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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Boy Stories

Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 18:15:31 -0700 (PDT)
From: Johnathan strong <>
Subject: Boy Stories (young friends section)

DISCLAIMER: This story is pure fiction and contains gay sex. If this is
not your bag then please leave. If you are underage then you are
advised to leave aswell. But if you decide to continue and read this
story then you do so at your own discretion.

Hello all, This is the first in what will hopefully be a series of
short stories. I do hope you enjoy the first volume and Please feel
free to comment on the story. Please send comments, Helpful Criticisms
and anything you would like seen in future stories,to I hope you enjoy the stories !
<authours note>
each volume contains three stories
Boy Stories V1

1.1: "behind the shed"
1.2: "Home alone"
1.3: "between the stacks"

"Behind the shed"

"Quick no one will see us down here" said Declan as the boys quietly
crept about. Declan was 15 while stuart was 12 the boys had been
friends for a number of years since they were next door neighbours and
often played together. Both boys had discovered what sex was although
not with each other or anyone else for that matter. Declan and Stuart
only really knew about jerking off although they had heard about
blowjobs and anal sex and so forth and right now they were about to
discover the joys of boy sex.....

It had all began a few hours earlier. Stuart had gone around to
Declan's to see if he wanted to do something today, since it was
saturday and a beautiful day to go out. Stuart arrived to find the back
door open and Declan's parents not in the house. Stuart slowly made his
way upstairs. Declan in the meantime was on his bed
his tshirt above his pecs and his shorts on the floor along with his
boxers. Declan was slowly wanking himself and was enjoying the blissful
sensations, but he wanted more pleasure and tried inserting a finger
into his ass but it was a little painful. Declan got up and put on his
shorts incase anyone came home while he was going to get some handcream
from the bathroom. Sure enough the minute Declan walked out of his room
he saw Stuart standing there.

"hey stuart, what are you doin here?" asked the blonde haired teen.
"Just came to see what you were up to dec" replied Stuart "i thought we
could go for a bike ride or something?" continued Stuart. "Okay, how
about we go to the fields or something its always great down there"
said Declan. Stuart agreed and both boys were off to the fields. The
field were a large area of undeveloped scrubland although it used to
be fertile and great for cows and horses 4 very hot summers and dry
winters changed all that. It was a great place to play games like army
or it could become an instant alien world or a magical realm or a
prehistoric dinosaur filled oasis. Declan and stuart slowly rode their
mountain bikes through the grass. A slow breeze had started and it was
very relaxing it was then that stuart piped up and said somethign
Declan had been waiting to here for quite sometime. "Hey Dec, have you
ever jerked off?" asked Stuart "yeah heaps of times i do it every
night" replied Declan. "Have you ever done it stuart?" queried Declan
"no im not sure how" lied Stuart. "Well do you want me to show you how
it's done?"asked Declan "yeah okay " said Stuart quietly so it didnt
appear he was too excited about it. "Okay i know a place" said Declan
and the two boys headed off.

Now jump to the present.....

"Quick no one will see us down here" said Declan. Declan and Stuart had
gone to a small shed probably left behind from when the fields were
filled with cows and such. The Two boys crept behind it and sat down
leaning against the shed wall. "okay so what do you do?" asked Stuart
"hold on" replied Declan as he pulled his shorts down and let his 6
inch bone free. "Okay first of all you just put your hand around it and
begin pulling slowly" said Declan. Stuart unzipped his jeans and his
four incher sprung out. Stuart looked at Declans cock and slowly began
to imitate Declan but he purposefully acted clumsy , like he didnt know
what he was doing. Declan looked over again at Stuart, this was the
moment Declan had been waiting for "Stuart, do you want me to do it for
you?" asked Declan "yeah okay, if you want" said Stuart. Declan began
moving his fist up and down and slowly started rubbing Stuarts balls
with his free hand. "oh dec that feels fucking fantastic, geez" said
Stuart between breaths. Stuart could feel his orgasm coming and
suddenly it shot upwards and onto his belly "geez that was awesome
dec!" exclaimed Stuart "you wanna feel something better?" asked Declan
with a horny smile.

