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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - The Boy From Sweden - The Boy From Sweden 2

Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2011 14:56:50 -0700
From: Ian Bridge <>
Subject: The Boy From Sweden Part 2

Readers Warning; The following story contains elements of sexual play
between young boys. If the subject matter offends you, or is not to your
taste, or if you are a minor under the age of eighteen; then you should not
read any further.

Story Written and Posted by
This Boys Life

This story focuses on two boys, and their budding relationship. One, a
twelve year old Swedish boy, and the other a seventeen year old American
boy. The story takes place in Orebro Sweden, roughly 120 miles west of

In the last Chapter: Erik, the seventeen year old American boy, was
allowed to spend the summer in Orebro Sweden. He was staying, and working
part time, on Bodil Hansson's farm. Another boy, a very cute nearly
thirteen year old Swedish boy named Bo, is also spending the summer there
with his grandparents, the Hansson's. Interestingly, both boys seemed to
have taken a rather curious interest in each other.
Bo is heavily into bicycling, and Erik is no stranger to biking himself.
With this common interest, the boys had gone on a ride earlier in the day,
and now at Bo's request, Erik was making adjustments to the boy's bike.

                      The Boy From Sweden
                             Part Two

Dinner had come and gone, and as promised, Erik was in the barn doing a
little tune up work on Bo's Specialized bicycle. Erik had worked part time
back home at a local bike shop owned by one of his friend's fathers.
He wasn't a certified mechanic by any means, but Erik was a bright kid,
and certainly knew a thing or two about bicycles, and how to tune them up
and make adjustments to the derailer and such.
Working intently, Erik hadn't heard the youngster, Bo, come into the
barn. The boy stood just inside the door for a minute, watching as Erik
worked on his bike, shifting through all the gears in the sprocket and
chain ring, making tiny adjustments. He was sitting at a workbench, with
the bike on top of it, secured with a bike clamp which was mounted to the
table. And....

Bo crept up behind me, and with a devilish smile on his face, he slipped
his hands around and playfully covered my eyes with them. "Gissa vem?"
(Guess who) Bo whispered. I knew this game...
"Uh.... Let's see...." I hesitated. "Uh, could it be Bodil?" I guessed
"Nej..."(No) the boy whispered, with a quiet giggle.
"Um, well. I guess, could it be Mrs. Hansson?" I said, trying not to
"Nej, nej." Bo snickered, "Guess again." he whispered. The fact was, I
wanted to delay this as long as I could. The soft smooth skin of the boy's
hands felt tender and warm on my face. He was pulled in close to me, and I
could even smell the scent of his freshly shampooed hair.
"Oh, I guess I don't know then. Is it Mark Cavendish?" I teased (He was
the cyclist who Bo thought was a douche.)
"No, silly..." Bo spoke out, and laughed as he playfully hit me on the
shoulder. "It's me of course." He peeked his head around in front of me,
as if I didn't know. His face was so close to me that I had to overcome
the urge to kiss him on the cheek.

"Oh, it's you." I laughed, and Bo giggled like the schoolboy he was. He
rested his hand on my shoulder and he watched as I cycled through the gears
on his bike. The derailer moved effortlessly, and each gear snapped
cleanly into place with each click of the shifter.
"Wow, this is great." Bo complimented, and he put his arms around my
shoulders in an appreciative hug. Had my hands not been a little greasy
from working on his bike, I might have swept him up in a return embrace.
As it was, I enjoyed the hug; and when he released me, his eyes caught
mine, and a thin timid smile crossed his lips. I stood up from the
workbench, and grabbed a rag to wipe my hands off with. Then I undid the
clamp holding his bike, and lifted it off the table and onto the floor. I
looked at Bo, this beautiful Swedish boy standing there in his tee shirt,
and shorts; with his long bare legs, so lean, and tan, and....
"Uh, take it for a quick spin." I said, snapping out of it. "I want to
be sure it still shifts well under load." I told him. Bo nodded, and
rolled the bike out of the barn. I watched as he swung his leg over the
top tube, and rode off down the drive.

