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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Schoolboys In White Underpants - Schoolboys In White Underpants 1

Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 12:48:24 +0000
From: James Sharkey <>
Subject: Schoolboys in white underpants - Part 1

Shortly after leaving an English all boys boarding school in the 'home
counties' I wrote down the details of as many of my sexual experiences as I
could remember. These happened at my boarding school between the ages of 13
and 17 but I had previously become sexually active at my prep school in the
north of England. During this time I had developed a powerful fetish for
boys' white underwear - which I still maintain - and I feel the time has
come to share my memories with (a) anyone else who may have been sexually
active at a boys boarding school and (b) anybody who enjoys seeing or being
with boys in their underwear.

So these are not stories or fantasies in the traditional Nifty manner but
are my actual experiences. The schools concerned shall remain nameless and
the boys I encountered will be referred to by Christian name only. In the
highly unlikely circumstance of anybody recognising themselves in these
memoirs, then I hope they will contact me - I would love to hear from you
all again! I should also like to hear from any reader who has enjoyed
similar experiences or who has simply enjoyed reading about mine. By the
way, please do not re-publish any of what is to follow without obtaining my
agreement. I envisage there will be a total of 8 instalments.

Prep School

I was 7 when I first remember being attracted to another boy in his
underwear. We were preparing for a school play and had taken our tops and
trousers off before dressing up for the play. I found I just couldn't take
my eyes off one particular boy while he was dressed only in his white
singlet and little white underpants. Later, going home, I realised I had a
strange feeling I did not recognise about this boy. When I was 8 I started
at a private Prep School for boys, and began to notice certain boys in the
changing rooms when they were dressing or undressing. About a year later
there was an incident in the swimming baths changing rooms when one of my
athletic classmates stood up on a bench in front of everybody else and
danced around for a few minutes wearing only his underpants. I thought he
was brilliant! After that, my boys' underpants fetish really got underway.

By the age of 10 I was having fantasies about all the boys I liked. I
imagined there was a place they all used to go to after school and at the
weekends, and where they could be by themselves - without adults and just
wearing underwear. How I longed to be invited to join them! Every night I
used to dream about this place, and this fantasy - ie an underwear club for
boys - occupied my mind regularly for very many years to come.

The first time I tried on another boy's underpants was when I was 11. I was
'off games' and crept into the changing rooms when nobody was looking.
Quickly removing a little pair of white underpants from a pile of clothes
belonging to a younger boy I liked - Simon - I headed straight for the
nearest toilet. The feeling of the soft cotton of another boy's underpants
round me was just as exciting as I had always imagined. I rubbed them into
my cock and balls and thought that only recently they had been rubbing
around Simon's cock and balls. All this time I noticed how my cock was
getting stiffer and stiffer. I kept Simon's underpants on for about an
hour, and just managed to return them before he and the others returned
from games.

I remember on a later occasion going into the changing rooms and taking 3
pairs of underpants with me to the toilet at the same time. I tried them
all on, and remember being particularly excited by one pair. The boy
concerned - Peter - had been on holiday to France with his family, and his
mother had bought him some little white slips. I had never seen slips
before, and when I tried Peter's on I had the biggest erection of my
life. By the time I was 12 I wanted more, so I starting to chat boys up
with a view to having a sexual contact with them. In the end there were
only three or four boys who did this with me, and for most of them it was
simply a case of going into the toilets to rub our cocks together for a few
brief sublime minutes.

The one exception to this was Simon - mentioned earlier - whom I was able
to invite home on several occasions. He was not quite 12 and in the year
below me. We used to disappear into the attic at the top of my house where
we knew nobody would disturb us. Once there, Simon needed no persuading to
strip off to his underpants and no persuading when I asked him to play with
my cock while I played with his. The second time we did this I nervously
asked him if he would like to swap underpants, and much to my delight he
readily agreed. As soon as had we swapped he put his arms around me and
started kissing me. These were my first boy to boy kisses and I loved them!
For five minutes or so we exchanged kiss after kiss and all the time
rubbing our tummies together. It was bliss - we were kissing, our stiff
cocks were rubbing together and best of all we were wearing each other's
underpants! That was my first really wonderful sexual experience. The only
problem was I didn't know how to masturbate, so I was left with a feeling
of something unfinished. I just knew there had to be something else, but at
that time I didn't know what it was. I believe I had awakened deep
homosexual desires in Simon for other boys, and in each other we he had
found our first perfect partners. I just can't imagine why I didn't make a
greater effort to see him more regularly or to keep in touch with him.

A few weeks before the end of my last term at this school I was left one
afternoon in the changing rooms with two other boys who were a few months
older than me - William and Terry. It was end June/early July and we had
been playing cricket. For some reason the master in charge had left earlier
and we three had been told to see to the locking up. We had been fooling
around and still had not changed by the time all the other boys had
gone. Eventually I took off my white cricket trousers and white shirt. I
was just in my underpants when I noticed William and Terry looking at me
and smiling. They were also just in their underpants. Suddenly they grabbed
my by my arms and marched me into a toilet cubicle. 'We're going to teach
you all about sex' they said. I was quite taken by surprise, but I
certainly wasn't going to resist!

