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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Naked Boy

Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 20:56:28 -0800
From: JE
Subject: naked-boy (m/m teen, oral, consensual, feet)

Usual disclaimers apply: If you're not old enough or open-minded enough
to read this then don't. The people and places described are fictional. No
electrons were harmed in the production of this story. None of the
following is true. Except for the part about vinal sticking to your ass.
That really happens. Very uncomfortable.
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Part I - Friday

"C'mon. Try it," Mike goaded.
"No, I don't think so," said Jon.
"Don't be shy. You see me naked all the time."
"Yeah, it's just that...."
"Fine. I'll tell you what."
Mike swam over to the side of the pool and hoisted himself out. As
always Jon took the opportunity to steal a glance at his friend's nude
body. He never got tired of it. As Mike momentarily knelt on the edge of
the pool Jon looked over every inch of the naked teenager in front of him.
He let his eyes travel down Mike's back and rounded butt, glistening with
reflected moonlight, and on down to the soles of Mike's feet, wrinkled
from the time in the pool.
Standing up, Mike walked over to the porch where he reached out and
shut off both the pool and porch lights with a dramatic gesture. It was
instantly dark. Mike walked back to the pool and jumped into the deep end
with an enormous splash. Jon watched wordlessly. When Mike resurfaced he
said, "There. Now you have no excuse."
"It's dark and we're alone. My mother's gone until Monday night. Now
take off your suit. Trust me it's worth it."
Quickly, before he had any more time to think about it, Jon reached
down and pulled off his baggy swim trunks. They got tangled on his legs,
but in a moment he pulled them all the way off and held them tightly in
his right hand. The water on his now exposed body felt great.
"Toss them up on the side," Mike said.
Jon tossed his suit on to the cement, where it landed with a wet slap.
"There. Now how's it feel?"
"Pretty good."
"Told ya."
The two boys floated quietly, the only sound was the lapping of the
water at the sides of the pool. Mike, for whom being nude was commonplace,
was simply enjoying the warm Florida summer night. Now that his eyes had
adjusted he could look up at the stars. There was quarter moon in the sky,
just enough to make out his friend's face, but he couldn't see anything
below the surface of the water. The house sat in the middle of several
acres of wooded land, on the edge of town. He liked the peace of it. He
also liked having his best friend skinny-dipping with him.
Jon was too busy enjoying the new feeling of swimming completely naked
to notice anything else. He was glad that he'd finally tried it. It felt
great. Somehow far different than just taking a bath. Mike had been trying
to get him to skinny dip for long enough. Actually Jon had wanted to many
times before, but could never bring himself to do it. Mike offering him
the bit of privacy that the darkness afforded was enough to get him to
finally go through with it. His house didn't have a pool and he hadn't had
another chance except for here at Mike's. He was glad it was dark because
he felt himself getting a hardon.
"Were your parents always nudists?" Jon asked, breaking the silence.
"They prefer 'naturists', and no. They decided to give it a try
sometime after they got married. I'm not sure when. I guess they liked it.
Anyway, it was before I was born. They moved here partly because of the
nude beach, I think. With Dad's job it doesn't really matter where we live
cause he's always traveling, and Mom does corporate taxes. She can make
good money anywhere."
"Anyway, they were always walking around the house and our back yard
nude when I was growing up. And me, like any little kid, had no use for
clothes. Apparently it took some doing to get me to put them on when we
went out somewhere. Still does." He paused for a moment, grinning in the
darkness. "Now you see why I like it so much though."
"Yeah, it feels really good." Jon had given up the struggle to keep his
growing erection in check and was enjoying the feeling of it waving
through the water as he moved. He resisted the urge to touch it and hoped
it would go away before it came time to get out of the pool.
"How do your folks feel about it?" Mike asked.
"Obviously not too bad since they let me hang around with you." Jon
grinned. "I don't know. I guess they always tried to be pretty open about
sex and stuff with me but I think their intentions were better than their
"Nudity isn't necessarily sexual," said Mike.
Jon ignored that, not wanting to draw any attention to his own arousal.
Actually Jon had always been shy about his body. He wasn't sure why. He
didn't consider himself a 'hunk' or anything, but he thought he was
attractive enough. He wasn't much for working out but had a good build
anyway. He just didn't like showing off any part of his body. His school
didn't even mandate showers after gym so he'd never been naked in front of
anyone since he was a small kid. Despite his parents open attitudes,
prudishness was the rule at his house.

The boys had met in school last year, when they were both 14. They
quickly became friends and started doing things together. When school
ended they started hanging out more frequently and often ended up at
Mike's house, even though it was a long bike ride from Jon's, down a dirt
road on the undeveloped edge of town.
In the beginning nothing seemed at all different about him or his
family, but one visit to Mike's house was to be a memorable experience. At
the door Mike stopped and kicked off his shoes then peeled off his socks,
tossing them carelessly on top of the shoes. That was pretty normal. His
parents had this thing about the carpet so you had to take off your shoes
when coming in. Jon kicked off his own shoes but kept his socks on as
usual. He seldom went barefoot even in his own house. His mother was
always yelling that being barefoot would some how make him contract
pneumonia. That and the general prudish upbringing that required always
being dressed. When Jon looked up Mike had already taken off into the
house. The surprise came when Jon followed him into the living room where
he found Mike's mother sitting on the couch completely naked.
"...are gonna watch some TV or something." Mike was saying. When he saw
the expression on his friend's face he said, "Oh wait, I was supposed to
tell you on the way home. Here's the story... Me and my parents are
nudists. We don't usually wear anything around the house. I was supposed
to tell you that my mom called your mom and explained it all and I was
supposed to ask if it would bother you."
"Uh, n-no," Jon stammered. "I'm, uh, fine with it." Jon was curious
about the naked women in front of him but it felt really weird to look at
her. It was Mike's mom after all. He looked away quickly.
"Yeah right. Sure you are. Pick your jaw up."
"You did that on purpose," his mother admonished. "And it wasn't very
nice." She didn't appear at all uncomfortable about being undressed.
"Pretty funny though," laughed Mike. "C'mon let's go to my room." Mike
led the way into his bedroom where he closed the door and plopped himself
on the bed.
"Up until now we've been careful to have everyone clothed when you were
coming over, but if we're going to keep hanging out together chances are
you were going to see someone naked eventually." Only slightly to his
surprise, the thought of seeing his friend naked had Jon's cock stirring a
"Anyway, I don't want to make you uncomfortable so I'm not going to
strip down in front of you if it's going to offend you. When my mom called
your mom and explained this she said she seemed a little taken aback but
said it was OK. Does it bother you?"
"No. Just surprised me. Warn me next time."
"Knew you'd understand," Mike grinned again and reached over slapped
his friend on the shoulder.

