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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Sleepover With Billy

Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 13:18:53 -0600
From: Paul Wilson <>

When I was a kid, I had a best friend named Billy. From about the age of 5
we were almost inseparable. We played together all the time, had sleepovers
almost every weekend, swam together in the stream in the woods nearby, and
everything. We had never done anything sexual, but we had seen and been
naked with each other many times, such as taking baths, skinny dipping,
changing clothes, etc. I always enjoyed looking at Billy naked, especially
his penis and balls. He wasn't circumcised like I was, so there was a
certain fascination with his foreskin and the way he had to clean under it
by pulling it back and forth. We were always almost exactly the same size,
in everything.

I always liked to play with my penis in bed, making it feel good by rolling
it around between my fingers. I wondered if Billy ever did that, but I
never saw any sign of it. By the time I was about 9 I was able to do that
until I had a dry orgasm, which I liked very much, but I never did it when
Billy was around. I had my first wet orgasm when I was 12, and my curiosity
about Billy got stronger and stronger until right after we turned 13 I
sneaked a look into Billy's laundry basket when he was in the bathroom, and
found little white spots in his underwear, which looked exactly like the
stains left in mine after masturbating (the little last dribble that always
comes out). So I finally knew that he did it too, which was exciting.

Back in those days there were rumors among us kids about a guy who lived
alone in the only house on a dead-end dirt road a couple of blocks away.
Word was out that he liked young boys, and anyone who went to his house
could have wonderous things done to him in private. Billy and I had walked
past that house many times on the way to the woods, and whispered about what
went on in there. A couple of times we saw older boys walking alone up the
street from that house, and once we saw a boy from our school bus (we were
in grammar school then, and he was in junior high) come out of the front
door saying, "thanks, see ya" as he finished tucking in his shirt. When he
saw us, he turned bright red in the face and hurried off. Billy said, more
as a statement than a question, "I wonder what he was doing in there." I
just said "I dunno" and kept walking, but I got a little boner in my pants
from thinking about it.

Not long after I found the cum spots in Billy's underwear I started to
notice that he was sometimes among the missing for an hour or so in the
afternoon after school. I asked him about it once, and all he said was, "I
had to go somewhere." I started to wonder if Billy was going to that house.

One day he wasn't home, and I decided to see for myself, so I went to the
street where the house was, and hid in the brush across the street. After a
while the door opened and Billy came out, looking a little flushed in the
face, and very relaxed. He looked around then rushed off toward home. I
was really excited at the thought of what must have gone on in there, but
also sorry that I wasn't sharing the fun with Billy. My excitement was
stronger than my sorrow, so I pulled out my hard little penis and jacked off
right there.

That weekend Billy was sleeping over at my house, so I started to make a
plan. We always slept in boxers, but when we got into bed, I said to Billy,
"lets sleep without our boxers tonight." I was nervous about his reaction,
but he was OK with it, and we both pulled our boxers off and pulled the
sheet over us. That was step one.

The bed was a double, so though we had enough room, we were close to each
other. I could feel Billy's body heat. As we talked, I moved my leg over
so it touched his. He didn't move, so I slid over more so our hips were
touching. That felt good, so I moved some more so our shoulders touched,
and we were up against each other from shoulder to feet. I really liked the
feeling, and think he did, too. That was step 2.

My hands were folded across my chest, and his were, too. Now was time for
step 3. I rolled onto my side facing him, still touching, and put my hand
on his chest. He lay still and quiet, so I started rubbing my hand lightly
on his chest and neck, feeling his bone and tendon structure. He put his
hands down to his side, meaning his left hand was on my hip. I took that as
a signal that I could proceed, so I rubbed him slowly lower, onto his
stomach and then his hips. I didn't touch his penis or testicles at first,
only rubbing around them, then down his thighs. He was clearly enjoying it,
and closed his eyes in relaxation. I could see him start to get hard, and
soon he was sporting a very stiff four incher, exactly the same size as
mine. The only difference was the foreskin covering the head, but I noticed
it had pulled back a little and the head was just peeking out a little.

Now for step 4. I had him turned on, and willing, so I lightly ran my
finger up and down his penis a couple of times. He smiled a little, so I
gripped it lightly and stroked it slowly. His foreskin rolled back as I
pulled down, and I just gently pulled the foreskin back and forth over the
head. I kept that up for a couple of minutes, then gripped harder and
stroked a little faster. I could tell I was getting to him; he was
squirming on the bed a little and starting to breathe in short gasps, and he
had a look of concentration on his face. I had wanted to do this for so
long, I savored every moment.

Suddenly Billy moved his hand and gripped my penis, which felt so great. He
started to move it up and down on my penis, not in a very organized way, but
it still felt good. He was concentrating on the feeling I was giving him.
I felt very close to orgasm myself from being so turned on by the

Then I could feel Billy tense, and I knew he was about to blow. I gripped
hard and made sure I didn't touch the head of his penis, since I knew it
would be too sensitive to touch. Then I felt a throb, and I stopped,
holding on tightly. A second throb was accompanied by a shot of semen that
landed on his stomach. The third one flew out with such force part of it
hit me in the face. Then a couple of more with decreasing force. His penis
felt alive as it jumped in my hand, and Billy had stopped breathing. He
still held my penis, tight, and I started to come, too. I was facing him,
so I shot all over his crotch area; several strong shots that racked my
entire body.

We both lay that way for several minutes, finally breathing heavily again,
savoring the feelings we had just experienced.

"That was great," Billy whispered after a couple of minutes. "I didn't know
if you jacked off, but I guess you do."

"Yeah, I've been wondering about you, too. I've been doing it for years."

"Wow, I wish we'd done this a long time ago. I've wanted to."

"Me too."

Then I moved to step 5. "You know, you don't have to go to that old guy's
house for fun, we can do this anytime we want."

Billy tensed for a minute, and looked stunned. "You know about that?"

"Yeah, how could I not know? You disappear for a half hour or hour three or
four times a week? What goes on in there, anyway?"

There was a long pause. Then Billy told me. "He undresses me and jacks me
off, sorta like you just did."

"Anything else?"

Another pause. "Yeah, he sucks me off sometimes."

I was surprised at that. I'd thought of sucking Billy off, but didn't think
we would ever got to the point of talking about it. "Does that feel good?"

"Yeah, it feels great. When he does it to me it feels like I'm going to

"How about him? What....."

"He usually jacks off while he's doing me. He comes a lot, all over the

"You ever do anything to him, like jack him off or anything?"

"No, not yet. I've been afraid to, but I've been thinking about doing it.
But I'd rather do it with you."

"You want to try sucking each other off in the morning?" I was too tired to
do that right away, after what we had just done.

"Yeah. That would be fun."

Well, we made the agreement, and then had to get cleaned up before going to
sleep. We had made a nice mess, and the whole room smelled of semen. I
hoped no one came in while it still smelled that way. We slept naked just
under a sheet, laying close enough to touch.

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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - Sleepover With Billy