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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Babysitting Braden - Babysitting Braden 1

Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 02:10:11 -0500
Subject: Babysitting Braden (Gay - Young Friends)

Author's Note: The following is a complete work of fiction. Any resemblance
to persons living or dead is a complete coincidence. This story contains
sexual intimacy between a teenage boy and a younger boy that he babysits.
If this kind of story offends you or is illegal wherever you live, please
stop reading now.

Babysitting Braden

When my parents told me that our new neighbors, the Millers, had a
nine-year-old son named Braden, I didn't thing much about it. But then they
told me that the Millers were searching for a new babysitter since they
went out of town a lot and were looking to pay pretty decent money. My
newly turned sixteen-year-old brain could only see dollar signs to put
toward my own car. And since babysitting wasn't a whole lot of work, it
would leave me plenty of opportunity to indulge in my favorite pastime for
the last few years jerking off my always horny cock.

A few days later, I was doing just that when Mrs. Miller called. I was
staring at myself in the mirror, still kind of marveling over how much my
body had changed with puberty. I had been a pretty short kid but was now
pushing six feet tall and wrestling in high school had added a good bit of
muscle mass. The hair on my arms and legs had grown a bit coarser but other
than my pits and pubes, I was still pretty smooth. I kept my medium brown
hair kind of long and shaggy and I've had more than one girl tell me that
they liked the way it matched my hazel eyes. My right hand was fondling my
left nipple as I stroked my seven inch cock with my left hand. I had
recently discovered how sensitive my nipples are and have really enjoyed
playing with them while jerking off.

I was getting very close to cumming when my cell phone began ringing and an
unknown number came up. Ugh. "Hello?"

"Hello, Kale. You sound out of breath," the lady on the other end said.

"Umm, just working out."

"Ah. Well, my name is Mrs. Miller. Your mom gave me your cell number. She
told me you might be interested in babysitting for us."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Great! My husband and I are going to a dinner at our new country club this
Friday and were wondering if you could babysit for us. If you and Braden
hit it off, then maybe you'd be interested in babysitting weekends once or
twice a month for us."

"Sure. Sounds good."

"Okay. Come by the house around 6pm on Friday and we'll talk some more
about your compensation then."

Once we hung up, I returned my attention to my still hard dick and
nipples. It wasn't long before the mirror was coated in teenage spunk.

The rest of the week seemed to fly by and on Friday evening, I walked next
door to the Miller's house. Mrs. Miller answered the door and showed me in
to their living room before calling out to Braden in his room. A really
cute blond boy with blue eyes and wearing a pair of silky blue gym shorts
and a Pokemon t-shirt came running out to the living room to greet me.

"Braden," said Mrs. Miller, "this is Kale. He'll be watching you tonight
while mommy and daddy are at their dinner party."

"Hey little dude," I said. "Nice to meet you."

"Hey," Braden said meekly, obviously kind of nervous about meeting the new

Mrs. Miller and I worked out an hourly rate for nightly babysitting and a
flat rate for babysitting on the weekends. Then she said that she had
ordered pizza for Braden and I was free to warm up what was left if I was
hungry. She said to make sure Braden takes a bath and that he gets to bed
by ten. She and her husband would be back around eleven and their cell
phone numbers were stuck on the refrigerator in case I needed to call
them. Shortly thereafter, a car horn outside signaled Mr. Miller's arrival
home and Mrs. Miller thanked me again and said she'd see me later when they
got home.

After locking up behind her, I turned back and found Braden awkwardly
staring at me. "So... umm, do you like, have any homework or something to

"Nope, I finished it already."

"Well, I'm kinda hungry so I'm gonna warm up some pizza. You want any

"Nah, I'm stuffed," he you like to watch on TV and I'll come eat
and watch it with you."

"Okay," he grinned.

Again, I couldn't help admire how cute the little dude was and I felt an
awkward twitch in my jeans. `What the heck was that?' I wondered, then
shook my head and headed to the kitchen to warm up some pizza. When I got
back to the living room, he was watching some older cartoons that I
recognized instantly. "Teen Titans... I used to love that show when I was a
kid," I said.

Braden looked at me strangely as if I might be making fun of him. "Who's
your favorite character?" he challenged.

"BB," I said.

"Beastboy is my favorite, too!" he exclaimed, flashing me another one of
those cute smiles.