Declan began licking the cum off Stuarts softening dick. Stuart moaned
and brushed his hand through Declans blonde hair. With out warning
Stuarts dick began to harden again and Declans tongue became more
aggressive "ooo just suck me now Dec!" demanded Stuart. Declan smirked
and licked around the head then slowly began sucking on Stuarts cock
head liek it was a lollipop. "Oh man that feels soooo fucking awesome
dec, keep going please" said Stuart between sighs and moans.
Declan slowly moved his mouth down Stuarts cock and once at the base
began swirling his tongue around it while sucking . "MAN that is great
man !!!" exclaimed Stuart Declan just kept on sucking. Then Declan
slowly slipped a finger up into Stuarts ass, Declan thought that
Stuart might whince or atleast ask what he was doing but Stuart didnt
stop moaning. Declan has his finger way up into stuarts ass and began
manipulating the younger boys prostate. "God!, Dec keep doing that oh
yeah, oh yeah" continued Stuart who was in total rapture. Before long
Stuart felt that familiar feelign of Orgasm approaching and then it hit
him god it was amazing. Declan felt the smaller load on his tongue and
quickly swallowed, then removed his mouth from Stuarts dick but kept
his finger moving. "Oh that was awesome Dec, let me do something for
you now" said Stuart "okay, what did you have in mind?" asked Declan.
"Dec sit on my face, let me tongue your ass out while you wank
yourself" said Stuart. Declan pulled his shorts over his shoes and off
then Stuart lay down and Declan sat down on Stuarts wait mouth. Stuart
didnt waste any time , he buried his face and tongue into Declans ass
as far as he could. The pleasure was so intense that Declan began
moving up and down and squirming as he jerked his dick. "oh god stuie
man your tongue is awesome keep doin it boy fuck my ass with you
tongue" demanded Declan. Stuart was only to happy to comply and began
tonuging faster . Stuart had another idea and quickly took the cum
still on his belly and rubbed it up and down declans cock.

Stuart told Declan to lie on top of him . Declan did as he was asked
and then the two boy began to hump into eachother. Going as faster as
they could the sensations were amazing . Both boys were behind the
shed, dicks rubbing against each other and Stuarts legs wrapped around
Declans back. Both boys felt their orgasms approaching and they came
at the same time. Both boys lay spent beneath the sun and slowly the
got into a 69 position and slowly began to lick the cum of each others


Story: 1.2

"Home Alone"

"Garret, dinner is in the oven sweetie, call us if you need anything"
said Mrs Hampshire from downstairs as her and Garrets father were going
away for the weekend.
Garret heard the door slam and jumped for joy. The house was his all
the long weekend and boy was he goign to have some fun. Garret got
changed into a pair of bikini briefs and a tank top and went to the
"Hey Jimmy, got the house to myself you up for some action?"......

Garret was all ready and waiting, his wood stood armed and ready as we
went to open the door. When Garret opened the door a beautiful blonde
tanned stud , this was jimmy. Jimmy wrapped his arm around Garret's
waist and tongued his boy."Hey stud, you up for some hot fucking?"
asked Jimmy "how about we eat dinner first, mum made a roast" replied
Garret "Well i really want this roast right here" said Jimmy as he
groped Garret.
"Well you have to wait, ill serve up the roast" said Garret. Jimmy
quickly went to the bathroom to wash his hands and saw a travel packet
of hand cream and placed it in his pocket just in case he needed some
handy lube.

The Guys had just finished dinner and Garret had just bent down to put
the plates in the dishwasher when he felt somethign nuzzling at his
ass, it was Jimmy. Jimmy slowly pulled down Garrets underwear and
stuck his tongue in garrets beefy studhole. Jimmy licked and sucked and
plain went to town on Garrets ass. Jimmy stopped and stood up and
began grinding his jean covered boner into garrets ass. "Oh fuck me now
Jimmy" demanded Garret "whatever you want boy" replied Jimmy.Jimmy took
off his tshirt and unbuttoned his jeans and dropped them to his ankles.
Jimmy remembered the hand cream and crouched and took the package out
of his pocket. Jimmy ripped open the package and squeezed some cream
onto his dick and rubbed some around Garrets ass. Now standing up
behind Garret, Jimmy slowly began to push his way into Garrets
accepting hole. Garret pushed his ass out and his ass practically began
sucking Jimmy's dong in. Both boys were in pleasure as the cream
covered dick began sliding smoothly. Jimmy grabbed hold of Garrets hips
and garret held onto the kitchen bench. Jimmy began pushing in and out
held back he began to fuck as hard as he could, his cock rubbing up
against his lover's prostate. "Oh god thats it fuck me harder jimmy"
cried Garret Jimmy obliged and began thrusting as hard as he could.
Garret leaned back onto Jimmy and the two boys tongued and licked
eachothers faces, the sweat beginning to accumulate. Jimmy wrapped his
hands around Garrets waist and grabbed hold of the other boys dick.
Jimmy began jerking his stud boy off, his hand moving up and down up
and down. The pleasure on both guys faces was incredible , the moans
and grunts of two boys in a hot fuck filled the house. Jimmy felt the
tension is his dick "Garret, im going to blow my wad dude" said Jimmy
between gasps "okay babe blow your stuf right up my hole let me feel it
" said Garret. "Okay here it comes ! uh" exclaimed Jimmy and right
enough his load shot like a rocket up Garrets ass. Garret leaned his
head back again and shot his on load up and onto the tiled floor of the
kitchen. Both boys slumped to the floor Jimmy's now soft dick slipped
out of Garrets ass . Jimmy and Garret hel on to each other for a while
longer before going to clean up.

