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Nifty - Gay - Urination - Jock Dad - Jock Dad 5

Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 09:33:48 -0700
From: Collin Dantry <>
Subject: JockDad 5

This story is intended for adults and those into sex between guys. If
you're not into this or under age, then go find something else to read.
This story involves sex between family members as well as adults and teens.

I have written in a while because I've been SO busy with school. I can't
promise when there'll be another installment of this story, but I will try.

If you like this story, email me and tell me about you, please.

Now on with the smut
Jock Dad- Chapter 4

Narrator- 30 year old father (Jason)

Andrew- Narrator's 12 year old son

Jake- Narrator's hunky football playing stud of a nephew

Mikey- Jake's 10yo little brother


Jake drove home thinking about Mikey all the way. He kept running through
his mind the times he'd seen Mikey naked or just in a pair of little boy
white briefs. Jake couldn't get over how excited he was becoming, and he
couldn't decide whether it was because Mikey was his little brother or
because was just a 10yo boy without a hair on his body.

Even after all the sex over the last 24 hours, Jake was flooding his
jockstrap with precum. The more he thought about it, the more lust filled
he became. By the time Jake got to the house, he was in an altered state,
full of lust and energy. It was almost like the heightened adrenaline rush
he got before going out onto the field. Jake jumped out of the truck,
taking a look to see if his parents were here and they weren't. Jake flung
open the door and stormed into the house. He had to have Mikey at that very

Jake could hear cartoons from upstairs so he bounded up the stairs till he
came to Mikey's door. He pushed to door open to see Mikey's little angelic
body sitting Indian style on the floor in nothing but his underwear watching
Scooby Doo. Mikey looked up at Jake and smiled.

Jake's heart was beating a mile a minute and the adrenaline and testosterone
were raging through his body.

"Hey Mikey, Where are mom and dad?" Jake said, his voice deep and almost

"They just left to go visit Aunt Linda. They said they'll be back in an
hour or two." Mikey said sweetly.

Jake walked over to Mikey, looking down at his small body. Mikey looked up
at the massive jock towering above him. Some of Jake's muscles were almost
as big as Mikey. Mikey admired Jake and loved him very much.

"Come here Mikey" Jake said picking Mikey up and throwing his 10yo body on
his bed.

Jake just began removing Mikey's clothes, his big hands cupping different
parts of Mikey's body. Mikey was too stunned for a moment, assuming that
Jake was messing with him. Mikey tried to keep his clothes, laughing as
Jake tried to strip him. Jake wasn't laughing, and in fact was drooling as
his big hands ran lewdly over his littler brother's bare skin. Finally
Mikey was naked and Jake just stood there slightly smiling looking down at
how beautiful Mikey looked. Jake's cock was pushing out the front of his
shorts obscenely.

Mikey looked up at his big brother, confused as to what was happening.
Mikey did notice the tent in his big brother's shorts, and it gave him that
funny feeling in his tummy, a feeling of excitement. Mikey knew what was
beneath that tent as he had watched Jake jack off many times. The first
time was by accident, as Mikey had hidden in Jake's closet to scare him
after he went to bed, but Jake came to bed naked mesmerizing little 9yo
Mikey, Mikey watches as his brother lubed up his massive fuck stick and
stroke it to orgasm. From them on, Mikey would hide in Jake's closet ever
so often to watch the show. Even one time he got to see Jake be sucked off
by one of his team mates, which really had given young Mikey the funny
feeling in his stomach.

Jake saw Mikey staring at his tent, and the older football stud watched as
Mikey's little dick hardened to its full 4 inches. Jake laughed thinking
that Mikey would be hung like him some day.

"I love you Mikey, so if you don't like any of this just say stop." Jake
said as he placed a pillow under Mikey's ass and pushed his legs back,
exposing his completely smooth and innocent butt.

Jake leaned down and rubbed his cheek against the smooth boy butt before
him. He inhaled deep the slightly masculine fresh boy scent. Jake
remembered how clean and fresh little Andrew's ass had tasted and smelt, but
Mikey's was perfect. Jake leaned down, his long tongue snaking out of his
mouth, and licked from the bottom of the boy's crack all the way to Mikey's
balls. Mikey whimpered as his big studly brother licked his little 10yo
ass. Jake continued to lick until his tongue began to concentrate around
the little boy's tight pink pucker. Mikey was really whimpering now as
Jake's thick tongue pressed inside his little brother.

