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Nifty - Gay - Young Friends - The Boy From Sweden - The Boy From Sweden 3

Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2011 17:44:08 -0700
From: Ian Bridge <>
Subject: The Boy From Sweden Part 3

Readers Warning; The following story contains elements of sexual play
between young boys. If the subject matter offends you, or is not to your
taste, or if you are a minor under the age of eighteen; then you should not
read any further.

Story Written and Posted by
This Boys Life

This story focuses on two boys, and their budding relationship. One, a
twelve year old Swedish boy, and the other a seventeen year old American
boy. The story takes place in Orebro Sweden, roughly 120 miles west of

In the last Chapter: Erik, the seventeen year old boy from America, and Bo,
the nearly thirteen year old Swedish boy, find their curious relationship
growing stronger; as they stay with the younger boy's grandparents, on
their farm in Orebro Sweden. Last chapter, the boys spent some time alone
together, which nearly led to a physical encounter. Bo, is heavily into
competitive bicycling, and he shared that interest with Erik.

                      The Boy From Sweden
                            Part Three

I woke fairly early the next morning, still filled with nervous energy
that had come from my 'near' encounter with Bo, the night before. I had to
wonder, how far things might have gone, if Bo's grandparents hadn't have
come home when they did.
I was enthralled with Bo. He was the sweetest boy I had ever known. He
was bright, and funny, filled with youthful wonder and innocence. Couple
that with the fact that physically he was absolutely stunning, it was no
wonder that I had a real, and growing fondness for the boy.
With my pent up energy, I got dressed and made my way out into one of
the fields of Mr. Hansson's farm. He had previously shown me what work
needed to be done there, and since I was anxious to please him, I thought I
would get the early start.
One of the irrigation lines there had separated, and Bodil wanted the
line repaired, and several sections replaced. I had been working for an
hour or so, when I saw Mr. Hansson walking one of his other fields. He
waved to me, then gave me a thumbs up, apparently pleased that I was
already working away on the project he had assigned.

I continued working for awhile, until I looked up and noticed Bo
walking through the field toward me. I leaned against the handle of my
shovel, and I smiled as I watched him approach. He was wearing a white
tank top, and a pair of navy blue deck shorts, that came just below his
knees. With the morning sun shining on him, it reminded me of a scene from
some movie. Like he was walking in slow motion, his face radiated his
boyish good looks; and his long, shoulder length blond hair swayed gently
as he walked.
"Morning pal." I greeted, as he reached me.
"Hej Erik." (Hello Erik) He said cheerily, and he flashed his warm smile
at me. "I brought you some juice, and muffins." He handed me a small sack,
and one of his bicycle water bottles, which was filled with fresh orange
"Nice touch." I said, indicating the water bottle.
"Ja, it was the only way I wouldn't spill it all by the time I got out
here." he laughed. I pulled on the tip of the bottle, then squeezed some
of the cold juice into my mouth.
"Mmm, thanks." I said after swallowing. "Did you sleep well last
"Yes. I... I had a good dream." He answered, smiling slyly at me.
"Eat the muffins. Mormor (Grandmother) made them fresh this morning, and
they're still warm." I opened the sack, and could smell the fresh
blueberry treats. I offered one to Bo, but he said he had already eaten,
so I started in on one of them.

Bo reached over and took the shovel that I was holding. "I can
help... Ja?" he asked. And without waiting for an answer, he started
digging in the small trench I had been working on. I watched him as he
shoveled; his young boyish muscles flexed as he dug.
I finished the muffin, and took another long drink of juice, and then
set the bottle down near the fence. Bo wanted to keep digging, so I
gathered some of the irrigation piping and began setting them in the trench
that was already dug.
We worked for about half an hour, with Bo eagerly helping right beside
me. Beginning to sweat again, I pulled my shirt off and tossed it over the
fence post, and then turned to grab more of the piping. When I turned back
around again, I immediately noticed that Bo had also taken his tank top
off, and had tossed it over mine.
I had to smile, because here was this sweet kid, trying to emulate me.
I thought it was a cute gesture, but didn't say anything to embarrass him;
so I reached over and tousled his hair. Bo smiled over at me, and together
we worked to finish installing the pipe.

