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Nifty - Gay - Urination - Boys Crime And Punishment - Boys Crime And Punishment 1

Date: Sun, 08 Aug 1999 23:59:01 CST
From: Ross Boy <>
Subject: A Boys Crime and Punishment

This story contains description of sex between teenage males and is
fictional. If you are offended by this type of material do not continue.
This is my first story and would appreciate any constructive comments.

A Boys Crime and Punishment

Five minutes before the class finishes and I am busting to piss! Who cares
about osmosis? I need to go to the toilet before I osmosis through my
pants. Finally the bell went and I escaped the droll lecture of Mr
Martin's biology and ran down the hall for the boys' loo hoping I could
just hold for a moment longer.

Damn! All the stalls were full. I hated using the urinals because all the
other guys could see you as they came and went. I was very self-conscious
about my body and hated displaying myself for all to see. If I didn't need
to go so badly I would have left and came back later. But I had to go. I
stood up to the urinal, unzipped my pants and fondled till I managed to
pull out my dick. Ahh, the release of my golden fluid gushing out the head
of my cock...

My name is Ross and I am in grade 11 at a Sydney Grammar School. I am not
a very big person, and my tool is nothing to boast about at 5.5 inches
hard, and only 2 inches soft. At 17 years old I am shorter than all my
friends and looked as though I was 15. I have brown hair and eyes and
stand at 5'8'' and weigh 60 kilos. I don't consider myself to be anything
special in the looks department.

Although I was shy about my body and looks, it didn't mean that others
didn't appreciate it. Because of my size and youthful looks most people
considered me cute. I nearly always had some girl wanting to ask me out,
trying to have the same class as me, or trying to be my partner in science
or something. Even the guys would get jealous if I talked to their
girlfriends. I don't know what it was about me, and I didn't know what
others saw, but I was apparently not a bad sort. I just didn't think
little ol' me was anything to get excited over.

While I was constantly being pursued by giggling, whispering girls, I was
unfortunately not interested in them. Not that they were ugly or ditzy (at
least not all of them), they simply didn't have the one thing that turned
me on. A penis. What absorbed my attention was the constant parade of
teenage guys making their way through puberty. They were of all shapes,
sizes and colours. I could barely contain myself. I liked 'em tall and
big, and small and angel like. From Nordic blondes, to dark Italians,
there was beauty in all of them. As much as I wanted to be normal and like
girls, I knew the pleasure of admiring the feast of vision that I was
supplied with in the locker rooms and toilets. I had a head full of
gorgeous male specimens, which I relived for endless hours of pleasure in
the privacy of my bedroom and imagination.

...My stream was still going strong and unfortunately I wasn't alone at the
urinal anymore. I had two guys on either side of me. One was Josh, and the
other was Tom.

Josh was a 17 year-old guy from gym who was only a little bit taller than I
was. He has on many occasions been the subject of my nocturnal fantasies.
Josh had light brown hair, and nice slim body that had a little bit of
definition. He was also a soccer stud and was very popular among the girls
and guys. Everyone wanted to be his friend. His was cute, funny and had a
really cool car that he got for his birthday. God I loved this boy. I
didn't really know him all that well, but I did admire him from afar. His
skin was lightly tanned and he had long, beautiful black eye lashes. They
were stunning and drew you into his dark brown eyes.

The other guy next to me was Tom. He had a solid chiseled body, and at
6'2'' was an intimidating sight. He had blond hair and striking deep blue
eyes. He was the essence of the eternal gay fantasy male. I remember
literally drooling when I once managed to catch a sight of his firm,
lightly haired bum, when he was changing after gym. He was in the grade
above me, and the only reason I got to catch him was because he had been
talking to the couch after class and I had come in with the next group.
Every girl wanted him, and every guy wanted to be him. He was captain of
the basketball team, and was a school hero. Unfortunately he also had a
reputation for being a tough son of a bitch. I was always nervous in his
presence, hoping he didn't somehow disapprove of something I did and beat
the crap out of me.

With such contrasting yet engrossingly beautiful specimens of males beside
me I couldn't help but glance across to see what they were packing. First
I moved my eyes left to where Josh was. He had a nice looking cut cock,
which was about the same size as mine. His piss was clear and came out
strong. I could also see a little bit of his dark brown pubes. I could
feel the blood rushing into my penis as I was taking in the sight of Josh's
youthful dick.

I looked forward again and tried to think about something else. The last
thing I needed was to crack a fat in front of Tom and have him kill me. Why
did I have to drink so much? It was finally starting to slow to a trickle.
I finished and shacked off my cock and put it back in and zipped up. As I
walked past Tom towards the sink and door, I don't know why, but I glanced
back. It was instinctive curiosity, and was my undoing.

