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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Bullied - Bullied 1

Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2007 16:54:01 -0400
Subject: Bullied I

I am a living, breathing testament to that statement.

My life of torture began in first grade with name calling and continued
until I was a fat, miserable fourteen year old, dreading my freshman year
of high school and the abuse I knew would come with it.

My name is Bernard. I was always the shortest boy in class and the fattest
boy in school. I'm black with brown skin and thick curly hair.

As I said, the bullying started in first grade. At first it was just my
girl classmates pointing, laughing and calling me names. By fourth grade,
most of the boys in school had joined in the fun. Pantsing and wedgies were
added to their agenda. By fifth grade, I had a regular gang of torturers:
Tony, Rico, Riley, Ty and Keisha. My sixth grade torturors added beating
and taking away anything I had of value. They were not my only torturers,
but my most persistent.

The bullying in elementary school was mostly ignored by adults. There
didn't seem to be a need to check on the fat kid in the corner. When my
mother managed to drag herself out of bed for a teachers conference or to
the principal's office, she was usually told, "He's so sensitive".

I thought things were looking up as I started seventh grade and Jr. High
school. Tony and Riley were left behind in sixth grade and Keisha moved
away that summer. How wrong I was.

Beatings were less frequent in seventh grade, however, I did get smacked
upside the head and across the face often. The wedgies stopped but
pantsing was still a favorite past time of my tormentors. The bullying
also became more personal and sexual.

I rarely talked to my mother. In fact, I rarely saw her. She was in bed
when I left for school. She was still in bed when I returned home. She
would crawl out of bed at about 7 pm, pour her first drink of the day and
be off to work by 9:30. Her normal response to my bullying was, "you're a
big ass boy...fight!" By fifth grade, I rarely mentioned it to her. She
did, however, make sure I had dinner. Dinner was normally something such
as greasy hamburgers, frozen pizza or left over take out from an all night
diner and we were never short of junk food.

We lived in an upstairs apartment of a four family flat apartment building.
Miss Dee who lived across the hall was probably my best friend and kept me
well stocked with homemade sweets. Miss Rodriguez, Rico's grandmother
lived under her. She spoke very little english and rarely left her
apartment, which she shared with Mr. Ernie and five of Rico's cousins who
were all under ten. The other apartment had been vacant for as long as I
could remember.

As I said, seventh grade began a different brand of torture. I was given
the nickname "Benny Beanbag Butt" and the name stuck. Rico and Ty made
sure that I was frequently pantsed and also began to grab my titties. I
wasn't the shortest boy in Jr. High, however, I was still fattest and had
titties bigger than most of the girls.

Thankfully, my bullies barely bothered me outside of school and I was
allowed to walk the six blocks home in peace, although usually teary eyed.
Things began to change as Rico spent more time at his grandmother's

Rico never spoke to me in my building until one day when he and Ty caught
me in the basement doing laundry. I heard someone coming, but I wasn't
worried, no one ever bothered me here.

Before I realized it, they were right behind me. I turned and there was
Rico, tall slender and caramel colored. His jet black hair cut into a crew
cut and spiked on top. Ty stood behind him. He was tall, husky, dark
skinned and wore his hair cut close to his head. He had been left back
twice and was probably the oldest kid in school.

"I see you're washing, Mama's panties," Rico said, grabbing the panties
from my hand. He sniffed the panties and threw them back at me. He turned
to Ty. "I think when Beanbag grows up, he wants to be a stripper and a ho
just like his Mama." He turned back to me. "Let's see you strip."

I just stood looking at him, my mouth hanging open. He reached out and
slapped me. "I said strip, bitch. Hold him, Ty." Ty stepped behind me
and grabbed my titties, crushing my back against his stomach. Rico pulled
my shorts down around my ankles and stepped back looking at me. "You so
goddam fat I can't see your pinga, but a ho don't need one." I felt tears
fill my eyes. Rico and I realized at the same time that Ty was massaging
my titties. "Damn, Ty, you like that shit," Rico grinned.