I couldn't help but watch Bo from time to time. For a boy who was still
shy of thirteen years old, he had such a nice, lean little body. His
shoulders were firm, his stomach was flat, and just starting to show some
definition. His smooth tanned skin shined enticingly with a thin film of
perspiration in the morning sun.
But I wasn't the only one looking... Bo seemed to glance at me,
whenever he thought I wasn't looking, and once, while we stooped to tighten
the last coupling, he intentionally leaned in close, so that our sweaty
bodies brushed against each other. I have to say that I didn't mind that
in the least.

When we had finished the job, I was pleased at the amount of effort Bo
had put in. He actually helped quite a bit, and as we stood to survey our
work, I put my arm around his bare shoulders.
"Thanks Bo. We make a pretty good team." I said earnestly. He beamed
at the compliment.
"I like being with you." Bo answered. "Thanks for letting me help." We
stood for a moment, then shared the last of the juice that Bo had brought
out earlier. The boy had dirt, wetly smeared at various places on his
sweaty skin, and I smiled at the sight.
"You're a mess." I chuckled, as Bo looked down at his own torso. I
reached over with my hand, and wiped a streak of mud from his firm chest,
my fingers rubbing gently across his dime sized nipple. "Come on, lets
take the extra stuff back to the barn."
We scooped up the few remaining materials, and the tools that I brought
out, and together we traipsed back across the field toward the barn. I
cleaned up the tools, and we put everything away properly.

"I guess we should get cleaned up also, ja?" Bo asked.
"Ya, prob'ly a good idea." I agreed
"You're a mess too..." Bo said, as he looked at me. And although I
really didn't have dirt smudged on my body, the boy reached over and rubbed
his hand across my stomach, as if he was brushing some away. Then he
looked up timidly at me. "You have good muscles.." he said, his hand still
touching my stomach.
"Thanks. Um, well I guess I'll take a shower then." I said. Bo looked
up at me.
"Ja... I could, maybe take one out here too?!" He said quietly, with a
hopeful look on his face. My mind raced, I wanted so badly to shower with
him. I had only imagined what his young boy parts looked like. I had only
seen their beautiful outline, hidden beneath the skin tight spandex he wore
riding. But...
"Uhh, well, I don't know bud. I mean, you have to go inside for fresh
clothes and stuff. I don't know how your Grampa and Grandma would react to
you coming back out here to shower."
"It's okay..." Bo pleaded, "In Sweden we have many public bath houses...
Sauna's and spa's and things. It's common to bathe together with family;
and others." He nodded hopefully.
"Dude... I... Look, I would love to... I mean, I don't have a problem
with it... It's just, well, I don't want your grandparents to get the wrong
idea, you know."
"What is the wrong idea?" Bo asked.
"Just, you know..." I stammered. "Look, maybe next time, ok?" Bo
looked seriously disappointed; his head drooped a little, as he looked at
the floor. Oh man, I thought, why do things have to be so complicated?

Bo turned and started to walk from the barn, but I reached out and put
my hand on his shoulder, stopping him. He stood for a moment, then turned
to look back at me.
"Do you remember what you said to me, in the driveway the yesterday?" I
"Ja... So?" Bo asked.
"Well... I think... Jag alskar dig också..." I had been practicing this
phrase. ( I think, I love you also...) Bo looked up at me, a bit
surprised. A thin smile crossed his lips, and his remarkable blue eyes had
a fresh gleam in them. Raising up on his tip toes, he gently kissed the
corner of my mouth, then he turned and hurried off toward the house. I
shook my head, surprised that I had said that.
I showered alone. Feeling more than a little confused; and like Bo,
somewhat disappointed. This was Sweden after all. It was as Bo had said;
many homes had saunas and pools. There were nudist beaches and resorts,
and, for the most part overt nudism was not at all uncommon.

