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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Prep The Models

Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2010 18:00:35 -0800 (PST)
From: Cool Cat <>
Subject: Prep the Models

This story is complete fiction and in no way represents how the legitimate
boy or girl model sites operate. This is a story made up and written from
my own imagination. The story is just for those who are able to distinguish
fact from fiction, and know not to cross the line when it comes to contact
with underage children. This story involves underage boys and sexual acts.
If this offends you or is illegal for you to read, then please stop and
return to the home page.

Chapter 1

Here I am, just walking out of the dressing room after preparing one of
the boys for a photo shoot. I watch him as he turns back and smiles at me
and gives me a wave before he steps onto the set where the lights are all
set up to get the best lighting for his next session. Just 15 minutes
earlier the photographer had called me to the set and told me he was done
with the first part of the shoot, and needed me to prep the boy for the
next set. I looked at the 10 yr old blond who was in nothing but a pair of
white boxer briefs with the name brand printed in black around the
waistband and smiled. He was one of my favorites and I am one of his
favorite prep boys. I know why the photographer needed my help, because I
can see the kids boner sticking straight up in his undies.

"We need him a little less excited for this next session, you know what to
do." The photographer said as the kid grabbed onto my hand and started
leading me to the dressing room.

"Want him all soft?" I asked.

"Naw, just semi, still need to see alittle of that cute thing of his, you
know thats what the customer want." He answered me.

"Ok, give us 10. That should do it." I said over my shoulder as we got to
the door. When I shut the door I saw little Rich starting to pull his
shorts off and was showing off his smooth ass to me as he slipped them off
stepping out of them.

"You want me to do the usual?" I asked him as he turned to me with a smile
on his face and his 4" cut boner sticking staight up and almost touching
his stomach. Its purple head revealing that he must have been hard for a
while now.

"Can you do me like you did Jason the other day? I thought that looked
fun." He said in his girlish voice referring to the threesome I had with
him and another 12 yr old model who were doing a shoot together and needed
some calming down. I had gotten behind Jason and licked his boyhole and
jacked his cock while he sucked the 10 yr old.

"Sure, didn't know you liked that kind of stuff, but yeah, I would like
that. Get up on the table here and get on your knees." I said to him as I
pulled my own shorts down so I could stroke my 14 yr old cock as I took
care of my little model.

When he climbed up on the table and got on his knees I ran my fingers up
and down his back and then positioned him so that his ass was sticking in
front of my face. Reaching between his legs I took ahold of his little rod
with my finger and thumb and stroked him up and down, feeling the hard boy
flesh twitch at my touch. Then I leaned down and started licking my tongue
up and down his smooth ass crack. I heard him moan as he pushed his ass
back into my face when my tongue found his tight boyhole. Shoving my tongue
into him a little deeper I continued jacking his boycock slowly, and his
body started rocking back and forth as he continued to moan. After a couple
minutes of this I let my mouth slide down farther until his small balls
were close enough for me to lick from behind. I sucked them both into my
mouth and and kept stroking him.

"Ohhh, Jamie, that feels so good." He groaned as I released his balls from
my mouth and without saying a word I turned him over on his back and put
his legs over my shoulders before I dove between his legs and swallowed his
throbbing dick with one quick motion.

I knew I didn't have much time, because in modeling, time is money, and it
was my job to get this boy off so his dick would soften up just a little.
I flicked my tongue over the head of his cock and started bobbing up and
down on his little shaft faster and faster, with his hips bucking up into
my face. Soon I heard him wimper and his legs clamped around my head as
his cock spasmed in my mouth. I was jacking my cock with my free hand,
feeling the precum making my own shaft wet and slick.

"Jamie, stop, I am done..." He moaned as he pushed my head away from his

"Sorry, got carred away again." I said as I stood up and kept stroking my

"You close?" He asked me as he jumped down from the table wiping my saliva
from his stomach and crotch.

"Yeah, takes me a little longer." I said.

"Let me help you then, we still got some time." He said as he took hold of
my cock and started stroking it in his little hands. Then he got on his
knees and with his face just inches from my cock he pumped me faster and
licked the head of my teen cock until he heard me moan. His small mouth
covered the tip of my cock as it started squirting out my fresh cum. He had
done this many times with me before, but I was still in awe of how much he
seemed to like drinking my teen boy juice. Swallowing it down and then
licking his lips clean after he was sure I was done.

"All better?" He asked as he stood up.

"Much better, thanks Rich." I answered.

"Thanks for doing that to me, I liked how it felt... like a lot." He said
with an enthusiastic smile.