I went back into the barn, and into my bedroom there. Walking into the
bathroom, I washed my hands thoroughly in the sink, then peered at myself
in the mirror. "What is going on?" I muttered to myself. Here is a
twelve, nearly thirteen year old kid; and I'm having weird thoughts about
Sure, he's peeked in at me through the window; and I know he jacked off
right before we went on our ride... But, I'm reading things into this.
He's just a kid, a curious boy and nothing more. Just because I messed
around a little when I was that age, I somehow wanted to think all kids
did. "Erik, your such a dipshit..." I said, looking at my reflection in
the mirror.

I went back outside and stood in the drive just as Bo was peddling back
in. He had a smile on his face and he nodded at me. "It shifts great!" he
beamed. "Tack..." (Thanks.) We stood around in the driveway for awhile
and talked.
Bo was a pretty bright kid, and very animated when he talked about
riding. He told me that tomorrow, Thursday, was one of the days he got to
train with the local cycling team. They were all practicing for the
Criterium Bike Race, just a few weeks away.
"I want to do well in this race." Bo told me. "If I can show well in my
age group, then I may make the team. That would be so cool..."
"So, are you good at this, Criterium thing?" I asked. "I'm not exactly
sure how a Criterium race works." Bo looked at me, and began to explain.
"The Criterium is a road race, but it goes around a course through town,
doing a certain number of laps." Bo explained. It's pretty challenging,
because it winds through city streets with sharp corners. It's a tough
race, cause it's a bunch or riders, in a small area. So you have to really
use your technical skills; and be able to sprint well in the end."
"Wow!" I laughed. "You really are into this, aren't you."
"Ja... Do you want to come and watch me ride tomorrow?" Bo asked.
"I would, but I have to finish that fence for your grandfather." I told
him. Bo looked a bit disappointed, but he understood.

We sat there in the driveway talking for about an hour, till Anneli (his
Grandmother) poked her head out the door and told him he should come in.
It was getting late and he needed his rest.
Bo looked like he didn't want to go, since we were having such a nice
chat, but there was no arguing with Gramma, and after a moment we got to
our feet. "Jag älskar dig." Bo said to me in Swedish; then he blushed
just a bit. He looked toward the house, then gave me a quick hug and
turned to go inside.
"Whoa, wait a second. What did you say? I asked him. Bo only smiled
back at me, and hurried off into the house.

I watched after him, and then shaking my head I returned to my room in
the barn. I found my back pack, and riffled through it till I found the
little booklet I was searching for. It was my English to Swedish
translation book that I had bought at Barnes and Nobles, before coming
I sat on my bed, and thumbed through the booklet, trying to remember
what Bo had said to me. It was hard to find things, not knowing how to
spell this stuff and all. Finally I kind of gave up. I decided to look at
a section called 'Commonly used Phrases'. I decided to learn a few, and
use them whenever I could, to surprise people.
"Var är badrummet?" I practiced. "Where is the bathroom..." I laughed,
ya, that will come in real handy. "Talar du Engelska? Do you speak
English? Hmm, I might need that one. I thumbed through several pages.
"Jag älskar dig... I love you. Huh... Wait a second... Is that what Bo
said to me? Na...

Clearly I was starting to read into things again. I wasn't at all sure
that's what he said. And even if it was, he surely meant it in a generic
way... Right?! I shook my head, then began getting ready for bed.
I was feeling kind of tired, not sure if I had fully recovered from the
jet lag thing. Slipping out of my clothes, I slid in under the covers and
reached out to shut off the light. I lay there in the darkness for a time,
my mind actively chattering away. Finally I decided a nice 'wank' would
put me off to sleep, so I slid my shorts down over my hips and scooped up
my soft junk into my fingers.
I began fiddling with myself, and though my teenage boy link swelled in
my hand, I began to have funny thoughts again. In my mind I was picturing
who else, Bo. I could see his smooth as silk, long boy legs as he stepped
over the top tube of his bike. I could imagine his young tool pressed into
his shorts... And...
'Stop it. Just friggen stop it.' I told myself. Bo's a sweet kid, and
I like him. I don't know why I'm perving on him like this... Well, that
was a lie. The boy was beautiful, that's why. He has the face of a model,
and a body to match. The bluest eyes, the blondest hair, and shit, when he
wore his bicycling spandex his cute little package outlined like that was
just so inviting, and... Stop it! I thought to myself and shook my head.
I let go of my own junk, rolled over, and drifted off into a fitful sleep.

