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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Castaway Hotel Grand Reopening - Castaway Hotel Grand Reopening VI Background

Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2010 20:07:17 EDT
Subject: Castaway Hotel: Grand Reopening - Book 6, Background

               CHGR BACKGROUND INFORMATION -- Book 6

Seeing Castaway Hotel is a complex, multi-book series, I thought I should
add this to help you keep track of the characters. I will list the boys in
the order they came into the story, give some vital statistics about them
(as of the beginning of this book), and a brief summary about how they came
to live there. I have also decided to include the Book and chapter number
when that character was introduced as well. I will also list other
characters, with reoccurring roles in the story, at the end. I hope this
helps you follow the story better.

Josh Currie -- A 51 year old widower (47 at the beginning of book 1) with
four grown children (2 boys, 2 girls), who decides to take in foster boys,
to help make their lives better.

Ricky (Richard Allen Glover Currie) - 16 yo (July 7) -- twelfth grade
(senior -- currently an exchange student in Australia) -- 5' 9" tall,
longish blond hair and gray eyes, cut, and currently dating a girl,
although he doesn't mind a little fun with his brothers. Ricky came to
Josh as a 7th grade hyperactive, behavioral problem, whose drug addicted
mother had died, his father was unknown, and he had no other family. (Book
1, chapter 1)

Danny (Daniel Edward Roma Currie) - 18 yo (May 6) -- college freshman -- 6'
1" tall, brown hair and brown eyes and an athletic build, and is currently
dating his best friend, Brandon. Danny was Josh's second foster son. He
was 13 at the time and kicked out of his home by his parents (mainly his
father) when they discovered he was gay. (Book 1, chapter 4)

Brandon (Brandon Patrick O'Hara) -- 18 yo (March 4) -- college freshman --
He's Danny's best friend and boyfriend, is 6' 2" tall, blond hair, brown
eyes and slender, but not thin. He came to live with the Curries so he
could finish school in Pennsylvania, when his father took a new job in
Texas. (Book 1, chapter 10)

Jay (Jay Aubrey Curtis) -- Ricky's best friend -- 17 yo (June 10) --
twelfth grade (senior) -- Jay is 6' 1" tall, has red hair and green eyes
and was lanky (ungraceful and thin) when younger, but is filling out and
his coordination is catching up to him as he has gotten older. Jay is also
dating a girl, and like Brandon, Jay is also 'one of the family.' (Book 1,
chapter 14)

Dustin (Dustin Mathew Kowalski Currie) - 19 yo (April 27) -- (college
senior -- two- year college) -- 6' 0" tall, black hair, green eyes and a
solid build, but not fat. Dustin was thrown out of the previous foster
home because he was caught in a homosexual act with the foster parents'
son. He is bisexual and was once involved with Kevin, but he's now dating
girls. (Book 1, chapter 29)

Kevin (Kevin Michael Baxter Currie) -- 17 yo (August 8) -- college freshman
-- 5' 11 1/2" tall, longish brown hair, blue eyes and is slender, with a
swimmer's build. Kevin was the son of the foster parents Dustin was caught
fooling around with. His father beat him pretty badly after he threw
Dustin out, so Kevin ran away. Kevin was heartbroken when Dustin decided
to date girls. Nick stepped in and got serious with Kevin, which helped to
ease his pain. However, when Nick couldn't stay faithful, Kevin connected
with Brent, who later died in a vehicular accident. He is currently
attached to Vinnie, who moved in after 9/11. (Book 1, chapter 31)

Cole (Cole David Van Cott Currie) -- 16 yo (October) -- eleventh grade
(junior) -- 5' 8 1/2" tall, blond hair and brown eyes. Cole and his
brother, Graham, were found abandoned and malnourished. They were taken
from their home and placed with Josh. Cole and Graham both suffer from
learning disabilities, although Cole has it the worst of the two. His
mother showed up again, seeking her boys back, but they stayed a Currie,
although their mother now has visitation rights. (Book 1, chapter 34)

Graham (Graham Thomas Van Cott Currie) -- 15 yo (March 10) -- tenth grade
(sophomore) -- 5' 4" tall, brown hair, brown eyes and still slender.
Cole's brother and was also malnourished when he came to live at the Currie
household. Both Graham and Cole suffer from learning disabilities,
although Graham's problem is less severe. His mother showed up again,
seeking her boys back, but they stayed a Currie, although their mother now
has visitation rights. (Book 1, chapter 34)

