over their heads with their wrists tied behind their necks. Leads ran
down to the ground and were tied around Smith's ankles. The second
soldier's leads currently remained untied. "It shouldn't take you fucks
more than an hour to undo the restraints." Straffi said smiling to himself.
"SMITH! Maybe a little longer for you and your friend." Straffi sneered.
"YOU WILL BE NAKED! STRIP THEM!" Straffi ordered.

"But-t S-sir-" stuttered one of the Squad behind Straffi.

"SHUT IT!" Straffi ordered.

"Sir the LT s-" the doomed soldier continued.

"WHO THE FUCK!" Straffi screamed spinning around. "HA! YOU! TAKE HIM!"
Straffi ordered. Two mystery soldiers drug the doomed soldier down the hill
to the jeep. The remaining mystery soldiers would move behind a restrained
soldier, reach around, undo the soldier's pants, squat down, undo the
soldier's boots, remove the boots, remove the pants, and then finally
replace the soldier's boots. After Smith friend was stripped the leads were
then tied to his ankles just like Smith. Straffi paced around inspecting
his handiwork. When Straffi's back was turned to part of the circle, the
mystery soldiers would tug or slap the naked soldiers' cocks making them
hard. After all the Squad was naked (and hard) Straffi stalked off to
administer punishment to the doomed soldier.

Some of the mystery soldier's went to the front of the truck trying to find
some shade while awaiting Straffi's return. Two mystery soldiers stayed
behind, King and Brock. King, jumped up on truck bed, looked over at his
tall blond buddy Brock and then mimed getting a blowjob from the naked
soldier standing inches away from King's bulge.

Brock smiled, grabbed the naked soldier in front of him, and mimed fucking.
'Nice.' King mouthed.
Brock began exploring his new toy. The stripped soldier was a good six
inches shorter with dirty blond hair. Though short he was very broad, thick
and muscular. He looked like he should be a model or movie star not
tied-up, stripped, sweaty, dirty, and about to be abandoned in rough
terrain. Brock ran his hands along the soldier's defined muscles tracing
each one as the soldier strained against his bonds. Brock ran his hands
across the soldier's pecs pulling hard on the nipples. Then Brock traced
down following the near perfect V his thumbs outlining each ab muscle.
Brock hands found their way down the soldier's inner thighs squeezing the
tight muscles. Brock's left hand cupped the soldier's sweaty balls as he
brought his right hand up to smell the soldier's sweaty scent. After
getting his fill of man scent, Brock pulled back the soldier's foreskin;
rubbing the soldier's now exposed cock between his thumb and first two
fingers making the soldier shutter in the hot sun. Brock leaned forward and
whispered "Fuck! Wish I was stripped next to you."

The soldier pushed his ass back rubbing it against Brock's hard cock. Brock
smiled and grabbed the soldier's waist. Then going a step further than
miming, Brock began rubbing his hard clothed cock against soldier's naked
ass. King looked over and mouthed `Shit dude.' Brock smiled panting into
the soldier's ear. Next Brock made the soldier suck on his middle finger,
then reaching down Brock explored along the soldier's ass crack eventually
slipping the moist digit up the soldier's ass. Brock felt the soldier
clenching his ass around the invasive finger.

Brock looked and saw King over by the truck grinding crotches against a
naked soldier. King hands were all over the soldier's lightly hairy chest.
Brock looks across the circle at Smith's completely tanned naked body
fantasizing about a foursome with Smith, Brock, King and Brock's soldier

"ALL RIGHT LADI-," Brock whips his finger out of the soldier's ass as
Straffi strode up the hill. "WELL THE EVIDENCE IS BEFORE ME YOU'RE NOT
LADIES!" The defeated soldier was drug up the hill his pubes and pits
completely shaved. Since the rest of his body was covered in dark hair he
looked pretty comical. As the remaining mystery soldiers came around the
truck one snickered. "You laughing at something Fuller!" Straffi

"Sir, no Sir!" Fuller responded.

