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Nifty - Gay - Urination - Shit Eating Life

Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 04:51:51 EST
Subject: shit eating life (extreme scat)

The following story is extremely graphic and contains heavy scat. If
you're not supposed to be here, or arte offended by kinky sexuality,
leave now.
How I became a nasty faggot who loves to eat meals of men's shit.
At a very young age, I started being interested in smelling stink. When I
farted, the odor was pleasant to me. What others found repulsive, I was
attracted to. After I scratched my anus, I liked sniffing my finger. When
I took a shit in the toilet, I enjoyed the aroma. I became increasingly
pleased with the scent of shit and started liking the smell of other
people's farts and shit. My desire continued to build and I needed more.
I would wipe my ass with my bare fingers after shitting, and sniff the
dirty remnants. I sniffed my shitty fingers for a time and became further
drawn into the unique attraction. My desire grew and I finally touched my
shit tipped finger to my tongue. My sense of taste approved the result
and I licked the turd off my finger. My tastebuds welcomed the discovery
and I was on my way. I reached my asshole to retrieve more shit and dug
for my new candy. I loved the event and knew there was going to be much
more to come.

My very next trip to the toilet produced a solid log that I caught in my
hand as it was released. I stuck the smelly poop in my mouth and sucked
the flavor. Being thrilled with every experiment to that point, I started
biting it and chewing the log of shit. I swallowed my first helping and
was delighted. The more I ate chunks of my shit log, the more I hungered.
I remained eating my shit for a few years and was approaching 13 years
old. My kink life was about to get a jolt of vitamins.

