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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Little Boy Naked Games - Little Boy Naked Games 8

Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 16:55:28 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Little Boy Naked Games #8

The usual rules apply. If you dont like reading about little boys
enhancing their fun by removing their clothes, dont read ahead.

7yr old Max and 8yr old Brian are good buddies that live on the
same street and play together almost every day.

Usually they played outside or just hung out in one their rooms,
but today they were going to play a new game. A game that some would say
was boring, but to a couple of little boys it was fun and naughty.

Today was the 4th day of rain. There was nothing on TV that
excited them. Their board games became boring, they had had enough of
racing hot wheels cars. Face it Max and Brian were bored. For
ammusement, they were just walking around and climbing over furniture in
Brian's room.

"Rainy days suck" said Brian stomping his feet.

"No, they double suck" said Max stomping his fett and laying on
the floor.

This provoked Brian's mom to stick her head through the open door
and say,

"Boys I know your bored, its rained for 4 days, but thats no
reason to use that word" I need to go grocery shopping, can you guys be
alone for 2 hours.

It was not uncommon for Brian's mom to leave them alone while she
went shopping since the boys were there to take care of eachother.

"Yes mom, we can" Ok guys, try and feel happy.

As Brian's moms car left the driveway, Max got a wild idea.

"Hey Brian I got an idea"

"Yeah what Max"

"Lets keep walking around and climbing over stuff"

"We did that already, its boring now"

"Not if we do it naked"

"So, you want me to walk around naked, is that what your


"I dont know Max, my mom might come home early and catch us"

"She just left, it will be a while, plus she beeps when she
pulls up, so we can
get dressed quick"

"Well I guess we could then, but If you want me to get naked,
you have to do it
too Max"

"Ok then lets do it"

Within a few seconds the boys were undressed and began to walk
around and
resumed pacing around the room climbing over furniture.

Brian was beginning to enjoy this and quite liked seeing Max's
penis and butt.

They stood face to face and carefully compared their flabby
little circumsized penis's and Max laughed at the birthmark on Brian's

Now Brian had an idea.

Brian got Max's attention and once Max was watching Brian peed
in his wastebasket. Max copied his buddy.

Brian got another idea. Wanna suck eachothers penis?

The boys lay on the floor and got into a 69 and xucked eachother
like lollypops.

"Kiss my butt Brian"

"OK" and Brian gave Max a kiss on each butt cheek. Max did the

They then began to wrestle around the floor until they heard the
inevitable horn beep and rushed to get their clothes back on and pretend
they were involved in a connect4 game.

The mom's would never know.

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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Little Boy Naked Games - Little Boy Naked Games 8