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Nifty - Gay - Rural - First Boyfriend

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Date: 1997/07/05
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=== This is a fictional presentation! === This is a fictional presentation! ===

First Boyfriend
By Weatherman 25

Ricky was the classic 'farm boy' at Jefferson High in Wisconsin. While he
was quiet and reserved, his sparking green eyes and sweet smile caught the
eye of many girls. However; Ricky's smooth, tanned body made him the
object of desire. . He enjoyed biking, running, golfing and tennis.
Perhaps the only 'strike' against Ricky was his dislike for
physical/contact type sports, which most of his peers engaged in with a
passion. Luckily, Ricky's popularity among the girls provided the assumption
that he dated frequently. A rumor he found useful to keep going,
although he never actually dated anyone. Unfortunately, Ricky did not
find any interest in girls. . . Instead he discovered his interests during
his sophomore year in the boy's locker room after gym class. Now he was
forced to 'hide' from the other's because he feared his 'interests' might
come to light. Ricky expected to spend his life in isolation, different
from anyone else and doomed to be alone.

Michael transferred into Jefferson High from the east coast. In fact, Mike
was raised in Portland Maine! He quickly became a target with the other boys
for being raised in a city, he was 'naive' to the ways of the country.
Playing basketball well enough to be a collegiate candidate earned Michael the
respect of his school mates, but he still remained the 'lone wolf' by
choice. Unlike his friends back at Portland and even here in the country,
somehow he still could not find anyone else with the same feelings. Mike
understood as early as 15 years old that he was attracted to guys and felt by
distancing himself from other guys, the feelings might go away.

Both boys ended up with the same classes, a natural attraction developed
between the two. A simple glance, a few smiles and that hidden 'message'
in their eyes brought the two closer. But neither were ready to make false
conclusions and find themselves completely alienated from the school. Ricky
deemed it unwise to take risks, but he made an exception by letting himself
fall for this new 'friend'. He felt 'crushes' on other boys before, but never
as strong as with Mike. Perhaps it was his dirty blond hair and blue eyes,
or his smooth, muscle toned body? At this point, it did not matter why. .
but a chance needed to be taken because there just seemed to be a feeling of
mutual attraction. . Mike sensed a chemistry between himself and Ricky,
but he could he be right? Did he dare take the chance of being 'discovered' by
letting himself believe another guy wanted him?

Since Mike was the new boy at the school, Ricky decided he would make the
first move by introducing himself. He wanted to get close but feared a
rejection, especially where Mike went out of his way to remain somewhat
isolated from others. He walked over to an empty seat in the school
cafeteria beside Michael and asked if he could sit beside him. Naturally
Mike was thrilled at the idea of having this handsome kid near him. . but
he dared not let his enthusiasm show. . it might send a message he was
not prepared to issue! So, he half-heatedly nodded his head and mumbled
'sure. . go ahead. ' Ricky struggled to show his disappointment at Mike's
apparent lack of interest, but knew it was too early to make assumptions. So
he sat down and pretended to concentrate on his lunch, while he stared at
Mike out of the corner of his eye. Mike tried to hold in a smile,
especially after noticing Ricky's unusual interest in his eating. . He
finally broke out in a grin and looked at him right in the face. Ricky's
serious expression melted into his boyish smile which brought crushes to
the girls, finally had the effect he wanted. It felt more like a
sudden electrical charge to Michael, but he just 'knew' Ricky was just like
him. Well. . . hopefully anyway. What if he is mistaking a
friendly face for something more, both boy's well justified fears of making
a 'mistake' prevented anything from moving faster. Although, Mike could not
contain a giggle and finally looked away from Ricky to try and hide his sudden
burst of emotion.

