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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Eating Hotdogs And Stuff

Date: Fri, 14 May 2010 14:56:15 -0700 (PDT)
From: Billy Berglund <>
Subject: Eating hotdogs and stuff

You know the rules so if you shouldnt be here be gone!
Get your cum rag out and read on!

Hi, I'm Bobby and I was 8 years old when this happened. I had blonde
hair and blue eyes. Pretty much your average kid I guess. I certainly
didn't think there was anything special about me. Anyway this weekend my
parents were throwing a barbeque for the neighborhood. We had just moved
into the neighborhood about 3 weeks ago. It was kinda boring for me
because there weren't any kids my age to play with. But I liked to eat and
I didn't have much of a choice about attending.

I just kinda wandered around the backyard eating a lot of hot dogs and
drinking Kool-aid. There was a lot of people there and I walked up to a
group of high school boys that were hanging out by themselves. One of them
was Scott. I think he was a sophomore or junior. He played on the
baseball team. He lived a couple houses down from us. I thought he was
cool but I was sure they wouldn't want a little kid hanging around and
bothering them.

"Hi Scott. How are you?" I asked.

"Hey Booby" he said. He always called me that. I hated it but he was
older and bigger than me so what could I do. The other boys laughed.

"It's kinda boring huh? Not much to do."

"Well what would you do that would make it more fun Booby?"

"I dunno. Maybe play hide n seek or something." "The hotdogs are good
though. I've had 3 of them so far."

"Oh, you like hotdogs eh?"

"Yea with lots of mustard and ketchup on them."

"Yea I'll bet you do" This brought snickers from the other boys.

"I bet you'd like to have my hotdog!" Scott said. They all laughed. I
didn't understand why he said that since he didn't have a hotdog at the
time but I laughed with them anyways.

"Scotts got a footlong one you'd probaby like" chimed in Jimmy, one of
Scotts friends. This brought another round of snickers and laughs.

"No he doesn't" I giggled. "He doesn't have one at all and my dad only
made regular ones."

"You're too funny Booby."

"Nah ah you guys are funny."

"Well you better go check the table again." Scott said and tousled my
hair. He gave me a little shove and a pat on my rump. I knew there wasn't
any but they didn't want me hanging around any more. I'm sure they had big
boy stuff to talk about. I left them and went over to my swingset and
started swinging.

I was swinging there just having fun for about an hour when Jimmy came
over. He was kind of a tough looking kid and he scared me. But he was
smiling as he stepped in front of me. He put his arms out and stopped the

"Hey ya Booby. Scott thought you might be kinda hungry again and he's
got a hotdog he made special just for you. You wanna go and get it?"

I looked around and didn't see Scott anywhere. I thought it was some
kind of trick so I said no thanks. Jimmy was still smiling at me and held
out his hand.

"Come on Booby. You did say you really liked hotdogs and he went to a
lot of trouble for you." "You got room for one more don't ya?"

"Yeah I guess I do." I got up and took Jimmys hand. I wasn't really
sure about this but I didn't want to turn Scott down. Maybe they'd let me
play ball with them. I was sure this was going to be a yucky hotdog.
Probly covered in dirt or something. We went through the side yard and
walked down to Scotts house. We went straight in and Jimmy took me
upstairs to what I figured was Scotts room.

I was surprised when I walked in the room and Scott was sitting in a
chair with his legs spread and a plate on his lap with a hotdog on it.
Maybe it wasn't a trick. It sure looked real. And good.

"Oh good Booby I'm glad you came over." "I hope you're still hungry"

"Oh yeah, I am." I licked my lips and my mouth watered at the thought
of another hotdog.

"Good. This is all hot and Juicy for you." "But it's a different kind
of hot dog. You don't eat it." "It's more like a popsicle. You lick it."
" But it's hot and it won't melt"

"Oh wowies that is diferent."

"Do you think you'd like to try it?"

"Yeah. It sure looks good."

"Okay Booby, now come stand in front of me." "Good boy."

