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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Sleepover In A New Town

Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2012 11:45:06 -0700
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Subject: My First Sleepover in a New Town

Disclaimer: This is a totally fictitious story. Any resemblance to anyone
real, whether alive or dead is coincidental.

There isn't any sexual content in this story. There is nudity and the
actions that nudity of a boy result in. If this type of content offends
you, then please do not read my story.

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nude, along with mastubation, then I hope you have fun reading this little

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My First Sleepover in a New Town.

I just moved to this new town. It is a very small little town in the
middle of nowhere. It is nothing like the big city I just came from. The
first thing that happened, when we pulled up in the driveway, is our new
neighbors came over to welcome us to the neighborhood. This never happens
in the city. I lived in the same apartment building for 12 years, ever
since I was born and didn't know half the people that lived there. I'm
here like 5 minutes and I already know Mr. and Mrs. Conners and their son
Clayton, who is also 12 and goes by Clay. Then to my shock, the Conners
invite me to come over to their house to play with Clay and then the real
shocker, my mom says yes to the invitation and before I can say anything,
Clay has taken hold of my hand and is pulling me to his backyard.

I never go to other boy's homes. I never play with other boys. Mom never
allows that sort of thing. But here I am in the dirt playing with this boy
Clay. I'm in the dirt. Mom never allows me to get dirty. But I have to
admit it, I'm having fun. I'm covered in dirt from head to toe and Clay
looks the same as me, and we are both laughing and having fun. I can't
ever remember having this much fun.

"Boys." I hear coming from the house.

"Yes mom." Clay yells in answer.

"Come here please." She yells back.

We both get up out of the dirt and run to Clay's house.

"Yes mom." Clay says when we get to the backdoor.

"We're going to Macdonald's for something to eat. You boys go get cleaned
up." Mrs. Conners tells us.

"Me too?" I ask her.

"Yes, Jason. Your mom says you can come with us." She tells me.

"Ok, then, both you out of those dirty clothes and into the shower." She
continues giving us orders.

"Ummmmmm. That's ok, Mrs. Conners, I should go home and get cleaned up."
I say.

"Nonsense. Your stuff isn't unpacked yet and you would just be in the way,
while your parents are trying to get things in order over there. You can
take a shower with Clayton and he will lend you some clean clothes to
wear." She further explains to me, while she is pushing me to the bathroom
and the shower waiting for me.

When we get to the bathroom, Clay already has his shoes and sock off.

"Here you go Jason, now get your clothes off while I turn the shower on."
She tells me.

Ok. Time out. I ain't never been naked in front of anyone. Mom ain't
seen me naked since I started school. Dad ain't seen me naked since I was
a baby. And now, here I am, with two strangers in a strange house, and I'm
being told to get naked in front of them.

Clay is taking his shirt off and I can see his bare chest.

"Come on slow poke." Clay says to me.

"But. But." I stammer out.

"Do you need some help Jason?" Mrs. Conners asks me, as she turns around
from getting the shower going.

"No, No I can do it. Just. Just." I stammer some more.

"Jason my boy, I've seen more boys nude than you can count." She explains
to me.

Yes, but she aint seen me naked, I am thinking. I guess she is thinking I
am hesitant because of her being there. What she doesn't know is that I am
hesitant because of both of them being there.

But seeing no way out of this, I pull my shoes and socks off.

At the same time Clay is pulling his pants down and off and I see him in
his underwear. Clay is wearing white briefs. I ain't wore briefs since I
was 10 years old.

I pull my shirt up and over my head and off, displaying my bare chest to
Clay and his mom.

Clay then pulls his briefs down and I see his little cut penis.

Oh no. Not only am I wearing boxers, but my penis isn't cut, so I'm not
fitting in very good.

I unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants and start pulling them down as Clay
hands his dirty clothes to his mom.

By the time I get my pants off Clay is standing in front of me totally
naked. He has a little 2-inch penis and it is totally bald with little
balls. Clay is the first naked boy I have ever seen.

"Boxers. Cool." Clay blurts out, as he is looking at me standing there
wearing only my striped boxers.

"See mom, that's the kind of underwear I want." Clay says to his mom, as I
put my thumbs in my boxers.

'Now Clay, you look just fine in your underwear." She tells him, as I
start to pull my waistband down.