"Take off your shirt! Give it to Tokar! Be glad I'm not completely
stripping you! Get your ass in the back of the truck!" Straffi ordered.
Fuller stripped his shirt exposing a well toned well tanned thick torso. He
tossed his shirt to Tokar and jumped into the back of the truck.

"You will be dropped off alone. Your mission is to get out of your bonds,
reunite the Squad, and return to base. If you return to base without the
entire squad, YOU WILL GODDAMN REGRET IT!" Straffi screamed stomping off to
the Jeep.

The mystery soldiers loaded the blindfolded squad into the truck. "Man. It
smells like dick in here." Fuller grunted stretching.

"And sweaty pits." Flynn replied guiding Smith into the truck.

"Fuck off!" Fuller jumped up rubbing his sweaty pits in Flynn's face. Flynn
struggled against Fuller eventually pushing Fuller away.

"Flynn, stay back here." Tokar said. "Kiss and make-up with Fuller."

Everyone was jolted around as the truck started up over the rough terrain.
Fuller sat back pointing to his crotch and mouthing to Flynn `Next time
bitch.' Fuller then leaned back with his hands behind his head breathing in
the smell of man meat. The truck made periodic stops over the next two
hours. Each time the truck stopped Fuller and Flynn would push one of the
squad out and his pack would follow usually a few hundred feet away.

As Fuller hauled the last soldier off the truck, he laughed "Fucking
Sasquatch. He looks ridiculous."

Flynn turns to Fuller. "Fuck off, dude." Fuller glares at Flynn and as the
truck starts moving tackles Flynn to the floor.

Gallo squinted as the two naked figures approached. The taller one had
bright yellow hair and easily four or five inches over his companion. As
the tall soldier stretched you could see the outline of a few muscles but he
was mostly lean and wiry. His dirty blond companion was shorter around
5'10" to 5'11" with a much thicker and muscular body defined to an almost
perfect V. `Fucking stud' Gallo thought eyeing up the shorter soldier.
Their mostly soft cocks were bouncing as they walked over the sandy rocky
terrain. The soldier stud's cock was completely hooded even semi hard where
the taller one's cock head just a little hard was poking out of his

Gallo watched the soldier stud reach down pull back his foreskin wipe the
end of his cock and let the foreskin creep back over his cock head. Gallo
reached down scratching his nuts giving them a few tugs. Then he stepped
out of the shade letting the early evening sun soak into his olive skin,
hairy chest, and thick cock. The two soldiers were talking and looking at
each other not at their surroundings. They didn't notice the beefy Italian
now in full view. "Hey!" Gallo called out. The two looked his way.

"Hey, Gallo!" the taller soldier hollered back with a wave breaking into a
jog. His companion followed a few steps behind both their cocks bouncing
around off their thighs. "Good to see ya. Even this much." the taller
soldier laughed clasping Gallo's upper arm and squeezed. "Glad to see you
and," intentionally looking down to embarrass the taller soldier "your
equipment are OK Ibsen." Gallo grinned pushing against Ibsen's chest making
him stagger back a step.

"Hey, this is Vacek, well Vace." Ibsen introduced his new buddy as Gallo
reached out and clasping forearms with the shorter soldier stud.

"Hey." Vacek smiled back as Ibsen pushed Gallo from behind. "You seen
anyone else?" Vacek asked as Gallo and Ibsen escalated their pushing match
to faux karate.

"Just Wright, Vace." Gallo responded blocking Ibsen's kick with his forearm.
"He's back at camp. We're still six short. Wright and I figured we would
just head south following the forest's edge. Eventually we will run across
the path that leads back to base. Hopefully the other guys are headed that
way too. Follow me. I'll show you where we are camped." Gallo walked back
into the woods. As they walked into camp Gallo called out "Hey Wright! Two
more for dinner!"

"Hey, Ibsen." Wright said turning around from the fire he just started.

"Hey." Ibsen greeted. "This is Vace." Ibsen introduced placing his hand
on Vace's shoulder.

"Dinner will be soon." Wright said.