I smiled back and we watched an episode while I ate my pizza. When I was
done, I let out a loud burp which caused Braden to get a fit of the
giggles. From that moment on, he was on me like a puppy starved for
attention. We watched a few more cartoons and chatted for a bit before
Braden seemed to get bored.

"Wanna go to my room and play video games?" he asked.

I cringed at the thought of what games might be in the collection of a kid
his age. "Umm, yeah I guess so," I said apprehensively. We headed to
Braden's bedroom and when I got there, I was relieved to see that he had an
Xbox 360 and that his parents had let him buy whatever Teen-rated games he
wanted. After looking over his games, I decided on WWE '13 and thought I'd
easily crush him. But after an hour, I hadn't won a single match.

Not only was he mostly just better than me, but I wasn't able to
concentrate since we started playing. Braden had lain down on his stomach
facing his TV. I was lying on his bed behind him so that I could watch him
as he played without him noticing. My eyes kept glancing up his smooth
hairless legs to the cutest little bubble butt I had ever seen. My teenage
cock started twitching again and the longer I stared at Braden's ass, the
harder it got. I had known for quite a while that I was bisexual since I
jerked off to just as much gay porn as I did straight porn, but finding a
kid Braden's age sexually attractive had never happened before. There was
no denying my hardening dick, however and I found that I kept having to
roll over more and more to hide it. Things got worse as time went on
because Braden had begun to open and close his legs while kicking them in
the air almost like he was drawing attention to his butt. The silky
material of his basketball shorts drew taut around his buns when he drew
his legs apart and as he did so, there was no denying the unmistakable
wetness in my boxers from my cock starting to pre-cum.

I knew I needed some alone time to take care of my growing problem before
it became a mess in my pants. "Hey buddy, why don't you go ahead and take
your bath now," I said.

Braden gave a disappointed grunt, but got up and started taking off his

My eyes widened and I got a little wetter as I realized this cute little
boy meant to strip right in front of me. This wasn't going to do my aching
boner any favors.

As the shirt came off, Braden crumpled it up and tossed it into the hamper
in the corner. Next he slid down the silky basketball shorts and I had to
stifle a little whimper as I got a nice view of the boy's rear in his
Spiderman undies. If he took those off in front of me, I didn't think I'd
be able to contain myself, but mercifully, once the shorts had joined the
shirt in the hamper, he grabbed a clean pair of undies and scurried off to
the bathroom across the hall.

Once I heard the water turn on, I sighed in relief as I unbuttoned my jeans
and my cock nearly ripped my boxers in half trying to escape. I closed my
eyes and meant to call to mind some hot porno I had memorized, but the only
thing my mind would picture was the adorable little blond boy with the
smooth white skin standing before me in those tight superhero undies. I
tried one final time to conjure up a big titty slut bouncing on my knob,
but it just wasn't working. "Fuck it, I'm a perv," said to no one in
particular and let the vision of a half-naked Braden bring me back to
leaking hardness once again. Now I pictured him stepping out of those
undies and bending over to test the heat of the water before stepping into
it. I could almost see that tight little bud as his round butt cheeks
spread involuntarily. My orgasm began building from somewhere deep within
my balls when Braden's voice broke my concentration.

"Kale!" he shouted from the bathroom. "I need you."

"Fuck!" I muttered to myself as I tried to cram my uncooperative cock back
in my jeans. "Uhh, just a second!" I shouted back. Once my protesting dick
was as repacked as I could get it, I headed to the bathroom and opened the
door. "What's wrong?" I asked.

Braden was sitting in the tub with water up to his belly and covered in
suds. He looked over at me and matter-of-factly said, "I need you to wash
my back, silly."

"Oh," I said trying to sound nonchalant but when I swallowed, it felt like
I was trying to drink shattered glass. This was surely too good to be true,
but I quickly decided it was best not to question fate and that if this was
going to happen, I might as well go all in. "Umm," I said trying not to
sound half as nervous as I was, "you know it might be easier if I just get
in the tub with you."

Braden's eyes seemed to light up. "You mean you wanna take a brother bath
with me?"

"What's that?"

"My cousins told me they take baths together all the time. They call them
brother baths. I always wanted to have a brother to have a brother bath

I laughed. "Yeah, we can have a brother bath. But if we do, you gotta
promise to keep it a brother secret too or your mom might not let me come
over again."

"Promise!" Braden said.

