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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Daisy Chain Club - Daisy Chain Club 2

Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 00:29:18 +0100
From: John Venn <>
Subject: The Daisy Chain - Part 2

The Daisy Chain Club - Part II



David and I both go to the same private boarding school in England and over
the past couple of months our friendship had developed into a very special
sort of relationship. It had all started with meetings of 'The Daisy Chain
Club' described in part I of this story.

For various reasons, the meetings of the club had to be strictly rationed,
despite the fact that they were popular among the half dozen boys who shared
the same dormitory. As a result of being deprived of these nocturnal
adventures, David and I had made our own arrangements and were quite content
to let things stay as they were within the school - at least for the time

One thing which hadn't changed was the habit I had got into quite early on
in my school life. I have always been an early riser and am almost always
first up in the mornings. Reflecting on this now, perhaps this is also how
I found out that I was gay. I had found that I got a thrill of excitement
when watching the other boys either getting changed for sports, or even
better, having a shower. I can even remember getting my first conscious
erection when watching the kids at junior school - not knowing or
understanding why in those early days.

Anyway, this morning I got up as usual and went into the shower room. I
quickly cleaned my teeth and went into the showers. Pulling the curtain
across, I turned the water on to a slow, comfortable spray and waited. It
wasn't too long before my first 'victim' came in, and walked into the shower
next to mine. This was what I had been waiting for. Carefully standing up,
I put my eye to the small hole I had made in the separating wall and looked
through it.

There was Donald. He was the biggest, if not the oldest boy in our group
and also the most developed - he even had a small bush of black hair at the
base of his prick - something when no one else could boast of. As I was
watching him, my eyes were naturally drawn towards his morning erection,
which was magnificent. This was just what I wanted to see - most boys came
straight into the showers when they got up simply to avoid showing off their
boners to the others first thing in the morning. Very occasionally I was
also rewarded by the sight of watching someone, unable to handle it any
other way, toss themselves off in what they thought was the solitude and
privacy of the shower. What they would think if ever they found out that I
was watching I didn't even want to think about, the consequences would have
been horrendous!

Finding myself becoming fully aroused (as usual) watching Donald soap
himself, I had the feeling that he was enjoying it more than he strictly
ought to. He was lost in a little world of his own, erotically sliding his
wet, suds-covered hands all over his lithe, perfect body. Whenever his hands
wandered down towards his still erect cock, he seemed to avoid touching it,
just as if he was saving this pleasure for later - which indeed he was.
Lazily his hand gripped his rock-hard tool and I watched as he very slowly
began to masturbate. Glancing up at his face, I could see that his head was
held back, eyes closed. Whatever he was thinking about was working as I when
I returned my gaze to his groin, he was wanking a lot faster now and was
very near to climaxing. Putting his free hand on the wall in front of him to
steady himself, he was now pounding away with vicious energy, his hand
almost a blur with the speed.

When he did come, the ejaculate shot out with tremendous force, and made a
long, white line down the tiled wall. You could even see the three or four
separate globs of spunk about 4 inches apart, slowly sliding down. What he
did next amazed even me! Carefully collecting the dribbles of spunk from the
end of his prick with his index finger, he added to it some of the mess
from the wall. Expecting him the throw it onto the floor, my mouth fell
open as he very deliberately put it in his mouth, sucked it off and
swallowed it!

At first I thought this was sick - I even felt a bit ill just watching him.
Somehow seemed different and not so bad when I was swallowing David's sweet
come, and he mine; but the thought of actually swallowing your own somehow
was gross. Reflecting on this, and aware that Donald had now left the
shower, I finished tossing myself off, copying Donald's method and leaning
against the wall. Looking at the goo trickling down, I hesitantly
collected a bit and put it on the tip of my tongue. Not surprisingly it
didn't taste any different to David's, apart from being cold! Feeling
somehow disappointed and let down, I completed my shower, dried myself off
and got dressed for school. But first, I thought evilly, there is
something I must do.

David and I usually avoided each other at mealtimes, it wouldn't do we
reasoned, for anyone to see us together too much - they might add two and
two together and come up with the right answer! Today though, I looked for
him in the refectory and seeing him over the far side went across to join
him. Apart from the usual greetings we didn't speak at all until breakfast
was over and we had a minute or two spare. Putting my hand in my pocket I
carefully took out a black 35mm film canister and put it on the table in
front of me. Cupping it in my hands, I turned to David and whispered,
"Listen I've got something to tell you" and I related the story of what I
had seen Donald do.

