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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Schoolboys In White Underpants - Schoolboys In White Underpants 2

Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2007 08:28:05 +0000
From: James Sharkey <>
Subject: Schoolboys in white undies Part 2

This is the second instalment out of 8 regarding my school sexual
memories. In this episode I describe what happened during the first year,
age 13, of my time at an English boarding school for boys. The first
instalment ended with me having a highly developed fetish for boys' white
underpants, and having learned - at long last - the supreme pleasures of
masturbation. Please let me know if you had similar experiences or have
enjoyed reading about mine.

Boarding School 1st Year (13+)

New boys arrived at school 24 hours before the others, and this gave them a
little time to find their way around. There were 6 residential houses in
each of which about 70 boys boarded plus about 30 day boys making a total
of about 450 boys. I seem to remember there were 14 new boys in my house
including myself. We arrived late afternoon, unpacked and had tea with all
the other new boys. Out of the 70 or so new boys I noticed that about half
a dozen who looked as if they were not yet 13 were wearing short trousers,
but all the rest of us were in longs. Later I was put in a small dormitory
with 4 other boys (plus a prefect) and the other 9 new boys in my house
went into a larger dorm. I don't remember much of that day as I was feeling
very homesick except there was a nice boy in the bed next to me called
Martin S. The following morning after breakfast we were all herded into the
gym to be weighed and measured. We were required to strip to our underwear
for this, and I can still picture to this day approximately 70 new boys
swarming all over the place in their white singlets and underpants! I
noticed that were a lot of other boys wearing Jockey Y like me, there were
boys in Aertex (both briefs and little shortie underpants) and a variety of
Marks & Spencer type (similar) in normal interlock cotton. The underwear
most new boys were wearing had been bought from the school shop and,
although they could offer a choice of several different brands, absolutely
everything they stocked was white.

Trying desperately not to get an erection, I found myself waiting in the
queue behind another new boy from my house called Alan H. Alan was again a
nice looking boy who slept in the larger dorm with the other new boys. He
was not so tall as I was and, whereas I was on the skinny side, he had a
very nicely proportioned body. His little shortie underpants were small and
were quite tight round his bum. I was too find out later that his mother
had bought them for him a year earlier and that was why they were now so
close fitting. Later in the day we had to choose a friend to take our twice
weekly bath with, and I quickly asked Alan to partner me. (I should explain
that although we showered each and every day, we were required twice a week
to soak for 30 minutes in a deep bath!) In our house there was a bathroom
with only two baths in it and two other bathrooms with three baths. The
bathroom with only two baths was obviously the place to be for intimate
discussions and sex.

Baths were taken during prep time and a day or so later it was our turn to
go. I watched Alan undress and noticed he had quite a small cock compared
to mine. Mine was probably almost 6" when hard, and was certainly one of
the biggest at my previous Prep School. During our bath I remember casually
asking Alan if he knew what wanking was and he said he did. Eventually we
got out of our baths and dried ourselves. I put on my Jockey Y briefs and I
watched Alan pull up his tight little white pants. At this time I thought
to myself 'It's now or never!' so I went over to him from behind and put my
arms round him. I rubbed my underpants onto his underpants and noticed he
already had an erection. "Would you like to wank me?" he whispered. "Yes!"
I whispered back. Alan then started to pull down his underpants, but I
stopped him. "No" I whispered, "Let's do it through our underpants - I like
it that way". I brought my cock out from the front of my Jockey Ys, and
rubbed them onto his bum. I should think his cock was about 4" long at the
most and I noticed his balls hadn't descended. As he wasn't circumcised I
carefully pulled back his foreskin and then started to wank him. After a
couple of minutes I felt myself ready to cum, and I squirted onto the back
of his underpants. The feeling when I ejaculated onto the soft white cotton
of his underpants was indescribably lovely, although I realised straight
away Alan would be left with cum stains when my spunk dried. At the same
time I ejaculated I felt Alan's cock throb a bit, although there was no
sign of any spunk. We hurriedly finished dressing and got back to prep in
the nick of time. That night I felt much happier. I had sex with a very
attractive boy, and done it the way I had often imagined. Also by this time
Martin, in the next bed to me, was making sexual overtures to me, but more
of that later.

