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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Loincloths

Date: Fri, 03 Oct 2003 15:24:24 -0500
From: Paul Wilson <>
Subject: Loincloths

When I was ten years old, I was active in Cub Scouts. The Den Mother was my
best friend's mother, and she always had great ideas. The greatest was when
she got on a kick of doing American Indian things. We made all kinds of
Indian-type things, and dressed like Indians for den meetings. Then one day
she made loincloths for us all (there were about 8 of us in the Den). She
made them from old beach towels, which she tore lengthwise, and cut lengths
of soft cord for the belts. She had us go into Billy's bedroom to change
into them, and there was quite a lot of giggling going on - after all they
were very revealing garments, almost like going naked. Much more revealing
than the Speedos we wore for the swim team, as our legs were exposed all the
way up the hip. I frankly found it pretty exciting, and enjoyed seeing more
of the other boys in the den, especially my best friend, Billy.

But what excited me most was the terrycloth against my bare body. What Mrs.
Wilson of course didn't know is that terrycloth was a special thing for me.
It had started when I was about 5 and wet my bed. I didn't wet it much,
thankfully, but enough that I had to remove my pajamas and find a towel to
lay on. I noticed quickly that it not only felt good to be naked in bed,
but it also felt great to lay my naked front on the soft terrycloth of the
towel. I rubbed myself around on it, and it felt very comforting. I fell
asleep that way.

Sleeping naked on top of a soft towel became the norm for me, and every
night I'd rub myself gently to sleep. I noticed after a while that I got a
little boner when I did it for a while, and then one day it started to feel
better and better, and I got more intense in my rubbing until suddenly my
penis started throbbing and feeling REALLY good. The feeling lasted only a
short time, but I had a warm, relaxed afterglow, as I drifted off to sleep.
I did that for years.

Putting that loincloth on was really exciting. As soon as the terrycloth
hit my privates I popped an immediate boner, and it stayed with me for the
rest of the meeting. I could tell a couple of the other boys got boners at
least occasionally that afternoon, as I could see a little bulge and caught
glimpses of them rearranging themselves in their loincloths. We ran around
outside at game time, and it felt really good. I'm sure Mrs. Wilson would
have been horrified to know what she'd done to these young boys, but she was

I eagerly took my loincloth home with me, and put it on before I went to
bed. That night I humped and I humped and I humped, using the loincloth to
get off three times before I went to sleep. Oh, it felt good.

That weekend Billy came to spend the night, and I told him to bring his
loincloth, and he was eager to do so. We always slept down in the family
room downstairs on the pull out couch, and no one ever disturbed us after we
went to bed. Billy and I had always wrestled in our pajamas, and the
wrestling was only a thinly disguised excuse for rubbing our crotches on
each other until we both had little orgasms. This night was no different,
but this time we had on our loincloths. I got on top of Billy and started
rubbing around, and it felt great, and he rubbed back. It didn't take long
for us to abandon any facade of wrestling; we were intently grinding our
boners against each other on the way to climax, and it worked great. When
we were done we were both tired and drifted off to sleep, still in our

During the night my loincloth came undone, and when I woke up I found myself
naked. I looked over at Billy, and saw that his loincloth was still on, but
had come loose, and wasn't covering his crotch at all. His little penis and
sack were just dangling there in plain sight. This is the first time I'd
seen Billy's privates, other than quick flashes while changing clothes, and
I was really interested. I figured that if my loincloth was off, his should
be, too, so I gently reached over and undid his knot, and it just fell away,
and he was as naked as I was.

I couldn't resist the temptation, so gently reached out and touched his
penis. It was soft, but started to stiffen very quickly as soon as I
touched it. Pretty soon it was standing right up, all three inches of it.
It was neat looking, and I ran my finger up and down his little shaft.

Billy woke up at this point, and I withdrew my hand as he rubbed his eyes.
He looked a little surprised to see that we were both naked, and both also
sporting little boners.

"That was fun last night, want to do it again?" Asked Billy.

"Sure," I said, realizing he wanted to hump each other again. "Want to put
our loincloths back on?"

"Naw, lets do it without them," he replied.

I thought that was a good idea, and climbed on top of Billy, pressing our
boners together. It felt really good. The soft, warm skin of his crotch
and privates felt really neat as we rubbed together. We did that for a
while, then Billy said, "Lets turn over."

So we did, and he was on top of me. Then he turned around so his face was
by my feet but our crotches were still rubbing on each other. Suddenly he
started scooting backwards, moving his crotch up to my stomach, then my
chest, still humping and sliding around on me. He kept going, and I could
see his butt coming close to my face, and then his penis was right over my
face. I was starting to get the picture of what he was doing when I felt a
warm wetness surround my penis. I couldn't see what he was doing, but I
could tell he was putting his mouth on it. It felt so good that I did it to
him, taking his penis into my mouth. It tasted salty, but wasn't gross at
all. It was exciting.

Billy started sucking on me, using his tongue to rub the underside of my
penis where it feels best, and I did the same to him. Soon I could feel my
orgasm coming, and I could feel him tensing, too. Then it hit me, and I
throbbed in ecstasy while I could feel his penis doing the same thing. We
both lay motionless with each other's penises in our mouths, breathing
heavily, then Billy rolled off of me and lay back. "Wasn't that great?"

"Yeah," I panted. "How'd you learn to do that?"

"My brother and I do that about once or twice a week." His brother is 15.
"We do it on Saturday and Sunday mornings when we can sleep in and have time
to fool around. You like it?"

"Yeah, but you sure caught me by surprise. I never expected that."

"I've been wanting to try that on you for months, but you've been so horny
since my mom made these loincloths that I figured you'd go for it. What is
it about the loincloth."

I told him the story, and then asked, "Doesn't it feel good on you, too?"

"Yeah, it does. It's like running around naked, only better."

That started a whole new playtime game for Billy and I. We wore those
loincloths around every time we slept over, and we also found a place in the
woods where we could play in them all we wanted without anyone seeing us.
We always ended up naked and sucking each other off. We even made some
loincloths of our own. Billy found some silky material and made us each one
out of that. He really liked that - he liked the feel better than the terry
cloth. I liked it too, but the terry cloth remained my favorite because of
the history I had with it. But it was fun to have some choices.

If only Mrs. Wilson knew what she started! I wonder what she would have
thought about all that, and I also wonder if any of the other boys got into
it as much as Billy and I did.

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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Loincloths