When I woke the next morning, the sunshine streaming in through the
window. Another nice day I figured. I climbed out of bed, did my morning
rituals, then pulled on my work jeans and headed out behind the barn to
finish the fence I had started.
The concrete had set up nicely around the posts, so I cleared everything
away and began lining up the slats. An hour passed, and sweating, I once
again pulled off my tee shirt and hung it over the railing. I saw Bodil as
he was walking in from one of the sugar beat fields that he was growing.
"God morgan." (good morning) he greeted me as he walked up. "You are
starting early today." he said, as he looked over at my work again.
"Ya, just wanted to get this all done today." I responded. Bodil
nodded, with a smile. He was pleased with the job, and my work ethic.
"Well, come in for breakfast whenever you want, ja." He waved as he
continued on toward the house.

I was already sweating, so I decided I'd just keep at it. As I put up
some of the slats, I noticed two boys coming up the drive on their
bicycles. They were both decked out in bike gear; matching spandex shorts
and jerseys and such. Friend's of Bo's from the team, I figured.
About ten minutes later, Bo walked around the barn, with his two
companions in tow. Bo was now wearing a matching set of spandex, and the
sight of the three boys in skin tight outfits was, well intriguing.
"Hej." Bo called out to me, with a big smile. I stood then, and nodded
back with a friendly smile. "These are my friends from the cycling team.
This is Jan," he pointed, "And this is Petter."
"Hej..." I greeted in return, and bumped knuckles in greeting with both
of them.
"This is Erik, my friend from America." Bo introduced me proudly, as if
he was showing me off. Jan it turned out, was thirteen, and about the same
size as Bo. Petter was fifteen, and he stood taller, but was kind of a
skinny kid, both of them had short blond hair.

I thought the three of them looked good together, in their matching
outfits. I kind of smiled to myself at the three matching bulges in their
spandex shorts. None of them were wearing underwear, and it showed. We
talked for a few minutes, and I noticed Jan seemed to be watching the sweat
roll down my bare chest. Apparently I made a good impression. And finally
it was time for them to go.
"Well, we better go." Bo said to me. "I wish you could come and watch."
"Me too. Next time though, I promise." I told him. Bo smiled warmly at
that. The three boys waved and said goodbye as they turned to walk toward
the barn. I saw Jan lean in close and whisper something to Bo; then both
boys turned and glanced back at me with a smile. Bo gave me a quick thumbs
up, and grinned.
The boys walked to their bicycles in the driveway, and mounted them.
The other two boys had nice bikes as well. Petter's bike was an older Trek
Madone, and Jan had an older Specialized Roubaix, much like Bo's. They
were all expensive bikes; better than anything I ever had, so I guess the
boy's were quite serious about riding. I watched as they peddled off down
the drive, and was kind of pleased when Bo looked back once more to wave at

I worked for several hours finishing the fence, and I have to admit, I
was kinda of proud at how it had turned out. Bodil had come out to do
other things, around the farm, and he stopped to compliment my completed
"Ja, that's very well done, son." He smiled.
"Thanks." I said, pleased that he was happy with me.
"Listen," he began. "I have a favor to ask of you. My wife and I are
going just into the next town for the afternoon, to visit with family.
And, well, young Bo won't be home till after one. My wife was wondering if
you might be willing to watch after him this afternoon." Bodil asked of me.
"I'm sorry to ask, I know this isn't your job."
"Awe, that's ok." I said honestly, "I like Bo, we're buddies. I don't
mind hangin' out with him."
"Are you sure? We will pay you to watch him." Bodil suggested.
"No. That's not necessary. I'll be here anyway, and I'm happy to do
"Ja? You are okay with looking after him, really?" Bodil asked
earnestly, and I nodded in reply. "Väldigt bra! (Very good) If you really
would do this, that's wonderful." Bodil smiled.

He walked off toward the house, and I finished cleaning up the tools,
and scraps from the fence. I was putting everything in the barn when Bodil
and his wife came out of the house, and walked over to me.
"Are you sure you're willing to watch Bo?" Mrs. Hansson asked.
"Ya, no problem." I answered.
"Well that's so very kind of you. And I'm sure Bo will be pleased.
He's taken quite a liking to you."
"He's a good kid." I smiled back."
"Well, there's food in the fridge, if you boy's are hungry. I'm sure Bo
will be famished after his riding. Here's some money if you need
anything." She said, digging into her purse.
"No, no really I don't need any money. Please, it's all good." I told
her. She smiled at me, and patted me on the shoulder.
"Well, then we'll be going. We won't be gone long." Bodil said.
"Take as long as you want." I offered. "Bo and I will hang out, maybe
have some pizza later on. I don't mind hanging with him, really." Anneli
smiled at me again, and the pair of them walked down the drive to their
car. Bodil even tooted the horn as they pulled out of the driveway. Just
like my dad, I thought.