"Hay, What's so funny?? ", Ricky asked {while still smiling}. Mike
stammered for a few seconds and finally said "Umm. . nothing, I was just
thinking to myself. . sorry. " Silent for a moment, Ricky struggled to
formulate a response, something which might bring out the truth. "Whatever
your thinking it must be pretty good, anything you'd like to share?" This
brought another smile to Mike's lips, he turned to Ricky and blurted out "Oh.
. I was just thinking of someone I like. " He realized within seconds, the
impact of his statement and wished he phrased it differently, or at least a
little less obvious. While Ricky is a farm boy, he certainly is not stupid and
Mike's innocent statement did not slip past. In fact, he already knew the
perfect comeback. . "Hay Mike, anyone I know?" Now this question trapped
poor Michael into a simple 'yes' or 'no' answer! Mike still feared giving
too many signals and became quite nervous. . . He almost really made an
error by starting "Yeah you might know him. . . err her. " Obviously,
Mike dug himself into quite a pit and hoped Ricky did not catch the entire
response. Since Ricky was hanging on every word Mike said, there was
little chance of that happening. He knew the next minute or so of
conversation might determine if had a chance with mike, so the words he
chooses now might make a difference! "Well, what does this. . . . person,
look like?" {Ricky decided to play real coy}, something which did not escape
Mike's observation. " I dunno, like brown hair, green eyes and maybe 5'8"
or so. . . real good looking. " He decided to just give the general
description of his handsome friend, figuring if he was really interested,
he'd figure it out. At this point, Ricky relapsed into his typical
shyness, as the pressure really increased. He just 'knew' Mike described him,
but he could not handle the possibilities. Either this guy is straight
and is being a comedian, or he was really serious! Both possibilities
frightened Ricky into a silence for a few moment. He turned his head away
and looked down at his food, closing his eyes trying to gain some focus on
the situation.

"Are you ok, Ricky?" Ricky looked over at Mike, smiled weakly and simply
nodded. Mike looked at this friend with concern, this obvious mood shift
puzzled him. They seemed to be hitting it off then suddenly this kid
completely withdraws. . . Mike figured his initial feelings about him were
false. His face betrayed some hint of disappointment, an expression which
Ricky caught out of the corner of his eye. So Ricky turns towards Mike
and invites him over to his house after school. "Hay Mike, I got a
basketball net outside my garage, maybe you can teach me a few moves?" Mike
grinned at Ricky and said "Sure, I got nothing better to do now that the
basketball season is over. . . " After lunch period ended, the two
boys proceeded to English and engaged in light chit-chat, feeling freed
from the initial tension.

Mike and Ricky met after school and walked together to Ricky's driveway.
Neither mentioned the conversation held in the lunchroom that afternoon,
they just chatted as if nothing had happened. Ricky got his basketball out of
the garage {His father set up the net hoping to get his son interested in
more 'masculine' sports but too little avail}. Ricky began dribbling the
ball around and Mike easily took the ball away from him. They ran up and
down the driveway taking wild shots and getting over-heated. Mike pulled
off his shirt, nearly giving poor Ricky an instant erection. "Hay Ricky,
why don't you take off your shirt. . your sweating like a pig!" Now Ricky
had a decent body but felt overly modest and only took off his shirt when in
the backyard. He reluctantly pulled off his shirt, Mike grinned at the
sight of this boy's smooth body. . "Ok Ricky, you stand still and dribble
the ball. . I'll get behind you and take the guard position. " So Ricky
bent over slightly and dribbled the ball, while Mike positioned himself
behind him and placed both hands on his naked back. At this point the instant
gratification of the male human touch sent a shock wave of pleasure through
Ricky's system. He moaned very slightly and lost his concentration, dropping
the ball and letting it roll in front of him. Mike took his hands off Ricky,
then suddenly realizing what happened, he smiled to himself. . finally
assured that he found someone just like him. "Are you ok Ricky? " Mike
queried. "Umm yeah I just lost my coordination. . ". Mike looked at Ricky
and suggested they trade places. . Now it was Ricky's turn to do the
touching and he was quite eager to feel Mike's body. As Mike took the
position, Ricky put his hands on Mike's athletic body then positioned
himself more like a Quarterback to a nose-guard, bending over him just touching
the crotch of his shorts to Mike's ass. "Move your hands down further. . .
" Mike requested. So Ricky slowly slid his hands down to Mike's thighs. .
resting his hands on the elastic waistband of his shorts. Mike wanted to tell
Ricky to pull his shorts down, but he couldn't. . . they were in the
middle of a neighborhood. . but he was become extremely horny. "Umm
Ricky. . I need a break can I get some water or something??". Ricky let
him go and motioned him inside the empty house. "My parents wont be in for
awhile. . sit down let me get us some soda. "

