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Nifty - Gay - Urination - Boy Pee

From: (Little Willy)
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 1996 02:52:16 UTC
Subject: Boy Pee (b/b, ws), FIRST STORY

The following is a work of fiction, and is intended
for an adult audience.

All characters in this story are completely fictitious and
any resemblance to any individual, living or dead, should
only make it hotter for you.

This story contains graphic sexual(?) content involving
pre-adolescent boys; if this subject matter isn't your
cup of tea, why'd you download it? The heading was pretty
f***ing specific.

If, after reading this story, you find that you've enjoyed
the experience, please feel free to let me know. This is the
author's first story.

Boy Pee
Little Willy

Jeff held his breath and trembled. He'd been playing in
the woods when he heard the voices of older boys
approaching. Though he really had nothing to fear, it was
hard to tell the third-grader that eighth-grade boys
wouldn't pummel him simply for breathing. He'd hidden in
the kind of self-protective reflex that forms a major part
of younger boys' relations with older ones.

The two boys had approached his hiding place in the bushes
and Jeff was certain he'd be caught. Looking up, Jeff
could see the boys' bodies from about their knees to their
chests. Both boys stood still, talking. Suddenly, both
pairs of hands went to zippers. Before Jeff's astonished
eyes, two respectfully sized dicks emerged and immediately
sprayed boy piss.

The sharp smell of urine rose from the damp earth in which
he lay hidden and assaulted Jeff's nose. Involuntarily,
Jeff held his breath and watched as the powerful streams
flew from the boys' laps and landed, loudly, somewhere
near his head. As the anonymous duo stopped pissing, Jeff
breathed, once again relishing the sharp tang of the boys'

When the boys left, Jeff scooted forward on his stomach.
His clothes were filthy, but he'd deal with his mother
later. Right now, Jeff was preoccupied. As he neared the
patch of wetter ground, recently soaked by the absent
pair, Jeff breathed deeply through his nose. He'd always
enjoyed the scent of his own urine and always liked the
feeling of emptying his bladder. But recently, he found
himself sneaking looks at the other boys in the bathrooms
at school. He loved it when a boy didn't flush, and if he
could, he'd sidle by the urinal used by the boy and breath
deep through his nose.

The two boys had been the event of the week for Jeff. He
reached out his hands and felt the damn and now steaming
patch of earth. He pushed his hands into the mud the older
boys' piss had made, then brought his hands to his nose.
The scent was overwhelming. Jeff felt like he was going to
pass out. This was the event of the year! His body
wriggled uncontrollably in the dirt and he realized, with
a start, that his little dick was hard in his pants.

When Jeff got home he began to reevaluate his high esteem
of the event in the woods. His mother grabbed Jeff by the
ear and rushed him into the bathroom. Jeff's dirty
sneakers barely touched the floor as he ran painfully
beside the woman. Fortunately, Jeff's mother was a chronic
allergy sufferer and couldn't smell her son. But Jeff's
little brother Chris looked up from the living room floor
as Jeff was hustled by. His little screwed up nose told
Jeff that the kid could smell him. Jeff was
unceremoniously stripped of his clothing and almost thrown
into a bathtub still filling with water.

This only made the situation worse for Jeff. The boy had
held his bladder all afternoon. He was looking forward to
a long slow piss in the bathroom when he got home and here
he was, sitting lap deep in warm water, listening to the
sound of more water running. Squirming, Jeff waited for
his mom to finish collecting his clothes and leave so that
he could hop from the tub and pee. But Jeff didn't make

As his mother left the bathroom, Jeff rose from the tub at
the same time that his bladder let loose. The boy reached
down and grabbed his gushing dick. He tried to squeeze off
the flow, but he'd waited too long and his dick just kept
pissing. In desperation, Jeff pointed his dick to the
ceiling. His piss arched up, then splattered back against
his body. The new sensation alarmed the boy. This was the
best yet. Jeff stopped trying to control the flow and
really let loose. His pee shot high into the air and fell
on the top of his head. Jeff stood in the tub soaking
himself thoroughly in his own urine.