The following afternoon Alan and I went for a walk round the school grounds
and I asked him if he had enjoyed our sex together. His answer was very
much 'yes' but then I felt I should apologise for cumming all over his
underpants. His reply took my completely by surprise, and I can recall it
to this day. He told me he had been excited by what we had done
together. He further said that he had often imagined he was a prostitute
wearing only panties, and that a man was having sex with him! Yet Alan,
like me, was barely 2 months past his 13th birthday. Obviously I knew I
had found the boy of my dreams, and we repeated our sex sessions twice a
week, every week, during term time. After a few weeks Alan asked me if I
would like to try rubbing my cock in his naked bum, and I readily
agreed. On that occasion I slipped his underpants just down over his
buttocks and onto the top of thighs so I could press the tip of my cock
onto the pink ring of his anus. From then on I should say I ejaculated 50%
onto his underpants and 50% onto his naked body. Although Alan was not
squirting any spunk, he told me he was still getting the same lovely
feeling as I was. It was to be almost a year before he started to squirt
spunk like I did.

I have gone on at length about Alan, because I had sex with him more times
than any other boy. He actually left the school after 3 years and did not
stay on to take his 'A' levels, but throughout that time he was an ever
ready and available sex partner for me. He knew what excited me, and quite
often would seduce me on occasions other than bath times by telling me
about boys he had seen in the changing rooms and the different styles of
underpants they were wearing. Some years after I had left school I bumped
into him on a tube station platform and we were able to chat for a few
minutes. He had put on an enormous amount of weight, and I mean
enormous. He reminded me of our bath time sessions together, and said how
he often thought about them. I reflected afterwards that lots of boys who
had seemingly perfect bodies when they were 12 or 13 often grew up to be
over weight, whereas skinny boys like me usually broadened out quite nicely
to be the correct weight for our height. Another thing I have come to
realise is that boys never forget the sexual experiences they had at
boarding school, and these memories bring with them the same excitement
that came with the original event all those years ago.

The other boy I had a lot of sex with during my first year was Martin. The
talk in our dorm (before the prefect came up to bed) was all about
wanking. It was completely a boy sex thing, and nobody ever once mentioned
girls. There was usually about 30 minutes gap between lights out and the
dorm prefect arriving on the scene, so Martin and I used to get out of our
beds, let our pyjama trousers fall down to our ankles and rub our stiff
cocks together. He used to call it 'having a cock fight' and then we would
follow this with mutual masturbation. It was because of these cock fights
with Martin that I found rubbing my cock against another boy's cock was a
most pleasurable thing to do, just as was feeling somebody else's fingers
carefully massaging and wanking me. Martin had a loose foreskin that always
retracted as soon as he had an erection, whereas mine was very tight. Even
after five years of wanking it still remained difficult to retract. Our sex
games were done in full view of the other boys, some of whom were
masturbating themselves in their beds while watching us. Another thing
Martin used to do was to organise wanking competitions. This entailed 3 or
4 of us wanking together to see either could cum the most quickly or
alternatively to see who could make it last the longest. I always squirted
my cum first, as I could never keep it back for more than a couple of
minutes. The boys who did best at holding it back were always the
circumcised boys. Once or twice we only just scrambled into our beds after
these wanking competitions as the dorm prefect came in, but we were never

Martin was an attractive boy not totally unlike Alan. He had been very
sexually active at his Prep School as I had, and he had been wanking for
longer than I had. Sooner rather than later Martin and I felt the need for
sex sessions that were less dangerous, so we started doing it around the
school grounds. There were several remote toilets and gardeners' huts to
use, and we found this better than doing it in the dorm. I remember one day
we were walking through the school grounds and making our way to a little
used toilet for a wank. On the grass verge we noticed a photograph that had
been torn into four pieces, and when we picked it up we could see
immediately it was a close up of a man's stiff cock. We stuck it together
with sellotape and then noticed on the back the man had written 'For nice
boys' bums'. We both thought this was very sexy, and we had lots of wanks
together looking at it. Martin took it home for the Christmas holidays but
I never saw it again. Hopefully his parents hadn't found it! I think it was
towards the end of our second year at school that Martin and I had a
particularly good sex session in one of the gardeners' huts, and I shall
relate what happened in the next instalment. I was never quite sure why,
but Martin and Alan never had much of a friendship, so we never had 3 way
sex sessions together. It wasn't that they didn't like eachother, but they
had different hobbies and academic interests, and seemed to move in
different social circles