I finished up, then went in to my bedroom and stripped off my clothes,
and then hopped in for a quick shower. When I finished, I got dressed and
walked over to the main house. I hadn't eaten anything today, so I thought
I might find something to snack on till Bo came home.
Going inside, I found some chips on top of the fridge, and with that and
a soda, I was good for awhile. I went into the bathroom to take a quick
leak, and on the way out I glanced into Bo's bedroom, and went in.
Just like a boy, some of his clothes were strewn on the floor. I'm sure
he dropped them there when he changed. Out of instinct, (I was raised
well) I stooped and picked up his stuff off the floor.
I set everything on the bed, and as I tossed his undershorts on top, I
had to laugh as I noticed the small brown skid mark that was smudged there.
Just like a boy, I chuckled. I have to admit, In a weird way, it kind of
excited me a bit.

I went out and turned on the TV. It was on the same channel from the
previous day, and coverage of the Tour de France was underway. I watched
it for about an hour, amazed at the speed these guys could maintain, even
going up steep leg cramping climbs.
After a while I heard voices outside, and looking out the window I saw
Bo, he was saying goodbye to his friends. The two boys who I had met
earlier, and one other boy waved to Bo, and rode back out of the driveway.
Bo leaned his bike up against the barn, and I saw him peek into the
window of my room out there. I smiled, wondering if he was just looking
for me, or as before, looking in to try and see me...
I walked through the kitchen, and went out the side door. Bo was
walking toward the house; he had just noticed that his grandparents car was
gone, and when he turned and saw me, his face lit up with a smile,
"Hej." He beamed.
"Hi bud." I smiled. "How did your practice go today?" Bo shrugged,
then turned and showed me the outside of his leg, on the calf just above
the ankle there was a nice scrape, or 'road rash' as the riders call it.
"Oh shit dude... What happened."
"Ah, we were just finished, and one of the other boys veered in front of
me and accidently clipped my front wheel. Down I go. We weren't going
very fast, but the pavement doesn't seem to care.
"Are you ok? I asked.
"Ja. It just stings a little bit, is all."
"Lets go in and get that cleaned up," I suggested, "Looks like it still
has some dirt in it."

We went inside and Bo asked where his grandparents were. I told him
where they went, and that I was gonna hang out with him the rest of the
day. Bo grinned at that idea, clearly it sounded good to him.
We went in to the bathroom to take care of his scrapes. With the toe of
his left shoe, he struggled to pry off his other shoe, but it was too
tight. "Come on." I said, and putting my hands up under his armpits, I
lifted, and seated him up on the bathroom counter. He sat there with his
legs dangling, and smiled at me.
Reaching down, I undid the Velcro and laces of his riding shoe, and
slipped it off of his foot. I took hold of his ankle sock and slipped it
off as well. He had the cutest bare foot, and I gently rubbed away a few
'sock fuzzies' that were stuck to it.
Then I turned on the water in the sink, and gently holding his soft
warm foot, I moved it into position, so that I could run the fresh water
over his scrapes. "This might sting for a second." I told him. With a
soaped up washcloth, I carefully lathered up, and scrubbed the tender skin.
"Shhhh..." Bo took in a sharp breath as the soap stung his wound. His
smooth bare leg tensed for a moment while I scrubbed, but as I rinsed his
calf with cool fresh water, I felt him relax in my hands. He was watching
me intently, a slight smile crossed his lips as I tenderly washed down his
lower leg and foot.

