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Nifty - Gay - Urination - Butt Sniffer - Butt Sniffer 2

Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 18:06:43 -0800 (PST)
From: Marc <>
Subject: Butt Sniffer - Part 2 (Raunch, Scat, Incest)


The following story deals with subject matter intended for adults over
the age of eighteen. If graphic, sexual scenes involving consenting
males engaging in acts of raunch, scat and incest are offensive to you,
or if you are under legal age, STOP HERE!

Butt Sniffer - Part 2
by Rim4you

Part 2
My Brother Jeff


I had never thought of my brother, Jeff, in a sexual way before. That
is until what transpired between my brothers and I along with our Dad
the other night in the room I shared with Brad.

Unlike Brad, who was loud and boisterous, Jeff had a more quiet, almost
mysterious quality about him. At eighteen years old, he wasn't as tall
as Brad but that's not to say that he didn't have a nice body. On the
contrary, Jeff was much more muscular than Brad.

Jeff was the kind of big brother who, like it or not, always came to the
defense of his younger brothers. Namely, Brad and I. And when Brad or
I needed someone to talk to, Jeff was always there for us. When we
needed a shoulder to cry on, there was Jeff with open arms and words of

It seemed ashame that just when I was blossoming sexually and had come
to see a different side of Jeff, in a couple of months he'd be leaving
home to join the Navy.

So it happened one night that I found myself in Jeff's room for one of
our heart to heart talks.

Chapter 1

"Do you have to go, Jeffery? I mean ..."

"I'll be around from time to time, Tommy. You know its always been my
dream to be in the Navy."

"But can't you hold off for awhile longer, Jeffery?"

"What's bugging you, Tommy?" Jeff asked.

"Well ... uh ... uh ..."

"Come on, Tommy. You know you can talk to me about anything."

"That's just it!" I blurted out, practically in tears. "After you run
off and join the Navy, Jeffery, I won't have anybody to talk to when
something's bugging me."

"Whoa! Shhhhh ... shhhhh. Don't cry, Tommy." Jeff said, softly.

He crossed the room, where he had been working at his desk, to the bed
where I was streatched out, hugging a pillow and looking like a lost

"I'll do my best to be there when you need me, Tommy. I'll write. I'll
call you even."

"It just won't be the same around here, Jeffery, with you gone." I
whimpered, drying my tears on the back of my sleeve.

"You still have Brad, Tommy."

"Brad!" I replied. "I can't talk to Brad."

"Just give him a chance, Tommy. Bradley may be all rough and tough on
the outside but inside, he has a gentle heart. Trust me on that, Tommy.

"If you say so, Jeffery." I whimpered.

"Things will be okay, Tommy. You'll see."

I gave my brother a hug and as he wrapped his strong arms around me, my
troubles, at least for the moment, seemed to melt away.

"Say, I have an idea." Jeff said, with a wicked grin.

"What?" I asked.

Jeff stood up and ran his hand over his chest and down to his crotch,
giving his basket a firm squeeze.

"How 'bout it, little brother? Huh? Just you and me?"

"Mmmmmm!" I cooed.

Streatched out on my back on Jeff's bed, I spread my legs wide, dangling
my feet over the edge of the bed.

"Hmmmmm!" Jeff whispered, kneeling between my outstreatched legs.
"Let's see what we have here."

Jeff ran his hands over my crotch. At his touch my cock rose to the

"Oh yeah!" Jeff whispered. "Gettin' nice and hard for me. Feel good?"


"Let's get these shorts off, Tommy."

I raised my hips so Jeff could slide my shorts off which he tossed
aside. Likewise, Jeff pulled his t-shirt off revealing his hairy chest
and wriggled his shorts down to around his knees.

"Mmmmmm!" Jeff sighed, running his lips up and down my rigid shaft
while at the same time flicking out his tongue.

"Oh yeah, Jeffery!" I purred. "That feels real nice."

As I propped myself up on my elbows so I could watch what my brother was
doing, Jeff opened his mouth and engulfed my cock into his warm, wet

"Damn!" I hissed. "Suck it! Suck my cock, Jeffery!"

"It tastes as good as it smells, Tommy." Jeff mumbled, while slurping
away at my dick.

"Yeah? Does my cock stink?"

"Mmmmmm! It's nice and musky, Tommy." Jeff replied.

"You like that?"

"I love it!" Jeff moaned. "Musky, smelly cock! So fuckin' hot, man!"

"Yeah! Yeah! Suck that stink dick! Suck it, Jeffery!"

As Jeff bobbed up and down on my cock, I could hear the sound of him
beating on his meat.

