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Nifty - Gay - Urination - Uncle Bulge - Uncle Bulge 2

Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2010 11:27:02 +0100
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Subject: Uncle Bulge Part 2

This story is completely fictional. Any similarities to any persons or
events, past or present are purely coincidental. This story contains scenes
which involve sexual situations between youths and adults. If this type of
material is offensive to you, or it is not legal for you to read this type
of material, please do not read any further. Copyright: 2010 succumballs
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Uncle Bulge Part 2

On Tuesdays Uncle B played bridge so my cousin Brian stayed next door at
our house. After dinner and homework dad told us to shower and get into our
pajamas. Brian washed my cock really good like he'd done twice before, but
this time I got hard. When I washed him he put my hand on his butt and
squealed when I popped a finger in. He grinned and kissed me, saying,
"Daddy did that once, but I want you you." Then he got some vaseline from
the cupboard and smeared it on me, turned his back and bent over. "Put it
in, Petey. Put your dick in my butt."

I pressed my swollen head to his pucker hole. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah. I put a cucumber in once. Come on."

I slipped the head in. "Shit, Briney!" The warm hole thrilled me. He
trembled and pulled my thighs. I slid right in until I pressed against his
smooth little cheeks. When he started moving around on my cock I held him
tight and pushed deep into my hot little cousin just as dad came in. I
jumped back as dad said, "You guys done yet. There's a good TV program on."

We got into our pajamas and went into the living room. On the couch Brian
pulled a blanket over us. Dad sat next to us in his thick, white bathrobe,
his feet up on his red leather recliner. After the weekend with Uncle Bulge
dad looked different now. His calves were strong and beautiful. One hand
rested over his crotch, on his cock, I imagined. Just a few inches lower
the opening of his robe exposed his thigh. I pulled at the drawstring of
Brian's pajamas and slipped a finger into his still greasy butt. He put his
hand into my fly and pulled out my cock. When Dad looked over I spread my
legs and smiled, all the time staring at his hand on his cock.

A man in the film got into bed with a woman, and I saw dad rub himself,
then put his hand into his robe. Brian got under the blanket and put his
head in my lap, his mouth on my cock. I bent my knee when dad looked over
and said, "Briney's sleepy." I got a good hard on watching dad play with
himself while Brian worked on me. Dad rubbed his face, spit into his hand
and returned it to his cock. I was dying to get down between his knees and
suck him but didn't dare.

When he saw me watching him he stood up and said, "I think we ought to go
to bed." His cock head poked out of the fold in his robe even though he
held it closed while he leaned down to kiss me on the forehead. But I
strained up and kissed his lips. He panted and pulled away but I held him
to me, and then I put a hand around his shaft. I milked it like I had done
Uncle Bulge and a large stream of fluid dripped out. "No, Pete. You two go
to bed now." And he was gone. I would have cried if Brian hadn't been
sucking me.

My bedroom has just one big bed in it so we sleep together. Once the lights
were out I snuggled up to Brian and told him to pull his pajamas down. When
he did I said, I'll suck yours if you'll suck mine." He agreed and I
flipped around so we were on our sides, our faces at each other's cock.

Brian had a nice smooth cock, almost 5 inches when it was hard. Unlike
Uncle B there wasn't a hair on his body. It was so different. I sucked in
his balls easily. They were like big grapes and just as smooth and sweet
. When I licked down to his butt hole he giggled again and took hold of my
cock. "You got a big one, Petey."

"Your dad says I'm going to be big like my dad. He says dad has a really
big one."

"You've never seen it? I see my dad's all the time. It's bigger than yours,
fatter anyway."

"But I still got a lot of growing to do, Uncle B says. Now shut up and
suck, Briney." We settled down and did each other until he felt the butt
plug in my ass and asked, "What's that?" I told him his dad put it in to
get me loose and not to worry about it. We sucked each other until I
jerked. He pulled back after I shot a load of cum into his mouth. I could
tell he didn't know what to do with it. "Give it to me." I said. He
dribbled it into my mouth. "Yummy. Your dad says the more I eat the faster
I'll grow."

"Why didn't you tell me that? Give it back."