But, we weren't talking about being naked together, were we! Showering
with the boy wasn't really the issue. There was, unmistakably, an
attraction of sorts between us; both emotional, and physical. And, even
here in Sweden as open minded as people were, there were still boundaries.
Right? I mean I just turned seventeen, and even though I'm a boy by
everyone else's standards, there is still a gap in our ages... Right? I
mean, shit.... Why do things have to be so complicated?
I finished my shower, and then pulling on a pair of underwear and
shorts, I lay down on my bed to relax and read a few more Swedish phrases
from my guide book. I studied the guide for about half an hour, till I
heard a faint sound from the barn. There was a soft knocking at the
bedroom door, and then it opened just a crack.
"I can come in?" Bo asked, peeking his head through the opening.
"Yes." I smiled. They boy walked in and swung the door closed behind
him. He had showered and changed clothes; and his blond hair hung loosely
and disheveled around his head. He had the look of a California beach boy;
only better. So cute...

Bo walked over to where I was lying on the bed, and he sat on the edge
of it along side of me. "So, vad gör du?" (what are you doing) He asked,
as he looked at the translation booklet that I was holding. I could guess
at what he had said by the inflection in his voice, and I held up the
booklet, and pointed to it.
"I'm practicing." I told him. "See... Du är min vän." I smiled. Bo
returned the smile, then corrected my pronunciation just a bit, and
"You are my friend too." He smiled warmly at me, and then he put his
hand on my bare shoulder. "Du har mjuka skai." (You have soft skin) He
commented, as he slid his palm down to my elbow, and up again.
"What? I can't keep up with you." I told him. "What did you say?"
"Nothing... It's not important." Bo smiled. "Do you want to go for a
bicycle ride, with me and Jan?" (His friend from the cycling team) Bo
"Sure. That sounds like fun." I answered.
"Ja..." Bo smiled happily. "He will be here in about an hour, ok? I
will go and get ready, and see if Mormor (grandmother) will make some
snacks for us to take along."

"Cool." I said, smiling at him. The boy continued to sit for a moment,
his hand still softly resting on my shoulder, as he looked down at my
torso. He moved his hand then, to my stomach, and ran his finger lazily
around my naval.
"You have an 'innie', like me." He sniggered, and with his other hand he
pulled up his tee shirt to show me. "See..." With a smile, I moved my hand
to his firm, flat belly and held it there against his warm skin. I dipped
my finger into his little 'innie' of a belly button, and wiggled it
Bo giggled, and copied my move. He looked up at me with a sly little
smile, and then he stood up and headed to the door. "I must go change
now..." He said lightly, and I noticed as he walked out, that he reached
down to adjust himself in his shorts.
As the door clicked shut, I could only lie there and shake my head. Bo
was a little tease, I chuckled... Then I had to reach down to make a
slight adjustment of my own. This was crazy, whatever it was that we had
between us. Crazy, but fun.

I continued to study my translator book for a while, determined to learn
some clever little phrases that I could use on Bo; to either surprise him,
or make him laugh. I kind of lost track of time, and about half an hour
later, Bo came knocking on the door again.
He opened it and came in, without waiting for an answer. He was wearing
his spandex cycling gear, and it was a bit of a struggle for me not to keep
looking down at the soft little bulge pressed against the fabric. (It was
pointing to the left by the way, so, clearly I didn't fully succeed in
trying not to look.)
"I have something for you." Bo told me, as he anxiously handed me a
small plastic shopping bag. "I asked Farfar (Grandfather) yesterday if I
could buy them for you." I took the bag and opened it with a curious
smile. Reaching in, I withdrew a cool looking pair of shorts.
"They're bike riding shorts." Bo grinned. "We got them at the sporting
goods store. They look like regular shorts, but they have a lining, with a
seat pad sewn into them." He smiled as I examined the shorts. "This way,
you can go on long rides with me, and your butt won't get sore." He
"Whoa, this is like... Really cool. That was so nice of you to do." I
"I wanted to get you the Spandex ones like mine, but they didn't carry
them there." Bo apologized.
"No, no, this is way cool." I told him. Bo grinned, happy that I liked
his gift. I put my arm around his shoulders in appreciation, "Thanks