"OOOO baby i feel right , the music sounds better with you!" sang
Garret and Jimmy at the top of their lungs. Both guys loved this song
and had the CD player up full ball as they danced around. Jimmy had
gotten his jeans and tshirt back on and Garret had changed into a pair
of nylon running shorts and a singlet. "Man this song kicks ass !"
ecxclaimed Garret over the noise. If you wanted a song to get pumped to
the music sounds better with you by stardust was the one to choose. The
boys made their way outside to Garrets pool, chucked off their clothes
and dived in. You coudl still hear the music it was that loud and the
boys swam and dove and swam about. Garret dove under the water when
Jimmy least expected it and began sucking on his lovers cock. Jimmy
moaned and began to fuck Garrets face, but before long garret needed
air and had to stop sucking. Jimmy got a inflatable tire from the side
of the pool and jumped on and spread legs , inviting Garret to suck
him. Garret didnt need to be told and he dove under the tire and
surfaced in the middle of the ring right in front of Jimmy's cock.
Garret began licking the hot cock up and down and then engulfed the
seven incher in his warm wet mouth and begun sucking. Jimmy was in
complete heaven he began humping of the tire and into Garrets face.
Jimmy was just about to tell Garret that he would be cumming soon, when
Garret suddenly stopped sucking and jumped out of the pool and began
drying himself. Jimmy followed his lovers lead but before he could
completly dry off, Garret ran into the house. Jimmy knew Garret was
playing some kind of game and quickly follwed. Jimmy ran until he came
to the stairs leading up to the bedrooms. Jimmy jumped in surpirse when
Garret suddenly grabbed him around the waist. Jimmy fell on all fours
on the stairs and Garret took this opportunity to have some fun. Garret
began tonguing some serious ass as Jimmy moaned, "uh keep goin stud,
uh" moaned Jimmy. Garrets cock was still wet and Jimmy's ass was wet
from the water and the tounging so he slowly porbed his seven inch dick
at Jimmy's hot wet hole. "Fuck me Garret, do it now!" cried Jimmy.
Garret went in and began fucking like a horny dog, "Uh fuck your ass
feels so fucking good jimmy" said Garret in total pleasure. "Oh keep
fucking my ass hard boy" said Jimmy. Jimmy began rotating and clamping
his ass muscles, which sent Garret into a spin. Garret kept pushing
harder and faster until BAM!!! he blew a huge load up Jimmy's ass.

"Fuck that was awesome" said Jimmy as the boys limped to the shower.
After swimming and dancing and fucking the boys were exhausted. Garret
turned on the shower and the naked studs stepped in and began soaping
and washing each other. Slowly the boys began to kiss and grind into
each other. Slowly they kissed as the steam from the shower clouded the
bathroom mirror...



"between the stacks"

Luke just couldn't find the damn book. The building that Luke was in
was supposed to be a library but it just didnt have the books he was
looking for. "Geez, spending 2 hours looking for books in a library
just screams no life" thought Luke. Luke was a fairly lonely kid
although good looking with his short black hair and green eyes, he
still didn't have a girlfriend mainly because girls didn't interest him
but he was still very lonely. While Luke searched for the book he didnt
see the pair of blue eyes peering at him through the stacks of

Luke slumped down in one of the beanbags that the library had. He had
finally found the book that he was looking for but it wasn't in the
section it was supposed to be in, "ugh so much for librarians" thought
Luke. Of all subjects Luke had to get it was Sex education it had just
been made a compulsory subject at his school much to the discomfort of
parents. Lukes assignment was to study the reproduction systems of
people the phrase "boys have penises, girls have vaginas" from the
movie kindergarten cop kept springing into Luke's head after all Sex ED
was teaching Luke things he had known since grade 2. Luke yawned, the
book he was reading was 3 centremeters thick and went into great detail
about how the cells reproduce and blah blah blah. Luke got up to go get
another book, somthing that was preferbly a little more interesting.
Meanwhile across the library, those blue eyes were still peering.

Ben had been watching the black haired boy for the past two hours. The
boy had caught bens eye since he had first entered and Ben wanted to
get to know the boy. Ben moved behind a shelf and looked through a gap
directly at the mystery boy. The boy looked up, Ben ducked then slowly
got up. Ben felt like a stalker but he was so infatuated with the boy
he couldnt help it. In all his 16 years Ben had never been so
interested in anything not his school work or family. This Boy was
different, there was just something about this mystery stud that had
set off Ben's Gaydar. The gaydar had never proved Ben wrong, it had
helped him lose his virginty to a hot stud he met last summer (but
thats another story). The Boy looked up again and Ben ducked , he
couldnt keep this up for very long.

