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Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2012 22:40:15 -0800 (PST)
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Subject: The new boarding school for boys. chapter 3


By boys in the hood.


Do not read if you are not
18 and over as this is not for you.

No one was harmed during the
making of this story as no one
is alive to tell. Yeah this story
is all fiction. Make believe.
It never happened.

Copyright ; 2012; Boys in the hood.

Do not copy, change or repost
without first contacting the owner.

This story is a continuation of my first story
called "boarding school for loving boys."
You need to read that one first to make
scene of this story.

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Chapter 3 A surprise for all the boys.

Ansari and David became special friends after meeting one another at the
gay boarding school. David's dad was one of the teachers and he too
attended the boarding school when he was a young tyke.

After a full day at school all the boys ended the day with a swim and
relaxing soak in the spa's and hot pools. David and Ansari fondled one
another as they sat in the hot water looking at all the naked boys playing
and having fun with one another.

"Hey Ansari, how did you end up coming here." David asked his love. "Um
well my dad found me kissing another boy in my bed room and was shocked at
first to see me naked and stiff with the boys hands around my uncut wiener
milking me to relief." Ansari gasped. "Wow, that must have sucked dude."
David giggled.

"Hai, my father was a reserved man and as we are Japanese our culture does
not allow boys to have sex with other boys as we are meant to grow and
marry a female and have babies so they will look after their parents."
Ansari remarked. "Shit dude, my dad is gay and he loves me no matter what,
we have talked about being gay and wanting boyfriends when I was 9 and I
knew that my dad was having sex with another man and I wanted to have sex
with boys as well." David grinned.

"You are so lucky to have a father to understand your sexual needs as my
father realised that I was not going to change my ways after he found me
sucking my class mate's cock and soon I found myself being delivered to
this school as he knew I would be a laughing stock at my old school."
Ansari quoted.

"I'm glad that I met you and got you as my special friend before any other
boy got to you.' David grinned as he stroked the boy's foreskin under the
water. "Ooh, that sure feels great David, I can't wait for tonight's fun."
Ansari cooed. "I know you will enjoy our night in the lovers room as that
is where my dad and his love did it as a boy and he told me all about the
fun he had in there." David winked.

Desmond and his brothers were soaking in the hot tub as they pulled their
foreskins back to feel the hot water run over their exposed knobs. Sammy
and Rory were enjoying the relaxing water blow over their exposed wieners
as a jet of hot water brought them to relief. `You two cummed in the water
didn't you?" Desmond asked his brothers.

"You bet we did Desmond, these jets sure give you much pleasure when you
are randy enough to poke them real close to the holes." Rory quipped. "I'm
glad that our dad brought us here as our friends back home would be pissed
off seeing all these cocks flopping about in the pool." Sammy grinned.

Ben Nick and Oliver were in the steam room rubbing their cut cocks as they
checked out the other boys sitting near them." I know I have said this
before but I sometimes feel sad that our dad got our skins cut off as I
would love to dock with all of these other cut boys and rub my skin over
their cock heads." Ben gasped as he shot out a stream of cum over his
brother's leg.

`Hey, watch where you are pointing that thing of yours." Oliver moaned
wiping his brothers cum off his leg. "Sorry Oliver, it should have landed
in your mouth." Ben quipped. All the boys chuckled at that remark. "I
remember when Ben first squirted his goo and he was shocked to see it
squirt out of his wiener." Nick giggled.

"We all were shocked as we only could dry cum and boy was it awesome to see
Ben shoot his load all over his balls." Oliver grinned. `You know when you
have had your first wet cum as it feels different to a dry one." Ben
announced. `All boys that jerk off and find out that this shit flies out of
your hole must feel shocked or wondering what is happening to their dick as
you are used to dry cuming and boy when it happens you feel like you are
peeing but enjoying it a hell of a lot better." Nick remarked.

Their dad was right about his sons learning from one another as the oldest
boy would show his younger brother all about his cock and how to jerk off
and enjoy the feeling down there so all his sons enjoyed giving each other
pleasure as they entered puberty. Now the boys were learning how to give
pleasure to other boys that were not quite advanced in sex as they were.