We stood there for a moment as I further examined the shorts, which I
noticed were made by Nike. This was a very thoughtful gift, and I smiled
again at the other boy to let him know I really appreciated his doing that
for me.
"Go on... Try them on." Bo suggested. I put the bag down on the
dresser, and then without any thought, I undid the button of my shorts and
took them off. I stooped a bit to step into the new riding shorts.
"Nej." (No) Bo said, standing just a few feet in front of me. "You
don't wear underwear with these."
"No? I suppose you wouldn't, since they're lined and all. Duh..." I
grinned, as I looked at Bo, who was still standing there intently. I
hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my underwear and saw Bo's eyes widen,
as I slid them down my legs.
Standing, I put them on top of the dresser, and glanced again at Bo. He
was keenly focused on my soft, naked teenage boy parts. I lifted one leg,
and stepped into the bike shorts, then followed with the other; slowly
pulling them up my legs and over my hips. Then I stuck my hand down the
front to arrange myself in them.
I was still looking at Bo. He swallowed, then finally looking up at me,
he blushed when he realized that I had been watching him. I smiled warmly
at him, to let him know that I didn't care.

"They... They look good on you." He said, a bit sheepishly.
"Ya, they fit just right. Thanks Bo."
"Ok, well, Jan will be here soon, and then we'll take you an a nice
ride; a loop up into the hills."
"That sounds pretty good. Uh, by hills I hope you don't mean
mountains." I laughed.
"No silly... Just some easy climbs. This is a good ride, very pretty
countryside. It's a good training ride."
"Cool. So, how long is this loop?" I asked.
"We will go by the lake, so... About forty three kilometers or so." He
smiled. I raised my eyebrows, it sounded like a long ride. I did a quick
calculation in my head.
"Hmm, about.... Twenty seven miles then?! That's cool I guess."
"Ja, it's easy Erik. You will like it for sure." Bo said. "Mormor
(Grandmother) said she will pack us some goodies to snack on; and I'll get
us both some water bottles." Bo smiled. He glanced back down at my shorts,
then hurried out and back to the house.

"Ya, easy for them, they ride bikes everyday..." I said aloud, with a
little laugh to myself. I pulled on a pair of ankle socks, and slipped
into my Nike trainers. Then grabbed one of my sports type shirts; it was a
black, sleeveless 'Under Armour' dri-fit, and I pulled it on.
I loved these sport shirts. They were light, and fit snug to your body.
I glanced at myself in the bathroom mirror, and flexed a little bit. "I
look good..." I said, poking fun at myself with a chuckle.
Finished with that, I went out into the barn and checked the air
pressure in the tires of both bikes. I pumped them up to the proper
pressure, and one at a time I rolled them outside and leaned them against
the building.
I looked at Bo's Specialized Bike, and shook my head. This really was a
nice, carbon fiber performance bicycle; and very pricey as well. I never
had anything like this at his age. In fact, I still don't.

As I looked up, I noticed another bike just turning into the long
driveway. It was Jan, Bo's friend. He looked pretty sharp, all decked out
in his mostly white Lycra riding gear and his helmet. The boy wheeled up
to the barn along side of me and nodded, "Hej Erik." he greeted.
"Hej Jan..." I returned with a friendly smile; just as Bo was coming
out from the house. He was carrying a backpack and four water bottles.
"Hej Jan." He grinned at his young friend as he walked toward us. They
looked at each other, then both glanced at me, smiling. Bo handed me two
of the water bottles, and I slipped them into the bottle cages on the bike.
"We are ready to go then." Bo said as he fastened his helmet.
"Want me to carry the backpack?" I suggested.
"Ja, please..." Bo replied, handing the day pack over to me. "Tack."
(Thanks.) I slipped into the straps, and adjusted it. "Är du redo?" (Are
you ready) Bo asked Jan.
"Ja, låt oss gå." (Yes, let's go) Jan answered.
"Hey, that's not fair..." I grinned. "I mean, I don't know what you're
saying. You wouldn't be happy if I spoke in a foreign language, right?"
The boys turned and grinned at me.
"You are speaking a foreign language." Jan chuckled. And the three of
us had a good laugh at that. We mounted the bikes and rolled out of the