William and I were wearing close fitting little white boxer-briefs and
Terry (who I had been dreaming about for ages) wore little white Aertex
briefs. Soon all three white underpants were round our ankles. Terry went
in front of me and William went behind, and for about 10 minutes they
enjoyed themselves rubbing their cocks all over me. Then they changed
round, but at no time did they let me escape from the middle. Eventually we
started worrying in case a master should come back to check up on us, so
that was the end of my second major, wonderful sex experience. Once again I
was left with a feeling of something unfinished. However, when I got home I
remember literally shaking with excitement at what had happened. I was just
so thrilled that two of the sexiest boys in my school had wanted to seduce

Quite a few of the boys in my year were 6 months or more older than me, and
I remember some of them talking quite a lot about 'tossing off' at night a
clearing up their white stuff in a hanky. Somehow, at this time I still had
not realised how to do it myself although I was thinking about other boys
all the time, and nearly always had a stiff cock. However, after the toilet
incident with William and Terry nothing much else happened that I can
remember, and I left the school at the end of July just a few days before
my 13th birthday. I never saw Simon again, but I did see Terry again during
the holidays. A year or so later I bumped into William, but all we managed
was a typical teenage monosyllabic hello and goodbye.

During August I messed around with two of my younger cousins who both lived
quite near. It was just a question of rubbing our cocks together, but the
younger of the two who was only 11 also liked to undress completely with me
whenever the opportunity arose so that he could rub his bum onto
mine. Towards the end of August my new uniform arrived from the school shop
and, along with everything else I needed, I was thrilled to see my very
first pairs of Jockey Y Front briefs. I had seen advertisements for Jockey
Ys over the previous few years, and had always wanted them. Although I
wasn't supposed to wear them until I went off to school, I decided one
night to try them on. After everyone had gone to bed I made my way quietly
into the spare room where all my new clothes were laid out, and I helped
myself to one of the seven pairs which by now had my name-tapes on. As I
pulled them up I had exactly the reaction I had always expected I would
have - an immediate erection!

But the fact that I still didn't know how to 'toss off' was weighing on my
mind quite a lot. One day I sneaked on a pair of my new Jockey Ys and I
decided I would cycle three miles or so and go to see Terry. I was now 13
and Terry was a few months older than me though actually not quite so
tall. Over the years at school I had considered him perhaps the most
attractive boy in my year with his blue eyes, freckles and lovely auburn
hair. I was still excited about the toilet incident and I guessed he would
be still into sex with other boys. Luckily for me Terry was in. He was
surprised to see me as never before had I taken the trouble to cycle to his
house, but once he had got over his surprise he was happy to come with me
on a bike ride.

We cycled into the countryside and found some derelict land that seemed
very remote from farms or houses and, after dismounting for a rest, I
reminded him about the toilet incident. I told him I still didn't know how
to toss off and asked him if he'd show me how to do it. He readily agreed
and offered to do it to me there and then. I suggested we did it in our
underpants, so we downed our shorts and brought our stiff cocks through our
briefs. Terry was wearing the sexy little white Aertex briefs I had often
seen him wearing at school.

I lay flat on my back and Terry knelt beside me. He told me I had to stay
like that and he would make my white stuff come. He put his fingers on my
cock and started to play with it - slowly at first and very gradually
increasing the speed. I noticed him look at the waistband of my briefs, and
he started reading 'JOCKEY Y JOCKEY Y... nice underpants' he
whispered. 'Your underpants are nice too' I whispered back, 'I've often
noticed you in them in the changing rooms and felt sexy about you' After a
few minutes I began to get a lovely feeling in my cock and balls. I looked
at the beautiful boy who fingers were round my cock and then I looked at
his sexy little white Aertex briefs. To be honest, I thought I was in

The feeling was unbelievingly wonderful, and soon I knew I had been in
heaven - my cum shot right up into the air and fell back on Terry's
fingers. He was quite taken aback when he saw how much I had
squirted. 'Wow!' he said, 'that's more than I get!' He gathered up as much
of my cum as he could and rubbed it onto his cock. Then we changed
places. Now I knew what to do, and I found it especially sexy to be looking
at Tery's little snow white Aertex briefs while my fingers were wrapped
round his beautiful stiff boy's cock. Very soon I made him cum, and after
that we lay side by side for what seemed an age before pulling up our
shorts and cycling home.

Every night after that I masturbated myself in my Jockey Ys thinking of
Terry and Simon. There were only a few more days of the holidays left, but
I knew that when I started at boarding school I would be as sexually aware
as any other new boy. At this time my idea of perfect sex was very basic -
just to be in underpants with another boy and then to 'toss off' each
other. If the other boy liked kissing then so much the better. I was
feeling nervous about going away to my new school as it was about 250 miles
from home, but the upside was I had sexy Jockey Ys and I also had my
new-found sexual knowledge. In the middle of September I was sent off to a
boarding school on the northern outskirts of London and, although I started
to feel home sick straight away, I had my first sex with another boy within
48 hours of my arrival.

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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Schoolboys In White Underpants - Schoolboys In White Underpants 1