"Me too, thanks for suggesting it. Now get your undies back on... it looks
like we got you how Jeff wanted you, your not hard as a rock now." I said
pointing as his reddened semi flaccid cock dangled down between his legs.
He slipped them back on and adjusted his dick in his shorts so that the
outline could still be seen. I took him by the hand and led him out the

If your reading this your probably a little jealous of me, and wonder who
the hell I am. How does a 14 yr old boy get a job like mine? The answer is
I have this job because I am still underage, so me helping out some of the
horny boy models is technically not illegal, just boys having fun. I got
the job because I was a boy model for this company before, and had my own
prep boys help me out. This is not my only job, I still model, and the
truth is that I helped build the website I model for into the multi million
dollar company it is today. They have rewarded me with part ownership. I
love my job, because I get to show younger boys all the things I learned
when I was about their age. You see, in the business I am in, its
important that our customers get to see the boys aroused or semi aroused in
many of their shots, but they were always clothed and it is all legal. The
job of the prepper is to make sure these boys stay semi aroused, or in some
instances, we want them completely hard, although the angle of the shot is
taken in such a way that you really have to look close to see. I can assure
you that our customers always spot the boners.

Some of you may already know who I am, although you don't know my real
name, you know my face, you know what I look like, you know that my tanned
body made you have evil thoughts. Some of you have probably even pulled out
your hard cocks and stroked to an incredible orgasm as you drooled over my
pictures. I am a model who has been featured many times on the legal
website that contain pictures of boys my age and younger in various
costumes. What you may not know is that I am now a couple years older then
what you think. Those pictures you look at are of me from age 9 to 12, but
now I am 14 so I am not in the age group many of our customers perfer. You
all know me as Jamie, but like I said, thats not my real name. Since you
have seen me last I have grown about 8" in size and now stand at 5"9 and
weigh 130 lbs. I still work out and my body is still lean although my abs
are now more defined and my face looks more square and less immature. My
brown hair is alittle longer, not groomed as carefully as it was when I was
in front of the camera. My dark eyes are still something that draws both
male and females to stare at and comment on. For those of you wondering my
cock has obviously grown and thickened since you last saw it stretching the
fabric of the costume I was wearing. For the record when I started modeling
my boy dick was right at 3" hard, and by the time I stopped modeling it was
5 1/4" hard. Back then It was about as thick as a grown mans pinkie
finger, but now it stands out at 6" hard and about as thick as a cigar.
The last bit of information I can give you is that I am definitly into boys
and thats why I am writing this for you.

Let me tell you how I got started in the business and then bring you up to
date to what I am doing now. My mom was a cocktail waitress (I still
giggle whenever I say or type that word.) and I guess she was pretty
popular. I have to admit she still is one of the most attractive women I
have ever seen, even though I might be a little bias. My biological father
is out there somewhere, but mom doesn't talk about him, and neither my
sister or I are interested in finding out the whys or wheres of him. All I
know is that he got my mom pregnant when she was 17 and my sister was
born. Almost one year later I came along and growing up all I knew as
family was mom and sister and me. Someday I am sure we will find out the
whole story, but for now thats not important.

When mom would come home early in the morning she always came in with a
tired look, but always a smile as she woke us both up and hugged and kissed
us, apparently happy to see her kids. She would then bring us out to the
kitchen and fix us some breakfast and talk tell us about how work had
gone. Most the time we didn't understand what she was talking about, but we
listened and ate just happy to be with her. When my sister, Candice, was
10 and I was 9, mom started talking about this one man who came to the bar
she worked at, and how he was starting a new business. He was a
photographer who was starting a website that featured pictures of younger
girls. I guess mom had shown him some school pictures of my sister and he
had asked her if she would be willing to let Candice pose for him. When my
sister heard about it she started jumping up and down and begging mom to
let her do it. Looking back I think my mom knew that this website was
probably going to be seen by alot of perverts, but the money he was talking
about, was something she really couldn't resist. So to make a long story
short, she agreed and about two weeks later we were picked up by a the
photographer in his big black hummer and driven to his photograpy shop.

I had no idea there was so much involved with simply taking pictures of
models but I learned alot in a very short period of time. My sister was
introduced to a young college girl who took her by the hand and lead her
back into the make-up and costume area, while mom and I walked around the
large room and looked at pictures of various girls dressed in all sorts of
costumes. Most were of girls were in swimming suits or tight fitting sports
attire. At age 9 I had no reason to find them sexy or seductive, but now I
know thats exactly why they were taken. Mom looked a little nervous as she
stared at some of the pictures but she didn't say anything. Then about an
hour went by and my sister was lead out to the main studio where the lights
and camera's had been set up. The college girl was still coaching my
sister as they walked onto the set with my sister wrapped up in a large
beach towel. She stood in the middle of the set as the lights were
adjusted and she squinted her eyes to look out and make sure my mom and I
were still there. Then the college girl helped her unwrap the towel from
her body and my sister stood before the cameras in a two piece swimming
suit. When I see pictures of this first photo shoot I can see why they
chose this suit for my sister because it clung to her small body and left
very little to the imagination. The room was cold and even though she had
no breast to speak of, you could see her small nipples standing out erect,
and the bottoms fit her young ass so tight that it looked like she had been
given a wedgy before being brought out.

