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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - It Hurt - It Hurt 25

Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2003 00:23:14 +1100
From: michael hines <>
Subject: It Hurt 25

This story has not caused any problems for anyone, as it is a part of my
imagination. Nothing written here occurred. If you have a problem with
teenage /man sex please leave. If this sort of thing is illegal in your
country then don't even bother to read this. You have been warned and I
take no responsibility for your problems. Leave now if you are under 18
years of age. I have known way of knowing whether you are younger. If you
are be careful because this work is not for you. Please email me if you
have some suggestions as to what should happen or tell me about this
story. The characters in this story are not practising safe sex and you
should not imitate their behaviour. Be safe and take care.

                            IT HURT 25

I looked at the Policeman, feeling weak at the knees. This guy had screwed
my small arse- hole so hard in the dirty toilet. He did me many times and
he fucken hurt my body when he grabbed me and stuffed my shit-hole. He was
always so strong and wouldn't let me say no.

We looked at each other and he tried to ignore my eyes.

"We're here for Nick's Dad." I told him.

"Yea, well he's locked up." The Policeman said. "I want to see you sonny,
in the interview room. I think you have a lot to tell me."

I followed the Cop to the small room. He locked the door and faced me.

"You fucking hot boy, walking in here dressed like that. Don't you know
what you do to men like me? " He rasped. "Get your backside over this you
little horny kid."

He pulled his erect, uncut cock out of his uniform trousers and aimed it at
me. I knew it so well. It bloody hurt when he fucked. Sometimes he made me
feel good when he got deep into me. Usually he pulled out and slammed it
back into me. I remembered loving him spunk up me because he would get out
of my arse, leaving me full of cum. I loved the hot juice in my bowels.

"Bend over the desk and lift your butt in the air. Get ready to be fucked
you dick-lover."

I had no choice. This fat guy wasn't going to let me forget how much I was
a slave to cock. His hard fingers pressed against me as he pulled my pants
down and fiddled in my arse-hole.

I tried to protest. That didn't work. His dirty smelly prick found my hole
and fucked into me. I swore and abused him as he screwed. I was young and
tight. He gave me no mercy. His cock fucked harder, each time I
screamed. He hurt me as his cock pounded my arse. I yelled and told him to

The huge cock hit my gland and smashed me. I couldn't take his rooting. He
hurt so much, even though he had stiffened my cock with his thrusts at my

"Stop hurting me." I yelled at him, my face was full of tears.

"Get my cock up you and feel man-cum spraying your hole. You love a good
hard root boy, I have fucked you many times, each time you shout for more."

"Don't want you to any more." I shouted. "You hurt too much. I can't take
you. Stop fucking me."

"Get your butt-hole open further, going deeper up your sweet arse-hole. You
are one fucking tight screw."

My arse responded to his abuse. It had before and this time he really
opened me. I was holding onto the desk as he held his cock up me and
fucked. He didn't draw back just ploughed into my bowel. I've never had my
arse done like that. He kept my shit-hole over the base of his cock. I
could feel his balls bounce as he rammed inside me, never once pulling
out. I couldn't believe that he could be so powerful. His arms grabbed my
groin and lifted me well above the desk. I tried to hang on to the
sides. He laughed and plunged his cock-juice into me. My body ignored my
hurt and I let fly boy-cum, all over the blotter. He let his cum fill my
bowels and held his cock up me. I was impaled on it, in the air, held by
his strong arms.

"You are one fucken hot kid." He panted as he kept his dick up my arse.

"You've spunked my hole let me down." I pleaded with him.

"Yea, you blew too. I can see your boy-juice all over the desk."

His muscle slackened and relaxed in my chute. I felt him slide slowly out
of me. My slender body fell over the desk sliding over my cum.

"Who's the kid outside?" The Cop asked me.

"Nick." I responded. "You've got his father locked up here.'

"He fuck too?"


"His father is okay. He can go home. He's not the guy we want. It's the
other one. That shit has caused more problems he likes boy's arse holes and
pricks. He likes them younger than you do, though. He really loves boys who
can't cum."

I thought about this for a moment and looked at the Policeman.

'You serious?" I said. "He screwed me for some time when I was with him and
his House-mate. He's got a huge uncut cock. No boy could take that at 9
years of age."

"Yea, good thing you weren't about 9 years old and tighter than you are
now. That sod likes to make kids kiss his prick then take it up the
arse. He's a disturbed guy.'

"You like fucking boys." I challenged him.

"Yes I do. But you are older than 9 and have had lots of experience. You
can cum and know how to handle a man's cock. I reckon you love it."

I thought about this and realised that I did much more than I would admit.

"Can we take Nick's Dad home then?" I asked my fucker.