When I had finished, I gently dabbed his calf dry with a towel, then
examined the scrape to be sure there were no contaminates left there. It
looked good to me, so I dried off his nicely shaped foot, and toes, and
smiled at him.
"There." I said. "Dr. Erik says you're going to live." This drew a
little chuckle from Bo, who leaned forward and wrapped his arms around me
in a tight hug.
"Tack." (Thanks) he said softly. I returned the embrace, putting my
arms around him, cupping my left hand lightly on the back of his head. His
blond hair felt soft in my hand, and the warmth of his body radiated into
me. I could feel his heart beating away against my chest.
It was only a few seconds but it felt, well, delicious. As we pulled
apart, with Bo still sitting on the counter, it was impossible to miss the
'tent pole' now pushed firmly against his spandex riding shorts.

"Uhh, you want some lunch?" I asked, pretending not to notice, so he
wouldn't be embarrassed.
"Ja..." He answered, but he made no effort to cover himself, almost as
if he wanted me to see the bulging spandex. I was starting to go stiff
myself, so I turned and hurried out of the bathroom, still unclear about
what was going on between us.
Walking into the kitchen I opened the fridge. "You want me to make some
sandwiches?" I asked.
"Ja, that sounds good. I better take a quick shower, and then we can
eat." Bo called out to me. Then surprisingly he added, "Do you need to
shower too?" My mind went blank for a moment. Was he just asking an
innocent question, or was he suggesting perhaps, we shower together...
Shit, was I reading things into this again; and at this point I was nearly
boned up.
"Uhh," I stammered, "No, I uh, I just took one before you got home."
"Oh..." I heard Bo say. And clearly it seemed to me there was an
underlying tone of disappointment. I began pulling stuff out of the
fridge, and I heard Bo start the shower. I started making up some
sandwiches with the cold cuts that Mrs. Hansson had left for us, and began
putting everything out on the table.
Then I heard Bo mutter something about his leg beginning to cramp up.
I called into him to see if he was doing ok, and he answered that he was.

Bo hadn't bothered to close the bathroom door while he showered, and
with the clear sound of running water I momentarily fantasized about just
walking in there and joining him in the shower; but unfortunately for me I
guess, the water shut off moments later.
"I'll be right out." Bo called. And as I glanced up, I saw the back of
him, as he walked naked from the bathroom into his bedroom. I could have
died... His naked body was so beautifully proportioned. How could someone
that age, look so damn perfect. The boy had firm round butt cheeks, with a
little dimple at each side. He disappeared into his bedroom, and my hand
disappeared under the table, to squeeze and adjust the hard on forming in
my shorts.

In less than a minute, Bo walked out of his room toward the kitchen. He
was wearing a large red tee shirt, that hung down below his hips at mid
thigh, which made it look as though that was all he was wearing. His legs
and feet were bare, and it was impossible to tell if he was wearing
anything beneath the baggy tee shirt.
He had towel dried his long blond hair, and though he had combed it, it
still hung damply about his head. "That looks good." Bo said, as he looked
at the lunch I had prepared. "Let's take it in the other room, and we can
watch the last of today's stage in the Tour. (de France)
We gathered up our plates and drinks and walked back into the living
area, where the TV was still on. We put our stuff down on the IKEA-like
coffee table, and settled onto the couch alongside each other. Bo tucked
one leg up underneath himself, with his bare foot sticking out, the soul of
it just touching my thigh.

"I have a surprise for you." Bo said, as we started watching. He picked
up the TV remote, and switched the TV to a different network. "I just
found out about this." Bo told me. The High Def picture clicked in, and to
my surprise the Tour was being simulcast; and this network had a feed from
the Verses Network back home. It was being broadcast in English, rather
than Swedish. Phil Liggett, and Paul Sherwen were announcing the race.
"Wow, seriously..?" I grinned. "This is great; just like back home.
Thanks Bo." I said nodding at the boy, and innocently I rested my hand on
his bare foot and gave it a little squeeze. Bo glanced at me, and seemed
pleased that he had made me happy. We ate our lunch, and watched the rest
of the stage.
As we sat there, I couldn't help but look at Bo from time to time. His
red tee shirt seemed to have slid upward some, exposing more of his long,
tanned thigh. At one point he leaned in and rested against my shoulder
clinging lightly to my arm. I couldn't tell if this was just a comfortable
touch of friendship, or something more; but we continued to watch the bike

