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Nifty - Gay - Rural - Bunkhouse - Bunkhouse 2

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 15:41:29 -0500 (EST)
From: Twonight <>
Subject: The Bunkhouse - Part 2

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Ok, on with the story:

After breakfast, Ted told me I was going to be helping him fix a fence and
we climbed into the truck to head out to the pasture. Ted drove about 200
yards, then stopped and unzipped his pants and pulled out his big dick.

"Hey, kid," he said. "I woke up horny and I need a blowjob. Lean over
here and suck me while we drive out to the pasture."

"I don't wanna suck you," I replied, although it did kind of appeal to me.

With that, he grabbed my head and forced me down on his cock.

"I was gonna let ya suck me but, since you're bein' such a pussy, I'm gonna
fuck your whore mouth."

He shoved every inch into my mouth and down my throat, holding it there as
I gasped for air. He pulled back and began to fuck my mouth like he had
pounded my butt the day before. I struggled to breathe as he rammed my
oral cavity and gagged me with his hard cockmeat.

"You gonna suck it right, boy?"

"Yes... please... yes. I'll suck it good."

"Alright then. Suck my big dick, bitch."

I immediately moved down and licked his balls as he started the truck and
began to drive slowly. I licked the underside of his shaft - then slipped
my lips over the head and took him deep in my throat. I was surprised at
how easily I could take his whole cock when I wasn't being forced. I used
my throat muscles and tongue to pleasure him and he moaned loudly as he
drove toward the pasture with his cock buried inside me. As we approached
the pasture, he suddenly grabbed my head and held it in place with his cock
all the way inside me. Hot cream began to blast my throat and he began to
fuck my mouth again, spreading his cum from my throat to my lips and
flooding my mouth. He continued to fuck my mouth until his orgasm
subsided. I kept licking and sucking until I had all of his cum.

"Thanks, kid! Now, let's get that fence done."

I finished swallowing his hot cum and got out of the truck. I wiped the
last of his cum from my chin and licked my fingers clean. We replaced some
barbed wire sections that were broken or falling down. After about two
hours, we were done, and we headed back to the bunkhouse to check in with
Frank. As we arrived, Frank told me that Uncle Dan wanted to see me and I
walked up to the main house. I knocked and he showed me inside.

"How are things goin', son?," he asked.

"Not bad," I said, deciding to remain quiet about the last two days.

"Oh, really? Are the boys treating you Ok?"

"Sure," I said.

"Well, then, I need you to do me a favor," he said getting up and standing
in front of me.

"What's that?"

"Suck my dick," he said, unzipping and pulling out a big dick.

I should have been stunned, but I guess I figured that Dan must have known
about it or the boys wouldn't have been so open about it. I knew, by now,
that protesting wouldn't do any good, so I took his cock in my mouth and
started to suck it.

"Oh fuck, kid, that's a great mouth you got there. Damn! Suck that dick."

When I took it all the way to the base and licked his balls, I thought he
was going to pass out.

"Holy shit, you're good at this kid. I'd love to cum in your mouth, but I
got other ideas."

He pulled me up and turned me around. It was clear that I was about to get
my ass fucked. I started to pull my pants down when he unzipped my rear
zipper and reached inside to lube my exposed butt. His fingers probed my
rear chute and my cock strained against my zipper. Uncle Dan saw the bulge
and unzipped me, releasing my growing dick. Released from it's
confinement, it stood straight up. He bent me over the sofa and positioned
his cock at my anal opening, pressing forward to force his thick cockhead
inside me. Little by little he worked the rest of his long, thick prick
inside me until his pubic hairs tickled my ass and his balls rested against
me. Reaching around, he grabbed my cock and began to stroke me as his dick
began to fuck me.

"Now that's some hot asspussy," he said, panting and stroking my cock.
"I'm gonna cream your butt good, boy."

His ongoing chatter and his stroking of my cock had me ready to shoot and I
yelled, "I'm cumming!"