"This was rediculous" thought Luke, he had seen that other guy watching
him for the past half an hour. Luke thought the guy was a stud but this
one step away from a restraining order stuff was getting annoying. Luke
looked back down at the book he was reading titled "sexual joy and the
art of reproduction". Luke quickly looked back up just in time to see
the blonde hair streak down. This was getting stupid way too stupid, it
was obvious the guy had a thing for Luke so why didn't he just approach
luke. Lukes gaydar was going off, the stalker guy was cute and sexy
looking and would probably be a good screw. Luke decided to do
something and now.

Ben stayed hidden between the stacks, he was sure the boy had seen him
"ugh, man this sucks, he is probably his way to kick the crap through
me" thought Ben his thoughts turning paranoid. "Why do you keep looking
at me?" Ben jumped when he heard the voice. Ben turned to see the boy
standing in front of him "uh um i'm sorry you like someone i used to
know" said Ben weakly."Yeah whatever, comeon tell me the truth, you
want to fuck my brains out" said Luke in a matter of fact way. "Hey !
i'm not gay" stammered Ben "yeah you are" replied Luke "when i saw you
looking at me, my gaydar just went totally haywire" continued Luke.
"Yeah mine too, by the way my names Ben," said Ben as he stuck out his
hand for a hand shake. "My names Luke and im pleased to meet you
aswell" said luke as he freed his bone from the confines of his jogging
shorts "feel like a hand shake?" asked Luke with a sexy grin. "What
here?" asked Ben in amazement "Yup right here" replied Luke as he
pulled ben down with him onto a beam bag.

"Relax, Ben this is the last aisle, and it has books that no one ever
borrows" said Luke as he kissed around Bens neck. "Okay," said Ben as
he undid his cargo shorts and pulled them down to his thighs. Luke
quickly jumped on top of Ben and began grinding into him. As the
grinding continued Ben tilted his head back oh the pleasure he was
feeling oh boy. Ben was woken up from his dream like state by the
sensation of a tongue licking his cock. Luke continued licking as Ben
began to protest "maybe we shouldnt do this here, i mean we could get
caught." "Oh come on Benny, i havent had any milk today and a growing
boy needs his calcium" said Luke with a horny grin. Luke began sliding
his mouth and tongue around Ben's cock "actually luke, i dont think cum
contains calcium i mean im not sure if it does, uh well it contain
protien but.." Ben stopped himself when he saw Luke giving him a what
the hell are you talking about gaze. Luke went back to his sucking, his
tongue constricted around Bens throbbing cock. Ben in the meantime was
on another plane of reality, sensations coursed through his body,
pleasure filled his every being, the essence of life was.... anyway
suffice it to say Ben was having a fucking great time. The tremor was
coming, the volcano was about to explode and it did, Ben did his
impersonation of Mount St Helen and ble his load straight down Lukes
hot throat. Luke kept sucking as the cock deflated "oh Luke that was
amazing, what do you want me to do to you? you want to fuck my ass?"
asked Ben. Luke stood up facing the book shelf, he took his dick out
from under his shorts leg and began wanking it "I'll tell you what i
want, lift up my shorts leg and tongue fuck my ass til i blow a hot
load thats what i want" said Luke. Ben complied and lifted the shorts
leg then dove straight in. Ben really knew what to do with his tongue
and the sensations Luke was getting were amazing. Ben decided he had
enough with Lukes ass and licked his way to his new lovers balls. Ben
swallowed Lukes nut and bathed them and sucked them and licked them.
Luke felt unbeliveable it was amazing what Ben was doing to him. Ben
inserted a finger into Lukes ass and began to finger fuck him like
their was no tomorrow. With Ben's mouth around his balls and a finger
up his ass Luke couldnt take much more. In startrek terms Lukes sheilds
were failing and his warp core was a about to breach. Luke jerked
faster and faster and faster and his cream fired like a torpedo out of
his dick splattering the books infron of him. Both boys collapsed and

The boys used the beanbag to wipe the cum off of the books. Ben and
Luke fixed themselves up and walked out of the library. Luke and Ben
both walked in the opposite direction of each other but Ben turned
around to see Luke groping his thick cock. Suddenly Ben knew he was
going the wrong way and went to follow Luke. It was only the beginning.

Well i hope you enjoyed the first Volume of Boy Stories
The second volume should be coming soon and it is in the works, but i
really want feedback on this volume. Feel free to make requests about
what you would like to see in future volumes and if i liek it i'll
write it :O) Send all comments, requests and helpful criticisms
to :o)

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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Boy Stories