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Nifty - Gay - Urination - My Slave Boy And Me - My Slave Boy And Me 1

Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 12:25:10 -0700 (PDT)
From: rr2253 <>
Subject: "My Slave and Me" Chapter 1

attached is a story submission for the authoritarian category.

The story codes are: M ,B , b, BB, anal, bd, inc, teen2

My Slave Boy and Me

This is a fictional story. No characters are based on real people. Any
resemblance is strictly coincidental.

If you are offended by sexual material, please read no further. This is not
your type of fiction. If you do read it, and especially if you enjoy it,
please let me know. You can e mail me at


Times were tough. The recession didn't end and was more like a
depression. Governments were strained to provide any help to needy
people. The conservatives got into power and eventually pushed to reinstate
slavery. It wasn't based on race but on economic conditions. The rich got
richer and the poor didn't stand a chance. Instead of welfare, the term was
now volunteer servitude. People who couldn't afford to take care of their
children or themselves, gave up and volunteered to be given over to those
with money and power. They were often forced to sell off children to pay
debts or to simply survive. It wasn't a very happy place to be unless you
had money. Prostitution, although still considered illegal, was pretty
much overlooked. It wasn't unusual to see even adult men and women with
signs around their necks offering to do anything for money. That usually
meant providing sexual favors in public places. Children who were sold,
were used by the wealthy to carry packages for their Mam's or Masters. One
could see them hurrying after the woman, naked and on a leash carrying

They were usually made to provide their bodily functions at the curb. I had
seen one young boy pissing on himself as he hurried after a well dressed
women. Some had been castrated to make sure they could not reproduce. Young
teen boys who reached puberty, had their body hair shaved off and a device
installed around their cock to only allow urination. Their cocks were
almost stuffed into the containers so they were visible but useless for
sex. The containers hung down between their legs.

Servitude was supposed to be for a limited period but children sold into
slavery had little chance to ever get out.

I was one of the more fortunate. I had plenty of money and was able to take
care of myself.

Fortunately, I didn't have a family to support. My parents left me a
substantial amount of money to live pretty well. I was in my early 30's
now. Still pretty trim and fit, I had to admit that I was fortunate.

My good looks and good physique helped me I'm sure. I'm about 6 feet tall,
weigh about 170, have dark hair and a smooth body. I work out often and
swim and run to keep myself fit. My name is Jeremy. My income comes from
managing my and others portfolios of money and stocks.

I lived pretty modestly in a medium sized city in a warm climate.
Sometimes, it was downright hot.

Living by myself and having no real close neighbors, I had taken to being
nude most of the time. Nudity was becoming much more accepted. Some did it
because it cost a lot less not to have to buy clothes.

Others just enjoyed the life style. Even the conservative government didn't
oppose it anymore. Kids were often nude when they played and others just
did it at the beach. It wasn't unusual to see nude men or women at play,
jogging, working in the yard or any other activity. A few businesses
embraced it also having nude staff. Of course some of the nudity was due to
people living in "volunteer servitude" Employers made their staff dress
this way as a means of showing their power over employees and found that
many of the wealthy liked seeing those of lesser means having to survive in
a demeaning way. Much of the servitude was slavery. Men ogled the naked
girls who served in bars and other establishments. Younger guys were made
to serve naked as well. I must admit, I enjoyed the view. My friends and I
often went to bars and clubs to see the nice bodies on display. Those that
were older or unfit usually had to work behind the scenes and were not
viewed much by the public One morning, I was having coffee at a local
coffee shop. The young man who waited on me, probably not more than 20, was
nude. It was interesting to see the women touch and grope him while he
worked. He was not allowed to protest and simply had to let anyone who
wanted, put their hands on his body, smile politely and take it. Even
children of the wealthy, often maybe only 10 or 12, would laugh and abuse
the poor servers. Men seemed to enjoy it too. Not only the gay men, but
those of wealth and power who would never admit they found nude men
fascinating. Their touches were often even more abusive slapping the poor
severs on the ass, kneeing them in the balls of stepping on their bare
feet. I saw one man stick a pencil in the ass of the server and made him
kneel down to allow the customer to push it in further. The customer
laughed as the poor young boy was humiliated.