Just as I said it, Uncle Dan pulled out and dove underneath me, taking my
cock in his mouth as I exploded. My cum flooded his mouth and he swallowed
every bit of it. It was an incredible feeling and I savored every second
of it. As I finished cumming, Uncle Dan mounted me again and began to
pound my ass hard. I squeezed his cock with my ass muscles, driving him
wild with pleasure.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming!!!," he screamed, burying his cock to the hilt in my
butt. I could feel hot sperm blasting my insides like a geyser as he bred
my ass and made me his bitch. He kept fucking me until his orgasm had
subsided and I expected him to pull out and send me on my way. Instead, he
began to stroke my cock as he kept his cock inside me. After a few minutes
of this, we were both hard and he began to fuck me again. I assumed he was
going to drop another load inside me, but he surprised me again. Suddenly
he pulled out and leaned over the back of the sofa, offering me his ass. I
was stunned, but I recovered quickly and wasted no time getting my cock up
his ass. It felt amazing the way his hot ass gripped me. I couldn't
imagine anything better and, way too soon, I was ready to shoot again.
Uncle Dan sensed it and began to squeeze my cock with his ass, driving me
past the brink. My semen began to fill his ass as he milked my load. When
I finished cumming, he pushed me to my knees and shoved his cock into my
mouth so that he could feed me his load. I was soon rewarded with a
mouthful of hot cum.

"Damn, kid, you are one fine fuck. You sure remind me of your dad."

"What do you mean?," I asked.

"He's a great fuck too."

"You mean... you... and Pop? You fucked Pop?"

"We fucked each other. Hell, we started sucking each other when we were
old enough to jerk off. Then we started fucking each other too. We shared
a room and there wasn't a night went by that we didn't fuck each other and
swallow some cum. Our cousin Bobby got involved some too. Every time he'd
visit, we would fucked around. His oldest son Terry came here three years
ago and we sure made a man out of him. Bobby said that they fucked around
all the time after Terry got home, until Terry got married. Terry brought
his wife here a few weeks ago and she watched him get plowed in the
bunkhouse. Apparently, she likes to see him get fucked. She watched me
fuck him too and then she swallowed my load. Then she made me fuck her ass
too and Terry licked my cum from her ass while she cleaned my cock. She's
one hot piece of ass."

As he went on and on, my mind was reeling. My whole world had been turned
upside down, but not in a bad way. All I could think of was fucking around
with Bobby and Terry and... Dad. There it was. My darkest desire. I
could finally face it. I had always had thoughts about my Dad, but never
faced them. I knew now that I wanted to have sex with him and I suspected
that he wanted me too. I had seen it in his eyes.

"Well, kid, you better get back to work and I need a nap. Between fucking
you today and Frank last night, I'm exhausted."

As I walked back to the bunkhouse, I tried to picture Frank, with Uncle
Dan's cock up his ass. My cock began to harden as I pictured it. When I
got to the bunkhouse, lunch was being served and I joined the guys at the
big table. They were all smiling and staring at me.

"I'm surprised you're still hungry. Didn't Dan fill you up, boy?," Karl
said, chuckling as the others joined in.

"Guess I didn't get enough," I replied with a smirk.

"Well, I can help with that," he said, moving my plate and bending me over
the table.

In seconds, he had both of us unzipped and his dick up my ass through my
rear zipper. Jesse joined the party by forcing his big cock in my mouth.
They pounded me for fifteen minutes and filled both ends of me with hot
cum. When they were done, Frank had a go at my ass while I sucked a load
out of Jim. As they fucked me, I pictured my Dad ramming my ass or feeding
me his own hot sperm. Before Frank and Jim finished with me, I shot a load
in my pants and the guys laughed at the wet spot.

After lunch, Karl and I went to move some cattle from one pasture to
another. He rode up on a large horse and told me to climb on in front of

"Why don't I have my own horse?"

"You ever ridden a horse, kid?"

"No, but I need to learn."

"Well, I'm about to teach you all about riding. Now, get on."

