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Nifty - Gay - Rural - Uncle Bills Ranch Hand

Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2012 11:15:38 -0400 (EDT)

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It had been a long, long day that started with that emergency phone call
at 5 AM and here it was now 10 PM and Uncle Bill and I had been going the
whole time, Driving the long distance and then tending to the live stock and
securing the small farm of My Uncle Jimmy's.
Uncle Jimmy at just 32 years old had given up a lucrative career as a male
model to Purchase this small organic farm. He'd been running it with great
success for the past five years now. When he bought the land it was a
deserted farm land, Jimmy invested his money and his time and had grown the
farm into a $300,000.00 a year enterprise. His farm grew all the feed for the
Cows, beef steers, chickens, pigs and Sheep. Taking the place from a one
man operation to having no less then 20 full time working hands.
One luxury Uncle Jimmy did allow himself was that he had the old 100 year
old home stead taken down and replace it with three costly and lavish
mobile homes. One his office, One strictly to entertain his mostly nearby Gay
friends and the last and most luxurious of all, his own mobile home. these
homes were situated in a circle at the center of which was a handsomely
gardened park like sitting area with a small pool. It was indeed an oasis of
Each mobile home was exactly 20 foot wide by 70 foot long.
We arrived at the farm that day at 6 PM Uncle Bill and myself we were meet
by the General Manager who's face as we drove up was showing the grief he
was feeling. I'd meet him twice before and liked him a great deal, He was
young for his position at just 22. It didn't take a second look to see why
my Gay uncle Jimmy would have chosen this man Kirk Miller as his General
Manager just on looks alone,
Blonde, 6 foot 2, with a body to dream of, that alone would have been
cause enough but I learned he was also very accomplished at farming having
grown up on an Amish farm all his young life.
Uncle Bill, Kirk and I did a quick inspection of the farm and talked to
many of the hands then sat down as the cook prepared a meal for us in the
Entertainment home. We learned of the accident that took Jimmy's life and that
his body was already at the undertakers awaiting us the Family which was
My dad the oldest Brother Uncle Bill and myself.
I had been to the farm often with my Dad but the sleeping arrangements
were always that I would sleep in the bunk house which was all the way across
the farm on a pond and housed the 20 live in hands.
my Dad would bunk in with Jimmy in his mobile home as it had just the one
bed room. While eating and having our full of beers with Kirk it was
decided that my sleeping in with the hands during this time of family grief would
not be the best idea, so we decided I'd sleep in the bed room with my
Uncle Bill.
Uncle Bill was just 24 and I was just 21 at the time this all came about.
My Dad the oldest Brother was 39 and collectively we owned and operated 32
gyms nation wide from our headquarters in Chicago. living in our luxury
Condo there complete with cook and house keeper. The three of us together
couldn't really tell the front of a cow from the rear. Yet now here we were to
take charge of this operation.
The instant we made the decision that I would be sharing a bed with my
Uncle Bill I became very apprehensive. You see I was gay and very much into
being gay. While I had not hidden this from the family I did kind of
understand that it was a given fact for my Dad and uncle Bill? Yet we'd never had a
formal coming out kind of thing.
Now here I was faced with getting stripped down nearly naked with my hunk
of an uncle and trying to sleep next to that hot body of his for what we
intended to be a full three weeks on this business visit.
I was in a panic and knew I'd never be able to pull this off. I quickly
thought of Kirk the GM who I knew had his own separate room and bath at the
bunk house. Kirk knew I was gay as did my deceased Uncle Jimmy. I floated
this idea but uncle Bill would have none of it, saying that would be an
imposition on our GM.
Alone at last in mobile one as they called Jimmy's home uncle Bill poured
us two beers and sitting at the bar suggested that we shower before going
to bed.

" You know your uncle Jimmy's rule about the wasting of water"

Bill was saying and I recalled the rule very well and I loved that rule.
The rule Jimmy had, that any and all who shared his bed had to also shower
with him so as not to waste water on two separate showers. I was recalling
the many showers Jimmy and I had shared and getting a hard cock as I did, I
was pulled from these memories by Bill going on with his speech.

" So stud I think it only right we two conserve the water as Jimmy would
want and shower together. That OK with you stud?

Given that statement I had no choice but I was not prepared for Bill
starting to undress right there at the bar folding his clothes carefully and
putting them on an empty bar stool. Bill motioned for me to follow suit and I
was matching him in the undressing as he seemed to like that and was making
sure we did the undress as one.

Peeling off his white sweat socks and revealing his muscular well formed
masculine bare feet, a trait that seemed to run in the family.

" Dam boy" he said looking down at my exposed foot.
" No question about you being a member of the Kelly Family, You have our
strong Family feet, like Your dad and two uncles. Mind if I check you pups
out Kevin?

To my surprise Billy was down on one knee and lifting my foot up and
feeling it toe to heel and all around.
he kid of reminded me of a foot doctor his examination was so complete and
I admit felt so sexy.