Part II

For a while after the revelation things were just the same as before.
Mike's parents were clothed the next couple of times he saw them, not that
he saw them that often. He and Mike were wasting a lot of the summer away
hanging out around town or at Mike's house. Mike's father was often away
for long stretches and his mother spent the day and many evenings at work.
The boy's parents were reasonably trusting and the boys were reasonably
trustworthy. So they were left to amuse themselves most of the time.
A week or so after the revelation about Mike's family the two boys were
relaxing in Mike's pool one afternoon when Mike said that he just couldn't
take swimming around in the those heavy swim trunks any more. Actually
they were pretty thin nylon Speedos. Jon had earlier been staring at them
and their contents. Mike reached underwater, took of his suit, and flung
it on to the porch. Jon realized with some excitement this meant that Mike
would have to get out of the pool to retrieve it.
"I'm sorry. It doesn't bother you if I skinny-dip does it? It's just
that it's so much more comfortable."
"Uh, no that's fine."
"You can try it too if you want."
"I don't think so."
"Suit yourself!" Mike laughed.
Jon shook his head at the joke.
They continued to swim and splash as usual but Jon couldn't keep his
mind off of the fact that his friend was completely nude in the pool with
him. He couldn't see under the water in any great detail, but he could
definitely tell his friend wasn't wearing anything. Occasionally he would
catch glimpses of dark pubic hair. It was exciting to him and he felt his
cock twitching.
The moment of truth came when they decided to get out of the pool.
Mike simply walked up the stairs and over to the chair where they had laid
out their towels. Jon stared in open astonishment at his friend standing
completely naked and dripping in broad daylight. As Mike stood there
drying himself, Jon got several glimpses of his penis as it flopped about
from the vigorous toweling. He also noted that his friend didn't have any
obvious tan lines. Mike turned to see Jon, still in the pool, staring up
at him.
"Oh. Sorry. Didn't even think about it." His smirk said otherwise, but
he wrapped the towel around his waist and continued, "Are you getting out
or not?"
"Yeah, sure."
Jon climbed out of the pool and began drying himself with his towel. He
was careful to try and hide his burgeoning erection, prompted by watching
the show a moment ago. Mike picked up his wet swim suit, wrung it out,
and walked into the house. Jon cinched the towel around his waist and
They walked across the cool tile of the back room, across the soft
carpet of the living room and into Mike's bedroom. There Jon picked up his
t-shirt as Mike said, "Here. I'll put on a pair of shorts."
"No it's OK. I mean, uh, that you don't have to if you don't want to.
It doesn't bother me."
Jon couldn't believe he said that. He was so anxious to get another
look at his friend naked that it just popped out of his mouth. He pulled
his shirt over his head in part to cover the blush he felt spreading
across his face.
"OK." Mike smiled. With a bit of a flourish he pulled the towel off and
tossed it in the general direction of the hamper. He stretched out on the
bed on his back with his head propped up on a pillow. "It's OK. You can
look if you want to. It doesn't bother me."
"I'm just not used to it," Jon said, embarrassed and looking away
again. Of course he had taken the time to look and compare his friend's
equipment with his own. He wasn't all that large himself but was hoping
that the next few years would bring more changes. He noted that his
friend was also circumcised.
"What'ya wanna do, watch a movie?"
"Well go get the ones we rented and put one in."
Jon walked out in the living room looking for the bag that contained
the rental tapes. He took the opportunity of being alone to reach under
his towel and swimsuit to adjust his semi-erection, pointing it upward in
the hope that it wouldn't show. He picked up the bag and returned to the
bedroom. He was slightly disappointed to see that Mike was laying on his
stomach facing the TV. Only slightly. It was still quite a view. Jon put a
tape in, then carefully laid down next to the nude boy and they started
watching the movie. Jon was stiff the whole time.
When the movie was over it was time for Jon to go. He couldn't stay
over that night. Ratther than change he tossed his towel in the hamper,
stuffed the jeans he'd been wearing earlier into a plastic bag and walked
to the front door. When Jon bent down to put on his shoes he was afraid
his erection was going to tear a hole in his swim trunks. He stood up
trying to hide it and wasn't sure if Mike noticed. Outside, he hopped on
his bike and waved goodbye to his friend. That image of the naked teenager
leaning casually against the doorframe was in his mind all the waye.
When he got home, Jon was glad to see that his parents had already gone
to bed. He ran upstairs to his bedroom where he quickly yanked off his
swimsuit and flopped back on his bed. It took only a few strokes to bring
his cock back to a full erection and a few more to shoot a load all over
himself. In the shower the next morning, he jerked off again, reliving the
image of the naked boy glistening in the sunlight.

After that Mike was nude around his friend more and more often.
Although Jon still enjoyed looking at his friend's body he didn't have
quite the reaction he did that first night. He wondered a lot about why he
felt the way he did. It had occurred to him before that he might be gay,
but he still wasn't sure. Regardless, with Mike's influence Jon was
starting to get over his upbringing and was getting used to the idea of
nudity. At least other people's. Once they were sitting on the floor of
Mike's room playing a video game when his mother came home from work. She
knocked on the door and walked in, still in her business outfit.
There sat Jon in just a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Mike wasn't
wearing a thing. His mother didn't react but simply asked if Jon was
staying for dinner. As she was leaving she said to Jon, "Don't let
naked-boy here pressure you. Do whatever's comfortable."
"It's all right," he answered. "I guess I'm getting used to it."

Part III

It had taken some time and Mike repeatedly daring him but Jon had
finally gotten naked in front of his friend. Well, sort of. They were in a
pool and it was dark, but it was a milestone for him none the less.
Mike on the other hand had no problem with showing off his body. He
climbed up the ladder out of the pool and walked around to the deep end.
He stood at the edge, toes curled around the concrete lip. Jon watched as
the slim, nude form of his friend dove into the pool with only a tiny
splash. Mike let the momentum of his dive carry him through the water like
torpedo. Too late Jon saw that his friend was heading straight for him and
he didn't have time to move. His legs were suddenly knocked out from under
him and he fell forward as Mike tried to surface directly underneath him.
In the tangle of limbs he felt his cock touch bare flesh. The contact left
him both excited and embarrassed and he hoped that his friend didn't
realize what part of his body it was that had made contact.
When Mike stood up in the shallow end he gave no indication that he had
noticed anything. Despite his embarrassment Jon's excited condition didn't
change. A tribute to adolescent hormones. It wasn't all that much later
that Mike suggested they go in and get some dinner. Jon hesitated, trying
to think of a good reason not to. Actually he had a good reason but he
needed an excuse that he could say to his friend. He hesitated too long.
"What's the matter, still have a hardon?" Mike asked casually.
"No," stammered Jon, flushing furiously. "It's just..."
"It's nothing to be embarrassed about, it's perfectly normal. You have
two choices. You can either just get out of the pool looking like a hat
rack or you can do something to relieve it."
"What do you mean?" Jon asked, even though he knew exactly what his
friend meant. His parents were open about sex and had explained
masturbation to him, but not before he had discovered it on his own. He'd
been a regular practitioner for quite some time now. Still, none of his
other friends had ever so frankly discussed it.
"I mean whack off, pull the pud. Whatever you want to call it."
"I don't think so."
Mike made his way over to the stairs at the corner of the pool and sat
down, the water coming just above his belly button. "OK, fine. We'll talk
about baseball."
"Baseball. Isn't that what you're supposed to think about to distract
Jon laughed, "Yeah. I guess so."
The boys did talk for a while, and much to Jon's surprise he found his
erection fading. Mike let out a sigh, rested his head on the edge of the
pool and closed his eyes. Jon wasn't sure what to do so he just floated
where he was, gripping the ledge. He was afraid to move lest he get
excited again, but he was also thinking about going over and getting his
A few silent minutes passed.
"Well, I don't know about you, but I really feel like having some
dinner now. I'm a prune," Mike said. "Ready to go in?"
Without waiting for an answer Mike walked up out of the pool and strode
over to cabinet where there was stack of towels. Their eyes were now
well-adjusted and Jon could see his friend pretty clearly in the
moonlight. He watched as Mike turned to face the pool and started drying
himself. He could just make out Mike's penis flopping back and forth and
found himself wondering again what it would look like hard. He pushed that
image from his mind.
"C'mon out. I won't look if it bothers you." Mike said. Always pushing
his friend one step farther.
"No. I'll manage." Jon said with a tremble in his voice. He wanted to
grab his swimsuit from the side of the pool and put it back on before
emerging. But he also didn't want to seem a wimp. Trying to casually keep
his hand in front of his crotch, he walked slowly up the steps then
practically ran over to get his towel. For him that was incredibly daring.
"You can put your suit back on if you want, but you ought to try
staying nude. It's a great feeling. And you know I'm certainly not going
to get dressed."
Mike tossed the towel over his shoulder and walked off into the house,
Jon, after thinking for a moment, retrieved his wet swimsuit from the side
of the pool. He didn't put it on but he did wrap the towel around his bare
waist and followed the wet footprints into the house.

He found Mike in the kitchen pulling the leftover pizza out of the
fridge. Jon walked past him and into Mike's bedroom without saying a word.
He tossed his wet suit over the hamper with Mike's discarded towel but he
couldn't decide what to do next. After considering it for a moment he
decided to do nothing and walked back out still wearing the towel around
his waist. It felt weird just not putting on shirt, nevermind that could
feel the breeze on his still wet crotch coming up the towel. Must be what
it's like to wear a kilt, he thought.
Mike was now in the 'family room', as they called it. Nobody ever used
the living room. That was just for show apparently and you weren't allowed
to eat in there. Mike was doing just that as he sat on the couch, legs
crossed and feet propped up on the coffee table. He held a pizza-laden
paper plate in his lap. He obviously took note of his friend's odd attire
but didn't say anything.
Jon suddenly felt completely ridiculous wearing the towel, but he
couldn't think of a graceful way to now go back and change, so he just sat
down carefully on the other end of the couch and picked up the plate and
can of soda set there for him. Mike was fast-forwarding through the
previews of another rented tape.
They watched the first part of the movie in silence as they ate, Jon
stealing occasional glances at his naked friend. Finally the soda took its
toll and Jon got up to go to the bathroom. He again felt silly getting up
from the toilet and wrapping the towel back around him, but he was still
torn between wanting to try going naked in front of his friend and the
desire to go wrap himself in several layers of clothing. Once again he
decided not to decide, and returned to the couch still wearing his towel.
Eventually he did start to forget his condition and got interested in
the movie. Once, he realized that he had reached under the towel and had
been absentmindedly scratching his balls. Becoming self-conscious again
he put his hands back at his side and stared at the screen. Had he looked
he would have seen Mike grinning.