The boys set a casual pace at first, and we talked while we rode. Jan,
it turned out was pretty cool. He was thirteen, several months older than
Bo. He had short blond hair, and was a good looking kid also, but
certainly not even close to the stunning good looks and cuteness of Bo. He
must be about five foot six inches tall, an inch or two taller than Bo, and
even though he was lean and fit; well, he wasn't Bo.
When we we're all nicely warmed up, the pace quickened a bit as we wound
around back roads which turned into some very nice countryside. We rotated
around a little, riding single file at times as we started some gradual
Both boys were ahead of me at one point, riding side by side, and I had
to smile as I looked at them; their spandex shorts firmly hugging their
tight rounded butts. Jan's outfit was mostly white, and being somewhat
thin, the color difference between skin and Lycra was fairly obvious. I
could distinguish his butt crack beneath the fabric, moving from side to
side as he peddled.
Then I watched Bo as he peddled effortlessly up the incline. His smooth
calf muscles flexed with each peddle stroke. His long legs were so well
defined, and they blended into the firm curves of his butt. "Damn..." I
thought to myself.

The inclines became more intense, and I had to really work at it. We
stood on the pedals from time to time, to get the extra power needed on the
steep parts. The boys instructed me on the fine art of the pace line.
That's when the riders fall in close, directly behind one another, drafting
each other. We're talking at most, six inches from wheel to wheel at high
speed. One rider leads for awhile, then pulls off the front and drops
back; falling in behind the last rider again.
It saves a lot of energy, as it gives the back riders a short break; but
you have to stay focused, one wrong move and one or more riders will go
down in a heap. The boy's were really quite knowledgeable about all this,
and seemed to enjoy explaining things to me; though truth be told, I
already knew about this stuff. It was a long, steady climb, that eased off
from time to time, giving my legs a slight break.
Finally, as we sweated from the effort, the terrain leveled off and we
rolled effortlessly along the winding country roads. The air was fresh,
the scenery beautiful, and the early afternoon sun was warm on our backs.

At length, the winding road came across, and paralleled a long clear
lake. We followed it for a ways, and at one point I noticed some people, a
family, swimming and sunning themselves. They were.... Hell all of them
were naked. Young kids playing naked and swimming, while several nude
adults sunbathed near the edge.
I quickly looked at Bo and Jan. They had seen them of course, but were
only showing mild interest. "So... Is that like, legal here?" I asked.
Both boys turned to look at me.
"Ja. it's no big deal." Jan said, matter of factly. I turned to look
back once again at the family, enjoying themselves by the water. When I
faced forward again, I saw that Bo and Jan were leaned in close, saying
something quietly to each other.
"Kom igen. Det finns en plats som vi kan gå simnig." Jan rifled off in
"What did he say?" I asked, totally clueless.
"He said, come on. There is a place we can go swimming." Bo translated,
and he smiled at me. We rode the bikes down the road a little further;
then getting off on a small trail, we walked them down to the edge of the
The water looked fantastic, and there was kind of a grassy area along
the bank. We lay the bikes down on their sides in the grass. This looked
great. We were all sweating from the ride, and I thought a nice swim, and
some snacks would be awesome.

