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Nifty - Gay - Urination - Trapped In A Diaper - Trapped In A Diaper 12

Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2012 14:01:44 -0400
From: Sam Jackson <>
Subject: Trapped in a diaper - part 12

Part Twelve

After the disgusting punishment I received last night I was put in the
bath and showered clean. The shit was wiped from my face and my ass and
then Daddy put some baby lotion all over me making me smell all sweet and
clean. I was then diapered up again, a onesie was put on me and put to bed
for a few hours.

I was woken a few hours later with Daddy coming into the bedroom with a
bottle. He picked me up, balanced me on his knee and fed me.

"It's a beautiful day today so it'd be a shame to stay in doors, so lets
go for a walk somewhere. I know - we need some shopping so we'll go to the
supermarket. It's not far, just a short walk down the road. Right, time to
get you read for our little walkabout"

He picked me up and laid me on the table. I had wet the diaper during my
sleep and so I needed changing. Daddy cleaned me up and put two diapers on
me. He lifted me up to make sure the diaper was secure. The bottle feed
must've had more of the muscle relaxant in as I just flopped around when he
picked me up.

I was placed in the baby's buggy and strapped in, and then daddy put a big
dummy into my mouth. All I was wearing was my two diapers - nothing else?
Was I really going to go out for a walk like this?

Daddy got dressed whilst I was strapped into the buggy. He then came
downstairs, opened the door and lifted the buggy onto the street. I was
immediately hard - this being exposed in only a diaper lark was proving a
real turn on for me!

Daddy pushed me down the street. Here I was, a smooth twink wearing a
bulging diaper and sucking on a dummy, and I couldn't do anything about
it. The breeze was cool on my pert nipples and chest but the sun was
blazing so I wasn't cold. Daddy whistled as he pushed me, seemingly
oblivious to the stares that I was getting from people walkign past. A few
cute teens were in a bus stop and they pointed and laughed at me - I was so

Next we walked past the corner shop, and as we did one of the boys from
the toilets the other day who pissed on me saw me and proceeded to walk
swiftly up to Daddy.

"Excuse me, but is this your baby?" he said.
"Yeh, I suppose he is, why?"
"Ah so it was you who left him in the toilets the other day. Me and my
boys had some with him, hope you dont mind"
"Mind? Of course not - that's what he is there for! To be used and abused"
"Good good"
"Actually, come over here a second...." and Daddy led him away from me and
they started to discuss something. I tried my best to hear but I
couldn't. What I could see though was the youth grabbing his cock through
his tracksuit bottoms and I could see he was getting hard. A big smile
appeared on his face.
"...sounds like a plan, see you tonight" said Daddy as he came back over
to me, "Well that's tonight planned - him and his friends might pop over
for a game of poker and a few drinks. You know, people say having a baby
can get you new friends - but who knew it was true! Come on, now we got a
little more to get for the boys tonight"

Daddy pushed me down the local supermarket, grabbed a basket and wheeled
me around the store. Again I got strange looks, but suddenly I needed to go
fofr a piss, but I was getting used to wetting a diaper so I just went. The
diaper changed colour a little - it was a little yellower and you could see
it was damp in certain areas. Usually this would be embarressing but I
think by now I was embarressed enough! Daddy picked up some more diapers, a
bucket, some beers, some vodka and some smoking stuff. He also got a few
pizzas and some baby milk feed - presumably for me.

He paid for it all at the counter and then pushed me happily home. I got
some very strange looks as we did - but what could I do!

When we got home Daddy laid me on the sofa, put on some cartoons and gave
me a bottle to suck on. The feed tasted different once again - I wish he
wouldn't add stuff to the feed or just tell me what he has added. I feel
asleep rather quickly after my lunchtime feed and Daddy just left me on the
sofa in my soaking diapers.

The doorbell rang, which woke me up. It was dark - must have been the
evening already. I looked around and watched as Daddy got up.

"Hey, right on time, come on in - it's all set up" I heard Daddy say as 3
boys entered. They couldn't have been more than 18, one perhaps even as
young as 16. The 18 year old had short haif and was wearing a matching top
and bottomed red tracksuit, whilst the other two just wore jeans. The
middle looking one was wearing a white vest which revealed nicely toned
arms. The youngest one was wearing a jacket that he took off swiftly to
reveal a tank top that covered a very nice looking chest. All the boys
looked fit and I recognised them from the other day in the toilets.