"Yes, and take that drunk with you."

"He doesn't need to go to Court because he had a fight with Terry?"

"No, he's not the guy we want. Anyway you've more than paid his bail. You
are one hot boy. I know it hurt but you let me fuck you the way I
like. You've got my cum soaping your bowels. When you get rid of it,
remember how you shot as I fucked my juice into you."

I looked at the Policeman and studied his face. He grinned at me and
fingered my blonde fringe.

"You're a good boy Daniel. You have made me very happy, I know it hurt, but
you did it. Let's see the others and you can all go home." He said.

I dressed and tried to walk. My body was not that good. The Policeman held
me up and propelled me through the door.

I managed to get back to the front office with his help. He was very tender
with my very hurt body. I was farting cum as I tried to deal with the
pain. Nick saw us coming and rushed to support me.

"He fuck you Daniel?"

"Yea he did. It really hurt man." I replied.

"Shit, what happens now?"

'Your Dad is going to be released, we can go home." I responded.

"Sit here Daniel. I will check this out with the Cop."

Nick's dad appeared around the corner. He winced as he studied the scene. I
was trying to get my butt seated. Nick's Uncle was snoring in his chair and
Nick was ready to hug him. The Cop followed, smiling, like the cat that
swallowed the canary.

"You guys bailed me?" He asked.

"No you're free, no charges will be laid. Get out of here." The Policeman

We acted on his advice and moved quickly. The Policeman looked at me and
patted my battered bum. You and I will do this again. I want to stuff you
full of cum and make you shoot. You loved it!"

"I did." I responded and played with his fly.

"Ah, see you soon you sexy boy."

"Yea, thanks for everything." I replied.

"Go home the lot of you. Now, before I change my mind."

We hurried to Uncle's car, Nick helping me to move.

Nick and I sat in the back. Nick studied my face.

"Did he hurt you Daniel?"

"Yes. He fucking hurt"

Nick felt my bum and put his fingers through my pants and over my
well-fucked boy-hole then inside.

"You are full of cum." He said. "His?'

"Yea I reckon."

"You've got my dad out of trouble. We are a family. Not sure that I could
go with that guy. He's very big and I bet his cock's a whopper."

"You better Nick. That Policeman wants your boy-cunt. He told me so."

"But he hurt you." Nick replied.

"Yea but if you can take man-cock right up you and I know you can, it
hurts, sure, but when the head hits your gland!!!! Man it's so good. You
bloody know that anyway. He hurt like hell but then made me blow a load all
over the desk I was over."

"He bent you over a desk?"

"Yea and lifted me up as he shot. I felt every throb of his uncut cock as
he spunked my bowel. Shit he was deep Nick. That's why I came without
touching my prick. He did me without pulling back too far, just hard small
thrusts. My arse was over the base of his dick all the time."

"Wow, Daniel. I always get it slammed in and out. It takes a while to get
it up but then the fucking is great. Which way is best man?"

"Love both ways, but really get into it if the guy is making me cream as he
spunks up."

"Shit you are making me hot thinking about doing it with him. You reckon I
can handle his dick as you did?"

"Let's both find him and we'll have a threesome. You can watch him do me
first then I will do you, you can use my cum as grease for his cock. I'm
sure he could fuck two boys in an afternoon. What do you reckon?"

"Sounds good Daniel, I can feel his cum up you now. You are so full man."

"It's not all his, remember what your Uncle did to me. I've had two loads
in the last two hours. I'm bloody full of cum and your fingers are playing
in it. It feels great Nick. I'm losing some so catch it with a towel or

I farted over Nick's welcome fingers. He laughed as I spewed the contents
of my arse-hole down his arm.

Alex, Nick's Dad, interrupted our conversation.

"You boys have been so good with this problem. My brother has explained
what happened and how you both rescued me."

"You better thank Daniel more than me Dad. He knew the Policeman from the
past and got taken into an interview room and had his arse rooted. The Cops
really wanted Terry after what happened in the park the other weekend. He's
been on their 'wanted for young boy sex' list for some time, evidently."
Nick told him.

"Oh, I see. Yea he's not a nice guy and I hated what we heard happening to
you Daniel. I owe you a big one." Alex responded. "You feel okay now boy? I
notice Nick is feeling your arse-hole. That help?"

"Yes. Nick's fingers are often in my hole after I have taken big
man-cock. He is very soothing. I've spilled some of my juice and cum over
Nick's arms and onto the seat. Sorry." I replied.

"I'm glad my son can help your discomfort Daniel. Don't worry about the car
seat. It can easily be cleaned. I can smell the juices now. It's a big
turn-on little guy."