"But mom, Jason has boxers." He tells her, as I pull my boxers down to my

"Yes, but Jason comes from the city. Boys here in the country wear
underwear like you do." She explains to him, as I pull my boxers down just
past my penis and balls leaving them exposed.

"But mom,......." Clay says and then stops talking, as he stares right at
my penis.

I finish pulling my boxers off and collect my dirty clothes to give to
Mrs. Conners.

She takes my clothes and I am left standing totally naked in front of the
both of them. My skinny 4 1/2-inch boner, with its little patch of pubic
hairs, is totally exposed for their inspection.

"You boys get in that shower and get clean and don't take all day."
Mrs. Conners says after looking me up and down, and giving me a wink.

"Yes Mom." Clay says.

"Yes Mrs. Conners." I say totally embarrassed.

"WOW! You got hairs." Clay says to me as we both get in the shower.

"Ya, they just started growing this summer." I tell him, shyly.

"That kewl you flashing mom your boner." He says laughing.

"She didn't give me no choice. She said I had to take shower here." I say
explaining why.

"Oh it's kewl. Don't worry about it. She's seen my boner lots of times.
Just I aint got as big of one as you." He tells me.

By this time my boner has finally went down and now my pecker is hanging
soft at 3 1/2-inches.

"Ummmm Jason." Clay says.

"Ya" I reply back.

"Why does your pecker look different, than mine?" He asks.

I have been waiting for this question, as soon as I saw he was cut. I
didn't think he knew anything about uncut boys. I bet every boy around
here is cut and I'm going to be the only boy with a foreskin.

"My pecker isn't cut like yours?" I say to Clay.

"Cut? What you mean about cut?" He asks.

"Look and I'll show you." I tell him as I take hold of my pecker and pull
my foreskin back to show him my peckerhead.

"Your pecker used to look like mine, but when you were little you had this
skin cut off so your pecker head shows all of the time. I still have my
foreskin so my peckerhead is covered unless I pull it back." I explain as
he stares at my peckerhead.

"It was out when you were boned up flashing mom." Clay announces.

"Well ya, when I get a boner it sticks out because it stretches all the way
out." I explain to him.

"WOW! It looks like mine now, except yours is bigger." He says.

"Yours will get bigger soon. You can't be too far behind me in puberty."
I tell him.

I am still nervous about being naked with another boy and him staring at my
pecker but I am getting a little more used to it as we wash the dirt off
our bodies.

Then all of a sudden the shower curtain flies open and Clays mom is
standing there looking at us.

"Ok, boys, enough playing around, get out and dry off and get some clothes
on so we can go." She tells us, as she turns the shower off and stands
right there while we get out and take towels to dry off.

It is a little un-nerving having Clay's mom watch me dry my pecker and the
rest of my body. At least I ain't boned up this time.

We finish drying and run to Clay's bedroom to find something to wear.

"Does you mom do that a lot?" I ask.

"What?" He asks back as he opens his drawers and tosses me some briefs.

"Come in looking at you naked." I say, as I catch the briefs Clay tosses
to me.

" Ya, she is always walking in on me naked. Sorry, I ain't got no boxers."
He says to me apologizing.

"WOW, my mom aint seen me naked, since I started school. That's ok. I can
wear these. I like briefs good enough. Just were I lived all the boys
wore boxers, so I wore them too." I explain.

"So that been last school year. Maybe she just didn't want to see you in
puberty? Oh. That's good you like them, because boys here wear briefs, so
you might want to get your mom to get you some before starting school,
here." Clay tells me.

"No Dude. Before I started school, in first grade. So no one wear boxers
here?" I ask astonished.

"WHOA, You mean your mom ain't given you a bath or helped you change
clothes or nothing since first grade? Some boys in high school wear
boxers, but none of us in Middle school wear them. That's why mom won't
get me any. She tells me that, maybe I can have some when I get in high
school." Clay tells me as we both pull up our briefs and he tosses me a
t-shirt and shorts.

"Exactly. So it shocked me when your mom just stands right there looking
at us. You probably won't like boxers much. They crawl up your butt, like
crazy." I say.

"Well get used to it Jason, cause mom is mom and she likes looking at us
boys naked." He says laughing.

When we finish getting dressed we go meet Clay's parents and go to
Macdonald's to eat.