"Yeah Mikey, that's my baby. Sweet fucking ass" Jake said licking the
boy's ass juices from his lips.

Jake wanted to eat Mikey's ass all day, but his cock and balls were in pain.
He needed release.

"That feel good Mikey?" Jake asked with a leer. Mikey just nodded his head
up and down quickly as he enjoyed the feelings of his big studly brother's
tongue caressing his butt. "Do you wanna help your big brother feel just as
nice?" Jake asked pulling his face from his little brother's ass.

Mikey just grinned and nodded his head yes. Jake crawled up on the bed and
removed his shorts. He sat in his little brother's bed covered in Power
Ranger sheets in nothing but his sweat and precum filled jock strap.

"Alright Mikey, now just lay down between my legs and rub my jock strap.
That's it. That feels good Mikey. Now lean down and put your mouth on the
front of my jock, and now lick it. Does it taste good baby?" Jake guided
Mikey along.

Jake looked down at his little brother, his face buried in his jockstrap,
licking and sucking at the damp material. Mikey liked the smell as it
reminded him of what Jake's room always smelled like. Jake reached down
and caressed the side of his angel's face, before pulling the band of his
jock down under his balls releasing the monster that so wanted to devour

Mikey looked in shock as he saw his brother's penis for the first time up
close. it was so big and veiny. Mikey watched as little drops of liquid
appeared at the top of the head and then ran down the side.

"Ok Mikey go ahead and grab it with your hand. That's it. Don't worry
you're not going to hurt it. Now see the little drops, go ahead and lick
those up." Jake instructed smiling all the time.

Mikey licked the drops up as he held onto his brother's dick. The stuff was
powerful and sweet, and Mikey began to instinctively milk Jake's cock for
more. Jake continue to instruct little Mikey until Mikey was able to get a
good 3 inches in his mouth and was using his two little hands to stroke the

Jake looked down at his little 10 yo brother as Mikey sucked Jake's cock.
Mikey had even gotten down the twisting motion in his hands that Jake liked
so much. Jake just leaned back with his hands behind his head as his ten
year old brother serviced him. Jake was getting close pretty quick just
from watching the dirty scene in front of him, his almost adult stud jock
cock stuffed inside the mouth of a ten year old boy.

"Mikey, some good stuff is about to come out of my cock, just suck it down.
It'll make you big and strong and look like me." Jake instructed to which
Mikey just looked up with those angelic eyes and smiled with my cock between
his lips.

Jake couldn't hold back anymore. The passion and lust inside him was too
much so he held his little brother's head between his hands and began to
fuck up into his mouth. Jake was thrusting a good 6 inches down Mikey's
young throat. Jake's balls tightened, cock head tickled, and then his river
of cum gushed into Mikey's ten year old mouth. Mikey tried to swallow but
with a cock thrusting in his mouth, much of Jake's cum was forced out over
Mikey's lips and chin.

Finally Jake calmed down and Mikey caught his breath, but almost immediately
Mikey began to eat and lick up the cum that Jake had spilt. Mikey was
noting but smiles as he enjoyed the taste of his brother's spunk.

Jake's cock didn't even consider softening. Jake knew what his cock wanted,
and what he had been lusting after since he considered the possibility.

"You were so good Mikey, you're such a good little brother. But it's not
soft yet Mikey. I need you to do something else for me. You know how I go
out on the football field to play and have fun, but the tackle hurt some
times?" Jake asked as Mikey nodded, "Well, we need to have some fun but it
might hurt you at first. You wanna be my brave little football player?"
Jake asked

"Yeah Jake. I'll do whatever you want. This is neat." Mikey answered.

Jake picked the boy up in his arms and kissed him on the lips. Jake could
taste his own manly cum stuck to the lips of his little brother. Jake laid
his brother back down on the bed and put the pillow back under his ass.
Jake pressed Mikey's legs back against his chest and showed him how to hold
them in place. He ran to the bathroom to grab some Vaseline, and then
slathered his little ten year old brother's butt with Vaseline. Jake's
fingers pressed into the little boy butt, making sure that Mikey's insides.
Mikey moaned as he felt Jake finger him. It felt a little weird and
uncomfortable at first, but Mikey didn't want to disappoint Jake.