"I swallowed already, but you can have it next time." I flopped onto my
back, tired now and lay quietly as Brian fiddled with my butt plug. Since
he didn't come he settled down with his head on my belly and sucked my cock
endlessly. I poked my finger softly into his butt hole and knew he liked it
because he moved closer and squirmed. "Your dad wants to fuck me next
weekend." I whispered. "That's why I got the plug in my ass, to make it
easier. Is that OK?"

"Sure. He tried me but you know, Pete, he's my dad. You can fuck me though,
like in the shower. Want to?"

I ran my finger inside the rim of his hole. It was ripe and wiling. He held
my hand to his ass so my finger couldn't come out and crawled up so his
face was over mine. "You can do me if you want, Petey. Put it in my butt
again. I like it. I put things in there sometimes. It feels good." He
stroked my cock. "Dad tried a few times, but he's my dad. I like you doing
it. You want to? You can."

"Not right now, Briney. Let's go to sleep." I closed my eyes. Brian's mouth
went back to my cock and sucked until I fell asleep. In the morning his
head was still on my belly, his little hand cupped my balls. I spat into my
hand and massaged a finger into him again, and he slowly woke.

"Morning." He grinned. "You want to put it in my butt now? It' hard

"We got to get up and go to school, Briney. Later, OK?"

When I got home that afternoon dad was already there. He's an architect and
when he goes to a job site he wears jeans and, today, a plaid shirt. I sat
at the kitchen table and watched him clean potatoes at the sink. In tight
pants his waist was narrow and his ass round. His shoulders broad and
sexy. Without turning he said, "I heard you tell Brian last night that B
said I had a big cock." I didn't say anything so dad turned. "I mean, why
did he tell you that?"

I smiled like I'd got caught doing something wrong so I looked at the
floor. Then I looked at his crotch, the bulge was bigger than Uncle B's. I
thought, no lying, like B had said so I told him B caught me looking at
Brian's cock. "When?" He asked.

I began the whole story of the weekend. When I got to the part where B sat
me in his lap and poked his dripping hard on between my legs dad turned
back to the sink. He wiped his hands on the towel but I saw he was really
adjusting his cock inside his jeans. When he turned again I could see the
bulge reaching over to his hip bone. I went to him and hugged him. "How
come Uncle B knows you have a big cock, daddy?" I asked.

Dad held me tight. I could feel his stomach muscles moving and pressed
against his cock. I wanted to pull his shirt up, but I just held
him. "Bulge is four years older than me." Dad said. "When I was your age he
used to fuck the daylights out of me."

"Did you like it?"

"Yes, very much. Otherwise he wouldn't have done it. He's very gentle. He
never forces anyone." I pushed harder against Dad's erection now. I wanted
him so bad. "I love you, Petey. You know that. I'd do anything for you." He
seemed nervous.

"Dad?" I rubbed myself against him. "Uncle B wants to fuck me next weekend
when you're seeing Charlie. But I want you to do it first. OK?"

"Petey." Dad held me at arm's length. "Come on. I'm your dad."

"You said you'd do anything for me. Can I suck you?" Before he had a chance
to say no I popped the buttons of his jeans. He wore no underwear and his
cock sprang out. I gasped, it was so beautiful, and fell to my knees.

"Petey. No. Wait."

"Don't say no, Daddy. Please." I sucked the huge monument into my
mouth. "Oh, Daddy." I sighed and pushed his pants to his ankles, then
worked my hand up and down the shaft and I licked and kissed and worshiped
him. He was like a beautiful dream. I wanted him so much I gagged trying to
get in as much as I could. Finally I felt his hands caress the back of my
head. He slid his blood-filled organ between my lips now, and I knew he
wouldn't stop until he had me.

"Oh, Petey." He sighed. "You sure? Really?" I nodded, caressed his ass
cheeks, hung my hand on his balls to pull them down, gagged on his
shaft. "Oh, Petey, baby. Yeah. Angel." He pushed into my mouth. "You really
want your daddy's cock, baby?"