Shawn and Toby who were finishing their lessons with the older boys were
now heading to the pool seeing their sons David and Paul with their
boyfriends enjoying their swim together. Ansari was kissing David as the
dad's watched their son blushing as the dads entered the pool. "Um well it
looks like our son will need the sex talk as he sure is growing up." Shawn

`Dad, I already know about sex and how to do it." David remarked as he and
Ansari swam towards the steps and ran towards the diving boards. `He's a
little shy dad, he feels embarrassed about kissing in front of you." Paul
gasped. "Are you shy about you and Mike kissing in front of us." Toby
asked his son. "Nah, we are cool about sex in front of others and we are
not worried about you seeing us doing it." Paul announced.

`That's cool son, well us dads are going to enjoy some anal sex as we have
had a hard day in class and you know we need to relax together and unload
our jewels." Shawn said startling the boys. "Gee dad, enough information
sir." Paul gasped. Mike looked at Paul giving him the evil eye. "No Mike,
not tonight dude." Paul groaned. Mike loves to be the top at times and
forgets where he is as he does the deed to Paul's pink anus.

"Oh gee Paul, you sound like you don't like me now." Mike mumbled. "I do
like you Mike BUT you sometimes get out of control and go overboard
sticking it in me." Paul replied. "I'm sorry Paul, I really love you and
sometimes I just forget where I am." Mike replied. Paul took Mike's hand
and brought him close to him and gently kissed him on the lips.

Both boys were erect and forgetting where they were as the other boys came
over and gave them a ragging about doing it in the pool. "Wow, wow, wow."
Oliver gasped as he watched the two boys giving each other a hard
tonguing. "Now that is love." Desmond said as the two kissing boys unlocked
their lips.

"Now guys how about you go and find a room. Harry remarked. "Sorry sir, we
just got caught up and forgot where we were." Paul apologised. "Ok then,
get ready for dinner as we are having some guests over for dinner." Harry
told the boys. "Guests, who are they?" Mike asked. `Wait and see." Harry
grinned. J.W was about to announce to all the school to dress in their
school uniforms and go to the picnic area for dinner.

A special dinner was going to be held outside and the boys were wondering
who was coming over. Two busloads of visitors soon arrived at the bus
stand and 30 boys and teachers departed the bus and stood at the visitors
center. Harry, J.W, Toby and Shawn welcomed the guests and showing the way
to the picnic area. Tables were now filled with plates and glasses as the
prefects showed the guests to the tables.

"Oh my god, oh shit, what the fuck is going on." Ansari gasped as he saw a
boy he thought he would never see again. `What's up little one?" Ben asked.
"I don't know but that boy in the white suit was my best friend back in
japan and now he is here." Ansari gasped. All the boys were checking out
all the visitors and in seconds Shawn stood next to the microphone and
welcomed the guests to their school.

"First off I would like to welcome our guests to our school and second I
would like to say that all the boys here would like to welcome you all and
I ask you to please enjoy your stay and if you have any questions please
ask us." Shawn announced.

.J.W stood up and took over the announcements. "Boys as you see we have
guests from around the world and they are here to see how our school works
and how you boys live here." J.W told everyone. "Now I know why Toshi is
here as he is gay too." Ansari said. "Well I bet all those boys are gay and
want to see how our school treats us gay boys.' David replied.

"Now boys our guests have travelled a long way and since we have extra
rooms for visitors we will be hosting our guests for a few days so I ask
you to show your welcoming arms and show your fellow gay boys a truly New
Mexican fun time." Harry chuckled. `I sure will." Desmond grinned as he
looked at an Australian boy holding an Australian flag in his hand.

Everyone now sat at their tables as waiters brought out a huge drink
dispenser and started to fill glasses of sodas for all the boys. Ansari was
staring at Toshi and wanted to talk to him but had to wait until it was
time to do so. The visitors were from cities that were going to open new
schools for gay boys in their own countries and asked to see how the New
Mexico school was run and how the boys learned new things about being gay
and so on.

"My wiener is so stiff, shit I can't wait to grab me some Brits arse."
Oliver grunted as he adjusted his stiff bone. "Calm down brother, you will
get to see them naked soon enough." Ben quipped. "I bet he wants to see
his wrinkled little foreskin and suck it deeply into his mouth." Nick
giggled. `How do you know he has a foreskin Nick, we have not seen his
pecker yet." Oliver questioned. `Well dufus, in Great Britton they don't
cut off their wiener skins like they do over here and I bet he still has
his wrinkle bits still attached to his cock." Ben quoted.