The two boys sat down in the living room on a overstuffed sofa, sitting side
by side, their legs just lightly touching. Just enough to send small shocks of
excitement to both boys, without saying a word of making a motion. Both boys
cocks were getting hard and bulges showed in their shorts, but neither dared
to make a comment. Mike decided to make the next big move and asked Ricky if
he jerked off. . Ricky was stunned by the question and was unsure what the
game was here. . so he carefully answered "yeah. . sometimes why? Do
you?". Mike just casually nodded and said sure. . . and enjoyed it. "Well
I was just wondering. . sometimes I think I'm the only one who feels a
certain way about some things. " Well Ricky took this statement at face value,
after echoed his sentiments exactly. "Yeah, I know what you mean. . me
too. " Ricky looked at Mike and asked shyly {you ever jerk off with anyone
else?}. Mike tried to shrug off the question, but gave a positive
response. . mentioning a cousin he fooled with once. but he was sure to
mention ". . it was kinda cool."

"Would you do that again?" Ricky countered. Once again Mike said he'd do it
depending on who it was with of course. Mike knew Ricky could not force
himself to pursue this idea further without help, so Mike added after a
moment's pause "Hay would you like to jerk off with someone you like?" Ricky
nodded, fearing Mike would suddenly call him a homo or something. Mike just
smiled and paused again. . Then looked down {he could not face Ricky
directly} and mumbled "would you like to jerk off with me??" Ricky then looked
down and smiled. . . "Yeah. . I would. . I like you. . . {a long
pause} I like you alot. " Mike raised his head and faced Ricky eye to eye,
leaned over and kissed him on the lips. Ricky gingerly reached out and put
his arms around Mike and pulled his body towards his own and kissed him in
turn. Mike continued the kiss and placed his tongue into Ricky's mouth,
while taking his hand and stroking Ricky's leg gently. Taking the
invitation, Ricky took a free hand and felt Mike's pecs and nipples, then
ran his hand right down to his shorts. . putting just the slightest
pressure on his crotch. A slight moan escaped the boy's lips, Mike was
real turned on at this point and moved his hands to Ricky's own bulge.
They separated a moment long enough to enjoy each other's smile. Mike stood
up, guided Rick's hands to his shorts and helped him pull then down to his
ankles. Mike's 6" cock sprang to life, nearly striking Ricky in the face.
Ricky took in the beauty of this piece of meat, complimented by a nice
mushroom head, a base of about 1 1/2 inches and a patch of black public
hair on his crotch. Ricky reached out and touched Mike's hard dick and
stroked it lightly. Mike reached down and indicated Ricky to remove his
shorts too, which he quickly shed. Both boys were now standing, Ricky began
an embrace drawing both their naked bodies together as one. . Their
erections touching, creating and intense heat. Both boys used their hands
to explore each other's bodies while deeply kissing. Occasionally
reaching down to each other's cocks and giving them a few gentle jerks. Mike
told Ricky to sit down and spread his legs. Ricky did as ordered, exposing
his hairless balls and cock to Mike. Mike wrapped his hand around Ricky's 5"
cut cock and began to stroke. Ricky, now feeling the waves of pleasure
building inside him, grabbed Mike's meat and began jerking him off. Both
boys began groaning in pure lust and pleasure, growing louder and more
animalistic. Ricky noticed Mike's ball sac expand and the blood pumped into
the boy's throbbing cock. Suddenly Mike's dick exploded, sending hot boy
cum splashing onto Ricky's face, chest and legs! The feeling of this liquid on
his body brought him to a fever, firing his load in an arc, striking Mike
{whom was still standing, bent at the knees} squarely on his chest! Mike
collapsed into Ricky's arms.

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Nifty - Gay - Rural - First Boyfriend