"Cool. We stunned some lizards earlier." Vacek said reaching into his pack
and handing over the two lizards.
"Thanks." Wright said adding the lizards to the pile of ingredients for
"Where are you guys using for a latrine?" Vacek asked. "I gotta take a
wicked piss."

"Me too." Ibsen said.

"I'll show you." Gallo offered giving his thick cock a squeeze as he led
the two soldier's deeper into the woods.

Later that night after eating the guys were sitting around the fire bored
out of their minds. "Fuck it. I'm bored." Gallo said reaching down and
playing with his soft cock. "There's only one thing to play with here and
I'm gonna play with it." He grinned looking over at Ibsen. Ibsen laughed
reaching down and jerking his own cock hard. Vacek had only been a second
behind Ibsen exposing his uncut cock head.
Vacek had one hand holding back his foreskin while the other hand rolled
his cock head between his first two fingers and this thumb. Out of nowhere
Wright screamed "UNFUCKINBELIEVABLE! I never thought I'd see SOLDIER'S
CIRCLE JERK! SHIT SONS!" Vacek was stunned and immediately dropped his
cock. As Wright paced around camp breathing heavy Gallo mouthed to the
other two `Does this all the time.'

"Well," Gallo looked at Wright as he still played with his thick cock, "did
you ever think the Squad would be sent out with just their boots and packs
to fend for themselves cock ass naked?"

"Awe fuck it." Wright replied sitting heavy on his log reaching down and
jacking off but keeping his eyes off the others. After a while the other
three guys started to really get into jerking off in front of their soldier
buds. They kept watching what each other was doing and when they felt
watched they'd mix it up throwing in some of their favorite jerk off moves
and mimicking what the others were doing. Gallo even tried attempting some
of the foreskin tricks the other two were doing with pathetic but hilarious
results. The three of them just continued laughing as the tricks got more
outlandish, but Wright wouldn't join in and just stared into the fire
pumping his cock.

"I don't care if it is gay." Ibsen said looking up from Gallo's cock.
Let's circle jerk."
"All right." The three agreed. Wright looked up and ready to tirade again
but Gallo just raised his eyebrows. Wright shrugged almost reluctantly.
Vacek reached over and grabbed Ibsen's uncut cock. Like Ibsen it was pretty
long and skinny. Vacek would occasionally reach down and tug on Ibsen's
hairless nut sack. Ibsen reached over and grabbed Gallo's thick monster.
It was a decent 7" but thick like a mother fucker. Ibsen knew Gallo's cock
would still be felt even after the fucking was over. Gallo also had thicker
hairier pubes compared to the other three. Ibsen would alternate playing
with Gallo's cock and running his hand through Gallo's big bush, up Gallo's
treasure trail and across Gallo's furry chest. Gallo was jerking off Wright
who would jump each time Gallo flicked Wright's cock head or if Gallo ran a
finger nail along the underside of Wright's cock. "Great suggestion
Wright!" Gallo smiled as Wright took hold of Vace's uncut cock. Wright kept
his hand at the base of Vace's cock trying to avoid the foreskin. Vace used
his free hand and held his cock skin down. Each time Wright circled his
palm around Vace's exposed cock head Vace would physically shiver. The guys
played with each other for over half an hour as the light dimmed.

Each guy was close but a little intimidated to cum by another's hand. Vacek
was panting the hardest and knew he couldn't hold out much longer. Wright
quickened his pace hoping to be done touching another soldier's cock.
"Fuck, I'm there." Vacek moaned as a solid white jet of cum shot directly
into the air. Ibsen and Gallo looked over at the cumming stud's cock.
Wright yanked his hand away immediately not wanting another man's cum on it.
Wright looked down he saw his fingers and palm covered in sticky clear
liquid. Shaking his hand like it was burnt Wright ran it through some weeds
trying to get the soldier stud's precum off. Vace looked down at his
throbbing cock and thought `Looks like a cum geyser.' Gallo laughed at
Vace's cock "Looks like a little cum volcano just erupted."
Vace laughed. "Watch out villagers." Gallow laughed as cum continued to
pour out and run along Vace's cock into his pubes and dripping down off his

"Fuck you made a big mess." Ibsen said staring at his buddy's cum covered
cock and balls.