His reaction at first was very much non-committal, I couldn't tell what he
was thinking as I finished talking, but his face soon changed when I opened
the little box and sowed him what was inside. My timing was perfect. He was
drinking his tea when he looked into it, saw what was in the bottom and
almost choked himself when it suddenly dawned on him what it was. Coughing
and spluttering, he put his cup down on the table and tried to re-gain his
breath. Many of the boys, and some of the staff, turned round and tried to
see what all the noise was about. Going red with embarrassment, David
apologised to everyone and sat in silence for a minute or two, not daring to
look at me.

"You bastard!" he said to me as we walked out of the refectory back towards
our dormitory. "That wasn't funny!" I could tell by the tone of his voice,
and the fact that he was talking to me at all that this wasn't true.

"I've got an idea," he continued a little later, "Tell you when we get

Digging into the bottom of his desk draw, he fished out a pen and a scrap of
paper and began to write. Looking over his shoulder I watched his as he
wrote 'Guess what and guess whose?" in big capital letters on it. Fixing it
onto the side of the box with Sellotape, he walked across to Donald's
bedside cabinet and carefully placed it right in the middle.

After a minute or two, Donald walked in and went across to his bed. Seeing
the box, he curiously picked it up and flipped the top off. Just like
David, it took him a second or two to realise what it was, and as
realisation hit him, he coloured up a bright red, glanced round the room to
see if anyone had noticed, replaced the cap and put it into his pocket.

David and I, pretending to be deep in conversation, avoided his gaze and
with great difficulty managed to stifle our laughter. Almost unable to
contain ourselves, we both got up and acted as if we were going to our first
class of the day.

It wasn't until after school had finished for the day when David and I met
again. I was just leaving the English block and heading towards the
refectory for tea when I bumped into him.

"Donald knows it was us!" he startled me by saying. "He went round the
class this morning, looked at all the exercise books and found that the
handwriting was mine. Dinner time he came across to me and told me that he
knew we did it."

I could feel myself going pale. Donald was a strong lad and could easily
beat the shit out of me if he wanted.

"Fuck it!" I said with feeling.

David let me stew with my thoughts for a couple of minutes before adding,
"He also told me that he knew you were next door watching him wank off."

Things began to drop into place then. It must have been me he was thinking
of when he was in there, and this thought put a whole new perspective to the

At first I was embarrassed at being found out, and was worried what Donald
and David would think of me. David, I was almost sure, was allright with it
as he would have said something before now, but Donald I wasn't at all sure

"What did he say?" I asked nervously.

"Not very much really. He didn't seem too angry or pissed off after I told
him that it was just me and you who knew anything about it. I said that we
were sorry and it was a stupid thing to do and it wouldn't happen again."

Changing the subject, David asked if I felt like skipping tea and going down
to the quarry "For a bit of peace and quiet".

Glad of the change of topic, and also pleased that David wasn't too upset
with me, I readily agreed and began to walk in the direction of our den.

Having got ourselves secreted in our hideaway, David asked if I felt like
having a bit of 'fun'. As always, I was more than willing to oblige and
rapidly divested myself of my trousers and pants. Taking hold of my prick,
he held it upright and examined it as if performing a medical examination.

"Looks as if it is dying from lack of exercise. Must do something about it,
sir!" he grinned. "May I take care of it?"

David didn't usually have this sort of humour, and I was thrown a bit by it,
but still agreed that the diagnosis was right, and it was in desperate need
of stimulation.

Saying nothing more, he placed his legs over my ankles, knelt down facing me
and began to give me the attention he had prescribed. I lay back, put my
arms under my head and began to enjoy myself.

The 'exercise' he gave me was very restful, and after a fairly hard day in
school, I was ready for it. Closing my eyes and concentrating on what he
was doing to me, I was almost asleep five minutes later when David got up to
change his position. He's getting cramp I thought, and didn't bother even to
open my eyes.

When he had re-arranged himself and got back to work was a second or two
before I realised that the hands around my balls weren't David's! Sitting
upright in shock, I was amazed to see that David had moved away, to be
replaced by Donald, who was grinning broadly at me.