"This is a cool spot." I said, turning to Bo, who was standing alongside
"Ja." Bo agreed. "We swim here a lot." I nodded and took the backpack
off to set it in the low grass. I noticed that both of the boys had
unzipped and taken off their riding jerseys; so I followed suit, and peeled
my tight 'Under Armour' shirt off over my head. When I looked back at the
other boys, both of them were sitting in the grass, taking off their riding
shoes and socks. I smiled curiously, wondering how this was going to work.
I kicked off my sneakers, and sat down to pull off my socks, when I heard a
boyish holler. Looking up, I saw Jan running past me toward the water. He
was naked; and he leaped as he reached the water's edge, and plunged into
the cool lake.
I grinned with anticipation, and turned to look at Bo. He had just
pulled his spandex shorts down and was stepping out of them. With a
meaningful grin, he ran past me and sprawled out in a naked dive into the
Oh man... Though it was only a quick glimpse, I had just seen for the
first time, Bo's young boy parts.

It was as I had expected, or perhaps fantasized about. Bo wasn't
circumcised, and his young penis had bounced back and forth when he had run
past. I don't know, it had been so fast. I thought his soft pink sausage
must have been about three and a half inches or so. His testicles had been
hanging loosely below his young snake... But I couldn't for the life of
me, say if he had any pubes or not. I was..... I was...
"Hey, come on..." Jan called out from the water. I stood up and looked
at them.
"Come on, join in." Bo said. His beautiful torso gleaming in the clear
water. He had such an inviting smile on his face.
I smiled back, then undoing my riding shorts, I pulled them down and let
them drop into the grass. Both boys watched, as I walked to the edge of
the water. My young teenage body was trim, and muscled; and though it
didn't register to me, both boys were intently looking at my junk.
Looking at my tight patch of light brown pubes, and loose smooth balls.
And though Bo had already seen me; mine was probably the first 'cut' dick
that Jan had really seen. I took a quick step and dove into the water,
coming to the surface near the boys.
Bo looked at me as I wiped the water from my eyes. There was an odd,
bemused look on his face. Like he was wondering about something. Curious
perhaps if his own young genitals had been what I had expected. I smiled
warmly at him, and nodded.

In moments we were all swimming, and playing together in the water. We
splashed, and wrestled about. The boys would climb onto my back, their
smooth tender boy bits sliding across my skin. I'm quite sure I would have
gotten a major hard on, but we were having so much fun that it stayed soft,
for the most part.
At one point, one or both of them playfully groped me under the water.
Innocent play, I supposed. I groped back of course, the feel of soft boy
flesh was a satisfyingly, enjoyable treat.
We swam out to a stump that was jutting out of the water about fifty
yards out. After resting there a bit, the boy's wanted to race me back to
the shore. I'm older and bigger than they are, not to mention being on the
swim team in High School, so I gave them a head start. In the end to no
ones surprise, I passed and distanced them; then stood waiting in the waist
deep water near shore.
Laughing, Bo reached me first, and he wrapped himself around me. He
clung to my neck with his arms, and wrapped his legs around my waist; his
warm chest against mine. I could feel his soft boy parts pressed against
my waist, and as I looked into his eyes he smiled at me.
Jan reached us then, and he grabbed hold of me as well. We played for a
long while, wrestling together in the water. Finally exhausted, with the
boys hanging all over me, I turned and hauled both boys toward the shore,
and we climbed out together. The three of us dropped down onto the grass,
and lay there side by side to rest.

We closed our eyes, and let the hot afternoon sun warm us. Opening my
eyes though, I looked over at Bo, who was lying beside me. He was on his
back, and my eyes drifted slowly from his head to his toes. His tanned
nakedness was like kryptonite to me; overpowering. His wet body was simply
beautiful as he lie there, glistening in the sun.
There was simply nothing I would change. His feet were perfect, his
legs were smooth and firm, all the way up to his young groin. I swallowed
hard as I gaped at his young testicles, resting loose and comfortable in
his smooth hairless scrotum. His soft uncircumcised penis resting easily
against his left thigh.
He was indeed about three and a half inches long, including the foreskin
that hung loosely over it's tip. It took willpower not to reach out and
take it for my own. The boy had only a sparse patch of soft, short brown
pubes just starting to grow in above his pole.
My eyes drifted upward following the 'v' groove that defined his mostly
bare pubic mound, up to his wonderfully flat stomach; and on to his chest,
and his golden brown dime sized nipples. I looked from his tender neck, to
his boyishly beautiful face, and the long blond hair askew across his
forehead. I shivered at how taken I was with him.
I had to look at his young boy parts again, and imagine him erect and
playful. I shivered again at the very thought of it. Then, out of
curiosity I looked past my Bo, to the other boy lying beside him.