" Stand up Kevin and let me help you like a good uncle should."

I obeyed and Bill was lifting up my T-Shirt and then he was feeling the
hairs of my underarm no less.
At this point as he was running his fingers through my armpit hairs any
fool but a thick headed Irishmen like me would have caught on, but I remained
intimidated and very shy as his fingers moved now to my nipples.

In a low and very sexy voice I had never heard from my Adonis uncle Bill

" You can take my shirt off too and if you want, kind of check me out
some, but only if you want to Kevin"

Wordlessly I was lifting his T-shirt up, slowly to enjoy what was being
revealed to me of his perfectly formed male body. His hot rippled six pack of
ABS, then his so pronounced and muscular pec's. Then the greatest thrill,
seeing and yes inhaling his own bare armpits.
Bill had the hairiest and thickest armpits I'd ever seen on a blonde
headed man. I lost who He was and where we were in that moment and I found
myself leaning into his left armpit and extending my tongue to taste his salty,
manly pit and then sunk my whole mouth into his hairy armpit.

" OH Good God yes Kevin, yes, I love it boy, I love it boy, Don't stop
Kevin, Yea lick and eat that hairy pit for me boy. Lick me boy, I want you to
taste it all Kevin."

My one hand on Bill's strong back pulling his hairy pit to my mouth and my
other hand brazenly moving down his ABS and to that hairy trail leading
under his pants I was in fag heaven. Only in my wildest dreams had I ever
dared imagine this happening, As long as my hunk/Adonis uncle allowed I was
determined to go all the way and as quickly as I could before I was stopped.
I was brazen once more and thrust my one hand into his pants and down and
down feeling his thick bush of pubic hairs and then engulfing at last the
quest I was on, Bill's thick as a tree trunk cock root. His head moved back
and he moaned in approval of my actions. Now his hands came down and were
pulling down his pants and his thick ass bare cock sprang loose and out as
my hand now explored all 8 and a half inches of his bare cock. I was totally
astounded at the sheer thickness of his meat. My eyes feasting on his
manhood in my hand I dropped like a sake of potatoes to my knees before this
monster. At this vantage point I was moved to awe at the size also of his
massively large and hair balls. Still so afraid it might all be called to a
halt I wanted to act quickly and give the best head ever to my stud Uncle.
I looked at the head of his cock my hand pulling back this foreskin to
expose his mushroom like cock head and I inhaled is pre-cum and at once moved
to put my mouth all around his massive cock head.
My fears of Bill stopping me ended as he grabbed the back of my head and
was pushing more and more of his thick long bare cock in my mouth, down into
my experienced throat and pre-cum was gratefully dripping down my throat.
I was determined to give the best of the best head jobs ever for my own
Uncle Bill and my his moans and body pushing into me I was succeeding.
I was alternately pulling his ass to me for more cock in my throat and
feeling his cum filled balls and then, Yes and then pushing a finger up into
Bill's tight ass hole and loving his moans of approval as my finger pushed
into him and my trained mouth sucked his huge bare cock.
Bill was oh so very close and I was oh so very ready to have him explode
his cum load down my throat but that was not the plan Bill had. He lifted me
as if I weighed nothing to my feet and had me on the floor and was pulling
down my pants and exposing my own 8 and a half bare cock. We were in a 69
there on the floor and ravishing each others cocks and balls and yes finger
fucking each other and moaning in pure delight at the taste and feel of
each others huge cocks. Our bare feet sexily rubbing against each others and
our hairy legs doing the same as we sucked and licked out cock and balls.
I had always prided myself with friends that I loved to make it last. I
wanted to enjoy the sucking for at least a half hour or even an hour but now
here with this Adonis I knew I'd not have my normal control and afraid to
be the first to cum in my own uncle's mouth I waned him I was oh so close.

" Come boy, he said panting, " Go ahead and let me eat you hot teen cum
load but you better be ready cause I am right fucking behind you Kevin"

His lips no sooner encircled my cock head again then I was shooting my
My whole body was into the release of that massive cum load. My feet
against his bare feet in spasm, My legs jerking with the massive release, My ass
moving towards him and seemingly to be pushing all my cum into his
welcoming mouth. My shoulders shuttered in the release and the cum seemed never to
stop coming as volley after thick ass volley was exploding into Bill's
mouth and he taking it all.
I had taken some huge loads from fellow teens who claimed to have not come
in weeks but when my uncle Bill was letting go of his massive load into my
mouth my inexperience was showing as I was hardly able to keep up with is
massive cum load, volley after massive volley of Bill's sweet and thick cum
load. I was expecting the normal guilt trip to engulf both Bill and myself
but instead he hugged me and was pressing against me and kissing me and
thanking me as a lover should. I rested so happy and secure in his strong
arms our cum soaked cocks since we moved into each others arms now pressed

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Nifty - Gay - Rural - Uncle Bills Ranch Hand