Jake played with the boy's ass for the next twenty minutes until he was able
to get three fingers up Mikey's butt. Jake figured Mikey was as ready as he
ever would be. Jake's massive hands rested on the back of Mikey's thighs
pressing him farther back and exposing that shiny pink hole even more.
Jake's massive cock rubbed against Mikey's hole, causing Mikey to squirm
and moan.

Jake didn't want to hurt Mikey, but he wanted the little boy ass so much.
The head of his cock pressed inside the boy and Mikey began to moan loudly
and cry out. Jake looked down at the huge studly jock cock pushing into
Mikey's 10 yo ass. Jake just kept pushing as Mikey moaned and grunted

"Shhhh, Mikey. It'll be ok. It'll start to feel really good. Don't worry
baby. Big Brother is gonna take care of you." Jake whispered to Mikey as
he kissed the boy, his cock sinking deeper inside the boy.

"Oooooh. hurts...but ...I wanna...make you happy." Jake managed to murmur
as he was royally fucked.

Jake's cock went deeper into his little brother's tight ass. Finally Jake
bottomed out, his smooth balls rested against the soft smoothness of Mikey's
ass. Jake leaned down again to whisper in Mikey's ear that he had it all,
and then to kiss him deeply and passionately.

Jake waited for Mikey's little boy ass to get used to having a thick cock
inside of it. When Mikey began to wiggle his ass, stirring the cock inside
of him, Jake knew that the little slut was ready for a jock fucking.

Jake started slow, easing his cock out and teasing Mikey's hole with the
head. Mikey whimpered and Jake loved it. Finally Jake needed a good strong
fuck, and he picked up speed. Mikey adapted to the new sensations quickly.
Jake began to fuck hard as he watched his little brother thrash from side to
side and rub his little boy dick in pleasure. Jake swiped his finger
through some of the lube being pushed out of Mikey's ass and replaced
Mikey's hand with his own. Jake began to stroke the little cock in his hand
as he long dicked his little brother.

Mikey began to thrash about even more as the feelings coming from his ass
coupled with the intense tingling coming from his penis. Mikey began to
really moan and groan. He began to beg Jake to make it stop, the sensations
were too much. Jake just smiled as he fucked his little brother knowing
that Mikey was about to experience his first orgasm. Jake just kept
massaging his slick hand along Mikey's hard little cock. Mikey really began
to scream and thrash about. Mikey was in convulsions and finally his little
balls squeezed tight and the wave of intense pleasure came over the little
boy. Mikey stopped breathing for a second as the rush of endorphins flooded
his brain and he experienced the greatest thing ever.

Jake laughed and was filled with glee as he saw his brother experience the
best feeling on earth. Jake remembered the first time he felt that feeling,
and knew what was going through Mikey's mind. Jake's lust was building too,
and seeing his little brother in the throws of orgasm only helped his balls
pull tighter. Jake began to mercilessly pound little Mikey, but Mikey was
out of it and didn't care. Jake grunted and then thrust forward one last
time as he flooded his little 10 year old brother's butt with cum.

Jake collapsed onto Mikey, covering him with his hot sweaty hard jock body.
The two brothers breathed heavily, both silent as they recovered.

"That was awesome Jake!" Mikey said breaking the silence.

"That was incredible Mikey. You were incredible. How do you feel?" Jake
asked as he ran his fingers through Mikey's hair.

"It hurts a little, but what you did to my penis felt awesome Jake!" Mikey
said still breathing hard.

"It only gets better babe. Let's go shower off before mom and dad get
home." Jake suggested as he pulled his little brother into his arms.

Jake carried him into the bathroom and the two took a nice long hot shower
together. Jake wanted another shot at Mikey, but he knew he'd have to wait
till at least tomorrow before Mikey was ready again.


Well guys, hope you enjoyed. The next chapter that I get out will be more
about the father and son again, and will probably be my final chapter on
this series. As always, please write me and let me know what you think

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Nifty - Gay - Urination - Jock Dad - Jock Dad 5