Jan was on his stomach, and though his body couldn't begin to compare
with Bo, he was still cute; and the round white curves of his buttocks was
enticing in it's own right. How wonderful this was, I thought, that three
boys could lie here so comfortable in our nakedness. Nothing embarrassing,
no shyness or bother.
It made me wonder why we are such prudes in America. Shy, timid,
concerned about such simple, elegant things. It seemed rather odd. I
glanced again at Jan who had rolled over now, onto his back. His penis was
a bit longer than Bo's, but it looked about the same thickness; about an
inch. He had a few more pubes as well, but his young testicles didn't hang
as loosely as Bo's; neither did his foreskin which was tight to the tip.
As I looked at his face, I saw that his eyes were open, and he was in
turn, checking me out. A brief flash of embarrassment washed over me, but
then I thought; so what.
I looked again at Jan, and when our eyes met, we both knew we had been
eying each other. Jan had seen me looking at Bo's naked body, and that's
when he began looking at mine. I smiled at him, and he grinned back.
"Nice..." he said.
"Ja. It's cool." I answered. The talking prompted Bo to open his eyes.
He looked first at Jan, then over at me. He smiled warmly at me, then
propping himself up on his elbows, I couldn't help but notice him glance
down at my junk, and I looked at his again. I had to laugh out loud at the
curiosity we all shared.
"What?" Bo asked.
"Han vill ha din kuk..." (He wants your dick.) Jan laughed.
"Håll käft!" (Shut up) Bo said, embarrassed. Leaving me once again with
no idea what they had said to each other.
"Tror du att han skulle onanera med oss?" (Do you think he would
masturbate with us?) Jan asked sincerely.
"Nej. Håll käft dig tönt." (No. Shut up you dork.) Bo said again. And he
turned to punch his friend lightly on the arm.
"So, are you guys making fun of me?" I asked, with mock concern.
"No... Jan's just a dork." Bo said. He got to his feet, and walked
over to pick up the backpack. Bringing it over, he sat down again, and dug
through it. He pulled out some beef jerky treats, and some kind of
chocolate pastries; which he handed to each of us.
The three of us sat naked in the grass, nibbling on the jerky, and
drinking some of the vitamin drink from out water bottles. In no time at
all, the sun had dried us and we finished up the last of our snacks.

I wanted to stay longer, but deciding we should probably get going, I
got to my feet and grabbed my shorts from the ground. But before I could
step into them, Bo motioned for me to come over to him. I walked to him,
and he took my wrist to turn me around. Then he used his hand to brush off
some grass which was stuck to my legs, and butt.
"Tack." I thanked him, and climbed quickly into my shorts, thinking that
his warm touch on my butt would cause me to bone up. Bo was still sitting
naked in the grass, as he struggled to turn his sock right side out.
I picked up his other sock, to help him; and then held out my hand,
telling him to lift his foot. He lay back and raised his leg up. Cupping
his heel in my hand, I began to put his sock on for him; and with his leg
raised up like that, his young balls dangled freely below him, and his butt
cheeks spread apart slightly. I could see his little 'brown eye' peeking
out below his dangling nuts.
I did feel myself start to catch wood now, and was glad I had already
put my shorts back on; though from the amused look on Jan's face, I think
he knew what was happening. Jan reached up, and I took his hand and helped
him to his feet. And, just so he wouldn't feel left out, I brushed the
grass from his bum as well.

