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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Schoolboys In White Underpants - Schoolboys In White Underpants 4

Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2007 21:26:04 +0000
From: James Sharkey <>
Subject: Schoolboys in white underpants Part 4

Boarding School 3rd Year

I was quite looking forward to returning to school for my 3rd year,
although in the end it turned out to be my least good in more than one
way. I had had my 15th birthday during the holidays and I was really
looking forward to joining some of the younger boys in my new class. When I
found out who they were I was even more delighted. Neither Ru nor Alan B
were with me, but Richard T was and another Richard (Richard S)
was. Richard S was an American boy whose parents were living and working in
Geneva. He was a very attractive 14 year old with a shock of gorgeous blond
hair, but what I liked most about him were his 'Fruit of the Loom'
briefs. More about them later. There was a slight glitch in all this, in
that no sooner than I had got back to school my father wrote to me to say
my mother was not well and would be going into hospital. At the time I did
not understand the seriousness of this.

After two years of sex with Alan and Martin it became a little less
regular. Some of my ordinary friends had put me down on their bath rota
without consulting me, and Alan went with some of his friends. This didn't
mean that we stopped from having sex altogether. Alan was becoming more and
more camp, and he was now calling me 'darling' and kissing me when nobody
else was around. I didn't mind this, and quite often we would go for a walk
round the school grounds and end up wanking together in a toilet. We were
in the same dorm again, so sometimes we would sit on each other's bed after
lights out and play with each other's cocks in the dark. Martin was still
interested in boy to boy sex, but sometimes he needed just a little bit of
extra persuading. There was a shop in the nearby high street that sold boys
clothes, and sometimes Alan or Martin and I would go there and look into
the window. In one of the windows there was always a model of a boy about
12 dressed in full school uniform - blazer and short trousers. On the floor
and around the model there would be several packets of different styles of
underpants that such a boy could choose from. There would be Jockey Y
briefs, Wolsey X briefs, Aertex briefs or trunks, Morley and other
brands. On one occasion Martin bought his first pair of Jockey Y briefs
there and we went straight to our favourite groundsmen's hut for a wank
while he tried them on. With Alan, I remember we walked back to school
after looking in the window at the different underpants and feeling really
sexy. I asked Alan if he would like me to go to his bedside that night and
give him a wank, but he asked me to do it straight away. We went into a
toilet and I wanked him as he had requested, but I didn't a want a wank
myself. Perhaps after two years we were becoming a little less interested
in eachother.

So far as Rupert was concerned, he was proving hard to pin down, but I did
manage to wank with him every now and again. On one occasion I was kneeling
down in front of him playing with his cock when he started to rub it all
over my face. "Go on" he whispered, "why don't you suck me?" I clumsily
took his cock into my mouth, and immediately loved the sensation it
brought. I sucked Ru off, but on this occasion he didn't suck me. He said
to me afterwards that he had been wondering for ages why I had never sucked
him. I can only assume that he was into cock sucking with some of the other
boys he was having sex with. Anyway, at the ripe old age of 15 I had sucked
cock for the first time. (This is a very late age according to the fantasy
box sex stories by Chris Kent!) Now as it happened, Martin had only
recently told me that his older brother had gone to a prostitute in Soho
and had been sucked off. The next time he and I went for sex I suggested we
try it on each other and he readily agreed. This time I made sure my cock
was sucked, so now I had both sucked cock and been sucked myself. Both
Martin and Rupert sucked me after that.

What about the new boys? Well, I can remember four new boys in my house
that September. First of all there was the second of my boy gods, and he
was Timothy A. Like Alan B, he had a beautifully proportioned 13 year old
boy's body. He had auburn hair, lovely blue eyes and freckles and he
reminded me in many ways of my friend Terry at prep school. His underwear
was Sunspel 'Sea Island Cotton' singlets and briefs. I knew it was about
the most expensive underwear available for boys at the time. Timothy was
simply beautiful and, as usual with a boy god, I hardly dared speak to him
at first. I remember in the summer term gazing at him in a white T shirt
and white shorts while he was doing athletics. Rupert was watching Timothy
with me, and I admitted to him I was absolutely in love! Of course I never
had sex with him, but I did eventually manage to loosen my tongue to speak
to him. I can remember a few other new boys as well as Timothy A. There was
a really pretty boy called Peter H, with very dark eyes and an assortment
of sexy little Aertex briefs. I often 'borrowed' his briefs to wank into,
and in my last year managed to become friendly with him. I shall have to
refer to him as Peter H(1st) as there was to be another Peter H the
following year. Then there was a nice, ordinary boy called Keith F. He was
a naturally friendly boy and quite good looking - I think John B would put
him in the 'raw sex' category as he had a sexy 'stick out' bottom. I liked
him in his boy scout uniform - shorts with close fitting Aertex briefs
underneath. Finally there was a pretty little Chinese boy from Malaya
called Timothy Chiu. I was intrigued by him, as I had never before seen a
coloured boy at such close range. Timmy had lovely dark brown eyes, but he
was too small and skinny at the time even for me. However, I seem to
remember 'borrowing' his little underpants now and again for my bedtime
adventures. Another new boy was David, the younger brother of Robert A. He
was also blond, but although I did not find him the least bit sexy I later
found out that another boy did.