`But Desmond, Sammy and Rory aren't cut." Nick giggled. `I know that dip
head. Ben moaned. `Anyway Ansari has seen a boy he knew back in Japan and
we need to get them together real soon like." David said. `We will do that
soon enough." Desmond quipped. The Picnic dinner was soon brought out and
the guests were served first and soon everyone was enjoying their meal.

The boys found a place to hang out as the guests finished their dinner and
asked if their boys could now mingle with us guys. `I Gotto see him."
Ansari groaned. "In a minute little one, he's just talking to our dad
Ansari, he'll be here in a minute." Paul squeaked. In no time Toshi was
being led towards the boys as Shawn had a huge grin on his face as he
approached Ansari.

`I believe you two know each other." Shawn said as Toshi and Ansari bowed
to each other three times and then fell into each other's arms. Both boys
cried and tried to talk at the same time in Japanese. "Oh I have missed you
Ansari, I have longed to see you again." Toshi said as he wiped the tears
from his eyes.

`I too Toshi, I cried so much when dad sent me here but now I am happy to
see you again." Ansari grinned. Both boys were talking in Japanese and
forgot about the other boys around them. "So sorry, My English is bad,
forgive me." Toshi muttered. Ansari was getting better at his own English
and said he would translate for Toshi from time to time.

`It's ok Ansari, its your mother tongue and we don't mind you speaking in
Japanese as long as you don't forget us." David said bowing his head. "I'm
sorry my love, Toshi, I want you to meet my boyfriend David-san." Ansari
grinned. Both boys bowed and gave each other a hug and a gentle kiss. `Oh I
see you have a boyfriend now, I too have a boyfriend and his name is
Kimono." Toshi replied. He showed a photo of the boy and Ansari remembered
him from his own school.

"G'day mate." Desmond grinned as he approached the Aussie boy in the kaki
suit. `G'day to you!" The boy replied. "So how do you like our school
then?" Desmond asked. "So far it looks like any other boarding school but I
bet it will look better when we are inside it." Andy grinned. "Say my name
is Desmond and my dad is a teacher here and all my brothers are here too."
Desmond smiled.

"Ok that sounds great, my name is Andy and I have a brother back home in
Melbourne." Andy announced. The boys walked around the grounds and chatted
about themselves. `Well hello there handsome." Oliver said as he
approached the boy from Manchester England.

`Hello there." Nickolas replied. He looked over the yank and soon saw a
blond haired boy with blue green eyes looking at him.. "Do you come here
often?" Oliver joked. "Only when someone is cute looking as you are.'
Nickolas smirked. Both boys hit it off and relaxed by the picnic table
finding out things about each other.

Back in the picnic grounds the visiting boys soon hooked up with the boys
at the boarding school and were shown around the school grounds. While that
happened the boys luggage was brought to the visitors rooms and their
teachers were now enjoying a few glasses of wine as their charges settled
in to their new environment.

Ben was helping some boys with their English as they mainly spoke Spanish
and Ben had learned to speak their language in his old school.

"So where is the dunny mate, I need to pee." Andy asked Desmond. Desmond
had to think what Andy had just asked and soon remembered that the dunny
was what the Aussies called the rest room. `Oh you need the restroom, well
it's this way." Desmond replied. Both boys entered the bathroom and stood
in front of the open urinals.

"We don't have those offending privacy walls here so if you are shy then
you can use the stalls." Desmond joked. Andy stood in front of the urinal
and unzipped his shorts and grabbed his 4 inch stiff circumcised wand and
began to pee into the urinal. Desmond unzipped and dragged out his 5 inch
uncut cock and began to peel his long foreskin back exposing his purple

"Wow, I thought all you lot over here were cut like me." Andy gasped as he
watched Desmond pee into the urinal. "Yeah, I got that a lot when I was in
my old school. All my brothers still have their foreskins and I got a lot
of jokes at my old school about having my foreskin." Desmond replied as he
zipped up. `Hey, don't rush on my behalf." Andy grinned as he stroked his
cut cock and gave a wink to Desmond.

Desmond unzipped and took out his tool and slowly masturbated his foreskin
as Andy watched the purple head appear and disappear under the pink
skin. "My friend back home has a dick like yours and boy does it look
awesome when he jerks off.' Andy sighed as he stood closer to Desmond.