When the movie was over Mike suggested that it was time for bed and Jon
found himself now facing the hardest decision. He normally went to bed
nearly fully dressed in a t-shirt, underwear, and shorts. It seemed odd to
get dressed after spending the last couple of hours in a towel, and the
idea of the two of them sleeping naked in the same bed was impossibly
exciting and terrifying at the same time. Before deciding he went into the
bathroom and busied himself with his usual nighttime routine. As he stood
in front of the sink he took off the towel and looked at his nude body in
the full-length mirror. That was something he rarely did at home as well.
He decided he wasn't all that bad looking, but he envied Mike his lack of
tan lines. 'Maybe I can do something about that now,' he thought, and
found himself getting excited again. Pushing the thought out of his mind
he wrapped himself up in what he had come to think of as his security
blanket and opened the door to find Mike casually leaning against the wall
in the hallway.
"'bout damn time," he said rushing past. "I have to pee."
Jon went to the bedroom and stared at the bed for a moment. Not sure
what to do he started digging around in his bag, stalling. Mike returned
after a moment, flipping off the light and walking around the bed saying,
"Looking for your sleep wear or gonna sleep in that towel?"
"Um, no, I uh..."
"Don't be silly. Just sleep in your birthday suit. Ever tried it?"
"Yeah. Once."
"And it didn't kill ya did it?" Mike asked, climbing into bed.
Taking a deep breath Jon took off his towel again, tossed it toward the
hamper, and climbed into the bed completely naked. Fearing he might start
to make a tent in the bed covers he rolled over on his stomach.
Laying there in the dark, Jon reviewed the day in his mind. It seemed
unreal to him that he had done what he'd done. More amazing yet was what
he was doing now. He hoped he didn't roll over and find himself pressed
naked flesh to naked flesh. Then of course that thought excited him anew
and he felt himself blushing again. Good thing it was dark.
Mike asked him if he had fun that day.
"Yeah," he said.
"Now you see why I like being nude all the time. It just feels so much
"Have to spend a lot of time thinking about baseball though." Jon
"Are you embarrassed about having an erection in the pool?" Mike asked.
"Don't be. It's normal. And it won't happen so much after you're used to
"What makes you think I'm going to get used to it?"
"I can be persistent."
"Yeah. I noticed."
The room was quiet for yet another moment. Finally, Jon asked, "What
about you? Does that ever happen to naked boy?"
"Not to often, but yeah, of course. You just keep a towel handy when
you're on the beach. Or roll over."
"What about some other place? Ever happened to you around the house?
Sittin' watching TV and it gets a mind of its own?"
"Yeah. Pillow. Or just ignore it."
"You don't just 'take care of it' like you told me before?"
There was a pause
"Well, yeah. I mean, doesn't everybody? Sometimes you just have to."
"Yeah I know. It's just.... I can't believe I'm talking about this."
"Why not?"
"Well. We just don't... I mean... I've never."
"Look if you can't talk about sex with your best friend, who can you
talk to?"
Somehow 'sex with your best friend' took on a completely different
meaning in Jon's mind and he blushed yet again in the dark. "Have you
ever, you know, done anything? You know, with someone else?" Jon asked. He
immediately thought, he should have said, 'with a girl'. Somehow he was
hoping for an impossible answer.
"Yes. No. Well, not really."
"What's that mean?"
"Well.... I don't know if I want to tell you this," Mike said.
"C'mon. You said best friends should be able to talk to each other."
"Yeah, but this is... well, you first. Have you?"
"Nope," Jon answered. "That was easy. Now spill."
"Once." Mike said carefully. "Once I was staying for a week at a
friend's house. It kind of sucked cause I had to wear clothes all the time
plus I didn't ever get a chance to be alone. I was pretty horny by the end
of the week. On the last night I was there I woke up in the middle of the
night. I was laying on my side and Jake was behind me with his arm around
me. I could feel his hardon pressing into my back. I didn't say anything
cause I figured he was asleep, but I started to get one too.
Jon suddenly realized the story wasn't about a girl and his hopes
"After a little while his hand kind of drifted down and he grabbed me.
He started stroking my dick and I realized he wasn't asleep. I figured
that maybe he thought I was asleep though so I didn't say anything and
just let him continue. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I rolled
over on my back. He pulled down my underwear and started jacking me off. I
did the same to him.
"We never talked about it afterwards and he had to move away about six
months later. I was kind of sorry that we n...." Mike stopped the story
suddenly and was quiet. It was too dark for Jon to see his expression.
"Sorry that what? That you never did it again?"
"I dunno. I didn't think... You know, with a guy..." Mike laughed, a
little forcibly.
Jon had a thousand questions in his mind, and he wanted to reach out
and hold his friend tightly. Instead he said nothing, just stared off into
the darkness. Eventually he heard a soft sigh from the other side of the
bed. And long afterwards, he fell asleep.

Part IV - Saturday

When Jon awoke the following morning the sunlight was streaming through
the blinds and making intricate, dancing patterns on the wall and ceiling.
As he stretched he remembered his nakedness and his daringness of the
previous night. He also noticed he had his usual morning wood and wished
it would stop doing that.
The movement on the other side of the bed gave Mike reason to pry one
eye open. He saw his friend propped up on his elbow and looking over at
him. He thought Jon looked pretty cute first thing in the morning, eyes
slightly puffy and hair sticking up on one side. He couldn't tell what the
expression meant so he simply said "g'mornin'" and did a little more
"Morning. 'bout time you got up."
"How long have you been awake?"
"Oh, 30 seconds or so -- but that's not the point."
"Oh yeah. Silly me."
Jon stared at his friend for a moment, wanting to ask him more about
the incident with his friend Jake. Mike seemed to sense the coming
uncomfortable questions and suddenly said, "breakfast time!" a little too
loudly, and jumped out of bed. After Mike left the room, Jon lay their for
a minute thinking about his friend's admission from last night and
wondering if he should tell his best friend, the guy he had just slept
next to naked, how much he was attracted to him. Shaking the thoughts from
his head, he got out of bed and quickly dressed in a pair of boxers,
shorts, and a t-shirt from his bag. After a short detour by the bathroom
he walked out into the house to find Mike pulling frozen waffles out of
the fridge. Jon could still see the bed-prints on his friend's body.
Mike fixed them both a plate of waffles and poured glasses of juice.
The two of them carried their breakfast into the living room and ate in
silence, sitting on the couch.
When they had finished the boys cleaned up and went out through the
family room to the shade of the back porch and dropped themselves into a
pair of comfortable deck chairs. This part of the porch was covered by a
solid roof and had solid walls on three sides. The fourth side extended to
encompass the pool which was completely screened in. It was a typical
summer Florida day meaning it was already hot. The air felt thick around
them and cicadas chirped madly in the pines.
Jon thought the backyard and pool looked completely different in the
brilliant sunlight. It was easy to pretend that last night was a dream.
"What do you want to do today?" Mike asked.
"I dunno."
"I was going to say that we could go down to the beach."
"The nude beach?"
"Don't know if I'm ready for that. Besides, it's a long ride."
"It's not that bad from here. I do it all the time. And you don't have
to get naked if you don't want to."
"But you will." Jon said.
"Duh!" Mike said, grinning yet again.