As it virtually impossible for a 3rd year boy to establish a friendship
with a first year I looked around again at boys in my own year for possible
wanking partners, and one such boy I identified as Stephen M. Stephen had
been chosen as the lead 'female' role in the school play, whereas I had a
non speaking part! Before the final rehearsal he asked me to do up the
hooks at the back of his dress. Stephen was slim and looked only about 14,
so when I looked down the back of his dress at his underpantied bottom I
got an immediate erection. He was wearing the sexiest, small, close
fitting, snow white pair of Jockey Y briefs I had seen on any boys'
bottom. I knew Stephen well, but I had never fancied him in the past. I now
fancied him greatly, so for the following three nights while the play was
running I was always around just at the right time to do up his dress. But
how to approach him was the question that exercised my mind, and it was to
be not until the following term that a golden opportunity arose. We had
been both involved in a game of Rugby (terrible game- ought to be banned -
talk about cruelty to children) and, afterwards in the changing rooms, both
arrived at an empty 'trough' together. A 'trough' was a large deep bath
filled with hot water in which 10 or so boys could easily fit. He was at
one end and I was at the other facing him. I started to soap my cock under
the water and then I opened my legs as wide as possible and slowly massaged
it up to full erection. Surely he would see - surely he would get an
erection when he saw mine? He washed himself for 5 minutes or so without
appearing to take any notice of me, and then got out of the trough. I
noticed his penis was flaccid. He looked at me with complete disdain and
simply said, 'Don't strain yourself will you'. I had no reply to that and
we never spoke again for the remainder of our time at school.

My 3rd year and the first two terms of my fourth year were the least active
of my years at the school as regards boy to boy sex. I mentioned the
American boy Richard S and his sexy 'Fruit of the Loom' white briefs. I
'borrowed' them a lot that year - especially during our PE lessons which I
would often sneak out of. For the remaining of my 3rd year I relied more
and more on 'borrowing' as now there must have been 50 or so younger boys I
fancied. Apart from the 'borrowing' there were a couple of other incidents
worth recalling. After my first two years at school I had got quite a
reputation for my interest in boy to boy sex. One Saturday afternoon after
lunch I was approached by a second year boy from another house called Giles
W. We were walking without anybody else in sight and he started talking
about wanking. He said that he believed I liked wanking with other boys,
and could we do it together. As it happened there was to be a film showing
that evening, and I suggested to Giles that we sit together. Later that
evening he brought out his cock from his underpants and let me play with
it. I made him cum and, although he played with my cock a bit, he didn't
actually bring me off. For the remainder of that year we did it every few
weeks on Saturday nights when films were being shown. In later years I
recall seeing him in the changing rooms wearing nothing more than a very
close fitting little pair of Jockey Y briefs. I was 'gagging' for him, but
unfortunately by that time he had moved on to a different circle of boys.

During the Christmas holidays my mother had returned form hospital, but I
could tell she was far from well. More or less as soon as the term started
in January she was back in hospital, and a few weeks later my housemaster
said I had to go home as my mother had taken a tern for the worse. When I
arrived home I found out she had died. I spent a dreadful few days at home
before going back to school. To be honest I was pleased to be back. One of
the beautiful new boys who had started at the beginning of my second year,
Bruce D, became my friend when he heard what had happened, and we started
to have very friendly and personal talks together. I would still have liked
to have had sex with him, but he told me he was fascinated with Robert A
and his younger brother David. Just my bad luck!

The only other incident, or incidents, occurred after the end of the summer
term at the annual army cadet camp at Thetford in Norfolk. There was a 3
hours train ride to the camp at Thetford, and I was sitting next to Robert
A - the blond boy from my intake almost 3 years earlier. Robert and I had
had some jockstrap fun during our 3rd term together, but since then he had
been absolutely unresponsive to any sexual approach. During the train
journey I talked to him in whispers about all the different styles of
underpants there were and how sexy they could be. He seemed to be getting
quite interested, and when we got to our tent in the camp he decided to
sleep in a sleeping bag next to me. Later that afternoon we were given a
couple of hours of free time, and Robert asked me to go for a walk with him
in the nearby woods. When we were out of sight, he astounded me by saying
he hadn't had a wank since the beginning of term, but he had this fantasy
of being wanked by another boy and having his balls squeezed at the same
time. He suggested that as I liked underpants sex, why didn't we strip to
our underpants and wank each other that way. We were soon stripped, and I
put one hand inside his underpants round his balls while I wanked him with
the other. His cock was much like mine - over 6" and uncircumcised. I don't
think it took long to bring him off, but when he ejaculated he just
couldn't stop cumming. I squeezed him and wanked him, and I have never seen
so much spunk in my life - and that is including from any of the porno
films I saw years later. Robert squirted layer after layer of thick, creamy
white spunk onto the front of my Jockey Y briefs and left them soaking
wet. I ejaculated soon after, but I was more intrigued by all his spunk
than caring about myself. That night in the tent he moved his sleeping bag
close to mine, and he asked he to give him another wank. This time however,
he asked me to do it slowly. For seven nights he asked me to give him a
slow hand wank, and that is exactly what I did. He didn't reciprocate every
night, but I didn't mind all that much - I was just delighted I had managed
to seduce him at last. On anther afternoon when we had some spare time we
went back to the woods. This time we stripped naked, and I let Robert
squeeze my balls for ages until finally I ejaculated. I have to hand it to
Robert for introducing me to that technique for sexual pleasure.

That was the best sex I had had during my 3rd year, and I hoped Robert and
I would become permanent partners from then on. Apart from him there would
only be Rupert. Alan and Martin had both left the school at the end of the
term without so much as a cheerio or goodbye. By the end of three years we
were probably at the end of the road so far as sex was concerned. I am
quite certain that Alan was 100% homosexual and would never marry, but
Martin was bi-sexual like me. I learned later that he was actually married
at the age of 18 and had twin sons by the time he was 19. He and I had had
some very homosexual sex sessions together, and I have often wondered
whether in later years he ever thought of what we had happened between us
at school. As time goes on, I am more and more convinced that those of us
who, as boys, enjoyed sexual relationships with other boys never forget
them. In fact we remember them with ever increasing pleasure.

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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Schoolboys In White Underpants - Schoolboys In White Underpants 4