Pat (Patrick Alan Murray Currie) -- 17 yo (May 28) -- twelfth grade
(junior) -- 5' 9 1/2" tall, dirty blond hair, blue eyes and a solid build.
Pat never had a stable home life, being raised by several different
relatives and moved around frequently. This caused him to have problems in
school. He got into a minor scrape with the law, and Judge Shay asked Josh
to take him in. He also showed some bigoted attitudes at various points,
which he now seems to have under control. Pat was attached to Carlos for a
while, but now he's dating a girl. He is bi. A lab accident left him
blind, but he regained sight in his left eye after undergoing an operation.
(Book 2, chapter 4)

Trey (Alexander Michael Daniels III Currie) -- 16 yo (February 16) --
eleventh grade (junior) -- 5' 9" tall, brown hair, brown eyes. Trey is
slender, shy, a bit effeminate and an avid reader, with hopes of someday
becoming a writer. Trey was an orphan, as his parents and sister were
killed in an explosion at his house while he was away. Trey and Dion are
now boyfriends. Trey wrote a play as a project for two of his classes and
then made it into a video later. It was so well received that his teacher
submitted to two competitions, one for writing and the other for amateur
video production. (Book 2, chapter 8)

Frankie (Franklin Albert Hopkins) -- 18 yo (July 20) -- (college senior --
two-year college) -- 5' 11" tall, black hair, brown eyes, broad shoulders
and a solid build. Frankie came as a result of getting into trouble and at
the request of Judge Shay. Josh later had to send him away, after he tried
to rape Trey, but he just came back to apologize, so Trey suggested that
Josh see if he could arrange for Frankie to move back in. Frankie is
straight. (Book 2, chapter 17)

Sammy (Tsukimo Yamada Currie) -- 14 yo (June 1) -- ninth grade (freshman)--
5' 2" tall, black hair, black eyes, and small for his age. Sammy and his
brother, Andrew, were taken in after the Curries read where his Japanese
father had shot his American wife and then killed himself. The boys only
had their Japanese grandparents, who decided they were better off with the
Curries. (Book 2, chapter 25)

Andrew (Furuhata Yamada Currie) -- 11 yo (September 12) -- seventh grade-
4' 6" tall, black hair, black eyes, and also small for his age. Sammy's
brother, he came to the Curries after the murder/suicide of their parents.
Andrew was nearly molested on their trip to Texas, but Josh and the boys
arrived just in time to rescue him. (Book 2, chapter 25)

Dion (Dion Jamal Jackson Currie) -- 14 yo (November 27) -- tenth grade
(sophomore) -- 5' 10", black hair and brown eyes. Dion has toffee colored
skin, is a loner and non-athlete. Dion was born to teenage parents and
raised by his grandmother. His mother took off and his father, a fireman,
was killed in a fire. When his grandmother died, Sally became his guardian
but thought he'd do better with the Curries. Dion and Trey are boyfriends,
but Dion is bi and just chooses to be with Trey. (Book 2, chapter 28)

Carlos (Carlos Miguel Garcia) -- 16 yo (January 15) -- eleventh grade
(junior) -- 5' 8" tall, black hair and brown eyes. Carlos is stocky, but
not obese. Carlos and his mother (an illegal Mexican immigrant) moved from
California to Philadelphia with her boyfriend. The boyfriend physically
abused Carlos and Carlos ran away. Josh was able to keep Carlos and his
mother together, by helping to arrange for her to be in the country legally
and by helping her to find a job and place to live. (Book 2, chapter 36)

Nick (Nicholas Mark Lawrence) -- 16 yo (February 28) -- eleventh grade
(junior) -- 5' 10" blond hair, blue eyes and a swimmer's build. Nick
thought his father hated him because he was gay and ran away from home.
The Curries found him in Arizona, while on vacation. They managed to
reunite the family, but Nick also got to stay with the Curries and go to
school there. (Book 3, chapter 7)

Brent (Brent Alexander Currie) -- (birthday was March 17) -- Brent was
picked up hitchhiking, as the Curries returned from Baltimore. His parents
had thrown him out because he was gay and they couldn't change him. Later
he was killed in a vehicular accident, when he went on vacation with a
friend and his family. (Book 4, chapter 4)

Shannon McCarthy -- 16 yo (December 16) -- twelfth (senior) 5' 10 " blond
hair, brown eyes, cut. Shannon is gay and was being bullied by some Boy
Scouts, who had found out about his orientation, and the Currie boys came
to his defense. He and his father came to live with the Curries after Josh
suffered a heart attack, at Brent's funeral. (Book 4, chapter 20)

Jake McCarty -- 35 yo and Shannon's father (January 21). He had married
and tried to be straight, but it didn't work. He and his wife divorced
after she found out, and later she asked him to take Shannon, after she
learned he was gay too. He and Shannon moved into the Currie house after
Josh suffered a heart attack, but the Currie boys had been trying to fix
them up before that. (Book 4, chapter 20)

Alvin (Vinnie) Mitchell Rydell -- 16 yo (December 17) eleventh (junior) 5'
6" dyed blond hair, Brown eyes, uncut. Vinnie's parents were killed on one
of the flights originating out of Boston on 9/11. Vinnie was born with
hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy, and uses crutches to get around.