The boys went back in the house to gather towels and a small cooler of
drinks. Mike went to his room and dressed in a pair of shorts, not
bothering with a shirt or underwear. Jon timidly took his swimsuit into
the bathroom and changed into it. When he came out Mike was digging around
in the closet. He pulled out a pair of those beach sandals with the Velcro
straps and tossed them to Jon.
"Here, you can wear these if they fit. I never used 'em much. I like
the Birkenstocks better."
"They sort of go with the rest of you. You just need a tie-dye shirt."
Mike stuck out his tongue and walked toward the front door. Mike pulled
his well-worn leather sandals toward him with his toes and slid his tanned
feet into them. Jon had to kneel down and repeatedly rip up and readjust
the straps until they felt comfortable. He stood up and took a couple of
steps as Mike watched.
"Comfy?" Mike asked.
"Yeah, I guess."
"You look good in them."
Before Jon could ask what he meant by that, Mike went out the front
door. They went around to the garage to retrieve their bikes and walked
them to the back yard. Most of the back yard was surrounded by bushes and
tall trees elaborately landscaped by Mike's father. When he was here he
enjoyed tending the ornate garden. The boys loaded up their bikes and
walked them single-file down a narrow brick path toward the back of the
garden. There the path gave way to a simple trail worn into the growth,
carpeted by a thick layer of pine needles.
Mike's parents owned quite a lot of the wooded land around and behind
the house but Jon didn't know exactly how much. There were some trails
back there that the two of them traveled many times without ever
encountering anyone else. It was mostly tall slash pines and dense
palmetto bushes. The pine-needle-covered path made for an adequate, if
slippery, riding surface.
After some minutes the boys passed through a hole in an old fence that
marked the edge of the land owned by Mike's parents.
"Who owns the rest of this land?" Jon asked.
"Some of it is private it. Most of it, including the beach, is a
national park. That's how come it gets away with being a nude beach, even
though the local prudes are always trying to get it shut down."
Jon had looked up information about the beach before. Like many
adolescents in town he had tried to think of ways to get out there but he
never had. His parents certainly weren't the type to go. There's a
definite appeal to nakedness when it's been treated as a great secret your
whole life. Unfortunately the official entrance to the park was pretty
distant from town. You had to drive for miles though the state park and
leave your car in the far end of the lot, then walk a mile or so down the
'clothed' area of the beach before getting to the informal start of the
nude beach. Jon thought it odd that people should be offended by something
they had to go so far out of their way to see. But the nice thing about
Mike's house was the shortcut.
As they got closer to the beach the pine trees disappeared and the
trail became sandy and nearly impossible to ride on. Mike finally hopped
off his bike and leaned it against a tree at the edge of the trail.
"Gotta boat from here."
There was an old, barely seaworthy canoe tied up at the edge of a
swampy area. Mike hopped in and beckoned his friend to follow. Jon looked
a little wary.
"Don't worry about it. It'll float. And if doesn't the water is only
about two feet deep anyway. Boat's just easier on the marsh."
"Where'd you get this thing?"
"Found it. It was on this land when my parents bought the house. We
figure the last guy used it for the same thing -- to get to the beach. We
just leave it out here now. No one messes with it, and we all use it now."
"Me and the 'rents."
Rather than bother with a paddle, Jon used what looked like an old
broom handle to push them nearly silently across the marsh. You could hear
the crashing ocean waves now. After just a minute they were back to solid
land. It wasn't quite a Venetian gondola ride, but it was pleasant.
"This is the barrier island. And on the other side of the dune is the
beach. Technically we're not supposed to cross the dunes at all down here,
but the rangers don't bug us as long as we stick to the trail."
The boys hiked up over the trail and finally onto the beach. Mike led
them a short distance to where some driftwood had been used to make a
small bench. Jon gratefully dropped the stuff he was carrying and plopped
down in the sand.
"Tired?" Mike asked.
"Yeah. I wasn't sure if we were going to the beach or doing the Eco
Mike laughed and said, "Well I'm going to take a swim and cool down.
Rest if you want."
"Thank you I will."
Mike dropped his shorts and stepped out of them in what seemed a single
motion and ran down toward the water, wild naked-boy that he was. Jon felt
a stirring down below as he watched and knew he wouldn't be undressing any
time soon. Not in public anyway. Actually, he realized, this part of the
beach was pretty deserted. He could see a few figures to the south strung
out and walking along the water's edge, but the mass of people was to the
north. He guessed they were naked. Kind of hard to see from here. The
beach was pretty popular on a nice Saturday like today though.
Jon looked back down to the water where his friend was trying to wave
him in. Jon unstrapped and kicked off his borrowed sandals and got to his
feet with a weary grunt. He dropped his shirt on the driftwood bench and
ambled down to the water. The ocean was pretty calm today and he waded
into the warm water.
The boys waded and floated in the waves for a while before Mike
suggested they walk up the beach and see if anyone he knew was around. Jon
felt little excited to see what was going on up there, and with some
anticipation followed his friend out of the water. They walked up the
beach at the water line, where the sand was the hardest, the waves lapping
at their feet.

The crowd was pretty mixed. Most of them were older and that surprised
Jon. He hadn't counted on seeing naked old people, though of course people
came in various varieties. Why should they all look like models? Everyone
seemed pretty comfortable naked. Lounging around and playing volleyball.
What was it with nudists and volleyball anyway?
Mike was pretty well known among the obvious (no tan lines) regulars.
He introduced Jon to a few people and they all exchanged pleasantries.
Everyone seemed to know Mike and his parents. Jon was self-consciously
keeping his eyes fixed on everyone's faces when he talked to them. He
suddenly couldn't remember where he looked when he talked to clothed
people in a crowd, but suddenly it seemed important where he let his eyes
wander. No one commented on his being dressed. Actually now that he
noticed it, it seemed large percentage of the kids his age had some
clothes on. Mike was one of the few that was nude. He supposed he wasn't
the only one to be a little body conscious.
After circulating through what was apparently the regular's area, Mike
made his goodbyes and they started back down the beach.
"Was it what you expected?" Mike asked.
"Yeah. Sort of."
"Once you're used to it, being naked is no big deal. Tomorrow, when we
come back you'll try it too."
"I don't think so."
"We'll see... " Mike grinned. "I'm sorry it was disappointing. No beach
"Yeah, well there's something to be said for orgies I guess."
Mike laughed.
When the boys reached the place where they'd left their stuff they
tossed themselves down and flopped back on their towels. They sat, for the
next hour or two, just talking. Jon always felt very comfortable with his
friend. Mike was a very open person, especially about his feelings. Jon
wondered if that had anything to do with being naked all the time. Jon
felt he could tell his friend anything. Almost anything. There was one
very important thing that he was keeping to himself for now.

Part V

Somewhere in mid-afternoon the boys packed up and reversed their
journey, finally emerging back into the landscaped backyard of Mike's
house. They whiled away the rest of the day and evening in the house,
until it was once again getting late.
That night found Jon examining his body in the bathroom mirror again.
He'd just gotten out of the shower and had done all his other nighttime
routine. He knew that he'd be too chicken to leave without getting
dressed, so he daringly hadn't brought any clean clothes into the bathroom
with him. But still unwilling to parade around the house naked, he
wrapped himself in towel, flipped off the light, and went into Mike's
room. Mike had already taken his shower and was in the bed, breathing
softly. Deciding the precedent had been set, Jon tossed the towel aside
and climbed into bed nude for the second time.
Though he tried to relax and go to sleep, Jon was still wide awake, his
mind filled with thoughts he wished he could avoid. It didn't help any
when the sheet rubbed up against his cock as Mike shifted his weight. To
Jon's surprise, Mike spoke, "Look, about what I told you last night..."
"You won't tell anyone?"
"No, of course not."
"And... does it bother you?"
"No. Why should it?"
"Well it was a guy."
"It's OK with me. I don't care."
"Good. I don't want you to hate me."
"Hate you? For what?"
"Well I was worried you might think I was gay."
Jon thought to himself that he was rather hoping that his friend was.
"Doesn't matter if you are, I wouldn't hate you. You're my friend."
Jon was quiet for a long moment before he worked up the courage to ask
what he'd been wanting to ask all day, "Would you ever, you know, do
something like that again?"
Jon was about to give up waiting for a response when Mike said, very
softly, "I dunno."
Jon supposed that was as close as encouragement as he was ever going to
get. Regardless, his hormones were firmly in control now and he didn't
need much. He shifted himself up on his elbow, and reached out his hand
under the sheets. He intended to touch Mike's shoulder, that being a kind
of a safe area. He thought he would just gage Mike's reaction from there.
But he missed. He ended up with his hand resting lightly on Mike's smooth
chest. The moment he touched his friend's chest, he heard a small sigh,
but Mike gave no other reaction. Jon didn't know where the courage to do
this came from but he felt he had no other choice. He just let his hand
rest there for a moment, his heart pounding. He ran his fingers slowly
down Mike's chest, and paused again when his hand reached the other boy's
waist. Mike still said nothing, so Jon moved his hand again until he
suddenly bumped into an erection standing straight out of the nest of
dense public hair. He wrapped his hand firmly around it, this time
eliciting a small groan from Mike.
Jon really didn't know what to do. He couldn't have imagined how it
would feel so strange, and yet so natural to be holding another boy's
erection in his hand. Mike's hardon was hot and smooth and Jon began to
moving his hand up and down on it. Jon felt his friend's hand come to rest
on his leg and then move upward until it found his own erection.
Jon moved himself closer, still laying on his side, until he was nearly
touching his friend's body. The two of them continued jacking each other
off faster and faster. There was for some reason a sense of urgency to
this. Jon was so intent that it was with some surprise that he realized
that he had just come. He had just sent a cascade of his own juices across
his friend's chest. While his mind dwelled on this, he realized that his
friend was coming as well. For a few moments nothing else mattered in the
world except the waves of pleasure and the enjoyment of their own and each
other's bodies. As they slowed the stroking both of them lay in silence,
leaving their hands wrapped around the other's softening members.
"I think we made a bit of a mess," Mike said.
"Yeah," said Jon, giggling. "What should we do?"
"Think we need to go rinse this off."
Mike pulled the sheet off both of them, exposing the scene of their
pleasure. He balled it up and tossed it into the corner. They both got up
carefully from the bed and Mike pulled Jon toward the bathroom with him.
Jon didn't realize that he had meant together but was game to the idea.
Mike started the shower and they both climbed in.
For the first time Jon was able to look openly at Mike's body and Mike
was able to get his first real view of Jon's. It took a bit of scrubbing
of Mike's chest, with which Jon eagerly helped, to remove the evidence of
the scene a few minutes ago. Jon bent down and used a bit of shampoo to
clean the cum out of Mike's pubic hair, which gave him his first close up
view of Mike's penis. Though it started out hanging loosely, it seemed to
like the attention and Jon watched, fascinated, as his friend's boyhood
pulsed it's way toward another erection.
"Darn thing just keeps popping up." Mike joked.
"Yeah, we're going to have to do something about that." Jon replied
reaching out to take hold of the incorrigible member. Pulling his friend
closer, Jon slowly stroked the shaft with one hand and explored the rest
of his friend's body with the other.
Mike looked down and watched in surprise as Jon, with a mischievous
grin, knelt back down in the shower before him. Jon leaned in close and
tentatively licked his friend's erection. That was by far the best feeling
Mike had ever felt and he moaned loudly. Jon's blowjob was pretty clumsy
since he had never tried it before, but Mike enjoyed it none the less. He
didn't even think to warn his friend that he was going to cum, but Jon
could tell. He simply let his friend's orgasm spill into his mouth. There
wasn't much anyway since Mike had so recently spent himself.
When Mike came back to the world he looked down to see a wet, naked,
and obviously happy boy grinning up at him. After a bit more mutual
scrubbing and fondling they shut off the water and stepped out of the
shower. They indulged in a little more exploration in the name of helping
each other dry off and then went back to Mike's bedroom. Mike grabbed a
fresh blanket and they hopped into bed. Neither of them said anything, but
simply lay close and fell quickly asleep in the warmth of each other's