I climbed on board and we took off. As we rode, he showed me how to use
the reins to direct the horse and then let me do it for a while. We
managed to get all of the cattle moved pretty quickly, because the horse
was trained to herd cattle. After we finished, Karl took me on a tour of
that part of the ranch. The saddle forced us both together in the middle
and my ass was pressed against his cock. I could feel the bulge of his big
dick pressing against me and my own cock got hard again. I don't know why
I couldn't control myself. About that time, I heard his zipper and felt
his newly-released cock pressing against my back. I knew I was about to
get fucked, but I didn't know where.

"Lean forward," he said.

"What do you mean?"

"Lean forward and wrap your arms around the horse's neck."

I did as I was told and he unzipped my rear opening. The saddle horn
pressed against my stomach as Karl lubed my ass and pressed his own horn
against my anus. He worked his big cock up my tunnel, then yelled, "Hang
on tight!" I grabbed the horse's neck and held on as Karl spurred him and
he took off in a steady gallop. As the horse loped along, I bounced on
Karl's dick. I suspected this wasn't the first time that Karl had fucked
someone this way. I found out later that he had fucked Terry this way,
then Terry's wife had demanded that he fuck her ass the same way. In fact
Terry's wife had eventually managed to get the guys to make the horse fuck
her slutty pussy.

"Fuck, kid, it doesn't get any better than this! I love the way that
rocking motion makes your ass milk my cock. I've fucked a lot of men and
women in the ass and your's is the best I've ever had. You were born to
take big cocks in your ass."

After hearing about Dan and Dad, I knew he was right. Apparently, the men
in my family have a knack for taking a big one in the ass. As we turned to
head back toward the bunkhouse, Karl's cock began to fill my ass with cum.
More and more hot cream poured from his huge cockhead, deep in my ass. My
own cock began to spew sperm, flooding the front of my jeans with another
load. As we arrived at the bunkhouse, I was still bent over with an assful
of cock.

Ted was there and he laughed and said, "I see Karl taught you how to ride
that thing. It's exciting to have something that big between your thighs,
isn't it?"

First, Karl dismounted me, then the horse. He helped me down and the guys
could see his big, hard cock, dripping cum, and the big cum stain on the
front of my jeans. They laughed their asses off at that. Next, we
showered and had dinner. After dinner we watched some porn and Frank made
me sit on his cock while we watched. They passed me around, making me sit
on each guy's cock, while the others jerked off watching the porn. As each
one got ready to shoot, they made me kneel and swallow the load. Jesse
started to cum before I was done with Karl, so he shoved it up my ass and
came. It seemed like I swallowed a quart of cum. I came twice before they
each unloaded inside me and we all went to bed.

The next day was Saturday and we had the day off to go to a nearby town.
It was a small town of about 2,000 people. Frank asked us to take a horse
into town because Dan had sold it to a nearby rancher and we decided to
make the exchange in town. We loaded the horse in the trailer along with
some hay and headed into town. When we arrived, we stopped off at a bar
and had some beer. Nobody asked me for ID and I was drinking right along
with the rest of the guys. We spent the afternoon and early evening
drinking and playing pool. Around 8PM, we went to a dance where we met up
with the guys from the Twin Oaks ranch. They were the ones who were
picking up the horse. The guys were busy chasing the local women when
Frank came over with another guy who he introduced as George. George was
the ranch foreman from the Twin Oaks and they wanted me to help them
transfer the horse to the other trailer. We went out and moved the horse
over, then went back to lock up our trailer.

"Frank tells me you're becoming a real cowboy," he said.

"I guess I'm learning," I replied.

"Well, how 'bout you show me some of what you learned so far."

"Oh fuck," I thought. "He knows."

He closed the trailer doors and began to strip off his clothes.

"Well, come on boy. Get your clothes off. I ain't got all night."

I stripped and went to my knees in front of him, deciding to try to make
the best of it. I took his cock all the way in one gulp.

"Hell yeah, boy! Suck that dick."

His cock was big, but not compared to what I had been taking. I was able
to deepthroat him easily and he moaned his appreciation. I licked his
balls and shaft and he ran his fingers through my hair.

"Damn, boy, you are one hot cocksucker. None of those girls in there can
suck a cock as good as you."