So my first term sex was with Alan during bath times and Martin at bedtime
or elsewhere. There were quite a lot of group wanking sessions as well, but
with Alan and Martin I was able to discuss and enjoy 'boy to boy' sex
more. When I went back after the Christmas holidays I found Martin was
still beside me in the dorm, but there was a new boy called John B in the
bed on the other side. John was as tall as me but with a bigger cock. It
was the largest cock I have ever seen on a 13 year old boy although it has
to be said he was very nearly 14. His foreskin slipped back very easily to
reveal a huge glans. Alan and I resumed our bath time sex sessions, and
Martin and I also resumed sex together. It soon became clear that John was
very homosexual, and he and I started wanking together too, although less
often. I wasn't terribly attracted to John though, and in the end we used
to talk about sex more than do it together. Over the years I realised that
he and I were very similar in that we both looked for and tried to seduce
other boys - particularly younger boys. John was a rather depressive
character in some ways, but amazingly mature in other ways. He had a better
understanding of homosexuality amongst boys than I had - although I craved
for it and enjoyed it as much as he did - and in the years to come was to
point me in directions that had not previously occurred to me. In my last
year at school, John's pretty little cousin Robin started. He was quite
different and a real delight. More of him later!

At the beginning of my first summer term I was moved to the larger
dorm. Although Martin stayed put in the smaller dorm, I was now with Alan
although we were not in adjacent beds. I was at the window end of the dorm,
and next to me was a tall, blond athletic boy called Robert A. During this
term we all talked about wanking and sex (boy to boy sex that is) far more
openly than we ever did in our later years. We were all 14 or nearly 14,
and we were all wanking at least once a day. Every night in the dorm there
was sex talk and sometimes there was even boy to boy sex for all to
see. Once again my friend Alan put us down together on the bath rota, and
with the warmer days, Martin and I used to go out into the remote parts of
the school grounds to have sex.

In the dorm, there was a sudden interest in wearing jockstraps. Few of us
had them officially, so we would pinch or borrow from the changing rooms
whenever the opportunity arose. It was more exciting to wear one that
another boy had worn than to have a new one. After lights out we were
encouraged to kneel on the sides of our beds to say our prayers (I joke
not), a for a few weeks Robert and I used to do this with nothing more on
than a jockstrap and our pyjama tops. Of course we took it in turns to feel
each other and, whenever possible, to wank each other. I tried to get
Robert to have more regular sex with me, but at that time he just wasn't
interested. (A couple of years later he changed his mind while we were at
Army Cadet camp together) I remember on one occasion that term I posed
naked with a really stiff cock against the dorm window. It was a late June
evening and my cock must have been clearly silhouetted against the evening
sky for all the other boys to see. There was complete silence as all the
boys in the dorm watched me and wanked furiously under their
bedclothes. How I wasn't caught by the dorm prefect remains a mystery to me
to this day.

It was during this term that both Alan and Martin told me, quite
separately, that they had had sex with 5th year boys. (ie boys in their
last year). We were all 'fags' for prefects, and Alan's prefect used to
require him to go to the squash courts after tea to collect his gear. Alan
had previously told me that this prefect used to be practising on his own
wearing nothing but his jock strap, and this had caused Alan to feel
sexy. Eventually towards the end of term the prefect had asked Alan to wank
him, and Alan had obliged. I don't think it happened more than half a dozen
times before the prefect left school. A few years later there was a scandal
when a prefect was found to be having afternoon sex sessions with his
fag. We were all jealous, because the fag concerned was one of the most
beautiful and desirable first year boys in the school that year!

Regarding Martin's escapade, I'm not really sure how it started but I think
this is what happened. One afternoon he was walking past the athletics
pitch while a senior boy was throwing the javelin. The boy concerned had a
superb physique and was a well known athlete throughout the school. Martin
had stopped to chat to him and said "It must give you a wonderful feeling
to throw the javelin so far" and the older boy had smiled and said "Yes,
but it's not as good as THAT feeling!' Apparently Martin met up with him on
a regular basis, and the chat got progressively more sexy. One day he told
me that this 5th year boy had asked him for a wank. Martin was quite
excited about the idea, but a bit nervous. I encouraged him to go ahead,
and a few days later they had their first wank together. Again, I don't
think they did it all that often as the older boy was in his last term, but
it was exciting for me to learn about the details from Martin afterwards.