Part VI - Sunday

Jon awoke again to the dappled sunlight dancing on the ceiling. He
looked over at his friend, who seemed to be still asleep. This time he
remembered not only his nakedness, but the events of the night before. It
seemed completely unreal. He felt the guilt setting in, and he didn't know
how his friend would treat him this morning. He'd seemed willing enough
last night, but all that could change in the light of day. His thoughts
put a quick end to his usual morning erection and Jon was still lying
there with various terrible scenarios running through his head when Mike
awoke, stretched, and mumbled "G'mornin'".
Jon answered but didn't say anything more.
After a few moments of silence, Mike said, "Guess it's time to get up.
Waffles again?"
"Are you OK?"
"Yeah, fine. It's just that..."
"Everything's cool. Don't worry. Let's go get some breakfast," Mike
said, "and then added, and don't bother gettin' dressed. I've seen it all
Mike swung his legs out of bed and padded out of the room. Jon could
hear him go into the bathroom for a few minutes and then leave. He thought
about what Mike said, and decided, what the hell. Might as well. He got
out of bed and left the room naked. It should have been a momentous
occasion, but he was too preoccupied to think about it all that much.
After his own sidetrip, Jon went into the kitchen and sat down on one of
the barstools, the cold vinyl sticking to his bare ass. He couldn't
believe he was sitting out here naked. He really couldn't believe last
night. 'He's gonna hate me,' he thought.
Mike set the butter and syrup out on the counter, and then went back to
bring over the waffles. He came around and sat down on the stool next to
Jon and they ate in silence.
Jon had to summon all his courage to say what we wanted to say next,
but he felt he had to. Finally he said, "I think you should know... I
decided a while ago that I might be gay. I've never said that to anyone
before, but I, I trust you. This morning I'm, uh, well pretty sure of it.
I just wanted you to know. I know it's probably impossible, but if you
want to go back to being just friends, that's fine with me. If you'd
rather I go then..." Jon realized that he had turned and was facing his
friend, staring into his eyes. He wasn't sure what he saw there. Jon
realized that he was not only physically naked now but emotionally as
well. The combination made him feel weak and vulnerable, more so than he
had ever felt before in his life. He could hear his heart pounding in his
ears as he waited for an answer.
Finally, Mike, staring back into his friend's eyes said, "I don't know.
I don't know what I feel. I guess I had never seriously considered that I
might... that I might like guys. I know I like you. I want us to still be
friends. Actually I, I like being more than friends."
With a rush of relief Jon smiled and hugged Mike. When they broke apart
Jon asked,
"OK, now what?"
"Now we finish breakfast," he said laughing.

After they had finished eating, Mike led his friend by the hand out on
to the back porch. Jon was extremely conscious of being nude and wasn't
sure he wanted to go outside, but didn't want to resist either so he just
went along. They dropped into the same chairs as the day before, and
looked out across the pool at what seemed an identical day. The cicadas
were chirping again and you could feel the heat building in the air. But
so much was different from yesterday. So much had happened. Jon felt he
should say something but they just sat quietly for a while.
Finally, Mike said, "Well now that I finally got you naked, I hate to
make you get dressed, but we need to go to the store and get a couple of
"Oh, OK," Jon said.
They procrastinated for a while longer, neither really wanting to break
the mood and get up, but finally Mike rose to his feet and said, "C'mon.
Might as well do it now."
The boys went back to Mike's bedroom and got dressed. Mike put on
boxers, jean shorts, and a button-down shirt. Jon put on his own boxers
and shorts, but wore a t-shirt with a faded logo. While he sat on the edge
of the bed to pull on his socks Jon put a hand on his shoulder and lightly
massaged it. Jon thought that felt great but he didn't say anything.
Reluctantly he got up and they headed for the front door.