The man who had talked my mom into letting my sister pose stood beside the
camera sitting on top of a tripod and calmly asked my sister to move around
and make different poses. She tried her best to follow his instructions,
but was clearly scared and wasn't able to give him the look he had
hoped. Rick, the photographer, remained calm but would look back at my mom
and shrug his shoulders.

"Hey, Jamie, why don't you jump up there and lets take some pictures of
the both of you now." He said after snapping a few more pictures. I looked
up at mom to make sure it was alright, and she kind of shoved me towards
Rick and nodded her head. So I got up beside my sister and after giving us
some poses he started taking more pictures. After about 30 minutes of
different poses, he told us he wanted us to just wrestle around and have
fun. It ended up being a tickling contest as I would pin her down and
tickle her, and then she would do the same with me. The truth is that it
was almost like being at home when we played together, so after a little
while, we forgot about the camera and just had fun until he told us he was
all done.

"That was the best photo shoot I have ever photographed." He said as he
put a hand on each of our shoulders.

"Hey, that was fun. Are you still going to take more of Candy alone" I

"Yes, I am still going to take pictures of her alone, but I think these
pictures of you together will be great." Rick said as he began to stand up
again and gave my mom a nod of approval. Then he asked my mom if it was
alright if we called it quits for the day and resumed the photo shoot with
Candice the next day. He told her he had to work on the pictues he had
taken and wanted to try posting them online to see the reaction. Mom agreed
and looked even more excited and less nervous then before. He reached into
his pocket and then handed Candice and I each a business card with his
company name and website on it, telling us that now we were apart of his
website. After my sister had gotten changed into her regular clothes he
drove up to a pretty nice ocean side sea food place and we all ate before
he took us back home.

Before Rick left him and mom stood outside and talked, both of them
laughing and hugging each other until he finally gave her a pretty
passionate kiss and a pat on her ass before getting into his hummer and
driving away Mom walked back into the house and had a dreamy look in her
eyes as she sat down on the couch and kind of sprawled out her body as she
sighed loudly. "This could be great!" She said out loud as my sister and I
attacked her from both sides. We both told her how much fun it was, and
wondered if we were all going to be rich now. She told us she had no idea
about being rich, but that there was always the possibility, and then she
told us that alot of it depended on how us kids felt about doing certain
things. Neither Candice or I had any idea what she was talking about but we
were just happy that she seemed so excited.

It was almost time for our bedtime, and our overnight babysitter arrived
as scheduled. His name was Tanner, and all we knew about him was that he
told my mom he was 18. He was fun to be around, for the little time we got
to spend with him before going to bed. He also told me he had moved to the
Miami area to become a model, but he wasn't getting enough work, and
babysitting helped him pay for food and the bike he bought, and our house
provided him with a place to sleep and shower before he spent the day
looking for more jobs. He slept in the same room as I did, in a little
single size bed. I liked having him as a roommate, not just because he was
cool, but because I had a boy crush on him. He looked like surfer kid, with
longer light colored hair that almost touched his shoulders, and he was
always tanned and really looked good when he was just in his shorts. He was
5'7 and skinny and he had dimples on each cheek when he smiled. I remember
wondering how he couldn't get a modeling job, and all the sudden me and my
sister were, he was better looking then both of us in my opinion.

Mom walked out of her room ready for work as Candice and Tanner and I
watched tv, and she walked over and gave us each a hug and kiss and said
something about maybe not having to do this much longer. Tanner asked her
what she meant and she said she would tell him later, and not to
worry. When she walked out of the house Tanner started grilling us about
what she had said. He obviously was worried about her not working, meaning
he would have to find another place to sleep if he lost this job. Candice
seemed a little reluctant to tell him about what was going on, but I had no
problem blurting out all the information I knew. Telling him all that had
transpired earlier and how it all had ended and showing him the business
card Rick had given me. He was probably a little jealous of us both at that
point, but he never really let on, he just said it sounded great and hoped
Candice did better the next day. Then he had her go take a shower, because
it was her turn to go first. While Candice was in the shower he pulled out
his laptop computer like usual and started looking things up and every once
in a while I could see him look intently at whatever he was looking at.
When Candice came out of the bathroom he gave her a kiss on the top of the
head and told her she needed to get to bed. Then he looked at me and
announced it was now my turn.

When I was in the shower I heard the bathroom door open and I peaked out
the curtain to see that it was Tanner. That wasn't anything unusual,
because he always seemed to need to pee whenever I was taking a shower, so
I just said hi and resumed my shower. What was differnt was when I was
done he was still sitting on the toilet, in just his shorts and waiting for
me to finish. At first I opened the shower curtain and saw him and quickly
closed it to ask him what he was doing. He told me not to worry, and he
just wanted to talk, and then he handed me a towel and told me to dry off
and that he wanted to talk to me. I dried my body off the best I could for
a nine year old and wrapped it around my waist before I stepped out of the
shower. He was still sitting on the toilet seat and asked me if wanted to
sit on his lap while we talked. I had sat on his lap alot of times before
so this didn't seem so strange, so I turned around and he lifted me so I
was sitting on his lap as I asked him why he wanted to talk in the

It's just more private here and I don't want Candice to know we are
talking. I know she won't come in here while your taking a shower." He said
as he wrapped his arms around my midsection and hugged me slightly. I guess
its true that boys like having an male figure in their lives, and I am no
exception, so anytime I was on his lap or felt him give me a hug I was
content. Even though he was just a teenager, he was still an grown up to me
and I looked up to him.

