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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Blindfolded And Tied Up

Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2004 16:25:10 -0700
From: dude sweet <dudesweet (at) hotmail (dot) com>
Subject: Blindfolded and Tied Up

We had just started a chapter on sexual reproduction in our 7th grade
science class. To say it was lame would be a huge understatement; but it did
get us all joking and talking about sex stuff.

A few days into the chapter, my best friend Tommy and I were teasing each
other about dicks.

"Yours is so small you can't even find it to play with it."

"You thought you had a pubic hair until you peed out of it and realized it
was just your skinny little dick."

"When they circumcised you, the doctor slipped and said `Ooops.'"

"Your parents originally named you Samantha, until they realized there was a
dick down there." My name is Sammy, which is the long version of Sam.

" want to compare? See who has the biggest?" I ask Tommy.

"The biggest penis?" We both bust up at calling our dick a penis. It's such
a funny word, penis. Penis, penis, penis.

"No, the biggest elbow. Duh. So you want to, or too chicken?"

"I'm not chicken. Are you chicken?"

"Hell no." Being a chicken was not a good thing in our school.




"Hell yeah."




This stops us. Where is it safe?

"Your house?" I suggest.

"My moms there stupid."

"Yeah, and my mom AND sister are at my house. You house is better."


Tommy reaches his hand into his pants. "My dick is hard right now," he

"I grab mine on the outside of my shorts. "Mine is too."



We begin running and start to race. He beats me to his house.

"Mom, I'm home," he hollers and we head straight to the kitchen for some

We wolf down some cupcakes and quickly head to his room. Once there neither
one of us knows how to begin.

He stands with his back to the door. I stand there facing him, sort of
chicken to make the first move.

"So...we going to do it?" he asks.

That was enough motivation for me. "Hell yes." I pull my t-shirt and loop it
to the back of my head, leaving it on, but exposing my chest and belly.

I wait for him to catch up, then put my hands on my waist of my shorts. I'm
wearing the kind with elastic, so I don't have to undo any zippers or Velcro
or anything. He opens his button and prepares to pull his down.

I pause for a second, then say, "On three. One, two, three." I go for it and
pull mine down and out pops my 4.5 hard, pointing at the ceiling, erection.
He was slower than me. I guess he wanted to make sure I was really doing it.
Before I can complain, he pulls his down too.

I am surprised. It looks about the same size as mine, except he has tons
more hair than I do. I have a little, maybe 30-50 hairs. He has hundreds.

We stare at each others for a long time.
"They look the same."

"Yeah. I got more hair than you," he brags.

"Yeah, way more!" I'm not jealous, just excited.

He bends his down and it boings up against his tummy. Then he pulls up is
shorts and puts it away. I also put mine away. We fix our shirts and more
over to sit on his bed and play Final Fantasy.

A few days later we are discussing and joking about blow jobs.

"I know someone who gives them," he brags.


"I swear."

"Who?" I ask. I couldn't imagine anyone in our class who would put a dick in
their mouth.

"I can't tell. That was part of the deal."


"I swear on my mothers name that I know someone who would give you a blow


"I told you, I can't tell you that."

"Well IF you do know someone and IF they did give me a blow job, then I
would know who it was. So why not tell me now?" My dick was very hard at
this point.

"They don't want you to know who they are. You would have to be


"Yeah, they will give you a blow job if you agree to be blindfolded and
promise not to try and peak."

Who the hell was this person?

"If I go blindfolded, they will suck my dick?"


"Ok. When?"


"Yeah when will this mysterious person suck my dick?"

"Thursday after school. When my mom goes to yoga. My house."

And it was set.

Everyday in school, I kept a sharp lookout for who this person might be. Was
it a girl? Or maybe even a boy? Was it even someone in our class? Maybe a
neighbor of his? My dick stayed hard for almost every waking minute and
probably most of the sleeping minutes too. Even after I jacked off, it was
hard. Hard, hard, hard.

Thursday came and I nervously walked with him to his house only then
realizing that I would be showing my dick to someone else. Even though his
moms not home, we walk through his house just to make sure.

"So where is she?"

"At yoga."

"No, where is the blow job girl." He looks at me blankly. "Or is it a boy?"

He giggles. "They're not here until you are blindfolded. They want to be

"Is it a girl, or a boy?

"I can't say. Do you care?"

"Not really."

"Take off your shirt." I comply. He wraps a cloth around my head, then has
me lay down, then puts a pillow over my face.

"This won't work," he says.

"Why not?" I muffle from under the pillow.

"Because all you have to do it pull off the blindfold. They don't want you
to see them. We have to tie your hands up."

I hear him going through his drawers. "Sit up." He puts my hands behind my
back and uses belts to bind them. "Don't try to escape. Promise?"

"I promise." I would have promised anything for a blow job. He lays me back
down and puts the pillow over my face again. He yanks off my shoes, then
pulls off my socks.