"I love you, Daddy. More than anything. I want you up my ass." I stretched
his balls down. They were like an apple in my hand, big and full. I licked
and tried but couldn't get them both in at once. They were too big, like
Uncle B's only hairless, so I went back to his cock. It was hard as a rock
now, as big as my upper arm, and I couldn't get enough of it. He pulled me
up and kissed me. "Fuck me, Daddy. Please. I'm ready. Look." I turned
around and bent over.

"How long have you had that?" He pulled at the butt plug, but it was too
tight to come out.

"Since last weekend. Take it out. I want you instead. Please." I begged. He
bent me over the kitchen table and slowly worked the plug loose. As soon as
it plopped out his hand spread me and I felt his tongue. "Oh, Daddy." I
panted. My hands spread my cheeks. "Come on, Daddy. I don't want that
plug." He took off my pants, brought a chair and put one of my feet on
it. Then he stripped. His cock stood out like a baseball bat. I trembled.

"Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you."

"I'm not afraid. I'm excited." I held my ass open with one hand and reached
for his cock. He reached for a bottle of oil and slicked up both of us.

"Are you a virgin?"

"I've never had a cock in there."

He leaned over me, so warm. The touch of his prick against my ass
electrified me as he move into position. He pushed, and the head slipped
in. I gasped. He tried to retreat but I held him to
me. "No. Stay. Stay. Just --" I panted. "Oh, Daddy."

"I'm too big."

"No. You're just right big. I want it. I want you." When the burning
stopped I pushed back. Dad was good at it and we worked together slowly
getting most of him in. I felt behind me when no more would go in, my guts
just weren't big enough, and still there were about 4 inches to go.

"It's the bend in your bowel." He said and massaged a fist into my belly
while he pushed his cock home. It felt like a huge gas bubble went through
me, and then I realized he was buried in me, all ten plus inches of thick
cock. I reached under and pulled his balls up next to my own. His the size
of lemons, mine like apricots. My butt hole stretched so tight that my
whole body tingles. I reached behind for any part of him. "Daddy, oh,
Daddy. We did it." I felt so proud I tried to turn. He pulled me to his

After kissing he picked me up by my thighs and walked me into the
bedroom. In front of the full-length mirror I could see the stump of my
Adonis father's organ buried in m, my own cock bobbing from side to side as
he rocked me on him. I held his neck, my head rolled onto his shoulder, and
I abandoned myself to his devotional pumping, rotating first clockwise,
then counter, feeling his hardness touch every part of my insides,adoring
him more than anything. When tears welled in my eyes he laid me on the bed
and swirled me around on his shaft so we were facing each other. "Angel."
He cried. "Am I hurting you?"

"No, Daddy. It's wonderful. Don't take it out, ever."

He kissed me. I squirmed on him. He put me in the middle of the bed and
pushed my legs over his shoulders. I held my ass apart for him. Long, slow
strokes filled me until my hole gaped and he could retreat totally, only to
plunge slowly into our heaven again, ironing out my guts so I could take
his beautiful monster without pain. When I was completely free of pain he
pumped with more intent. "Baby? Petey? Are you ready?"

I nodded, half delirious. "More than anything. Come in me, daddy."

I had no idea what I had asked for. Even though he never lost track of what
he was doing, who he plowed with his horse cock, I was unprepared for
him. His strokes were aimed to please me, poking in all directions,
stretching my hole carefully. Then like a bull elephant he suddenly
grunted, panted, always watching to be sure I was happy. My eyes rolled
back in my head as I concentrated on nothing but the shaft taking its
pleasure in me, taking me on the ride of my life. I groaned in ecstasy,
shuddered as my own orgasm mounted like nothing I had ever felt
before. "Daddy, I'm going to come."

"I'm not even stroking you."

"You are doing a million times more than that. Oh, Daddy. Come. Now." I
begged with all my soul.

