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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Babysitting A Bad Boy - Babysitting A Bad Boy 4

Date: Sat, 21 May 2011 16:02:30 +0000
From: John smithers <>
Subject: Babysitting A Bad Boy chapter 4 part 1

Is you are under the legal age you shouldnt be here.

Sorry it took so long With the 4th chapter

That night I went to bed sore and mad. But i decided to have a little fun
with matt. I walked around the house to see where he got those dildos
from. To my surprise they were in his mom and dads dresser, and they had a
variety. I decided not to fuck him with a dildo, even though he drugged me
and had my best friend and him raped me helplessley.

I walked into the room and he was lying on his stomach with a wet puddle on
him "Awww he is a bedwetter" i whispered "I gotta take a pic of this" his
butt was soaked as well and i could clearly see it through his tighty
whities. I put my hand over it and rubbed it. I got a pair of scissors and
cute a nice hole in the back of it, and about a minute later of getting
hard. I used my precum to lube up his hole, it looked so good, it was shiny
and pink And ready to be entered so i pushed against his hole and his face
screnched up when i pushed forward.

"What the" he said drowsy...I leaned over him and started fucking him
slowly and i put my hand over his mouth.

"You fucked me with a horse dildo you bastard, now im going to torture your
little ass" i said picking up the pace

"ah ah ah" he muffled

I was fucking him senseless and he climaxed five times as i fucked
him. After i cam into his ass, i got up and flipped him over with the cum
still dripping out of his hole.

"You had a dry orgasm 5 times lets see if you can do 5 more"

i ripped another hole for his dick and balls and started sucking his
sensitive dick and he kept twitching in pain. When he arched his back he
had another climax. He was breathing real heavy now " done i cant
do it anymore" he whined

"Aww well will see now wont me"i said sucking and biting on his balls

I started jacking his limp dick and he was shaking his head from me
touching his over sensitive wee wee. Since i wanted to torture him I began
to play with his shiny head, and as I thought he climaxed one more time.

But this time he screamed and his leg was twitching like crazy.

"Okay 3 more times to cum foe daddy and it will be over" i sais rolling his
balls in the cum coming from his butt

"This time im not going to touch your little dick" i said grabbing a
vibrating dildo

I didnt get a huge one like he did me, just a 5 inch vibrator. I turned it
on and stuck it up his creamed ass and he arched his back and climaxed
again. I kept it in there and he felt pain, his eyes were closed short and
I started playing with his nipples, about 4 minutes later he climaxed again

"Okay kid you got one more time can you do it for daddy"

"Noooooooo" he whined breathing hard, with the vibrator in his wet butt.

For the final time i stuck my cock in his hole, while the vibrator was in
it. It felt amazing on my cock and as i slowly fucked him

"Ah oh no ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! it hurts" matt said as we both cam at
the same time, but this time he actually cam.

"Dang i made you cum early in your life you should be proud" his dick was
limp and throbbing fron its exercise it just got.

When i pulled out i heard a pop sound and matt jumped as i licked his

"I bet you want to get me back do you, but unfourtanetly today is our last
day together" I said touching his sore cock

Matt couldnt talk from the pain, and just looked angrily at me. Before I
left I stood over him with his legs spread and started peeing on him. He
closed his eyes and he couldnt even move from the piss i was giving him
after i was done I left him there with cum dripping from his opened hole,
and dick leaking with watery cum onto his stomach. I had to take a shower
after fucking this boy covered in my and his pee and cum.

"Ahhhh" I moaned as it felt wonderful playing with my cock while taking a

I actually didnt want leave that day, but i knew It was over. At about 8
oclock in the mourning i heard the phone ring.


"Hey there travis" Mr. Floyd said

"Oh Hi sir"

"We were wondering if you can babysit matt until july 2nd, me and the
misses want to travel the world and have sex im foreign lands" mr.floyd

"Umm sure I guess" i said

"Thanks we appreciate that alot, was matt any trouble?"

"No not at all, and id be glad to babysit him for another month"

"Okay we will wire you some money, so ya'll wont starve to death"

"That sounds good"

"Travis I was wondering, when do you wanna taste a mans cock" he said

My eyes widened not knowing how to react

"Umm sir uhh"

"Dont worry my wife isnt here, when i get back im going to fuck that
beautiful ass of yours, and make you cum without touching that dick of

"Uh uh"

"No need for words I will see you in a month" and he hung up the phone

I was baffled "this family is full of sex fiends" i said shaking my head
and last time i remembered his dads cock was huge amd I was 12 when i first
saw it. I went to check on matt and he was not in his room, but taking a
shower. As he got out i clapped my hands in shock.