Part VII

The boys rode a few miles down the dirt road and then alongside a
busier road until they reached a stripmall that had a grocery store, a
theater, and a few other shops. Before heading to the store the boys
decided to check out the theater and ended up watching a movie.
Jon didn't remember much about it. He spent a lot of the time working
up the nerve to reach over and take his friend's hand in the darkened
theater. Despite Mike's earlier indications he still feared for the
reaction. But when he finally did grab Mike's hand and squeezed it
lightly, Mike didn't say a word. He just squeezed back and they sat that
way watching the movie. Almost felt like a date Jon thought.
Toward the end of the movie Mike released his friend's hand and Jon was
disappointed. But a few moments later he felt fingers on his bare leg.
Mike brushed his hand back and forth, fondling the light coating of hair
on Jon's leg. This made Jon thoroughly excited and he felt his cock
straining against his shorts. Mike's hand continued it's wandering,
reaching up the loose leg of Jon's shorts. Mike then withdrew his hand and
reached over the armrest to put it firmly in Jon's crotch and he started
gently squeezing the outline of his friend's erection.
Jon thought he couldn't take much more. He felt himself emit a small
squirt of pre-cum and he feared he was about to let loose, but he
couldn't bring himself to say anything. It just felt too good. About then
the movie finished its final scene and the credits started rolling. As the
house lights came up Mike withdrew his hand and smiled at Jon.
"So did you enjoy it?" Mike asked mischievously.
"Oh yeah. Could have done with a better ending."
"Actually how did the movie end?" Mike asked. "Guess we'll have to
watch it some time."
Both boys laughed. They sat there watching the credits for a few
moments while the theater emptied and their erections faded. Finally they
got up to leave. As they walked out into the brilliant sunlight Jon looked
down to see a small wet stain on the front of his shorts. He hoped it
wasn't too noticeable. He tried to pull his shirt down to cover it.
The boys went into the grocery store and picked up the few items they
needed and then went back outside. Mike put the groceries in the backpack
he'd brought with him and they got back on their bikes for the ride back
to the house.
When they got there, the boys put their bikes in the garage, hanging
their helmets on the handlebars, and trudged their way to the front door.
Mike unlocked the door and they stepped into the cool interior of the
house. It was a welcome relief after the ride in the hot sun. Both boys
were slightly sweaty. Jon bent down to untie and remove his shoes, but he
was surprised when Mike grabbed him, straightened him back up, pushed him
against the wall, and kissed him.
Jon couldn't believe that his friend had taken this initiative when the
day before it was him that seemed to know what he wanted. Not that he
minded, but he was surprised by his friend's newfound passion. Jon eagerly
kissed him back. Mike took his friend by the hand and nearly dragged him
back to the bedroom. Jon started to protest. After all he was violating
the no shoes in the house rule, but that didn't seem so important at the
When the reached the bedroom, Mike flipped the door closed behind him
and then took Jon firmly by the shoulders and planted another passionate
kiss. The two of them stood that way for a long moment, their tongues
exploring each other's mouths and their hands groping each other's bodies.
Finally Mike broke the kiss, bent down and very quickly unbuttoned and
unzipped his friend's shorts. He yanked them down and let them fall to
Jon's ankles. Then he yanked down Jon's boxers to reveal an erection
standing up at its steep angle, the tip already wet with precum. Mike
pushed his friend back on to the bed. Then without preamble he bent down
took Jon's erection into his mouth and begun tonguing and sucking it
Jon thrashed about on the bed, loving the warm wet sensation on his
prick. He'd fantasized many times about receiving a blowjob, even about
getting one from Mike. Now it had come true and it was better than he
imagined. Mike didn't let up, didn't pause. He just kept working his
friend's erection. Jon knew it wasn't going to take him long and very
quickly he felt that feeling of intense pleasure and inevitability
building up. A second later he came into friend's mouth. Mike still didn't
pause but swallowed Jon's cum and just kept sucking Jon's softening
erection. His cock was now very sensitive and Jon finally had to reach
down and gently pull his friend's head away.
Mike smacked his lips and sighed but didn't say anything. He just put
his head down on his Jon's stomach and watched up close as Jon's cock
slowly softened and began to rest back against its owner's body.
Eventually Mike got up and kneeled at the foot of the bed where Jon's
legs were still dangling. He untied one shoe and slipped it off, running
his hand lightly over the stockinged foot. Then he did the same with the
other. Now that Jon's shoes were out of the way he pulled off the other
boy's shorts and boxers. Then he slowly peeled off Jon's white socks. He
rubbed his hands lightly over the soles of Jon's feet and, standing up,
ran his hands all the way up his friend's body, around each side of his
cock, and then up under the boy's t-shirt.
Jon sat up a little bit and obligingly lifted his arms as his last
article of clothing was removed. After tossing the shirt aside, Jon was
surprised yet again when he felt Mike grab him under the arms and drag him
up toward the head of the bed. His feet were still hanging off the end,
but he was now mostly laying the bed, naked and relaxed. Mike laid himself
along side his friend and pulled close, resting his left hand across Jon's
"Wow," Jon said. Then finally, "That was great."
"Well, I owed you one," Mike said.
"You more than repaid it actually," Jon said, and snuggled closer to
his friend. "This is weird though."
"What is?"
"For once I'm naked and you're clothed. Doesn't seem right."
"Well we can fix that," Mike said, getting off the bed and standing up.
"No, wait. I want to do it."
Jon stood up and got directly in front of Mike. Then he reached out and
began slowing unbuttoning Mike's shirt. When the last button was undone he
put his hands on Mike's sides and ran them up along his smooth chest and
then around to his back. Then pulled them close together, their bare
chests touching. Jon then withdrew his hands, put them on Mike's
shoulders, and ran his hands down along Mike's arms, causing Mike's shirt
to drop off in the process.
That taken care of, the nnude boy knelt down so that he was eye level
with Mike's bellybutton. Reaching over he unbuttoned Mike's shorts and
slowly lowered the zipper. A cloth-covered erection sprang out, but Jon
paid it no attention just yet. Instead he gave a slight tug at Mike's
shorts and they fell down around his ankles. Then Jon loosened his boxers,
pulling the elastic out over the erection standing perpendicular to Mike's
smooth body. The boxers joined the jeans at Mike's feet.
Jon turned his friend slightly and then pushed him back on to the bed.
Still kneeling he grabbed Mike's ankle and lifted it, and used his other
hand to remove the loose clothing, and then again for the other leg. Now
that they were both completely naked, Jon repeated his friend's actions.
He ran his hands from the bottoms of Mike's feet up his legs, around his
prominent erection, and across his chest.
Both boys pulled themselves up so they were completely on the bed. Mike
was laying flat on his back and Jon on his side. They laid together so
that their bodies were touching their full lengths, bare flesh to bare
flesh. The sweat from their bike ride had already evaporated in the cool
air-conditioned air, leaving their bodies dry and soft. Mike put his feet
under Jon's and raised them, pushing the boys even closer together. Mike
was pleased to see that Jon was hard again.
Jon started to move down to where he could again put his mouth around
his friend's erection, when Mike gently stopped him. Instead Mike pulled
Jon on top of him so their erections were sandwiched between their bodies.
"Let's just stay like this for a while," Mike said.
Jon was happy to go along with that. He could feel there was something
new here. It wasn't just the two of them getting each other off. He could
feel that Mike wanted the closeness. The intimacy. He wanted it too and he
was thrilled.
Despite themselves the boys started rocking slowly, moving their bodies
against each other. They started moving faster and faster as their passion
built. They held each other, gripping each other's flesh as they moved
together. Mike came first, the built-up passion pouring out as hot cum
into the space between their bodies. But the boys both continued moving
their bodies together. Then Jon added a bit of additional cum to the mix
and their motions slowed. With a sigh, Jon collapsed all the way down on
his friend and they held each other tight.
Finally Jon lifted himself, opened his eyes, and looked down at the boy
beneath him. Mike smiled and said, "Guess we made a mess again."
"Yeah but it's a fun mess to make."
"Think we'd better clean up."
"OK," Jon said and lifted himself reluctantly off of his friend. They
were very nearly glued together. The boys got up gingerly and went into
the bathroom where they hopped into the shower together. They scrubbed the
sweat and cum off of each other off, but such was the passion they just
experienced that neither of them grew erect this time. When they'd dried
each other off they went back into Mike's bedroom and climbed back into
bed. This time under the sheets and blanket. The boys snuggled close and
drifted off into a nap.


Jon woke a short time later. He didn't usually fall asleep in the
middle of the afternoon, but the times he had he always woke up feeling a
bit out of sorts. He was also hot so he pulled the blanket down to his
waist and lay there for a moment staring at the ceiling. Mike was snoring
lightly. Still uncomfortable Jon got out of bed and padded into the
bathroom. After he'd finished relieving himself he stood in front of the
mirror and considered the nude form reflected back at him. Fifteen years
old, he thought, and his first sex experience was with his best friend. To
hear the other boys brag we was getting started pretty late. And with the
wrong sex for that matter. He knew he would never be able to tell anyone
and he thought it wouldn't last. This magical weekend they'd been left
alone wouldn't repeat itself. He could hardly believe they'd been allowed
it in the first place and figured when things were back to normal Mike
would forget all about this and not want to see him any more. Best to
enjoy it while it lasts he thought.
Jon walked back into the bedroom and sat down next to the still
sleeping boy. While he was deciding whether or not he should wake his
friend, Mike opened one eye and looked at him for a moment. Then he
stretched, arching his body under the blankets.
"G'morning," Mike said.
"Still afternoon actually."
"You OK?"
"Yeah," Jon said. "Just sleeping in the afternoon messes me up a little
"Well," said Mike after a pause, "the way to cure that is to get up and
get active."
Mike tossed the blanket off of him and stood up beside the bed and
stretched again.
"C'mon. I said I was going to get you naked on the beach today. It's
not too late."
"Actually it is and anyway I'm not ready for that yet. I'm still barely
used to being naked around you. I can't go outside."
"Sure you can. Tell you what, let's just take a little walk in the
woods. We'll stay on our property."
"I dunno."
"It'll be fine. Getcha used to it."
Jon followed Mike to the front door. When he got there he spotted the
groceries spilled against the wall still where they'd dropped them
"Oops," Mike giggled. He picked up the bag and took ir to the kitchen
where he quickly put them away.
"Milk was still cold," he said when he got back. "No problem."
Mike picked up his sandals and dragged Jon to the back porch. There he
watched while Jon put on the Teva-style sandals he'd borrowed the day
"I feel silly wearing nothing but these," Jon said.
"I could get you a hat."
Jon stuck his tongue out.
"Tease. Seriously, if you're not ready to do this you don't have to."
"No, I'll try it, but I reserve the right to come running back in
mortal shame."
"Fair enough. But you've nothing to be ashamed of."
Mike walked around the pool to the screen door on the far side. He
opened the door and looked both ways, as if exiting a solid door, then he
whispered back to Jon that the coast was clear.
"Get out there," Jon said, pushing his friend the rest of the way out
the door.