"What you boys want to eat? Clay's dad asks.

"Number 4." Clay says.

"Ya. Number 4 is good for me to." I agree with Clay.

"Oh and super-size it please." Clay adds, as his dad is ordering.

"Jason? You want yours super-sized also." He asks.

"Yes sir if it ain't a problem." I add.

"It's not a problem." He says and finishes ordering.

While we are eating, Clay's mom says,

"I don't know where you boys put all that food and still stay so skinny."

"They are growing tweens." His dad says.

"They are definitely that." Clay's mom says giving me a wink, as I blush
red, remembering her seeing my pecker at full mast and knowing that I am in

We finish eating and Clay's parents get some food to take back to my
parents and then we leave and go back to Clay's house.

"You boys go play but try not getting so dirty this time." Mrs. Conner
tells us.

So we take off to the yard and take up right where we left off playing. Of
course in the dirt and of course in less than 10 minutes we are both as
dirty as we were before. I am having so much fun. This is an experience
that I have never had before. Even having to strip naked in front of
Clay's mom and letting her see my boner was an experience I never had and
even though I was so embarrassed, I liked it too. I got to see Clay naked.
First boy I have ever seen naked. I'm having a wonderful day.

"Hey Clay." We both hear from behind us.

"Hi Sean, what you doing here so late." Clay yells to this new boy walking
towards us.

Ok, this has got to be the palest boy I've ever seen and on top of that, he
has the reddest hair I ever seen. He's even half-naked. He isn't wearing
any shirt or shoes. The only thing he has on is some baggy shorts and
underwear. I know he's wearing underwear because his shorts are sagging so
low I can see his pecker bulge in his briefs.

"You're mom called and invited me over to meet the new kid and sleepover."
Sean says.

"Really. She never told me I could have a sleepover." Clay tells Sean.

"Well she told me you was having a sleepover with the new kid and that I
can come over too." Sean tells Clay.

"WHOA! Wait a minute. Clay's mom said I was sleeping over here tonight?"
I ask confused.

"Sure did." Sean re-affirms his previous statement.

"News to us." Clay tells his friend.

"Well anyway. Hi. I'm Sean." Sean tells me extending out his hand.

"I'm Jason." I reply taking his hand in mine and shaking it.

"Jason, Sean is my best friend. He's totally crazy and he's got the
biggest pecker in our class." Clay tells me all matter of factly.

"How big?" I ask curious to know if he is bigger than me.

To my surprise, Sean pulls the front of his shorts and briefs down and I'm
looking at a 4-inch pecker hanging loosely over his balls.

"What you got Jason?" Sean asks me point blank and I guess he's expecting
me to show him mine like he showed me his. So I start undoing my belt and
unzipping the shorts that Clay loaned me.

"He's got hairs, Sean." Clay says as I am lowering the front of my shorts
and briefs.

Then Sean sees my pecker and says,

"Holy Shit, You ain't cut."

"Oh ya, I should of told you about that to." Clay says, smiling at me. I
think he wanted to see the surprise in Sean seeing my uncut pecker.

"WOW! I'm bigger but you got a awesome pecker. Hairs and everything. Can
you squirt yet?" Sean asks. And I see Clay perk up in anticipation of my

As I pull my shorts up and buckle back up I tell him,

"Ya. I started squirting last month."

"Heck ya. Awesome dude. I can't wait till I can squirt all over the
place." Sean tells me.

With the pecking order established, we all go to playing in the dirt. It
isn't long before Sean is so dirty he isn't pale anymore.

"Boy's time to come in." We hear from the house.

We all get up and head for the house, being met by Clay's mom, who asks me,

"Jason, did Sean tell you that you will be sleeping here tonight?"

"Yes ma'am, but why?" I ask.

"Your parents are really tired and they haven't got your bedroom ready yet,
so I told them you are perfectly welcome to sleepover here tonight. They
agreed that would be a good idea. So then, I called Sean and asked him if
he wanted to join you two." She explained to me how the adults decided my
life for me.

"Ok, you boys get in the shower and get that dirt off and get ready for bed
and I will fix you a snack and get the living room ready for you." She
tells us.

Since I already been through this routine, I follow Clay to the bathroom
and start taking my clothes off. It isn't but a few minutes before there
are three naked boys looking at each other when Mrs. Conners comes in to
get our dirty clothes.