"There's the baby we remember boys" the older one said.
"Oh yeh - doesn't he look adorable in his wittle diapee" the youngest one
said in a baby voice at the end.
"He looks nice and helpless, like a baby, and ready for a bit of fun
tonight" said the final one.

"Ok boys, the pizzas are in but lets get baby downstairs first of all."
Daddy said slapping his hands together to show he was ready.

Daddy picked me up and took me towards the basement with the boys
following. I watched the boys behind Daddy as I was taken down the
stairs. They were all grabbing their crotches like horny teenagers,
although to be honest that's exactly what they were.

Daddy took me to the middle table which was all set up for a game of
poker. He laid me down and took off my diaper which was a relief because it
was starting to feel really heavy from all of my piss in it.

"Turn that other switch on will you?" Daddy said to the boys now that they
were all in the basement.

The light in the corner of the room went on to reveal an odd looking
contraption. It was a small bench with two chains above it. The bench was
quite high off the ground - at least two feet. In the middle was a butt
plug that looked attached to the bench. Next to it was a bucket and a piece
of rope.

Daddy lifted up my legs and slathered my ass with lube, "You're gonna need
this" he said.

The boys all laughed and looked at eachother nervously.

"Right, you come and give me a hand" Daddy ordered the youngest
He walked over and lifted up my body on one side whilst Daddy lifted the
other side.
"Take him over to the bench and sit him down on the butt plug" my captor
"But mind you do put him down too hard - we might still wanna use his ass

I was lifted up and manouvered into position over the butt plug. I was
lowered down slowly letting my ass envelop the butt plug. My recent fucking
meant that even though it was big it didn't hurt too much.

"You, come and put his hands in the chains" Daddy ordered the one in the
red tracksuit
"Ok" and he walked over, grabbed my hands and lifted them above my head.

I was now sitting on a butt plug and held in place with my hands chained
to the ceiling. I couldn't move if I wanted to either because of the muscle
relaxant in the baby feed.

Daddy took the rope and tied it around my cock and balls tightly. He
attached the other end of the rope to the bucket and then let it hang
between my legs pulling on my cock and balls. The initial shock of the
weight made me jolt. I had had worse feelings in my cock and balls but I
wasn't sure if that bucket would stay empty for long.

Next Daddy went to his cupboard of fun and took out another odd looking
contraption. It was a dummy with a strap to hold it in place obviously in
someones (my) mouth but on the end of the dummy was a clear plastic tube
about 4 foot long.

Daddy walked back over to me, put the dummy in my mouthand then strapped
it around my head. I could breath, but only through my nose and through the
tubing attached to the dummy.

"Go up stairs to the fridge and grab the bottle of vodka will you?" said
Daddy to one of the boys, and they went bounding up the stairs quickly. The
rest of them just stood around looking at me. I was strapped in with a
bucket attached to my cock and balls with a butt plug up my ass. I was
trapped and obviously ready for a night of fun.

The boy returned. "Right, this is where the fun begins" Daddy said as he
unscrewed the bottle of the vodka and walked over to me. He put the end of
the tubing into the bucket and proceeded to pour the vodka in.

As the bucket got heavier and heavier with the vodka it pulled on my cock
and balls causing me pain.

"Right, the only way to give your cock and balls relief is to empty the
bucket of this vodka - better get drinking before your balls go blue" Daddy
said with a smirk.

I started sucking in the vodka through the tubing. It tasted horrible but
I knew that if I didn't drink up the pain in my balls qould get much worse.

The older boy in the red tracksuit, grabbed his crotch, walked over to me,
took out his cock and started to piss in the bucket. "Ha ha ha, what a
faggot! This evenings going to be fun, I just know it boys..."

Authors note: I hope you enjoyed this new part - this idea was given to me
from a generous fan and I hope that you enjoy the idea. I will finish off
this evening soon - if you have any ideas as to where it could go then
please email me at

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Nifty - Gay - Urination - Trapped In A Diaper - Trapped In A Diaper 12