I should have been ashamed, but it excited me and I continued my oral
assault on his cock. Suddenly, he pulled out and grabbed some lube,
covering his cock with it and positioning me on my knees for an anal
invasion. He fingered my ass, then slid his cock inside me and began to
fuck me. I moaned loudly as the pleasure filled me. My cock stood up firm
and proud as he used my ass for his own pleasure. He paused briefly, then
continued fucking me. Something was different in his motion and I suddenly
realized that someone elese was moaning besides George. I looked back and
saw that Frank had his cock up George's ass and was fucking him while he
fucked me. That was really hot. I was so excited that I began to cum on
the floor of the trailer. My ass spasms, combined with the cock up his
ass, were enough to make George shoot a hot load up my ass. As soon as
George came, Frank pulled out and made us both lick and suck his cock.

"Here it cums boys!," he yelled as he sprayed both of our faces with steamy
manjuice. I swallowed some and George got some as well. I lay back
against the hay about the time that the trailer door opened and three more
cowboys entered. As they stripped, I knew I was in for a gangbang. First,
Bill banged my ass as I sucked Hal's big dick. All the while, I was
looking at Roy's cock hanging most of the way to his knees, wondering how
it was ever going to fit in my ass. When Bill came, Hal took over in my
ass and Roy presented me with his monstrous cock to suck. I took what I
could, but there was no way I could swallow it. As it hardened, I could
barely get the head in my mouth. Hal finally exploded in my ass and fell
back to relax. By now cum dripped continuously from my gaping ass and Roy
was positioning himself to take me from behind. George slipped underneath
and got into a 69 with me as Roy began to press against my sphincter.

It took several tries, but he finally managed to get the head inside. I
almost bit George's cock as Roy pressed forward, forcing more of his giant
rod up my pleasure chute. I thought he was splitting me open as he
continued to force more dick up my ass. It seemed like it would never end.
Finally, I felt his huge balls come to rest against me. Luckily, he
decided to let me adjust for a minute, moving ever so slightly in and out
and side to side to allow my ass to stretch to the match his incredible
girth. This must have been how Terry's wife felt when the horse fucked

While Roy worked on my ass, George continued to suck my dick and I focused
on sucking his cock and licking his balls. He was very excited and he
rewarded me by licking my balls at the same time. About that time, Roy
began to rock back and forth fucking me a bit faster - his balls slapping
George in the head. I figured that George had been slapped in the face by
Roy's balls before. It still hurt, but it was getting easier to take. On
and on he went, past the time when George unloaded in my mouth and past the
time when I unloaded in George's mouth. This giant stud just couldn't get
enough of my ass and he was making the most of it. He turned me over and
fucked me with my legs pulled back by my head. He lay behind me and
spoon-fucked me. He stood me up and fucked me as I leaned against the
wall. Finally, he lifted me up with my back against the wall and banged
the shit out of me for another five minutes. When he came, I thought a
firehose had been turned on in my butt. It was a massive load and I had
earned every drop of it. All of the guys applauded as Roy lifted me off
his prick and laid me on the hay. I immediately went to my knees and
licked the stud clean.

"Man, I didn't think anyone was ever going to be able to take that monster
in the ass," Frank said.

"Me either," George replied.

Apparently, Roy had never had any ass, male or female, although he had
fucked some women's pussies. No one had ever been able to take it. I
didn't know whether I should feel proud or ashamed that he had fucked the
shit out of my hole and filled it with cum. He kept thanking me over and
over again and telling me how hot it was fucking my ass. I decided to feel
good about it as I lay in the hay, recovering. The rest of the guys left
me in the trailer and went back in to chase women. Two of them even
brought women out to the trailer and fucked them while I watched. One of
the women, Hannah, asked Hal to fuck me while she watched, and he did. She
got horny and made me eat her pussy while Hal fucked me. I licked her to a
roaring orgasm as Hal left another load in my ass.

It was an incredible night.

Stay tuned for part 3.

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Nifty - Gay - Rural - Bunkhouse - Bunkhouse 2