"AH, Mrs. Conners, here to look at my pecker are you?" Sean says smiling
at Clay's mom.

I can't believe he said that to an adult, but Mrs. Conners, just replies

"Sean, remember I changed your diapers, little man."

"Ya, but I ain't so little no more." Sean says laughing.

"I've seen bigger." Clay's mom replies as she leaves us to take a shower.

We all crowded into Clay's shower. As close as we are to each other, we
are rubbing and bumping each other. First Sean gets a boner and then me
and finally Clay.

"Jason, awesome boner man. It's even bigger than mine and fatter too."
Sean tells me.

Ok, this is the first time I been touching and rubbing other boys and
talking about our boners. It is so exciting but very embarrassing too.

"I figured yours would be bigger since yours is bigger soft." I told Sean.

"Ya but mine is a show-er not a grow-er. Not like you and Clay." He

True enough, boned up Clay is almost as big as Sean. Clay's little
2-incher doubled its size, where Sean's stayed pretty much the same size.

"Jason when you are boned your pecker looks like ours." Clay announces.

"Ya. Does your peckerhead always come out when you bone up?" Sean asks.

"Ya. It always has even when it was little." I tell them.

It is so strange talking about peckers with boys I just met, but I am
liking how they both like looking at mine and I love looking at theirs,
especially now that all three of us is boned up.

Then the shower curtain flies open and there is Clay's mom looking at all
three of us with boners.

"Time to get out and dry off and get ready for bed." She says as we get
out of the shower and grab towels to sort of hide that we all got bones.

Once we get dry, we go to Clay's room and he throws me clean briefs and he
puts on clean briefs. Sean has a bag on Clay's bed where he pulls out some
briefs to put on and then both of them start out the door.

"Where you guys going?" I ask confused, as to where the rest of our
clothes are?

"To the living room." Clay says.

"Ummmmm. Aren't we going to wear some shorts or something?" I ask.

"Why?" Sean asks.

"Jason, we sleep in underwear, so this is all we need." Clay finishes.

So with that I guess I will be sleeping in briefs tonight.

So I follow Clay and Sean to the living room where Mrs. Conners, has moved
some of the furniture and placed blankets and pillows on the floor in front
of the TV.

"Ah there you are." Mrs. Conners says as we come into the living room.

We go over to the nest Mrs. Conners made for us and get comfy when she
brings in some chips and drinks.

"Help yourself boys." She tells us as she sets it all down on the end

We grab for some chips as she puts a dvd in the player and a movie begins.

"It's Matrix. Kewl." I say.

"Ya it's my favorite." Sean agrees.

So we settle down to watch Matrix, with the occasional poking one another.

When the movie ends, we all get up and run to the bathroom to pee. All
three of us pull our underwear down and point our peckers at the toilet
bowl and pee at the same time.

When we return Mrs. Conners already has the second part of Matrix in the
machine and tells us,

"Ok boys, we are going to bed so keep it down to a small roar tonight. You
don't have to go to sleep and you can put the last part of the movie in
later if you're still awake."

With that Clay's parents disappear into their bedroom and shut their door
and we lay back to watch the next dvd.

When the dvd ends and we stop the machine, Sean says,

"Ok, adults are asleep. Off with your undies."

Both Sean and Clay pull their briefs off right away leaving me looking at
them stunned.

"Come on Jason, get your underwear off." Clay says.

So I reach into the waistband of the briefs Clay loaned me and pull them
down and off.

So now all three of us are totally naked.

"Come on." Clay says, as he gets up and walks to the front door, with me
and Sean following him.

He unlocks the front door, opens it and walks outside into the night.

"Let's go." He says to us both.

"Where we going?" I ask, because I'm not sure about what Clay is doing
going outside naked.

"We are going to walk around the neighborhood." He says.

"Naked?" I say, horrified.

"Sure. We do it at all our sleepovers." Sean tells me, as he steps out of
the security of Clay's house, out into the dark.

Ok, what am I going to do? This is so weird. What if someone sees us?
What if we get locked out? What if we get in trouble? All these questions
and more are going through my head as I step outside with Clay and Sean.