Part IX

The two nude teenagers walked down the wooded path. Mike with the
confidence of someone that was never self-conscious about his body and Jon
with the trepidation of someone that had always been shy about his. Being
with Mike gave him some of that confidence though and before long he
stopped worrying and simply enjoyed the feeling of the breeze blowing
across his nether regions. It was typical hot summer late afternoon, but
it didn't seem so bad without all that heavy clothing. He was still a
little worried they might encounter someone, but what the hell. It was
worth the risk.
They walked wordlessly side by side. It seemed as though they were in
the middle of nowhere with only the sounds of distant birds and the rustle
of the palmetto bushes.
They came around the corner to the edge of a small canal that ran
through the property. They sat on a rough bench that had been constructed
there and looked at the water. Jon was afraid that if he moved suddenly
he might get a splinter in his butt and didn't relish the idea of trying
to get it out. Mike must have read his mind because he warned him of just
"How did you decide that you must be gay?" Mike asked suddenly.
"Lots of things I guess. Main thing was my older cousin, Matt. Used to
live right near us. Did you ever meet him?"
"Yeah, well, he, and don't tell anyone this cause it isn't common
knowledge, is gay."
"Yeah, so I don't when he realized it, but he came to that conclusion
and told his parents one day. I overheard my parents talking about it."
"How'd his parents take it?"
"I don't know. He moved out not long after. I guess in part because of
it, but he still comes home at Christmas so I guess the didn't disown him
or anything."
"One time when he was back visiting I got the chance to talk to him. I
told him I knew and I asked him a bunch of questions. I'd sort of started
to think I might be gay. I think it embarrassed him but he did his best to
answer it all. I asked him a lot about how he knew. It made me realize
that I felt the same way about a lot of things I told him that probably I
was too.
"He said he hoped not and when I asked him why he said because my life
would be a lot easier if I weren't. Then he laughed and told me not to
worry. He said that it would become clear to me soon enough if I was and
in the meantime to keep looking a cute girls."
"Wow. How old were you?"
"I'm not sure. I think I'd just turned 13."
"So after that?"
"After that I began to notice that when we watched a movie my friends
ogled the girls and I was the one noticing the guy. I realized I was
probably different." Jon left his friend alone with his thoughts and
watched a small bird step gingerly along the far side of the creek, poking
the mud with its beak. Eventually it found something to its liking and
snatched it up. It flew up into a knarled old pine to enjoy its catch.
When he looked back Mike was staring at him.
"What about you," Jon asked. "Have you ever wondered?"
"Like I said, that time after Jake and I fooled around I wondered, but
I guess I didn't wonder too hard. I don't think I wanted to admit it to
"I don't blame you," Jon said wryly. "It makes things difficult, I
"But I've got you now."
That comment surprised and pleased Jon. He didn't know what to say so
he just picked up his friend's hand and squeezed it, and they sat like
that for a while. Eventually the conversation resumed and drifted off into
inconsequentials and the light began to deepen as dusk fell.
"We'd better get in before the mosquitoes have us for dinner," Mike
The boys got up went back down the trail the way they'd came until the
scrub growth turned back in to the landscaped back yard. The boys shed
their shoes on the porch and walked back into the house where Mike started
heating up the dinners his mother had left for them. Jon sat down at the
small table in the kitchen so that he could talk to his friend while he
prepared their dinner. Since Jon was already sitting at the table, Mike
set the food out there and they started eating.
"My mom would never believe it," Mike said.
"That we were sitting at a table eating like normal people instead of
in front of the TV."
Jon laughed, "Yeah well my mom would never believe I'm sitting here
"Speaking of, here's your next challenge."
"It's about seven now. My mom won't be home before eight tomorrow. That
means we have the next twenty-four hours. You have to stay naked the
entire time."
Jon thought about it for a second. "OK," he said.
"Including the trip to the beach."
"I dunno."
"It'll be fine."
The boys managed to shovel down the food in pretty short order, talking
around mouthfuls. At one point Mike stretched out his legs and playfully
grabbed Jon's feet with his. They continued to foot wrestle as they
finished eating. Escalating the game Jon raised his right leg straight out
and dropped his foot into Mike lap. The table had a solid top and he
hadn't been able to see what was going on underneath it, so he was
surprised to find that Mike was erect. When Jon's foot came into contact
with his hardon Mike let out an involuntary gasp.
"I see someone's excited," Jon said.
Mike didn't say anything.
"What's the matter?"
"It's embarrassing."
"What being hard? Like I haven't seen that already," Jon said.
"No, it's just. It's embarrassing."
"I thought nothing embarrassed naked boy."
"Well I guess since you came out to me I can come out to you," Mike
said. "I kind of have a thing for, uh, feet."
"What a foot fetish?"
"I guess."
"That's cool," Jon said, and then paused. "So do you like mine?" he
asked, rubbing his bare foot against Mike's stiff cock.
"Oh, yeah."
"Well," said Jon withdrawing his foot and getting up, "C'mon then."
Without looking back Jon walked off toward Mike's bedroom. Rubbing
Mike's cock with his foot had gotten him hard as well and his erection
bounced as he walked through the house. When he reached the bedroom he
turned around to see Mike right behind him. He grabbed Mike's hardon like
a handle and pulled him to the bed. Then he pushed Mike down on to the
floor so that his back was against the bed and his legs were bent at the
knee. Jon sat down on the floor in front of him and put his right foot
back where it had been, up against Mike's hard cock.
Jon stroked his friend's cock for a bit with his toes. He didn't have a
foot fetish himself, he didn't think, but he liked the look of his foot
caressing his friend's hard cock, and he really loved that Mike was
enjoying it. Still, Mike had stopped him from giving another blow job last
time and he really wanted to feel Mike's cock in his mouth again. He
withdrew his foot and turned around. Laying on his stomach, his own
erection pressed against the carpet, he licked Mike from his balls up to
the tip of his quivering penis. Mike shuddered.
Jon raised himself on one elbow while keeping Mike's cock firmly in his
mouth. With his other hand he explored his friend's body and ran his hand
down Mike's leg, then started softly stroking the soft top of Mike's foot.
That seemed to drive Mike over the edge and, bucking his hips, Mike shot
several loads of cum into Jon's mouth. Jon hungrily swallowed it all.
Finally Jon released Mike's cock and sat up. Mike had let his head fall
back against the bed and now raised it. "Thanks," he said.
"No problem," Jon grinned.
"You don't think I'm weird."
"Well, yeah. But not for that. You're just weird in general."
Mike jumped on Jon and knocked him playfully on to his back then
straddled the naked boy and sat on his thighs so that his own softened
cock was resting lightly on Jon's balls. Jon's cock was still at
"Oh yeah?"
"Yeah," Jon giggled.
"Well if you pick on me I won't help you with this," Mike said, tapping
Jon's erection with each word.
"Yes, you will."
"You're right I will". Mike grabbed Jon's cock with his right hand and
started stroking it. With his left hand he massaged Jon's chest. After a
minute or two he bent down, smashing his soft cock against Jon's erect one
and kissed Jon passionately. Then Mike sat back up and moved down Jon's
legs until he could get Jon's stiff cock into his mouth. With less
ferocity than that morning he ministered to Jon's penis. This was only his
second time but he was already a master. He swirled his tongue around all
of the most sensitive spots, then used his lips and tongue to apply
pressure as he moved his head up and down.
Jon straightened his arms and legs and tightened his whole body as he
felt his orgasm building. Just before he reached bliss Mike suddenly
removed his mouth. Jon lay there flat against the floor, eyes closed, on
the brink of ecstasy. He clenched his fingers in the carpet and flexed his
toes. Mike continued stroking Jon's legs, feet, and chest but left his
erection twitching in the cool air. As Jon felt the feeling of impending
orgasm started to fade he suddenly felt the warm wet embrace on his cock
once again. It took only moments before the feeling returned full force
and he orgasmed with a yell the feeling was so overpowering.
When Jon opened his eyes it seemed like he was drifting back down to
the ground from a very high place. He just lay there on the carpet with
Mike still kneeling over him and grinning.
"Oh my God."
"Like it?"
"I'll do anything you want."
Mike laughed and stood up, one leg on each side of Jon. This gave Jon a
pretty unique view of his friend from below, Mike's soft cock was hanging
down and pointing at him. Mike reached out a hand and Jon took it, pulling
himself up.
The boys wiped themselves with a discarded t-shirt and, after another
kiss, wandered back out to the family room. They sat down on opposite ends
of the couch, their legs outstretched and parallel to one another. Mike
turned on the TV and flipped channels for a while, eventually stopping on
a movie they'd already seen. It didn't matter since they were just passing
the time. When the movie ended they switched over to a late night talk
show but neither of them was all that interested in it.
Mike picked up Jon's left foot and placed it in his lap. He used his
thumbs to massage the ball of Jon's foot and then gently stroked Jon's
toes. The soles of his feet were soft. Jon returned the favor, picking up
Mike's foot and massaging it. Mike's soles were tougher from running
around barefoot or in sandals all the time. They both got hard but left
their erections untouched. When the talk show finally ended they stopped
their mutual foot massage and decided it was time to go to bed.
The boys stumbled sleepily to Mike's bedroom and got under the covers.
Jon lay on his side with Mike directly behind him. Jon could feel Mike's
semi-hard penis pressing into the small of his back and Mike's arm draped
over him, lightly rubbing his chest. And it was like that that the boys
fell asleep.