We finished dressing, and after I slipped the backpack on, we picked up
our bikes and walked them back up the short trail to the road. The three
of us climbed back onto our bikes and started down the highway once again.
I looked back toward the clearing, just to get a good visual. This had
been a fun little excursion that I wanted always to remember. We peddled
another mile or so down the same road, then split off toward another
highway, heading back to the South. Soon, we were flying down the several
miles of steep downhill gradient.
Being heavier, my extra weight came into play, as the very gravity that
I had battled riding up here, now became my friend and pulled me rapidly
downhill. I shifted my position on the handlebars, getting down low in the
drops to become more aerodynamic; and shifted into the bigger gear on the
My bike didn't have a ride computer on it like the other's did; but Bo
told me later we were ripping along at seventy two kilometers an hour.
That translates out to about forty five miles an hour, which is flying on a
We hollered like banshee's when we finally leveled out at the bottom,
and slowed down. "Ya... That was awesome." I hooted.
"That was screaming fast." Bo said. "I think that's the fastest we've
ever done that hill."
He gave me the credit, as they had loosely drafted me down the gradient.
We rode the last five miles at a much slower pace, chatting happily amongst
ourselves as we peddled. Finally we came to familiar ground, and with the
Hansson's farm in sight, we stopped at the road junction. Jan was going to
go the other way, back toward his home.

Jan and I clasped hands, and pulled each other into a one arm 'bro hug'.
He looked at me, and with a smile he said, "That was fun. Thanks." Then
added "Jag gillar dig väldigt mycket."
"No speekee Svedish..." I joked.
He laughed, and rolled a few feet over to Bo, giving him a brief hug the
same way. Then he whispered something into Bo's ear. He smiled back at
me, and with a wave he headed off toward his house.
Bo and I turned the other way, heading back to Bodil's farm. I put my
hand on Bo's shoulder as we rode, and he smiled at me. "So, what did he
say to me back there?" I asked out of curiosity.
"He said he likes you very much." Bo replied.
"And..? What did he whisper to you?" I asked with a little grin.
"Virkligin? (Really?) You want to know?" Bo grinned back at me.
"Well duh... Ya, I'm curious." I told him. He looked at me and smiled.
"He said, he wants your dick..." And with that surprise statement, we
turned into the long driveway leading up to the farm.

We rode up to the barn and getting off the bikes, we noticed that the
Hansson's car was gone. I opened the door to the barn and we rolled the
bicycles inside and placed them in the bike rack. Then I followed Bo over
to the house. There was a note on the kitchen table; Bodil and Anneli had
just gone into town for groceries, and hoped to be back before six o clock.
It was only five now.
"Well," Bo said. "I suppose I should go take a shower to clean up."
"Uh, ya... Probably a good idea." I replied. He glanced tentatively at
"Ok... Well, I guess I'll go do that then." he said.
"Ya. Me too." I said awkwardly. I gave him a little half wave, and
walked slowly through the kitchen. I paused for a second at the side door,
but not hearing anything I went outside and walked back out to the barn.

Going into my bedroom, I sat on the corner of the bed to think for a
moment, and to pull off my Nike trainers and socks. I stood up then, and
walking into the bathroom I peeled off my shirt and riding shorts, and got
into the shower. The warm water felt nice against my sweat-sticky skin,
and as it washed over me, I began to think back on the days events.
This had truly been a great day. The ride, the lake, all of it. And
the best part; I got to see Bo, naked in all his Swedish beauty. I was
smitten with this youngster, and his innocent, tender nature.
I began to shampoo my hair, and with my eyes closed I thought I heard
the faintest of sounds. It sounded vaguely like the shower door... And
then I felt the warm touch of a soft hand on my back.
"You said, maybe next time, Ja? Well, this is next time." Bo said in his
soft boyish voice. He stepped into me; the warmth of his chest pressed
firmly to my back, as his arms wrapped around my chest. I shivered beneath
his soft touch, and I could feel my boy part begin to stiffen...

                      End of Part Three
                     ( Yes, more is on the way.)

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