"Fuck off rapist" he said

"Your one to talk, you drugged me and raped me twice with a freakin dildo"

"Dont worry im going to get you back just you wait"

"Oh ya, how about im staying with you til next month, isnt that great"

"Yea it is but im getting you back today" he said jumping on me with his
wet body

"Im glad you took a shower you bedwetter"

"Well you fucked me and peed on me so i guess your just as nasty huh"

We cut on tv and started watching Johnny Test, he was cute too id love to
fuck him if i was a cartoon.

"Close your mouth, pedo i thought you were a man-whore for women" he said
pointing at my hard on

"I am, but I do like to see little boys in there underwear"

It was going to be a long day, when the phone rang, and matt ran to answer
the phone. He was talking to somebody inviting them over, about a minute
later the doorbell rang and matt opened the door. Reveiling a beautiful boy
with dirty blond hair and green eyes.

"Hey kid whats your name"


"How old are you"

"8" Alex said with a smile beaming at me

"My names travis and im matts babysitter"

"I know matt told me all about you is it true your a perv" he said blushing

"No matts the perv"

"He is a teaser alex dont get your hopes up" matt said

"whats up with all you kids these days looking for sex with a man" i said

I didnt understand it, but somehow today i was done for, it felt like
something bad was going to happen. Around 3 oclock Every thing escalated
from wrestling to kissing. To my surprise they told me to watch them play
with each others cock. Matt put his hands around both their little cocks
and started jerking off like taught him. Alex's cock was smaller then
matts, but it looked better his balls were tight under his cock and it was
shiny. About a minute later alex closed his eyes and started shaking coming
to his climax.

I swear seeing a kid climax is the sexiest thing ever next to a boy having
a wedgie in his butt.

Matt and alex came over and had me sit in the middle, as they both licked
my cock like ice cream. It was amazing to have two tongues on my cock, then
they went down to my balls and sucked on them one for each. As alex sucked
my balls he began to pump my cock with his small soft hands.

"What The Hell is going on here" A man said

I jumped out of my skin

"You like little boys, well so do i , but i like mine too cum" he said
licking his lips at me. He pulled his phone out and called four different
people, and they came over in minutes. They all looked big and muscular but
also familiar and they seemed to know me

"Well travis its time to play with somebody bigger and older" he said
grabbing me and putting me on his shoulder

"Dont mess up my room" matt said laughing

"Okay boy get on your knees and help daddy with his toy" All the men
unzipped their pants and pulled them down. They stripped me as well

"I like my boys in briefs" one man said looking for sum in matts dresser.

They found some and forced me into them, they were really tight my cock was
about to burst outof them.

"mmmm you look good boy imma enjoy this" a man said

"Get away from me" I said backing off

they approached me and put me on the bed

"Im warning you if you get any closer i'll...i'll..

"Do nothing and take daddys dick inside that hole of we can be
rough and have alot of pain or we can have pleasure and give you minor
pain" a man said grabbing my balls and sqeezing them hard

"Ahhh fuck you"

With that he turned me over and started spanking me with his big muscular
hands. He removed my briefs anx started fingering my hole

"Hmmm your hole is trying to close up for something, cant let that happen
can we"

He immediately stuck his thick cock in me, i was about to scream, but
another man put his cock inside my mouth stretching it too the limit. Two
other men, put my hands on their cock and made me strock their cocks.

I couldnt believe i was being gangbanged, when i looked over i seen Matt
and Alex laughing at my pain. It did hurt like hell and when he rubbed my
prostate my eyes started watering and with a few more pumps he cam inside
my hole, and the other man creamed my mouth, then the other two cam on my
face and hands.

I thought it was done, but the last man had a huge cock twice a thick as
mine, but only 7inches. He laid on his back and dropped me on his dick, it
felt like my hole was ripping and burning.

"Ahh ah ah ah stop, im sorry"

"Its to late traviy" matt said mooning me, now you see how it feels. Matt
and alex continued playing with their cocks as the men watched, i tried to
but the man was really drilling me.

Matt took alexs dick into his mouth while fingering alexs little
hole. While looking at that i started cumming on to the mans chest and
screamed out as he cam in me and i feel on his stomach and he strocked my
butt making me feel good.

"Damn boy you gave a helluva ride and your nice dick cam and hit my face"
he said tonguing me unexpectedly in the mouth

All the men left after kissing me and said they enjoyed having my hole.

"I told You I would get you back" matt said laughing

To be Continued...
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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Babysitting A Bad Boy - Babysitting A Bad Boy 4