I saw his long, fat, ivory shaft, which he held with all five fingers. It
was massive, and had a long foreskin. I could see his thick blond pubic
bush sprouting out of the fly of his black uniform trousers. With his
right hand he was scratching his balls which I could also see. What a
sight, and I knew I would jerk off to it for months. However I must have
been in a trance and didn't hear what he had said.

"Hey, I said what the fuck are you looking at?"

I quickly snapped out of it and looked up to his face, but it was too late.
He had caught me obviously checking him out, and he was not impressed. He
put it away and walked up to me, grabbed my shirt and pushed me up against
the wall.

"what are ya, some faggot or something? Haven't you ever seen a real dick

"I...I err.."

Josh had finished and was trying to quietly sneak out the door, but Tom saw
him out of the corner of his and yelled,

"Where the fuck are you going off to? Get over here now".

Everyone else must have finished and left already because all the stalls
were now empty and the only people around were Tom, Josh and me. There I
was, held up against the toilet wall, about to get my faced punched in, and
Josh had been caught in the middle of it. Why did I look? Why was I so
stupid? I know why, my fuckin' hormones kept telling me to look no matter
what the consequences. Hell I wasn't even thinking of the consequences.

"What do you think you were doing looking at my dick you little poof?"

"I didn't mean too, I am sorry Tom, I will never do it again,
honest. Please don't hit me, I will do anything you say, please just let me
go". I was so scared I was nearly peeing myself all over again.

"Josh, what do you think I should do, let him go or beat the crap out of
him? He was checking out your dick as well you know, I saw him looking

"I, err, don't know Tom, I err, don't want to get involved".

"Too late, I am making you involved. Tell you what Ross, I am going to let
Josh here decide your fate. It is up to him. And if he doesn't, well I am
going to beat the crap out of both of you. Understand?"

"Tom, please, Josh and I are both scared, lets just forget this ever
happened. I will never do it again. Please Tom."

"Begging isn't going to solve anything you little cocksucker. Josh, have
you decided what his punishment is going to be?"

"Look Tom, I don't care what he did, I just want to go home before soccer
practice this afternoon. Lets just let Ross go. I'm sure he didn't mean
it, and after today he is never going to do it again."

"Josh, you're a softcock just like Ross. Did you like him checking you
out, you a fairy as well? I should've known. Fine, I will have to punish
both of you. You are both going to come with me".

Tom let go of my shirt and looked at Josh and me to follow. He led us out
of the schoolyard, which by now was disserted. Josh and I had no idea what
he was going to do to us. I looked at Josh and tried to say with my eyes
how sorry I was for dragging him into this. He didn't seem angry with me,
just worried of what our punishment was going to be.

We caught the train with Tom, and he made us stand while he took the last
seat. We got off at the second station and Tom told us that were we going
to his house. We walked a couple of blocks past houses with large brick
walls and huge iron gates. We finally came to his house, which had a
modern design with white walls, and a lavish garden. He led us through the
front doors and up the stairs to his room. He indicated for us to stand
next to each other while he sat at his desk and turned to face us.

"We are going to have some rules. You are not to speak us less I speak to
you first. You will obey everything I say. You will not speak of this to
anyone. You will address me as master. You will not question what I say,
and if you break any of my rules...well, lets just say you will wish I had
beaten the crap out of you back at the toilets."

Tom stood up and walked to closet. He pulled out a video camera, and
hooked it up to his computer. I was already dreading what he was going to
use that for. I looked across at Josh who was sweating and had fear in his
eyes. He turned and gave me a questioning look. He then looked back at
Tom and said,

"Tom, look, please don't do this, I will think up someway for you to punish
Ross. Come on, let s not get carried away."

"Too late Josh, you had your chance. Now, you have already broken three of
my rules. You didn't call me master, you questioned my orders, and you
didn't wait for me to tell you to speak. Now both of you take off all your
clothes except for you underwear."

Josh and I looked at each other, and slowly took off our blazers, shoes,
ties, shirts and trousers. I was wearing my black CK boxer briefs, while
Josh was rigged in white DNKY briefs. God he was so sexy. He had these
little brown nipples which were hard and erect. Despite the fear on his
face, his dick was slowly stretching across and up inside his tight

I was also beginning to get excited. I looked down and saw that I was
tenting my CKs as well. Tom had finally finished turning on his computer
and had everything connected. He then looked at us near naked youths, and
grinned. He then left the room and disappeared down the hall. When he
came back he had a large black dildo, handcuffs, and a black leather bag.
He threw them on the bed and went to his desk and grabbed the camera.