"That I did." Vace replied smiling "Your turn." Vace quickened his pace on
Ibsen's cock. Ibsen's breathing got heavier with each stroke. Vace
grinned. Using his left hand to hold down Ibsen's foreskin and using his
own cum as lube, Vace ran his right palm all across Ibsen's cock head. Vace
also used his left pinky and ring fingers to massage Ibsen's taint. Having
his taint massaged did Ibsen in. He bent his head back moaned stretched out
his entire torso and came directly into Vace's hand.
"UUUAAAHH!" Ibsen grunted into the dark night. "UUAAHH!" Ibsen groaned
again as Vace squeezed the sensitive cock head. "UAH. UAH. UAH." Ibsen
panted for each cum load that shot into his buddy's hand. Vace wasn't done
though. Using his own and Ibsen's cum as lube, Vace circled his buddy's
cock for round two. Ibsen was completely at Vace's mercy and could only
choke out "UH!" "UH!" "UH!" as Vace continued to pound Ibsen's now super
sensitive cock head. Ibsen's entire body was covered in goose bumps and his
nipples were rock hard. His entire body shook as his cock experienced the
most intense orgasm of his young life. Instead of cum a stream of water
shot out drenching Ibsen's chest stomach and cock. Vace didn't stop
squeezing Ibsen's cock until his bud stopped pissing and blew his second cum
load of the evening. "And that son," Ibsen panted still shaking from his
second orgasm in ten minutes, "is why we always piss before sex." The other
two laughed as Wright stared off into the darkness.

Ibsen recovered and continued jerking his neighbor as Gallo continued to
jerk off Wright. Vace sat back and was idly playing with his balls. There
was something he really wanted to do but thought it'd be too noticeable in
front of the guys. He compromised and ran his middle finger down along his
taint massaging the area under his nut sack. Suddenly, Wright let out a
little grunt as he blew his load all over Gallo's hand. Still cumming
Wright stood up and stalked off into the dark woods panting "Gotta piss."

"Last one to cum," Ibsen teased, "eat the ookie."

"Fuck you." Gallo laughed. Ibsen slowed down his speed but started
squeezing Gallo's cock from the bottom up like he was trying to milk the cum
out. "I think we'll be here all night." Gallo joked.

Ibsen leaned over next to Gallo's cock. "Reeealy?" Gallo felt Ibsen breath
on his cock head. Next thing Gallo realized two loads of cum hit him right
between his hairy pecs. The next load dribbled down his hairy stomach.
Gallo could feel the cum running through his hair down his chest and stomach
trying to get back to his cock. Ibsen continued his milking as Gallo
watched his cock pissing cum. Gallo's pubes were drenched in cum and he
could feel it running along the insides of his thighs as it dripped down
pooling beneath him.

"FUCK!" Gallo exclaimed. "You know how hard it is to get cum out of hair?
And no FUCKING showers!" he laughed.

"Little more won't matter then." Ibsen scooped up his own cum and smeared
it across Gallo's hairy pecs.

"FUCKER!" Gallo hollered laughing. Then launching himself at Ibsen; Gallo
tackled the lanky soldier to the ground. Gallo lay on top rubbing his hairy
cum covered body all over Ibsen's. Gallo's cock still leaking cum as it
rubbed against Ibsen's cock. Vace watched the two buds rub their sweaty
bodies together his hand further underneath him. His finger massaging and
entering his hole just as the mystery soldier had when he was first tied up.

" UNFUCKINBELIEVABLE! I never thought I'd see two soldiers WRESTLING NAKED!
SHIT SONS!" Wright yelled returning to camp. Vace jump startled, but no one
was looking at him as he quickly removed his finger from his ass.

"You're missing all the fun." Ibsen smiled up at Wright. Gallo got up and
sat back at his rock laughing.