"Yeah! Play with your big dick while you suck my cock! Fuck! That
feels so fucking good!"

"Uh-huh!" Jeff moaned, his wet mouth slurping and sucking away.

I was in ecstacy. At least I thought I was. Jeff's sucking sent
tingles throughout my entire body. As he continued sucking my dick, he
trailed his fingers softly up and down my legs.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Jeff moaned, dragging his mouth down my shaft and
sucked my balls into his mouth.

"Oh fuck!" I groaned, swirling my hands over my chest and giving my
nipples a firm squeeze. "Suck my balls!"

Jeff rolled my nuts around in his mouth and every now and then, he'd
give them a gentle tug. As Jeff worked his magic on my balls, my cock
throbbed and twitched wildly and oozed pre-cum.

With my nuts still in his mouth, Jeff eased his hands behind the back of
my knees and nudged them forward and up, raising my ass in the air.

"Aaahhh!" Jeff sighed, releasing my nuts out of his mouth with a wet,
popping sound. "Sweet boy cunt!"

"It fucking stinks, Jeffery!" I hissed, reaching down to pry my
buttcheeks apart wide.

"Oh yeah!" Jeff moaned, pressing his nose against my asshole and
drawing in a deep breath. "Fucking stink cunt!"

"Yeah! Smell my dirty hole, man! Rub your face in my ass! I want you
to smell like asshole, Jeffery!"

"Fuck! Fuck!" Jeff gasped, as he sniffed and rubbed his face up and
down my butt trench. "Fucking stinks, Tommy!"

"What do you smell, Jeffery? Huh?"

"I smell asshole!" Jeffery panted. "Dirty, fucking asshole! Stinky,
shitty, asshole!"

"You like sniffin' my butt, Jeffery?"

"Fuck yeah! I love stink hole, man!"

"Eat my ass, buttsniffer!" I snapped, grabbing Jeff by the hair and
shoving his face into my ass. "Get my stink in your mouth, fucker!
Taste my nasty hole! Eat your kid brother's ass!"

"Fuck! Fuck!" Jeff moaned, as he tongued my butthole; lapped at the
hole; probed the hole.

"Taste good?"

"Fuck! Your asshole is so nasty, Tommy!"

"That's because I haven't taken a shower. Nor did I wipe my ass either
after I took a shit this morning!"

"Stinky, dirty asshole!" Jeff gasped. "I can hardly wait for ..."

"For what?" I asked.

"Oh man, Tommy!" Jeff panted. "You got me all hot. I want your ..."

"You want my shit don't you, fucker?" I replied, with a wicked grin
spread across my face.

"Yes!" Jeff whispered, leaning back on his haunches and furiously
beating on his thick piece of rock hard meat. "Fuck yeah! I want you
to shit on me, man! Stink me up good with your stink! Make your big
brother smell like turd, Tommy!"

"If you want my shit, Jeffery, you're gonna have to fuck it out of me
with that big fucking dick of yours! But first ..."

"Huh?" Jeff sighed.

"Stand up, Jeffery." I said, sliding off the bed and onto the floor on
my knees.

Jeff stood up, kicking his shorts off. I knelt there for a moment
taking in the masculine beauty of my brother's body. All those years
Jeff had spent in the garage lifting weights with Dad and Brad had paid
off admirably. Jeff's entire body rippled with muscle.

"See something you want, little stud?" Jeff asked, jerking on his cock.

"Yeah! That fucking big dick of yours! Bring it over here so I can
lick all that juice dripping outta your pisshole!"

Jeff moved forward until his cock was inches away from my face. It must
have been around eight inches in length with a thick, veiny shaft and a
bulbous, mushroom head with a rather large piss slit.

I knew that Jeff was all sexed up. His dick was dripping pre-cum

"Taste it, Tommy!" Jeff whispered. "Lick the juice off my dick!"

I leaned forward and ran my tongue along the thick shaft working my way
towards Jeff's cockhead.

"Yeah! That feels nice, Tommy! Looks good too, seeing my kid brother
licking my cock!"

"Finger your asshole, Jeffery! Smell your stink while I suck on your

I wrapped my hand around Jeff's thick cock and squeezed. As I did so, a
large pearldrop of pre-cum emerged from his piss slit. Opening my mouth
as wide as I could, I took the head of Jeff's dick into my mouth,
probing my tongue into the tastey pisshole.

"Ah fuck!" Jeff moaned. "Yeah! Taste that cock juice, man! Wrap
those sweet lips of yours around my cock!"

"Mmmmmm!" I murmered, sucking the nectar from my brother's dick.