Once outside, Clay pulls the door shut and we walk down the sidewalk and
around the corner. All the houses are dark. No lights on, in any of them.
We walk out into the center of the road and walk down to the next corner.

I am feeling so excited that I get a boner.

"Look Clay, Jason's boned." Sean announces, as Clay turns around to see my

"Awesome." Clay says.

"Now we can see you squirt." Sean announces.

"What?" I ask surprised.

"Ya, excellent idea." Clay adds.

"Guys, we are in the middle of the street nakers." I say.

"Exactly." Clay says.

"Perfect place to see you squirt." Sean adds.

"Go ahead grab it." Clay says.

"Ya jerk it off dude." Sean adds.

"Ummmmmmmmmmm. I don't know what you're talking about." I say all
embarrassed, because they seem to know something I don't know.

"Jerk off, jack off, masturbate, wank it, beat the monkey." Sean says.

I look at him like I am totally dumb, which is exactly how I'm feeling.

"I thought you said you can squirt?" Clay says.

"I can." I reply.

"Then show us." Clay says.

"How?" I ask.

"Like you squirted before." Sean says looking at me puzzled.

"Guys I do it at night in my sleep." I say.

"Ah wet dream." Clay says.

"You mean you aint done it except in your sleep?" Sean asks.

"Ya." I say back.

"Awesome." Sean announces.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" Clay says to Sean.

"Ya, I think so." Sean replies.

"What?" I ask.

"Well Jason my boy, we are going to teach you how to jerk off right here in
the middle of the street. Sean announces to me.''

"Ya and it going to be awesome." Clay adds.

"Ok, I guess." I say.

"Oh, you're going to like it." Clay says.

"Lots." Sean adds.

"What I gotta do?" I ask, totally lost with what is happening.

"Wrap you hand around your boner." Clay tells me.

"I aint supposed to touch my pecker except to wash it and pee." I tell

"Who told you that, nonsense." Sean asks.

"My mom." I say getting a little mad.

"Hey don't get mad, just it's nonsense. All us boys play with our pecker."
Sean says.

"Ya. I play with mine all the time. That why mom catches me with a boner
so much." Clay says laughing.

"Ok, if you say so." I state, as I take hold of my boner for the first
time in my life.

"Ok, now start sliding it up and down." Sean instructs me.

"Like this?" I ask as I start sliding my hand up and down on my boner.

"Ya, exactly like that." Clay says.

"Make sure you slide it all the way up on your peckerhead." Sean tells me.

"Ya cause that's the most sensitive. And gives you the bestest feeling."
Clay adds.

So I slide my hand all the way up on my pecker head and shutter when I
touch it and then back down and then back up and shudder again and then
back down.

I am playing with my boner standing in the middle of the street, in the
middle of the night and totally naked.

"Am I doing it right?" I ask.

"Oh ya, I can see your butt cheeks getting tight." Sean says.

"Ya and your tummy is sucking in." Clay adds.

"Guys, I feeling really strange." I say.

"Ya you supposed to. Just keep jerking it." Sean says.

I can feel my insides start to move around. I can feel my butt start
humping in the air. I can feel sweat coming from everywhere. I can feel
everything like I very sensitive to feelings. I am also jerking it faster
and faster and cant slow down.

"Oh ya, now you're getting in to it. Go as fast as you can." Sean says.

I'm jerking on my boner really fast, and I'm feeling all strange inside,
and I'm getting up on my tippy toes and humping the air. I'm breathing
really fast and hard.

"Go Jason go." Sean cheers me on.

"Go Jason, Go Jason, Go Jason." Clay joins in.

"Jerk it dude." Sean says.

"Beat that boner." Clay adds.

Then all of a sudden I explode and I squirt this white stuff out of my
boner and it shoots up into the air and out on the street. Then I explode
again and shoot again. Then I explode again and shoot some more. And then
one more time I shoot this stuff out my boner and hit the street with white
stuff that came out of my pecker.

"Oh wow!" Exclaims Clay.

"Ya. Awesome dude!" Adds Sean.

I look at both of them and they have boners too.

I am totally exhausted and sweaty but seeing their bones I have to say,

"Ok, you guys turn. You got boners, so show me."

"But I can't squirt." Clay tells me.

"Neither can I." Sean adds.