Both boys were now in the throes of cuming and soon emptied their balls as
Ansari and Toshi entered the bathroom. "I can see that you boys surely
enjoy jerking off in here." Toshi said in Japanese to Ansari. As Toshi saw
the remaining cum drip down the stainless steel urinal. "They do it all
the time in here, it looks like snails have been zipping up and down the

Ansari giggled as it did look like a snail trail on the trough. The two
boys unzipped and took out their uncut wieners and opened their foreskins
like all good uncut Japanese boys should and began to sing the pee song
they were taught back in Japan. It was a song they learned in pre school
and it was about how boys peed and how they had to peel their foreskins
back to urinate.

Desmond and Andy watched on as they checked out the Japanese boys enjoying
their time at the urinal. "I will tell you later on what we were doing."
Ansari said to Desmond. The boys bowed and quickly left the bathroom
giggling as they went to Ansari's room and caught up on news about each

`Now that was real funny.' Desmond chuckled as he wiped the end of his
purple pee slit removing the cum off his pee hole. Andy squeezed his cut
wiener seeing a blob of cum slip out of his hole and licked the offending
cum into his mouth. `My kind of boy.' Desmond said smiling at Andy's

The visitors arrived at the gym hall and sat in the seats as they were told
all about the life and schooling of the gay boy they were now visiting. A
video was showing the boys what they did at school and soon the new boys
watched how the other boys enjoyed swimming in the nude and did gym with no
clothes on.

Quite a lot of boners were now tenting shorts.

The video finished with the boys relaxing in their rooms or in the loving
room. The new boys were gasping as they watched the boys doing things that
they all wanted to do in their old school. A few teachers were trying to
calm their charges as they were really getting into the movie.

Drinks and snacks soon followed and then it was time to hit the sack.
Ansari gave his friend a hug and a kiss before heading to their rooms. They
would get some loving time over the four day stay. `I'm glad that I met you
Andy. I will see you tomorrow." Desmond smiled as he smacked Andy's butt.
Oliver was giving his British guest a hug and said he will be waiting for
him for breakfast tomorrow.

All the boys were now jerking off in the shower room and squirting heaps of
young teen cum all over the floor. "I bet there is not one boy who has full
balls right now." Toby giggled as he stroked Shawn's huge cock. "I know our
sons will be empty right now as a few boys sure took a fancy to our boys."
Toby grunted as he spat a deep squirt into Shawn's butt.

it was day light when the school bell rang waking the boys from a deep
sleep. A few had wet dreams and found a wet spot on their beds. "Shit, I
did it again." Desmond groaned. `Looks like we all did.' His brother said
as he sat up seeing the wet sticky goo under his foreskin. "Boy am I wet."
Oliver said as he too woke up finding he too had cummed during the night.

Breakfast was almost ready as the visitors washed and dressed ready to eat
their morning meal. The rest of the boys quickly took care of their needs
and dressed ready to meet their guests. "Good morning boys, after
breakfast we will have a Sex E.D talk about boys and their boyfriends."
Coach announced.

"Now this is going to be fun as I bet our visitors have not seen what we
see in our sex E.D classes." Ben grinned as he finished his ham and
eggs. "I can't wait to see the looks on those boy's faces when our coach
tells them what we have been learning about making love to another boy."
Nick beamed. It was time to settle down and watch a video about two boys
falling in love and how to love your partner. "Oh my god." Andy gasped as
he watched how a boy was giving pleasure to another boy.

"Desmond, do you always see videos like this one." Andy grunted as he felt
precum drip out of his pee slit. "Yup, this is a normal day at school."
Desmond grinned as he watched Andy's shorts tent up. All the new boys and
teachers were bug eyed as they watched two boys now kissing and sucking
tongues. Another video showed how cut boys can enjoy docking with an uncut
boy and see how a foreskin blows up when a boy cums into the foreskin.

That was it for the new boys who tried to stop their load from shooting out
of their wieners and wet their undies in a way that they have never blown a
load before. "Are you wet my friend." Ansari asked Toshi. `Hai, I didn't
even touch my dick and I filled my undies with snot." Toshi grunted as he
tried to milk the cums out of his foreskin.