Rico crossed the basement to an alcove where someone had set up a couple of
old mattresses. "Bring the fat bitch over here, Ty." Ty dragged me across
the basement. He had no choice, my shorts were around my ankles. He stood
me in front of Rico. "Bitch, I said strip," he slapped the back of my
head. "Take off that damn shirt". I raised pulled my tee shirt over my
head, using it to wipe the tears from my eyes and dropped it on the floor
beside the mattress. Ty looked at my chest, eyes wide, and licked his
lips. "Damn, look at those big tits," Rico reached out, squeezed one and
pushed me back. I fell onto the mattress, hitting my head against the
wall, tears filling my eyes because of the pain. Rico sat next to me.
"Come on, Ty, this is our new ho." He reached down and snatched the shorts
from my legs, tossing them across the basement. I was completely naked.
Ty was unbuttoning his jeans.

Rico spread his legs and pulled my head to his crotch. "I hope your fat
ass enjoy this, Beanbag, cause I'm gonna." He held my neck near his crotch
as he opened his pants. I could feel Ty as he sat down on the mattress.
Rico pulled me closer to his crotch. I could barely see his dick because
of the long curly hair surrounding it. "Suck, ho." I didn't move. He
yanked me by my neck into his pubic hair, "I said suck, bitch." I found
his barely four inch dick with my mouth. He was hard. Ty gently
positioned me on my knees as I took Rico's dick into my mouth. Rico said
something in Spanish and started fucking my face, his dick was so small it
kept slipping out of my mouth.

Ty climbed onto my back, his dick rubbing against my ass. His hands busily
massaging my titties, he breathed heavily in my ear. Rico was making me
hard as Ty made me cry. "Umph," I felt something wet hit my tongue. There
was a bitter taste. I held it in my mouth. Rico lifted my head. "Good,
ho." He slapped me. "Swallow, bitch." I swallowed the bitter tasting
cum. "Dude, you're turn," he said to Ty, as he rose from the mattress. Ty
slid his hands down to my dick, "Damn" he said, as he rose off of my back.
He took Rico's place at my head and held out his dick to me. At six inches
it was as long as mine, but not as fat. There was a clear drop of liquid
at the tip. Rico slapped my ass. "Suck it, bitch." I licked the head.
The liquid was salty and not as bitter as Rico's cum. I took the head in
my mouth. Ty sighed. I sucked on the head. "Suck that pinga, fat bitch,"
Rico forced my head all the way down the shaft. I choked, and coated Ty's
nappy pubic hair with spit. Rico held my head Ty swatted his hand a way.
Ty eased himself out of my throat until only the tip of his dick was in my
mouth. When he slid back in, my dick twitched against my stomach and I
began sucking earnestly. Rico was breathing hard as he stood over us.
Every now and then he would reach down and smack my ass. "Suck that big
pinga. Suck that big dick."

Ty slid in deep and grunted. He pulled back and my mouth filled with
thick, creamy, salty liquid. I swallowed and it kept coming. As he pulled
his dick from my mouth some of his cream slid to the corner of my lips.

Suddenly, Rico grabbed my ass. "Argh." Five drops of warm liquid hit my
back. I turned and Rico was standing beside us, with his little dick
between his fingers. He looked at Ty. "Let's go." As Ty stood up, his
dick flopped and a drop of cum landed on my forehead. Rico buttoned his
pants. "He's a fat ass ho, but he's our ho from now on." Ty pulled on his
pants. Rico turned and headed towards the stairs without looking back,
speaking in Spanish. Ty turned, looked at me, smiled, licked his lips and

I lay there, no longer crying. I licked the cum from the corner of my
mouth as I grabbed my still hard dick. I reached up with my other hand and
wiped the cum from my forehead. I pulled my foreskin back and stroked as I
licked my finger. One, two, three, four stokes. I shot and shot and shot.
When I finished shooting, I licked the cum from my hand. "Ty," I whispered
as I slumped into the mattress.

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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Bullied - Bullied 1