As first year boys we were kept very busy by the school's routine, and
there wasn't a great deal of time to get to know other boys in the other
houses. In my class however, I began to notice a boy called Adrian P. He
was quite ordinary looking really, but he was slim and watching him dress
and undress for PE over my first year got me really interested. In the
changing rooms I could see his briefs were the nice soft cotton Marks &
Spencer type rather than the more athletic Jockey Y type as I had. Also, I
became fascinated by his circumcised cock as I had not wanked with a
circumcised boy before. On several occasions I chatted to him about
wanking, but he appeared absolutely disinterested saying that boys he knew
only wanked once or twice a term. Because he was just an ordinary boy with
nice white briefs who seemed so disinterested in sex, I developed a very
strong desire to seduce him and have some sort of sexual relationship with

Well, half way through the summer term, one Saturday morning, I found
myself sitting next to Adrian during the lesson following PE. We were in a
classroom that had tiered bench rows, and we were alone on the topmost
tier. I just couldn't help thinking about his sexy white briefs and his
circumcised cock - both of which I had just seen in the changing
rooms. Shortly after the lesson began, I opened my trousers so he could see
my white Jockey Y briefs. Although he pretended to be following the
teacher, I could see he was keeping half and eye on me. I then brought my
cock out and began to wank myself slowly - again I could see Adrian
watching. I was hoping he would respond by doing likewise, but he kept on
following the teacher and pretending not to notice what I was doing. About
15 minutes into the lesson I was ready to cum. I whispered "Adrian!" to
him, opened my trousers even further and squirted a fairly decent load of
spunk onto the floor beneath us. Of course he watched me cum, and then of
course he couldn't miss seeing my spunk on the floor. About 5 minutes
passed and nothing happened, but then - much to my delight - Adrian opened
his trousers and brought out his already stiff circumcised cock. He moved
down the bench a little to be closer to me and readily accepted my fingers
on his cock. About 10 minutes later, he squirted his spunk on the floor and
then just managed to do up his trousers before the end of the
lesson. Nothing more was said between us, so I waited anxiously for the
next Saturday to see what would happen. To my relief Adrian sat next to me
as usual, and I plucked up courage to ask him if he would like to do it
again. Without hesitation he nodded, and we sat as close to one another as
we dared. I whispered to him that I liked his sexy underpants, and I asked
him to slip his trousers down onto his thighs so I could look at his white
briefs while I wanked him. I did the same, and we then took in turns to
masturbate each other through the front of our briefs. I came after about
20 minutes or so, but Adrian managed to keep his back for a little longer.
There was only about a month to go before then end of term (and in fact the
end of our first year) and Adrian did it with me on all the remaining
Saturday mornings. Unfortunately our paths at school differed from then on,
and we never even talked about sex again. The following year I spotted him
wearing the very same briefs, but all I could do was to 'borrow' them from
the changing rooms and take them into a toilet to exercise my pleasure with
them there. That was something I was to do with ever increasing frequency
during the next four years.

In summary, I should say I had a rather sexy first year at school. The boy
to boy sex was basic - just rubbing our cocks over each other's cocks and
bums and mutual masturbation. After this year I was to find it not so easy
to discuss boy to boy sex openly in the dorms as some boys were growing out
of their homosexual stage. Also there was no cock sucking or true anal
penetration unlike the boys, even the 12 year old boys, in Chris Kent's
stories of sex in English Public Schools. However Alan and Martin were to
become more adventurous in the coming terms, and I started to 'borrow' the
underpants from the boys I found sexy to do unspeakable things with them in
the toilets. I had started the year with a fetish for underpants and had
found Alan and Martin willing partners in my fetish. One new thing for me
was an ever increasing interest in other boys' spunk. I had found that when
a boy wanked with me for the first time, he would turn away from me as he
ejaculated in case his spunk went onto my body. However, I started to
persuade every boy who wanked with me to rub his cock onto mine as he
ejaculated so that my cock would become sticky with his spunk. Then, for
the remainder of the day, to feel my sticky cock in my Jockey Y briefs and
to know it came from another boy was something I got great enjoyment from.

During the summer holidays I thought a lot about school and began to look
forward to my 2nd year. However, when I started in the middle of September
I hadn't bargained for the effect that lots of pretty little 12 and 13 year
old new boys would have on my already over-active hormones!

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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Schoolboys In White Underpants - Schoolboys In White Underpants 2