"No excuse. You guys knew exactly how I needed to jerk off, so that means
you guys been doing it, so show me." I say flatly.

"Um, Ok I guess." Clay says.

"Ain't going to be nothing to see." Sean adds.

"That's ok, you guys had me jerk off here in front of all these houses, now
you do it." I tell them.

So Clay grabs his boner and starts jerking it and then Sean does it to. I
stand in the middle of Carson Street watching my two new friend play with
their boners. It isn't long before I hear both of them breathing hard and
getting all stiff in the back and butt. Then Sean starts humping the air.
It is sort of funny seeing a boy humping nothing but air. Soon Clay is
humping air too. Then Sean stops.

"Hey why you stop?" I ask.

"Because I jerked it and am done." Sean tells me.

That's when Clay stops too.

"Oh no, keep going. Both of you." I say.

I jerked mine until it squirted, you two are going to jerk yours until you
squirt or you just can't jerk no more." I say flatly.

"Ok? Clay says with a sigh, and grabs hold of his boner and starts jerking
on it some more.

"If you say so, but nothing is going to happen." Sean tells me as he grabs
his boner and starts jerking it again.

Now they are both jerking and they are getting like I was, all stiff and on
tippy toes. They are both humping like they sex perverts or something.
Then all of a sudden Clay get this silly smile on his face and collapses to
the street.

"What happened? You ok?" I ask concerned.

"Heck ya, I ok. Better than ok." Clays says, while lying on his back in
the street.

"So what happened?" I ask.

"Don't know but I want it to happen again." Clay says smiling at me.

"It felt like I was going to squirt but instead I just exploded inside and
fell to the ground." Clay explains further.

"How about you Sean?" I ask.

"I aint felt like that yet." Sean explains.

"Well start jerking it some more and see if it happens to you?" Clay says.

So Sean grabs his boner again and starts jerking it all by himself in the
middle of the street all naked.

I am having fun watching him jerking on his boner. He is breathing heavy
like I did and he is on his tippy toes like I was and is humping in the air
like he a dog humping your leg. Both me and Clay are watching him as he
gets this really serious look on his face and all of a sudden he explodes
and white stuff comes flying out his pecker and hits Clay. Before Clay can
move he gets hit again and again and again.

"You squirted!" I announce loudly into the silent night.

"Ya all over me." Clay says laughing.

"OH WOW! That was so awesome guys. It felt like, so intense." Sean says
as he sits down in the street beside us.

"So you liked it?" I ask laughing at him.

"It was awesome." Sean tells me.

Looking at Clay he tells him,

"Dude you gotta try again."

"Ok, but not standing up, cause I almost fell last time I did it." Clay
says, as he starts playing with his pecker.

We are all sitting in the middle of the street with Clay jerking his boner
when all of a sudden we see headlights coming our way.

"Run!" Sean yells, and all three of us get up and run as fast as we can
down the street towards Clay's house. We turn and cut through a yard and
backyard and out on to another street. The headlights are no longer behind
us, so we slow down as we approach Clay's house.

When we get to Clay's door, he quietly opens it and we slip back inside the
house and close the door. All three of us go to the bathroom and pee at
the same time. Clay takes time to wash Sean's sperms off him. Then off to
the living room where we lay down on the blankets and pillows beside each
other and get comfortable.

"I got an idea." Sean whispers.

"What?" Clay asks.

"Ya what?" I ask too.

"Let's jerk each other." Sean says.

"OK." Clay answers.

"I guess if you guys do it, I will too." I say.

"Who does it to who?" Clay asks.

"I don't know, we just do it to person we beside." Sean says.

"That not going to work." I say.

"Why?" Sean asks.

"Because me and Clay are on the end, so we don't have anyone to jerk." I
tell him.

"Oh." Sean says looking puzzled.

"Ok, Sean you stay were you are. I'll move over here and Jason, you move
over there facing that way and I'll face this way. How's that looking?"
Clay asks, after telling us how to get situated.

After all the moving around we are in a triangle head to foot, with a boys
pecker right in our face.

I think this could work." I say.

"Let's give it a try." Sean says.

As each of us reach for the pecker, that is in front of us, and start
playing with it. It isn't long before we each have a boner and we start to
jerk them. I can see both the other guys getting all stiff and serious
looking again and I can feel that moving around in my lower tummy and balls
that I felt out on the street. We are humping and humping. I am feeling
that same feeling as before so I know it is getting ready to explode and I
can see the guys are getting that same look they had in the street.