When he was finally done, the server came over to me to see if I wanted
anything more, apologizing for keeping me waiting . I touched him kindly on
his hand and said not to worry and that I needed nothing more. I paid my
bill and gave him, very secretly of course, a big tip. Tipping servitude
workers wasn't really allowed but I wanted to show the poor boy some
kindness. A tear appeared in his eyes and he politely thanked me but said
he had no where to put the money for safe keeping and handed it back. I
asked if he had any home or place to go after work where I could give it to
him then. He said no, that he slept in the back storage room of the shop. I
felt very bad for him and said I would be back to see if I could do
anything for him. Tears still in his eyes, he knelt down and kissed my
barefoot. Just then, the owner saw him and came over and pushed him down,
knocking his tray from his hands. I looked at the owner with a frown as he
kicked the boy and told him he would have to do extra work to pay for the
broken cups. I knew what extra work had meant. The boy would probably have
to sell himself to someone for sexual favors and then give the money to the

I told the owner that the boy had done nothing wrong and that I would pay
for the cups that were broken. He looked at me and told the boy to get up
and get to work. I paid for the cups, probably a lot more than they were
worth and told him I didn't want the boy to do anything else. The debt had
been paid and he was to be left alone. The boy got up, still with a tear in
his eye, looked at me greatfully but said no more and went back to another
table. As I was leaving, I saw a man playing with the boys cock and balls
in an abusive manner. I wanted to grab the boy server and take him away but
knew I couldn't. He simply stood, with his legs spread and let the man play
with his anatomy. He watched me out the corner of his eye as I left.

I picked up a newspaper and thumbed through it. An ad caught my eye about a
"volunteer servitude person sale" that was happening fairly near by. I was
curious and decided I wanted to see what was happening. I ventured a few
blocks to the market area. It used to be a place to buy produce and such
but now mainly made it by having these human sales.

I walked in to the courtyard. There, standing on crates, were mostly young
people all nude. There were many more men and boys than women. A few young
girls were there. I was exciting as I knew it made my cock start to get
hard, but at the same time appalling to see these young people being sold.

They were displayed standing with legs apart and for the men and boys,
their hands behind their heads. All of them were looking straight
ahead. Both men and women were shopping stopping by to touch and feel the
bodies. The traders made some bend over, or turn around and spread their
ass cheeks for customers. All the males had tags hanging from their
balls. I suppose it was easier to put them there than around their ankles
but it also gave the shoppers and opportunity to fondle them.

Some of the boys were and girls were crying. I saw a man and woman crying
too standing near a young boy on display. It turns out it was their son. He
must have been about 13 or 14 as signs of puberty were obvious on him. He
had just a little bit of pubic hair and some hair on his legs and
underarms. He looked frightened. A well dressed man and a young girl,
probably his daughter, were looking him over.

The boys blond hair had been cut very short and he wore a collar around his
neck. I heard them discussing the boy like a toy in a store. The girl had a
smirk on her face as she told her dad that he would make a perfect slave
toy for her. I had heard it was the rage for young teens to have their
parents buy other young slaves to have as a personal slave to do all their
chores, and to be played with anyway they wanted. Usually, that meant for
the girl that she could use and abuse the boy who was purchased but rarely
allowed the boy to have sex with her. Most of the boys who were bought were
either castrated or fitted with a chastity belt or some sort of device was
placed over their cock and balls only allowing them to urinate. The girls
used the boys to do work and sometimes take to bed to eat their pussies for
them. I had read somewhere how the slave boys were treated at the homes of
both the boys and girls who had them. The boys were used to do all house
chores. Some were made to be cooks or servants. Often they accompanied
their youthful masters to school. Public schools still did not allow the
practice but private schools for the wealthy families already allowed the
students to bring their slaves. The slaves did not participate in any
educational activities. They merely carried the books or gear and were
usually tied to a post like an animal outside of the rooms. They usually
received no food or beverage during the day. They sat in the hot sun or
rain and waited. When summoned, they were made to come and perform any
duties they were told. They carried food for lunch and sat at their
master's feet while the youthful master ate. They sometimes were made to
pull little carts to carry their masters to and from home. Boys sometimes
had girl slaves but most had boys.

