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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Initiation Series - Initiation 1

Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 18:45:50 +1000 (EST)
From: Clifton Rise <>
Subject: Initiation Part One

This is my first attempt at writing this "type" of work. I would love all
feedback, so please email me and tell me what you thought.




Corey walked into the room nervously. It was very dark, lit only by four
torches casting eerie shadows all over the walls. Corey was being
initiated into a very elite boy's group, that he had worked for weeks to
get accepted into.

As he walked further into the room, he looked around the other boys dressed
up in ceremonial robes and headgear. He spotted Jordan, his best friend
who had introduced him to the secret boy's group. Jordan gave a small
smile and wink which calmed Corey's nerves a little.

At the front of the room, Corey approached a taller boy about 14 years old,
who was obviously the leader. His robes stood out from the others and his
headgear was more like a crown. "Step forward young initiate", ordered the
older boy. Corey did, desperately trying to remember the positions of
respect he was made to learn, knowing that he would need to adopt them
immediately on command.

"You wish to join our society?" boomed the older boy. "Y..yes sir."
stammered Corey, hoping he'd said the right thing.

A small smile appeared across the face of the older boy, who was a dom at
heart, and enjoyed the feeling of power he had over the younger boy.

"You will not move, speak or make any sounds unless instructed to. If you
do, you will fail this initiation and be sent away, never to return. Do
you understand?" "Yes sir." said Corey. "Take your shirt off and throw it
to the side", started the older boy. Corey did as he was told, hoping that
he wouldnt be made to remove any more clothes. "Number 1", ordered the big
boy. Corey immediately put his feet together, straightened his torso and
put his hands on his head with his elbows back.

Corey could stand still in this position for almost an hour. When Jordan
was teaching him the positions of respect, readying him for the initiation,
Corey practised staying in Number 1 position. He was able to stay
completely still for 43 minutes before he broke off because he was
desperate to pee. In his mind, he was confident he could stay longer if he
had to.

Corey's tanned body glowed in the torchlight as the light danced around on
his smooth chest like a screen. His 12 year old body could only be
described as perfect. Not chubby, or too skinny, he could suck his stomach
in to make his ribs stick out, he did this often to entertain his friends.
His smooth, hairless armpits were little black holes with no light reaching
them. From behind his raised arms made his shoulder blades stick out a
litte broadening his shoulders. Jordan was looking at him from behind,
secretly pleased that he had chosen to join their group, knowing that as a
member he would get to play with Corey a lot more than as normal freinds.

"I will now inspect you. Stand completely still." Corey knew that his eyes
needed to look directly ahead, and werent even allowed to follow the head
boy as he moved closer to get a good look at Corey's body. The older boy
put his face right up to Corey's and licked his face like a dog from bottom
to top. Corey wasnt expecting this and almost gasped from surprise, just
catching himself in time. The head boy put his hands on Coreys torso,
feeling him up and down, brushing past his nipples, and poking into his
belly button.

The head boy was very pleased with his new catch. He often took special
interest in the new boys, and made sure they were "properly educated" to
his liking (basically following his orders without question or
hesitation). He stepped back.

"Good, now take off all your clothes. You have 30 seconds."

Corey was dumbstruck. He didnt want to be naked in front of all these
boys, some of whom he didnt even know. As he dropped his arms off his head
he was ready to get his shirt and leave. "You now have 20 seconds. If you
are not naked in time you will be punished", said the older boy. Corey
turned to leave, but just as he did, he caught Jordan's eye. He had a
pleading look on his face. He wanted to spend more time with his friend,
and he knew that if he was accepted into this club he'd get to. He also
knew that the club was secret, and nothing was ever divulged to outsiders.
In that split second he changed his mind. "Ten seconds." Corey kicked his
shoes off, pulled his socks off and unbuttoned his jeans and took them off.
He was standing in his blue silky boxers when he hesitated. He turned to
look at Jordan who was smiling and motioning to go ahead. Corey took a
breath and pulled his boxers down and kicked them off. He stood up
shivering, not from the cold, but embarrassed and ashamed. He lifted his
head and looked at the head boy with his hands in front covering his dick.

"You took 34 seconds. You will be punished." Corey was just about to argue
when the head boy said "Number 2 position, now!" Corey decided against
arguing, and said to himself, "Damn it, if I've gone this far, I'll go all
the way."

He kneeled down on the floor with his knees apart at the front and feet
together at the back. His arms went back up, this time fingers interlaced
behind his head, with elbows back, strectching his chest, and opening up
his groin for all to see. His uncut 2 1/2 inch dick was hanging limply and
his balls were starting to drop. He had no pubic hair at all, which was a
bit of a teasing issue in the showers as most of his friends had started to
grow it, but he hadn't. It usually ended quickly though, because Corey was
well liked and his friends didnt want to hurt his feelings.

As he knelt in the number 2 position, Corey was aware that the head boy was
watching him as he walked around, no doubt looking for signs of movement,
which would no doubt lead to more punishment.

The head boy walked back around to the front and said "You are a very cute
boy, Corey." Corey smiled, enjoying the compliment. "Lets see what you can
handle. Get the box of tricks."

Corey was a bit worried about what was meant by "what you can handle." He
was sure the boys wouldnt deliberately hurt him. Would they? What
punishment was he to receive?

To be continued.

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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Initiation Series - Initiation 1