"I'm fingering my asshole for you, Tommy! Yeah! My ass is real sweaty
and my fuckhole feels real juicy and nasty!"

Jeff withdrew his finger and looked at it. I glanced up as he held it
up for me to see.

"Look at my finger, Tommy! It's dirty, man! See. It's got shit on it.
My ass is dirty, Tommy. Real dirty!"

"Smell it!" I gasped. "Smell your stink!"

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmm! Oh yeah!" Jeff sighed, passing his dirty digit under
his nose. "Fucking stink, man! Fucking smells like shit, buddy! Wanna

"Uh-huh." I replied, shaking my head, trying hard to take as much of
Jeff's dick in my mouth as I could.

Jeff brought his finger down to under my nose. I took one deep breath
after another, smelling the aroma of his butthole. Knowing that it was
Jeff's scent, his most private manstink, only served to heighten my
arousal even more.

"That's it, little brother, smell your big brother's stink! I got some
stinky shit on my finger for you! Smell it while you suck on my big
cock! Fucking nasty, man!"

"Oh fuck! Fuck!" I moaned, sucking Jeff's dick and breathing in his
ass funk.

"You and me, kid, we're two of a kind. We're butt men. We get high on
butt stink. Dirty, stinking, nasty butthole! The dirtier the fucking
hole, the better!"

"Fuck yeah!" I groaned, running my hands up the back of Jeff's muscular
legs until I reached the firm mounds of his full butt.

"Yeah, fucker! Play with that ass. Feel up my hairy ass! There's
plenty of shit up my slop chute for you! Fuck!"

I kneaded Jeff's buns with my hands and pulled his buttcheeks apart. I
dragged my fingers into his hairy, sweaty asstrench.

"Yeah, buddy. You're gonna have some stinky fingers there! But I bet
you want the brown stuff, huh?"

"Fuck, yes! I want your shit, Jeffery! I want you to rub your shit all
over my ass and on your cock. I want to be fucked with your dirty,
smelly dick. I want your shit up my asshole!"

"You want it all, don't you? Fucking little whore, aren't you? My kid
brother's a fucking shit bitch!"

"Yeah! I'll be your fucking slut, Jeffery! Your shit bitch. Give me
your fucking cock all covered in shit! Fuck me stink and dirty!"

"Can't do it here, man. Gotta do it in my bathroom."

Jeff took a step backwards and pulled his dick out of my mouth.
Extending his hand, he helped me up and led me into his bathroom. As he
walked slightly ahead of me, I riveted my eyes on his ass and what he
was about to offer me from it.

Chapter 2

Stepping into the shower stall I knelt down. Jeff stepped into the
stall with me, facing me. Together we stroked our cocks.

"Can you piss, Jeffery? Piss on me first."

"Where do you want it, Tommy?" Jeffery replied, holding his hard dick
in his hand.

"Piss all over me, man!"

"Aaaaaahhhhhh!" Jeff sighed, aiming his cock straight at me. "It's all
yours, buddy!"

A golden stream shot out of Jeff's dick and hit me square in the chest.
I moved my hands into the piss stream and swirled the yellow nectar all
over my chest and into my armpits. Jeff waved his cock back and forth,
splashing my shoulders so his piss would run down my back. Then he
aimed his gushing stream towards my crotch, soaking my growing pubic

"Bathe in my fucking piss, Tommy! Rub my stinking piss all over. Feel
it dripping down the crack of your ass?"

"Fuck! Yes! Piss on me!"

I tilted my head back and pointed to my mouth.

"You sure, man?"

"In my mouth, Jeffery! Piss in my mouth!"

"Fucking toilet, man!" Jeff sighed, as he aimed his cock towards my
face. His piss stream hit me first on the forehead. It was warm and
ran down my face, over my cheeks and lips.

Jeff stepped forward and shoved the head of his pissing cock in my
mouth. My mouth quickly filled with his somewhat rank piss. I savored
its taste and swallowed. What my mouth couldn't contain spilled out and
ran down my neck.

"Drink piss, man! Drink my fucking cock juice."

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" I moaned and moaned, swallowing gulp after gulp of
Jeff's nectar.

"What some turd to go with that, boy?"

"Fuck yeah!"

Jeff dropped his hand under his ass. After a couple of grunts and a wet
sounding, juicy fart, I could hear him squeezing out turd.

"Got a present for you, Tommy" Jeff whispered. "Look what I got. Nice
and brown and stinky."

I gazed down at Jeff's hand and watched as the palm of his hand filled
with a massive pile of shit.

"Smells good, huh? Nice and nasty!" Jeff said, bringing his pile of
shit forward for me to see and smell. "Smell it, Tommy! Get your nose
right up there and take a whiff of Jeff shit!"