"Dad, me and Daniel are going to get our butts over the Cop's cock soon. He
wants me Daniel said. You okay with that?" Nick asked his Dad.

"Yea if you think you can take his dick." He replied. " I've seen his cock,
it's bloody fat and long. He's got a skin as well Nick. I don't think he
cleans it often. I've seen him screwing in the park when I've cruised. I
came across him one afternoon because I heard a kid yelling. I followed
the voice and peered through a bush.

The Cop had his cock in his hand peeling back his skin. His cock-head was
dotted with white spots, I reckon I could smell the old cum from where I
was watching. The kid was lying on the ground gawking at the messy
penis. The guy finished his peeling and put his slimy head against the
boy's lips. I watched the boy surrender and start sucking the enormous,
filthy cock. I reckoned it must have been gross, this fat bloke's dirty
cock sliding between his angelic lips, into his mouth. He was a very
handsome kid. Maybe 15? I was transfixed. My cock was so hard I had to
take it out and stroke.

The guy pulled out of the kid' mouth and lifted the boy's legs over his
shoulders. I could see the blinking rosebud of the kid as he took the entry
of cock through his arse-lips. The man had no mercy for the youth. He
pushed hard and stuffed him with one huge slam up his chute. The kid was
howling by now. He tried everything to get the man's cock out of his
shit-hole. Every time he moved the cock went deeper. I was really wanking
hard, even though the kid getting hurt, it was one hot scene.

I should have stopped it I suppose but within minutes the kid started to
pant and plead with the guy for more cock, harder and deeper. I watched
this boy get the rooting of his life and he loved it. His hands grabbed the
man's big arse and try to haul him deeper up his hole. The guy really
fucked hard. I could see his butt rise and fall very quickly as he stuffed
the boy. The kid made so many animal sounds; he was out of it as he got
such a hard screwing.

The guy must have cum as the boy screamed 'Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees' so
loudly and tried to pull his cock even harder up his hole.

The man fell over the boy and collapsed. I heard the kid tell him that he
had to keep his cock in his hole and not take it out as it felt so bloody

I reckon the man had no idea of anything by that time. He was way out of
reality. The boy's slick passage had drawn his load. Judging by the
collapse, I reckoned the boy's arse would be swimming in cum.

I watched the guy move a little then pull out. The kid mumbled and
complained as the huge foreskin left his cosy hole and vanished into the
Cop's undies.

The Cop dressed and left the scene. The boy remained his body spread over
the grass, legs apart and arms outstretched. His face smiling and eyes
partly closed.

I was so worked up. I had never seen such an event and I realised that the
kid hadn't cum. Shit what a bastard to leave this beauty without making
sure he was completely satisfied. My cock was leaking and so hard. I moved
the bushes apart and called out 'seconds.'

The kid looked up without moving his naked body. He lifted his legs letting
me see his cummy arse and solid teenage penis.

"Yea, if you want." He mumbled.

"I do." I said.

It took me little time to get my mouth around his cock and suckle it down
my throat. The kid went mad and tried to lift his butt to ram me. He was so
bloody full of cum and so sore, he couldn't move.

"I want to cum. Please Mister, take my cum I want to blow. I can't move. I
got fucked so hard. I can't push into your mouth. Suck my boy-cum. Let me
shoot." He pleaded with me.

I felt his arse-hole and patted his arse-lips.

"You've had a mighty cock up there lad. You are very open and I can see,
very bruised."

"Yea, The man was hard and so fast. But he didn't make me cum. I want to
shoot so much. I can't move though. I've got to shoot. My balls are so full
and I want to spunk up "

"I'm so full of man-juice and want to spunk your hole. Then you can cum as
I stuff it up you. You want my cock up you?" I asked the boy.

"Yea man, specially if you can make me cum as you shoot. I've got to blow;
shit I'm so full of juice. You want to ride the mess that's in me though?
I've been here for most of the day and have been stuffed by a few men. That
guy was the biggest though."

"Yea will fuck your spunk out of you." I responded.

I fucked the kid and shot my load up his cummy butt. He was so far
gone. His cock fired so much juice. He creamed my stomach as he panted and
screamed against me. The Cop was still near us in the bushes. He returned
quickly and thrust his vile cock into the boy's mouth. I was in the kid's
arse; cum all over me as the cop unloaded more juice down the boy's
throat. He laughed and walked away. I pulled out. The kid was empty. He lay
across the leaves shitting and panting as his body expelled the
man-juice. His mouth layered the ground with the Cop's cum.

I took pity on the boy and hauled him up, dragging him to my car taking him
home. We had a long shower and I cleaned his body, especially his butt. We
slept together. The Kid held me so close. I realised that he needed to be
loved, so much.

