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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Little Boy Naked Games - Little Boy Naked Games 1

Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2005 07:49:26 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Little Boy Naked Games Part 1

This story is a work of pure fiction. I completely made this up in my
head so no one is real. If you are offended by little boys playing games
witthout any clothes on, than I suggest you do not read ahead. Any
comments may be sent to

               Little Boy Naked Games Part 1

                      Evan and Andy's Playdate

7yr old Evan Rogers and 7yr old Andy Price sit next to eachother
in Mrs. Blare's 2nd grade class.

Today during recess Evan invited Andy over to his house to play
after school tommorow. His parents were away on a business trip, but his
babysitter Bella said it was OK.

Andy went home and asked his mom if he could go his friend Evan's
house after school. Mrs. Price said that was OK and to just call her when
he was ready to come home.

Evan and Andy rode the bus home to Evan's house. Evan's house
was quite bigger than Andy had expected. When they went in Evan's
babysitter Bella got them some brownies and milk. They were still warm
from the oven and very gooey.

Evan said they were going to play in his room. Bella said OK,
but not too much noise.

They ran loudly up the long and windy stairs.

"Very funny wiseguys"

"Cool room Evan, you got bunkbeds"

"Yeah, the bottom one I sleep on, and the top one I play on"

"So what should we do Evan?"

"Lets just take our shoes off and hang out on the top bunk"

Once they got up there the boys wrestled around until they got
out of breath

"Wanna play a secret game Andy?"

"Ok what it is"

"I cant tell you till we promise on pinky fingers that we will
never tell anyone that we played this game"

Andy extended his pinky finger and said "I promise"

"To play the game, Im going to show you mine and your gonna show me

"Show what?"

Evan smiled and pointed down at his boy toy.

"Our dinks" Andy said

"Yeah, were gonna show them to eachother?"

"I guess"

With much excitement Evan said "OK, here it comes"

Andy watched with wide eyes as Evan unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned
his tan docker pants, unzipped the fly, pulled them down to his knees out
of the way, and finally pulled down the front of his scooby doo briefs.

Evan proudly showwed off his 3 inch circumsized penis that had a
big head that kinda looked like a mushroom. He flailed it around with
his fingers.

"Show me yours now Andy"

Andy undid the straps of his blue overalls and pulled them below
his knees. Like Evan had, Andy pulled down the front of his Batman
briefs to show off his slightly smaller 2.5 circumcized penis. In Andys
case though, the head was only about the size of a marble.

After a few giggles they decided they were thirsty and pulled their
pants back up. They went down to get diet cokes.

When they got back up to Evans room Andy wanted to know what they
were going to do now.

Evan said "I dont know, show eachother our dinks again"

They went back up on the top bunk and as Andy undid his overall
straps he said

"This is fun"

"Now lets show eachother our butts"

"I'll go 1st"

Andy figured heck with his overalls and just slipped them off,
turned around, and pulled down the back of his batman underwear to show
Evan his cute little round butt that had a birthmark on the left cheek.

Evan copied Andy and just took his dockers all the way off and
pulled down the back of his
scooby doo underwear to show Andy his butt. Andy laughed.

"Whats so funny about my butt?"

"Its got dents in it"

"Yeah yours will to if you tighten it up like I did"

Andy suddenly remembered that Evan had bought the last chocolate
milk at lunch today and thought revenge was appropriate.

When Evan wasnt looking Andy smelled his feet, they were pretty
nasty having been in shoes all day and out at recess. A good whiff would
teach Evan a lesson.

Andy took off his socks, Evan took off his socks too and Andy stuck
his stinky bare feet in Evan's face.


Andy busted a gut laughing and said "Now were even"

"For what"

"You buying the last chocolate milk at lunch today"

"Oh I did, Im sorry about that"

"But not about this"

Evan retaliated by sticking his bare feet in Andy's face. They
stunk a little, but not nearly as bad as Andy's.

"OK were even" They both declared.

"Wanna see my muscles Andy"


Evan took off his red t-shirt, made muscles and licked his
brownish pink quarter size nipples

Andy pulled off his green t-shirt and showed off his muscles and
like Evan did, he licked his small, pink, dime size nipples.

Now it was Andys turn to get daring, he stuck his thumbs in the
waistband of his underwear and said to Evan,

"Do you dare me to take them off"

"I double dare you"

With that Andy flipped off the underwear leaving him buck naked
for Evans enjoyment.

"Now I dare you to take off your underwear Evan"

"Do you double dare me"

"I triple dare you"

With that Evan quickly flipped off his underwear now leaving him
buck naked.

Evan then got a wild idea.

He gathered up his and Andys clothes and threw them over the bunk
so they werent within reach.

"What should we do now Andy"

"Lets give eachother a BIG bear hug"


After 3 big "bare" bear hugs Evan asked Andy to spend the whole
weekend with him, since they were having so much fun together. It would
be so boring without him PLEASE.

"Allright lets get dressed and call my mom"

"Fine, but as long as were in this room, we were no clothes at

"Sounds fun"

Andy called his mom and got instant approval and since it was a 3
day weekend, Andy didnt have to come home until Monday night and she
would bring his stuff when she got home from work.

"She said I can stay till Monday"

"YAY YAY YAY" Evan yelled loud enough to provoke a response from
Bella who was taking a break and watching General Hospital.

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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Little Boy Naked Games - Little Boy Naked Games 1