Part X - Monday

For the third morning in a row Jon woke up naked in bed next to his
friend, who was also now his lover. Each day so far had been better. He
was past worrying about what Mike was going to do. He was determined to
just enjoy what they had, for as long as it might last.
During the night they had separated but now that he was awake he rolled
over and snuggled close to Mike's warm body and drifted off back to sleep.
When Jon awoke again Mike was awake too and was lightly caressing his
back. Jon stretched and hugged his friend.
"G'mornin," Jon said.
Jon started to close his eyes again.
"No you don't," Mike said. "Time to get up sleepy-head."
"It's too early. Ten more minutes."
"Please?" Jon asked.
"Tell ya what. I'm going to go out and start making breakfast. I'd
better see your bare ass out there when it's ready or I'm comin' back in
here with ice water."
"You wouldn't."
"Oh yes I would," Mike laughed, then got up and headed out the door.
Jon pulled the covers back around him, turned over on his stomach, and
curled up back into the warm bed. A few minutes later he woke back up with
a start. There was something cold sliding down his ass. Mike had pulled
back the covers and dropped a single ice cube on his butt cheeks.
"All right, all right, I'm up," Jon said. "You don't fight fair."
"Your point being?"
The boys headed out to the kitchen together and ate breakfast. When
they had finished eating and putting stuff away they headed out to the
porch as had become their habit.
"Are you ready for the beach?" Mike asked.
"I guess. I don't think I really want to meet anyone else though."
"That's fine. We don't have to go socialize like we did last time.
Anyway it's a Monday there won't be as many people there."
"And you want to go there naked?"
"Yep," said Mike. "I told you. Twenty-four hours."
"You're sure it's OK."
"Yeah I've done it plenty of times."
"OK, let's go before I change my mind."
The boys went back inside and repacked their cooler with drinks and
sandwiches for lunch. Mike then sent Jon out to the porch to wait while he
brought their bikes around. He knew Jon wouldn't want to wander around
the front yard nude, even though the front of the house was well out of
sight of the street.
On the porch they applied sunblock to each other with the inevitable
result. A little giggling, groping, and pleasuring later they were ready
to set out so they hung the cooler on Mike's handlebars and a bag on Jon's
and rode off on to the trail. This was another new one for Jon. Riding a
bike through the woods wearing nothing but a pair of sandals. It wasn't
all that comfortable and he was wishing he'd brought a towel for the seat.
He was well motivated though by the view of Mike pedaling along in front
of him. Somehow naked boy not only looked comfortable, but damned sexy,
Jon thought.
After the brief canoe trip the boys walked over the bank on to the wide
sandy beach. Picking a spot they dropped their things and started
spreading out towels. There was a smaller crowd visible to the north and
no one else in sight. Mike was right and the beach was mostly deserted,
which made Jon a little more comfortable. Still he laid down on his
stomach and kept nervously glancing up and down the beach.
"Calm down," Mike said.
"Easy for you to say."
"After you've walked up to some naked stranger and had a conversation
about the weather you'll realize it's no big deal."
"Hey, it is too a big deal," Jon said, looking down at himself.
Mike laughed.
After laying in the sun a bit Mike suggested a walk. "You'll be
surprised how free it feels. Simple pleasure of walking along the shore."
The boys walked down to the water's edge and headed off south where
there weren't any people. They walked for a while talking, their feet
splashing the edge of the waves. Jon was actually becoming comfortable
with being nude and Mike was right, it really was enjoyable.
Eventually they turned around and started walking back up the beach. To
Jon's horror he could see someone coming their way. He kept trying to
measure the distance to see if they would be able to veer off to their
towels before they had to pass him. Mike could sense his friend's
"It'll be fine," he said. "Just keep walking."
"I don't want to run into anyone I know."
"Why not? There's two possibilities if it is someone you know. Either
they'll be naked too, in which case you'll just know someone else that
likes to frequent the beach, or it'll be someone fully dressed with a
panama hat and a pair of binoculars, in which case he's a voyeur and you
get to make fun of him for the rest of his life."
Jon forced a laugh and agreed but he was still nervous. As their paths
approached Jon could tell that the oncoming figure was a guy and he was
nude. That made him feel a bit better. As they got even closer he could
see the guy looked to be about twenty, well built but from his tanlines
obviously not a regular on this beach. Probably a college student on
break. As they passed the man he nodded and the boys nodded back. He
seemed nonplussed by the two naked teenagers. After they'd passed him Mike
glanced over his shoulder and whispered in his friend's ear, "nice ass."
Mike didn't force Jon down to the perpetual volleyball area and after a
swim in the ocean they ate lunch. Skinny-dipping in the ocean was again
different from skinny-dipping in the pool Jon realized. He was beginning
to realize all of the simple pleasures he'd missed out on and was glad he
was getting the chance to experience them now. They both tried a bit of
body surfing. They weren't all that successful but Mike's nude bode
gliding through the waves turned Jon on immensely.

By late afternoon the boys decided to head in and packed up their
stuff. They reversed the mini-eco-challenge, as Jon had called it, and
finally arrived back at Mike's house. They leaned their bikes against the
side of the house and dropped the cooler and things onto the porch. As Jon
went over to the outside shower to rinse the sand off of him Mike suddenly
gave him a push in back and he went flailing into the pool. Mike kicked
off his sandals and dove in after him with a whoop.
"You putz!" Jon said laughing. "What was that for?"
"Cause it was fun."
Jon stood up in the middle of the pool, the water coming up to the
middle of his chest. Mike swam over to him hugged Jon. They looked into
each other's eyes for a moment and then leaned forward for a kiss. Now
that they had started to get to know one another these small acts came
automatically. Mike stepped closer, stepping up onto the tops of Jon's
sandaled feet and they began to grind their bodies together. Mike could
feel himself getting hard and poking into his friend's belly. He could
also feel an erection sliding between his legs and against his balls. He
enjoyed that a lot but he wanted more.
Stepping back Mike took advantage of the buoyancy to lift his friend
and carry him to the side of the pool. There he lifted him partly out of
the water and set him on the shallow bench set into the pool. About half
of Jon's erection broke the surface of the water, pointing straight into
the sky.
Mike leaned in close, putting his hands on Jon's thighs he took Jon's
erection into his mouth once again. He tasted a combination of Jon's musk,
the salt from the sea, and the chlorine from the pool. It was
intoxicating. Keeping his mouth where it was he reached under water and
captured Jon's feet. One at a time he removed the rubber beach sandals,
and let them float to the surface.
As he felt the sandals being removed, it make Jon realize that those
were the only thing he had worn today, and that their removal felt almost
like getting undressed. Any item of clothing would do he thought, to make
the distinction. Remembering his friend's fetish he maneuvered his feet
around so that he could grab Mike's erection between them. It was a little
awkward but he ended up gripping Mike's cock with the arches of his feet
while Mike's mouth continued to work magic on his own erection.
The two of them concentrated on there own and each other's pleasure
like that for several minutes. Eventually Jon felt that wondering feeling
rising and he shot a number of loads into Mike's waiting mouth. Mike
moaned with his mouth still on Jon's cock and that feeling gave Jon what
felt almost like a second mini-orgasm, another wave of pleasure when he
thought it had already passed. He rubbed Mike's still-dry hair and stroked
Mike's neck. He felt Mike speed up his thrusting, rubbing his cock between
the arches of Jon's feet. He gave a final thrust and groaned again and Jon
guessed the pool filter had a little extra work to do.
Jon hopped down off of the bench and the boys hugged close for many
minutes. When they finally pulled away the cool water rushed between them
and Jon shivered slightly. They got out of the pool dried each other off,
and then got wet again when they stepped inside to shower away the salt
and chlorine. When the boys were once again clean and dry they sat back
down on the couch. In between flipping channels they traded a shoulder and
foot massage and talked about their friends, the next year of school,
their college and career plans, and they allowed how they hoped they could
do all of that together.

Before it seemed possible, they had eaten dinner, cleaned up the few
messes they'd made about the house, and it was seven o'clock. With some
sense of ceremony they boys walked back to Mike's bedroom where Jon pulled
clothes out of his bag and got dressed as Mike watched. It really did feel
uncomfortable getting dressed again after more than twenty-four hours in
the nude. In that same time he'd also had more sex than he'd dreamed
Mike knew better than to suggest to Jon that he stay nude. He knew his
mother wouldn't care, but he also knew Jon wouldn't be comfortable with
that, so they returned to the family room couch. Mike, of course, stayed
undressed, but Jon was now wearing his usual jean shorts and a t-shirt. He
did, however, stay barefoot. He put his feet on the coffee table and
flexed his toes for Mike's appreciation.
The boys were watching TV when the phone rang. It was Mike's mom. She
called to tell them her trip had been extended and she needed to stay
another day. She said she hated leaving them alone since Mike's father
wasn't due home until the next weekend. Mike assured her that they'd be
fine and that they had plenty of stuff for another dinner and not to worry
about it. When they'd finished he hung up and smiled at Jon. Jon had
guessed what the phone call was about and was grinning. Mike relayed the
"Now," Mike said, "let's get you out of those clothes."
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