There were some gnarly crashes in the race, but the stage was exciting
to watch. In the end someone from team 'Sky' won the stage. Bo and I
'high fived' each other, happy that Cavendish hadn't won again. Finally,
Bo started to hop up from the couch, then winced and squeaked in pain.
"Owe, ow.... Cramp..." He squeaked, "Cramp..." as he clutched at his
upper thigh and tried to straighten his leg. I quickly lifted from my
seat, so that he could stretch it out; and then I took his ankle in my hand
trying to help.
His young face was 'squinted' up in discomfort. "Where's the cramp?" I
questioned. Bo was gripping the inside of his upper thigh, and trying to
give it a rub. "Here, let me help." I said, with genuine empathy for him.
I wrapped my hands around his right thigh, and began pushing my thumbs
into the muscle tissue, firmly massaging the area. "Do you get cramps
much?" I asked.
"Once in awhile, after a hard ride." Bo answered. I continued to rub his
thigh, and I could feel the knot in his muscle slowly begin to relax. Bo
was looking up at me. "Thanks." he breathed, with a smile; and then closed
his eyes. "That feels really good." Suddenly he looked up at me again.
"You know the pro riders have a leg massage after their races!" he said,
more than a bit suggestively.

I looked down at his exposed thigh. The tee shirt had ridden up a lot
further, and I could see now that he was wearing a pair of red underwear.
I could see the smooth round curve of his testicles, hidden only by the
thin cloth of his briefs. I swallowed with difficulty, as my hands were
still massaging his thigh, only inches away from his tender boy package.
The feel of his warm soft skin in my hands was so pleasant.
Bo's eyebrows were raised with anticipation as he smiled at me, and the
softness of his skin was simply too much for me to resist. I began to
massage his leg, rubbing, and slowly kneading his tender thigh muscle in my
Bo sighed with pleasure as my warm strong fingers continued to work over
his leg, my thumbs firm but gentle as his muscles yielded beneath them. Bo
squirmed a bit, and shifted his hips. "Ohh..." He breathed. "Det kanns så
bra." (That feels so good). I didn't know what that meant, but I could
figure it out.

I began to massage more of his leg, sliding my fingers down, then slowly
back up his warm thigh. At one point, the backside of my fingers brushed
up against his boy pouch, and I could feel the heat of them, even through
his cotton briefs. I pulled away, embarrassed that I had touched him
there; but I heard Bo utter soft sigh.
I slid down his leg then, my palms warmly rubbing across his soft,
smooth flesh. It was so incredibly sensual to me. I caressed his skin,
and my thumbs were gently massaging just above his knee, while my fingers
rubbed the fleshy underside. Downward I drifted, cupping his soft bare
calf in my hands. Smooth, delightfully hairless, his rounded calf felt so
warm, and natural in my fingers.
Bo's eyes were still closed, and he almost seemed to arch his head back
in pleasure at my touch. Softly I worked his lower extremity, down toward
his tender feet. I raised his foot, his leg bending outward just bit at the
knee, and I gently cupped it in my hands. I must have a foot fetish or
something, because I thought it was so intriguingly beautiful.
My thumbs pressed warmly into the soft soles, as my fingers played
against the firm
skin on top. Somewhere a long ways away, I heard Bo moan quietly, but I
don't think it registered to me. I was holding his foot up, rubbing
softly, and with my eyes now closed, I leaned toward it and lightly brushed
my nose and lips against the soft underside of his toes.

It was like coming out of a deep sleep, and a great dream. I knew I had
to stop this, but I didn't want to. I opened my eyes and gazed at his
naked foot, just in front of my eyes. Glancing up at his face, I saw Bo's
eyes were still closed, but his soft full lips were parted slightly as he
was breathing somewhat heavily through his mouth. My eyes followed down
along his body line.
The red tee shirt had pulled up above the top band of his underwear now,
revealing an inch of his abdomen. My eyes trailed down to his red briefs,
and the now enlarged lump that lay hidden, but pressing up against it; a
small droplet of wetness there. I swallowed hard, and felt a hitch in my
own breathing . I could see, just against his thigh, where the leg of his
underpants gapped; the soft young skin of his scrotum was poking out a bit.