"I'm taking off your shorts and boxers now. OK?"

"Ok." I guess I didn't realize that he was going to strip me. He's careful
when he pulls them down so my boner doesn't get caught.

I fell really stupid tied up, blindfolded, hard and naked. Very stupid.

After a few minutes, he leaves. While he's gone, I start to chicken out.
It's scary. After a few minutes, I hear the front door open and shut. I hear
them coming. Who the hell is it?

They open the door to the room, and then shut it. I can hear someone
breathing. Suddenly my dick is all warm and moist. It's in their mouth! They
start to lick and suck it. My dick likes it a lot. After a few minutes, they
stop. Shit, I didn't get to come.

"Wait don't stop. Please." I cry out and beg. All I hear is the door
closing, then the outside door opening and closing. Then Tommy comes back in
the room.

"How was it?" he asks as he's taking off my blindfold.

"Excellent. I'm so fucking horny now. I need to jack off.

He is now undoing my hands.

"It's cool with me if you want to do it now."

"Jack off?"

"Yeah. I will too, if you're cool with it."

"Ok." I was already naked, hard and horny. He quickly strips and sits on the
bed next to me. We both go for it. It's cool watching someone else jack off.
As we lay there, staying naked after we both come, I ask, "So who was it."

"I can't tell you. Sorry."

"Ok. Well it was cool."

"Yeah, very cool."

We get dressed and play PS2.

As I leave to go home and do homework I ask, "Can they do it next Thursday?"



Over the weekend, I spend the night with Tommy and we end up talking about
it and getting horny and we jack off again together.

When I go over to his house Thursday after school, he has everything ready.
I strip myself naked, not giving a damn about him seeing my boner. He ties
me up with rope this time and has a much better blindfold. I wait, listening
to the sounds to see if I can figure out who the blower is.

As soon as I hear the outside door open, I about come with excitement.

Once again he/she stops before I can come. Bummer. I beg and beg, but they
just leave right away. I roll over and start humping the bed to see if I can
make myself cover without touching it since I'm still tied up. I hear Tommy
come in the room and sense that he is standing there watching me.

"Untie me fucker. I have to jack off."

He laughs.

"Come on dude, I'm serious." He laughs again, but pulls off my blindfold and
starts untying me. I start to jack right away, not caring that's he there;
not caring if he jacks too or just watches me.

By the time he has stripped and begun jacking, I am finished. I lay there
watching him. It's fun watching him jack off.

On the weekend during the day, we are over at his house, just hanging out
and kind of bored.

"What do you want to do now?" he asks me.

"Get a blow job."

We both laugh.

"Seriously, can you ask your friend if they will suck me all the way? They
always stop right before I come. How can they tell when I'm going to come?"

"You think that would be better."

"Hell yes. Do you come when they suck you?"

"I never been sucked."

"What?!!!! They suck me and never sucked you?"


"Sucks to be you."


I'm getting suspicious now. I'm thinking that he is the sucker of my dick.

"So how did you get him to do it?"

I wanted to see if he would deny it was a `him.'

"He just wanted to." Ah, so it is a guy. Probably Tommy.



"Well see if he will do it all they way next time."

"And what will you do?"

"What do you mean?"

"If he sucks you all the way until you sperm, what will you do for him. Will
you suck his dick?"

Suck a dick? I never even thought about it before.

"I guess. Is it gross?"


"Having a dick in your mouth?"

"How would I know?" But they way he said it, I knew it was him. It made me
even hornier knowing it was Tommy who was sucking my dick.

That night we jack off together twice before going to sleep.

Next Thursday after school when I'm getting ready, I'm extra excited about
it. Number one, I'm sure it's Tommy. Number two, I'm going to get to suck
his dick!

I get naked and try to hurry him up as he ties me up, then blindfolds me. I
lay there listening to him pretend to open the front door and let somebody
come in. I hear him come into his room and take off his clothes. He's
getting naked. He gets on the bed and moves around, getting his dick close
to my mouth. I open it wide and let him gently place it inside. I wait until
he has my dick in his mouth, then go on slurping him as best as I can.

I am shocked. Not only is it not gross, it's hellacool. I hear him mumbling
a few moans.

I can tell he's getting close. Suddenly boom, some of his sperm jumps into
my mouth. He quickly pulls it out of my mouth and at the same time, stops
sucking my dick.

"Don't stop Tommy. I did yours, you have to finish mine."

He pauses for a minute, realizing that I figured out who he was. Then he
starts to suck me again. It's great coming into his mouth. He drinks all of
my sperm and sucks me dry.

I hear him putting on his clothes, leaving me blindfolded.

"Come on Tommy, untie me. I know it's you. That was cool."

He leaves the room and I hear the outside door open and close.

Tommy come in the room, takes off my blindfold and unties me. I can't get
him to admit it was him, but I am sure that it was.

Who else could it have been?

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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Blindfolded And Tied Up