Dad went into high gear with that plea, pleasuring not just me but his own
his glory shaft and animal lust as well. I was thrilled I made him feel so
good. Soon his bull's balls slapped my ass, each stroke pushed me up the
bed like lightening jolts. I begged, "More, Daddy. More!" When he came, he
embraced me and sat me up on his exploding shaft. I felt a huge swelling
stretch me, then a stream gushed over my ass ring, filling me, warming me
deep inside. So excited, I shot up between us. A long rope of boy sperm hit
his face, then mine, bathing us in cream. We rolled onto our sides shaking
as electricity shot through us, clutching each other. "Don't come out." I
yelled. He pumped deep and hard to reassure me. I held him tight, clutching
the shaft with my ass, rocked on it, squeezed it. I searched for his
face. We kissed, exchanged ass-cock caresses, licked my cum off each
other's face. And I knew that moment I would want him as often as he would
take me.

"Petey." He finally said. "Are you all right."

"Daddy." I cried. "I love you." I squirmed on his shaft.

He gave me reassuring pumps. "Oh, Petey." He kissed my forehead, stroked my
hair, poked his horse meat into me as deep as he could. "When did you turn
into such a man?"

"That was the first time I ever came so much. I think you did it to me."

"What am I going to to tell Charlie."

"Tell him I want you too, Daddy. I love you. Uncle B wants me this weekend,
but I'd rather go with you to see Charlie. Can I?"

"Petey," Dad stroked my face. "I should see Charlie alone about this. Be an
angel and stay home this weekend. Please? Bulge wants to fuck you, baby,
and you don't want disappoint him, do you? He's a real good fuck."

"He can `t be better than you. How do you know that?"

Dad laughed, buried himself deeper to reassure me again. I squirmed on his
shaft like it was my life's nourishment, my new treasure I reached between
my legs and held his warm balls, now hanging low over his thigh. Drained
they were still huge and beautiful. "Bulge fucked the daylights out of me
every day when I stayed summers with them. I couldn't get enough of him. I
guess that's why we live next door. We were best fuck buddies until I met

"He wanted Brian, but Brian said no; he wanted me to fuck him last
night. We started in the shower but then you came in."

"Sorry about that. You could have done it later."

"But I came in his mouth and then didn't want to anymore."

"Well, be nice and gentle with him the first time. He hasn't been wearing a
plug, and you're getting kind of big for your age."

"He does himself with a cucumber. I slipped right in, in the shower."

Dad laughed. "Bulge was good to me the first time. He never used force. I'm
sure he doesn't want to force his Brian either. See if you can make Brian
want his dad. I know B wants to fuck his little guy. Maybe you could help
with that."

"Will you fuck me again after dinner, Dad? Before we go to sleep?"

"You want to wear your poor dad out before the weekend?"

"I just love you, dad. There's nothing I'd rather do than make you feel
good. It makes me happy."

"Oh, baby. My little angel." Dad pumped his cock deep and I groaned, "Wait
until Charlie hears about this. He's been waiting for you."

"For me to do what?"

"Grow up. He's had his eye on your little ass ever since we met. I think he
wants a father and son sandwich."

"Can we?" I was so excited. "Can't I come with you this weekend?"

"Next weekend, angel. Please. I'll ask Charlie here for next weekend. OK?"
Dad rolled onto his back, his cock still buried deep. I settled onto his
chest, my legs bent, my ass stretched to the max, and melted into him. I
sucked his nipple. He liked that and held my head hard to him as he gave me
the last few strokes of softening horse meat. I was in heaven and fell
asleep on his chest.

In the morning I came into the kitchen when I heard him making
breakfast. He was about to leave for work, but my breakfast was ready as
usual. He sat across from me at the kitchen table and asked, "Is everything
OK between us?" He looked concerned.

I jumped out of my chair and went behind him, embraced him and kissed his
neck. "Daddy. That was the best day ever." Dad turned and hugged me
tight. "Thank you, daddy."

"I love you more than ever, Petey. Tell me if you ever don't want me. OK?"

"That will never happen."

"Oh, baby. " Dad laid me over the kitchen table and pulled down my
pajamas. "Let me have a goodbye kiss of that pretty pink hole." I spread my
cheeks. He tongued me real good and then slapped my ass. "Make Uncle B
happy this weekend, Pete. He's been waiting a long time, and you're real
pretty, baby." And he went off to work.

to be continued...

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Nifty - Gay - Urination - Uncle Bulge - Uncle Bulge 2