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Nifty - Gay - Urination - Our Little Cousins Weekend To Remember - Our Little Cousins Weekend To Remember 13

Date: Tue, 04 Jul 2006 13:08:33 -0700
From: Gary Gibson <>
Subject: Our Little Cousin's Weekend to Remember - 13

This story contains Graphic sex between two minor Brothers and a five year
old Cousin who has been visiting for the weekend and has now moved to the
same city and the two brothers' now just live three houses down from their

The two brothers have been experimenting in sex for the last year and have
learned a lot of ways to have sexual fun; thanks to a lot of adult porn
samples showing them different positions to do things.
It contains oral, anal, rimming and occasionally fisting sex.

Here are some brief descriptions of the boys involved with this story:
Daniel 15y/o 5'8" 125 pounds blonde hair light blue eyes 6" uncut cock hard
4" soft.

Justin 14y/o 5'7" 120 pounds blonde hair light blue eyes 6" uncut cock hard
4" soft.

Oliver 5y/o Cousin 3'11" 45 pounds babyish looking face and body blonde hair
and blue eyes 3-1/2" uncut cock hard 2" soft.

Ryan 6y/o 3'10" 45 pounds 6-3/4" hard cut cock 2" soft.

Dacian and shay, twins' 16y/o 5'9" 135 pounds blonde hair Green eyes 6-1/2"
uncut hard cock 4-1/4" soft.

Kadim, Dacian and Shay's younger brother, 5y/o 3'11' 45 pounds blonde hair
green eyes 3-1/4" uncut cock hard 2-1/4" soft.

Caled, Dacian and Shay's other young brother, 6y/o 4'1" 50 pounds blonde
hair green eyes 4" uncut cock hard 3" soft.

Terry 11y/o 5'2" 120 pounds brown hair brown eyes 4" cut cock hard 3" soft.

Elvin 13y/o 5'5" 110 pounds black hair deep blue eyes 5-1/2" uncut cock hard
3-3/4" soft.

All of them have well built bodies for their size.

Our Little Cousin's Weekend to Remember -- Chapter -- Thirteen

(Authors note; I try to keep the penis size as realistic as I can according
to age, I hate reading a story where a 6y/o boy with an 8" penis just took
an 11" penis up his anus from someone who is 12y/o, I wish people would look
up the largest and average size for a boy or a mans' penis on one of the
search engines available; the average size penis is from 4-3/4" to 7" with most
men and boys having from 3" to 5" with some men and boys having only 3".
The largest penis on record is just over 9+" and they are just over two
present of the worlds population.
I won't read those oversized unrealistic stories at all, I stop reading when
someone mentions the outrageous size of a boy's or a man's penis, I wish
everyone would.)
I now have 112 chapters on Nifty incest and I have had only one complaint
about my note on penis sizes but I have received many agreements on the
outrageous stories with enormous penis sizes.
Thanks to all who have written agreeing with me.

Our Little Cousin's weekend to remember -- Chapter Thirteen -- Now Begins.

Shay lay on his back and raised his knees and bent them and spread them wide
apart for Justin who's hard 6" cock was ready for Shay, Justin may be two
years younger than shay and Dacian but they all had 6" uncut cocks Justin
was ready to fuck Shay, he has not had much more than a suck job since he
was declared as well and fit by the Doctor.
He held his cock until he directed it to Shay's hole then he lay forward on
Shay and kissed him as his chest covered his and all tie time his cock was
sliding into Shay while he was covering his body with his and kissing him.
Justin was so happy he could fuck Shay and Justin promised to give Shay the
best blowjob he ever had when he was done.
Justin who had not fucked in over two weeks was long over due to feel a
tight ass squeezing his hard dick with Justin like a cow wanted to milk his
balls into Shay's ass and he was so anxious he wouldn't be long before he
would be sucking on Shay's cock.

Dacian decided he wanted to fuck Daniel's armpit so he got into position,
Dacian lay on his left side propped up by his elbow with his right hand
resting on the mattress, with his left knee between Daniel's legs.
Daniel lay back against Dacian's right leg which was straight out, Daniel's
shoulder blades were propping him up and he felt dacian's wet lubed dick go
between his armpit Daniel had his elbow resting on Dacian's crotch and he
reached across his lower chest and pulled dacian's cock through his armpit
and moved his elbow so that it now held Dacian's cock tightly in place.
Dacian started fucking Daniel and they both watched as his cock head would
poke through his armpit, it was strange but Daniel loved it, his own cock
rock hard.

It had been to long since Justin had a real fuck and Shay was doing his best
to help milk Justin's balls by twisting his ass and wiggling it as well as
clenching down on his cock as it slid in and out of him.
"Shay I am not going to last much longer!"
"That's ok my love as long as you milk your balls in me."
"Now Shay I'm cumming."
It felt like Justin never going to stop cumming, he was so full.

It wasn't much longer until Dacian shot between Daniel's armpit shooting his
cum all over his leg and Daniel's side and legs as he jammed his cock all
the way out of between Daniel's left armpit.

Justin was fucking Shay as though he was popping his cherry and Justin
hadn't fucked in so long to him it would be like he was popping Shay's
cherry, it felt so good to him to be fucking Shay's sweet tight ass.
Shay was moaning and wiggling his but around and up to Justin.
Justin was plowing into Shay with full speed now not worried about being
careful not to hurt him his lust had won out and he was pounding his ass as
hard as he could and Shay's body was heaving at the assault on his hole.
Justin began to shoot load after load into Shay and it had been so long his
cum was leaking down Shay's balls out of his wide stretched ass.
He just collapsed on Shay.
"Shay that was unbelievable, I am completely drained, I have to lay here on
you, I am too weak to move.

Soon positions changed and now Shay was at the edge of the bed and Justin
was between Shay's legs with his hands holding him by his upper thighs
Shay's cock halfway down his throat and Justin was looking up into Shay's
green eyes.
Shay laid back with his hands on the back watching Justin taking more and
more of his cock into his mouth and throat until it disappeared comply and
Justin was eating Shay's dick as hungrily fucked his butt.

Daniel had Dacian's legs over his shoulders and was pounding his ass like a
Stallion would his mare.
Dacian moaned as if he was in pain but Daniel did not stop he just fucked
him harder just as Shay began to pump Justin's mouth full of his cum.
Daniel unleashed his load into Dacian and at the time no one knew it but
things may revert back to the way it was before they met the others the four
brothers were going to talk about it when just the four of them were alone.
Despite the brands Dacian and Shay and Kadim and Caled may go back to being
boy friends and the others will just be their friends.

                      To Be Continued?

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Nifty - Gay - Urination - Our Little Cousins Weekend To Remember - Our Little Cousins Weekend To Remember 13