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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Mutual Masturbation At School

Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2012 18:19:58 +0000
From: Toby Craddock <>
Subject: Mutual Masturbation at School Part 1

Mutual Masturbation at School Part 1

I went to all boys' schools where most of the boys came from 'middle class'
families. Although I would describe myself as being more sexually active at
school than most other boys I never witnessed, nor partook in, fully
penetrative anal sex. I suspect that Nifty authors who suggest their young
heroes enjoy this type of activity probably have an over optimistic
imagination! (Of course I stand to be corrected) Middle class boys didn't do
anal, but what I did enjoy however was mutual masturbation. The feeling of
another boy's fingers making me ejaculate was simply just so delicious I
simply have never been able to find words that describe it adequately. Here
then are the details (in two parts) of my best mutual masturbation
experiences for each of the following years; 13 with Terry, 14 with John, 15
with Robert and then -- big jump --18 with Brian. My apologies in advance to
those readers, who prefer more extreme sexual content in stories, but should
you feel the same way as I do about boyhood mutual masturbation please get
in touch and tell me about your own experiences. I suppose I would be
especially interested to hear from other ex boarding school pupils.

Usual disclaimers apply.


Up to the age of 13 I went to an all boys' prep school, and by the time I was
11 I was very much aware of the sexuality of many of my peers. I soon
started to involve another boy -- Simon - who I persuaded to meet me in the
school toilets and then rub his stiff cocklet on to mine for a few blissful
minutes. When I was 12 I continued with Simon, but I also became involved
with other boys. Late one summer afternoon after games had finished I went
into the changing room toilets with not one but two other boys -- Terry and
William. They told me they were going to take me into a cubicle and teach
me all about sex. For 15 or 20 minutes we rubbed our stiff cocks all over
each other - both front and rear - but I don't remember any of us 'cumming'.
I know I didn't, but I was hugely excited about what had happened and I
knew for certain that sex with other boys was what I wanted to do from then

I had heard some boys talking about 'tossing off' and getting the white stuff,
but at the time of my 13th birthday the fact that I still didn't know how to do
it was weighing on my mind quite a lot. One day in the summer holidays I
sneaked on a pair of my Jockey Y Front briefs and I decided I would cycle
three miles or so and go to see Terry. I was now 13 and Terry was a few
months older than me though actually not quite so tall. Over the years at
school I had considered him perhaps the most attractive boy in my year with
his blue eyes, freckles and lovely auburn hair. I was still excited about the
toilet incident and I guessed he would be still into sex with other boys.
Luckily for me Terry was in. He was surprised to see me as never before had
I taken the trouble to cycle to his house, but once he had got over his
surprise he was happy to come with me on a bike ride.

We cycled into the countryside and found some derelict land that seemed
very remote from farms or houses and, after dismounting for a rest, I
reminded him about the toilet incident. I told him I still didn't know how to
'toss off' and asked him if he'd show me how to do it. He readily agreed and
offered to do it to me there and then. I suggested we did it in our underpants,
so we downed our shorts and brought our stiff cocks through our briefs.
Terry was wearing the sexy little white Aertex briefs I had often seen him
wearing at school.

I lay flat on my back and Terry knelt beside me. He told me I had to stay like
that and he would make my white stuff come. He put his fingers on my cock
and started to play with it - slowly at first and very gradually increasing the
speed. I noticed him look at the waistband of my briefs, and he started
reading 'JOCKEY Y JOCKEY Y... nice underpants' he whispered. 'Your
underpants are nice too' I whispered back, 'I've often noticed you in them in
the changing rooms and felt sexy about you' After a few minutes I began to
get a lovely feeling in my cock and balls. I looked at the beautiful boy who
fingers were round my cock and then I looked at his sexy little white Aertex
briefs. To be honest, I thought I was in heaven!

The feeling was unbelievingly wonderful, and soon I knew I had been in
heaven - my cum shot right up into the air and fell back on Terry's fingers.
He was quite taken aback when he saw how much I had squirted. 'Wow!' he
said, 'that's more than I get!' He gathered up as much of my cum as he could
and rubbed it onto his cock. Then we changed places. Now I knew what to
do, and I found it especially sexy to be looking at Terry's little snow white
Aertex briefs while my fingers were wrapped round his beautiful stiff boy's
cock. Very soon I made him cum, and after that we lay side by side for what
seemed an age before pulling up our shorts and cycling home. A few weeks
later I was packed off to an all boys' boarding school in the home counties
and I never saw Terry again, but now I knew for certain that to be
masturbated by another boy was the very best sex act in the world.