My heart was racing as I leaned forward and inch, and gently held my
lips against the bottom of Bo's foot, breathing him in. I saw the bulge in
his undershorts twitch slightly, as he moaned softly, and... There was
another faint sound coming from somewhere. Well back in my subconscious
perhaps, or no.... Outside in the driveway. I could hear the sound of a
vehicle pulling up. Slowly my mind was coming from it's haze, and I heard
a car door close.
"Oh shit.." I muttered as I hopped up off the couch.
"Huh? What's..." Bo opened his eyes as he recognized the sounds now.
He hopped up from the couch as well; a surprised expression on his face.
He started to turn toward his room, but hesitated a moment looking at me.
Bo smiled up at me, then turned and quickly went into his bedroom. I
looked down, and I knew that he had just seen the pole, tenting out in my

Quickly I grabbed up our plates, and the empty soda cans from the coffee
table, and walked them into the kitchen. I began washing off the plates,
just as the side door opened, and Bodil and his wife walked into the room.
"Ah, hello Erik." Mrs. Hansson said cheerfully. I cleared my throat.
"Hi." and I nodded at them. "Back already?"
"Ja. Bodil's sister wasn't feeling all that well, so we decided to come
home." she said, just as Bo came walking into the kitchen. He was also
wearing a pair of board shorts now, and he glanced at me with a sly little
"Hej Mormor.." (Hi grandma) he said, as he gave her a nice
hug. "Farfar..." He slid over to hug his Grandfather, who smiled and hugged
him back. I dried off the plates, and was able to turn around, now that my
boner had finally faded away.

"Oh, what happened to your leg?" Anneli asked, as she had just noticed
the scrape on Bo's calf.
"Nothing Mormor. Just fell on the bike, it's okay." Bo replied.
"Let me see dear." She sat at the kitchen table, and the boy turned for
her to inspect it.
"Erik cleaned it all up for me." Bo said proudly, as his grandma
inspected his leg. She smiled over at me.
"Well you did a fine job." She said. "Thanks so much for watching the
"Oh, it was a pleasure." I told her. "Anytime." and I glanced over at

We all sat and visited for a little while; Anneli had made up some
lemonade, which we all enjoyed; and after a time, Bodil, Bo and I went out
to the field. He wanted to show me what chores he needed done the next
He explained what he wanted, and I had no problem with any of it. Bo
asked if I could come and watch him practice with the cycle team on
Saturday. "Sure, sure..." Bodil agreed, clapping me on the shoulder. "I
told you the boy wouldn't leave you alone." He smiled. "You take Saturday
for yourself. Nothing really to do here except some irrigation, ja..." He
smiled and with a wave, he ambled off toward the house.
Bo and I stood for a moment. I felt a bit awkward about nearly getting
carried away on the couch.
"Thanks for the massage." Bo said, seeming to sense my tension.
"Uh, ya... I uh, kinda got a little too into it." I said. "I'm sorry."
Bo looked up at me with his wonderfully expressive blue eyes.
"I'm not..." Bo said quite deliberately. Then he grinned at me, and ran
off toward the house.

We had a late dinner, and afterward Bodil asked me to stay and watch a
movie with them on TV. They were being very kind to me, and I was happy to
spend more time with them, and Bo.
By the end of the movie, Bo was nearly nodding off. Riding had taken a
lot out of him today, and he yawned as he got up off the floor where he had
been laying. "Goodnight." he said. He went around and hugged his grandma
and grandpa. Then to my surprise, and almost embarrassment, he gave me a
little hug as well, then trundled off to his room.
I got up and said my goodnights as well. I thanked them for dinner, and
letting me watch the movie with them; and just as I turned to leave, Bo
called out from his bedroom and asked me to come in there for a second.
"I told you the boy wouldn't leave you alone." Bodil smiled from his
chair. I shrugged and went back to his room.
"What's up dude?" I asked from the doorway. He was lying in bed, and
motioned for me to come over to him.
"I have something for you." He said sleepily. I walked over to him as
he wiggled his finger for me to come closer, as if he wanted to whisper
something to me; so I stooped in close to him.
Bo reached out. He hugged me briefly, and then pressed his lips into
mine in a soft, unexpected kiss. He smiled at me in the darkness, then
rolled over onto his side.

I left his room, said my goodnights once again to the Hanssons, and
walked back out to the barn, and my bedroom there. I got ready for bed,
then slipping in naked under the covers, I put my hands behind my head and
stared up at the dark ceiling. I was kind of tired as well, and as I began
drifting off, all I could think about, was Bo.

                      End of Part Two
                     (Yes, more is on the way.)

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