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Nifty - Gay - Relationships - Sucking My Bro - Sucking My Bro 2

Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2011 17:27:08 -0400
From: Curtis Kline <>
Subject: Sucking My Bro 2

       He cries out as his orgasm hits, load after load of his seed hits
my tongue and I savor him as I swallow. He struggles against the restraints
as his entire body lurches upwards toward his cock, which is gently sucked
and licked while he begins to grow flaccid. I tease his tip a little,
knowing he will be sensitive. He bucks and begs, and with a final long
glide of my tongue up his shaft, I release him from my mouth.

       I crawl up beside my bro and wrap my arms around his back and
chest, spooning him as he lay still restrained spread eagle. I gently
kissed his chest, abdomen, and side, then began kissing his shoulder, then
his right nipple, then as I kissed my way up his chest, I latched onto his
neck with my lips and began kicking, sucking, and licking. He began moaning
as I claimed his body. Servicing my bro and making him harder than he ever
will with anyone was what drove me in our sessions. I made sure he would
never forget the passion we shared for each other.

       I moved to lick his neck and gently suck his Adam's apple, then I
allowed my lips to find his for the second time tonight. I licked his lips
at first, teasing him lightly with my tongue, as I moved to lay my full
weight on his restrained body. His cock hardened quickly against my
throbbing dick as I ground against him ever so slowly, gradually building
the pace. I increased the strength of the kiss and the grinding of our
naked bodies until we were both on the edge, and immediately rolled off to
his side.

       "Time to play beat the clock, bro!" I said, as I grabbed my night
back on the floor next to the bed. Essentially, you could consider this
just extended foreplay. It was a hopeless game, designed to be
unwindable. When we first got together, he hated swallowing my load. The
taste or action freaked him out I guess. I decided he should share in the
ceremonial level of swallowing another man's seed, and devised a sneaky
plan to get my way. The game is played the same way it is now, as it was

       I pulled out a digital countdown timer with a large red LED
display, plugged it in on the desk and set it for 60 minutes. He whimpered
softly as he saw me set the time and approach to put on his gag. It was
long, thick dildo gag that would go inside his mouth and hold down his
tongue with a prosthetic dick the entire session. I placed the leather hood
over his head and zipped the mouth.

       Once hooded, I pulled the camera out of my bag and fired it up to
record, sitting it on the desk facing him. I retrieved the e-stim machine
and set it up on the floor beside the bed, connected the long electrical
leads from the machine to a specially crafted dildo featuring three sets of
electrodes wired as individual circuits. The machine would pulse
electricity through this device, which when inserted into him would
stimulate his prostate and sphincter at varying frequencies as
programmed. I grabbed the bottle of lube and spread some over the dildo,
and some on my fingers.

       I crawled back on the bed between his legs, still tied down
spread-eagled and firmly ratcheted to the bed, immobilized. I began working
some lube from my fingers into his hole and he began moaning against his
gag and hood. I slowly fingered him, teasing his hole, his dick hard and
leaking pre-cum, pulsing with his heartbeat. Once I had fingered him and
loosed his hole, I slowly and carefully worked the dildo in, slowly fucking
him with my hand. His moans grew louder as he tried to buck against the
restraints. Now, with the dildo plug fully inside him, the game could

       I left the bed and walked over to the time, ready to start the
game. "Ok, bro, you know how this works, but here is the customary
introduction. For the next sixty minutes you will be edged by any means
necessary. You will be taken to the brink of orgasm again and again, but if
you fail to hold back and end up cuming, you will be punished. The game
begins.... now." I finished, as I started the clock.

       He gave a whimper as I climbed back onto the bed, and began sucking
his dick with long, deep strokes, very slowly, each time teasing every inch
of his dick with my tongue lovingly. His pre-cum flowed from his dick which
drove my frenzy even further as my tongue swirled, licked, sucked, and
savored his head. I reached down beside the bed and started the e-stim
machine's programming, to match my strokes... slow at first, gradually
increasing with pre-programmed intervals of high intensity bursts. This was
my favorite game, teasing him and forcing him to cum to be punished. No
matter how hard he tried to meet my demands, he would fail, knowing he
would be used for my sexual gratification to follow.

       He cried out against his gag as the stims hit his prostate and he
tried shoving his cock deeper into my mouth. His whole body rocked in a
gyrating fashion as he was beginning to reach climax. I pulled off and
slowed the e-stims, to let him subside from the edge. Once he composed
himself I began the assault thereafter three more times. As I began working
him to his fourth edge of climax, I decided I was going to increase the

       This was our first time with him fully immobilized, and I brought
him closer and closer until he exploded once more in my mouth. I switched
to a higher program on the e-stim and kept sucking as he whimpered and
cried against the gag. I knew he would be sensitive and there was no way
for him to stop my mouth working his glands as I continued working towards
his third orgasm. I glanced at the clock and saw he still had thirty more
minutes on the clock for milking.

       I forced him to cum twice more, each time never releasing his dick
from my mouth and letting the e-stims tease and shock his ass and prostate,
intermittently reaching between his legs to fuck him with the electric
dildo. Finally, as I was sucking the last load from the head of his dick,
the e-stim switched off as the clock reached zero and I let him go flaccid
in my mouth as I climbed off of him to begin his final punishment.

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Nifty - Gay - Relationships - Sucking My Bro - Sucking My Bro 2