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Date: Sat, 3 Jun 1995 11:04:50 UTC
Subject: Boy's first time (pedo mm) TRUE
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Warning!! This file contains sex- based material. If you are under the age
of 21, do not read this.

This is a true story of what happened to me when I was 7 and 8 years old.

Jacob was a friend of mine since the first grade. He had stayed the night at
my house only a couple of times but the times he did stay, I will never
The first time was when we were 7. All afternoon and that night before bed,
we did our usual little-kid stuff and we didn't really do much in bed but
give each other little peeks at our young little dicks but everytime I think
about it, I get hard.
We were both laying there in my bed and while under the covers, we both had
pulled out pajama bottoms and underwear down and we would very quickly
"flash" each other by swiftly pulling the covers down and back up. I can
still remember how excited I was to be seeing another boy's dick. I was very
shy about showing him mine but, I flashed him and it felt so good to show-off
my boy cock with Jacob. I was so proud to let someone else see my private
spot. That was about all that happened that night but the things that
happened the next time he stayed over makes we want to cum everytime I think
about it.
It was about a year later and Jacob had come over to stay the night. We had
been making plans for weeks. We were going to, "hump".It really excited me
when Jacob said that he was going to "hump" me. We had talked about what two
boys do when they "hump" and Jacob said that one boy pokes the other boy in
the butt. This sounded pretty cool to a very young boy that was very curious
about sex.
The night had come and neither one of us could wait till bed time. We both
layed there and talked about humping each other and how to go about it and it
was originaly planned for one of us to by lying on our stomach while the
other got on top and went up and down. The both of us giggled while Jacob
took his underwear off and I pulled mine down to my knees. I then decided
that if one of us were on top of the other, the risk of getting caught was
too high so, I suggested that we both lay facing the same way while the other
pokes the other in the butt. I turned away from Jacob and faced the night
stand. Jacob then got right behind me and I waited for his next move. He then
poked at my butt-cheeks with his little-boy sex. I remember my heart beating
100,000 mph while thinking about the fact that what I was feeling on my butt
was Jacob's weeny (we were only 8). We had decided on a system, he would poke
ten times and then I would. He poked my butt-cheeks 10 times and the we both
turned around and then I poked his cheeks 10 times. It felt SO GOOD! I never
felt so much sexual energy as I poked my best-friends butt-cheeks with my
fresh, young boy meat. We had both commented about how good it felt several
We poked at each other for a little while and then we both layed on our
backs. Jacob fondled himself and I started to do the same with myself. Jacob
then said," I'll play with yours if you play with mine." I quickly said,
"ok!" and Jacob reached over and grabbed my cock and started to shake it back
and forth. I was a little more along with my masterbation technique as I
grabbed his cock with my index finger and thumb and began to rub the skin of
his little dick up and down his shaft. We did this for a few minutes and then
stopped (we were only 8).
I remember laying there next to Jacob after all of this was over and we
were laying there, naked from the waist down and we just stared at each
other's cocks. We studied each other for the longest time and we both managed
to keep erections the entire time.
After things got quiet and Jacob started to doze off, I remember my dick
jumping for no reason what so ever. Being only 8, I though that, that was the
seed going out of my pee-hole and I told Jacob, "There goes the seed." and
Jacob said, "Let me see!" and I said, "Oh Jacob, the seed's so small, you
can't see it." The next thing I remember is the morning.

Feel free to send me any comments on this true story of two boys, learning
about each other. All replies welcome.

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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Boys First Time