"Now it's my turn," he said seriously," I'm going to get my own back on

Now I was worried. David and Donald had obviously got together and decided
to pay me back for what I had done in the shower this morning. And I was
very vulnerable at this particular moment in time and unable to do anything
about it. After all, when you have your balls and prick in the hands of a
tormentor, and your trousers and pants at your ankles, you do tend to be
very submissive and agreeable!

Straining round to find David, I could just see him standing behind my
shoulder, hands on his hips and trying his best to look serious, but knowing
him as well as I do, he didn't succeed in fooling me. Feeling a bit more
relaxed now that I knew this was to be a new, if slightly worrying, game.

Moving towards me, David suddenly pulled me back and knelt on my shoulders,
momentarily causing me great pain. Lowering himself, he deliberately pushed
his unseen erection into my face. Leaning forwards he unbuttoned my shirt
and took it off completely. Donald meanwhile had been attending to the
other end. Letting go of my cock, he had deftly removed my shoes, socks,
pants and trousers.

I was now completely bollock naked, with David sat on my face and Donald
holding my limp and frightened prick. For some reason, it had lost interest
in the attention Donald had been giving it a few moments ago, and was
desperately trying to keep as low a profile as possible.

It began to take more of an interest in life however, when Donald bent down
and began to lick it along its entire length, from root to tip, stopping at
the end to give it a slight kiss! Rising to attention again, I began to
think that I might even enjoy this novel situation. It got even better when
David, who by now had his own boner out, played his dick along my firmly
closed lips. I longed to open my mouth and take it all in, but was afraid of
what Donald would think if I did. David thankfully solved my dilemma for me.
Bending down close to my ear, he whispered," Pretend to struggle a bit, but
let me push it in." What I didn't know at the time was that this had all
been planned by the two of them, and Donald, not knowing we were used to
sucking each other thought David was 'punishing' me.

Eager now to take part in the game, I opened my mouth and let his
beautifully hard cock slide in. I began to play my tongue around it, just as
I knew he liked, and sucked hard. Meanwhile, Donald was now down on me
properly and sucking for all he was worth. Giving up any pretence of
struggling, I allowed myself to get as much pleasure as I could. It was the
first time as far as I knew that any of us had been in a three-some, and the
atmosphere was now electric with excitement. Getting into the mood of the
thing, both my companions stripped off as much of their clothing as they
could without stopping what they were doing, and only paused for a moment
when taking off the rest.

So there we were. Three of us, completely nude, kneeling down in the
clearing, sporting huge boners. For a fraction of a second, there was an air
of acute embarrassment, but it quickly evaporated as we lay down in a sort
of circle and started to play with each other. The feeling was very strange
and it took my mind a while to take it in. All I could see what a mass of
lightly-tanned flesh, with an awareness of one hand playing magically around
my balls, and me doing the same thing to someone else!

Any thoughts of revenge, either on my part or theirs had long since gone,
and for what seemed a lifetime, we took great pleasure in each other,
occasionally changing round so we had a different partner to work on.

Sooner or later it had to happen. Donald was the first to come, and managed
to spray his warm spunk all over my face and hair. Almost as if that were a
signal, both David and I came together, but this time somehow managing to
empty both our loads over Donald's chest.

Being something of an anti-climax, we lay there for a while, gathering our
thoughts. David and I were of course, used to this but we weren't sure how
Donald felt. Hopefully, at least on my part I thought, this would be the
first of many times we would get together for some fun. But Donald might not
feel the same way. This had all started out as 'punishment' for me, and
perhaps on Donald's part would be a 'one-off', never to be mentioned again.

Having got dressed in silence for the most part, we began the slow walk back
to school.

"You two have done this before, haven't you?" asked Donald.

"Yeah. Once or twice, but not as a regular thing though", I lied.

"Pity about that, It was good wasn't it. Do you think we can do it again
sometime?", said Donald looking at us both.

Not daring to look at each other, I left David to answer "Yeah. That's a
good idea, but we mustn't tell anyone else."

"What do you think I am? Stupid?" Donald replied, "They'd kill us if ever
they found out. That's a deal then." he finished.

The little of the walk remaining was spent in explaining the ground rules to
Donald, about avoiding being seen together in school too often, not sitting
together at meal-times and so on. If he had been a quick thinker, Donald
would have picked up from our conversation that David and I must have 'done
it' more than the 'once or twice' I had lied about earlier, but he didn't
seem to have noticed, or if he did, chose to skip over it. All I am sure of
now is that there were three of us to play around together, and the matter
of what games we could play some serious thought!