Scott then told me to take my tee shirt off so I wouldn't get any of the
mustard or ketchup on it. He then told me to bend over and start licking
it. He explained that I'd have to eat it right off the plate. I felt
kinda funny doing that but this was a kind of hotdog I'd never had so I did
what he told me.

He guided my head toward it and told me to start licking it. He pulled
the bun out of the way and I was faced with a big hotdog all covered in
ketchup and mustard. I stuck my tongue out and started licking at it.
MMMM it was so good.

"Now open up Booby and put it in your mouth and suck on it like a

I did and he was right. It was hot. And so yummy. This was the
thickest hot dog or popsicle I'd ever seen. I was licking and sucking at
it and Scott said I was doing good and asked if I liked it. I said yeah
and went back to licking at it. It almost seemed liked it was moving.
That was weird. I looked up at Scott and took my mouth of it and asked him
whu it was doing that. He told me it had a special sauce in it and that
was just it bubbling it inside it. He told me if I sucked on it hard
enough that it would come bursting out. Then he guided my head back down
onto it.

Boy that sounded interesting so I slurped at the end of it and sucked on
it harder. Meanwhile Jimmy had moved up behind me and was rubbing my
bottom. It was weird. I didn't know why he would do that. I tried to
raise up to ask why but Scott kept firm pressure on my head so I couldn't.
It gelt good so I decided I shouldn't complain. It was a little like a
butt massage. Noone had ever done that before and it did feel really good.
Jimmy was almost pushing me forward onto Scotts hotdog.

"Oh yeah, Booby keep sucking. Try to get all my hotdog into your mouth."

I had about half the hotdog in my mouth but it was starting to choke me
and I spluttered a little bit. Scott kept his hands on the back of my head
and was praising me. Telling me that I must really love hotdogs. That
he'd never seen a boy go at a hotdog like that. I felt my shorts being
tugged down and Jommy was now rubbing my butt through my underoos. Scott
was pushing my head down further and faster on his hotdog.

"Oh Booby yeah keep sucking it. I'm getting close. It's about to
explode and give you that special sauce inside."

All of a sudden I felt Jimmy yank my underpants down. I jerked and
struggled to get up but they held me still. Scott told me not to worry
that Jimmy was only going to rub his hotdog on my butt. That was weird. I
then felt something poking at my little bottom and sliding up and down my
crack as Jimmy held my buttcheeks open. I sure hope he didn't think I was
going to eat that after it had been there.

Jimmy was sliding his hotdog up and down my crack and banging into me
hard. Scott grabbed the plate and tossed it on the floor and started
thrusting his hotdog up into my mouth. They were both telling me what a
great hotdog sucker I was and what a great butt I had for rubbing hotdogs
in. I thought they had both gone nuts. I was starting to get scared but
before I could think much more Scott yelled out to get ready for his
special sauce and then I felt some warm stuff folooding my mouth. It was
really bursting fast and filling my mouth up. Then Jimmy yelled out that
he was coming too. What? He must be a little off in his head I thought.
He was already here. Then I felt a volley of hot splashes on my butt and

Jimmy and Scott were both breathing heavily and saying 'Oh my God' over
and over again. Jimmy was rubbing the sauce from his hotdog into me and
Scott was holding my face in his hands.

"Oh my God Booby! That was so great." "You are the best little hotdog
sucker ever."

Scott pulled me up and then he stood he up. His hotdog was hanging down
out of his jeans. I turned around and so was Jimmys. Wait a
minute...those aren't hotdogs.

"Oh you guys! You tricked me. Those weren't hotdogs. That's your

"Oh Booby you're such a bright boy."

I started to pull up my underoos and shorts but Scott stopped me. He
made me turn around so he could see Jimmys cum on my bottom.

"Sweet Jimmy! You really creamed him good."

Then he turned me around and gave me a hug. He then let me pull my
clothes back on. Scott told me I could suck on their hotdogs anytime.
They both said they'd like that. Then they made me kiss their weiners
goodnight before they tucked them back into their jeans.

Keep writing and sending your suggestions. Now, lets all go clean up!

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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Eating Hotdogs And Stuff