The tub water had reached Jeff's calves by the time the
final pee dribbles left his dick soaking his hairless
pubes and ball sack. He looked down and noticed that the
water was deep enough, and had watered down his urine
enough, that you really couldn't tell that he'd pissed.
Well not if you couldn't smell, that is. Jeff fell back
into the pissy water and laid down in the tub, rinsing his
hair and most of the pee off his body. He closed his eyes
and submerged his head. He sat up and opened his eyes.

His mother had returned dragging Chris behind her. Right
now she was pulling the tee-shirt over the five-year-old's
head. He was already pant-less and Jeff looked at the tiny
penis the little boy called his dink. As his brother's
head popped free of the shirt, he gave Jeff another funny
look, once again scrinching up his nose. Jeff's mother
reached over and turned off the water, plopped her younger
son into the tub with his brother and left the room,
closing the door behind her.

"Did you pee in here?" Chris asked at once.

Jeff didn't have much time for the little boy and
certainly found that grossing him out was a good way to
get under his skin. "Yeah," Jeff said, "what of it?"

"Yuck!" the little boy said, "I'm telling."

The little boy started to get out of the tub, but Jeff
grabbed his arm. "No, don't," he said. Jeff was starting
to worry that his fetish could get him in trouble and he
wasn't ready for anyone to know about it.

"Please," Jeff added.

Chris was impressed. His older brother never said "please"
to him. This was something new; something to take
advantage of. "What'll you do for me if I don't tell?"

"Anything," Jeff said.

"Oops!" he thought instantly, "Big mistake! The little
twerp'll probably want something from my baseball card

"OK," Chris said and slid back into the tub, "Let me
think." After a moment's thought the little boy piped up
"Ya gotta let me pee on you."

Jeff couldn't believe his ears. His fetish was his private
thing. Though he'd liked pissing on himself, he wasn't all
that sure that he wanted anyone else to do it. "No," he

"Right," said Chris, starting to get back up.

"OK, OK," Jeff said.

Both boys were standing now. Looking at his older brother,
Chris' hand wandered to his dink. A puzzled look was on
his face as he thought about why this didn't match up with
what he wanted. He decided that his brother's height
bothered him. "Kneel down," Chris said.

"That's better," the little boy thought. Jeff's chin was
just above the little boy's dick so that it wouldn't take
much aim to soak his head. "Better yet," Chris thought as
he stepped up onto the edge of the tub and balanced
himself looking down on the top of his older brother's

"Turn and face me," the little boy commanded.

Jeff was starting to get in to it. He slithered around on
his knees and looked up at his brother. The little boy's
hand was holding the tiny circumcised dick, pointing it
down into Jeff's face. The boy's tiny nuts hung loosely
below the little boy's hand. Jeff could feel his dick
starting to get hard.

Just then Chris' dick started dribbling. In no time, the
little boy's bladder had increased the flow of the piss
and the stream hit Jeff's shoulder. Jeff lowered his head
so that he was staring at his little brother's knees. He
felt the hot liquid striking the top of his head. Rivulets
of boy pee were running down all sides of his head. Jeff
could feel a trickle leaving the back of his hair and
snaking down his back. One was hugging his left ear before
making its way to his shoulder. Best of all, a waterfall
was cascading off his forehead and coating his face in his
brother's piss.

Jeff's dick was so hard it hurt. He started shuddering
like he had in the woods. The good feeling was so strong
that Jeff couldn't control his balance. He fell back in
the tub. Jeff thought he was going to pass out. He opened
his mouth to gasp in more air. Chris' dick squeezed out
one last strong blast that splattered against the back of
Jeff's throat. He swallowed by reflex and, as if from far
away, he heard his little brother's voice.


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Nifty - Gay - Urination - Boy Pee