I leaned forward and grazed the warm pile with my nose. The ripe stench
shot up my nostrils.

"Fucking stinks, dosen't it? Yeah. Fucking got some of my brown stink
on your nose there, buddy! Looking real good!"

"Your shit stinks, Jeff!" I gasped, dipping my finger into the stinky
pile and rubbing my finger onto the flesh under my nose. "Fucking
stinks so good."

"Yeah. You like playing in my shit don't you stinkboy?"

"Yes!" I gasped, taking more of his shit and smearing it over my face.

"Can I have some, Tommy? Or are you gonna hog it all for yourself?"

"Smear it all over your big cock, Jeffery!"

Jeff rubbed his cock into his shit filled hand.

"Ah fuck!" He groaned. "Feels so fucking good on my cock, man!
Stinking up my cock for you, Tommy!"

As I jacked on my throbbing dick and smelled the filth I'd smeared all
over my face, I watched as Jeff curled his shitty fingers around his
dick and coated it with his filth.

"Oh yeah! Fuck! This is so fucking nasty, Tommy!"

>From his dick, Jeff worked the pastey shit all over his balls and into
his crotch hair before bringing his hand up to his face and smearing his
face down.

"Kiss me, Tommy! Give your brother a nasty kiss!"

I stood up. Jeff leaned forward and grazed his shitty lips against

"Kiss me!" Jeff whispered.

As I pressed my lips firmly against Jeff's, a bitter tang filled my
mouth. I moaned deeply as Jeff slid his tongue into my mouth and
swirled shit into my mouth. As we kissed, Jeff rubbed his shit up and
down my butt trench and over my asscheeks. Finding my butthole, he slid
his finger in.

"You're wearing my stink, Tommy!" Jeff whispered, kissing me again and
again. "You've got my shit in your mouth and up your ass. You sure you
want my dirty dick up your boy cunt?"

"Fuck me, Jeffery! Fuck me with that big, stinking cock of yours! Fuck
me dirty! Fuck me nasty!"

Jeff rose to his full height. Leaning against the shower wall, he slid
down to a sitting position, his dick jutting straight up.

"I think it'd be easier if you sat on my cock, Tommy. That way you can
take it at your own pace and I can see the pleasure in your eyes."

I planted my feet on either side of Jeff's waist. Jeff grasped his dick
in one hand as I began to squat down.

"Take it nice and slow, baby! Oh yeah! Kiss my nasty cock with your
dirty asshole!"

My butthole touched the head of Jeff's cock. Slowly I gyrated my hips.

"Yeah! Oh yeah!" Jeff moaned, as inch by inch my asshole sucked shitty
cock. "Fucking dirty cunt! Yeah! How's it feel to have your brother's
dick up your ass?"

"Fuck! Fuck!" I gasped, rubbing my hands over my face as I impaled
myself on Jeff's cock. "Fuck me, Jeff! Dick me!"

"Fucking tight hole! Feels so fucking nasty. Fuck, Tommy!"

"Fuck me!" I groaned, leaning forward, kissing Jeff hard.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Jeff moaned, as he bucked his hips up and down.
"Shit fucking my kid brother! Ride that big cock, Tommy!"

"Fuck! Fuck!" I sighed, bouncing up and down on Jeff's fuckmeat.
"Your cock's up my ass, Jeffery! Feels so fucking good! Your shit's up
my ass! Fuck! Fuck!"

"Yeah, buddy! Fucking your dirty cunt! Fucking pig! Fucking shit
bitch! Yeah! Make me cum, man!"

"Shoot up my ass, Jeffery! Cum up my pig cunt!"

"Yeah! Yeah! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Gonna shoot, man! Gonna fuckin'

"Cum, Jeffery! Cum! I can't hold back. I'm gonna blow too!"

"Fuckin' cum with me, man! Together! Fuck! Fuck! Aaaaaahhhhhh!
Aaaaaahhhhhh! Fuck! Fuck!"

"Aaarrrggghhh! Shit! Shit!" I panted, as my creamy load exploded out
of my cock and splattered over Jeff's hairy chest.

Trembling, Jeff and I held on to one another. Jeff pressed me close to
his chest and kissed the top of my head, gently stroking my back.

"I thought I smelled sex!"

Jeff and I looked up. Standing in front of the shower stall was Dad,
stroking on his cock and tugging on his balls.

"Mind if I have sloppy seconds, guys?"

"Bring any lube, Dad?" I asked, with a sheepish grin.

"Oh yeah!" Dad said, turning around and rubbing his ass. "I got just
the kind you like!"


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