"Now we are going to make ourselves a little home movie, and by the looks
of things you are both eager to be actors. Well here is your big break.
You are going to kiss each other, and then jerk each other off. Do you

We both said, "Yes master"

"Good. And as for you Josh, you broke my rules so there is going to be
something extra for you when this is finished."

I could hear Josh gulp as Tom said that. We both turned to each other and
tried to see if the other wanted to do this. I was both scared and excited
at the same time. Under any other circumstances I would love to make out
with Josh and play with his dick. But not with a camera on us, and not
with Tom standing there watching as well. This was like a bizarre sexual
fantasy. One might fantasize about being raped by a football team of horny
virile beefcakes, but no one in their right mind would actually do it if
they could. I could not believe this was happening.

Knowing that Tom wouldn't hesitate in kicking the shit out of two guys in
their underwear, I stepped towards Josh, placed my hands around his back
pulling him close and placed my lips upon his. At the same time he placed
one hand at the back of my head and the other on my bum. Wow. I melted
into his lips, and ran my hands up and down his back. I could feel his
fingers running through my hair and his other hand kneading my bum. Maybe
Josh was a fairy after all? He was obviously not doing this just because
he had too. He was actually enjoying himself.

We ground our hips into each other, and our by now fully hard cocks were
stabbing us, and were squeezed over one another. I could feel that both
our underwear were soaked with pre-come which made the surface more
slippery and our cocks were now sliding quicker and causing us both to pant
and grunt.

"Oh..., argh..., er".

Josh moved his hand inside my CKs and ran his fingers between my cheeks. I
moved my hands under his briefs and grabbed at his smooth ass. This was my
first time ever with another guy, and I was so caught up I the moment that
I had already forgotten that Tom was only 5 feet away.

I moved my lips down to Josh's neck and sucked as he swung his head back
and sighed. I went lower and nibbled at his left nipple, which was darker
than when I first looked at it. Josh's hands were going through my hair
and over my slender arms and shoulders. His slightly defined pecks were
tense under my lips and teeth. He cock was grinding against my chest and
stomach leaving a trail of sticky pre-cum as it went. By now my cock was
craving attention and I pressed it against his leg.

Beep! What the hell was that? Oh, the camera. My lustful advance on Josh
was interrupted and I was finally brought back to some semblance of
reality. I remembered we weren't here just to get our rocks off but to
save ourselves from Tom. Josh must have also realised as he had stopped
humping himself against my chest. We looked at each other, then down at
our crotches.

Both of our underwear was soaked with pre-cum and it was dribbling through
the thin fabric. We both looked across at Tom who had the camera resting
on the desk while he was slumped in his chair taking in the sight of Josh
and I going for it. I looked down at his crotch to see how much he was
enjoying the show but he had his hands placed over his lap. He then
motioned for us to get on with it.

This time Josh took the initiative. He reached out with his hands and
slipped his fingers under the band of my boxer briefs. His fingers brushed
against my throbbing cock and pushed into my damp brown pubes. He then
slowly pulled them down releasing my cock which snapped up against my
stomach. I couldn't help but sigh and rolled my head back as he gripped my
5 and a half inches with his small hand. He just held it for a moment,
moving it in his hands to check it out. He ran a finger round my scar
ring, and over the ridge of my cock-head.

More pre-cum oozed out of my slit and into his palm. He rubbed into my
shaft and moved his other hand to my tightly bunched up balls. He slowly
worked one hand up and down my shaft, while massaging my smooth sack with
the other. He then moved his hand from my balls to my bush, and ran his
fingers through the damp mound. Some loose hairs stuck to his wet fingers
and he rubbed them off against my thigh.

Josh went to work on my cock, using both hands now to yank on my shaft and
rub over my cock-head. My balls tightened even further against the base of
my cock, and I knew I was about to explode. My cum flew out of my cock
landing across Josh's stomach, chest and over his thighs. The cum was
gushing out. It was pulsing through my shaft with incredible force. After
maybe 8 or 10 heavy spurts it slowed and dribbled onto his fingers.

Josh was still pumping my now shrinking shaft, rubbing in my cum. I opened
my eyes to see him smiling at me, obviously pleased with himself. I then
moved closer into him and grabbed at his shaft. I roughly pushed and
pulled on it, as it throbbed still trapped in his jocks. He quickly
removed his hands from my spent groin and steadied himself against my

As I pushed into his shaft more goo would ooze through the nearly clear
white fabric. His cock with easily visible. He was a little longer than
my 5.5 inches, but his shaft was thinner than mine. It also curved
slightly to the right, whereas mine curved to the left. I was mesmerised,
finally getting a clear view of another hard dick. But I wanted more of
it. I grabbed at the waist-band and ripped his briefs down to his thighs
exposing his rigid cock. The head was a deep red, while the shaft was
still very much white. His cock-head was flared unlike my arrow like one.
An erect dick was the ultimate example of sex and lust, yet by its slender
size this one still captured youthful innocence.