Boys could be made to do much harder work and could still be used as sex
objects as their was never any fear of pregnancy. The slave children or
volunteer servers were often spit upon, kicked, made fun of or abused. The
girls loved to have their slave boys stand in the slave position ( legs
apart and hands behind their heads) which totally exposed them to
all. Slave children especially the boys, were always kept naked and never
had privacy. In the school yard where they waited, they had to urinate or
deficate in public. They always wore slave collars and many had tattoos
applied. They lost their right to names and most had simply numbers or a
new name was given to them that the master child liked.

Just as the girls played with dolls, the slave children were called
whatever their masters wanted to call them. Some of the boys loved to
wrestle their slaves who wore no protection. It was great sport to gang up
on a slave boy and wrestle him. It always seemed that their genitals were a
target as the master boys laughed and kicked them. As mentioned earlier,
some slave boys with girls as masters, were castrated. Their parents
feared pregnancy with a slave. The slaves who were castrated, rarely
received any hospitalization. They were simply stitched up and medicated
until they could resume their activites -usually in less than a week. The
girls loved to have their slave boys played with by their friends who would
explore their bodies and watch while those in puberty and beyond would
become excited. The girls loved to torment their genitals and then either
slap them or make them ejaculate on themselves. The slave boys eventually
got used to being seen naked and lost their humiliation and embarrassment
but none were ever considered as happy. They all knew what was ahead for
them once the girls grew up, got boyfriends and tired of them as
playthings. Eventually, the boys were tossed aside for another and simply
made to do hard physical labor until they were resold to work in factories
, in mines or some other dastardly tasks until they could work no
more. Then, the government allowed the servers to be put down like dogs as
there proper care would cost too much. I wanted to run up and grab the boy
and take him home. The man and woman standing nearby, were probably his
mother and father who found they could no longer keep him as their son and
were forced to sell him to make ends meet. I had heard that some less than
scroupulous parents had begun to raise children just for profit.

As I approached, the man told the who seemed to be running the market, said
"sold". The girl jumped up and down in excitement as her father handed over
his credit card for the purchase. The mother burst into more tears, the
father trying to console her, as the boy,panic on his face, was taken off
the block and lead away. He was left totally naked but his hands were now
tied behind his back. As the boy stepped off the block, the girl again
reached out and touched his balls knowing she was now in charge of the
boy's destiny. The boys tried to look back at his parents, but a leash was
attached to his collar and his head jerked back. I wanted to cry for the
poor kid. The parents stood holding one another, both crying. They had made
maybe $3000.00 for their now lost forever, son. Girl slaves usually brought
much less as they could only be used for housekeeping duties, to breed or
as a plaything for the gentleman of the house to use for sex. Once they got
older, they were quite useless as unlike the boys, they were much harder to
sell for labor slaves.

I watched the girl, her father and the hapless boy walk off in the crowd
toward the parking area. I saw the dad open the back of his luxury suv and
push the boy inside, slamming the door. I started walking around the market
. Although I had pity for all those on the blocks, I must admit that it was
sexually arousing. I felt a little precum on my shorts.

As I walked about in the warm sunshine, I saw all kinds of young people
still on the blocks. Ages ranged from about 10 to maybe 25. All seemed to
have nice looking bodies. I had to admire the cocks on the boys seeing the
little tags swinging in the light breeze. It was a turn on but so depraved.

I walked a bit farther and came to another display of human flesh, when I
spotted something I had not seen. There standing on a crate was a beautiful
young man with dark hair, a rather large cock and set of balls but a smooth
chest. He like the others, looked dejected. He had a great smooth body with
nicely defined abs and chest. He wasn't muscular looking like some of the
boys. I guessed he was about 18-20. What made him unusual however, was
attached to his leg, was a small boy who could not have been more than 3 or
4. The small child, like the young man, was naked The small child was not
standing but sitting. The youth was standing like the others, face forward,
and hands tied behind his head. The little child was crying and seemed to
want attention as he looked up at the older boy. I watched for a few
minutes. Several people came by and looked at the tag on the older boys

He seemed to get a fair amount of attention but was passed on after the tag
was examined. I decided to look for myself. I tried not to violate the
young man by grabbing his balls or cock. I simply reached up and read what
the tag said. I was amazed to read the short note.

To be continued.

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Nifty - Gay - Urination - My Slave Boy And Me - My Slave Boy And Me 1