All three of us jump. Twisting around we can see a light down the hall
under the bathroom door. Someone is in there. Someone was up and walking
in the hall while we was jerking and slammed the bathroom door when they
went in it. We look at each other and make a fast grab for our underwear.
The problem is, that in the dark, we can't find them. We are feeling
around and finally, I have briefs in my hand and I slide them on. I see
Clay has found some briefs and is pulling them on. But Sean still hasn't
found any briefs yet and we all can hear the toilet flush, which means
someone is going to be coming out of there very fast. Clay and I try to
help Sean find his briefs but we have no luck.

We hear the door open and all three of us lay flat on the blankets and
pretend to be asleep. I see out the corner of my eye, that Sean pulls the
corner of the blanket over his middle, covering his naked pecker and butt.

I hear footsteps coming our direction and stop just feet from my head.
Whoever it is, is standing there looking at us. I am using all my might to
keep my eyes closed and not blinking and trying to breath slowly and
naturally, like I am asleep. Then there is a few more footsteps and then I
hear a plunk and a squeak.

Whoever it is, has just walked over to the recliner and sat down and leaned
back and is sitting right there with us.

Now what do we do? One of Clay's parents is sitting in the room with us,
not more than a foot or so from us.

After a few minutes I hear snoring. I slip one eye open to take a peek and
I see Clay's mom sitting in the recliner asleep and snoring. I look around
and I see Clay and he looks to be asleep for real. When I look at Sean I
can see him feeling around still trying to find some briefs to put on. I
watch him from where I am laying as my eyes grow heavy and I fall asleep.

Morning comes with sunshine spilling into the room and flooding it with a
bright light that wakes me up. I am laying with one leg over someone and
someone else's arm over me. I try to get my bearings and finally can see
enough to know that Clay has his arm over me and I have my leg over Sean
and the other two have limbs criss-crossed over each other as well. We are
a tangled mess.

When I try and pull my leg free, I hear Sean stir and when I move Clays
arm, he moves slowly and says,

"Is it morning?"

"I think so?" I say, questioningly.

"Boys, time to get up. Breakfast will be ready by the time you get washed
up." We hear from the kitchen.

So slowly we get ourselves untangled and make our way to the bathroom.
Sean has briefs on, but they aren't his, they are the ones that Clay loaned
me. Looking down I have on Sean's briefs. Once in the bathroom we shut
the door quickly.

"Do you think your mom saw us? Sean asks?

"Saw what?" I ask.

"What we were doing last night, silly." Sean says.

"Oh that." I say.

"Ya that." Sean says back.

"Oh and by the way, give me my underwear back." Sean adds.

So, I pull his underwear down and off, standing naked in the bathroom
waiting for Sean to take my underwear off and give them to me. Finally we
exchange underwear as Clay finally says something.

"She saw us."

It's all he said, but it was like dropping a bomb. We knew it to be true
and now we will have to go in and eat breakfast knowing that Clay's mom saw
us jerking each other in the living room last night.

After washing up we go into Clay's bedroom and get dressed completely with
nothing showing that shouldn't. Then we make the long walk to the kitchen
for breakfast and face Clay's mom.

Funny thing is, she never said a word to us about last night. She smiled
that all knowing smile that parents get sometimes. She chit-chatted about
the morning and how beautiful it is, while the three of us sat there in our
own thoughts about Clay's mom seeing us naked with our hand wrapped around
another boys boner, jerking it.

Breakfast couldn't be over fast enough and I made my polite thank you's and
headed home to help unpack, because I did not want to stay over a second
night and face Clay's mom, while naked taking a bath with what she saw me
doing and being done to me.

That was my first ever sleepover. It was my first ever time seeing another
boy naked. It was my first ever time playing with my pecker. It was my
first ever time jerking off and squirting. It was my first ever time
seeing another boy jerk off and squirt. It was my first time seeing
another boy have a dry orgasm, even when I didn't know at the time, that
was what he was having. It was my first ever time jerking another boys
boner. And lastly it was my first ever, but not my last time, getting
caught masturbating.

Jason Little, 12 years old, and very embarrassed.

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