I started practically throwing my clothes off. My raging boner was once
again free and I saw the cute blond boy's eyes widen upon seeing
it. "Pretty big, huh?" I asked.

"Yeah! Why is your weiner so much bigger than mine?"

"Yours will begin to grow bigger in a few years... maybe even as big as
mine. And if we're gonna be bath brothers, you need to know that us older
guys call it a cock or a dick. But it's rude to call it that in front of
your mother, so in front of her, it's still your weiner."

"It looks hard, like a stick," he said.

"Does your's get hard sometimes?" I asked.

"Umm, yeah. Sometimes. When I... umm... touch it... it feels really good."

I laughed. "That's perfectly normal, kiddo. All older guys play with their
cocks. I do it all the time. It's awesome!" I stepped into the bathtub and
sat down letting the warm water cover my legs and lower torso. I spread my
legs and gestured between them. "Well," I said, "come scoot up here if you
want me to wash your back."

Braden moved between my legs and I pulled him toward me until my hard cock
was resting against the small of his back. I squirted some liquid soap into
my hands and began rubbing it into the smooth skin of the boy's back. I
took my time and enjoyed giving the pretty boy a thorough cleaning. He
sighed and leaned back a little farther causing my cock to throb. I
finished soaping Braden's back and reached around to his chest. Unable to
control myself, I pinched his little nipples gently and the boy gasped,
confirming that he had very sensitive nipples like I did.

"Why did you do that?" he said.

"Did it feel good?"

"Yeah, but... umm... I think my weiner I mean cock is getting

"Can I touch it?" I asked. He nodded and I reached down and wrapped my hand
around the boy's firm little member. It felt to be about two inches long
now that it was hard. I wrapped my thumb and index finger around it and
explored his walnut-sized sack with the rest of my hand. It felt so naughty
to be holding a nine-year-old boy in such a way but my pulsing dick was
beyond taming at this point. I stroked the boy's cock with my right hand as
I held his chest and pinched lightly at his nipples with my left hand.

"Uhhh-" Braden moaned involuntarily. "That feels... weird."

"But good?"

"Uh-huh," he said. "It's starting to feel really good." He was squirming
like crazy now as I kept stroking his boy cock faster and faster. My cock
was back to leaking like a sieve as his smooth little back and plump bottom
ground against it. "Something's happening," he said
urgently. "Kale... uhhh... uhhh... oh my gosh!" His little dick started to
spasm in my hand and I knew that he was having his first dry orgasm. I
remembered how powerful my first was and held him close while his body
relaxed back to normal. "Oh my gosh," he said again. "What happened?"

"You had your first orgasm, dude. Now that you know how to do it, I'm sure
you'll be doing it all the time! And while it's fun to do it alone, it's
even better when you have a special secret buddy to help you out."

"Will you be my special secret buddy, Kale?"

"I thought you'd never ask," I said teasingly. "Now how about you make my
cock feel good like I did for you?"

"Okay," Braden said. "What do I do?"

I took the boy's hands in mine and guided them to my hard teenage cock. I
showed him how to stroke up and down the shaft and twist the head in his
little fist. Soon I was lost in the sweet bliss of being beat off by a
young boy still excited and sexually curious from his first orgasm. I
closed my eyes and put my arms against the sides of the tub and pushed my
torso up to give Braden better access to my cock. "Stroke it faster, baby,"
I moaned and the boy complied eagerly. I couldn't hold back any longer and
shuddered with the most intense orgasm of my young life. Hot cum splashed
against my face, chest and tummy in half a dozen spurts. It took almost 30
seconds for my breathing to return to normal and open my eyes.

Braden was staring at me dumbfounded and looking a little scared. "What
happened!? Did... did you pee on yourself?"

I had to laugh at that. "No, I shot my load all over myself. Us older boys
call it cum or jizz."

"What's that?"

"It's a special milk that guys make when they have an orgasm once they're
older. You'll start doing it too in a few years."


"Yeah, kinda," I laughed. "So did you like your first brother bath?"

"Heck yeah!"

"Good," I said. "Now lets finished getting cleaned up and get you ready for

"Aww," Braden moaned.

"Hey, I need to follow your mom's rules or else she won't let me babysit
for you again. But don't worry," I said with a grin. "There are tons of
things that we can do together now that we're special secret buddies."

End part one. Thanks for reading! Please send feedback to

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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Babysitting Braden - Babysitting Braden 1