The Cop knew where we were and appeared the next morning. He wanted the boy
again. I didn't let him in the house. He got annoyed and walked away. Terry
appeared and immediately sniffed boy. He wanted to know if I had a kid in
the house. If so could he fuck him? I refused. Terry really got the shits
and wanted to know where the kid was. I managed to get Terry out of the
house and returned to boy-beauty. He was asleep and his shallow breathing
indicated that he was way out of the World for the moment.

I moved next to him and took up where I was before, holding his beautiful
body, feeling him slumber against me. Much later he woke and rubbed his
hands over my cock. I looked up and saw him leaning over me.

"Thanks for everything." He spluttered, as he saw me open my eyes.

"I want to feel your cock in me before I go. Please give it to me. I've got
you hard and want to have your cock spunk again up my butt. You were so
good last time. I want to take you. Feel your big cock rooting my small
arse. Please fuck me. It's been so good sleeping with you; I want you to
finish me off. Look at my tiny hole." He continued.

I couldn't believe this kid. He spun his butt over my face and pulled his
buns apart making sure I could see his bruised, well-spunked bud. I
couldn't help myself. I coupled my hands around his groin and pulled his
fuck-hole over my lips. He knew what I was doing and let his hole merge
with my mouth and cried as I licked into him. I rimmed his tight boy-slit
and was rewarded with a mouthful of his juice. He screamed and sat hard on
me. I licked and sucked making him so hot. He cried out wanting my cock. I
was desperate to cum. My hard-on was throbbing, as I tasted more of the
boy. His body wriggled over my mouth, his slit opened for more of my
tongue. He fucked against me yelling for more. His mouth screamed every
expletive that he could muster as I slobbered his boy-cunt. Streams of
cummy arse-juice left his hole, gathered by my hot organ sucking up his

"Do me please. Stop teasing me. I want you to fuck me. Give me your hot
man-prick. It's so fucken nice in me. You know how to fuck a boy and make
me cum with you. I want you in me. Stop playing with me and really fuck me
with your big tool. I want it now." The boy screamed.

By now Nick and I were totally focused on Nick's Dad's description of this
kid and the fucks. Nick had his fingers playing inside me. I had his cock
in my mouth. We had listened to his description of the boy. It was so
hot. I lifted my head from Nick to hear more of the boy. Nick stopped
moving his fingers.

"More Dad, tell us more." Nick pleaded.

"I got the boy to lie under me and simply rooted his bum. He was so bloody
hot, he screamed and yelled as I screwed him. I creamed his gland and this
made him lose it. He blew all over me and grabbed my body deeper into
his. I held him and kept my big cock up his arse. He was so grateful. He
made so much noise as he handled my cock inside his small bum. I was
worried that I had split him open. His arms grabbed my body and his mouth
found mine. He let me work my tongue through his lips and used his to lick
me. I was so bloody turned on. I felt my cock twitch inside his hot rear
and I shot another load deep into his bowels. This drove the kid to one
hell of a blast. He sucked my tongue hard and shot his milky spunk between

Nick was so hot with this that he blew his boy-cum everywhere. As he did he
worked my arse harder and further, My cock had a mind of its own and shot
juice over both of us.

Nick's Uncle, the driver roared at Alex. "I want to root that kid too you
bastard you've emptied a load into a young arse, many times. I did Daniel
today, want that kid."

"It's easy man, he lives round the corner from us and I screw him most
weekends, sometimes during School days. He fucken loves getting an arse
full and always comes back for more. I often spend hours up his arse on Sat
afternoons. It always hurts him but when I get his gland he goes
berserk. You can come over any Sat and take your turn. He would love two
guys shoving cock into him. He is noisy though. He screams and pleads for
it. I hurt him every time he loves it."

Nick looked at me and played his fingers in our cum. "He's getting the kid,
want a man. Let's go to Cop's place on Sat. Leave these two to fuck the
kid. I want a man's dick opening me. Not a small dink that is not able to
make me feel a good root." He muttered.

"Yea, I agree. The kid's lucky to have these guys screw him. I wouldn't
mind doing it with your Uncle again though. He's a bloody good fuck and it
hurts as he does it. But man when he shoots his cum it's rich and
hot. Loved his cock up my arse today." I responded.

"You liked the Cop better though. He really did you hard Daniel." Nick

"Yea, I did. Didn't want to strip for him, he's got a big beer stomach, but
his cock, oh man it was so big and so hard to take. Once he was up me, I
loved him rooting so will you."

"Hey guys you want the Cop, I've got some other men who would love to get
into your tight boy-holes. Tell you about them when we get home. Drive
faster man I want the boys to get ready for some good rooting."

To be continued.

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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - It Hurt - It Hurt 25