"I did the first time I saw this video and boy did it shock me when they
docked dicks." Ansari grinned. Nickolas was trying not to squirm in his
underpants as he felt the warm cum drip around his balls. Oliver knew what
he did and giggled as he watched Nickolas try and pull his wet undies off
his wet balls. `I should have warned you Nickolas but I wanted to see your
reaction." Oliver chuckled.

`You always get to see stuff like this." Nickolas asked. `Yup every week we
get a new video from a place that makes them for us and boy you need to
jerk off before we get to see them." Oliver smirked as he made the jerking
motion. "Now I know why." Nickolas grunted.

We had a morning snack and quite a few boys had to enter the bathroom to
clean up their mess and a few enjoyed a wanking session with friends before
heading back to class. In the meantime Shawn was explaining to the new
teachers that they don't hold back when teaching the gay boys all about
teen sex and how they can enjoy each other's needs.

"I can see that." The British teacher said as he watched his group of boys
return with wet patches on the front of their shorts. "I don't know if I
could show this back home, how did you get this passed through the
education department." The Aussie teacher asked. `Simple, all the boys
parents had to sign a paper that allowed us to show these kind of films to
the boys and as for the education department they can't say anything as we
are a private school and they have no powers here." Toby replied.

"I see, well I bet a few of my boys would love to stay here and we all
would love to have a school like yours in our home countries." The Japanese
teacher grinned. "We will give you all the info you need to start your own
boarding school like ours and give you all the help you need to get it
started." Harry grinned.

The rest of the morning class was about health and use of condoms and how
to have safe sex. Discussions about the care of foreskins and how boys
with circumcised penis' can enjoy joining wieners' with uncut boys and how
to help them clean after sex. The rest of the day was free time and that
is when the boys relaxed naked in the gym or in the indoor/outdoor pools.

Lunch time was relaxing as all the boys entertained one another talking
about their special
sex lessons. "I came twice." Andy giggled as he cleaned his mouth after
eating his lunch. "You're lucky your teacher was not watching you as you
came in your undies as our teacher saw all of our wet spots as we went out
for our snacks as he checked us as we left the room." Nickolas grunted.

`Did you know that all of our teachers can't cum or get boners as they had
to get medical? treatment before they can be teachers here." Desmond
quoted. "Except for our dad's that is.' Dave announced. "So why is that?"
Toshi asked Ansari. "So that they can't do anything to us like fuck us and
stuff." Ansari grinned."

Ansari told the other boys what Toshi asked and giggled as they were told
about the reason for their teachers operations on their dicks. The boys
went swimming and it was a first for most of the visitors to swim in the
nude with other boys. Toshi had done this in his school as all the boys
swam in the nude as that was part of their tradition in Japan.

"I bet you all enjoyed seeing cut boys getting their wieners covered with a
boys foreskin, anyone done that before." Sammy enquired. "I have with a boy
in Australia, he had a huge dick skin and would let you pee in it." Andy
replied. "My foreskin is a little tight and I don't know if I can do that."
Nickolas quoted. "You just need to keep it stretched and I can show you how
we do it." Desmond remarked.

"Oh you mean the docking stretcher." Sammy quoted. "You will love it." Rory
said as he pulled his foreskin back saying he couldn't do this a few weeks
ago and now his foreskin can take most cut boys cocks inside his dick skin.
"I used it Toshi, but you are loose as yours pulls back when you get
stiffies." Ansari chuckled to Toshi. "Hai, my dad said I have a foreskin
that exposes my head when I get erect and told me to pull the skin down
over my dick to stretch it." Toshi explained as he showed the boys his
exercises on his foreskin.

"I can't watch or I will blow my load." Andy groaned as he quickly left the
pool to
head to the toilet to give himself a good pounding. "He's like me you
guys, he's into foreskins and when he sees boys pulling their foreskins
back it just turns us on." Ben announced. "I know how he feels, I have a
friend who is cut and he is the only boy in my class who does not have a
foreskin and when he sleeps over he always cums when I wash my cock in
front of him." Nickolas chuckled.

"You can see that we have some boys here who are not cut and they don't
mind us watching them wash their skins as we all get to dock with them."
Nick grinned. "Yeah he should know as he always is trying to dock with me."
Rory muttered. "He likes your wiener Rory, he likes all uncut boys."
Desmond quoted.

End of chapter 3.


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