I asked around the neighborhood to do odd jobs for people. It was a good
way for me to make a few bucks. I had a 42 year old single guy that gave
me several tasks. One day I was cleaning his house, he told me he was
going to get a nap and gave me my money. He told me to come back the
following weekend and he would see me later. He told me to lock the door
when I was done and leaving. I was in his laundry room and his Doberman
watchdog was laying on his cot. My perverse urges took over and I needed
to try on the animal. The dog was used to me and I got down on the floor
beside him. I caressed the dog and my finger found it's way to the dog's
asshole. He didn't object my intrusion, so I continued. I rubbed the k9
ass and took a sniff of my finger. Sure enough, I was intoxicated with
the smell of shit. I carefully leaned to get my nose to the source of the
fragrance. I kept petting him and he allowed my movements. My nose got to
the dog anus and I started sniffing. I was in heaven by getting whiffs of
stink that was not my own. I puckered my lips and kissed his asshole. I
checked to see if the dog would object, but he didn't. I then stuck my
tongue out and slid it across the dog's hole. Still, the animal allowed
my actions. I started licking his ass and loved my first taste that was
not my own. Feeling comfortable the guy (Andy) was sleeping away, lapped
away on dog butt. I was caught up in my nasty actions to be startled by a
voice. "You having fun Timmy?" he asked. I was terrified and pulled away
quickly. I turned to see Andy standing in the door wearing only socks. He
was jacking off his hard 8 inch dick and smiling. I was frightened,
shocked, and speechless. He said, "it's ok, keep on with what you were
doing. Looks like you were enjoying yourself." After a lapse of surprise,
it registered to me that he would let me keep licking his dog's asshole.
I was tremendously happy giving his pooch the rim job, so I leaned back
over to resume tonguing the hole. Andy said, "yeah Timmy, lick that ass.
Looks like he likes as much as you do." I licked without inhibition
knowing Andy was not against it. He continued, "I've never seen anyone
lick a dog's ass before. Is it good Timmy?" I paused to reply, "yeah, I
like it a lot." I resumed licking the dog poopchute as Andy commented,
"Wow, that's really exciting. I like watching you lick his butt. Does it
smell good?" I paused again, "yeah, I love the way it smells." Andy
pumped his boner as I slurped his dog's stink. Andy asked, "have you
licked peoples asses too?" I answered that I hadn't. He asked, "would you
like to lick mine?" I wasn't expecting that question, but quickly
answered with an eager yes. He told me to come with him to his bedroom
and I nearly leapt up. He laid on his bed and pulled his knees up to
expose his rump for me. I crawled to him and could smell his stinky hole
from a foot away. The odor pulled me in like a magnet. His bouquet of
shitty stink was glorious. I buried my nose into his adult ass as it
welcomed my horny lust. My nostrils were glued to his ripe fruit and I
took a long dramatic whiff of the raunch. Smelling his stinky hole was
incredible. I moaned involuntarily at my joy. I sniffed deeply again as
he noticed my craving of his fragrant shit hole. He said, "does it smell
good Timmy? Seems like you really like the smell of my ass." I replied,
"It smells so good. I love the smell." I dug my nose in for more stink
pleasure as he said, "I'm glad you like it. You enjoy sniffing my ass
Timmy. Take your time and have fun." I was, I was deeply inhaling potent
doses of his ripe shit scented hole. I was elated with my gift he offered
and started the next level. I kissed his anus to show my appreciation for
it. I kissed again many more times with heartfelt affection. I smoothly
progressed with my tongue sucking up the taste of male ass. I was
devouring every molecule of his delicious anus as he cooed, "oh Timmy,
that feels so good. Your tongue is great." My young lust elevated and my
tongue poked to enter inside. He moaned, "oh yeah baby, stick your tongue
up in my butt baby." With his words came movement of his rosebud. My
tongue found entrance as his hole puffed out to give me access. My tongue
raced into his anus to probe more flavors. I was fucking his ass with my
tongue as deep as I could. I noticed his muscles shift slightly and my
tongue encountered a solid object. I knew I had touched his poop and
returned my tongue to investigate. I clearly felt the end of his turd and
lapped at it with the tip of my tongue. I couldn't reach much of it and
was anxious to feel much more. I pulled my tongue out to say, "I felt a
piece of your shit inside you." He said, "well yeah Timmy, that's what is
in asses." I promptly said, "can you push it for me? I want to get a
taste of it." He smiled and said, "sure baby, stick your tongue back up
there and I'll push it down more for you." I dove my tongue back into his
ass restaurant and hoped. My tongue was greeted by his turd tip, which
continued to move towards me. I could feel a larger amount accessible and
I was licking it like mad. He paused pushing as he felt my tongue dancing
on his feces. I forced it to one side and tore some away with my tongue.
I pulled the captured fragment out towards its exit. I escorted the
dollop of poop out of his ass and pulled into my mouth. He asked, "why
did you pull your tongue out?" I looked up at him to show him his shit on
my tongue. I worked his poop around my tastebuds and broke it down to
swallow. He said, "did you like that?" I said, "god yes. I loved it." He
said, "there's more in there if you want it." I didn't waste time with a
reply. I planted my mouth around his hole and dug my tongue in for more.
I felt his ass react and could feel the turd inching closer to my mouth.
I used my tongue to guide it as he said, "here baby, let me slide out
more for you. I'll make it easier for you." His shit marched down his
butt and began to exit his anus. My tongue was pushed out with the turd
as I felt it entering my mouth. I perched my lips around it and sucked
for it to emerge. The smelly gift slid graciously into my filling mouth.
He intelligently knew my mouth was filling and stopped pushing out the
meal. I sucked strongly and broke off 2 inches of fresh man shit. I
backed away to chew on his stinky gift. As his gritty, mushy poop mashed
into my teeth, I moaned with joy. I was munching on a generous loaf of
warm shit and loving it. Andy watched me and asked, "looks like you got a
mouthful there baby. It taste good darlin? I moaned vigorously and
mumbled uh huh, mmmm mmmm. The foul delicious poop was thrilling me. I
chewed it up really well and swallowed a few times to my infinite joy. My
mouth now empty, I said, "god it is delicious. Can I have more please?"
He answered, "sure Timmy, I've got a lot more in there if you want it." I
said, "I do please". I returned to my feeding tunnel and he slid another
stinky treat for my mouth. I got another pleasantly filling amount and
dined on his shit. His turd was densely packed with solid consistency.
The firm structure allowed me to receive substantial pleasure as I chewed
it with affection. I was so excited to be eating shit that wasn't from my
own ass. And Andy's shit was much better tasting to me. I swallowed down
my second helping of his tasty ass stink and went back for more to eat.
As I moved down to suck on his lovely shit odor making hole, I said,
"please give me more shit to eat Andy. I want more poop to eat." He said,
"sure baby, I've got plenty poop for you to eat honey. Just get right
down there and I'll push some more warm shit into your cute mouth baby. I
want to make you happy and let you eat as much shit I can give you baby."
before my lips planted on his dining portal, I said, "thank you. I hope
you will let me eat a whole bunch more. Your poop is delicious and I want
all I can eat. Please shit another yummy piece of your hot shit for me."
He said, "here it comes honey." My lips sped to his puckering anus and
locked on. I felt more slimy turd coming into my ecstatic mouth. I bit
off another heaping serving to munch on. I gobbled it up and got more
insatiable. The more shit I dined on, the better it tasted and fulfilled
me. I returned to invite more of his ass waste and was fed another
delicious portion. He shit a heaping amount that gave me 7 mouthfuls of
mouthwatering poop. I felt my stomach pleasantly gratified and told him
thank you. He told me I could do it again whenever I wanted. I left and
savored the smell of man shit on my breath for hours. I was in heaven.

I was so happy about eating shit from Andy, the next day I was knocking
on his door. He smiled as he greeted me and we went to his bed for more
dinner. Again, he served up solid logs of very stinky rations for my
dining pleasure. While I was devouring his beautiful shit gift, he said,
"I hoped you'd be back, so I held off taking a poop today. I had to go
for a long time, but waited for you just in case. There's probably a
whole lot in there if you want it." I said, "thanks for saving it for me.
I want all of it if you can. I'm pretty hungry today." He generously
pushed out 9 full mouth treats that day and I gobbled every bit of it.
Before I left that day, I asked him if I could come over the next day. He
smiled and told me sure. He hugged me tightly before I went out the door.