"So whats so secret that we are staying in here?" I asked him feeling
pretty sneaky and yet happy about our secret time.

"I got on the internet and saw you and Candice pictures on that
website. Dude, they are pretty cute." He said.

"Really! They are already on the computer?" I asked as I looked back at
him and saw him grinning.

"Yep, and guess what I think?" He asked.

"What?" I whispered.

"I think you looked better then Candice, but shhh, it's our secret." He
whispered in my ear. I felt his hot breath on my ear and liked the feeling,
I also liked the feeling of one of his hands rubbing my stomach as he

"Why do you say that, they are suppose to be of her, not me, I was just
helping out." I questioned him.

"I don't know, I guess I just think you looked cuter then her in the
pictures, and I bet there are alot of guys who will think the same thing."
He said, as his hand now slid from my stomach and down over the towel and
to my upper leg.

"Why would they like me better, I am a boy, and I think Rick told mom the
website was for girls?" I said.

"Well I know thats what he said, but there are some people, well men, who
like boys better then girls, and I bet they will like you more then her."
He answered.

"So why would they do that?" I asked innocently.

"You sure you can keep a secret?" He whispered in my ear again. I nodded
my head yes and his hand moved back up and rested right on my
crotch. "Because in some of the pictures they can see you had a woodie in
your shorts." He said as he gave my small package a squeeze.

I knew what woodies were, because my friends and I had talked about our
dicks getting all hard and wondering why. It was Tanner who had finally
explained to me why it was happening and that we had nothing to be worried
about, and he said it had to do with asex stuff, and I would find out
someday when I was older. But that had been a month earlier, and I had
actually figured I wasn't going to learn any more so I never asked again.
Now hearing him say the word again and squeezing my crotch I got an instant

"Why would I have a woodie in the pictures, and how would they know?" I

"Sometimes when boys your age get to wrestling and playing it gets your
dick all excited, and when that happens it pushes the front of your shorts
out and if someone sees it, they know that your dick is hard. There are
some guys who think that is very sexy." He explained.

"Sexy... they think I am sexy? Like they want to kiss me and stuff?" I

"Basically, yeah... but they want to do more then just kiss you and
stuff." He answered.

"Like what?" I asked.

"You remember when you asked about woodies before, and I told you it will
go down all by itself and not to worry about it?" He asked.

"Yeah, but sometimes it takes forever and starts to kind of hurt, so I rub
it and try pushing it back down and sometimes that works." I told him.

"Well thats when the adult sex stuff I mentioned kind of helps. You want
me to show you more about it, or just tell you about it?" He asked as he
squeezed my crotch again, causing my woodie to feel even better.

"Does it hurt or anything?" I asked not having a clue about what sex
really was, except to see a couple of dogs humping at a park and hearing
the one getting humped kind of whining and then almost biting the other dog
after a minute or so.

"Not the kind of sex stuff I am talking about." He said.

"Ok, then show me." I said as I squirmed in his lap in anticipation.

"First of all you have to remember this is between you and me, and you
can't tell anyone I showed you this stuff." He said whispering in my ear

I nodded my head in agreement and then let him unwrap the towel and let it
fall open, draping over his legs Then he lifted his hand and licked his
thumb and finger before bringing them down to my stiff 3" woodie and took
hold of it and started moving up and down my small shaft. I didn't say
anything, just looked down and saw how his thumb and finger slid up and
down my shaft, and my cockhead looked like it was turning purple.

"That feel good so far, or is it hurting?" He asked as he rested his chin
on my shoulder and watched his fingers work their magic.

"Feels really really good, how did you learn this?" I asked as I saw his
finger move up and rub across the top of my flaring cockhead.

"I learned it just like you, I had an older friend who showed me when I
was 11." He answered.

"Did you like it too?" I asked letting out a small gasp after asking him
because it was feeling even better the more he rubbed it.

"I loved it." He said with a bit of a giggle.

"You like doing it to me?"

"Yeah, I like it alot."

"So how does this make it go down, it feels like it is just getting
harder." I asked him.

"We don't have much time, so I am going to show you. Just let me do this
faster and even if it feels like you have to pee or explode, just let me
keep doing it and I promise you will like it." He whispered again. Then
put let go of my little rod and once again licked his thumb and finger
before he put them back on my throbbing dick and started moving up and down
my shaft faster and faster. I did exactly as he told me, I felt my dick
start to almost have a burning feeling and then felt like it was going to
explode, but I didn't stop him. I leaned back into his chest harder and
arched my body up a little and it happened. My dick throbbed and twitched
and jumped up and my stomach felt like it had never ever felt before. His
finger and thumb kept rubbing it up and down, but he had slowed down as he
whispered in my ear that I had done a good job.

