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Nifty - Gay - No Sex - Underoos - Underoos 1

Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 16:04:47 -0700 (PDT)
From: Thomas James <>
Subject: underoos

Timmy loved his underoos. He had all kinds - superman, spiderman, scooby
doo - and also had cartoon underpants with pictures of trucks or sports
items on them. He knew that he was too old for cartoon underpants and
should have outgrown them, but he didn't care - he still wore them.

For as long as he could remember, Timmy had loved showing off his underoos
and cartoon underwear in public in front of older men, and he still enjoyed
doing that. In fact, as he got older, it was more fun because he would feel
embarrassed to have men see him in his childish underpants.

The first time Timmy had shown off his underoos in public was when his dad
dropped him off at the toy store. His dad was going to let him browse by
himself while he went to the hardware store next door.

As Timmy walked around the store by himself, he noticed lots of the other
dads noticed him. Timmy had striking looks with dark hair and blue eyes. As
Timmy walked down the main aisle, he walked right out of his sneakers which
he had left untied. He kept walking in his white socks, leaving his shoes
behind him. Timmy loved the feeling of being free from his shoes and
walking around in just his socks; it got him excited. For some reason he
also liked leaving his shoes behind him and just walking away from them.

Timmy continued to walk around and noticed more dads checking him out.
Timmy undid the top button on his jeans, and they started to slide down as
he walked. He unzipped the zipper a little so that his jeans continued to
slide down. As he walked and his pants slid down, his underwear gradually
came into view. More dads were noticing that his scooby doo briefs were

Without his sneakers on to stop his pants, Timmy's jeans began to slide off
his feet. The more Timmy walked, the more he stepped on his pants, causing
them to slide down more and more. He kept walking, and eventually walked
right out of his jeans, again leaving them behind him on the floor. Timmy
loved the freedom and the feeling of his pants being gone and walking
around in his underwear. He was getting more and more excited. Finally he
pulled his t-shirt off over his head and dropped it onto the floor and kept

Now Timmy was walking around the store in just his scooby doo underwear and
socks, just like if he were at home. But being in the store made it more
exciting, especially with all the dads watching him. When Timmy would stand
and look at toys, men would come up behind him and smile at him or maybe
pat him on the rear end. Timmy loved the attention and though it felt so
good to be walking around in his socks and underwear.

When his dad came to pick him up, he found Timmy sitting on the floor
playing with some toy cars. When he asked where his clothes were, Timmy
just said he didn't know. He hadn't taken them off to get more comfortable
and lost them. When they got home, Timmy got a spanking for losing his
clothes, but he was so excited by undressing in public that he was hooked.

Boys at school made fun of Timmy for wearing his underoos even though they
were too old and the boys had stopped. One time when they were all working
on a project in class, the teacher left the room. Timmy had already taken
his shoes off; he usually kicked off his shoes in school and sat at his
desk in his socks.

As soon as the teacher left the room, the boys all surrounded Timmy. First
they took his shoes and passed them around the class. Then they grabbed
Timmy and pulled him out of his seat. They began pulling on his pants,
shouting that they wanted to see his baby underwear. A couple of the boys
ripped at the button and zipper on the pants, tearing them but getting them
open in the process. When the boys saw that Timmy had on spiderman
underwear, they all laughed and pulled harder on his pants. With no shoes
on it was easy to get Timmy's pants all the way off, so then they pulled
his shirt off over his head. His torn pants and shirt were also passed
around in class, leaving Timmy in his spiderman briefs and t-shirt and his

When the teacher returned the class got in trouble, but since his clothes
were torn, Timmy had to sit through the rest of school in his underwear and
socks. His father picked him up with some clean clothes, and again Timmy
got in trouble for losing his clothes. But secretly Timmy had been excited
to have the boys strip him and see him in his underoos.

Not long after that incident, Timmy's dad took him out to eat at a nice
restaurant. Timmy's dad had made him wear dress clothes which Timmy didn't
like but to make himself happy he had worn cartoon underwear under the
uncomfortable clothes. He had on briefs that were multi-colored with
pictures of trucks all over them. He wore a bright pair of red socks that
matched the red in the firetrucks on his underpants.

As soon as he and his dad were seated at the table, Timmy popped off his
uncomfortable dress shoes under the table. Once he had the shoes off he
kicked them away, and he ended up kicking them so far that they went
underneath the table behind them. After his dad ordered the food, he pulled
work out of his briefcase and began reading and making notes. Timmy became
bored and fidgety. He didn't like the uncomfortable clothes he was wearing
and began pulling at them. He undid the button on his pants, then unzipped
them. He felt better as he was less confined by the pants, plus he liked
the fact that his cute underpants were showing.

Since his dad wasn't paying attention, Timmy lifted up his hips and pulled
the uncomfortable pants off. He let them slide off his legs and onto the
floor. He kicked the pants away too, and they also ended up on the floor
under the table behind him. With his dad still not paying attention, Timmy
unbuttoned and took his shirt off too, and it was dropped on the floor and
kicked away as well. Timmy now sat in his brightly colored cartoon
underpants, a red t-shirt and red socks. Lots of the men in the restaurant
were now checking him out.

Timmy loved the freedom of being in his underwear and socks; it felt
great. He also liked the attention he got sitting in his underwear. When it
was time to leave, Timmy stood up still wearing just his underwear and
socks. When his dad saw him, he yelled at him and told him to find his
clothes. To the delight of the men sitting at the table next to them, Timmy
had to crawl under their table in his underwear and socks to retrieve his
shirt, pants and shoes. He stood in the middle of the restaurant in his
undies with all the men watching him as he got dressed. Timmy got another
spanking for his behavior, but he didn't care - he had gotten too excited
by the experience.

Timmy couldn't wait until the next time he could show off his underoos.

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