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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Billy Babysits Zach - Billy Babysits Zach 2

Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2013 11:13:34 -0700 (PDT)
From: Bob Nope <>
Subject: Billy Babysits Zach part 2

Disclaimer/Warning: this story graphically depicts sex among males. If
You are underage to read this where you live, or offended by the idea of
This, what are you even doing here? Go!

This story is a complete work of fiction.

This story is about 2 boys one 10 and the other 14

The Setting: Outside of the 10 year olds (named Zach). It's a week after
the last story

Zach's dad comes walking out of the front door as Zach is playing with his
RC car.

Hey buddy I got some news I have to go away for the night and I won't be
back till tomorrow. Says Zach dad But am I going with you?

Zach asked with a frown on his face.

No buddy I'm sorry it's for adults only.

Oh well who is going to watch me?

Well you liked that guy who came over Billy? Asked his dad

Yes I did we had fun and he got me some extra peperoni pizza, Why you ask
dad? Zach says knowing what his dad is going to say

Well want him to come over? His dad says with a smile on his face

Zach starts to jump up and down. Yes dad I would love to

Just then Billy runs out from inside the house and picks up Zach and gives
him a big hug

Well you guys I got to go have fun with Billy says Zach's dad. Make sure
you do everything he says. He gets in his car and drives away.

So little buddy is you ready for a fun night? Billy ruffles Zach's hair.

Zach lets out a little boy giggle. Yes Billy. They both go inside

So buddy the night is yours I will do whatever you want. Says Billy sitting
on the couch

Hey do you think we could Zach's face turns red as Zach points down.

Oh you want to masturbate again don't you little buddy. Billy says with a
smile on his face.

Zach turns away. No I don't want to.

Billy goes over and hugs Zach. Hey buddy there is nothing to be
embarrassed of if you want to do it we can. Billy reaches over and rub
Zach crotch outside of his pants.

Zach looks up. Really we can? And he smiles

Of course we can buddy Billy picks up Zach and carry's him to his room and
lays him on the bed

So Zach have you been doing it yourself?

No Zach says as he starts to tear up.

Shhh don't cry its ok. Billy wipes away the tears. I can do it for you
anytime you want.

Zach smiles and starts to take off his clothes.

WOW Zach you are eager aren't you? Billy takes off his shirt.

Billy will you lay with me? Zach says scooting over in the bed

Sure little buddy. Billy gets in the bed and lies down and holds him as
they cuddle. Billy starts to take down Zach's boxers. As Zach's little 2
inch dick springs out. This is so much fun. Can you get naked too
please? Zach smiles.

Billy smiles and gets naked. He grabs Zach's cock and starts to rub him.
You like that little buddy.

Zach giggles yeah it feels just as good as last time. He grabs Billy's
dick and starts to rub.

Billy lets out a big moan.

Zach stops are you ok he says as he looks scared.

Yeah buddy that sound meant you were doing a good job.

He goes back and rubs again.

He buddy do you want to feel even better?

Zach nods his head.

Ok well you got to trust me that this will feel good and not hurt ok?

Yes I promise Zach says with a really big smile

Ok here goes Billy goes down and start to suck Zach's dick and Zach moans
just as loud as Billy did.

That feels really good. Zach sucks his dick really slow at first then

You like that Zach?

Yes I do it feels great.

Ok well I'm going to make you get that really good feeling at the end but
first as I'm sucking you can you grab my penis and start to rub it?

Sure, Zach does what he is told and Billy goes back to sucking.

Billy keeps sucking slow then starts to suck faster. Zach starts to rub

My penis is tickles Billy. Just then Zach moans really loud falls to the
bed and starts to breath heavy.

Billy's penis then starts to shoot cum all over Zach 5 ropes.

Wow, Zach says you made a lot of white stuff he says it breathing heavy.

Yeah buddy I have not made that stuff in a week so it was a lot.

Zach gets his breath back. Can I suck you now?

Billy still dripping with his last little bit of cum off of his cock. Not
right now because I just made my white stuff.

Zach looks sad.

Tell you what buddy how about before bed when I tuck you in I can let you
do it. But only if you're a good boy the rest of the night.

Zach hugs Billy. Ok I swear I will be. They lay next to each other and
Billy starts to rub Zach's back and he falls to sleep to take a quick nap.


In part 3 Billy tucks in Zach.

Let me know what you think e-mail me at and give me feed

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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Billy Babysits Zach - Billy Babysits Zach 2