My small body relaxed and I felt drained as I experienced my first ever
boy orgasm. I felt my dick twitch a few more times after Tanner released
it, but it wasn't as hard now, my woodie was wilting, and I closed my eyes
and moaned. Tanner hugged me tighter and I felt something in the small of
my back pulsing and a warm wet feel followed as Tanner let out a gasp and
his arms squeezed and kind of relaxed and then squeezed again and I felt
the wetness on my back spread. After another minute, and nothing being
said, Tanner picked up the edges of the towel and covered up my crotch
area. He kissed the side of my face and asked me if I was alright, and I
just nodded my head. He had me stand up and told me I had better get to
bed. When he stood up I noticed a large wet spot covering his crotch, and
although I didn't know what it was, I knew it had something to do with the
warm wet feeling I had felt on my back.

When we got to my bedroom I put on my underwear as Tanner went to his side
of the room and opened up his laptop again and told me to come over and
look at our pictures. There were over 30 posted but Tanner picked out just
a few where it was obvious that I really did have a woodie while wrestling
around with my sister. The picture that made it most obvious was when
Candice had me pinned to the floor and was reaching back to tickle my
ribs. The tent in my shorts made it look like I was going to poke my woodie
into her butt. Tanner reached out with his hand and put his finger over
the image and rubbed where the tent was.

"I liked doing it to the real thing better, but I bet there are alot of
guys out there who are either doing this to the picture, or will do it
later." He said with a laugh.

"Your weird, and so are they." I said as I leaned into him and gave him a
quick kiss on the cheek.

"Your probably right, we are weird. Now get to bed and remember its our
secret." He said.

"I like our secret and if you want we can do it again." I said.

"It's a deal." He said standing up and walking me back to my bed.

"Did it feel good for you too?" I asked as he pulled the covers over me.

"Yeah, I got the same feeling you did." He answered.

"Is that why I felt your woodie pushing into my back and then get all
wet?" I asked.

"Yes, thats what happened. I am older so when I get that feeling like you,
it makes some stuff shoot out, and it really feels good, but its also
really sticky so I have to go take a shower and clean up." He explained.

I guess his answer was enough to satisfy my curiosity for that night
because all I remember him stripping down to his underwear and wrapping a
towel around himself and walking out the door. The next thing I knew, mom
was waking me up and telling me it was time for breakfast.

Chapter 2

It was at breakfast that mom seemed to be a little quieter then usual, and
when I asked if anything was wrong. The smiled a fake smile and told me
that everything was fine but I didn't believe her. I even started worrying
that maybe she had found out about what Tanner and I had done in the
bathroom. but couldn't figure out how she could have possibly found out, so
I kept questioning her. She told me that everything was really ok, she was
just thinking about some things and us kids didn't have anything to worry
about. After a few more minutes of quiet Candice broke the silence asking
about when we needed to get ready for the next photo shoot.

"Well thats actually what I was just thinking about honey. Rick came by
the bar last night and said that both of you were already a really a big
hit on the website." She said.

"Thats really good then... right mom?" Candice asked.

"Yes, it's really good. But I guess there is another website that really
liked them too, and it's more for boys, then girls." Mom said as she looked
at me with a concerned look.

"So whats the problem?" I asked. That's when mom kind of slapped the table
with both hands and put her head down looking at her lap.

"Kids, I don't know what to do. I think I might have made a mistake. Maybe
we should all just forget about this." She said while still looking down.

"MOM!!! Why should we forget about this? You said Rick told you that
people really like it alot!" Candice shouted out, not caring that mom was
really upset.

"Candy, you just don't know what kind of people are looking at those
pictures. I mean most of them are harmless, but still.. they are people who
like seeing little kids in very little clothing. The truth is the whole
reason for the sites are to attract people who will pay money to see little
kids looking like sex objects," Mom answered trying spit out her concerns
as fast as she could. Somehow I knew at that moment that it was all my
fault. I knew from talking with Tanner that there were some men out there
who were getting excited by seeing my little woodie in my shorts.

"Mom, its my fault that they are doing that. I saw the pictures and I know
its all my fault." I said feeling the tears build up in my eyes.

"Jamie, it's not your fault. You were just being a boy. The pictures are
actually cute, it's just that I don't think you want people looking at you
like that.... but hey, how do you know about the pictures?" She looked at
me with a puzzled look. I figured I had probably just gotten into a load
of trouble, but I was honest with her and told her about giving the
business card to Tanner, and him looking up the website.

"Tanner kind of warned me that some of the pictures might get some people
having bad thoughts." I told her.

"Well Tanner has been trying to get into modeling, so I bet he knows all
about it, but he is 18 and is aware of whats going on. I am your mom and I
should be watching out for you and not thinking about the money." Mom said,
hinting that the money she was being offered was probably bigger then
either Candice or I could have ever imagined.