I went back the following day to get a shit meal and he fed me well. I
was eating his poop every day from then on. After a few weeks, he asked
me if I wanted more than just his. I said I would love it. He arranged to
deepen my raunch life.

I made my daily stop to get my belly full of shit and he had a friend of
his there as I arrived. After minimal greetings and explanations, I was
opening wide to receive logs of fresh shit. Andy fed me the usual
satisfying meal, but his friend (James) had plenty more. I lay under
James to chew on a heaping feast of tasty poop. I thought he would never
stop delivering his scrumptious turds and I didn't want him to either.
When I left that day, I was truly full. I had my stomach packed full of
both their rich stinky crap. James joined with Andy often to keep me
steadily supplied with delightful fragrant meals of their bowels. I was
getting a nutritious diet of man turds regularly. I loved feeling their
anus expanding as logs of shit passed through my starving lips.
Occasionally, they shit out the logs onto a plate and stacked them for
me. I used a fork to dine when they did that. It was so wonderful sitting
at the table and savoring the tasty poop while smelling the stinky meal
in front of me. The plate servings allowed me to take more time to enjoy
me shit dinners. I was able to thoroughly savor every yummy morsel of the
shiny turd desserts. I would spend long times sniffing the aromatic
plates while getting deep rewarding taste and textures of the delicious

My hunger to be fed shit grew still more. I couldn't eat enough from only
Andy and James. I needed much more poop to eat. I spent long periods in
rest area bathrooms inhaling shit scent from guys in stalls beside me.
When they farted, I waited anxiously for the smelly air to reach my nose.
I sat and sniffed lots of strangers shit piles as they dumped near me.
One trip was very eventful indeed.

The rest area wasn't busy and I was straining to get whiffs of travelers
shit. Right before I was ready to give up, a guy entered the restroom. He
took the stall right beside me and I waited. Thankfully he was there to
shit and not just piss. I heard him grunt a little and he let out a long
loud fart. I smiled to myself as I waited. He farted again and I heard
him grunting out his log. His first stinky fart was now reaching me and I
was overjoyed. His fart was potent and I discreetly wallowed in the
stink. I was so caught up in enjoying the fragrant fart, I hadn't noticed
he was gone already. I just noticed I heard him getting towels to dry his
hands and shut off the water at the sinks. I heard his footsteps leave
and knew I was alone again. I got up and went to catch the smell from his
toilet booth. When I opened the door and entered, I saw he didn't flush.
I was so preoccupied with his lovely fart smell, I neglected to realize I
heard no flushing. I excitedly got in and sat down to inhale the floating
bouquet. His poop was unusually full of odor and made me glad I had
waited just long enough to reap the smell he left for me. I took deep
breaths to get the entire stink I could. I was increasingly appreciating
the extraordinary smell and I went over a new threshold. I reached into
the water and picked up a 7-inch dark log of rigid shit. I brought the
delight to my nose and whiffed the treasure. Getting more quality scent
added to my growing joy. I was too grateful for the chance to enjoy the
exceptional sample of stink to let it go to waste. I ceremoniously took
the end of the strangers turd and directed into my mouth. When my lips
encased the magnificent specimen, they clenched it and sucked it into my
mouth. I bit a chunk of the delightful log off and was overwhelmed. I
chewed the delicious stinking poop with euphoria. I bit off another
morsel and chowed down the 7 inch shit piece. The taste was unparalleled
as I missed not having more of his poop to eat. I looked in the toilet
for more and was happy to find 2 more healthy logs. I greedily grabbed
the rest of the shit and ate the remarkable poop. Having a snack made me
starved to eat more poop. I needed more than the appetizer. I looked in
the 4 other stalls hoping for a miracle. The final stall I checked was
holding my prize. A 9 inch floater had apparently escaped the pull of the
flush and awaited me. I reached down and retrieved the lonely piece of
precious ass candy. I took my position on my dining throne and was
excited by my lucky find. The log was special in size and came from a big
asshole. It was 9 inches long and extremely thick. It was my favorite
color with dark sections mingled with areas of lighter brown covering. It
had firm consistency and was not uniform in its thickness. It had deep
random crevices that defined chunks of areas. I sniffed along the long
wonder to find wonderful stink on it. With the majority of the dripping
water gone, I took the smaller tapered end to nibble on. The rare shit
log was cold, but packed with flavor. I bit an inch at a time chewing my
way to the final bite. The flavor was enormous and I dined in glee. I ate
the last nugget and was joyous to be so lucky. Such a fine specimen of
tasty shit is uncommon.

The proceeding story is not true. I honestly wish that were not the case.
I would love to have been fed such large amounts of shit. I've eaten
some, but am training to be able to enjoy much more. I do suck on
skidmarked clothes and hope to get much more shit eaten. I have a
fantastic vid clip of a young guy getting fed from a puffy anus that I
will send if you ask me to. The kid eats a beautiful chunk of shit and
makes me wish I was him.

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Nifty - Gay - Urination - Shit Eating Life