I started at boarding school alongside another 75 or 80 13 year olds. There
were about 16 new boys in my house all aged 13 and almost immediately the
talk after lights out turned to sex and tossing off. It was a completely boy
thing -- no mention at that age of girls whatsoever. I soon started having cock
fights with the boy in the nearest bed to me, Martin, but I developed a
stronger homosexual relationship with another boy, Alan. We wanked
together two or three times a week during term time over the following three
years after which Alan left school and started to work in a bank. I would
describe myself as the dominant partner in this relationship. Alan was more
submissive and, whenever I wanted sex, he would go along with whatever I
suggested. In that sense I would describe myself as a sexual predator; always
on the look out for a boy who could be seduced. John started school a couple
of terms after me but he was similar in age and, from the very beginning, he
had the biggest cock of any other boy in our year. It was well over 6", and
when he pealed back his foreskin he revealed an enormous red/purple knob.
I would describe him as being completely homosexual and I know he was
also a predator. We didn't have sex together all that much as we both sought
younger, pretty boys to be our partners, but I do remember a couple of
occasions in particular that remain in my memory.

The first of these occasions happened one afternoon when I was feeling the
need for a wank and, by coincidence, bumped into John who was also
wanting a wank. We were both 14. We went into a little used toilet at the far
end of the school playing fields, undid our trousers and brought our cocks
out through the front of our underpants. We both wore Jockey Y Fronts, but
mine were briefs and he had midways -- the first time I had seen them. John
slipped back his foreskin with ease but mine was tight so I only pulled it
back a little. On seeing this John told me that to have fully satisfying sex it
was necessary for both boys to retract their foreskins completely and enjoy
the extreme sensitivity of the nerve ends there. He knelt in front of me and
slowly, carefully pealed back my foreskin in its entirety. As we started to rub
our cocks together I found my knob was indeed very sensitive to the touch
of John's knob -- almost too sensitive in fact. However, when John began to
squirt his spunk all over my knob the sensitivity reduced, and I realised just
how delicious it was to have two spunk squirting knobs rubbing together.

A few months later John B said he wanted to tell me about something sexy
he had done but, in return, I would have to tell him about something sexy I
had done. John went on to show me his by now really enormous cock. It was
the largest I ever saw at school and must have been all of 7" when hard. He
pealed back his foreskin to show me his knob -- I guessed he wanted to sex
me up. I agreed with his proposal, although all I could think of was the fact
that I often 'borrowed' underpants belonging to other boys, wrapped them
round my cock and de-spunked myself into them. John's story was this; he
told me he recently had gone for a walk with a pretty first year boy we both
fancied, Andrew C, and he had exposed himself to Andrew in one of the
toilets we both used for our sexual liaisons. He said that Andrew had seemed
fascinated yet quite disgusted in equal parts, and when John asked him for a
wank he initially refused. John said to me "So, I just forced his trousers
down and made him do it with me." I was most impressed by John's courage
in forcing a boy to wank with him, and I seriously began to wonder if I
should adopt a more forceful attitude towards the boys I fancied. In return
for John's story I thought my stories about using another boy's underpants
as a cum rag would sound a bit feeble, but he seemed quite interested in the
idea and he suggested that we go to the changing rooms there and then to
look for some underpants to play with. After a quick look round we settled
on the clothes belonging to one of the prettiest first year boys in the school,
James G. Like many another pretty new boy before him James wore little
white mesh (Aertex) briefs, so I quickly extracted them and we went to our
usual toilet to have a better look.

I spent a little time showing John how I liked to examine boys' briefs and
how I liked to wrap them round my cock before ejaculating. John got his
cock out and joined me for a wank. He first pealed back my foreskin and
then we rubbed our knobs together with James' briefs wrapped round our
knobs. Our spunk was not long in coming. Not only did I have the feeling of
John's knob rubbing against mine, but also the feeling of another boy's
briefs round my cock. We did our best to ensure our spunk squirted onto the
part of the briefs that would be rubbing against James' cock and balls, and
we after we had both cum we returned the spunk soaked briefs to the
changing rooms. John decided he would hang round to see what happened,
so it was later that evening he told me what he had seen. Apparently, when
James pulled up his briefs he realised very quickly they were damp. He
pulled them down, and after he had looked inside them he wiped his hands
over his balls in an attempt to dry them. John told me that James had looked
really puzzled, but he didn't think he had guessed that what had caused the
dampness were our two heavy loads of boy spunk! Although I wanked with
other boys far more frequently than I did with John, I shall always remember
the things he said to me and the things we did together.

Post script -- part 2 coming up in a day or so, but in the mean time please do
get in touch if you had any enjoyable mutual masturbation experiences
yourself whilst at school.

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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Mutual Masturbation At School