"I don't get it mom, what are you and Jamie talking about. What was wrong
with the pictures?" My sister pleaded for an answer. Mom looked at me and a
little smile came across her face as she looked at me. I smiled back and
decided to get it over with fast.

"I had a woodie and you could see it in some of the pictures." I blurted
out, causing my mom to gasp and and then start to giggle. I am sure it was
just a nervous giggle, but at least she was laughing.

"So... you always have a woodie when we wrestle, why would people think
that was so great?" My sister asked, and she was being completely serious.

"Honey, there are just some people out there who think it is... well
.... sexy. I know you don't really understand that, but there are some
older people who like seeing little girls in tight swimming suits and
underwear, and there are other people who like seeing little boys wearing
very little clotes. I knew that when I agreed to let you be photographed,
but now I just think maybe its a mistake." Mom answered her.

"And since Jamie got a woodie, they want to see him more?" Candice asked.
This question caused my mom to pause and think about what she was going to
say next.

"Yes, I suppose that is one reason, beside the fact that they think he is
cute. But they also thought you were very cute. So here is the thing. If
you both continue doing this modeling, you will work for Ricks website, and
Jamie will work for another website that is run by one of his partners.
Yours will be mostly girl pictures and his will be just boy pictures. You
need to understand that some people looking at them will be thinking bad
thoughts when they see your pictures, and both Rick and his partner will be
asking you both to be photographed wearing sexy clothes and asking you to
make sexy poses so they get more members." Mom told my sister in the
frankest language she could.

"Do we have to do sex stuff?" Candice asked. This once again caused my mom
to think before she spoke.

"Candice, the answer to your question is no. But they will be asking you to
make some poses that might look like your wanting to do sexy stuff." She

"So when they saw Jamie with a woodie, they thought he was wanting to have
sex with me?" My sister asked, obviously more aware of the subject of sex
then I was... well until last night anyway.

"I don't know, I guess, or just the fact that he looked like he was ready
for sex. It doesn't matter, they saw you in your tight swimming suit, and
him in his shorts and they just think bad thoughts." Mom said.

"Mom, are you going to tell them no?" I asked.

"Do you want me to tell them no?" She asked me.

"No, I want to do it. I don't care what they think, they still can't touch
me or anything, so I don't mind." I said with all the reasoning a 9 yr old
could muster.

"I don't care either. Maybe I can be a playboy model if I do good." Candice
said as she puffed out her chest and acted like she was showing off her
boobs. Mom stared at my sister and didn't say anything and suddenly she
burst out laughing.

"You always were the little show off. I guess I shouldn't be surprised."
Mom said after she stopped laughing.

"So we can do it?" I asked.

"Yeah, I guess you can. But I don't know how I can be both places and one
time when you have photo shoots." She said.

"I got an idea? Tanner could go with me to mine and maybe even help me
out." I suggested.

"Hey, thats a great idea... plus that might help him get the attention of
some agencies." Mom said.

"Cool... hey can I go up and ask him? I have to go to my room and change
anyway." I asked. Mom just nodded her head yes and I ran down the hall to
my room.

I opened the door to my room and saw that Tanner was still asleep but
barely covered except for a sheet covering his lower legs. It was not the
first time I saw him asleep like that before, but it was the first time I
remember noticing the bulge in his boxer briefs as I moved closer to him. I
remembered how good it felt with his hand on my crotch, and then his
fingers moving up and down my little woodie. So instead of waking him up,
my hand reached out carefully and covered the lump. I felt the mound under
my hand and I started rubbing it back and forth until I could feel it get
harder, and grow from my stimulating it. I knew I was the cause of his
excitement, and I felt my dick harden as his cock started stretching out
under the material of his underwear. My hand could not cover all of it
anymore, and I noticed the head of his cock stretching out and almost
poking out the top of his waistband. Moving my hand up I pulled the
waistband back so that I could see and feel his woodie naked and exposed.
I loved the feel of his cock as my small hand grasped it.

Without any worry of him waking up, I started pumping up and down on his
shaft as I stared at his swollen cockhead, amazed at how much bigger it was
then mine. He started to moan, and I looked up to see him looking down at
my hand on his cock. Then he reached his hand out and felt my woodie
through my hero action underwear. As I continued to pump his cock he rubbed
me harder as his body started to tense up and he would buck his hips up and
down helping my hand bring him to climax. I knew that he said something
wet came out of his woodie the night before, but I was now going to witness
it first hand. It was just a couple minutes and he moaned again and arched
his back and I felt his shaft pulse in my hand and then his creamy white
cum started to dribble out, falling into his bellybutton. I looked at it,
and saw the thick puddle of cum and thought it was pretty cool.