Other recurring characters:

Sally Swarthout -- works for Dept. of Social Services, and Josh's friend.
Sally helped convince Josh to become a foster parent and brought him many
of the boys. The boys call her Aunt Sally. (Book 1, chapter 1)

Patrick & Brenda O'Hara -- Brandon's parents. They have become Uncle Pat
and Aunt Brenda to Josh's boys. (Brenda in Book 1, chapter 12 and Patrick
in Book 1, chapter 35)

Howard & Audrey Curtis -- Jay's parents. Have become Uncle Howie and Aunt
Audrey to Josh's boys. (Book 1, chapter 35)

Steve & Mary Shay -- Steve was the judge who presided over the first group
adoption and arranged for Pat and Frankie to come to live with the Curries.
He and his wife have since become good friends of the family and the boys
call them Uncle Steve and Aunt Mary. (Steve in Book 1, chapter 40 and Mary
in Book 2 chapter 23)

Josh's older children, listed from oldest to youngest -- with spouse listed
in parenthesis, if there is one: Michael (Andrea), Marie (Adrian), Robert,
and Elizabeth (Timothy). (Book 1, chapter 38)

Jordan -- Josh's 8yo grandson (March 17, 1994) (Michael/Andrea) -- he's in
third grade and comes and spends a great deal of time with his grandfather
and uncles. (Book 1, chapter 38)

Nicky -- Josh's 7 yo grandson (April 10, 1995) (Marie/Adrian) (he and
Jordan are cousins) -- he is in second grade and also spends a great deal
of time with his grandfather and uncles. (Book 1, chapter 38)

Megan -- Josh's 20-month old granddaughter (September 27) (Michael/Andrea)
Jordan's sister and Nicky's cousin. (Book 5, chapter 8)

Mark Williams -- 21 yo (April 2) -- (college senior) 6' 1" tall, black
hair, gray eyes, and straight, with a trim and fit build. Has a girlfriend
named Amy. He's a finance-major at Northern Arizona University. Waited on
the Curries when they ate at a restaurant near the Grand Canyon, in
Arizona. He was illegitimate and lived with his mother in Oregon. (Book 3
-- chapter 3)

Mike and Julie Lawrence -- Nick's parents, from Oklahoma. They have become
very close to the Curries since Josh helped reunite them with Nick. (Book
3 -- chapter 31)

The Yamadas -- Sammy and Andrew's Japanese grandparents. (Book 2 --
chapter 32)

The Spences (John and Margaret) - Older couple the boys met on the plane on
their Arizona vacation. The Spences have started to become surrogate
grandparents to the boys since then. (Book 3 -- chapter 1)

The Beckers (Little Ricky's adoptive parents) -- an older farm couple who
were childless and decided to adopt Little Ricky (when he was 13) with the
Currie's assistance. (Book 4, chapter 17)

Little Ricky (Richard) -- 14 -- (June 17) a boy who had lived in a group
foster home until the Beckers adopted him. (Book 4, chapter 11)

The English Visitors: (Book 3, chapters 28 & 29)

Nigel Barstow- 48 yo -- 5' 6" - the father of the English family similar to
the Currie family.

Padraic -- 18 yo -- from Ireland -- parents killed in a bombing -- brother
of Sean

Sean -- 17 yo -- from Ireland -- parents killed in bombing -- brother

Ivan -- 16 yo -- from Croatia -- cousin of Andre -- war orphan

Andre -- 15 yo -- from Croatia -- cousin of Ivan -- war orphan

Joseph- 18 yo -- from Russia -- ran away when his parents turned on him
because he was gay - his family were Orthodox Jews and couldn't accept
their son being a homosexual.

Kjetil (pronounced Schet Til) 17 yo -- a Norwegian boy living in London --
parents died from a food borne illness, possibly mad-cow disease.

Baz 16 yo -- A Palestinian boy whose parents were killed in a riot.

Will (short for William) 14 yo -- son of a distant cousin of Nigel's, from
Leeds. He lived with his mother, who died of a viral infection.

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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Castaway Hotel Grand Reopening - Castaway Hotel Grand Reopening VI Background