But I was now ready to go beyond that and take Josh of whatever innocence
he had left. I grabbed at my spent dick and wiped up some of my cum, and
then rubbed it into his cock. Josh gave out an audible grunt and I tightly
fisted his shaft with my cum-lubed hand. I went to his balls with my other
hand, and felt the beginnings of some serious pubic growth there as well.
I squeezed his balls together, as I roughly pulled on his cock. Josh kept
throwing his head back and grunting each time my hand rubbed over his
cock-head. His hips started thrusting and his balls retreated from my
cupped hands. I knew what was coming.

Jets of white cum erupted from his flared head and hit me in the face. I
couldn't believe it. I continued to pull on his dick and as I did it sent
cum flying everywhere. The hot fluid landed on my chest and shoulders, it
whacked into Josh's chin and over both our thighs. Man this guy must have
been filled to the ears! After what seemed like 15 spurts Josh slumped
over and released his grip on my shoulders, which had deep red nail marks
in them. Josh was panting and trying to catch his breath as cum dribbled
from his limp dick and onto the floor.

"Bravo, bravo. I knew you guys had it in you. This will make one hell of
a film, andI am sure the guys on the team will enjoy it greatly".

Josh and I raised our gaze to Tom, who had moved to turn off the camera and
was laughing his head off. Now realising what we had done and what it
meant, Josh and I went to grab our clothes.

"Not so fast you two, I didn't say you could get dressed. Stand there and
wait for your next instructions."

"Yes master" Was all we could manage. With were both exhausted, but still
had to obey Tom. Unfortunately not only did we run the risk of having him
beat us up, but he now had us both on camera going for it. This was
getting worse. I loved copping off with Josh, but I just wished it had
been under better circumstances. God I hope Tom was just trying to scare
us when he said he was going to show it to the basketball team. If he did
we would never hear the end of it. We would have guys coming up to us all
the time wanting us to sick their dicks, or to fuck our asses. Please let
there be no film in the camera, and please god don't let it copy to the

Tom was doing something on the computer, but was blocking our view of it.

"There, you guys will be happy to know that I have saved your little sexual
thriller to my web page. Now o one knows its there, but if either of you
disobey one of my orders, I will e-mail the whole school to check it out.
Do you understand?"

"Yes master".

"Now Josh, since you disobeyed my orders earlier, I have another task for
you to perform. I was going to get you to do it now, but you both took too
long and my sister will be home soon. So it will have to wait till
tomorrow. But don't think you are going to get off lightly. You are both
going to come and see me during lunch for your next orders."

I knew I wasn't suppose to speak without being spoken to, but I had to ask.

"Master, can we get dressed and go now? We will see you tomorrow at lunch
time and we will do whatever you say."

"Yes Ross you can. Wait. I have another idea. You will only be allowed
to wear the others underwear, and you will leave your pants here. Do you

"You mean, we have to go home with just our shirt and blazers? What if
people see us?"

"That is not my problem. You shouldn't have checked out my dick in the
toilet you cocksucker. Now go before I change my mind and have you wear
one of my sisters skirts."

Josh and I grabbed our clothes, swapped jocks, and ran out of Tom's house
before he changed his mind. We ran for the park before anyone would see

"Ross, what are we going to do, how are we going to get home without people
seeing us?"

"Don't worry Josh we will figure something out. I know this probably isn't
the best time to bring this up, but, err, are you..., you"

"Ross, I err, didn't think I was. I knew you were looking at my dick in
the toilet, and I have to admit, I was checking yours out as well. I
thought that was just normal. But when we were in Tom's room I was getting
hard just looking at your dick through your underwear. I couldn't believe
it. I don't know if I am gay, but I really like you and I seem to be
turned on by you. I mean I have never cumed like that before in my life.
I don't know if I am, but this is probably the best punishment I have ever
had, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah Josh, I know exactly what you mean. Except now we are running around
the streets naked. Lets just wait here until it gets dark and then we will
head back to school along the park and grabs some clothes out the locker
room. We can say we were just doing some extra training. What do you

"I guess we don't have much choice, but what are we going to do about Tom
and the video?"

"I don't know Josh, I don't know."


Well what did you think? If you have any suggestions for the next
installment, or if you think I should add something please let me know.
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Nifty - Gay - Urination - Boys Crime And Punishment - Boys Crime And Punishment 1