"Come here, get on the bed and sit on my chest." He whispered after his
body relaxed. I did as he asked and as I sat on his chest he used his
fingers to push down the front of my underwear and released my hard
boner. He stroked it with his thumb and finger again, but this time he had
not licked them to get them wet. After about 10 stokes he used his other
hand to push my butt off his chest which positioned my rock hard boy cock
inches from his face. He tilted his head forward and did the unbelievable.
That is when I got my first blowjob, that was when I was certain there was
nothing better in the world then the feeling that takes over your body,
when a hot mouth and swirling tongue makes you feel like you might die, but
you really don't care. It only took me a minute before I had the second
climax of my life. I almost collapsed on him when I was done, but he pulled
me down and let me rest my body on top of his.

"What made you do that to me?" He asked.

"I dunno, I guess I wanted to try what you did to me last night. Yours is
really big." I said.

"Thanks, you really did good. And yours will probably be bigger then
mine,I am actually kind of small down there for my age." He replied.

"I don't care, it was still cool. It's our secret right?" I asked.

"Yes, its our secret." He laughed as he squeezed me.

"And when you put my woodie in your mouth and made it feel better then last
night, that is another sex thing people do?" I asked.

"Yes, they call it a blowjob, and its done by alot of people." He said.

"I loved it." I giggled.

"I liked doing it for you." He said with a smile.

"Will you do something else for me?" I asked.

"Right now I would do about anything for you." He answered. Then I told him
about what my mom and sister had been talking about and how worried mom
was, but that we had talked her into letting us keep doing it.

"So anyways. I asked mom if you could take me to the photo shoots and watch
me and she said yes! Do you want to do it, because mom said maybe you will
meet some people that can help you model?" I said with excitement in my

"Let me get this straight, you are wondering if I will help take you to
model shoots, and be around you and other half naked boys the whole time?
Hmmmm let me think about this." He said with a half grin

"Yeah, is that bad?" I asked still not sure if he was making fun of me or
just really thinking.

"It could be, since I would probably have a woodie the whole time I was
there, but I am willing to take the challange." He said as he squeezed me
and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

"This is going to be so much fun I bet." I said rubbing my nose against

"Let's look on my computer, I bet I know what website your mom is talking
about, there is a link to it on the one we were on last night." He said

"How do you know that?" I asked him.

"Because I looked at it, if you haven't figured it out yet, I kind of like
boys." He said as lifted me off of him and rolled out of the bed. I started
laughing at him.

"So you are kinda like the people mom was talking about, you like little
kids in underwear?" I asked as he started walking to his laptop as I
followed him.

"Yeah, I guess I am one of those people, but I don't like girls in undies,
just boys.. does that make you nervous?" He asked.

"Naw, your not really that old either and I like what you do with me, so
its all cool." I said as he clicked on the link to the website. Then some
pictures popped up and we both stared quietly at some of the boy models. I
noticed that al the boys were really cute and most of them were making
poses like mom had said they would want me to make. There were alot of
pictures showing off the boys front side, but there were alot of boys
showing off their butts to. I wasn't sure what was so sexy about that, but
I didn't ask.

"God, I hope its this site." Tanner whispered.

"Why do you want it to be that site?" I asked him.

"Because they have the cutest boys, and you will fit right in with them."
He answered.

"Hey Tanner... do you... well do they... ok, you think they do stuff with
each other, you know, like the stuff we did?" I asked.

"I don't know, but alot of boys do like to at least play around with each
other. Hopefully we will find out." He said as he leaned into me and
whispered the last part into my ear.

"You want to do that stuff with them?" I asked. Tanner stared at me and I
could tell he was thinking about what to say, just like mom had been

"The truth is that I would like to, but it probably won't happen. But if it
did I would want you there with us." He said.

"You want me to watch?" I asked.

"No, I want you to join us, and maybe you can do stuff to another boy that
I did to you, and then we can all do stuff together." He tried explaining.

"And that would make you happy?" I asked.

"Very happy." He said matter of factly.

"Cool,then I hope they like playing like we do to." I said.

Chapter 3

Things moved really fast on that day. Mom was on the phone with Rick alot,
and she was talking to the partner of the other website for a while and
then she was talking with both Tanner and I and telling us where we needed
to be, and what I needed to expect. She had somehow arranged that Tanner
would be paid by the website to be with me and help me out.

Rick pulled up in his Hummer and brand new corvette parked right behind
him. The man who got out of the corvette didn't look much older then
Tanner, but we found out he was the partner with the other website, and he
was there to take Tanner and I too my first paying photo shoot.

"Jamie and Tanner, This is Mick, and he will be the person you working
for. I don't have much time, because we are running behind today and I need
to get Candice ready for her shoot, so I am sure Mick can answer your
questions and will take good care of you." Rick said as he turned to my mom
and Candice and waved them towards his vehicle. They both waved at us as
they climbed in.

"Glad to see your mom agreed to let me work with you. You certainly caused
a buzz on Ricks website last night, and I bet we can make it even better on
mine." Mick said as he reached out his hand and put it on my shoulder,
giving it a squeeze.

"Thanks, I hope so too." I replied, not knowing what else to say. But from
the moment I heard Mick speak, I knew he was someone I was going to like
being around.