"Awe man." Ibsen mock complained. "Now I have little black pubes stuck all
over me."

"No pity. Join the club hairless freak." Gallo laughed stroking his thick

Alvarez, Parson, and Owens sat around their campfire. They had found each
other pretty quickly after being dropped off. Then working back to back it
had only taken about 10 minutes to free each other. After traveling for
half a day they decided to break and make camp. Now their dinner cooked
over a small fire.
Alvarez stretched lazily exposing his really furry dark pits and looked
around for something to do. He noticed Parse was staring in his direction.
'You staring at me or through me.' Alvarez wondered as his hand idly fell
down and scratched his heavy nuts. Parse's eyes flickered following the
motion. 'Nice.' Alvarez smiled to himself. `What the hell. Time to give
the kid a show.' Alvarez reached up running his hand slowly across his dark
uncut cock.

"Whoa-" Parson stammered when he realized what Alvarez was doing. "No
worries Parse." Alvarez replied with a smile. "Just passing the time."

"Checking out Rez's cock." Owens teased Parse.

"No." Parse glared over at Owens.

"No worries," Owens chuckled "our eyes get drawn to large objects. May as
well jerk along with donkey dick over there." Owens said smiling.

"I'm not that big." Rez replied shaking his head. "Dark enough though."

"For a light skinned Mexican you sure got a dark cock." Owens teased.

"Fuck you white boy." Rez replied with mock hostility. "You look like you
fell in some fuckin bleach. Just cuz I'm just permanently tanned with a big
dark cock no need to hate."

Owens laughed taking his own cock in his hand. "You just said you didn't
have a big cock."

"Lied." Rez shrugged stroking his nine uncut inches. Parse felt his cheeks
burn red as he reached down to his own cock. The three sat there waiting
for their dinner to cook jerking their cocks. Rez would periodically pull
back his foreskin exposing the large light purple head and then wave his
cock around. Parse couldn't keep his eyes off Rez's cock though he tried to
disguise his staring. Owens and Rez could see through the disguises and
would periodically make eye contact, smile, and flick their eyes over to

Fifteen minutes later Rez stood up. "Dinner's ready." He said cumming into
his free hand. Then without a pause Rez swallowed his load.

"What the Fuck Dude!" Owens laughed nervously. Parse just stared his eyes

"Can't waste anything in the wilderness." Rez responded milking his cock
then licking his fingers clean. "If you guys aren't swallowing, I will."
Rez stated not embarrassed at all. The other two were struck speechless.

Five minutes later while Rez was stretched out on his rock Parse knew he was
close. He was breathing heavier and his balls were trying to shrink up into
him. Parse couldn't decide if he would swallow or let Rez have it. He
wished Owens had cum second. Parse brought his free hand around just in
time to capture his creamy spooge. Looking over at Rez, Parse brought his
hand up and licked it clean. "Good man." Rez replied staring straight into
Parse's eyes then deliberately lowering his gaze to Parse's cock.

Parse flashed back to earlier when the mystery soldier was grinding against
Parse, except this time it was Rez and they were both naked cock to cock.
Parse's face burned red in the dark. `What the fuck am I thinking.' Parse
panicked as Rez's eyes traveled around Parse's body taking in the brown
lightly furry abs pecs and pits. Parse's was very self conscious of his
naked frame under Rez's scrutiny. Parse felt his cock getting hard again
and knew Rez would notice. Just then Owens came in his free hand providing
a distraction.

"There's no way fucking way." He replied holding his hand out. Rez got up
and walked over and swallowed Owens' watery semen. "Fuck man." Owens said.
Rez shrugged, meeting Parse's eyes, as he walked over and pulled one of
the roasted lizards from its spit.

I would like to thank JosephF for his contributions to the Army Rip `n Strip
series. Any and all feedback, including whether there should be further
chapters or story topics, is appreciated, Copyright
2007 All Rights Reserved.

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Nifty - Gay - Military - Army Rip N Strip - Army Rip N Strip 2