There was a meeting of the Daisy Chain Club that night, called by one of the
younger boys who, unlike Donald, David and me hadn't had any sort of relief
for a good few days. Although D., D., and I weren't too keen on taking part
as we now had our own little group to enjoy ourselves in, we had to
participate so that no one would suspect anything else was going on.

About midnight, when the school was quiet and everyone else was asleep (we
hoped!), a small voice was heard from the far end of the dormitory.

"Anyone fancy a Club meeting?"

"You bet!", came the reply from a couple of the others.

Silently, and with a bit of reluctance on my part, hands slid across between
the beds in search of his neighbours prick.

"Last one to come is the loser," Ian was heard to say.

"Bollocks!", I thought, "I am sure to be the last - I've already come twice
today, I can't have anything left to come with."

At first I wasn't at all interested in the Club meeting tonight, I was
happier just thinking about David and Donald; it wasn't very long of course,
that the effect of David's hand on my cock had the usual effect. Thank God
he was on my left - at least I had a hand I knew and liked playing about in
my groin.

For once David was trying his best to make me come as quickly as he could,
making up I suppose for the mess he had got me into the last time the Club
had met. And he knew just how to do it. Each time his hand came to the top
of a stroke, he had the knack of flipping his finger over the tip of my cock
and giving me an enormous thrill at the same time. Within a couple of
minutes three hands could be seen raised in the air, the signal to indicate
that their partner had come. All eyes then moved to the others who hadn't
yet managed to get any result - and there were just the two of us.
Suddenly, to my immense relief, my back arched, my groin thrust itself in
the air and I surprised even myself by managing to spunk quite a respectable
amount all over David's hand.

"Shit!" I heard Donald say.

Trying my best not to laugh, knowing the reason why he couldn't come, I lay
back and waited for the judgement to be pronounced.

"Come on, stand up here," Ian told Donald, "I'm going to blindfold you

With not a little apprehension, Donald did as he was told. Nervously he
stood in the middle of the floor and waited whilst Ian tied a handkerchief
over his eyes,

"Now," said Ian, "Bend over and grab your ankles, "and don't move until I
tell you."

As he did this, Ian went across to his locker and took out a plastic test
tube he had pinched from the Science lab. that day. It must have been about
couple of centimetres in diameter and about 20 cms long.

Watching with not a little interest, I saw Ian cover the outside of the tube
with some soap from the sinks. Returning to Donald, who was still bent over
with his arse stuck in the air, Ian asked his mate Alan to hold David's
buttocks apart. Slowly, and with some sort of perverted delight, Ian grinned
as he pushed the tube into Donald's bum hole!

Much to my surprise, and that of the others I noticed, I found that I was
getting another hard on. The sight was much more erotic and exciting than I
would ever have imagined - not that I ever had! Anyway, having got over the
initial shock of having something rammed up his arse, even Donald didn't
object - and he was also getting an erection as well! Slowly with this
disappeared down the hole, and once there, Ian began to wiggle it around,
pulling it in and out slightly, and moving it up and down. Donald, to give
him his due, eventually joined in the game. I could see that whenever Ian
stopped manipulating the tube, he actually pushed his bum backwards and
forwards down the test tube. I wasn't sure whether he was doing this to fool
us into thinking that he was enjoying the punishment, or whether he really
was enjoying it. The problem was solved quite soon however, for without any
warning, he suddenly came all over the floor, and in great, powerful,
spurts, making us all jump with the suddenness of it.

Ian, who obviously knew what he was doing, stood back and grinned broadly at
us all.

"Thought that would be good," he whispered, "I've always wondered what would
happen if you did that."

Having returned to our beds, I heard the lad in the next bed ask Ian how the
hell he had come up with that idea - which for a 13-year old wasn't at all

"Promise you won't tell anyone?" he whispered.

Agreeing to this, the rest of the dormitory were all ears, waiting to hear
what he said.

"I was laying in bed last night, and I stuck my finger up my bumhole to see
what it was like. The feeling was fantastic! I also found that if I wiggled
it about a bit, I could even get a phenomenal hard on, and I almost came
without touching my prick at all."

Conjured up in my mind was a glorious image of all the other boys in the
dormitory frantically sticking their index fingers up their bum to see if he
was right - and I also had a brilliant idea for a new game D., D., and I
could try the next time we had the chance.

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