"And Tanner, they didn't tell me how hot you were. Are you already into
modeling?" He asked as he still kept his hand on my shoulder.

"Well, I was hoping to be, but no luck so far." Tanner said kind of

"I have a feeling thats going to change." Mick said as he gave Tanner a
wink. "Now we better get going so we got plenty of time to get some good
pictures. Hope you don't mind, but I am going to drive, and one of you has
to sit on the others lap, because its just a two seater." He said with a
laugh as he lead me by the shoulder to the car and Tanner followed. I let
Tanner sit down and I happily got in his lap and let him wrap his arms
around me during the drive.

"So Mick, can I ask you a question?" Tanner said during the drive.

"Sure, no secrets here." Mick said while looking ahead as he drove.

"You're the model Mickey aren't you?" he asked. Mick just looked forward
and got a funny grin on his face.

"You must really be into boy sites it you know that." Mick replied as he
turned his head and looked at Tanner.

"Well when I got here, I had this one dude who was in love with your
pictures and he kind of got me interested in you too. I had never seen
pictures of boys like that, you know, with the underwear and seeing the
bulge and everything" Tanner admitted.

"So this guy, why was he having you look at my pictures?." Mick asked.
Tanner paused for a moment before answering.

"He wanted me to pose like you were with his son." He said

"Really, thats pretty hot. How old was his son." Mick asked

"I think he was maybe 5." Tanner answered quietly.

"So did you do it" Mick asked while looking at Tanner.

"Yeah, we did some pictures together." Tanner answered.

"What did he have you wear?" Mick continued the questioning.

"Just our underwear." Tanner said shyly.

"How old were you then?" He was asked.

"14, was right when I got here." Tanner replied.

"So it was a couple of years ago?" Mick asked.

"Umm, well last year." Tanner answered.

"Wait, your telling me your only 15? I thought Rick said you were 18." Mick
asked in a shocked voice.

"Yeah, well this guy got me a fake ID, and so I just say I am that old."
Tanner told him.

"You're only 15?" I suddenly asked, just catching on to the conversation.

"Yep, but please don't tell your mom or she will fire me." He said as he
squeezed me.

"I won't, I keep good secrets." I said.

"So did this guy pay you pretty good?" Mick asked.

"Yeah, real good, and it was fun." Tanner said with a laugh.

"So I take it that you just weren't having your picture taken in just
underwear." Mick said.

"No, we did some private video for him too." Tanner said.

"You and his son together or just you." Mick asked as a bigger grin came
across his face.

"Both, but more with his boy." Tanner said.

"Any oral?" Mick asked

"Yeah, alot of oral."

"Just the kid doing oral on you, or both?" Mick asked

"Both." Tanner said

"Fucking hot." Mick said. I had listened to the question and answer
session, but was a little lost as to what they were talking about, but
wondered if it had anything to do with some of the stuff Tanner and I had

"You ever do anything like that when you were modeling?" Tanner asked.

"Yeah, think the youngest I ever did was 7, but the 5 yr old sounds hot."
Mick answered.

"Pictures or vids?" Tanner asked.

"Both. I got some of it at the shop if you want to see what you were
missing." Mick said as he turned the car into a drive way that lead to an
older farm house that had some out buildings behind it. As we drove to the
building I saw some boys running around in some running shorts. They were
chasing each other and heading towards a wooden structure that had ropes
and slides and colorful tunnels. Mick parked the car but left it running.

"Sure, love seeing stuff like that. Any of that happen here?" Tanner asked.

"Yeah, it happens here. We have boys we call prep boys, and there is a
little of that going on all the time." Mick answered.

"What about the parents? What if they find out?" Tanner asked.

"To tell the truth, most the parents don't give a fuck, and never ask. They
are getting big paychecks and I think they would rather not know the
truth." Mick answered rather matter of factly.

"Dude, I think my dad would have been like that too, such a fucking
bastard, all he cared about was money. Beat the shit out of me because I
couldn't get a paper route to get him more money. Thats why I ran away. Bet
he doesn't even care I left." Tanner said with a little anger in his voice.

"Same here Tanner, my dad and mom probably still don't know I ran on
them. If only they knew how much money I was making now, they would shit a
brick." Mick said and then started to laugh.

"Cool, they even have a playground. Looks pretty sweet don't it Jamie?"
Tanner said as he gave me a squeeze and changing the subject.

"Yeah, never seen one that big, its even bigger then the one at our park."
I answered as I continued to stare at it.

"We use that for some photo shoots too, but it's mainly there so the boys
can play in between sessions." He said.

"How many models are here today?" Tanner asked.

"Just those two, and then Jamie. They have been waiting for him. First
session I thought we would do one with all three of them together playing
indians." Mick answered as he reached behind his seat and pulled up a bag
and reached in to show us a pair of leather loin clothes.

"How do we wear underwear with those?" I asked.

"You don't!" Mick said with a laugh.


If you have made it this far in the story, congratulations. Part two is
almost complete, and I think some of you will like the surprises that will
come along. Thanks for reading.


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